The Diary of Edgar Barwick

Edgar left these pieces of wood in the fork of an apple tree at "Yarrabah" in the 1950s.

1935 to 1938.


By Geoff Barwick

Some of the places and families mentioned throughout,....


The properties owned and run by Edgar, his father and mother Ernest and Susan, and his two brothers, Alan and Ron, were,


"Quondah". Dry Creek.  Earnest and Susans home. Farm 11 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Boolawa". Dry Creek. Where Ron and Dette ended up living. Now also called "Quondah" owned by Neville and Chris Moxem. Farm 12 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Belmont". On swinging Ridges road. Now called "Nioka" and owned by the Gillett family. Farm 8 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Levondale". Miller Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1924. Now owned by Cam McKellar. Farm 78 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Booral". Millers Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1927. Now owned by Cam McKellar. Farm 79 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.



Other families.

"Towarri". Owned by Les Barwick in 1930's. Les's Children were Barbara, Tony, Gwen, and Barry. Now owned by Lorraine Barwick. Farm 9 of Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Burnside". Owned by Lucy Brecht in 1930's. Lucy was Ernest Barwicks sister. Her husband, Ernest Brecht died in 1906! Incredible to imagine a single mum way back in the 1930s running a farm and raising a family! Her children were Marie and Ern.Today called "Blakes Reach" and owned by Ken Smith. Farm 28 in the Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Trillowee". Was Harold and Viola Barwicks property in the 1930's. Children, Arthur, Sheila, and Lucas. Viola was auntie Vi. Today owned by Neville and Margaret Watts and called "Lumeah Park". Farm 36 in the Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Merrieton". Was owned by A.R. [Alfred] Barwick. Living there during the 1930's was his daughters Melba and Alma who never married. This property had the best swimming hole in the subdivision in Warrah Creek and it appears that the whole valley and more just congregated there on a hot summers day. Today owned by Ross Barwick. Farm 30 in the Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Oakley". Was owned by Charles Barwick in the 1930's. Living there was his daughter Lila who married Brian Seymour, and Madge and Enid. Edgar often refered to them as "Charlies Lot" in his diarys. Today half of "Oakley" is owned by Tony and Mandy Seymour, and the other half by Craig and Shelley Devine. Farm 26 in the 1912 subdivision.


Uncle Ivans place is "Cedar Vale". Farm 35 of the 1912 subdivision.


"Duxford" Green Creek Timor. The family of Cyril Barwick.

George and Matilda Barwick. Children, Adela, Vic, Gladys, Veronica, Cyril, John, Leo, Eric, Sylvia and Marjorie.


John is always called "Jack" by most people and Edgar.

Matilda is Aunt Tillie.



Properties mentioned south of the Cedar Brush.


"Lemongrove", Kiernans Creek. Property of Cyril and May Ashford. Children Audrey, Esme, Verna and Noel.






Also, they passed over the Range to Sparkes Creek and Kiernans Creek constantly. The main track to Sparkes Creek was via the Cedar Brush. When Edgar says they went via Scotts Mountain, it was a track about 3 ks west of the Cedar Brush and went up what is today Arrundels property and came out above Kiernan's Creek. 




[1935 was a very dry year with 16 inches falling. There was a bit over two inches in January and December and nearly 4 inches in October but mainly dry the rest of the time.]




Tues. 1st Jan.

Home at 3am from New Years eve Grand Flannel Dance.

Benhams of "Pentlands" out here for days tennis. Had lunch in Middle veranda and afternoon tea at tennis court. Mr and Mre Benham, and Joyce and George and Mertle Benham and baby. George and Grace Griffen and Stanley and lady friend and little girl out at our court. Dette also up. Dad took uncle Alf in to catch train.


Thur. 3rd Jan.

Sheila, Noelene and Del Fitzpitrick rode up here for the day. Rained all afternoon, and Arthur, Vic and Doris drove up for them.

Ron went up creek with wagon to get ant bed. King pin fell out of axle. Dad and I went up and helped Ron to fix wagon. Ron spread ant bed over all of our tennis court.

I drew in new dog kennel with old prince.


Sat. 5th Jan.

We had match arranged with A.B.C. team at "Thorthwaite"  but rain set in and it rained all day.


Sat. 12th Jan.

Warrah Creek cricket team played Quirindi team at Warrah. Warrah 188. Quirindi 96. Bert Smith made 94 runs for us. I got 4 runs and 3 wickets.


Sat. 19th Jan.

Ron and I drove out to "Levondale" and mustered ewes. Only a few ewes flyblown on "Levondale" but a big number flyblown in "Booral".

Alan and I went to "Merrieton" and had a swim. All "Towarri" people there plus Gladys and Leon in swimming.

Ron and I went to the moonlight picnic at the Warrah Hall and recreation ground. Big crowd from Warrah, Jacks creek and Warrah Station.


Sun. 20th Jan.

Poor Leonard Holmes who was only 25 passed away this afternoon at his home.

Commenced cricket match verses Willow Tree at Warrah, however the match was abandoned when news of Lens death became apparent.

Stan and Dot Brown and their son Leslie out here this morning. They stayed for dinner and Stan had look at "Belmont". He is bringing 150 head of young cattle to leave for agistment.


Mon 21st Jan.

Funeral of Len Holmes in Murrurundi. Dad, Alan, Ron aunti Lu and I in our car attended funeral which left Holme's place at 1.15pm. Service in Warrah Creek church by Mr St John. About 25 cars followed hearse to Murrurundi cemetary.


Thur. 24th Jan.

Dad, Alan, Ron and I picked up Charlie Ashford at church and drove out to inspect the nine Warrah share farms blocks to be sold next Tuesday, 29th January. Joined Lawree Cadell at Chads and he showed us around all the blocks during the morning.

Mum, aunti Al, Winsome, Alan and I drove up to "Merrieton" for visit. Alan and I had swim with Gladys and Veronica while there.


Mon. 28th Jan.

Arthur drove me in their car to Willow Tree. Caught excursion train at 7.27am for Newcastle. At Murrurundi Addie, Vic, Veronica and Cyril got in our compartment. Arrived at Newcastle before lunch. The 6 of us went in surf after dinner. First time Cyril had seen the ocean. Saw Marie and Bill Meredith. Also Jean and Vawn Jackson. Home at 2.30am. 


[This train trip sounds interesting! In Arthur Barwicks memoirs he mentions a surf train that used to run during summer. Down to Newcastle and back same day. Arthur says,.....

.............."I have a record of where Edgar Barwick and I went to Newcastle and back by train on 28th January this year. Occasionally on a Sunday during the summers in the mid-1930s a train would be run from Werris Creek to Newcastle and return, called a "Surf Train". Many young people took advantage of being able to spend a day on the beach and in the surf. We enjoyed it, even if only travelling in old crowded "dog-box" carriages, and returned tired and sunburnt."......]


Tues. 29th Jan.

New Warrah subdivision blocks sold at Quirindi.

Dad bought block no. 47. 1184 acres at £6''15 per acre. Freehold. Terms one eighth down. Interest for 3 years. Equal instalments for 12 years. Dad, Alan, Ron and I drove up and attended sale at M.U. Hall.

Block 39, @ £5''12. Haydon and sons.

.......40, @ £6''6.   Heyman

.......41, @ £3''19.  Morriseys

.......42, @ £5''2     Morriseys

.......43, @ £6''5     B Greer

.......44, @ £5''3     Morriseys

.......45, @ £5''8     McCluand.


Thur. 31st Jan.

We finished off netting the 45 chains of fence along lane between "Belmont" and Bakers property. We erected 150 yards netting at lower end today. Job took 20 rolls of netting. Dad finished off barb on top strain which we failed to complete before.

Jack Barwick of Kelvin passed away today after being ill for some months.

[they all attended his funeral the next day in Gunnedah].


Sat. 2nd Feb.

Ron and I took a ride over to Dads new block "Yarran" and rode round the boundary fence. Had dinner at the old house. We rode to Jacks Creek cricket ground where Warrah was to play Jacks Creek.

Warrah, 98. Jacks Creek 63. I got 21 runs and 3 wickets. Alan turned up to match and brought Bill and Ron Palmer, Stan and Jack Smith, and Bob Morrison.


Sun. 3rd Feb.

During morning I watered melon vines in new Grape enclosure. After dinner Dad, Mum, Aunt Alice, Winsome and Alan in the V8, and Ron, Dette, Beryl Keirnan and I in Alans car drove out to our new property. Drove in the Willow Tree end and had afternoon tea at the old house. Continued right across "Yarran" and came out at Mitchells house.

Uncle Harold and family up after dinner.


Tues. 12th Feb.

Dad and I drove down to Chads. Finley, the stock and station agent in Willow Tree, drove us via new road over Miller Creek gap down into Coulsons Creek to Burnets property. We travelled through 24 gates each way. Dad bought 680 leicester X ewes, 6 and 8tooth at 15/6 per head.


Sun. 17th Feb.

Alan, Jack, Vic, Arthur and I rode to top of Cedar Brush. Walked from there round top of range on to Mount Tinagroo. Left horses at 11am. Arrived top of Tinagroo at 2.30pm. Left top at 3pm. Arrived back at horses at 4.30pm. We called at deep hole in Uncle Ivans and had a swim.

Top of Mount Tinagroo. 1224 meters above sea level. October 2017. Looking west. The Cedar Brush is about 3 ks straight ahead and about half a k lower. Mount Towarri or "The Warrior" can be seen even further off in the distance just to the right of my daughter Grace..
View from top of Mount Tinagroo. Middle Brook valley below. Wingen at far left and "Wingen Maid" cliffs in far distance. Further on Scone, Aberdeen and Muswellbrook. Oct 2017.
View from Mount Tinagroo. Warrah Creek, and then Jacks Creek in far distance over ridge line. Oct 2017.


Sat. 23rd Feb.

Jack and I started off at 9.30am to "lemongrove". Arrived at Cyrils [Ashford] at 1.15am. Jack and I had game of ping pong with Audrey, Esme, and Verna. I went with Cyril and all the family to a dance at Kars Springs. Had a great time at dance.


Sun. 24th Feb.

Jack and I had night at "Lemongrove". Jack and I left "Lemongrove" at 2.40pm. Called at "Elmsford" on way home. Showed Jack the old orchard for the first time. Arrived home at about 7pm.


Sat. 2nd Mar.

After dinner, we all drove to Quirindi. Purchased pair of dress shoes for 23/6 at Rountrees. Alan got new suit from Rountrees. We drove over to the race course and had a look at Charles Kingsford Smith and Southern Cross plane. Kingsford Smith taking flights.

[Just 8 months later, in November 1935, Charles Kingsford Smith disappeared while trying to break the England-Australia speed record and his body was never found]


Fri. 8th Mar.

Packed my navy suit in a box and other clothes in chaff bag on 'Snip' and rode over Scotts mountain to "Lemongrove". Arrived at 12.30pm. Went in to Scone with Cyril, Audrey, Esme and Verna to attend the Carnival Ball. Met Arthur and Everard in Scone. They escorted Audrey and Esme. I partnered Verna to her first ball. Splendid dance. Ball ended at 2.30am.

The tennis court at "Lemongrove", Kiernans Creek

Sun. 10th Mar.

Derek arrived in car at "Lemongrove" before dinner. He brought up a few fine melons. We ate one before dinner. Audrey, Esme, Verna, Bonnie, Derek and I walked down to "Summerhill" to get the mail. After dinner Derek drove us all down to Woodlands and we had a swim. Esme, Verna and I rode on footboards of car going there and back. Rode home via Scotts mountain.


Mon. 11th Mar.

Dad, Alan, Ron and I drove over to "Yarran" and commenced erecting new gateway nearly opposite Mr Covers entrance gate. Ron led old 'Prince' over and we cut and drew in 2 tall posts and one sleeper for gateway. We erected the tall posts and strained up wire again. Dad started making the gates.


Sun. 17th Mar.

Warrah Creek played cricket match at Ardglen. Warrah 141. Ardglen 107. I made 48 runs. Bowled 2 wickets. R Palmer 20. Alan and I took Bert, Stan and Jack Smith and Bob Morrison over in Dads car.

Last night was very cold. Frosts in some parts of the district.


Mon. 25th Mar.

Ron and I rode out to "Yarran" during morning. We mustered the X-bred lambs and ewes in the farm paddock. Drove them down to J. C. Holmes yards. Dad arrived by car and drafted off 110 lambs to be trucked. Took lambs to top paddock. Left ewes and rest of lambs in lower farm. Ron left Jack out at "Yarran".

Jack Barwick left for "Duxford" riding 'Kewpie' and leading 'Bess'. He had 5 weeks holiday here.


Tues. 26th Mar.

Dad, Ron and I drove to "Yarran". Ron caught 'Jock' and took our 110 X-bred lambs into be trucked.

