The Diary of Edgar Barwick

1943 to 1946.


By Geoff Barwick

Some of the places and families mentioned throughout,....


The properties owned and run by Edgar, his father and mother Ernest and Susan, and his two brothers, Alan and Ron, were,


"Quondah". Dry Creek.  Earnest and Susans home. Farm 11 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Boolawa". Dry Creek. Where Ron and Dette ended up living. Now also called "Quondah" owned by Neville and Chris Moxem. Farm 12 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Belmont". On swinging Ridges road. Now called "Nioka" and owned by the Gillett family. Farm 8 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Yarran". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1935. Farm 37 of the 1935 subdivision.

"Yarrabah". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1938. Farm 14 of the 1914 subdivision.





[1943 was a reasonable year for rain. 23 inches fell and was evenly spaced through the year.]


Fri. 1st Jan.

At "Strathmore", Bundarra.

Pop, Nanna, Joy, Marie, Glor, Neil and I drove up George's Creek to Elwin and Vera's place, "Belview Hill". Had dinner and supper there. Looked over their garden. Rode with Elvin all over their 140 acre property to top of Billys Hill. Great view.

Received letters from Alan and Gnr Arthur. Audrey is now wearing Arthurs engagement ring!


Mon. 4th Jan.

220 points rain here since Saturday afternoon. Pop and I played euchre nearly all morning. Pop and I rode down to the farm and marked lambs. Mustered river paddock. Sheep look extra well. Gwydir River has a half a flood in it.


Tues. 5th Jan.

Pop and I got up early and helped Leo Mac and Gordon Robinson dip 300 ewes and 200 lambs. I rode with Leo up to their other property "Elerslie". Mustered 1000 acre paddock and brought 485 ewes and 250 lambs over to dip.

Glor and I wrote letters to Mum and Dad.


Fri. 8th Jan.

Marie very sick all day. I went over to McHughs. Had dinner there. Did a bit of ploughing for Leo round the pumpkins. Helped him plough between the corn. Back to "Strathmore"  and played with Neil.


Sat. 9th Jan.

Packed the ports and into Bundarra with Pop, Glor and Joy. Left kids with Nanna. Went in Hongs car to Armidale. Tea with auntie Holly. Glen Innes mail at 7.30pm. Home at Willow Tree. Dad met me when I got there at 12.40am.


Sat. 16th Jan.

Another beaut letter from my sweetheart. Glor and Neil are both a bit better.

I went to the Warrah Red Cross Sports. Good day. £190 taken. Alan, Luke and I looked after drinks. 22 doz soda. Bill perkins beat Ron in ugly mug competion. Dance at night in Willow Tree.


Sun. 17th Jan.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. Ron and I went in the sulky. Had test by Mr Penguilly. Rifle, judging distance, grenade throwing etc.


Fri. 22nd Jan.

Stayed another night at "Quondah". Showers fell nearly all day. Heavy storm between 1 and 2pm. 140 points altogether today.

Received telegram from Glor to say that she and Neil are leaving Bundarra today for home. Afternoon I packed up and went home to "Yarrabah". Gave the house a good sweep out and made up the bed. Met the Glen Innes mail at 12.40am. Brought Glor and Neil home.


Tues. 26th Jan.

Received interesting book from Bervie for Xmas. "Soldiering On".

Glor and I had an early breakfast. Took our 112 lambs in from Pinnacle reserve to trucking yards. Dinner at Toll Bar. In to trucking yards at 5pm. Started home at 6pm. Home at 8.30pm.


Wed. 27th Jan.

Bill Callaghan came out and fixed "Yarran" Jack Sparrow mill. Put in new pump leathers. 3 in pump. Bore 79 feet deep. Pipe one foot from bottom. Also pulled up piping of "Yarrabah" big mill. Pump leathers worn out. Three and half inch pump.


Sun. 31st Jan.

V.D.C. Parade today. I took heap in the truck. Got petrol tickets for 2 gallons petrol from the military. Home after dinner.


Thur 4th Feb.

10 points rain overnight. Nice steady rain again this afternoon. 35 points but finished about 5.30pm.

Barney and Bernie Perkins drafted off the 85 ewes from farm paddock. I took the 80 old X-bred ewes and joined 333 more of ours at Warrah creek. I mustered "Yarrabah" sheep to yards.

Dad, Mum, Ron, Dette, Uncle George, Aunt Tillie, Lucas, and Sheila went by train to Terrigal for a fortnight to stay in the cottage.


Sun. 7th Feb.

V.D.C company parade at Goonoo Goonoo. 11 of our men went up. Ern, Ted Ham, Bill Callaghan, Sam and I went up with George Copeland. Had some battle drill.


Tues. 9th Feb.

Letters from Dad and Ron written at Terrigal. Ron sent plan of their cottage "Marina". About 10 rooms and large hall and verandas. 2 ice chests, electricity, telephone and sewerage.

Glor did the washing and ironing today. I chopped fire wood before dinner. Watered the tomatos, beans and 4 grape vines. We're getting scores of tomatos now and having great feeds of beautiful peaches from our Elberta.


Thur. 11th Feb.

We are staying at "Quondah" while all the family and Ron and Dette are away at Terrigal. Picked some peaches and helped Glor cut up 12 lb for jam. Too hot to do much today.

Ern and Lucy brought up 200 X-bred ewes to dip this afternoon. Glor came up and helped us. Then Vic, Sylvia, and Marjorie came along. Lucy got bucket of peaches for eating and for preserving.


Sun. 14th Feb.

Half day V.D.C Parade at Warrah. Harvest festival at Warrah Creek hall. £6-16-6 taken for produce. We went up to "Cedar vale"  for tea and a swim. Took Dot and the children.


Thur. 18th Feb.

Dad, Mum, Alan, Ron and Dette returned home by Brisbane mail from fortnight at Terrigal. Glor, Neil and I met them in Dads car. They had about 9 suitcases. We spent the day getting things ship shape for the families return. 

Neil, February 1943.

Sun. 28th Feb.

V.D.C. Parade at Tamworth. Inspected by Brig England. Our company did some field work. Attack and defence. To Goonoo Goonoo with George Copeland. From there on big truck at a hell of a pace!


Fri. 5th March.

Big Japanese convoy smashed north of New Guinea. 10 battleships and 12 transports sunk. 55 planes destroyed. 15,000 japs killed.

Yesterday Glor had a phone call from Bervie. He rang from somewhere, probably Maclean where Nell Gay is teaching. Said he is coming to see us in about a fortnight.

Erected wires and netting on dividing fence of my new sheepyard. Glore tied nearly all the netting on the fence. Very hot.


Mon. 8th March.

Autumn shearing commenced. We packed up everything and Glor, Neil and I moved to "Quondah" for the shearing. Alan and I started shearing after dinner. We shore 77 ewes from "Yarrabah". Vic is helping Dad with the shed work.


Sun. 14th March.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. I went down with Luke and Ern. Johnny Mills gave us a lecture on patrols. Glor drove Mum and all the "Towarri" lot to church.


Fri. 19th March.

Full day shearing. Alan and I shore 160 X-bred ewes today. We shore 91 before dinner. Engine had to be cleaned and we lost half hour in the afternoon.


Sat. 20th March.

Bervie came to spend a few days with us at "Quondah". Glor, Neil and I drove to Willow Tree and got Bervie, who came on the flier at 1pm. Saw all his souvenirs and heard about a lot of his experiences in El-Alamein, Palestine and Syria.


Tues. 23rd March.

We took Bervie in to catch the Armidale flier to Maitland. He is on his way to see his Nellie at Maclean. Bert still has 8 days leave. Glor, Neil and I had part of afternoon at auntie Ems. I changed spare wheel of 'Betsy' onto rear back wheel. Changed the oil.


Thur. 25th March.

Gnr A.C.B. [Arthur Barwick] was home on leave for one day. He and uncle Harold came up to the shearing shed.

Alan and I shore 153 ewes today. We cut out mob from "Yarran" plain paddock. Did 41 ewes from back paddock. Ron mustered mountain paddock.


Fri. 26th March.

We shore 125 X-bred ewes. Total of 1746 ewes shorn. Dad and Vic pressed up most of the wool. Ron, Dette, Cyril and May [Ashford] drove to "Yarrabah" and brought over 600 odd ewes.

Heavy storms. 90 points at "Quondah", and two inches at Harolds. Not a drop at "Yarrabah".


Sun. 28th March.

Parade at Tamworth. All day shoot on rifle range. We all had 20 rounds and 5 applications. 5 groupings. 10 rapid. We drove up with George Copeland in the Warrah truck. 

Thur. 1st April.

We finished the autumn shearing. Alan and I shore 165 ewes making total of 2,356. and making 68 bales of wool. Vic had 15 days in shed at £1 per day.


Sat. 3rd April.

I bought chestnut horse, 7 years old, from Bruce Martin at £9 in Willow Tree yards.

Glor, Neil and I had afternoon in Willow tree with rest of the family. Bazaar in aid of C.W.A. Tea at Halls. Glor and I stayed on for the dance. Presentation to Edna Boland. She is leaving to marry Hilton Ashford. Audrey and Verna were in with Harold.


Mon. 5th April.

52 points rain last night. Light rain fell again all day. Another 13 points.

Wrote letter to Pte C.L.G.B. Sent Cyril 2 snaps. One of Neil and on of group of us at "Cedar Vale " swimming hole.


Thur. 8th April.

Alan and I picked up 149 rabbits from 1,500 thistle root baits. We put out 1,000 more baits up big gully and over 2nd camp and above camp in back paddock. I rode my new horse 'Dannyboy'.

Glor, Neil and Mum had afternoon with Beryle Meredith.


Thur. 15th April.

225 points rain has fallen at "Yarrabah" since 5th April.

Bervie has moved from Sydney to battle station at Atherton near Cairns.

I put an old shoe on 'Snips' off front foot. Mustered my paddock into "Yarrabah" yards. Picked out 3 killers. Rode out to Bob Shooberts and brought in cow and heifer that we bought off Jim Mitchell. We start to milk the new jersey cow without a calf. Killed a lamb for rations.

Our autumn wool appraised by Goldsbough Mort. 7AAE @ 14 and half. 5-AE @ 15 and half. 14 BXBE 12 and half.


Sat. 1st May.

Renee, Milton and baby John had the day with us while Wallace went to Quirindi. Neil had a great day playing with Milton. They get on well together.

I swung the iron gate near garden fence and erected new post.


Sun. 2nd May.

Parade at Warrah. I took Sam to Hulls. Stan took us rest of the way. leiu Penguilly gave us instruction on patroling.

Arthur and Audrey came over for supper. Stayed until 11.30pm.


Fri. 7th May.

Helped Alex Symonds and Col Chad load a cultivator onto Saunders lorry. I partly built a small gate for my sheep yards. Used nearly all old battons and bolts out of worn out gates.

The Allied forces captured Tunis and Bizerta in Tunisia. Now have the Germans nearly exterminated in N Africa.


Sun. 9th May.

Parade at Warrah. I won shoot on rifle range. Got score of 195 out of 200 with .22 rifle on 30 yd range. Had 30 rounds application and got 30 bulls, 10 grouping.


Sat. 15th May.

Big rodeo in Willow Tree in aid of Patriotic funds. Glor, Neil and I went in. Glor took in 15/- from selling home made sweets. Alan and I had the soft drink stand. Finished at 2pm. Helped Ron Sevil with chocolate wheel until after dark.


Tues. 18th May.

Glor, Neil and I drove into Macs. Went with Dad, Mum, Dette and Alan to Quirindi. Did shopping before the ration coupons ran out. Purchased shirt at 14/11.


Fri. 21st May.

Took the Jersey heifer that we were milking without a calf over to Warrah. Ron is to pick her up. Milked the new heifer first time. She gave a gallon of milk. Turned our big mill off. Glor washed up my clothes ready for V.D.C. training school.


Sat. 22nd May.

Alan and I arrived at Tamworth and went out to K block. A number of other students with Alan and I went in bus from railway station to the camp. Filled our paliasses [I think a paliasses might be an army bed?] and had tea.


Sun. 23rd May.

At V.D.C. school. 14 of us in one hut. 4 leiuts in officers mess. Had until midday learning to fix up gear.


Mon. 24th May.

