Howard photos.

1950 GMC bus in front of Raphie Howards home in Willow Tree. Bus bought with Quirindi school run from Cecil Carter at Old Warrah.

Taken about 1956 in front of Willow Tree Inn before curbing was done. L-R, 1948 Chev. Frank Hancocks 'mainline'. Ken Sevils peugeot. Ken Howards Chev. Bernie Howards mercury.

Willow Tree pub. 1956.

Raphie Howard with fencing material at 'Big Jacks creek'.

Load of hay at Binghams store.

Load of wheat from Duddys. Some people have said the bags look too big for wheat, and instead, might be bags of charf?

Load of wool.

Loading wool onto train at Willow Tree. Wool from Warrah station.

Loading wool at Willow Tree, from Warrah station.

Willow Tree. 1930's.

Willow Tree. 1930's. Note the highway crossing the railway, straight through.

Moving old catholic church, Willow Tree.

Raphie Howard, pulling sheep out of Big Jacks creek. Looks like it bogged to me?

Timber out of Warrah Ridge. Raphie Howard,

Raphie Howard drove this tractor at "Glen Moan".

Raphie Howard unloading hay at "Thurles".

Unloading bagged wheat into bulk storage at Willow Tree.

Raphie Howard unloading wheat bags into bulk storage at Willow Tree silo.

Raphie Howard. Wheat bags at Willow Tree.

Is this Windy or Warrah?

Warrah station wool at Willow Tree.

Phonse Howard with a load of hay. 1960

Steam train at Willow Tree station, 1948.

The weigh bridge, just near the pub. Raphie and the fargo.

A crowd waiting at Willow Tree station. 1948.

Marm Deanne. Indian trader that used to frequent the Willow Tree area.

Raphie Howard and the GMC truck.

One of the first cars in the area. Belonged to Glen Moan station. Driven by Raphie Howards uncle, Charlie Howard, as no one else could drive a car.

Binghams store.

Old 1955 Chevrolet. Willow Tree school bus.

Ken Howards K7. Willow Tree park. Loaded with fencing material for Windy subdivision. Note steam train in background. Early 1950's.

Warrah creek. Bridge approach washed away. Feb 1955.

Phonse Howard and his "A" model ford.

Howards first school bus, at Warrah store. It was a 1946 chev.

Load of wool in front of current lavender shop.

Les Howards first car. Bought second hand in 1956. Recongnise the number plate?

Raphie getting the mail through Warrah creek after the bridge approaches were washed out in the 55 flood. It was Raphie's first car, a 1936 plymouth.

Boland's store, Willow Tree. 1950.

King George park, Willow Tree, 1950.

Bernie Howards 1948 GMC Willow Tree school bus.

Munn's bus. David Munns Warrah Creek school bus. 1958 morris.

Harry Buckmaster's Warrah Ridge school bus. 1949 Chev.

Harry Buckmaster's Warrah Ridge school bus. 1965 Bedford.

Harry Buckmasters 1971 Bedford.

Drawing of Willow Tree school. Early 1900's.

Raphie Howard with the remains of some of his early trucks. 1991.

Old Sydney tram used as first club house Willow Tree Tennis club..

"Parraweena" 1960.


On the plains, 1934.

Glen Moan in 1922 with T Model Ford truck.

A great collection of photos from Michael Howard. Mostly taken by his grandfather Raphie. All the Howards were keen photographers.

A lot of these photos originally had no information written on the back of them. Fortunately, Michael Howard wrote the info on the back of them by decribing to Raphie what each photo was of, but it was just before Raphie passed away and he was almost blind and couldn't actually see the photo.

A truely amazing and valuable collection.

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Helen Copeland | Reply 14.09.2012 17:39

What wonderful , historic photographs..congratulations Howard family.

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25.09 | 09:36

Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
Thank you Prof. A.

23.09 | 22:23

Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

09.09 | 17:58

Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work

06.09 | 14:33

I am Jack Kelaher and I am proud of my pop, dad and ancestors.

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