Callaghan from Willow Tree and Bert, arrived out at new mill on "Yarran". Dad and I helped them to pull up the pump rod and pump valve out of pipe. Callaghan cleaned out the valve and the mill pumped much better stream. Bore 203 feet. 53 feet of water. Pump down 175 feet. 25 feet water above pump.


Sun. 31st Mar.

Warrah Creek played last match of the season at Braefield. Braefield 139. Warrah 82 for 5 wickets. Game drawn. I got 15 runs.

Alan arrived home from Scone and brought aunti Gertie up for short stay. Alan spent a few days at "Lemongrove".


Mon. 1st April.

We took Joyce Boyd back to Clays this morning.

We all drove through "Yarran" to Morriseys saw-mill. Got enough pine poles to build sheep yards on "Yarran". We cut 64 poles for yards.


Sun. 7th April

During morning, Dad and Ron played Alan and me in 3 sets of tennis. First practice for the Easter tournament. After dinner Ron brought Dette up and she and Mona and we four had a few sets. Dette stayed for supper. [Mona is Mona Morrison. She is staying helping Susan as a house maid]

Beryl Keirnan went home from Merediths having had a few months stay.

Mum and aunti Gertie visited "Towarri". It is baby Gwenneths 1st birthday.


Thur. 11th April.

Cyril Ashford and family arrived here by car at about 12.30pm. Started playing tennis soon after and played till dark. Verna and I played 3 or 4 sets together and won the lot.

Audrey, Esme, Verna, Mona, Alan, Ron and I went to dance at Warrah Hall in our two cars. Kitchen tea to Maudie Power and Jack Broard. Dance ended at 1.30am.


Sat. 13th April.

30 points rain over night. Very cold. Court dried up enough to roll after dinner. We all had about 5 sets later on. Verna and I beat Cyril and Ron 6-3, and then we beat Audrey and Esme 6-2. After supper all uncle Harolds family and Addie came up. We young people had a few dances on veranda. Practiced canadian 3 step and boston 2 step. Cyril played the accordian.


Fri. 19th April.

I drove Alan's car up the creek to just below Scott's hut. Arrived at top of Scotts mountain at 2pm. Met Cyril, Verna and Noel at other side below the top at 2.10pm. I brought Verna home, arriving here at 4.10pm. No play in Quirindi tournament today on account of rain.


[The next 3 days were full on at the Quirindi A.I.F. tennis tournament. Once again Edgar went into great detail about his and other scores.]



[On the final day on Monday, Verna Ashford won the Ladies Singles championship, beating miss Windeyer 6-0, 6-2. Verna and Dette Meredith won the ladies doubles. After 3 days it appears that the championships still weren't over in the doubles?]


Sat. 27th April.

Verna and I won the mixed doubles championships of the Liverpool plains. We beat miss Windeyer and Don McKenzie 6-4, 6-0. Alan, Ron, Dette, Eileen Keirnan, Verna and I drove up to Quirindi to start match at 2.30pm.

Dad, Mum and Mona went to Jacks Creek tournament. Earl and Joyce won at tournament. Alan, Mona, Eileen, Verna and I went to dance at Jacks Creek.


Wed. 1st May.

Dad, Alan, Ron and I commenced building new sheep yards at "Yarran" today. We erected 6 round posts and dug two more holes. Alan and I dug 4 holes each. Dad and Ron stood the posts and rammed them.


Thur. 9th May.

Dad, Alan and I drove to "Yarran". Alan and I completed fence across gully in boundary fence between "Yarran" and J.C. Holmes. We erected to round posts on back of gully and hung netting across. Also erected 7 iron posts in old garden fence. Dad finished making gate and swung it near the top cottage. Ron brought the new Wellington X-bred ewes over from "Yarran" to be crutched.


Fri. 10th May.

We crutched 363 X-bred ewes that Ron brought from "Yarran" yesterday. I drove Alans car up creek, nearly to Scott's hut and picked up Everard, Audrey and Esme who walked over from "Lemongrove". Ron, Mona, Everard, Esme, Audrey and I went to M.U.Ball at Warrah hall. Great dance. Home at 3am.


Tues. 14th May.

Had day again at "Yarran". Dad and Alan erected panel of fence on new sheep yards. They mortised round post and erected it. Ron and I straightened old fence at end of long paddock and strained the wires. Re-struted two strainer posts.

Mabel Morrison came up here to stay a couple of nights with Mona. Mona, Mabel, Ron and I at uncle Harolds after supper. Arthur, Vic and I did some skating.


Sun. 19th May.

We four and Dette and Mona played all day match on Willow Tree courts. 17 sets played. We won all but 3 sets on the day. Willow Tree played 6 men and two ladies. Greg Boland, Tom Tucker, Mr Jepson, Bill Holmes, T Adams, Mr Keating, Mrs McClean, and Olga Adams. Dette came up here for supper after the match.


Fri. 24th May.

Another days work on "Yarran" sheep yards. Dad and I erected 5 struts. I dug holes for 3 posts. Ron dug 9 holes for split posts and one for strainer post. Alan put battens on side of the race.

C.W.A. Blue and Gold Ball in Willow Tree hall. Ron, Dette, Mona and I drove in the V8 to the ball. Bill Meredith came home with us.


Sat. 25th May.

Charlie Gardner brought out a mixed tennis team to our place and beat us 9 sets to 3. His team was himself, Mrs Vigers, Mrs Snape, Knudson, and Ross Vigers. Dette, Mona, and us four in our team.


Sat. 1st June.

Alan, Ron and I spent most of day drawing fire wood from up in the ewe paddock. Alan and I sawed down patch of dead trees and cut them into lengths. Ron drew in 4 loads with 'Prince' and the wagon. Late in afternoon we butchered a heifer.

Uncle Ivan called and took Betty home. She had the week up here. Charlie Ashford came for night. Arthur and Addie came along after supper.


Mon. 3rd June.

Tournament held at Warrah Creek tennis club. Alan and Ron divided first and second prizes for gents. Nance Barwick won the ladies with 26 games, Joyce Hall second with 19.

Ron, Mona and I went to dance at night at hall.


Fri. 7th June.

We finished building sheep yards at "Yarran". Dad put hinges and fastens on 4 gates and swung them. Ron and I erected netting on one side and both ends of the yards which completed the job.


Sat. 29th June.

[The boys have been busy for weeks now feeding corn to their sheep as it's getting very dry. There has only been 217 points rain since 10th Feb.]

Dad fed ewe paddock ewes. Alan and Ron fed "levondale", "Booral" and "Yarran". I fed "Belmont" and "Boolawa" top and bottom paddocks. 5 ewes dead in "Belmont".

Us four had 5 sets of tennis late afternoon. I pruned grape vines in long trellis. Ron finished his dog yard.

Gordon Hall and his son Alan finished trapping on "Quondah". They caught 3000 rabbits.


Mon. 1st July.

117 points rain fell yesterday and last night. Had trouble feeding sheep today. I started out at 9am. Didn't get home till 2.45pm.

Mona Morrison has finished her job here and left to go home.

[they are still feeding sheep every day, plus the usual farm jobs later]


Sat. 13th July.

Dad and I finished feeding at 12.30pm. Had a rush to get away at 1.30pm for Morrisons clearance sale. Mr. Bob Morrison sold out all his dairy cows and all his machinery. A good sale and big crowd turned up. Eileen Keirnan came up here for supper. Ron drove her home.


Thur. 18th July.

New house maid arrived. Dad met day train and brought out Elsie Lewis of Moore Creek Tamworth.

I few ewe paddock ewes and "Boolawa". Also rode round "Belmont" ewes before dinner but didnt feed them.


Sat. 3rd Aug.

All day tennis tournament at Warrah in aid of the Hall. We called at "Burnside" and picked up Bess, Ern and Aileen Palmer. 9 rounds of 4 games for set. Draw for partner. Nance Barwick won ladies. Joyce Hall 2nd. in mens Bunty Hall won, and Alan and Earl second.

Called again for Bess, and took her and Mae Ashford to dance at the Hall at night.


Tues. 6th Aug.

Nice warm day. Dad fed ewe paddock ewes. Alan and Ron fed sheep at "Levondale" and "Yarran". I fed rest.

We bought 30 bags corn from J.C.Holmes. Max Saunders shifted it for us. 15 bags in "Yarran" top cottage and 15 bags to "Boolawa" shed. I chopped firewood for Les. They all have the flu. 

Fri. 16th Aug.

Mr Meredith died last night. He has been very Ill for about a week. Had been suffering with Asthma for a number of years. Funeral of Mr Meredith left house at 3pm to Willow Tree cemetary. Dad drove Mrs Meredith, Marie, Dette, Jim, and Bill to funeral in V8. We others went in Alans car. 63 cars in funeral.


 Mon. 2nd Sep.

3 windmills oiled and greased. "Belmont" mill, "Yarran" Mill, "Booral" mill. Rounded up ewes in plain paddock. Dressed a few lambs. Ern and Lucy rode up here in afternoon. Lucy pruned young grape vines. All at Merediths for evening.


Tues. 3rd Sep.

General shearing commenced today at 8.35am. Ron and I shore 122 dry X-bred ewes from ewe paddock. Finished the 122 ewes at 5.15pm.


Sat. 7th Sep.

Ron and I shore 55 X-bred ewes with lambs from "Boolawa".

I dug up 7 rooted grape vines and gave to Leon Saunders.

All of us and Elsie attended farewell dance at the hall to Mr and Mrs Morrison and family. Travelling rug and suit case presented to them. Harrisons Orchestra.


Sun. 15th Sep.

All of us drove down to uncle Frank Ashfords for the day. Uncle Frank, aunt Fanny, Hilton, Madge and Myrtle all there. Ken Newling arrived after we had afternoon tea. We had feed of oranges and mandarines. Uncle Frank gave us a corn bag full of oranges.


Fri. 20th Sep.

We shore 132 ewes from "Belmont" in 7 hours. My back ached badly today.

I drove V8 to dance at Jacks Creek in aid of their cricket club. Took Arthur, Madge and Aileen Palmer.


Mon. 23rd Sep.

Big Travellers Carnival in Quirindi in aid of Quirindi Hospital. All of us and Elsie drove up to the carnival. Witnessed procession from flour mill to show ground of floats of the 4 queens competing in hospital Queen competition. Sister Little was crowned. Ceremonies in front of pavilion at Show ground.


Thur. 3rd Oct.

We crutched the 299 "Levondale" plain paddock lambs. Ran them through the dip.

Part of "Towarri" shed engine broke and Les finished his Miller Creek flock at our shed. Les brought 121 of his ewes down to our shed and he and Leon shore them. Jim Meredith did the shed work. Cyril took the wool up to "Towarri" shed in our wagon.


Sun. 13th Oct.

Alan and I drove to Willow Tree and played in annual tournament. Alan played with Harvey Sevil and I played with Earl Hall in gent doubles. In semi final, Earl and I beat Jepson and Bill Holmes 6-4, 6-4. In final, Tucker and Greg Boland beat Earl and me 6-4, 6-4, 6-4.


Wed. 16th Oct.

Annual Willow Tree Bushmans charity carnival. We all, plus Elsie and Cyril attended. I went to Ball in Willow Tree with Arthur, Kath Waddell, Addie, Madge and Betty Grady.


Thur. 17th Oct.

Shearing finished at "Quondah". Total 2569.


Sat. 19th Oct.

First cricket match at Warrah for the season. WC verses Jacks Creek. Warrah, 140. I got 42, and Ern Brecht 34. Jacks Creek 68, with Wallace Barwick getting 45.

I took Kath Waddell back to "Burnside" after supper.

Ron and Dette drove Alans car up Warrah Creek and walked over to "Lemongrove".

L-R. Ron Barwick and Dette Meredith. Cyril, Verna and Noel Ashford.


Tues. 22nd Oct.

[Its been raining for 2 days now]

Heavy rain during night. Total rainfall since Sunday 373 points. Ron and Dette at "Lemongrove". Cant get home either by road or walking on account of the wet weather.

Dick Winnett passed away last night.


Wed. 23rd Oct.

Funeral of Mr Winnett this morning.

Ron rang from Throsbys to say he and Dette were leaving "Lemongrove" after dinner. Alan and I rode up Warrah creek to companies where Alans car was left. Put chains on car. Dette and Ron arrived at car at 3.45pm. Road very wet. Helped push car out and home.


Fri. 25th Oct.

Arthur and I arose at 4am. Packed our ports in Alans car and set out for Sydney at 5.12am. Arrived at Singleton at 8.20am. I drove through Newcastle to Gosford. Arrived Gosford at 2.52pm and had dinner. Arthur drove from there to Bermans. Arrived at 4.10pm. Not quite 8 gallons petrol for the trip.


Sat. 26th Oct.

At Bermans. 169 Longworth road. Arthur and I took tram into city. Walked streets. Looked at Electrical robot in Anthony Horderns. Afternoon drove Jean, Heather, Pixie and Arthur to Ludouvici Hall out of Lane Cove. Helped fix up table for surprise party for Bess.

