Peter Gallagher.

On David Wormalds property, beyond the southern boundary of the 1912 subdivision, at the head of Big Jacks creek and at the foothill of the range, is a lonely sandstone grave headstone. It's been there for nearly 150 years, and some of the writing on it is now unreadable due to the same amount of years of cattle and other animals rubbing themselves against it.


It is in a simply beautiful setting though.

It says on the headstone,


To the memory of


Who died 14 Aug 1867

Aged 55 years.




Some seaching revealed who this man was. Via, and NSW births, deaths and marriages.




Peter Gallagher was born in Ireland in 1813. On the 9th March 1837, he was trialled for burglery, and sentenced to life at Kings Co. Ireland. Was transported on the "Calcutta" to Australia.


The "Calcutta" departed from Kingstown, Ireland on 17th April, 1837, and arrived in Port Jackson on the 5th August 1837. It was a 108 day voyage, there were 329 male convicts on board, and there were 8 deaths during the trip.


In the early part of the voyage the prisoners suffered mostly minor ailments, however many had been used to a diet that consisted of mainly potato and from the sudden change on board ship and in conjunction with sea sickness, many suffered from obstinate constipation. By mid July, three months into the journey, sixteen of the men were affected by scurvy.


His convict record says that he had no prior convictions. He was a catholic, a labourer, and his complexion was dark, ruddy and pockpitted. He had dark brown hair, and dark grey eyes.


Peter was granted a Ticket of Leave, 14th Feb, 1846. He didn't muck around, as he then married Mary Pearson in 1847. He was 35, and she was 15. Mary Pearson was born in England about 1832. She came to Australia as an assisted immigrant passenger with her family when she was 5.


Mary and Peter had their first son James, then followed by 6 more, Mary, John, George, Ambrose, Ruben, and Alfred. They ended up having 10 children.


Peter died of a cancer to the lower Jaw, 14th August, 1867, on his farm at Big Jacks creek.


In the story about the "Lockyer" murder, there was a Miss Gallagher who helped Martha Lockyer after she was stabbed in April 1886. It's possible this might have been Mary or one of their daughters. Their house would have only been 5 or 6 kilometres away, over the next valley.


Mary died in Armidale in 1888.  




On the 28th of October, 2012, the Warrah centenary committee travelled to the grave of Peter Gallagher. Some of the group suggested we should straighten the headstone and maybe put some cement around the base?

The Warrah creek Gallaghers don't yet know if they are related to Peter Gallagher, but it's possible. L-R, Bridget Gallagher, Elizabeth Gallagher, Sterling Gallagher, and Ian Gallagher.

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Karl Rugg | Reply 27.12.2020 18:19

Just a quick point re Mary Gallagher (Pearson). While Mary did die in Armidale the date was 26 September 1886 (NSW BDM 12817/1886)

Karl Rugg | Reply 27.12.2020 18:13

Just a quick point re Mary Gallagher (Pearson). While Mary did die in Armidale the date was 26 September 1886 (NSW BDM 12817/1886)

PAULINE RUGG | Reply 08.11.2014 17:49

I feel sure that Peter Gallagher is my Great Grandfather and I am so pleased.
Pauline (Gallagher) Rugg.

Karl Rugg | Reply 07.11.2014 23:44

Hi, I believe that Peter was my 2x Grt Grandfather. His son George my Grt Grand Father and his son George Percival (Reg) my Grandfather. Any details welcome.

Pat Davidson | Reply 25.10.2013 21:06

Hi, I came across this site by accident ! What a lovely surprise to see Peter's grave. From information that I have Peter was my great, great, great grandfathe

Therese | Reply 16.10.2013 16:51

Hello I am Ambrose's great granddaughter. He was also known as William Tompson.

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