First day of instruction at V.D.C. school in Tamworth, block K. Fell in on parade ground at 0830 hours, Addressed by the C.I. and shown how to fall in. I am taking course in fieldcraft and sect leading. Alan is taking weapon training and demolition. Had 7 lectures today and 2 hours study after mess.


Tues. 25th May.

We had six lessons today in field craft. Sect loading and map reading. Writting like the devil all day in the note book and getting pretty confused about all the different subjects. Short lecture and questions after tea.


Wed. 26th May.

six more lessons on fieldcraft. S.L. and M.R. things are starting to sort themselves out. Each day one of us students has to take job of duty number and has to march our squad everywhere that we go. No lecture tonight that we go to. Alan, Bob Lakey and I went to pictures in tamworth.


Sat. 29th May.

Short day today. Only four lectures, but three sessions on scout training. Free night! All the students and most of the lecturers went per bus to Tamworth after tea. Alan and I went to the pictures. Saw "The trial of Mary Dugar".

[Edgar spent the next week at V.D.C. training with Alan. Lectures, training, instruction, etc, it just went on and on. ]


Sat. 5th June.

Last day at V.D.C. training school. "K" Block Tamworth, Up at 6.30am. Had a shave. Folded up blankets and emptied paliasses before breakfast. After breakfast we passed in gear to Q.M. store. Finished packing ports and we were interviewed one at a time by C.I. At 9.40am bus took us home to my beautiful Glor and Neil! What a welcome! It's wonderful to be home again!


Sun 6th June.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. I went in with Sam Saunders. Only 12 on parade including leiu Copeland. Ron, Ern and Luke gave lectures on subjects that they learnt last weekend at tamworth. I endeavoured to instruct on section formations.


Tues. 15th June.

I chopped heap of firewood out in the house paddock.

Drove 'Betsy' in to Willow Tree. Picked up Alan, Ron, Luke and Eric at Macs. We caught Tamworth passenger to Werris Creek. V,D,C, Parade from 7pm until 11pm. Instruction on L.M.G.G. and fieldcraft. Caught Glen Innes mail to Willow Tree and home at 1.30am.


Tues. 22nd June.

I rode in to Warrah for V.D.C. Parade. Mobile instructional unit were coming to give us instruction but broke down. Ron Lectured us on cover from fire and a view. Had a demonstration. I gave the squad a run through rifle drill.


Wed. 23rd June.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah from 10am till 10pm. The mobile unit are instructing us. Leui Trentie and sargent majors Clout and Harris are instructors. Had a bit of elementary drill and instruction on parade ground. Instruction on fall on parade ground. Instructed on .303 rifle and L.M.G.G. and loading and firing of spandau. Terribly cold day. Snow in parts of the region.


Thur. 24th June.

Instruction by mobile unit at Warrah. Instructed today on hand grenades. Throwing hand granades. I threw a live one up on our rifle range. Instructed on Owen gun. All went up to rifle range but Spandau developed stoppage and didn't fire. Lecture on section formations.

Glor, Neil, Joy, Marie and I spent the evening at Chads.


Fri. 25th June.

Had all the morning shooting with the L.M.G.G. Spandau. Had 20 rounds each. Shooting at 200 yards. Also saw Sgt Major Harris and Sgt Major Clout fire a few shots out of the medium Spandau. Leui Trentie gave us some fieldcraft during afternoon.

Heavy frost this morning.


Tues. 29th June.

Edna Ashford passed away last night with pneumonia.

[Wow! Edna Ashford nee Boland, was only 35! She was only married a few months ago!]

Charlie Ashford took his 49 cows from out here out to "Levondale" plain paddock. Glor, Joyce, Marie, Neil and I went over to "Cedarvale" for the day. Cyril Barwick is home for a while on leave from Darwin.

Cyril , Vic, Eric and I went for a shot of a few rabbits after dinner.


Wed. 30th June.

Funeral of Edna Ashford, nee Boland in Willow Tree cemetary at 9am. Very big funeral. 52 cars.

Neil and Marie Bridge. "Yarrabah"
Neil and Edgar. "Yarrabah".

Sat. 3rd July.

Annual Red Cross Sports at Warrah Creek in aid of Willow Tree Branch. We drove over taking Joyce and Marie. Glor helped in the baby stall. They cleared £32. Jumble stall made £43, run by aunties Vi and Lu. I helped run the chocolate wheel which made £20-18. Total cleared for the day £171-15. Horse sports during afternoon. Audrey, Esme and Verna and Noel Ashford were all riding in events.


Sun. 4th July.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. Platoon and rifle drill during morning. I gave men section formation. Recc Parol of section. I acted as section leader.


Sat. 10th July.

I picked up George Copeland and Ron and drove in Warrah Station truck to Tamworth to weekend parade. About 38 N.C.O.s at K block for instruction. Afternoon we had lesson on infiltration. At night had a section stalk.


Sun. 11th July.

Weekend at K Block. Lessons were 1. Advance to objective and continue the intention. 2. Attack! moving behind a barrage. 3. Assault! mopping up. Consolidation.


Thur. 15th July.

Alan signed transfer of "Levondale" to Hunter Ham.

Chopped up some apple tree wood. Cut the limbs off the big tree down the flat and stacked big limbs together to burn up. Got 30/- for 33 rabbit skins.


Sun. 18th July.

13 men on parade at Warrah. Stan Hull picked me up at his place. Leiu Copeland, Ron and I gave instruction on fieldcraft. Demonstrations on infiltration. Attack against organised resistance.


Sat. 24th July.

Went to Tamworth to another weekend parade. Ron and I went with Ranville and the rest of the Werris Creek lot. Capt O'Connel our new G.I. gave us our instruction over the weekend. Instructed on clearing a village, clearing a wood, occupying defensive position.


Sun. 25th July.

Street and village fighting this morning. Arvo we had occupying defensive position. To Quirindi with Ranville, to "Quondah" with Alan and Ron.


Fri. 30th July.

I walked right round "Yarran" this morning shooting rabbits with the dogs. Shifted 14 rams from "Yarrabah" to "Yarran".

Dance at Jacks Creek Hall in aid of hall funds. Glor and I helped Dorrie Barwick play the music for the dance. Glor cut mine and Neils hair.


Sun. 1st Aug.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. Sam took me in. I lectured on occupying defence position. Visit from Capt Bennett and Costello.


Fri. 6th Aug.

The three of us drove out to "Booral" for full days woodcutting. Glor and I sawed numerous trees and got together  5 truck loads of firewood. Brought in a load in 'Betsy'. Reckon we have about 12 ton ready for Max Saunders to saw up.


Sun. 15th Aug.

I took Sam Saunders and Stan Hull to parade at Warrah. Capt Neills instructing us on fieldcraft. Ron gave lesson on 'fire control orders'. Luke gave 'accuracy of aiming'. I was section leader in 'Attack against Isolated Resistance'.


Wed. 18th Aug.

I wrote letter to Gnr Arthur up Darwin way.

We marked 405 "Quondah" lambs. Glor and Neil went over with me to Warrah. They spent the day with Florrie Saunders. Alan and Ron mustered part of "Quondah" to the yards up the creek and we marked them before dinner. Marked the rest down at the shearing shed.


Mon. 23rd Aug.

Lucy and Ern have an adopted baby girl about a month old.

Mums 69th Birthday. Dad and Mum are both staying with us for a few days. Alan, Ron and Dette came out for supper to celebrate Mums birthday. Had a great spread for tea.

Col Logan took Dad, Ron and I out to "Valais" to inspect 900 young X-bred ewes owned by Fred Moses. We didn't buy.


Fri. 27th Aug.

I took 'Betsy' in to Uptons garage to have her tuned up. Ted cleaned the carby and distributor and put in new plugs. He also checked and added oil to gearbox, steering and diff. Betsy running much better. We got the old "Quondah" separator.


Sun. 29th Aug.

Sam Saunders took me to parade at Warrah. We were issued with new .310 rifles. Took .22 rifles back. Had shoot on our range. 10 rounds at 100 yards and 10 rounds at 200 yards.

Neils third birthday. Glor and I gave him a little tricycle. We went over to "Quondah". Had supper. Dad gave him a picture book. Mum gave him some money. Alan some shoes. Ron and Dette gave him a 'War saving certificate'.

Neil, "Yarrabah".
Neil and "Rover". 29th August 1943.

Tues. 31st Aug.

Max Saunders had day with tractor and circular saw out at "Booral". He sawed up heaps of wood for us. Nearly finished the stacks that Glor and I got ready. Alan, Ron and I helped Max on the saw. Glor and Neil came out and brought our dinner. Took trucks home at night with loads of wood.


Wed. 1st Sept.

Another big day sawing up wood for "Yarrabah". Glor and I took Max Saunders out to "Booral" and we started at 8.45am. Glor helped on the saw bench. We finished sawing up all the wood we had ready. Jack Dellar came out in lorry, and he and Ron took 3 loads of wood to home.


Tues. 7th Sept.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. The mobile training unit came for two days instruction. 12 of us turned up. Had most of the day on battle drill. Had a couple of sessions on 36M grenades. Stayed for tea and received instruction on fixing bayonets and session on prismatic compass.


Wed. 8th Sept.

30 points rain overnight. 52 points during day. To Warrah for more instruction from M.T.U. All instruction indoors today. Had couple of sessions on the Hotchkiss and couple on prismatic compass reading.


Thur. 16th Sept.

Shifted all our stuff to "Quondah" to live for a while yesterday.

Commenced spring shearing. Ron and I shore 126 X-bred ewes today. Started at 9am. Ewes are terribly poor and sticky all over. "Quondah" ewes. Neil spent most of the day with us at the shed. Glor brought tea up.


Wed. 22nd Sept.

Leon Saunders and I shore full 8 hours. We shore 242 X-bred ewes. Leon did 141! I did 101 and only second time I've shorn 100 in a day!


Sat. 25th Sept.

We shore only 38 this morning.

In afternoon, Dad, Mum, Alan, Ron, Dette and I drove to Schofields paddock for "Warrah Subdivision Red Cross Sports". Big crowd and takings about £220. Glor and Neil drove over home and took Lucy Brecht and her baby Janet. Terribly dry over there.


Sun. 26th Sept.

V.D.C Parade at Warrah. I went down with Lucas. We practiced the battle drill nearly all day. We got issued with 3 gallons military petrol, plus box of cartridges.


Tues. 28th Sept.

Finished spring shearing. Ron and I shore just 28 ewes this morning and finished the last of the shearing.

Glor, Neil and Mum drove round to see Addie and baby Jean. Glor, Neil, Alan and I spent evening with Jim and Beryle Meredith, and Lionel and Carmel Kiernan.


Thur. 7th Oct.

Glor is working flat out today cooking for our days sports and the dance at night on Saturday. Neil and I took down some posts for the grounds. I built a pen to hold the big X-bred weather that we are raffling. I killed a lamb for rations.


Fri. 8th Oct.

Gus, Ken and Ron Sevil came in here to help erect luncheon booth for our sports tomorrow. Alan and Ron also came over. Started at 10am and erected 6 posts and framework out of old pine poles and inch piping. Weather very unsettled looking. Max Saunders lorry brought 20 doz bottles of soft drink and 44 loaves of bread and slicer.


Sat. 9th Oct.

Red Cross sports at "Yarrabah" in aid of Neil and Ellen Sevil in the "Popular Baby Competion". Great crowd of people and horses. Ron had charge of horse events. Mr Guy Haydon judge. Dance at night. Lunch, afternoon tea on the grounds. Takings for day £96. Audrey, Esme and Noel came yesterday and stayed with us and competed.


Sat. 16th Oct.

I joined Sam Saunders and we went with George Copeland in Warrah Station truck to Goonoo Goonoo for the weekend parade. 8 men from our platoon. Had drill in battle drill all the afternoon. After tea we had a night exercise. Infiltration and stalking, lights, lantern. Plenty of tucker and a wet canteen.


Sun. 17th Oct.

Up at 6am. Drill before breakfast. All morning on rifles, loading and firing etc. Afternoon our section put battle drill into field work. Vic Hayman section leader. Home 7.30pm.


Sat. 23rd Oct.