[The reason they were in Sydney was to attend Bess Colmans surprise 21st birthday party.]

Great party. Met umpteen hundreds of people.



[Edgar and Arthur spent the next whole week in Sydney. Went to Manly, The Rocks, numerous ferry rides, went shopping, looked through a navy ship, just all too much to copy!] 

Edgar on left and Arthur Barwick. In Sydney. Oct. 1935.

Sun. 3rd Nov.

Arthur and I left Bermans at 8.55am. Had lunch at roadside a few miles out of Newcastle. Had three quarter hour delay at Peats Ferry. Afternoon tea at Muswellbrook. Arthur drove from Muswellbrook to home. Arrived home at 7pm. Whole trip 599 miles. Took 18 and a half gallons of benzine. About 32 miles per gallon.


Mon. 4th Nov.

At 6am, Dad, Mum, Alan, Tom and Annie with all their luggage set off for Sydney in Dads car.

After dinner, Ron and I drove out to "Yarran". Bill Callaghan started job of erecting extra sheet on top of big 12,500 gallon tank at Jack Sparrow. Should make capacity of tank 18,000 gallons.

Ron and I drove around to Chads for bread and groceries.


Wed. 13th Nov.

Brush Picnic! I rode up with Cyril, Vic, Arthur, Lucas, Marea and Betty Grady. Arrived at old "Camp Tree" at 10.30am. 23 came up from other side. 4 young uns from "Lemongrove", Bonnie, Albert, Gladys, Everard and Derek. Three Vines, Four Hawthorns and Albert and May. Five Prings. We younger ones made swings east of Camp Tree. Played keep ball away. Left at 6pm.

Got letters from Dad and Mum and Alan.


Sun. 17th Nov.

Warrah Creek team played Jack Creek. Warrah, 74. Jacks 59. I drove out and took Les, Cyril, and Bill Bradbrook.

This morning I watered carrots, parsnips, Marrows and 2 rows of corn.


Mon. 2nd Dec.

Jack Barwick arrived from "Duxford" riding Black Bess and leading Kewpie. Ron rode to "Levondale". Mustered "Booral". Drafted off 209 leicester cross sucker lambs. 115 suckers from "Levondale". Ron brought all lambs into "Yarran" little paddock.


Wed. 4th Dec.

Dad drove Ron to Willow Tree. They took our lambs from Toll Bar reserve to trucking yards. Ron travelled in guards van to look after lambs.

Alan went to Quirindi to Dr Cooper. Alan has gastric trouble. Has to lay up for a while.

Uncle Ivan came and got aunt Alice and Em for the day.

[The 324 lambs sold for average of 23/1 the next day at Flemmington]


Sat. 7th Dec.

I left home at 6am. Rode over Scotts mountain to "Lemongrove". Arrived at 8.50am. After dinner Audrey, Esme Verna and I played 9 sets of tennis. Cyril, May and Noel went to Thornthwaite playing cricket. After tea, the girls and I played cards at "Sunnyvale" with Mabel and Bonnie.


Sun. 8th Dec.

Stayed last night at "Lemongrove". Over to "Sunnyvale" before dinner. Had mulberrys and mandarines. Cyril, May and Esme went to church after dinner. I had supper here then left for home at 6pm. Arrived home at 8.35pm.


Sun. 15th Dec.

Mum, Alan, aunt Alice and Addie drove to Green Creek to have day at "Duxford". Jack rode Kewpie home today after having two weeks here. Vic also rode home and took a chestnut filly home from uncle Ivans.

Ron and I drove up to "Burnside". Saw Marie Brecht and Bill Anderson who are here on holidays.


Wed. 18th Dec.

Dad, Ron and I drove to Willow Tree at 6.30am. Took lambs from Toll Bar reserve to trucking yards. 330 suckers. I left on stock train at 11am for Flemington. Teddy Sevil, Jeff Palmer and Berney Egan also in guards van. Had good trip down. Teddy Sevil would buy ice blocks and ice creams at stations. Arrived Flemington at 4am.

[The 330 sucker lambs averaged 21/ per head when sold]


Wed. 25th Dec.

Mum, Alan, Ron and I went to church in morning.

Alan made me a fine big saddle pouch for Xmas. Got Eversharp pencil from Bess. Ron and I drove up to uncle Harolds and had tea with the crowd. Brechts and Bill Anderson. Uncle Ivan. Betty Grady and Marea. Arthur and Lucas had crackers which we let off.


Sun. 29th Dec.

Afternoon, Dad, Mum, aunti Lu in Dads car, and Alan, Ron, Dette and I in Alans car, and uncle Harold, aunti Vi, Sheila, Lucas, Eric Barwick and Madge Barwick in Harolds car drove over to "Yarran". All had afternoon tea in the top cottage. Had look at the new yards. We all called at Swains on way home and got apricots.


Tues. 31st Dec.

Cyril, May, Audrey, Esme, Verna and Noel arrived in new ford V8 sedan at 10.45am. The three girls and we boys played tennis all rest of the day. Dette came up soon after. Ron and I took Audrey and Esme to New years Eve dance at Warrah hall.




[1936 saw below average rainfall. There was nearly 23 inches, with March getting 4 inches and December nearly 6 inches.]



Wed. 1st Jan.

Audrey and Esme stayed here last night after new years eve dance. Dette came up early, then the 3 girls and us 3 boys played tennis till 2pm. Dad had one set.

At 3pm, Ron and I took the girls up Warrah Creek and walked with them to the top of Scotts mountain.

Brian and Lila and children up after tea.


Thur. 2nd Jan.

Mum very sick yesterday and today. She has the throat complaint which is going around.

Aunt Tilly, Vic, Gladys called here this morning. Jack rode over from "Duxford" to stay at Toms. Called here. Aunti Em came back to stay in the cottage after a week at uncle Ivans.

Alan, Ron and I played tennis under lights at Quirindi at night.


Fri. 10th Jan.

This morning I shod 'Peter' all round with new shoes. Jack rode up for some vegetables.

I drove Ron and Dette in to Willow Tree to catch 5am Brisbane express for Sydney. Audrey, Esme and Verna joined Ron and Dette at Scone. All going down to Sydney for country week tennis.


Sun. 12th Jan.

Ron is staying at Oriental Hotel, Kings Cross.

The 4 girls are staying at Hotel Mercedes, Bayswater road, Darlinghurst.

Mum and I drove to church in morning. Afternoon, Alan and I drove to "Merrieton" and had swim. Addie, Glad, Veronica, Eric, Sylvia, Marjorie, Sheila, Charlie and Madge all there too.


Sun. 19th Jan.

Afternoon I rode up to uncle Harrolds. Jack rode up with me. We stayed to tea. Did some skating. Dad, Mum, and Alan drove up to "Burnside" in afternoon.

News from Sydney. Ron and the four girls had lunch in the botanical gardens. Went to Manly where they met Heather, Bess, Noel and Stan. Ron plus girls went to St Johns church at Darlinghurst at night.


Tues. 21st Jan.

Death of King George V!

Alan and I sawed up bit of firewood for aunti Em. I shot rabbits for our 12 dogs. Dad, Alan and I drove out to "Yarran" and fixed the turn off valve and lever on Jack Sparrow.


Sat. 25th Jan.

Terrific heat today. Thermometer to 104! I watered Alans beans, cucumber, marrows, sweet potatoes and cauliflower. Afternoon I drove Les, Barbara, Ern and Lucy up to "Merrieton" for swim. Addie, Arthur Lucas, and others there.

Country week tennis finals today in Sydney! Womens open doubles final. Audrey and Esme beat Miss Jean Begg and Mrs Jenkins 6-1, 6-1.


Mon. 27th Jan.

Very hot weather the last week or so. I cut bit of firewood. Watered Alans vegetables.

Ern and Lucy rode up here late afternoon. Lucy came to say goodbye before going back to Walcha.

I drove Madge, Addie and Arthur over to annual dance at Jacks Creek.


Sat. 1st Feb.

I left here at 6.30am and rode over Cedar Brush to "Lemongrove". Arrived at 9.30am. I went with Cyril Ashford and all his family and Bonnie in Cyrils new ford V8 sedan to Scone. Saw ABC cricket team playing second innings against veterans team.


Sun. 2nd Feb.

Arthur rode over and arrived at 8am. Talked all about the country week tennis with the girls. Afternoon we all walked up Kienans brook for a distance. Arthur and I had supper there before leaving at 6.15pm.


Tues. 4th Feb.

Dad, Ron and I drove out early to "Yarran". Ron caught his horse at the lower cottage. Mustered paddocks. I took the 258 lambs from :Yarran" camping paddock up to yards. Cleaned up a number of the lambs. Drafted off 72 suckers from there. Ron took 330 lambs to Willow Tree.

All uncle Harrolds, aunti Lu, and Addie up to our place after tea.


Wed. 5th Feb.

Jim Meredith and I left Willow Tree at 10.40am on stock train. Jim had one truck of their own. Got hot water for dinner at Scone. Hot water for supper at Hanbury Junction. Jim and I slept from 2am to 6am at Drovers shack after arriving at 1am at Flemmington.


Thur. 6th Feb.

Our 330 lambs averaged 18/6.

Jim and I travelled into Central this morning. Booked a room at the 'Peoples Palace', Pitt Street. Jim and I saw "Smoke Range" at Civic theatre.

[Edgar and Jim spent the next two days seeing the sights of Sydney]


Sun. 9th Feb.

Jim and I met Jean and Bess at Botanical gardens. They brought lunch in for us and we had it down near the duck pond. Jim and I called at Peoples Palace and picked up our ports. Bess and Jean saw us off at Central Station. We left by Brisbane mail at 2pm. Dad and Mum met us at Willow Tree. We arrived at 10.15pm.


Sat. 29th Feb.

Home this morning at 3.30am from leap year dance at the Hall. I cut some firewood in the morning. Ron got 'Jock' in again and shod him with new shoes. All up later to uncle Ivans. Saw Charlie Saunders at "Retreat" divining for water. Took grapes up for aunti Vi.


Sun. 30th Feb.

I left here at 5.55am and rode up to uncle Harolds. Arthur and Vic joined me and we rode over the Cedar Brush. Took Harolds cows and calves over to "Elmsford". Started to rain at 7.30am. Rained all day. Made fire at "Elmsford". We all dried out our clothes. Rode over to "Lemongrove". Had dinner there. Home at 9pm. 137 points rain for the day.


Thur. 26th Mar.

We helped Ern crutch all his sheep. Both "Burnside" and "Glenoak". Crutched 620 in 6 hours. Ern brought 400 ewes over from Boramble creek yesterday.

Poor old Billie Knee was found dead down a well up at his place today.


Mon. 30th Mar.

Vic, Ron and I drove out to "Levondale" after an early breakfast. Ron mustered "Booral". We cleaned 128 ewes and a heap of lambs. Many were fly blown. Home late for dinner.

Vic left here for home on his motorbike after staying for a few days.


Sat. 4th April.

Cyril, May, Audrey, Esme, Verna and Noel [Ashford] arrived at 11am from "Lemongrove". We played a few sets before dinner. After dinner, Dette came up and we all played for rest of afternoon. Arthur and Addie came up after supper and we all decided to attend dance at Jacks Creek. Home late.


Sun. 5th April.

I drove Audrey, Esme and Verna to "Burnside" in morning. Dad and Ron took Cyril and Noel [Ashford] out to "Yarran". After dinner, Dette came up, and Cyril Barwick came down from "Towarri" and we all played tennis for rest of the arvo. Harolds lot came up to see auti Em.


Sat. 11th April.

Annual Quirindi Tennis tournament! I drove Verna, Cyril and Jack Barwick up in Alans car. Dad, Mum, Dette, Alan, Ron and Elsie in Dads car. Verna and I won 2 mixed doubles matches. Alan and I won 9-7, 6-1 v Spencer and Mackay. Beaten 6-3, 6-3 in special doubles. I beat W.E. Gowing 6-4, 6-3. I played 88 games today. Verna got to Semi-finals in her 3 events.


Sun. 12th April.

Alan and I lost to Gardner and Brown 3-6, 7-9. Ron and Dette beat Alan and Joyce. Stan Snape beat Alan 6-4, 7-5 in special singles. Earl Hall beat Ron 6-2, 8-6.


Mon. 13th April.

Verna won ladies single championships! She beat miss Liston 3-6, 6-1, 6-2.

Verna and I won mixed doubles championships. We beat miss Liston and Brown 2-6, 6-3, 6-4.

Ron, Dette, Verna and I went to dance at Warrah Hall.

[The ladies doubles finals didn't get completed on the Monday by end of carnival, but as the two teams to play in final were all from Warrah, the final was agreed to be played on Wednesday at "Quondah"]


Wed. 15th April.

Verna and Dette played and beat Nancy Barwick and Joyce Hall in final of Quirindi ladies doubles championships on our court! Scores were 6-3, 6-2.

