Photos of families.

Roger, Neil, Tim and Gloryna Barwick.

Neil, Richard and Roger Barwick, Sue Schumaker [nee Barwick], Susan Barwick, Peter and Tim Barwick.

Tom Avard family, taken christmas day, 1947. Tom and Margaret Avard, sitting. Standing from left, Frank, Alma [Upton], Charlie, Tom, Jack, Jean [Calcott], Allan.

Bessie Smith, May, Ethel, Clare, and Ron, about 1933.

Ethel, May, and Clare Smith.

Terry Fitzpatrick, with his sisters Nolene and Del.

Libby, Gwen, and Austin Maunder, outside their house at "Old Warrah".

Neil Barwick taking his first steps, with mum Gloryne looking on.

Edwin A and Ethel Barwick. Edwin [Ted] and Ethel drew block 67 in the 1912 subdivision.

In front of "Warrah" homestead in 1946. George and Jean Copeland, Kate, Helen and Campbell on Ponies.

"Warrah" 1946. Helen Copeland on BOBBY. George Copeland. Campbell Copeland on MICKEY.

The Copeland family, "Warrah" 1949. L-R. Snowy the dog, Janet, George, Catherine [Kate], Helen, Campbell, and Jean.

Luke, Enid, Audrey and Arthur Barwick, in the 'Big Smoke'. 1945.

Luke and Enid Barwick. 1942.

Luke Barwick, and his children, Rhodney and Julie.

Joy Barwick [now Maunder], and her first cousins, Rhodney and Julie Barwick. [now Jones]. 1953.

The Binghams, of Old Warrah store, in 1973, it was Wendy's 21st. Bill, Ross, Wendy, Darrell, Pearl Coombs, Barb, Helen, Murray, Sharon, Thel, Anne, and John Coombs.

Back L to R Lila Seymour (Barwick) Victor Barwick, Ron Barwick, Arthur Barwick, Luke Barwick, Madge Carter (Barwick) front Sheila Goodworth (Barwick) Olive Logan (Barwick), Addie Winnett (Barwick)

Luke and Enid Barwicks wedding. 8th December, 1945.

Gloryna and Edgar Barwick.

Ernest and Susan Barwick.

Marie, Lucie and Ern Brecht. Probably early 1930's.

Barry and Lorraine Barwick, "Towarri", in the snow, 1984.

John and Bill Perkins, with father Barney.

Back, Bill and Imelda Perkins. Front, Veronica, Bernie and Kathleen Perkins.

Marie Brecht [Anderson], Rosemary, Ann and dolly, "Burnside", 1942.

Peter and Jim Doyle, 1948.

The grandchildren of Thomas and Margaret Avard. Backrow, Niaree and Joan, Middle, Robyn, Bill, John, Ross, Warrick and Barry. Front, Rodney, Jennifer, Kay and Peter.

4 generations of the Fitzparicks.

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27.12 | 18:19

Just a quick point re Mary Gallagher (Pearson). While Mary did die in Armidale the date was 26 September 1886 (NSW BDM 12817/1886)

27.12 | 18:13

Just a quick point re Mary Gallagher (Pearson). While Mary did die in Armidale the date was 26 September 1886 (NSW BDM 12817/1886)

18.12 | 17:53

Thank you so much Geoff, love the photos our 4 sons will have a great time going through all of them. Wonderful memories.

18.12 | 15:00

That was quick Heather. Well done. I've tagged you in a few things. Hope you enjoy it.

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