Tennis tourney and dance at Jacks Creek in aid of Warrah Creek Red Cross. Good role up, 22 players. Afternoon tea and 6 o'clock tea served. Tennis spoiled with 24 points in a storm. We went to the dance for a while. £14-7 taken for the day. I helped Col Chad and Phil Doyle mark courts.


Thur. 28th Oct.

Bought a chestnut mare for £13 from Bert Pinkerton. Sold old 'Snip' to Bert Pinkerton for £6. I rode to "Levondale" and mustered both paddocks. Dad and Alan drove out and we cleaned up a few flyblown ewes and lambs. Pinkerton boys shifted their 25 head of cattle from "Levondale" plain paddock.


Sat. 30th Oct.

Big days horse sports at Warrah Creek recreation ground in aid of Frankham baby. Glor helped in luncheon booth. I had charge of chocolate wheel. Charlie Green and I made £21-14 during afternoon. Great crowd at dance. Mrs Frankham played music. Glor and I played a few extras. About £104 taken for the day clear. The Ashford girls and Noel here for the day and night.


Sat. 6th Nov.

Red Cross Tennis tourney at Jacks Creek. 27 players. Afternoon tea and late dinner served. Two raffles. Dance and cards at night. Esme Ashford and Jack Sevil won tennis. Miss Birkett played most of the music. Glor, Alan and I played music for 5 dances. £25 taken for the whole show.


Mon. 8th Nov.

I caught my new chestnut mare after long chase. Mustered "Yarran" farm and plain paddocks. Dad, Alan and Ron rode came out and we drafted off 330 suckers for trucking. Lambs very nice but with burrs. I took the suckers into Pinnacle reserve. 4 lambs got the staggers and we left them in "Yarran".

Neil got very sick with gastric trouble early this morning.


Wed. 10th Nov.

We shifted all our ewes from "Levondale" and gave over the place to Dave Ham. Dad Ron and I brought in 707 ewes and 900 lambs from "Levondale" to "Yarran". Also brought our goods and chattels from the "Levondale" house.


Thur. 11th Nov.

Hams moved their ewes and lambs to "Levondale".

330 x-bred sucker lambs averaged 23/8.

I rode my new mare 'Fay' and took our 707 x-bred ewes and their 900 lambs from "Yarran" to recreation reserve. Ron took sheep rest of the way to "Quondah".

Hector and Dorrie have a baby daughter!


Sat. 13th Nov.

Days horse sports at "Warrah Station" in aid of baby Copeland in "Popular baby competition". Good crowd and plenty of money taken. Glor helped with refreshment booth and got entries in ladies novelty events. I helped Ron Sevil and Renaldi on chocolate wheel. We took £15.


Mon. 15th Nov.

128 points of beautiful rain fell yesterday and last night. I planted out 16 tomato plants. 10 of them are big plants and 6 smaller. Glor, Neil and I burned some barley grass.


Fri. 19th Nov.

304 points of rain registered at "Yarrabah" up to 9am. A very heavy storm this morning and some more showers during the afternoon. Came home from "Quondah" after spending the night there. I caught 'Fay' and rode around "Yarran" boundary fixing some of the gullies along J.C. Holmes'.


Tues. 23rd Nov.

Glor, Neil and I took the 3 trucks, 360 sucker lambs from Pinnacle reserve into trucking yards. Breakfast at Pinnacle, lunch at top of Warrah straight and into the yards at 5.30pm.

Grand masquerade ball at Jacks Creek in aid of baby Sevil in "Popular baby competition". Big crowd and a lot of people.


Thur. 25th Nov.

"Yarrabah" suckers averaged 24/2 and sold by Jack Boulton and Co.

We borrowed grey pony 'Bluey' from the George Dellars for Neil to learn to ride on. Glor, Neil and I drove out to "Levondale" for the last time. Collected two bales of hay, and a small safe.


Sun. 28th Nov.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. I drove in and took Stan. Practice shoot on our range. 25 rounds with 310's


Fri. 3rd December.

Glor, Neil and I drove to Quirindi. Dr. Cooper gave Neil his second injection for whooping cough. Neil didn't cough as much today and we haven't had as much trouble at night.

I sewing bags of wheat for Ted and Hector up on Benhams place. [On "Kelverton"] I'm working for them in exchange for using their shearing shed.


Sat. 4th Dec.

I spent the day up with Ted helping him sew bags of wheat. Nearly finished all bags in Benhams paddock. Took truck up after dinner and Neil came too. Dad bought 20 bags of wheat from Ted, and Glor and I took them to the "Yarran" shack in two loads.


Wed. 8th Dec.

I mustered all of "Yarran" house paddock ready for crutching in "Kelverton" yards.

House party at "Quondah" in aid of Neil in "Popular Baby Competition". 39 adults and a lot of kids. We went over after early dinner. Cards and housie housie. I had charge of the housie. £10-14 cleared for the night. We stayed at "Quondah".


Sat. 11th Dec.

I watered all our vegetables this morning. I have 20 tomato plants, 2 rows of beans and a few lettuce plants. Planted out 24 sweet potato plants.

Afternoon Glor, Neil and I went to Jacks Creek hall and helped Mrs Birkett, the Chads, and the Saunders girls fix up stage for our concert.

Auntie Vi [Harold Barwicks wife] is dangerously ill in Quirindi hospital. She collapsed and is unconsious.


Tues. 14th Dec.

I milked Chads cows this morning to let Col get away early with lambs to truck.

Our community singing and childrens Christmas tree and concert tonight in aid of Neil in the "Popular Baby Competition". Fair crowd. £9-10 at the door. Glor sold 52 fizz caps and 14/6 worth of cakes. Extras made total takings £12-12-3. We cleared £10-16 including donations. Capt Whitaker conducted singing. Mrs Phillips and Mrs Sattler played piano and violin.


Thur. 16th Dec.

Auntie Vi passed away in Quirindi this morning. She had been unconscious since Sunday and had blood on the brain.

Did a spot of gardening this morning. Afternoon Glor, Neil and I drove to "Yarran" shack. I pulled off 50 yards of netting from the old fence.

Jacks Creek Hall committee meeting. Glor and I are on the committee now. Made arrangements for sports on 29th January.


Fri. 17th Dec.

Auntie Vi's funeral at Willow Tree cemetary at 10am.

[Auntie Vi was Viola Mercy Blanche Barwick. Harold's wife. Arthur, Sheila and Luke's Mother. She was 54 years old.]

Large following. Luke, Vic, Ron, Ern, Eric Seymour and I were pall bearers.

15 points rain during afternoon. I made 5 carriages of little wooden train for Neil. Wrote letter to Alan at V.D.C. D and M Military Camp, North ride.


Wed. 22nd Dec.

I helped Col Chad and Rafe Howard load truck with 95 bags wheat.

Helped Col sweep out the Jacks Creek Hall after last nights childrens fancy dress dance. Col's young mare bucked and threw him into the creek. I harrowed the orchard with Cecil Carters mare 'Nettle'. Started erecting netting on the flood crossing in the creek.

Gnr. Arthur Barwick arrived home for 10 days leave. Came from Darwin by plane.

[Of course Viola Barwick who was buried just 5 days earlier was Arthurs Mum. He missed the funeral being in the army]


Sat. 25th Dec.

We gave Neil a packet of coloured crayons and a book and slate and pencil, and a wooden train that I've been building. Alan, who came home from V.D.C. Camp at North Ride yesterday game Neil a box of blocks, Dad a picture book, Mum a bag of marbles. Neil was very thrilled with Sant Claus. We went over to "Quondah" for the weekend. Uncle Harold, Arthur, Luke, Sheila and Audrey came up for supper. Glor gave me a nice suitcase. I gave her a coat  and a glass salt box.




[1944 was a bit dryer than average with 22 inches falling. Jan and Feb were wet and the rest of the year was dry.]


 Tues. 4th Jan.

I drove in to Macs. Met Dad, Ron, Jack Barwick and his new girlfriend Mavis Sedgwick. All drove in 'Betsy' out to "Windy Station". Picked up 6 border leicester rams, 2 tooth. Brought 3 to "Quondah", 2 to "Yarran" and one to "Yarrabah". We had morning tea on way home.

I attended presentation to Jack Raton R.A.A.F. in our Hall.


Thur. 6th Jan.

Chopped roley poley in house paddock. Cut for two hours before dinner and about 3 hours after but didn't make much impression on the pest! Heat wave conditions prevailing! I take Glor a cup of tea in every morning. Glor has not been feeling the best lately and sick after meals. It might be to do with we are 6 weeks advanced towards a little increase in the family.


Tues. 11th Jan.

37 points rain yesterday. I rode over to Warrah Creek reserve and brought over 620 ewes and lambs and 16 rams to "Yarran" plain paddock. Heavy storms during afternoon and creek came down. Yarded "Yarrabah" ewes and 11 rams for the night.


Sat. 15th Jan.

Weekend Parade at Tamworth. K block. I went up with George Copeland, Ron, Luke, and Vic Heyman. Fell in at 4pm. Instruction on loading and unloading .303. Application of targets. After tea we had instruction on sentry duty. George Copeland took Viv Heyman, Ron and I into the pictures.

Glor and Neil went to "Quondah" for the weekend.


 Sun. 16th Feb.

K Block. We went with ten officers in two trucks to a place at Upper Moore Creek. 10 rounds firing from the hip. Divided into 3 sections and put through stunts on indicating targets. All had 20 rounds. Back to "Quondah" at 10pm. Stayed the night.


Fri. 21st Jan.

Glor, Neil and I joined the rest of the family at Willow Tree. Drove to Quirindi on business at Thomas and Hagues. Trying to fix up transfer of "Belmont" to Ron, and "Quondah" to Alan.

Took Glor to Dr Cooper. She has been pregnant for about 2 months. She is very well today.

Glor helped me draft off the dirty ewes and lambs in "Yarrabah" mob. I cleaned up 74 and about 8 flyblown.


Thur. 27th Jan.

I drove to Willow Tree and got Nanna Ferris off the 12.45am Glen Innes mail. Great excitement for Neil this morning!

I cleaned up 48 ewes in "Yarrabah" mob. 4 flyblown. Fixed house paddock trough. Cut burrs in little creek paddock. Pulled barb wire off house paddock fence. Killed a lamb for rations.


Fri. 28th Jan.

Afternoon working bee down in our paddock fixing up sports ground. Charlie and Carl Mitchell, Col Chad, Hector, Teddie and Kingsley Sevil, Phil Doyle, Alex Symonds, Stan Hull and I did the work. Got poles from old Edwards scrub. We erected publicans booth, stall for soft drinks, 2 lavatories. Carted load of wood to the grounds and a load over to the hall.


Sat 29th Jan.

Big days sports on "Yarrabah" paddock in aid of Jacks Creek Hall and Patriotic funds. Erected tarpaulins and booths this morning. Horse sports commenced at 1.30pm. Ron, Charlie Mitchell and I ran horse events. Not a very big crowd. about £90 taken for the day. Dance at night.


Tues. 1st Feb.

Up at 5am. Glor, Neil, Nanna and I drove to Willow Tree. Caught Tamworth passenger at 8.56am. Ron and Dette brought Dad, Mum and Alan in. Train didn't stop at Wyong. Got off at Gosford. Caught bus to The Entrance. Arrived at "Sunbeam Cottages" at 7pm. Alan caught train back to Wyong and brought our 7 suitcases. "Sunbeam" has 2 bedrooms, combined dining room and kitchen and verandah back and front.


Wed. 2nd Feb.

All settled in today in our cottage. I got fire made in stove. Leo [McHugh] and I walked round town after a cup of tea. Alan cooked breakfast. Glor, Neil and I walked round the channel to the main street. Mum and Nanna also had a walk. Dads knee is not fit for much walking. After dinner Alan and I had a surf. Glor, Neil and Leo went down to the beach. I got 5 lbs sausages for dinner and breakfast. Game checker after tea.


[They all spent the next 13 days at "Sunbeam cottages" 3 Yamba street, The Entrance. Surfing, shopping, eating, walking, just doing the usual holiday stuff]


Tues. 15th Feb.

Last day at "Sunbeam". We packed up everything, clothes, linen etc. Alan, Leo, Glor, Neil and I went for a surf at 10am. Plenty of breakers coming in and some good shoots! All caught bus at 12 o'clock. Left The Entrance and arrived Gosford at 1pm. Caught Brisbane mail. Engine broke down at Tunnel before Willow Tree at 12 midnight. Home at 2.30am.