Teds family and Halls family all up here to watch and then we all played tennis for remainder of the afternoon.

Ron and Jack rode over to "Belmont" during morning and cleaned up some sheep.


Sat, 18th April.

Alan, Ron, Cyril, Jack and I drove over to Jacks Creek and played in tennis tournament in aid of Jacks Creek Church fund. Run as a drew for partner rules. I won gents with 12 games. We stayed over for the dance at night. Great dance.


Sat. 2nd May.

Alan and I drove up to "Burnside". Took auntie Lu's new galvanised iron bath tub up that we picked up from the post office.

Lucy Lloyd-Owen and Bill Anderson rode up here during morning for chat.

Alan, Ron and I played with Jacks Creek team verses Bunty Halls team at "Mertondale". We won 6 sets to 3 sets.

Went to Five Hundred tournament at Hall at night.


Sat. 9th May.

Ron and I drew in two loads of firewood from up in house paddock.

Alan, Ron and I played with Harvey Sevil and Mrs Sevil and Clare Murphy against Symonds team at Symonds. We won 9 sets to zero.

Ron, Dette, Marie Brecht, Addie, Arthur and I drove in Dads car to Stotts wool shed to a dance in aid of Jacks creek cricket club.


Fri. 15th May.

I drove Ron in to catch 5am Brisbane mail train. Ron travelled to Sydney to be Best Man for Ern [Brecht] at his wedding.

I milked the cows and rolled the tennis court before breakfast. Lucas came up for the day and stayed tonight. I oiled the "Quondah" windmill. Lucas and I dug up some couch grass and planted on top side of house.


Sat. 16th May.

Ern Brecht and Lucy Lloyd-Owen married at Sydney at 2.30pm. Ron as best man for Ern.

Lucas helped me saw up a barrow load of firewood for auntie Em.

Dad, Dette, Marie Brecht and I drove to "Pentlands" for afternoon tennis. All had 3 or 4 sets with Joyce and George Benham, Grace and George Griffen, Stan Huntley and a couple of other young ladies.


Wed. 20th May.

Ron took our 14 cows and heifers in to be trucked at 10am. I rode over to "Yarran" and brought over the farm paddock and long paddock ewes.

Alan and I went to Penns Pictures at Warrah Hall.


Mon. 25th May.

Surprise Party to newlyweds, Ern and Lucy. All people from Merediths and up the creek held party at "Burnside". 7 car loads. Danced in dining room. Alma and I played accordeon.

Ron and I mustered back paddock. Drafted out the X-bred ewes for "Boolawa". Started crutching X-bred ewes after dinner.


Thur. 28th May.

Alan and I crutched 85 X-bred ewe lambs this morning. I took them out to back paddock. Also 21 more. Total 106. Ron took the X-bred ewes over to "Yarran".

I pruned about half the grape vines on the long trellis at "Boolawa".

Ron and I spent evening at uncle Harolds. Gramaphone music.


Sun. 14th June.

I joined Hector, Nance, Joyce, Earl, and Bud Rose at Warrah hall. Travelled to Vigors court for afternoon tennis match. We beat Vigers 5 sets, 52 games, to 6 sets, 46 games. Joyce and I beat Flo Barnes and Bill Vigers 6-0.


Sat. 20th June.

Jack rode up from uncle Ivans for afternoon. Cyril came down from "Towarri" and we 3 played tennis. Dad and Mum went over to Jacks Creek to sports and Races in aid of R.C. funds. Ron and I went over to dance at Jacks Creek. We took Dette and Beryle and Eileen Keirnan. 


Sat. 27th June. 

[Edgar spent the next four and a half days at the Muswellbrook tennis tournament with all the Ashfords. He played 208 games in total. He then walked over the range on the Wednesday and Ron picked him up on the Warrah side and drove him home!] 

Thur. 9th July.

I ploughed patch of ground in corner of paddock below sheep yard. Intend planting fruit trees. Dad and Alan erected two more posts and the top plates on skillion at lower side of shearing shed.

Ron came home after taking our 119 steers over to "Lemongrove".

All of us and Elsie at "Burnside" for evening visiting Brechts.


Sun. 12th July.

Alan, Ron and I played in Championship singles played at Warrah tennis courts. Ron beat me 9-7, 3-6, 13-11. Alan beat Greg Boland 7-5, 4-6, 6-4. Ron beat Bud Rose 8-6, 6-4.

I went up to Halls court with Earl, Joyce, Hector and Mrs Harvey Sevil and had more tennis up there.

Bunty Halls tennis courts, "Mertondale". Back, Alan Barwick, Bob Russell, ????, Dawson, ????, Alan Watson, Earl Hall, Edgar Barwick. Front, Lindsay Russell, Ron Barwick, Ernie Longford, ????, Bunty Hall, ?Baker.

Tues. 21st July.

Cousin Jim buried today at "Thorthwaite". He was 92 years old. Dad, Mum, Auntie Lu and Marie went around to the funeral in Dads car.

Ron and I erected second high gate post at "Levondale" in house paddock, fence near mill. Twitched wire at top of posts and strained wires in that fence. Finished the rest of the fence.


Tues. 28th July.

Gift evening in Warrah hall for Marie Brecht. All her friends presented her with a nice tea set, Danced until 12 O'Clock.

Ron and I dug holes and erected 11 posts for fence to enlclose new orchard.


Sun. 2nd Aug.

Ron and I spent day at Warrah tennis courts playing in district mixed doubles championships.

Joyce Hall and I beat Nancy Sevil and Hector, 6-1, 6-2. Joyce and I lost to Earl and Nancy 7-9, 3-6. Ron and Dette v Gaffney and Bertha Sevil 6-1, 6-1. Ron and Dette v Mervyn and Mrs Gus Sevil 3-6, 6-1, 6-3.


Sat. 8th August.

Marie Brechts wedding!!!

Marie and Bill Anderson married in our church at 4.30 this afternoon. Hilda Towns bridesmaid. Bob Ogil best man. Reception at "Burnside" with 38 in attendance. 4 cars in to see bridal party off on the train.

Mum, Alan, Ron, Dette and Betty Grady decorated the church.


Sat. 22nd Aug.

Tennis tournament at Warrah courts in aid of Hall funds. Draw for partner. 26 players took part. 12 rounds played. Alan won gents prize. Neandee Broad and Claire Murphy divided ladies prize.

Dance at night. Over £9 taken at door. Uncle George came up here to get an estimate for addition to Ron's cottage.


Wed. 26th Aug.

We shore 72 X-bred ewes from "Boolawa". Ewes total, 272. Alan and I pressed 4 bales of wool. Dad and Ron marked 38 more "Boolawa" lambs. I dug round grapes at long trellis at "Boolawa".


Fri. 28th Aug.

Dad, Alan, Ron ans I marked 478 lambs in "Yarran" plain paddock. Also marked 34 in farm paddock.

Great musical evening at "Quondah". Mrs Giovanelli, and Gwen and Len Giovanelli and little Judith and Dette, Jim and Bill came up for evening. Mrs Giovanelli and Len sang to us nearly all the evening.


Sat. 29th Aug.

Dad, Ron and I drove to "Levondale" and marked 31 lambs. Picked up Gwen and Len Giovanelli at Merediths and took them over for a run.

Afternoon, Bill Meredith drove Mrs Giovanelli, Gwen, and Little Judith up for afternoons tennis. Len, Bill and we 3 boys played 5 sets.


Sun. 30th August.

Funeral of Mrs R.R. Carter.

In afternoon, Dette, Jim, Bill, Mrs Giovanelli, Gwen, Len and Judith came up. We all played tennis.


Fri. 11th Sept.

Ron and I started shearing "Booral" ewes this afternoon. We shore 76 X-bred ewes. Ron brought the ewes and lambs from recreation reserve this morning.

I went to C of E Ball in Willow Tree with Madge. Ron went in with Mick Fitz and the Meredith family.


Sat. 12th Sept.

We shore 72 "Booral" X-bred ewes before dinner. Ewes very big and strongwooled. I used new trimmer comb for first time.

Dr Cooper out to "Towarri". Little baby Barry got poison out of a bottle of spray stuff. Barry has nearly recovered now.


Sat. 26th Sept.

Ron and I shore 52 X-bred ewes. These ewes with their lambs were turned into ewe paddock.

Masons pictures at Warrah Hall. "Embarrasing Moments" We took Cyril down with us.


Tues. 29th Sept.

We finished last of our ewes today. Ron and I shore 70 odd X-bred ewes making total of 307 for ewe paddock. We also shore 30 leicester rams.

Gift evening to Aileen Palmer at Warrah Hall. We all attended. Nice lot of gifts. Miss Purcell from Murrurundi played music.


Thur. 1st Oct.

Finished 1936 shearing. 61 bales of wool total. Ron and I emptied the dip.


Sat. 3rd. Oct.

Aileen Palmer and Charlie Saunders married in our church at 4.30pm. Jack and Mary Palmer best man and bridesmaid. Dad drove Aileen to the church and took Mary and Jack home. Dad attended reception.

We marked and dressed 58 lambs from "Boolawa". Max Saunders took our last 20 bales of wool away.


Sat. 17th Oct.

Arthur and I rode over Cedar Brush to "lemongrove". Arrived there at 10am. Cyril [Ashford] drew in some trees with 10 bullocks. After dinner Cyril, Audrey, Esme, Verna, Noel, Arthur and I played 7 sets of tennis. Had phonograph music after tea.


Sun. 18th Oct.

In morning we all walked up the creek to the Little Brush. Cut our initials on truck of trees in private enclosure. Found wild duck nest on way home. Took 5 eggs and put them under tame ducks back at house. Everard, Derek and Hilton and Nerelle Vine arrived after dinner. Arthur and I rode home, and called at "Elmsford" on way.


Tues. 3rd Nov.

Annual Willow Tree rodeo and races. We three boys and aunt Annie and Elsie drove to rodeo. Brought Dad and Mum back out from train.

Rodeo Ball! I took Gladdie, Ivy Palmer, Betty Grady and Arthur to the Ball. Great time.

Got letter from Bess.


Thur. 5th Nov.

Uncle George started work on building new additions to Rons house. He measured out new part and erected two blocks.

Alan, Ron, Elsie, aunti Em and Cyril went to Masons pictures at the Hall.

I rode to "Merrieton" and listened to new wireless. Reception was great.


Sat. 7th Nov.

We dipped ewe paddock ewes and lambs. Finished at 7.20am. Alan and Ron helped uncle George erect more blocks for new room on Rons house. I cut and drew firewood. Lucas came up and stayed the night. He rode up on his new, second hand pushbike.


Sun. 8th Nov.

Alan and I drove up to "Merrieton" and had swim. Gladys, Ivy Palmer, Arthur and Lucas also there.

Played cricket at Warrah. Warrah verses Jacks Creek. Warrah, 107. Jacks Creek 198. Bud Rose got 109 for Jacks!

Archie Bell and his wife and two children came up for afternoon.


Fri. 13th Nov.

Uncle George and all of us building all day on Rons house. I morticed holes in sleepers.

Murrurundi Carnival Ball! I travelled to the Ball with Arthur, Gladys, Lucy, Ivy Palmer and Ern. I escorted Gladys. Addie and Veronica also came in to the ball from "Duxford". Great time.


Sun. 15th Nov.

Warrah Creek cricket team played match at Willow Tree. Warrah, 140. Willow Tree 104. I made 41 runs and took 3 wickets. I took Gladys in to watch the cricket. Glad came up here for supper and I took her home afterwards. Brechts up during evening.


Wed. 18th Nov.

Dad and Ron took our 348 suckers to trucking yards. I drove Les in to Willow Tree. We boarded stock train at 1.40pm. Travelled down to Flemmington with our lambs. Arrived Flemmington at 4.50am.


Thur. 19th Nov.

Les and I attended sales in morning. Great prices. Averaged 21/9.

Met Bess in Phillip street. Surprised! Tea in small restaurant. Ferry to Manly. Back to Grand Central at 11.40pm.

[The Friday and Saturday, Edgar and Les went to the Sydney Cricket ground and watched Australia playing England. They saw Bradman get 63 runs and Chipperfield get 8 wickets for 68.]


Sun. 22nd Nov.

Met Bess, Jean and Heather at Manly wharf. Ferry to Manly. We all had swim in the surf. Had lunch on lawn near beach. All back to Lane Cove by ferry. Tea at Colemans. Left at 8.30pm on Narrabri mail. Willow Tree at 5.53am.


Wed. 2nd Dec.

Ron, Vic and Cyril travelled in stock train to Flemmington with our 708 suckers. Dad and I drove in early. Took the lambs from Toll Bar to trucking yards. Train left Willow Tree at 12 noon.

Dad purchased 158 ewes, Romney Cross, 6 tooth at £1 per head from uncle Harold. I brought the ewes home.

Had swim at "Merrieton" with Gladdie.


Sat. 5th Dec.

Alan and I had all day at Recreation reserve helping put down concrete wicket. Warfield of Quirindi came out and did concrete at northern end. He also patched part of southern end. Warfield charged £1''12 for job. Used 15 and a half bags of cement. 7 members helped with work.

I drove Gladys and Arthur to a dance at Warrah Hall. Good turnout.


Sun. 6th Dec.

I carried 12 buckets of manure to apricots and Xmas box peach in old orchard. Dad, Alan and uncle George drove to "Yarran" and watered the trees we planted at the mill. Ron, Vic and Cyril arrived home from Sydney after going down on stock train. Via Brisbane mail.


Wed. 9th Dec.

Annual Cedar Brush picnic arranged by Arthur. 46 people up in Brush from both sides of range. I drove Vic, and auntie Lu up. All uncle Harolds lot, Toms lot, Charlies lot. All Cyrils lot [Ashford] and Fred Ashford, "Hawthorns" young Vines and Saunders, Albert Pring. Played cricket and swinging on monkey vines.


Fri. 18th Dec.

New maid arrived to live in house. Lorna Barnett.

1750 bricks arrived from Tamworth for two fireplaces for Rons house.


Sat. 19th Dec.

Cricket at "Thornthwaite". ABC team 200. Warrah 125. All of our team and the three Palmer girls rode over the range for the match.

Went to pictures in Scone with Everard, Derek, Audrey, Esme and Verna. [Ashfords]Saw 'The Vanguard Hour'. Good picture. Great drive home to "Lemongrove".


Sun 20th Dec.

At "Lemongrove". Everard and Derek also stayed at Cyrils. [Ashford] Had look at young wild ducks near the tennis court. Nev Vine road 'Snip' over to Cyrils. Nev road 'Snip' up to Vine's last night so I could go to the pictures. Rode home after supper.


Tues. 22nd Dec.

[Lorna Barnett, the house maid left yesterday. Her mother asked her to come home.]

Alan left at 4am in his car. Travelling to South West Rocks. 270 miles. Ern, Lucy and Arthur also going in Brechts car. They camped tonight at Port Macquarie after travelling 226 miles.

Ron rode to "Levondale". Brought X-bred ewes to "Yarran" long paddock. Left 400 new X-bred ewes out there. I helped uncle George put east side veranda on Ron house.


Fri. 25th Dec.

Up and had swim at the "Merrieton" hole with Bill Anderson and Lucas.


Mon. 28th Dec.

Arose at 1.30am. Went to Brechts and took Marie and Bill Anderson in to catch 3.22am train.

I rode to "Belmont". Found some flyblown ewes. Planted out kikuyu grass in back garden. Got grass from auntie Lu. Watered the lot of Alans garden. Dad and Ron drafted out about 90 old ewes from ewe paddock.


Thur. 31st Dec.

I took 100 ewes and 10 lambs out to "Levondale" plain paddock. Left 13 Leicester rams in "Yarran". 7 rams in farm paddock. Mum, uncle George, Ron and I attended annual dance at Warrah Hall. Took Gladys down and home.




[1937 was fairly dry with 20 inches falling. January received 4 inches with small amounts of rain for the rest of the year.]



Sun. 3rd Jan.

Cricket at Warrah. Willow Tree 126. Warrah 178. I got 63 runs and retired. And got 6 wickets.


Tues. 5th Jan.

Alan arrived home from camping at South West Rocks. Alan, Arthur, Ern and Lucy had fortnight camping and came back all the way today, 288 miles. Arrived home at 9.30pm.

Ron and I helped uncle George erect 5 blocks for new back veranda for Rons house. Aunt Tilly, Addie, Vic, Veronica and Sylvia called in for a while.


Sun. 10th Jan.

Mum and I went to church this morning.

Cricket match V Murrurundi at Warrah Creek. Murrurundi 154. Warrah, 58. We bated again and got 73 for 8 wickets.

Arthur brought Heather Berman and Gladys up after supper. Heather played a number of peices on piano.


Sat. 23rd Jan.

I left here at 6.30am. Took 745 X-bred ewes and 25 lambs and 23 rams from recreation reserve to "Levondale". Left 300 kickerbell ewes in "Levondale", the remainder in "Booral".

Audrey and Esme [Ashford] arrived here with 52 of Cyrils [Ashford] cattle. I took cattle to ewe paddock. The girls stayed here the night.


Tues. 25th Jan.

Dette and Rons gift evening in Warrah Hall. Large crowd attended and gave a lot of presents.

Warfield commenced fireplace in Rons lounge room. Ron and I helped build foundations.


Wed. 27th Jan.

Warfield built main fireplace up to top of mantle. He then shifted onto Rons kitchen and started fireplace there. Ron and I mixed cement and worked on foundations.

Lucy drove Aunti Lu and Mrs Pratt and Chris and Birdie Lloyd-Owen up here. Shiela's birthday today. I went up for the party.


Mon. 8th Feb.

Ron and Dette married at 8am in R.C. Church in Willow Tree. Alan was best man, Marie Meredith Bridesmaid. Noelene Fitzpatrick 2nd Bridesmaid. I was 1st Groomsman. Delle Fitz 3rd Bridemaid. Bill Meredith 2nd Groomsman. Wedding breakfast at Merediths. Dad drove Ron and Dette down to Muswellbrook.


Tues. 9th Feb.

Ron and Dette started on honeymoon in Muswellbrook. Left for Sydney. Staying at Hotel Grand Central for a time.

I finished painting ceiling of Rons second bedroom. Also painted south wall Rode up and brought 85 more X-bred ewes from Harolds. Uncle Harold, auntie Vi and Arthur came up.


Sat. 20th Feb.

I left here at 7.15am in Alans car. Picked up Arthur and drove up to "Ashcroft". Arthur and I walked over Scotts mountain. Arrived at "Lemongrove" at 9.40. Audrey, Esme, Verna [Ashford] and Beryl Keirnan there. Cyril [Ashford] and May arrived there soon after. The three girls and I played tennis. Played 500 at night.


Sun. 21st Feb.

Phonograph music nearly all day at "Lemongrove". Went for a swim plus Noel. All had supper about 5pm. Arthur and I strated home about 6pm.


Mon. 22nd Feb.

Painting again at Rons house "Boolawa". I painted ceiling of hall with pale blue. Did a few corner stripes with green. Alan finished staining in lounge room. Uncle George commenced building cupboards in breakfast room. P and C meeting at Warrah hall.


Wed. 24th Feb.

Ron and Dette arrived home from honeymoon. They had 2 weeks and 2 days away. They came from Sydney by Brisbane mail train. Came from Katoomba on Saturday.

We finished trimmings in lounge room.


Sun. 28th Feb.

Uncle George had accident with rifle. He was out shooting and he shot the point of first finger on left hand. Alan took uncle George up to Quirindi and Dr Cooper put four stitches in his finger. Dad, Ron, Dette and I had a couple of sets of tennis.


Mon. 1st March.

Ron and I cut burrs on top paddock of "Belmont".

Alan and I attended pictures at Warrah Creek. Shirley Temple in "Little Colonal".


Fri. 5th March.

Commenced our early shearing. Ron and I shore 125 "Belmont" X-bred ewes. Uncle George started work again after accident to his finger.


Sun. 7th March.

I left at 7am. Rode to "Yarran". Brought 398 X-bred ewes over to be shorn. Also about 27 lambs and 8 rams. Arrived home with sheep at 2.30pm.

Cyril came down from "Towarri" for tennis. Dette, Ron, Alan, Cyril and I played tennis. Mick Fitz and family came up to look through Rons "Boolawa" cottage.


Sat. 20th March.

We shore 80 big "Yarran" plain X-bred ewes before dinner.

Dad and Mum set off for Keirnans Creek to stay weekend at "Sunnyvale". Ron drove to "Yarran" to look for 10 ewes and 3 rams that are missing.

Cyril came down again and with the rest and Dette, we played tennis.


Wed. 24th March.

Ron and I shore 148 "Belmont" ewes. Started at 8.50am.

Mum and I attended Concert at Warrah Hall in aid of Murrurundi Methodist circuit. Rotten show! I posted a letter to Bess.


Fri. 26th March.

Jack came by train from "Duxford" for the easter tennis tournament. Dad picked him up from the train.


Sat. 27th March.

[Edgar spent the next 4 days at the annual Quirindi easter tennis tournament. Once again giving a detailed account of all his and a lot of other matches]. 

Sunday and Mondays report of the tennis action.


Sat. 3rd April.

I removed 'Snips" front shoes.

Afternoon, Cyril, Jack, Alan and I played tennis. Dette joined in later on. I wrote letter to Bess. Jack and I had evening at uncle Harolds. Meeting at Jacks Creek to arrange big picnic on 12th May.


Thur. 8th April.

Dad drove me to catch Tamworth train to Sydney. I travelled from Parkville to Waratah with Myrtle Ashford, and Edna and boys. Arrived at Central Station at 6.15pm. Booked room at Peoples Palace Hotel. Had tea and went for walk in George street before bed.


Fri. 9th April.

Had lunch and met Bess at GPO at 2pm. Waited for her again at the Quay. Travelled to Northwood and caught bus to Longeville. Had tea at Colmans. Called at Bermans but girls were away. Did some shopping at Lowes Ltd.


Sat. 10th April.

Bought pair of tennis shoes at 11/9 with retread soles at Murdocks. Out to Colemans for lunch. Afternoon Bess and I caught bus to Chatswood. Bess took some snaps.


Sun. 11th April.

Heather, Bess and I spent day at Koala Park. Train from St Leonards to Hornsby. Changed to a train to Pennant Hills. Taxi from there to Koala Park. Saw numerous Koalas and kangaroos. Saw boomarang thown. Stayed night at Bermans?

[Edgar spent the next ten days in Sydney, staying with the Bermans. Ernest arranged for Edgar to pick up a second hand car, a ford utility, as Edgars own car. I think it was a surprise to Edgar? And he certainly saw a lot of Bess! Took her out at every opportunity.] 

The ford V8 ute that Edgar bought.

Sat. 17th April.

Travelled from Bermans to Hastings and Deering, Ford truck dealers and took delivery of V8 utility. 1936 model, 6134 miles on register. Drove utility from Wattle st through city to Lane Cove. I drove Jean and Heather in utility to see "Romeo and Juliet".


Wed. 21st April.

Last night with Bermans at Lane Cove. Commenced journey for home at 8.45am. Through Newcastle at 12.30. Lunch at Mayfield. Sandwiches and lemonaid at Aberdeen at 4pm. Home at 6pm. Distance I drove 247 miles.

Edgars V8 ford ute that he bought in Sydney. This photo taken in the early 1940s, with Gloryna in the photo. Of course, Gloryna hasn't turned up yet!

Sat. 1st May.

Went to auntie Jessie Ashfords funeral at Thornthwaite cemetary

Dad, Mum, auntie Em and I drove down to Scone and Thornthwaite to attend funeral. In afternoon I watched Cliftcourts play match at Ludingtons. Esme, Verna and Everard [Ashford] played in Cliftcourts team. Home late. Lucas came up and stayed, and we set off some fireworks.


Mon. 10th May.

Audrey, Esme and Verna rode over here to take their mob of cattle home tomorrow. Ern Brecht shod their horses while they were here. Ron rode to "Booral" and brought their cattle over to Warrah Creek. Alan and I drew 4 loads of fire wood. I took Audrey, Esme and Verna to talkies at Warrah Hall. "Princess O'Hare".

[I'm guessing "Talkies" is motion picture movies with sound?]


Wed. 12th May.

Silver Jubilee celebrations of Warrah closer settlement Area, held at Jacks Creek Sports ground. Foot races, High jump etc. I won high jump with a jump of 4 ft 11 inches. Grand Ball at night in Jacks Creek Hall.

Received some photos from Bess for my birthday.

King George VI crowned today!

Dad purchased a new 1937 model V8 Ford sedan at £376. Old car traded in and have to pay £207 for new car. Delivery in about 10 days.


Sat. 15th May.

Alan and I sawing firewood this morning.

Afternoon went down to Warrah school and had working bee to help get childrens tennis court in order. Erected some old netting around court. Dad, Mum, Ron and I went up to Toms for the evening.


Mon. 17th May.

New maid, Leila Burns arrived from Terrigal.

Ron and I cleaned out "Boolawa" shed of straw. Shifted some bags of lucerne charf. Put Alans ford over there. I mustered ewe paddock and put the "Levondale" plain paddock ewes in there.


Fri. 21st May.

Dad, Alan and I commenced work of erecting a hut over at "Yarran" sheep yards. Cut off 12 blocks and erected 8 of them at site of building.

Opening of Park and Memorial gates to King George V in Willow Tree. C.W.A. Ball in Willow Tree after. Dette, Ron and I attended. Tremendous crowd!


Thur. 27th May.