Fri. 25th Feb.

219 lambs sold yesterday at Felmington. 110 averaged 25/10 by Jack Bolton and Co. 109 averaged 25/1 by Goldsbough Mort.

Alan and Ron came out again burr cutting. Ron and I rode strips up and down the plain. Burrs not bad on open plain but very think on washed areas.


Sat. 26th Feb.

Big rodeo and sports in Willow Tree. Final day of "Popular Baby Competition". We made £135 for Neil. Total amount of money brought in was £1134 not including todays taking for rodeo. Baby Copeland won with £255. Glor, Nanna and Madge had our stall and cleared £13-6. I got £7-15-6 for bridle raffle.


Wed. 1st March.

Commenced burr cutting on "Yarran". Alan and Ron here for the day. We cut a lot of very big burrs down in water course and along J.C. Holmes' fence.

Jacks Creek P.and C. meeting to elect office bearers. Ted Sevil re-elected as President and Edna Saunders the secretaryship. I was elected to the chair. Glor and Mrs Chad Vice Presidents. Keith Saunders Secretary.


Mon. 6th March.

Received telegram from Bervie. He has arrived in Australia.

We got out of bed at 4am. Glor got up and made cup of tea for everyone. I drove Nanna Ferris in to catch North West mail at 5.46am. Nanna had 6 weeks here.

Alan here for burr cutting. I took 'Chatter' over for him. We finished most of the plain country and cut some of the road paddock.


Tues. 14th March.

Autumn shearing commenced. Leon is shearing for us this year. I drove over to "Quondah" for the shearing today. Eric Barwick also helping us. We shore 198 ewes today.


Wed. 15th March.

Bervie [Bert Ferris] home on leave from New Guinea and spent the day with us. I drove to Willow Tree and met the 4.40am train. Bervie told us very interesting experiences of fighting in New Guinea. Had some feeds of home grown grapes. Glor baked a leg of lamb which Bervie appeared to enjoy a lot. Alan and Ron with us for dinner. Bervie gave us some shooting out of a German Luger, .38 cartridges from Owen gun. Took Bervie in to catch the 12.49am Glen Innes express.


Sat. 18th March.

Bervie and Nell Gay married at Forbes today.

No shearing today. Alan and I rode to "Belmont" and cut burrs before dinner. I cut out big middle gully and rode some of the high country. Alan cut a lot of burrs in the benhams gully. Finished "Belmont". Ron took shorn ewes to "Yarran" and brought "Yarrabah" ewes to recreation ground.


Sun. 19th March.

V.D.C. Parade today at Warrah. I took Ern and Luke. Instruction by Sgt Clark and Sgt Major Reeves on Hotchkiss L.M.G. and Owen gun. All had a shot out of both. Our platoon issued with .303 rifles. My rifle is no. 44565.


Thur. 23rd March.

Storm yesterday. No shearing today, sheep wet. Alan and I mustered mountain paddock this morning. Found only 3 more wooly ewes.

I went to Willow Tree with Dad, Mum, Ron and Dette. Attended funeral of Jill Daley who died suddenly on Tuesday night aged just 16.


Fri. 31st March.

Finished autumn shearing. Leon and I shore 45 ewes this morning. 2818 ewes shorn. 72 bales wool in this clip. Leons cheque was £34-9-4, at £2-1-4, per hundred.

Ball in Jacks Creek hall in aid of Warrah subdivision Red Cross.


Tues. 4th April.

I had a big day among cattle. Ron and I are negotiating to buy 30 young calves at £2 per head from Mr Pennyfather. They are now running on "Yarran" plain. Also 6 more very small calves which I put in "Yarran" house paddock. Harold Gardiner took away 63 other calves. Pennyfather sold them for £3-10 per head.


Thur. 6th April.

Got a young cow 'Gypsie' and young heifer calf from Dave Grady at £12-10. Cow is two years old and very quiet and easy to milk. I took old brindle and her calf over to Warrah Creek reserve. Met Alan and he brought the new cow and calf home. Afternoon I cut late crop of burrs down water course.

Letter from Bervie. He's in hospital with malaria!


Sat. 8th April.

Bushmans carnival in Willow Tree in aid of Patriotic funds and Quirindi hospital. Very large crowd. £80 taken at the gate. £37 taken at luncheon booth. Alan and I had the soft drink stall. Alan helped me on the chocolate wheel all afternoon and £33 taken.


Sun. 9th April.

Milked cows about 8am. Storm in afternoon. Very heavy rain.

Uncle Harold took Dad, Mum, and Ron up to Tamworth to funeral of Daphne Wood, Rex Woods wife, who died yesterday. [Rex Woods mother was Grace Barwick. Ernests sister. Daphne was only 24 years old]


Fri. 14th April.

Glor, Neil and I drove to "Quondah" for more sheep dipping. We dipped a thousand odd ewes from 8.30am till 12.30pm. Had morning tea. We stayed at "Quondah" for dinner. Cold southerly wind and showers. We drove home about 3.30pm.

I made a little wind mill for Neil.


Sun. 23rd April.

Bishop Moyes preached in our church. Big congregation from here and 5 cars from Warrah. Afternoon tea at the school for all hands.


Mon. 24th April.

Frost this morning that cut our sweet potatos. Frightfully cold day with westerly winds. Up at 5am. Rode out west and met mob of "Parraweena" sheep. 760 lambs and 300 old merino ewes. Chap named Doonsey brought the mob a couple of miles from camping paddock. I met him about a miles and a half west of Thompsons gate. I brought the sheep to "Yarran" yards tonight.


Tues. 25th April.

Up again at 5am. I packed lunch, milked cow, had breakfast, got half a lamb off Col Chad and cut it up. Caught the mare and left home at 7.30am. Took Cobcroft's 1060 lambs and ewes in to trucking yards. Dinner opposite Schofields. Ern, Vic, and I helped Col Logan draft up the sheep. Rode home with Hector.


Sat. 29th April.

Red Cross Sports day on "Yarrabah" in aid of Warrah subdivision branch, Prisoner of War fund. Good attendance of horses and riders. Fair crowd of people. Glor and I had charge of soft drinks. I won £5 on spinning wheel but we put it all back. Glor, Neil and I went to the Hall for tea at 7pm.


Sun. 14th May.

Cricket match at Jacks Creek in aid of Red Cross. Old Buffers verses Young Chaps under 40. We made 135, and old Buffers 148. I top scored for the day with 50 runs. £20 made for the day.


Thur. 25th May.

I rode 'Fay' round "Yarran" this morning. Plains very muddy. Feed, clover and hebage of all kinds coming on well. Farm paddock looks very good. About 20 young lambs in plain paddock. Spent afternoon pulling up horehound weed from front garden.


Fri. 26th May.

Droving trip! I took 560 old merino ewes, lambs and hoggets from Jacks Creek to Willow Tree. Sheep belong to Chris Kenny. 30/- per day for droving. Home at 7pm.


Thur. 1st June.

Alan brought our meat over today. Big days shopping in Quirindi. Finished up all our coupons from old ration book. Got fruit and veges from markets.


Sat. 3rd June.

Annual Red Cross sports at Warrah Creek. Childrens events, stalls, publicans booth, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner. Ron Frankham, Jack Smith and I ran chocolate wheel. Made £11-13. Glor Neil and I had dinner and then went home.

New ration books issued today.


Tues. 6th June.

Allied Invasion of Europe began today. 4,000 ships took part in the landing of troops at Normandy, Northern France. Landing very successful.

Up early this morning. Glor and I had breakfast at 7am. I rode out and took the 86 head cattle down cattle lane to Round Island. Arrived 3pm. Rode home via Harrisons Plain road and then up through Morriseys and "Rathcown".


Sun. 11th June.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. Sam drove me in. Sgt Major Keevers and Sgt Clark from Tamworth instructing on Bren gun. All had about 20 rounds on the range.


Mon. 12th June.

Tennis tourney and carnival at Jacks Creek in aid of Warrah Subdivision Red Cross. Glor and I ran the tennis tourney. 8 ladies and 12 gents. Mrs Harvey Sevil won ladies and I won the gents. Great days sports. Athletics, and childrens events. Afternoon tea and dinner there.


Thur. 22nd June.

Glor made a batch of soap on Monday and we cut it into bars this morning.

I mustered up 29 more ewes with 37 lambs on "Yarrabah" and turned them on to "Yarran". Rode round all of "Yarran". Hundreds of lambs, plenty of twins. A few dead ewes. Rode with Col Chad to look at Gersey steer for killing. Glor, Neil and I set some rabbit traps.


Sat. 1st July.

Poor old Jack Daly was shot at his place yesterday morning. We attended his funeral at C. of E. cemetary at Willow Tree this afternoon at 3pm. Large funeral.

[It was Jack Daly's daughter Jill, aged just 16, who died suddenly back in March!]

We called back at "Quondah" and got a supply of fresh beef and pork.


Mon. 3rd July.

11 points more rain registered. Fined up during night. Southerly wind blowing terribly today. I cut the back off an old chair and strengthened it up for the bathroom. Emptied and cleaned out our coleman Lantern. Put a new lot of benzine in it and it seems to be burning alright now. Neil and I went out and set a heap of rabbit traps.


Tues. 11th July.

Droving today. 43 head of mixed cattle from Millers Creek reserve before breakfast. Started cattle at 6.45am. Called home for breakfast, milked the cow. Dinner at Macs. In to trucking yards at 4.30pm. Rode home with Noel Hall.


Sat. 15th July.

Junior Red Cross staged a tennis tourney and dance at Jacks Creek. Also childrens amateur hour and other items, which was very popular with the crowd. £56 made for the day and night.


Fri. 21st July.

Heavy frost this morning with plenty of ice. Did a few jobs about the house this morning. I packed a parcel for Arthur with a fruit cake and 2 packets of barley sugars. Afternoon, Neil and I drove to "Quondah" and got a supply of fresh meat from a calf they killed yesterday. Glor is not feeling well today and stayed home.


Sun. 30th July.

V.D.C. shoot on rifle range at Murrurundi. Murrurundi team won. 15 men in our team. My scores, 200 yards, 33343434. 300 yards, 50445545.


Thur. 3rd Aug.

Glor, Neil and I drove over to "Quondah" for a days wood sawing and carting. I drove Max Saunders truck up from Warrah Creek Hall. Max, Alan, and Luke worked on the saw all day. Ron and I drew in loads of wood to "Quondah" and to "Boolawa". Home for supper.


Sat. 5th Aug.

I ploughed our orchard with single furrow plough and Cecil Carters mare 'Nettle'. Glor, Neil and I drove to Quirindi this afternoon. Got 18/6 worth of fruit and vegetables. Stayed for the pictures to celebrate Glors birthday. She saw the doctor. All very good. Got Jean McHugh off the Glen Innes mail at 12.45am.


Sun. 6th Aug.

After dinner Dad and Mum brought Alf and auntie Grace Wood over to see us. Luke and Vic came over on Vics Motorbike. Stayed for supper. After supper we did some shooting out of the Austin sub-machine gun.


Wed. 9th Aug.

6 points rain last night. More light showers all day. I mustered "Yarran" ewes and lambs to the yard. Cleaned up a few ewes and lambs that were very dirty. Also yarded our 30 weaners.

Malcolm Chads birthday today. Neil went over to the party.


Fri. 18th Aug.

Posted letter to Bervie acting for him in the ballot for War Service Land Settlement blocks.

Neil and I walked down the paddock and cut some struts for fencing off orchard. Cleaned out trough in house paddock and cleaned the ball tap and fixed it.


Sun 20th Aug.

Took Glor up to Shirley Hospital this afternoon. Dad and Mum met us at Macs and took Neil and Jean McHugh up to "Quondah". I booked room at Terminus Hotel for 3 nights.


Mon. 21st Aug.

Our baby boy born at 5.45am this morning. Everything OK. I went to Shirley at 6.30am and saw Glor for a few minutes. Also saw the little fellow. Very red and squirmy! Baby has crop of long dark hair. I went up to see Glor at 10am. Again at 2pm and after tea at 7pm. Glor is feeling well and looks splendid.


Tues. 22nd Aug.