Dads new V8 Ford sedan arrived home today. Colour, green, price £376. Dad, Mum, Alan, Ron and Sheila Burns drove in old V8 to Quirindi. Left old car At Bousteds, and brought new one home. Mileage old car 25,800. I chopped firewood.


Sat. 29th May.

I took Alans car to Quirindi. Took Noelene Fitzpatrick to dentist. Also Moll Murphy home to Quirindi. I had 3 teeth filled at Storeys. Porcelain. Noelene had tooth pulled.

Alan and Dad working on new shack at "Yarran". Mum went up to uncle Ivans.


Wed. 2nd June.

Alan and I put all the iron on roof of hut at "Yarran". Finished putting up guttering. Dad started nailing down the floor. We fed the plain paddock ewes in the morning. I posted letter to Bess.


Sat. 5th June.

Dad, Alan and I drove in utility to "Yarran" and fed "Yarran" plain ewes 5 bags of corn and 4 bags for farm paddock. A bit more finishing off to the farm hut. Home for dinner. Dad, Alan, Dette and I played 3 sets of tennis.


Sun. 6th June.

We played all day tennis match against Quirindi club, in Quirindi. Our team was, Dette, and Joyce Hall, Dad, Alan, Ron, Bunty and Earl Hall and myself. 35 sets played during day. We won 20 sets to 15. Lunch provided at Tinsons.


Fri. 11th June.

Ron and I drove utility out and fed "Yarran" plain and farm, and "Levondale" plain, and "Booral" paddock. Home for dinner. I pruned the "Boolawa" grape vines.

Dad left ignition turned on in his new car and battery flat. Got service battery from Bousteds.


Thur. 17th June.

Ron and I drove out to "Levondale". Erected two posts, 6 foot high for gateway into Hectors. Overhead wires.

Police Coronation Ball in pavilion hall Quirindi! Athur drove Joy Palmer and me to the ball. Had marvelous time. Joined party with Hector, Nancy, Jean, Alma and Charlie Avard.


Sun. 27th June.

All day tournament in Quirindi courts arranged by Marjorie Holloway. Ron, Dette, Edna Bolland and I drove up. Ron, Dette, Edna and I played on no. 1 court with 4 other best pairs. No. 1 court Tom Hall and Lucy Holloway won 27 games. Edna and I got 25 games.


Tues. 29th June.

Butchered a steer calf for rations.

Church of England Ball in Royal theatre Quirindi. I drove Dads new car up to the ball. I took Alma Avard. Athur took Jean, and Charlie Avard also went. A splendid ball and we all had a great time. Finished at 3.45am.

Leila Burns [Their current house maid] had to go home on account of her sick mother.


Thur. 1st July.

Alma Avards 18th birthday today.

The four of us went out to Morriseys pine scrub. Cut 30 more pine poles. Total of 90 cut. 18 for Ron for fence around house. Max Saunders out in new Chev lorry. Brought the 2 loads pine poles to "Quondah". I few "Belmont" and "Boolawa" ewes. Alan and Ron fed all the rest.


Fri. 9th July.

Col Saunders brought 12 bags corn up to "Boolawa" shed. He brought lorry load of 60 bags out to "Yarran" and "Levondale". I drove out and helped unload corn. I fed "Boolawa" ewes. Alan and Ron fed "Yarran", "Levondale" and "Booral".


Sat. 10th July.

Big tennis match in Tamworth. All of us in Dads car met all Cyril Ashfords, and Everard and Derek, Fred, Daisy and Adrien in Willow Tree. Dette, Alan and I played in Ashfords team. We won 17 sets to Tamworths 15. Audrey and I verses Mrs Hodges and Singleton 6-3, 3-6. Then verses Mrs McKensie and Albert Pryor 5-6, 6-5.


Sun. 11th July.

Renie Wise came to help in house. Wallace and Hector brought Renie here after tea. Wallace then went in to catch train to go shearing. Victor went out with me to have look over "Yarran" and "Levondale". We fed ewes over there. Vic, Cyril, Alan, Ron, Dette, Dell Fitz and I had game of tennis.


Wed. 14th July.

Archie and Nita Kelaher and their three children moved to WillowTree from "Levondale" after living there for three years.

I dug holes and erected 4 ironbark posts at back of shearing shed. Dad is trimming posts.I fed "Boolawa" ewes. Alan and Ron did the others.


Sat. 17th July.

I finished erecting netting around new orchard at shearing shed. finished at 4pm. We all did the usual feeding of sheep.

Dette, Ron and I attended dance at Warrah Hall in aid of Presbyterian church fund.


Sun. 18th July.

All day tennis match at out court against Quirindi club. We three boys and Dette and Edna Boland played Quirindi team of Mrs Vigers and Flo Barnes and Chas Gardiner, Geo Carter, Jack Porter and Goodman. We won 13 sets to 6. Edna stayed out for supper.


Tues. 3rd Aug.

22 points rain fell during day. Heavy hail storm.

Meeting at Warrah Hall regarding extension of electricity out here. Minimum of £14 per household per annum for 20 years.

We all fed the ewes.


Wed. 4th Aug.

Dad, Alan, Ron and I drove out in utility to "Yarran". Took out young pepper and sugar gum trees in tins. We planted 31 trees in enclosure at callaghan wind mill. Planted pepper and gum trees alternately. Also planted 5 kurrajongs and 2 lemon trees. Dad and Ron fed "Levondale" sheep.


Sat. 7th Aug.

Bess Colman came up for a short stay with us. Mum and I met the Tamworth passenger train and brought Bess out. Wallace came home from shearing and took Rene away for weekend.


Sun. 8th Aug.

Bess, Dad, and I went in utility up to "Ashcroft". Picked up Arthur, Lucas and Victor and drove up for the afternoon. Walked from Arthurs hut up track. Round to the new fence and had afternoon tea. Home after dark.


Tues. 10th Aug.

Bess went out again with Ron and me to feed ewes at "Yarran" and "Levondale". Ron, Dette, Bess and I spent evening at "Burnside". Auntie Lu is still away in Newcastle.

We all went and had a look at shearing at "Retreat" shed. Everard and Derek [Ashford] who are shearing Gradys sheep.


Fri. 13th Aug.

Bess went over again with Alan and me to "Yarran" and "Levondale" feeding sheep. In afternoon I took Bess up to Harolds to see the shearing up there. Everard and Derek still shearing there. Marked 40 more lambs "Belmont", and 137 at "Boolawa".

I took Bess in to catch the North West mail at 9.56pm for Sydney. Bess had 6 days here.


Sat. 14th Aug.

Ron and I fed all sheep at "Yarran" and "Levondale". Dette. Ron, Alan and I had 4 sets of tennis.

Gift evening to Agnes Clay and Dallas, 'Bud' Rose in Jacks Creek hall. Large crowd. Voluntary music.


Sun. 15th Aug.

All day tennis tournament at Warrah tennis club. In aid of hall funds. Drew for partners. Alan won gents prize. 7/6. Joyce Hall won ladies prize. Wallace came over in afternoon to see Rene. Stayed for supper.


Mon. 16th Aug.

General shearing commenced. Ron and I shore 48 springing X-bred ewes.


Fri. 27th Aug.

38 points rain overnight. Aunt Tillie and Eric came by Tamworth passenger train for holiday with us. I rod eup to Harolds shearing shed and helped for the day up there. Veronica and Jack have gone to Newcastle. Jack to have treatment on his nose.


Sat. 4th Sept.

Mum, Dette, Ron, Alan and I drove out to Tom Halls at "Glaston" for afternoon tennis. We played 11 sets for the afternoon.

Lucas stayed another night with us. Noelene and Delle Fitz and Sheila played tennis with Lucas at our courts.


Fri. 10th Sept.

We shore 92 more "Belmont" ewes. Finished at 3pm. Arthur and Lucas came up and watched us shearing before dinner. Antie Vi came up here and spent the night.

I went to a dance at Jacks Creek with Arthur, who also took Ivy Palmer, Betty, Madge and Vic. Dance in aid of union church.


Sat. 11th Sept.

We went and attended sale of Warrah farmlets on main road this side of Willow Tree. Blocks brought £35 per acre!

First load of our wool went away. Lucas, Delle and Terry Fitz had game of tennis at our court.


Fri. 17th Sept.

Ron and I shore 136 "Boolawa" ewes.

Dance at Warrah Hall in aid of parents and citizens. Good crowd. £10 taken at door. Music by miss Purcell. Len was at the dance. He's on the mend after treatment.


Sun. 19th Sept.

I finished digging round "Boolawa" grape vines. Dug around cuttings of young vines down in "Quondah" garden. Dette, Ron, Alan, Cyril and I played tennis. Derek Ashford drove Arthur and Lucas up here. Derek inspected out shearing shed.


Sat. 25th Sept.

Childrens athletics day on Willow Tree recreation ground. Children competing from schools from all parts of our district.

I went on to Quirindi with Arthur in their V8. Stayed on to dance in Willow Tree. Came home with Bill Meredith.


Sun. 26th Sept.

All day tennis tournament on Quirindi public courts. Mixed doubles, american system. I played with Edna Boland. no. 1 court. Edna and I got 28 games out of possible 42. We won by 2 games from Bill Vigers and Flo Barnes. Edna and I beaten in quarters by Nall? and miss Hall. Wal Porter and Mrs Snape won the tournament.


Mon. 27th Sept.

Ron took our 90 fat dry ewes in to be trucked. He also took in the 68 dry "Yarran" plain ewes which we sold to the butcher, Gardiner. Dad, Alan and I dressed the new marked lambs in ewe paddock. A lot were fly blown.


Tues. 28th Sept.

90 fat dry ewes at Flemmington averaged 23/4.

Dad, Ron and I mustered the back paddock ewes and lanbs to yards. Drafted off 72 dry cross ewes to be shorn first. Alan spent day at "Yarran" and watered the trees in the plantation.

I wrote letter to Bess.


Sat. 2nd Oct.

Dad, Ron and I drove to "Yarran". Mustered plain paddock ewes and lambs to yard. Dressed a few marked lambs. Lambs have scabby ear. Went to "Levondale". Mustered out there, some flyblown.

Dette, Ron and I attended send off social to Mr Tom Adams, the postmaster and family. Dette, Ron, Alan and I played 4 sets of tennis.


Sun. 3rd Oct.

We all went to "Burnside" for the afternoon. Marie and baby Rosemary and Bill staying with auntie Lu.


Tues. 5th Oct.

We completed shearing for 1937. Ron and I shore 91 X-bred ewes from back paddock.

Dad ordered Hallstrom refridgerator though Devines.


Mon. 11th Oct.

Dad came home from Bunnan after taking Mum to uncle Arthurs for holidays. [she went for 2 weeks].

I had forge going and shaped up set of shoes for 'Snip'. Ron shifted most of ewes and lambs from ewe paddock to back paddock.


Wed. 13th Oct.

I left home at 9.20 in Alans car and drove to "Duxford" to stay for a week. Met uncle George, Cyril and Jack in Murrurundi. Cyril came with me back to "Duxford". Had look at new shearing shed and plant. Vic started engine and tried plant for the first time. They shore ten sheep. Music after tea, and dancing.


Thur. 14th Oct.

Shearing at "Duxford". I shore a few sheap for the boys and helped Cyril and Jack shear some. Game them some tips. Plant going well now. Vic, Cyril, Jack and I shore 59 merinos today.


Fri. 15th Oct.

The boys and I shore 53 today. Sheep pretty rough and grass seedy. Using 2 Cooper EB handpieces which are going well. Engine hard to start.

Wings of the morning ball in Murrurundi. I took Gladys and Veronica to the ball in Alans car. Great time. Forrests orchestra.

[Edgar spent another 5 days at "Duxford", shearing and helping out with general farm work and playing a bit of tennis in between work]


Wed. 20th Oct.

I shore 16 sheep in "Duxford" shed today. The shed total was 67 all up. Uncle George shore a few with the blades. I drove aunt Tilly, Veronica, Sylvia, and Marjorie down to visit Marcus's place. Also called at Bob Hawkins. I left "Duxford" at 7.30pm. Home at 9.30pm. Alans car climbed Liverpool range in second gear!


Thur. 21st Oct.

We used our new Hallstrom refridgerator for the first time.

Dad, Ron and I drove utility to "Yarran". Sprayed grasshoppers with crude oil. Killed millions on "Yarran" plain.


Fri. 22nd Oct.

Ron and I drove utility to "Yarran". Sprayed grasshoppers with arsene spray. Used two bucket pumps. Hoppers on plain just below yard to road.

Alan and Dette played Ron and me 3 sets of tennis. I went to dance at Jacks Creek with Wallace and Rene in his baby morris.


Thur. 28th Oct.

First two trucks of our lambs sold by Australian wool brokers, 216 suckers averaged 21/5.

We dipped 1037 after breakfast including X-bred ewes and lambs and BL rams.

I brought Audrey, Verna and Esme up from Brechts for game of tennis. The 3 girls, Dette, Alan, Ron and I played for a few hours.


Sun. 31st Oct.

Hospital tournament on Quirindi courts. Gents and ladies doubles. Alan and I played together, and Ron and Ton Hall on no. 1 court. Bill Vigers and Tom Tinson won. Dette and Edna Boland won ladies doubles final. They played on no. 1 court.


Fri. 5th Nov.

Dad bought 600 X-bred ewes, 2 tooth at 22/6 per head from A.A. McDonald. Dad, Alan, uncle Alf and Leon Saunders arrived home after trip to Sydney. Called at Scone and bought ewes on way home.

Willow Tree bushmans carnival. Mum, Elsie, Ron, Dette and I drove in.


Sat. 6th Nov.

Bushmans carnival again all day. Very good.


Sun. 7th Nov.

Terrific storm at head of Warrah Creek. Frightful damage to fences up at Ivans and Knees. Alan, Arthur and I had swim in "Retreat" just before storm. I spent afternoon at uncle Harolds. Had tea there.


Tues. 9th Nov.

We got 216 "Belmont" suckers ready for trucking. Beautiful lambs, very big and prime fat! Ron and I took the 216 "Belmont" and 228 "Yarran" suckers, via Borambil Creek to Willow Tree camping reserve.

Posted letter to Bess.


Fri. 12th Nov.

Alan and I cut down hollow tree and brought in 2 loads of firewood in the truck. Cut up some firewood.

Alan and I went up and had swim with Les, Cyril, Arthur, Leon, and Max Saunders in "Merrieton" swimming hole. After the recent flood, the hole is much longer and deeper. 7 feet deep for 50 yards!


Sun. 14th Nov.

Mixed doubles championships played in Willow Tree. Edna Boland and I won the comp!. Edna and I verses Greg Boland and Mrs Gus Sevil, 6-0, 6-1. Semi-final, we beat Earl and Joyce [Hall] 8-6, 6-4. in the final we beat Mervyn Jepson and Bertha Considine 6-3, 6-1. I had supper at Bolands. Met Jean boland for first time. Home at 11pm.


Sun. 21st Nov.

Willow Tree district tournament. Alan and I played in A grade gents doubles. We beat Bud Rose and Charlie Avard 6-3, 6-2. In the final, Mervyn Jepson and Earl Hall beat me and Alan 7-5, 4-6, 6-4. Dette and Edna won ladies doubles. They Beat Nancy and Joyce in semi-final and Mrs Harvey Sevil and Bertha Considine in the final.


Thur. 2nd Dec.

I shod 'Peter' all round with new shoes. Ron rode my new bay horse for first time. He rode it to "Belmont" and also around back paddock. Alan Ron and I scrubbed walls and ceiling of kitchen. Alan and I had swim at "Merrieton" with Ern and Lucy. Vic turned up soon after.


Fri. 10th Dec.

I cut a heap of apple tree sticks into firewood. Elsie went to Tamworth to attend the wedding of her sister Edie and Roy. We three boys helped the Avards dip 1000 sheep in our dip.


Sat. 11th Dec.

96 points of rain early this morning. I finished cutting up firewood. Vic rode up on his motorbike in afternoon.

All of us attended the 'Christmas Tree' event at Warrah Hall for all the children. Dance afterwards.


Sun. 12th Dec.

Mum and Alan went to an afternoon service in at Willow Tree. I shot some rabbits for the dogs.

Afternoon I drove to "Merrieton" swimming hole. Lots there. Arthur has made a tin boat and we launched it today.


Tues. 14th Dec.

We drafted off 109 suckers from X-bred ewes in "Boolawa". Took those and the 120 back paddock lambs over to "Belmont". Got 11 more lambs from "Belmont". Ron took the 240 suckers down to Warrah Park yards. Dad brought Jack Barwick out from train to stay here.


Wed. 15th Dec.

Jack and I left Willow Tree at 11.45am on stock train bound for Flemmington. Charlie B and Jeff Palmer also travelling in drovers compartment. Our train struck a lorry on level crossing at Ravensworth. Lorry thrown clear. Driver not badly hurt. Arrived Flemmington at 3.20am.


Thur. 16th Dec.

Breakfast. Saw lambs sold. At 1.30pm Jack and I went out to Rushcutters Bay. USA verses Australia Test Match. Marvelous tennis. Bromwich beat Maco 6-3, 6-3, 6-1. Budge beat Luist 4-6, 7-5, 6-1, 6-0. Jack and I in 2/stand on eastern side. We are staying at Peoples Palace.


Fri. 17th Dec.

Out to White City tennis courts at 1.15pm.

Jack and I went out to Colmans. Played ping pong. Home at 1am.


Sat. 18th Dec.

Back at the tennis at White City. Australia won 4 rubbers to one. Bess Colman, Jack and I went to the pictures at Regent Theatre. Jack and I walked over Harbour Bridge.


Sun. 19th Dec.

Jack and I stayed again at Peoples Palace. We caught ferry over to Taronga zoo. Arrived Central station at 1pm. Lunch in dinning room. Caught Brisbane mail for home. Uncle George picked Jack up at Murrurundi and Mum and Alan met me at 9.55pm.


Sat. 25th Dec.

Afternoon Alan and I had swim at "Merrieton". Crowd here for supper. Uncle Harold, auntie Vi, Arthur, Sheila, Len, Bessie, Betty, Pam, uncle Ivan. Had great feast. Dad got 2 gallon keg of ice cream and 2 dozen bottles of cordials. Bit of music.


Sun. 26th Dec.

Alan, Ron and I pumped some water at "Boolawa" well. Mum, auntie Em, Alan and I went to church in afternoon. Went and had swim at "Merrieton". Rene, Wallace, Hector, Nance, Ross, and the 4 Avard boys up swimming. Later, all Fitzpatricks, all Smiths. Dick and Mrs Winnet.


Thur. 30th Dec.

Annual Cedar Brush picnic. I took a load up in the utility. Glad, Veronic, Sylvia, Marjorie, Eric, Nolene Fitz. Arthur took a load up. Charlie drove up. 22 from this side. 25 came up from other side. All Cyril Ashfords lot, Bonnie Albert, All the Prings, "Hawthorns" lot, Everard, Derek, Adrien, Sid and Percy Barwick. Played fun cricket and swings.


Fri. 31st Dec.

New years eve dance in Warrah Hall. Miss Barnetts orchestra. Very large crowd. £18 taken at door.




[1938 was fairly dry with just 19 inches falling, however there was no real wet or dry period, just lighter falls all season.]



Sat. 1st Jan.

Swimming at "Merrieton". We took soldering tools and fixed up Arthurs tin boat. Arthur, Vic, Gladys, Veronica, Sylvia, Marjorie and Eric also there. Cyril came up home and he and Dette, Alan, Ron and I played tennis.


Wed. 5th Jan.

Alan and I spent most of day packing up ready for our camping trip to South West Rocks. Vic arrived per his motorbike to stay the night. Arthur and Cyril came up during afternoon and we packed all our ports and camping gear in the utility ready for early start in morning.


Thur. 6th Jan.

Alan, Vic, Cyril, Arthur and I left home at 4.55 am and drove to South West Rocks. Breakfast, 7.40am Bendameer. Apsley Fall. Inspected falls. I drove over range. 1000 bends to Warchope and 3.15pm. Ferry, Port Macquarie, South West Rocks at 6.40pm. 297 miles.


Fri. 7th Jan.

We shifted our big tent. Alan, Cyril and I sleeping in it. All had swim before Breakfast. Erected Arthurs tent for Vic and Arthur. Put up tarpoline for eating house and covered utility with tent fly. Surf before dinner. Surf very calm. Fish for supper.


Sat. 8th Jan.

At South West Rocks. The 5 of us had surf before breakfast. All walked round west along beach to break water at south of Macleay River. Tried a bit of fishing. I caught one little fish. Back to the camp. Lunch and more swimming during afternoon. Alan and Arthur caught a few fish. Arhtur and I attended dance in the pavilion. Great time. Didn't miss a dance.


[They all camped for the next 9 days on the beach at South West Rocks. Met a lot of different people, a few who they knew, and some who knew people they knew. Edgar rescued a girl one day who got caught in a rip. Didn't play a single game of tennis or cricket! As far as I can tell the five of them were all in Edgars ute! With all their gear! Not a single mention of another vehicle. I have no idea how that worked?]


Tues. 18th Jan.

We all pulled down tents. Packed into utility. Left at 10.40am. Ferry at Jerseyville. Lunch at Macksville. Through Coffs Harbour to Grafton. Over Clarence River bridge to North Grafton. Back over bridge and travelled west for 31 miles. Camped night at Buccarumbi Bridge. Put up tent and all slept in it. Rained during night.


Wed. 19th Jan.

We packed up the tent. Everything very wet. Left at 6.15am. Travelled up river through ranges of mountains, through tunnel. 82 miles to Glen Innes. Lunch there. 63 to Armidale. 180 to home. Total 275 miles today. Had to travel under my cover nearly all the way. All day in light rain. [Edgar recently made a cover to go over back of ute].


[Reading Arthur Barwicks memoirs gives a bit extra info as to this camping trip. Arthur says,...

............."I began 1938 by having about a fortnight at South West Rocks again. This time the party consisted of Alan, Edgar, Victor and Cyril Barwick and myself and we travelled in the "Quondah" 1936 Model Ford V8 Utility. We had a big load with all the camp gear and five of us, two having to travel on the back with the gear. This, of course, is illegal nowadays. I remember Uncle Ern looking at the load before we left and telling the drivers, Alan and Edgar, that 40 m.p.h. would be fast enough. This was adhered to for some of the journey, but some of us were amused at the way the speed increased as the day wore on and it was realised that darkness might overtake us before we had the tents pitched."]


Thur. 20th Jan.

Commenced feeding "Yarran" ewes on corn. Ron and Vic and I drove out and gave them first feed. About 550 ewes and 250 lambs on "Yarran". Max Saunders brought 58 bags corn to "Yarran" hut. I watered my 'Uncle Henry' grape vines. Vic is staying here a few nights.


Sat. 5th Feb.

104 points rain early this morning. [On top of 3 inches few days earlier]. Nice green shoots coming everywhere. Dad, Ron and I drove to "Yarran" and fed the ewes and lambs. Gave them 16 tins of corn. I chopped a bit of fire wood.

Ron and Cyril played Alan and me 5 sets of tennis. Dette came up and played a few too.


Sun. 6th Feb.

I joined Arthur at 7am and drove with him in "Old Kate" up to "Ashcroft". We walked from there over to "Lemongrove". Cyril and Noel [Ashford] away at Everards and Dereks place. We walked up creek with Audrey, Esme and Verna and picked some peaches. Had tea there. Left at 7pm. Home about 9pm.


Tues. 15th Feb.

Bought 16 Border Leicester rams from "Windy Station". 15 B.L. rams at 15 guineas per head and one given in. Dad, Ron and I drove utility to Windy and Brought in the 16 rams in two loads. Bogged in sand on trip out. Lunch with Mr and Mrs Ogden. Ron, Dette and I attended C.W.A. dance in Willow Tree.


Sun. 20th Feb.

Alan, Ron, Dette and I drove out and up McDonalds Creek for tennis tournament. Half played on Ron Sevils court, and other half on Arnold Martins. Draw for partner. Mrs Harvey Sevil and I beat Edna Boland and C. E. Barwick in final. I got large tin of cigarettes. [Winning prize???]


Fri. 25th Feb.

Alan, Ron and I drove over to "Booral". Had look for young grasshoppers. A few scattered about. Cleaned up the ewes. Very dry over there. Green pick nearly gone.

Charlie Gardner came here for game of tennis. Alan and I played Gardner and Ron. I drove to dance at Jacks Creek. Took Bill Meredith.


Sun. 27th Feb.

I drove to "Margewar" and had afternoons teenis with Alma, Charlie, Frank, and Alan Avard. Also Ned Sevil, Bill Clay and Hector Ham. Went to T Avards senr for supper. 13 at table also Mrs Tom junr and 2 kiddies. Played ping pong after supper. Alma beat me three sets. Played Charlie 3 or 4 sets.


Mon. 28th Feb.

Ron and I mustered back paddock sheep. Got 70 lambs to be trucked. 51 lambs from "Boolawa" for trucking. Dad and Ron brought 12 lambs in utility from "Booral" to "Yarran".

Harvest festival at night in our church. £5 worth of produce sold. I took down 26 lb of grapes.


Thur. 3rd March.

Our general autumn shearing started today. Ron and I shore 154 "Yarran" farm paddock ewes. Started at 8am. Shore 3 two hour runs. One and a half hour last run. Jack is helping in the shed. Heat terrific. 102 degrees.

306 lambs averaged 17/10.


Sun. 6th March.

I drove the utility to "Booral". Took 'Dumpy' and Pepper'. Brought the 370 "Booral" ewes over to recreation reserve.