Second night at the Terminus Hotel. I went up to Shirley at 10am and saw Glor and baby boy. Both real well. Took Glor some oranges and mandarines. Sent telegram to Bervie and posted letter to Arthur. Rain set in this afternoon. Went up to see Glor at 2pm. Up again after tea and stayed till 9pm.


Wed. 23rd Aug.

Went up to see Glor at 10am. Took her apples and bananas. Registered baby, Roger, Ernest, Robert at C.P.S. office at court house. Went to the markets to get vegetables to bring home. Up to see Glor at 12.45pm and drove home in the rain. Raining all day and dry creek in flood but got over it alright. Neil very pleased to see me. Stayed the night at "Quondah".


Thur. 24th Aug.

234 points rain registered at "Yarrabah" in the last 3 days. Creeks have a bit of a flood in them. Jean, Neil and I drove home from "Quondah" after breakfast. I milked to cow. Col Chad had been very kindly milking her for me. I walked round the ewes and lambs and turned the big mill off.


Sun. 27th Aug.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. Rifle shoot and shooting with Bren gun.


Tues. 29th Aug.

Neils 4th birthday. Telegram from Nanna. We drove to Quirindi this morning to see baby Roger. It was marvellous to see my sweetheart Glor again. Arrived at 10.40am. Did some shopping. Up at 11.15am to Shirley and gave Glor a surprise. Little Roger is lovely now and he has filled out and has lovely fair skin. Back up again after dinner and had Neils Birthday cake and party. Neil got two picture books, crayons, whip, slate and pencil.


Sat. 2nd Sept.

Neil and I drove to Quirindi and brought Glor and Roger home. Arrived up there at 2pm. Got parcel of goods for Roger at Newcolmes. Brought Glor and Roger from Shirley at 4pm. Home at about 6pm. Got a single bed from Rowntrees Willow Tree.


Sun. 3rd Sept.

Baby Roger slept all night. Had to wake him at 6am feed. Sat about most of day. I planted out 2 doz tomato plants hoping for no more frosts.


Mon. 4th Sept.

USA troops are fighting on German soil! Allies have captured nearly all of France!

Roger is a very good baby. He sleeps all night and most of the day. Glor has to make up his feed in the bottle. Not quite enough from her. I spent the morning doing some work on 'Betsy". I sowed a row of beans. Dug up some ground.


Tues. 12th Sept.

 Baby Roger has gained 5 oz since Glor brought him home fro Shirley. Ron drove over here in his sulky to stay a few nights. We mustered "Yarran" ewes and lambs and took them to J.C. Holmes shed. Ron and I crutched 140 ewes and lambs.


Mon. 18th Sept.

Baby Roger weighs 8 lb 6oz on Mrs McCluands scales. He has gained 17oz since we brought him home from Shirley on 2nd September. We drove into McCluands store for groceries. 5 gals in Betsy. Called at Cecil Carters and got a lot of scrap iron to make a drag to mow tracks in the thistles for the sheep.


Thur. 28th Sept.

Up at 5am. Rode out to Les Barwicks up Millers Creek. I started 60 dry ewes and rams in. Arrived home at 12 midday. Dinner. Les brought 72 ewes and lambs out from "Towarri". I took them out to his place at Millers Creek.


Fri. 29th Sept.

Baby Roger is all smiles this morning. He gave us his first smile a few days ago.

I moved 45 Bullocks from "Yarran" to "Yarrabah". Wonderfull feed here. Col Chad brought his tractor over and we dragged the iron gadget we made to make tracks through the thistles across "Yarran" and down "Yarrabah". Mrs Chad and children came over fro the afternoon.


Thur. 5th Oct.

Droving. I rode up Millers Creek and met mob of 625 lambs of Niall Brothers. Brought them in and camped them for the night in "Yarran" yards. I killed a hogget for rations.


Fri. 6th Oct.

Up at 5am. Cut up the hogget. Started from "Yarran" yards at 7.30am. Took the 625 suckers to Willow Tree. Very slow trip. Three lambs got the staggers. Left two at McCluands. One in stock route. In to trucking yards at 8.30pm.


Sun. 8th Oct.

V.D.C. Command Parade. Business to disband V.D.C. I took Sam, Wallace and Hector. Interviewed by Major Bennett. All members decided to resign. 

Renee and children had the day with Glor.


Wed. 11th Oct.

I transplanted 11 more tomatoes. 6 of one kind and 5 of the other. Watered the rest of the tomatoes. Also watered the lettuce, cauliflower, Beans and the orange trees.

Weather has turned frightfully dry. Feed is going back fast. Clover is nearly dead. Telephone linesman called in and put in new carbons, and new earth wire.


Sat. 14th Oct.

Big rodeo in Willow Tree in aid of hospital and patriotic funds. Very large crowd of people. Good programme. We arrived at 12.30pm. Had a picnic lunch. I helped Hector and Rinaldi run spinning wheel.


Sun. 22nd Oct.

We had Roger baptised in our church by Canon St John. Arthur and Audrey godparents but were not there. Dad and Mum came over.


Fri. 27th Oct.

Glor and I drove to "Yarran" cottage before breakfast and got a tank of water. Using it for washing and bathing etc. Our bath tank only a third full and Kitchen tank nearly empty.


Sat. 28th Oct.

Glor packing 3 suitcases for herself, Neil and Roger to travel up to Bundarra tomorrow. Borrowed a suitcase from Chads. I caught and dressed the 34 newly marked lambs in "Yarran" house paddock.


Sun. 29th Oct.

Up at 3am. Drove Glor, Neil, Roger and Jean McHugh in to catch "Special" to Tamworth at 4.25am. They then caught the paper bus to Bundarra and arrived there at 2.30pm.


Tues. 31st Oct.

Up at 4.30am. Milked cow, fed two pet lambs. Cooked porridge, grilled chop, packed some lunch, caught and saddled 'Fay' and left here at 6.15am. Lambs out of Pinnacle reserve at 7.15am. Gave them good drink and feed. Had a feed while at Macs store. Dinner opposite Schofields. To trucking yards at 5pm. Supper at Alvin Halls. Home at 9pm.


Sat. 4th Nov.

Received a lovely long letter from Glor. She and the two kiddies are getting on well at "Strathmore".

I erected the corner post and strut near pepper tree. Also erected 4 more posts after trimming them up. Had hose going nearly all day. Watered orange trees, Strawberries and some flowers.


Wed. 8th Nov.

Walked over to "Yarran" mill and found one of our calves dead in the trough. Drove Betsy over and drew away the calf over into the paddock. Weather turned frightfully cold. I tied netting on fence across orchard. Got tank of water from "Yarran" cottage.

Attended send off social to Mr and Mrs Tom McCluand. [Macs. Old Warrah Store. They have sold the business to Binghams]


Sat. 11th Nov.

Met the Glen Innes mail at 12.26am. Home at 1.45am. Cup of tea and bed. Up very late this morning. Lovely to have my family home again. We unpacked everything. I split a heap of firewood.    

Fri. 17th Nov.

I had day hay making for Harold. Max Saunders had two trucks. Les, Alan, Luke, Vic, Eric and I helped load. Took three loads to "Towarri" hay shed.

Terrific heat today. Fires raging out at Cattle Creek. Also big fire at Merriwa. 


Mon. 20th Nov. 

Roger started laughing out loud! 

Ron took 50 of the agisted bullocks to "Quondah". 

Bill Callaghan brought out and erected our new 2,300 gallon tank for the kitchen and laundry. Max Callaghan and Brian Sattler assistants. Alan and Ron came over and helped erect the earth ring and fill it. Alan and I drew three loads of gravel in Betsy from the creek. Callaghan only got tank on stand and down pipe connected temporarily. They greased Jack Sparrow mill and tightened up while here. 


Sun. 3rd Dec. 

Fire started in Ted Sevils wheat. Was quickly checked by about 26 men. I went out in truck. Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove to "Quondah" for arvo. Stayed for supper and home at 10pm. 


Thur. 7th Dec. 

This morning Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove over to Swains for apricots for preserves. We picked two and a half kerosene tins. Also took Col Chad and he got four tins full. Glor used our new Fowler preserving outfit for the first time. Preserved 24 jars of apricots.  

Col Logan picked out 22 bullocks for trucking from agistment cattle on "Yarrabah".  


Fri. 8th Dec. 

I took in the 22 agistment bullocks of Phelps' to Willow Tree. Arrived at Willow Tree school reserve at 2.30pm. Had new shoes put on 'Fay' at R Kelahers, the blacksmith.  

Our 2 cows and calf got into "Rathcown" and I couldn't find them. 


Sat. 9th Dec.  

I cleaned up the top of left hand cupboard fro preserves. Drew 4 loads of fine gravel from the creek and gravelled a bit of our road.  

Glor and I and the kids attended "Amateur Hour" by Warrah Creek and Jacks Creek children in Warrah Creek hall. In aid of Red Cross. 


Thur. 14th Dec. 

Suckers from "Belmont and "Boolawa" averaged 22/5.  

We got 82 suckers and 2 hoggets and 168 old X-bred ewes from "Yarran". Ron took them to the Pinnacle reserve. I mustered "Yarrabah" this morning. Dad, Alan, Ron and I drafted out 132 suckers and 12 hoggets. 

X-mas tree and concert in our hall. Great crowd. Over £12 taken at door. I was MC and made presentation of prizes.


Sat. 16th Dec.

Big bush fire out on part of "Windy Station". Burnt about 8,000 acres on Western side and along Blackville road. I went out with Noel Hall in his truck with tank and pump. Fire nearly out when we got there.

Planted out 14 more sweet potatoes. Also sowed lettuce seeds.


Thur. 21st Dec.

I watered all our peach trees which are loaded with peaches. Also watered the tomatoes and sweet potatoes. Using our own apricots. Early tree is finished.

Rode round "Yarrabah" and "Yarran" and chased the ewes and lambs to the water.

Very hot sultry conditions with thick dust coming in from the west. Strong winds.


Sat. 23rd Dec.

I took Neil and we drove over to Harolds and saw Arthur and Audrey this arvo. Arthur arrived on leave from Darwin on Wednesday night. We also called at "Quondah". Changed oil in Betsy. 35,730 miles. Filled with petrol at Binghams. [Old Warrah Store]


Mon. 25th Dec.

Great excitement when Neil turned out his and Rogers 'Socks'. All packed up and drove over to "Quondah" for Xmas dinner. Chook, Ham and plenty of ice cream and soft drinks. Mum gave Neil a nice toy aeroplane.

Large gathering at tea. Harolds, and Athur and Audrey. Tom and Annie and Clara, Sid and Percy. Auntie Lu, Marie and 2 kiddies. "Cedar Vale lot turned up after tea.


Tues. 26th Dec.

Neil and I walked to Chads to find out what they needed us to do while they were away. They gave us a hen which I killed and plucked. Glor cooked the chook and we had it for supper.

I put the old gate on its hinges on the western end of the orchard.


Wed. 27th Dec.

Arthur and Audrey married at 7.40pm in Scone. Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove in Betsy down to the wedding. Called at Murrurundi to see aunt Annie on way down. Had part of the afternoon with uncle Alf. He got tea for us all before we drove down to the church. Very nice wedding. Esme bridesmaid and Luke best man. Reception Held at Ian and Daisy Jennisons. 40 people. 3 lots of us. "Quondah", Harolds, and us. We all drove home together.


Thur. 28th Dec.

Went over to Chads this morning to attend to dogs, chooks, etc while they are away. Milked the cow.

Drove up to Wallace's and got 7 bags of wheat. Now have 26 bags there at 11/- a bag. After supper drove to "Quondah" and took over 3 bags wheat. Got half a lamb for rations.

Milton Barwick, Neil and Roger Barwick, and Malcome Chad with Neils aeroplane. At "Yarrabah"



[Unfortunately Edgars 1945 diary has disappeared. So we don't get his diary notes of the last year of the war, or Luke marrying Enid, Jack marrying Mavis, etc?]


[1945 was an average year for rain with 25 inches falling. It was basically well spaced with a wet May and June.]

Neil and Marie Bridge. August 1945.



[1946 was one of the driest ever years at "Yarrabah". Only 13 inches fell and no decent fall all year.]


Tues. 1st Jan.

Terrific heat today. Temperature 105. I pulled an old bedstead to pieces. Cut a piece of side board to make legs for small table to hold our new wireless.

Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove down to uncle Harolds. Dad, Mum, and Alan there too. Luke and Enid home from hoeymoon. Arthur and Audrey there. Also Amy Davison. [Amy Davison married Harold in about a week] All had tea in the garden.


Wed. 2nd Jan.

Ron and Dette drove to Sydney this morning to bring home their baby Suzanne, about 6 weeks old. They also took down Jack and Mavis and Marie Meredith.

I prepared a bit more timber to build a table to put our wireless on. Watered the old beans and all the little marrows, Rock melons etc. Glor watered all her little shrubs. The little jersey heifer is down and can't get up.

We listen to some great programmes on our new wireless.


Fri. 4th Jan.

Finished building the high cabinet to stand our wireless on.

Glor, Neil, Roger and I went to Warrah Creek hall to farewell social for Stan Hull and family. Glad to be asked to speak for Jacks creek people.


Sat. 5th Jan.

Ron and Dette returned home from Sydney with their little adopted daughter Susan.

Mighty fire raging out at Yarraman and getting near Blackville. Over one hundred thousand acres burnt. Our fire brigade has gone out. I have order to stand by ready to take more men out.


Mon. 7th Jan.

Glor met the train at 3.20am. Joyce and Alan Bridge and Marie came along for about a fortnight. [Joyce is Gloryna's sister.]

I mustered "Yarrabah" and "Yarran" to the yards. Alan Bridge came with me on 'Taffy'. First time Taffy has been riden sice he was crippled. Dad and Ron came out and helped draft them up. I cleaned up some dirty ewes and lambs.


Thur. 17th Jan.

Alan Bridge and I drove in to Willow Tree at 12.40am and met Pop Ferris, Elwin, Valma and baby Marina. Called at Chads and got single bed. Managed to bunk everyone down.

We men walked down to the cement tanks. Two willow trees are dead. Elwin and I rode up to farm paddock. Brought down 6 gersey heifers and 4 calves to "Yarrabah".


Fri. 18th Jan.

Elwin and I mustered up the 40 bullocks in plain paddock. Pop drafted out 31 of them. Jack Barwick came out and took the bullocks into the trucking yards.

Rode to Chads. Looked at sheep and windmill. [Chads are on holidays]

Dad drove out. We inspected ewes of Ted Sevils. Didn't buy. Watered most of vegetables in the garden. Pop kept Roger and Marina. Rest of us attended community concert, amateur hour dance in aid of the Queen.

Took Elwin into the stock train. He is going to Sydney with their 3 trucks of bullocks.


Wed. 23rd Jan.

73 points of rain in storm yesterday.

I fixed up the netting over our grape vines. Chopped round the vegetables. Plenty of tomatoes now, and we need them too with 5 extra people.

Elwin arrived back from Sydney by early train. The three trucks of bullocks averaged  £15-9-0.

The Chad family arrived home from holidays.


Sat. 26th Jan.

Working bee on our sports ground. Phil Doyle took load of us down to "Rathcown" scrub. ["Tallawanta"] Got a load of pine poles to erect hurdles for the horses on sports ground. Elwin went with us.


Mon. 28th Jan.

Sports day on "Yarrabah" in aid of our hall. £78 cleared for the day. A fair crowd od people and a good many horses took part. Vince Bogan was the judge and Barney Greer in charge of horse events and Ron was helping. Glor and Mrs Chad in charge after 6pm. Large crowd at dance. Ran out of food. I helped with supper.


Thur. 31st Jan.

Up at 5am. Glor and I prepared a heap of large elberta peaches for preserving. Made 6 no. 31 jars and 2 no. 36 jars. Rode round all mills and looked at sheep. Watered vegetables and trees. Alan came over to see we finished the hood on back of 'Betsy'. Glor and I packed our ports and picked peaches and tomatoes ready for big trip tomorrow.


Fri. 1st Feb.

Up at 3.30am. Loaded Betsy with suit cases. Left home at 5am on first stage of trip to The Entrance. Had breakfast at "Quondah". Picked up Ron and Dette and Susanne. Glor, Roger, Ron and I in front, and Dette, Neil, Elizabeth and Susanne in the back. [No! Not joking!!!!!!] Left "Quondah" at 6.40am. Snack at Muswellbrook. Lunch at Mayfield at 1.30pm. Arrived Yarrawonga at 4.30am. Unpacked and Ron, Neil and I had a surf. Very hot weather.


Sat. 2nd Feb.

At "Yarrawonga". The kids awoke at 6am. We didn't get up till 8.15am. Had late breakfast and Ron, Glor, Neil, Roger, Elizabeth and I surfed until 1pm. Walked down town. Ride on Merry-go-round. Saw Verne's cottage, they move in tomorrow. We are feasting on fresh lamb, Ham, tomatoes, and stewed fruit which we brought down.


Sun. 3rd Feb.

Everyone had 2 hours surf this morning. In the afternoon, Arthur, Audrey, Verna, Noel, Sis Goodworth, Vic and Eric arrived at 24 Ocean Parade. We all drove down in Betsy to see them. 


Elizabeth Gallagher [nee Meredith], Roger Barwick, and Neil Barwick, on holidays in 1946, at The Entrance.

Mon. 4th Feb.

Glor left by bus for Gosford to pick up Nanna. They arrived back here at 3pm. Ron, Elizabeth, Neil and I had a surf before breakfast. Arthurs party joined us at 11am. We went down for another swim. Arthur, Aud, Vic and Eric joined us again. Surf is excellent! Great for surf-o-plane.


Fri. 8th Feb.

Surfed before breakfast. Again after. Neil is becoming a lot more game in the surf now. After lunch we all drove in Betsy to North Entrance. Gathered shells and brought back some firewood.


Sun. 10th Feb.

All had surf this morning. Lunch early. Drove to ocean beach and watched a surf carnival. Great trip. Arther and Aud also travelled with us to Gosford.


Wed. 13th Feb.

Wet day all day at The Entrance. Rather cold wind. All sat about all day and rested. Played games of checkers and crib during afternoon.

Ron, Dette, Glor and I attended dance in the surf club pavilion at night from 8.30 to 11.30. The other party also there, Arthur, Aud, Verna, Noel Siss Goodworth and Ron Pring. Verna, Glor and I had a swim in surf in the moonlight.


Thur. 14th Feb.

Nice warm day. All down in surf all morning. Tide is low and dreadful lot of seaweed. Ron, Elizabeth, Glor, Neil, Roger and I had most of the afternoon at the channel. Swimming and playing in the sand. Went to the flicks at night.


Fri. 15th Feb.

All had a lovely day at Long Jetty. Packed tucker into Betsy and drove round. Had picnic lunch then hired 5 canoes. Glor, Neil and I had one each. Ron got two for them. Neil is very expert at paddling his canoe. Home at 6pm. Nanna, Glor and I went to the pictures.


Mon. 18th Feb.

Glor, Ron, Elizabeth, Neil and I surfed before dinner. Glor, Neil Elizabeth and I took Roger in the stroller. Walked down town. Roger weighs 28 lbs. Did some shopping. Dette took Neil and Elizabeth down to the Merry-go-round. Ron, Glor and I hired horses for an hour. Rode round The Entrance. Nanna, Dette, Glor and I went to the pictures. Saw "For When The Bell Tolled".


Tues. 19th Feb.

All had a lovely trip to Terrigal. Drove there in Betsy. About ten miles. Walked to top of the skillion. Lunch at the beach. home at 6.40pm. 

Neil, Gloryna, Roger and Elizabeth. Feb 1946.

Fri. 22nd Feb.

Cleaned up "Yarrawonga". Finished packing everything into Betsy and left The Entrance at 9.55am. Had couple of stops to feed Susan etc. Maitland at 2pm and sent a telegram to "Quondah". Cup of tea at Scone at 5pm. Saw Mabel, Milly and Albert. Arrived Binghams store at 6.40pm. Dad met us and took Ron, Dette, Susanne and Elizabeth home.

Total milage, 502 miles. Betsy did twenty one and a half miles to the gallon. Whole expenses of trip to The Entrance cost £32 for 5 of us.


Sun. 24th Feb.

Harvest festival in our church. £3-8-3 taken for produce. I was the auctioneer. We have a lovely lot of grapes left yet. Just ripening. Also plenty of tomatoes.


Fri. 1st March.

Up at 4.30am. Took our 110 fat lambs from "Yarran" into the trucking yards. Arrived there at 4.30pm. Home at 7.10pm.

Glor made 25 lbs of grape jam. 14 bottles. Cool southerly today.

Masquerade ball in Willow Tree in aid of Delma Schofield who is "Popular Queen" for Warrah Creek.


Tues. 5th March.

I drove to Binghams store. Joined Warrah truck. Sonny Wratten driving. Also Vince Bogan, Ranville Schofield, Jim Meredith and Barney Greer in truck. Drove down past Windy homestead. Cut pine poles all day. We cut 30 posts and about 4 poles. Home at 8pm.


Sat. 9th March.

Baby show in Willow Tree. Roger won a silver mug for best baby from one to two years. We drove in and attended a carnival on the Railway Park. In aid of Joy Hall who is the Popular Queen candidate for Memorial Hall.


Mon. 11th March.

Shearing commenced. [Edgar and family have moved to "Quondah" for a time] Leon and Jack are shearing this season. Started at 8.30am and they shore 181. We are shearing all the full wool ewes from hill country first. I shore a few runs for Jack but doing shed work otherwise. Neil spends nearly all day in the shed. He stops the engine, works press lever and counts out bale fasteners for Popeye.


Thur. 14th March.

Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove to "Yarrabah". Watered all vegetables and had a look around. I caught 'Fay' and mustered "Yarrabah". Neil helped me draft out all the long wooled ewes and rams. We had lunch and then brought the 278 ewes and 6 rams over to recreation reserve. Shearing continued in full swing.


Sun. 17th March.

Afternoon, Arthur, Aud, Alan, Jack and Cyril played tennis. This was the first time I'd seen Cyril since his discharge from the army.

Glor and I went rabbit shooting on "Boolawa". Shot 13.


Tues. 19th March.

Pop Ferris and I left "Quondah" at 6am and drove to "Yarrabah". Caught 'Fay' and rounded up all the Ferris cattle. 28 head. We drafted out 12 steers. Very good. Terry Fitzpatrick took them into the trucking yards. Arrived back at "Quondah" about 11.30am and went to the shed where shearing continued.


Sat. 23rd March.

Big days sports held on "Yarrabah" in aid of local "Popular Queen" Edna Saunders. Good crowd, £161 taken. £110 cleared. We came over after lunch.

Leon and Jack shore 78 and 53 short wooled ewes.


Thur. 28th March.

Public meeting in Jacks Creek hall regarding securing another telephone exchange as Symonds are giving up the telephone. Mr Ellis, telephone inspector from Newcastle, plus Mr Richards the postal inspector, and Mr Spratt the telephone engineer and two other officials were there at the meeting. Local committee formed. A Cox president, Myself as secretary, Alex Symonds, Col Chad and Hector Barwick on committee.


Wed. 3rd April.

Quirindi Show. We all drove up for the day. Had trouble getting a feed so got sandwiches, cakes and fruit over at the town. Saw the ring events. Looked through the pavilion at exhibits. Took all family in the see the models of small electric trains. Neil got lost a couple of times. Rain came on and spoiled the ring events. Home on dark.



Neil with Susan and Ernest at "Yarrabah".

rSat. 6th April.

Tennis tourney and dance at Jacks Creek in aid of our Queen, Edna Saunders. Glor and I ran the tournament. 23 players took part. Mrs H Sevil won ladies and Jack Kelaher and I tied for the Gents. We attended dance untill 11am. Cleared £27-14 for the effort.


Tues. 9th April.

Glor saw Dr Cooper. He confirmed our suspicions.

Got 22 rabbits from 24 traps last night. Sold 6 lb rabbit skins for 7/6 lb at Carpenters in Quirindi. We drove to Quirindi for afternoons shopping. Interviewed Ken Thomas and had my Will revised. He is redrafting it to send out for me to sign.


Mon. 22nd April.