Edna Boland came our for afternoon tennis. We all and Edna played. Edna stayed at Rons for supper. I gave her some grapes.


Tues. 8th March.

Ron and I shore 151 "Booral" ewes today. Started at 8.50am.

Arthur and Sheila came up in 'Old Kate' after tea. [Old Kate is Arthurs model T ford. He bought it for £15 off Teddy Sevil from Little Jacks Creek.] Uncle Harold and auntue Vi are holidaying at Port Macquarie.


Fri. 11th March.

Scone Carnival Ball!!! Athur and I drove up to "Ashcroft" in Old Kate. Walked over Scotts mountain. Audrey drove their car in to Scone Olympia Theatre. Took Esme, Verna, Arthur and me. Marvellous ball. Good trip. Albert and Bonnie Pike also in our party.


Sat. 12th March.

At "Lemongrove". Storm of about 60 points in afternoon. I played Esme in ping pong. We all then played a game of hockey. Cyril [Ashford] and the rest of us played 500 after tea.


Sun. 13th March.

Had lazy morning at "Lemongrove". Afternoon Everard and Derek turned up. Also old Jim Vine and Hilton, Neville and Roy. Arthur and I left at 6.30pm. Got to Harolds at 8.30pm. Had tea there. Jack and Ron drove up for me. Edna Boland and Bob Graham at our place for supper.


Sat. 19th March.

All day tournament in aid of Church of England Church at Warrah Creek. Draw for partner. Dette won ladies. Ron Sevil won gents with 20 games. I got 19. Dance at night.


Sun. 20th March.

Tom Hall, Mrs Hall, Ron and June here for afternoon tennis. Cyril and Jack also here and playing. Wallace and Ren came over during the afternoon and brought water melons.


Fri. 1st April.

Ron, Jack and I mustered the back paddock before breakfast. Commenced shearing at 10.15am. Shore 50 before dinner. 120 for the day.

All except Dad went to Warrah Hall to gift evening for Alice Palmer and Jimmy Holmes.


Sun. 10th April.

Jimmy Holmes and Alice Palmer were married today in our church yesterday afternoon. Dad drove Alice to the church. Dad and Mum were guests at the reception.

Light showers fell today. Edna Boland came out for tennis but only a few games played. Eileen Kiernan passed away in Merriwa hospital.


Sat. 16th April.

[Edgar spent the Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the Quirindi Easter tennis tournament. No one had much success. Then they went to the annual easter dance at Warrah Hall Monday night].

[There was always a Big Easter Monday sports day at Merediths property, across the creek on a flat. Then a big dance in the Warrah Hall after. Edgar never mentions the sports day as every year he is at the final days play at the Quirindi tennis tournament. But he'd always get to the Warrah dance after.]

Fri. 29th April.

Ern Hall buried today. Large funeral.

I drove in utility to "Yarran". Took 390 ewes from "Yarran" to "Levondale" plain paddock. Few ewes on corn. Ron brought the woolly ewes from recreation reserve to ewe paddock. I drove into the Red Cross Ball in Willow Tree. Took Lois.


Sat. 30th April.

Dad, Ron and I drove out to "Levondale". Took 5 bags of corn out from "Yarran". Fed the 450 ewes. Cyril and we three had 4 sets of tennis in afternoon. Ollie Logan and baby Gwen came here for holiday. Received letter from Bess.


Sun. 1st May.

Alan and I fed the ewes at "Booral" and "Levondale". All of us and Ollie and baby Gwen went out for afternoon at Tom Halls. Tom and Ron played Alan and me. Ron and I had supper with Ern and Lucy and Arthur.


Tues. 10th May.

I started to erect guard around currajong tree at top gate of house garden.

Annual Church of England Ball in Quirindi pavillion. I took Alma Avard to the ball. Travelled up with Arthur and Madge. Very good turn out. Number of Debs presented.


Tues. 17th May.

New maid arrived by Glen Innes mail at 1am from Tyringham. Rill Walker her name.

Alan, Ron and I drove out to "Yarran" and collected old burrs in the gullies in farm paddock. Put them in the truck and burnt them. Leon and Florrie came up for evening.


Fri. 27th May.

More rain fell last night making total of 152 point. Load of 22 bags of corn arrived at "Levondale". Howard took it out from Rountrees. Alan and I fed "Levondale" and "Booral". Alan, Ron and I joined Vic and Jack and uncle Ivan in a kangaroo shoot. Jack got 5, Alan one.


Sat. 28th May.

Dad and I drove out and we fed "Levondale" and "Booral" ewes. Nice sheep pick coming. Afternoon I drove to uncle Harolds. Arthur pulled down engine of his T model ford. Put 2 new rings in each cylinder. Stayed for tea.


Sun. 29th May.

Vic and Jack came up here this morning on Motorbike. Cyril came down and we played two sets of tennis before dinner. They all had dinner with us. Ron and Dette came over and we played tennis the rest of the afternoon. I wrote letter to Bess.


Fri. 3rd June.

Alan, Ron and I went in to Willow Tree, and with Len, uncle Harold, Vic and Jack, we commenced fencing around auntie Ems cottage. Erected 4 corner posts and 15 other posts at back and side. Vic and I setting and ramming, Others digging holes. Lem trimming posts, Harold boring. Mum, Dette, auntie Vi and Rill in and helped with meals.


Sat. 11th June.

Ron took our 750 "Levondale" and "Booral" ewes to Randville Schofields paddock at foot of Tollbar. Rent of £4 per week. Vic and Jack came up here for tea. Ping pong match here verses Avards team. We won 15 sets to 11. Alma, Charlie, Frank, and Alan Avard here.


Mon. 13th June.

Orman from Werris Creek brought a demonstration wireless set out and installed. "Airzone" through Bolands. I drove to Willow Tree and played tennis with Alma, Charlie, Frank and Alan Avard and Bob and Mrs Walker, Greg Boland. I then went to the dance at Warrah Hall.


Sat. 18th June.

Dad, Alan and I finished all but 2 rails of sheep yards at shearing shed. Erected about 14 pine poles today.

Marie, Bill and Jim Meredith came up for evening and listened in to our wireless.

Received letter from Bess.


Tues. 21st June.

Dad and Mum left here for Moree at 7.20am. They also took Bill Meredith. They are going to try the Moree Bore Baths. Going for two weeks. They are staying at the Victoria hotel, east Moree.

Ron and I started fitting 4" by 4" inch pine rails at front of "Boolawa" garden fence.

Ron, Dette and I went to Highland Ball in Willow Tree.


Sun. 26th June.

Willow Tree district championships commenced. Edna and I beat Miss McCleod and Greg Boland 6-4, 6-2. Edna and I beat Dette and Bud Rose 6-2, 6-4. Joyce and Earl Hall beat Edna and me 2-6, 6-3, 6-4. 1st round, Joyce and Earl beat Dette and Ron 3-6, 6-2, 6-4.


Sun. 3rd July.

Alan and I played in Gents doubles in Willow Tree championships. We were beaten 12-10, 6-1 by Greg Boland and H Roy in first round. Dette and Edna Boland beat Joyce Hall and Mrs H Sevil 6-3, 6-3. Earl Hall and Mr Jepson beat Greg Boland and Roy.


Thur. 7th July.

Euchre Party and dance at uncle Harolds in aid of Arthur, who is "Popular Man Candidate" for C.of E. popular man contest. 8 tables of euchre. A few dances on veranda. I played some on accordian. Phonograph music for a number of dances. £6 cleared for the night.

Phone call from Dad saying they wouldn't be home until Tuesday.

Harry Green won £6,000 in golden casket lottery.


Sun. 10th July.

Alan, Rill and I went to church in morning.

Cyril Barwick played Jack Dight in final of Willow Tree mens singles, but Dight won in 2 sets. I wrote letter to Bess.


Thur. 21st July.

I did my first skating on a big floor! Ron and I drove to Quirindi to fetch the ford ten from Bousteads. I stayed up for skating at the Royal Lecture Theatre. Big crowd. In aid of Jack Cullen. Popular man candidate. Uncle Harold, auntie Vi and Arthur took Sheila to Newcastle for operation. [Sheila was operated on for apendicitis]


Sat. 30th July.

American style ping pong tournament held here in aid of Arthur, who is popular man candidate. 26 people played ping pong. Alma Avard won ladies prize. Cyril Barwick won gents.

Dad bought 3 young milking cows at Bill Smiths sale. One at £9. One at £8''10. Cow and calf at £6.


Fri. 5th Aug.

250 lambs marked in "Yarran" plain paddock. Dad, Alan and Ron drove over and marked the lambs. I rode and took over 21 cattle and two steers to "Yarran".


Mon. 8th Aug.

Frightfully cold day. Snow!. 107 points rain today and last night. Total fall 203 points. Alan and I sawed up some firewood. Cyril came down after tea for game of ping pong.

Mum fired Rill Walker. She took a job at "Towarri". She had been here 3 months.

[I'm pretty glad about Rill getting fired! Gloryna arrives soon!]


Sun. 14th Aug.

Mum, Alan and I went to church this morning. Dad, Ron and Jack drove out to "Yarran" and found 4 ewes dead from clover.

Meredith family up here. Marie, Jim and Bill playing tennis. Mrs Meredith had supper here. Alan and I had supper at uncle Ivans. Betty home from Armidale.


Sat. 20th Aug.

Party held at Frank Doyles in aid of Arthurs candidature for popular man. About £9 taken at the door at 1/6 per head. Ping pong, 500 and dancing. Cyril won gents ping pong. Amy Sevil won ladies.


Wed. 24th Aug.

Max Saunders delivered the 268 ironbark posts to "Booral" for renovating fences. He also took 700 steel posts to "Belmont". Received letter from Bess.


[Edgars diarys are full of test cricket info. Have been from 1925! Scores, runs, wickets, etc. I haven't really put any of it in. This is just an example.]


England won 5th test in England by an innings and 579 runs! England 903, a record! Australia 201 first innings, 123 second innings. Bradman and Fingleton did not bat. Both hurt. Hutton for England made 364. World record beating Bradmans 334 in previous test.

Fri. 2nd Sept.

Commenced spring shearing. Ron and I shore 50 X-bred ewes. Some of the 140 we bought off Wal Porter. We marked 256 lambs. Lucas came up and spent part of the afternoon in our shed.


Sun. 4th Sept.

Alan, Ron, Dette and I drove out to Tom Halls for afternoons tennis. Played 7 sets.


Tues. 6th Sept.

Car trip to Merriwa via Millers Creek road. The five of us drove to Merriwa. Mr Hackett took us 10 miles out to inspect ewes and lambs. We did no deal. We came back by Bunnan. Saw uncle Arthur, and auntie Alice. Enid and 2 kiddies. Ollie and little boys.


Fri. 9th Sept.

Sent wireless Battery to Quirindi for a re-charge. Three weeks since I got it. Ron and I shore 35 leicester rams this morning. Alan and I drove to "Retreat" and saw Viv and Ern shearing uncle Harolds sheep. Wrote letter to Bess.


Sat. 10th Sept.

The new maid, Nita Sattler arrived from Lakembla. Nita is 27 years old.

Mrs Giovanelli. Daughter Gwen and grand daughter Judith came from Sydney for holiday with Ron and Dette. I ploughed new orchard.



Sat. 17th Sept.

"Old World Fair" in M.U. Hall Quirindi. Popular man competition finalised. Tim Gardner won with 27,000 votes. Jack Cullen 22,000. Arthur third with 19,200. Fair finished at 10.30pm.


Sun. 18th Sept.

Gwen Giovanelli left for Sydney by early train, after a week with Ron and Dette. I had game of cricket at Warrah. First game of season.

Wrote letter to Bess.


Fri. 23rd Sept.

Tom Hall sent 24 weaners to "Yarran" farm paddock.

We finished our spring shearing. Shore 55 X-bred ewes today. total 313 for "Boolawa". Beresford around here demonstrating washing machine.


Sat. 24th Sept.

Childrens Athletic Sports on Willow Tree sports ground. Great crowd and a big day for the children. Warrah Creek school was runner up for the shield with 65 points. Dell Fitz and Pam Barwick tied for best girl athlete. All of us and Mrs Giovanelli and Judith went in.


Mon. 26th Sept.

Dad and Ron brought 8 leicester rams in from "Windy Station" in the utility. Price, 5 guinees per head.

Situation very serious in Europe. Germany threatens war on Czechoslovakia. Mr Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Britain had talks with Herr Hitler.


Sat. 1st Oct.

Peace terms made at four power conference between Britain, France, Germany and Italy!

Gloryne Ferris arrived from Bundarra as companion help.

Dad and I cleaned 73 ewes in "Levondale" plain paddock. Ron brought our 450 new X-bred ewes from Willow Tree tgo "Belmont". Letter from Bess.  

[To continue Edgars diarys into 1939 and onwards, go to "Edgars diary 1938-41" in stories section]

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