Great birthday party at "Curragundi" shearing shed. Ken Sevil, Lorna Martin, and Jack Daly all celebrating 21st Birthday. We all drove out. About 200 guests. Danced, sang and played games in the shed. Wonderful banquet. Speaches, toasts and then more toasts! Truly a party to remember!


Wed. 24th April.

Up early. Glor stayed in bed as she's not good. I got all our breakfasts. Took some in to Glor. Drove to "Quondah" and helped dip 376 ewes and some border Leicester rams. Home in time to get some dinner for Glor and the kids. Mustered "Yarran" plain paddock, branded. Home in time to kill a sheep. Glor got up and we listened to the wireless.


Fri. 26th April.

The worst has happened! Glor had a miscarriage early this morning! Ambulance arrived 8am and took Glor to the general hospital. I drove up and arrived at about 10.30am. Poor darling was just coming out of general anesthetic. Purchased blue nightie from Rountrees. Saw Glor at 2.30pm and she was much better.


Sun. 28th April.

Cricket match in aid of Edna Saunders, Jacks Creek Queen. East of pinnacle ridge verses west. We won by 175 to 98. We made £5-16.

Glor is doing well in hospital.


Wed. 1st May.

Neil, Roger and I drove to Quirindi to bring our beautiful Glor home from hospital. Brought Glor home at 3pm. She is fairly well but very weak. Glor went straight to bed and Mum took tea in to her.

I called at Thomas and Haygue and signed my Will. Had a new Will drawn up by Ken Thomas.


Thur. 9th May.

Glor is recovering after her stay in hospital last week.

I rode around traps in farm paddock. Got 14 rabbits this morning. Pulled up all traps. Shot 3 rabbits. Rode around Covers and shot 13 more making a total of 30.

Marj milked cows again this morning. [I'm not certain but I think Marj is Marjorie Barwick, Cyrils sister and George and Tillies daughter, who has been helping Edgar since Glor had her miscarriage.]


Sat. 11th May.

Glor is busy packing up for her and Roger to travel to Bundarra tomorrow.

I ran tennis tourney in aid of our hall funds. £2-12 made from tennis. About £7-10 taken for tea, afternoon tea and a raffle. Glor and Roger came over for supper.


Sun. 12th May.

Up at 3.15am. Took Glor and Roger in to paper train at 5am. Roger is a marvelous kid, not one whimper out of him until I said goodbye at the train. Then he was a "Boofull baby boy".

Took Marj back to "Cedarvale". Went to church. Back to "Cedarvale" for tea.


Mon. 13th May.

Start of my batching days! Cooked porridge and lamb chops for breakfast. Corned the leg of mutton. Put on a meat stew for tea. Did some digging in the garden.

Working bee at Doyles cottage for new Telephone exchange person. Name is Conzer. Hector, Phil Doyle, Ron Symonds and the Chads. We swept out rubbish and sprayed walls and floors with fire brigade pump.


Thur. 16th May.

Neil is staying at "Quondah" with us and is very happy.

Up early and had breakfast. Max Saunders is sawing firewood for all of us. I joined Alan, Ron and Max up the creek in the ewe paddock. Max had tree felling plant as well as a saw bench on his tractor. We sawed up two truck loads today. Neil was with us all day.


Wed. 22nd May.

Up early and Ron and I had breakfast at 6.45am. Drove around to "Belmont" to fumigate rabbit burrows. Got 11 rabbits out of traps while we were there and 14 out of logs with the dogs. Dug in and fumigated all the burrows at sheep yards. Shifted and set all the traps again.


Thur. 23rd May.

Dad and Mum drove to Moree today for a holiday at the hot bore baths.

Neil and I moved over to Dettes to stay. Ron and I drove to "Belmont" again in Betsy". 16 rabbits out of the 40 traps. We got 16 more out of logs with the dogs. Fumigated three big burrows and a number of smaller ones.


Sat. 25th May.

Packed things and drove home. Cleaned out the house and made beds. All done by midday. Drove to Willow Tree for dinner. Sold 10 lb of rabbit skins at 9/4 per pound. On to Quirindi. Dentist at 3pm. Tea at Taylors. Pictures, "China Skys" and "It's a Pleasure". Met Glor and Roger at Willow Tree at 1am. Home and a cup of tea and great talk and lovely bed.


Fri. 31st May.

Our 261 lanbs sold at Scone sale yards averaged 26/8.

Rode round Covers paddock after rabbits. Took rifle, axe and dog 'Scamp'. Got 20 rabbits and 17 skins out of logs and shooting. Killed a hogget for rations.


Sat. 1st June.

Tennis tourney and dance in aid of our tennis club. Alex Chad and I lined the courts and ran the tournament. 17 players. Mrs Schofield and I won the tennis. Afternoon tea, and tea served. Glor and I stayed until 10pm.


Sun. 2nd June.

We all drove to Harolds for lunch. Uncle Harold and I shot rabbits in "Retreat". I got 13. We brought Veronica [Barwick. Cyrils sister] over here to stay for 3 months to take on Jacks Creek Subsidised school.


Thur. 6th June.

Up before daylight. Rode up Warrah Creek and picked up 16 Ferris steers and our 3 jersey steers in top lane. Took them over Cedar Brush. Lost them in Brush. Found and got them back onto track again. Landed at "Daffodil" at 12.50pm. Called on Luke and Enid. Had dinner with them. Cyril Ashford met me and we took the steers to Keirnans Creek. I stayed the night with Cyril, May, and Noel Ashford.


Fri. 7th June.

Stayed last night at "Lemon Grove". Cyril and I turned the 19 steers into paddock up the creek. We rode up the range to country above Cyrils old property which he now owns. Plenty of feed there. Came on home over Scotts mountain. Called at Arthurs for dinner with he and Audrey. Left there at 3.30pm. Rode over hill through Dellars and Doyles. Home at 4.55pm. 

Malcolm Chad, Roger and Neil. "Yarrabah".
Neil and Roger, with some kittens.

Sat. 15th June.

Took Veronica back to "Cedar Vale". Drove to Willow Tree. Got 12 gallons of petrol tickets from special licence. Sold 9 lb rabbit skins for 9/9 per lb. Had Betsy tuned and got a new wind screen wiper. New cheque book from bank.


Mon. 17th June.

10 ton truck of corn landed from Armidale. We got the corn from Josh Ferris at 8/6 bushell. Max Saunders brought a five ton load of corn to the "Yarran" shack. Second load went to "Quondah".

I went shooting. Walked up through Covers paddock. Went south through Bunty Halls, Clays, Doyles and into back of "Mt Blake". Saw a lot of rabbits but only shot 15.


Sat. 22nd June.

Sold 9 lb rabbit skins at 10/ lb at Willow Tree. Also a fox skin at 8/. 67 rabbits and one fox brought £5-3-0.

Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove to Willow Tree for tennis match. We won by 8 sets to one set. Our team, Glor and Thelma Bingham, Bell Bingham, Bunty Hall, Alex Chad and myself.


Thur. 27th June.

Got 16 rabbits out of 24 traps in "Rathcown" [Tallawanta] creek. Reset the 24 traps and also ten more.

Called at "Rathcown" and said fairwell to Mr and Mrs Alex Cox and little Peter who are leaving there. Mr Marden and family are coming to "Rathcown" to take over management.

Miss King and Mr Firth of T and G inssurance company called in here this evening. T and G would not insure me. Medical pass not good enough.


Sat. 29th June.

51 points rain last night and today. Rain set in at 3.30am. Back at 8.30am and light rain all morning.

Meeting of telephone subscribers of Big Jacks Creek held at hall. 3 guarantors signed paper. C Edwards, L Saunders, and Hector B. All others signed agreements.


Tues. 2nd July.

Max Saunders brought his wood sawing plant here to "Yarrabah". Includes a tractor, saw bench, and tree felling saw. Alan and Ron and Eric Barwick came over and we sawed up all the wood about the place. Also sawed up a quantity of apple tree for open fire places.


Wed. 3rd July.

Max and Eric B stayed the night here. Finished sawing wood here this morning and shifted the plant over to "Yarran" plain paddock. Alan and Ron came there and we sawed up more fire wood.

Spent most of the day sawing down green box trees with tree felling plant. Sawed off logs into post lengths. Got enough posts to do the fence for lane at top of farm paddock. Max and Eric stayed here again.


Mon. 8th July.

Great day! Neils first day at school. Neil and Malcolm commenced school today. Subsidised school with Veronica as Sub teacher. [Veronica Barwick, Cyrils sister]


Tues. 9th July.

Neil went to school again today. Glor, Roger and I drove over to "Belmont" for the day. Joined Ron there. Fumigated a few burrows and then went after the rabbits. After lunch we shot, cut out of logs or chased with the dogs. Got over 50 rabbits for the day. Glor shot 6. Home by dark. Picked Neil up from Chads.


Thur. 11th July.

Got "Kayen" kerosene gas lamp from Rountrees at £3-19-6.

Went round the 40 traps before breakfast. Got 22 rabbits for the night. Reset the traps in same place in farm paddock. Afternoon I drove to "Quondah" and got a supply of beef from calf they killed yesterday.


Sun. 22nd July.

A cuppa in bed. Early lunch. I played with Jacks Creek V Curragundi. Curragundi 7 sets, 53 games. Jacks Creek 5 sets, 54 games.


Wed. 31st July.

Glor took a team of 6 ladies to Willow Tree for tennis match. Jacks Creek won 7 sets to 3 sets.

Dick and Addie [Winnett] and their 3 little girls called this arvo. Veronica called here too and we entertained them. I had Roger for the afternoon. Col Chad and I spread a lot of top dressing on the top court.


Fri. 2nd Aug.

I went to "Silsoe" to do a days shearing for the Symonds boys. Claude Saunders and I shore 165 ewes starting at 8.30am. Ewes fairly poor and didn't cut real well.


Sat. 3rd Aug.

Wrote out an advertisement and posted it to the Northern Daily Leader. Advertising for a family to take over telephone exchange. Live in Doyles cottage and take on Phils job helping in farming and general farm work on their place. The Chads and I levelled and rolled the old court.


Sun. 4th Aug.

All of us and Veronica drove to Murrurundi with Ron and Mum. We played Murrurundi in tennis match. Murrurundi Beat us 8 sets to 4 sets. Our players, Glor, Thel Bingham, Bill Bingham, Cyril Barwick, Ron and myself.


Fri. 9th Aug.

Alan and Ron came over and we marked 187 lambs in "Yarran" plain paddock. Neil, Roger and I drove to "Quondah" this arvo. Helped Alan and Ron kill and dress a calf. Dad is not fit for work. He has a bad heart. Called at Vince Bogans and got a peach tree.


Sat. 10th Aug.

Planted young Elberta peach tree. Neil and I drove to "Quondah" and got some beef from the calf we killed yesterday. Glor and the kids and Veronica drove to Renee's for afternoon. I lopped the pepper trees.


Tues. 13th Aug.

Terrible hot windy dusty day, more like November! Up before daylight. Rode out to "Thurles". Arrived at 8.30am for mob of cattle. Cattle not ready. Helped Mr Rillen muster cows and calves to the house. Mrs Rillen gave me a cup of tea. Away with cattle at 10.50am. Lunch at home at 3.30pm. Pinnacle reserve at 6.20am.


Wed. 14th Aug.

Put pair slippers on 'Fays' hind hoofs. Rode into Pinnacle reserve. Took Rillens mixed 78 cattle into Willow Tree school reserve. Landed them about 3pm.

I led 'Kewpie', our old grey pony mare into Willow Tree. George McKensie met me and rode 'Kewpie' to Quirindi. He has taken her on approval hoping to get a foal from her.


Fri. 16th Aug.

I lopped the pepper tree at south end. Did my first bit of grafting today. Grafted some more on the seedling peach. 4 Briggs May. 6 Elberta. One Xmas Box. 3 lato peach. 4 apricots from 3 trees. Neil at school and Odgie playing about all day.

[Edgar generally calls Roger 'Odgie'! I just write Roger to save confusion, but just decided to mention it now? From now on if Edgar calls Roger Odgie, I'll write it as Odgie!]


Wed. 21st Aug.

Glor played with Jacks Creek ladies V McDonalds Creek. McDonalds Creek won 7 sets to 4 sets.

I drove up to "Yarran" farm road fence and strained up wires and netting where tree fell. Brought home load fire wood before dinner and got another one after. Took Odgie up for the arvo with me.


Fri. 23rd Aug.

Veronica, Neil and I drove in to Binghams store and joined Dad, Ron, Dette and Sue for trip to Quirindi. Dad consulted the Dr again. I had exam for insurance policy from AMP society. Had good report. Got something for Mums birthday, 72nd.


Sat. 24th Aug.

Glor took Veronica back to "Cedar vale". She has finished at the school.

Working bee in Doyles cottage. Finished cleaning up. Mopped out rooms and scrubbed down walls of kitchen with caustic soda. Men cleaned up rubbish outside. Alex and Athol Chad, Nance and Mrs Symonds, Phil Doyle, Sam Saunders and myself.

I turned 'Fay' and foal out into farm paddock.


Sun. 25th Aug.

Glor and Odgie took a load of women out to "Currugundi". 8 ladies and 4 kids in Betsy! They won 11 sets to 9 sets.


Thur. 29th Aug.

Neils 6th birthday. Neils birthday call came over 2AD at 8.20am. Neil was thrilled about all the parcells he got. Glor gave him a party this afternoon. Milton, Malcolm and Roger sat up with Neil to a scrumptious spread. A birthday cake made in the shape of an aeroplane. Jazz cups and soft drinks etc.


Mon. 2nd Sept.

I spent all day building a platform over the new lavatory pit I've dug, ready for shifting it's building from the old site.


Fri. 6th Sept.

Glor, Neil, Odgie and I gave all the ewes and lambs a feed of corn this morning. Fed plain paddock at the shack. Farm paddock at the mill. Planted out 18 tomato plants in box.

Our 120 sucker lambs averaged 36/7 in Scone. Sold by Stan Reene and Pitt son and co.

Heavy fall of snow on the ranges.


Thur. 12th Sept.

Planted out the 2 doz lettuce plants which Alan gave me. Neil and I drove up to Hectors shed and got 2 bags of wheat. Removed the two hind shoes of the pony 'Prince'. Ron and I drafted off the "Yarrabah" lambs. 250.


Fri. 13th Sept.

Odgie became sick at about dark. He had no tea tonight. Put him to be as usual but at about 9.30pm he had convulsions. Twice more by midnight. Rang up and got Alan to come over. Glor and I drove Roger to the hospital. Glor and I slept in the car.


Sat. 14th Sept.

Odgie has settled in fairly well at the hospital. Saw Dr Cooper this morning and he said Roger had a bad gastric attack. The sister advised us not to let Roger see us as it might upset him. We went to the pictures. Stayed the night at the Royal Hotel.


Wed. 18th Sept.

I took 107 head of hereford cows of Millers Creek Station to Willow Tree trucking yards. Young Maurice Shoobert helped me for the day. I rode the pony 'Prince'.

Glor and Dad drove to Quirindi in Betsy. Glor went to the hospital and picked up Roger. He is doing much better now after his stay in the hospital.


Wed. 25th Sept.

Glor and Roger went with me again feeding the "Yarran" plain and farm paddock ewes and lambs. Alan came over and got some bags of corn from shack. They are feeding ewes and lambs at "Belmont".

Another letter from AMP society. They made another proposition but will not give me a straight out insurance policy.


Sun. 29th Sept.

Glor and I had breakie in bed and stayed in reading till midday. Glor drove Neil, Odgie, Anne and Murray Bingham to birthday party at Max Saunders. I played tennis at Jacks Creek.


Thur. 10th Oct.

I mustered "Yarrabah" today. Ron came over and we drafted off 63 suckers from farm paddock, 7 from plain paddock. Also got a few fat dry ewes. Drafted 36 suckers from "Yarrabah" and a few dry ewes. Ron stayed here. Max Saunders came at 11.30pm and we loaded the truck by moonlight. Ron went to Scone with Max.

[They averaged 29/10 the next day.]


Sat. 12th Oct.

Willow tree and district childrens sports day. We all drove to "Quondah". We went in with Ron to Willow Tree. I acted as steward for the day. In charge of high jump. Wonderful crowd. 19 schools competing.


Fri. 18th Oct.

I drove in to Binghams Store. Joined Dad and Mum and drove to Scone in their car to attend stock sale. We sold 115 suckers from "Quondah" and "Boolawa" at 26/7. We met Vera Ferris at Scone. She was there to sell the 16 steers of "Strathmore" and Elwins. The 16 steers averaged £8-14. Vera came back in the car with us.


Sat. 19th Oct.

We took Vera round the paddocks feeding the ewes this morning. I did more work on cupboard. Cut out the five shelves and nailed them in. Cut second sheet of masonite. Got the partician and one shelf out of it.


Thur. 24th Oct.

Dad and Ron came over and we drove down to "Silsoe". Bought 78 six tooth X-bred ewes from the Symonds brothers. I brought them up to "Yarrabah". We yarded "Yarran" plain and farm paddocks. Drafted off all lambs fat to truck. Got 77. Fed the ewes corn.


Mon. 28th Oct.

My glasses arrived from Gibb and Beeman, Tamworth. I hope to use my glasses for driving car as well as for reading. Glor and Odgie helped me feed the sheep.


Tues. 29th Oct.

Dad and Mum drove here to stay for a couple of nights. Dad is much better than he was a few weeks ago. I fitted the top shelf in second half of linen cupboard. Fitted up the door and swung it on the hinge.


Sun. 3rd Nov.

Slept in. Afternoon we all went up to Wallace's. Miltons birthday party. Albert Saunders family and Chads also there.


Mon. 4th Nov.

Loaded new Electrolux refrigerator from Cadells Quirindi. Price was £92-10-10. Alan and I drove to Quirindi and got the Electrolux from the railway. Got 44 gallons of kero. Owie Cadell installed the refrigerator on back verandah.


Thur. 7th Nov.

Very hot with burning north west winds.

Filled tank of Electrolux refrigerator with one gallon of kerosene. Took gage up from lower red mark to top red mark. Electrolux is working wonderfully! Will freeze ice cubes in about 12 hours!


Sat. 16th Nov.

Glor went to the pictures with Alan and party. Saw "The Overlanders"

Glor and kids helped me feed all the sheep today. Found a lamb fly blown in each paddock. Got half a sheep from Chads.

Tested out refrigerator. It used 2 gallons of kerosene in 9 days. I refilled the tank.


Sun. 17th Nov.

Sue's 1st birthday. Dette and Ron threw a party. We all went over to "Quondah". Merediths and Fitzpatricks there.


Thur. 21st Nov.

Mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs at 4.30am. Took them to Hector's shed before breakfast. Home and milked cows and had breakfast. Alan, Ron and Jack came out for crutching. Glor, Odgie and I drove to Hectors shed. We finished crutching the 500 ewes and 90 lambs at 4pm and brought them home.


Thur. 28th Nov.

[Written by Gloryna] Up early. Helped pack Johns lunch.

[Gloryna never calls Edgar "Edgar"! Always calls him "John". Up to now I've always changed it to "Edgar" to save confusion!. However from now on if Glorina calls him "John" I'll write it as that!]

Into Willow Tree. Ron and Schoey had sheep nearly loaded. Train left at 2pm. John going to West Tamworth on train, Ranville to pick him up there, en route to Deepwater.

Ron and I fed sheep at home on corn and wheaten hay. Madge Dellar staying here while John is away.

[Written by Edgar] Landed at West Tamworth 6.15pm. Waited until 10pm for Ranville. Drove to Armidale in his truck. Looked at sheep on train. Drove to Guyra. Camped for two hours.


Fri. 29th Nov.

[Written by Gloryna] Up at 6am and milked cows. Very hot day. Telegram from John advising that they had a good trip to Deepwater. Alan, Jack, Mavis and Marge left at 5.10am en route for a holiday at Coffs Harbour and Bonville.

[Written by Edgar] Looked at sheep on train at Guyra. Drove on to Deepwater and unloaded our 15 trucks of sheep. Only one dead. Jim Meredith and Jim Patterson helped unload. Turned sheep onto 200 acre reserve there. Stayed night at Hotel.


Sat. 30th Nov.

Ranville, Bill Patterson and I left Deepwater at 6.30am with 1530 ewes and lambs. Good road to Stannum and camped sheep in pound paddock. Light rain in afternoon. Slept under tarpaulin.


Sun. 1st Dec.

Ranville, Jim Meredith and I drove to Torrington with 18 weak ewes left in Bob Morrisons paddock. Sale at Torrington. Schoey bought a lot of junk!


Mon. 2nd Dec.

Left camp at 5.15am with our 1500 odd ewes and lambs. I drove truck on ahead for about 4 miles. Ranville took it then. Arrived at Tungston at 6pm and camped sheep in yards. All slept in old cottage. Rained.


Tues. 3rd Dec.

Left Tungston at 5.30am. Sheep travelled well up very rough road. Scrub, blackberries, mine shafts, and steep grades. Arrived at Smiths paddock at 6pm. Had our tea and drove to Torrington for night at Bob's Hotel. Rang Glor.


Wed. 4th Dec.

Schoey lost 12 sheep and we lost three on way out to "Silent Grove". Ranville and I left hotel at Torrington in his truck. Spent 3 hours looking for lost sheep but didn't find any. Lunch at "Silent Grove". Drafted up our sheep with help from three Smith boys. We are 7 sheep short including 4 ewes that died. Put our 790 into two paddocks. About 600 acres all told. Splendid feed! Trap country, Box and Stringy bark timber.


Fri. 6th Dec.

Had breakfast with Bob and Mrs Morrison. [Bob's Hotel, Torrington] Ranville, Bob and I drove out to inspect the tin miners working. Looked over the New England mine. Also went to the other mine. We went down the 800 feet shaft. Packed up and went in Ranvilles truck to Deepwater for dinner. Picked up Jim Meredith and Vince Bogan there. Jack Daly and Terry Fitz at Glen Innes. Tea at Armidale. Landed at Merediths at 1am. Stayed the night there.

[Sounds like a heap of Willow Tree people booked a stock train to take stock north for feed? 1946 was one of the driest ever years at Willow Tree! The entire year saw just 13 inches of rain at "Yarrabah", with most of that in the first 4 months. From May to end of December there was just over 5 inches!]


Sat. 7th Dec.

Rang Ron at 7am from Merediths. Ron came down and picked me up and drove me home. Great welcome from Glor and the kids. Had breakfast. We took Madge Dellar home. Drove on to Binghams and changed over our ration books. Fed plain paddock ewes on the way home.


Fri. 13th Dec.

Neil and Roger both went with me feeding the sheep. Gave plain paddock 5 tins of corn.

Over to hall and helped decorate and erect X-mas tree. Great fun at night. Santa Claus and present from him. Neil received book for being dux of school.


Sat. 21st Dec.

Glor and I fed the "Yarran" sheep on hay and corn before breakfast. Col Chad cultivated my new three acre paddock with his tractor and scarifier. Finished paddock by dinner time. Glor, the kids and I took Pop and Nanna Ferris to "Quondah" for the afternoon. Brought home some bales of lucerne hay.

Col Chads tractor and scarifier in 1945. Malcolm Chad is standing on scarifier, and his father is driving tractor. Tractor is a McCormack deering 10/20, and often towed a ground drive sunshine header

Wed. 25th Dec.

Xmas day! Neil and Odgie awake at 6am. Great excitement looking in Xmas bags. Glor gave me a beaut ever-sharp pencil. I gave her a flap-jack. Great feasting and drinking of ice cold drinks. Lemonade, Ginger beer, Rasberry and ice cream. Over to "Quondah" for late tea on the lawn. The usual gathering of all the Clan.


Thur. 26th Dec.

Pop Ferris helped me feed "Yarran" ewes and lambs on hay and corn.

After dinner we all drove over to Harolds for the afternoon. Also took Malcolm Chad. Spent time in the creek. The kids did some paddleing. Afternoon tea with uncle Harold and Amy. Up to "Cedar Vale" for tea. A large gathering up there.


Tues. 31st Dec.

Glor, Neil and Odgie helped me feed the plain paddock ewes and lambs. I stayed over and split some posts out of a very tough log. Walked home for dinner. Afternoon we drove to "Quondah" to see Dad and Mum before they leave for Armidale for 3 week holiday. Brought home 11 bales of lucerne hay.

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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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