The Diary of Edgar Barwick

1947 to 1949.


By Geoff Barwick


The properties owned and run by Edgar, his father and mother Ernest and Susan, and his two brothers, Alan and Ron, were,


"Quondah". Dry Creek.  Earnest and Susans home. Farm 11 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Boolawa". Dry Creek. Where Ron and Dette ended up living. Now also called "Quondah" owned by Neville and Chris Moxem. Farm 12 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Belmont". On swinging Ridges road. Now called "Nioka" and owned by the Gillett family. Farm 8 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Yarran". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1935. Farm 37 of the 1935 subdivision.

"Yarrabah". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1938. Farm 14 of the 1914 subdivision.



[1947 was a good year for rain. 29 inches fell, with a wet February and very wet December.]


Thur. 2nd Jan.

Up at 4am. Mustered "Yarran" plain paddock ewes and lambs and took them up to Hectors shed. Alan, Ron and Jack came over. We crutched 300 ewes and about 230 lambs. Drafted lambs off and turned them onto "Yarrabah".

Glor and I took Arthur and Aud to pictures in Quirindi. Saw "Smithy".


Fri. 3rd Jan.

Mustered the lambs in "Yarrabah" down to the water. Lambs have settled in well. Neil rode 'Bluebell' with me over to farm paddock. Lopped curragong trees for cattle.


Mon. 13th Jan.

Nanna went by the Flyer to Armidale. We all drove to Quirindi after early lunch and put her on the train there. Nanna had a month here. Glor had a haircut and a perm. I had tooth extracted. Top back one. Saddle re-stuffed at Burne Bros. 8 ply 6.50 by 16 tires and new tubes at Carringtons. Odgie and I fed the sheep this morning. Lopped curragong trees for feed.


Thur. 23rd Jan.

All of us drove in Betsy to the Pinnacle reserve. Took the 340 "Yarran" ewes and the 2 heifers to reserve near Warrah Creek bridge. Joined Ron there. He brought 234 ewes and 30 rams and 13 heifers from "Boolawa" and "Quondah". Had lunch on the reserve. On to Willow Tree and camped the sheep and cattle in Arthur Saunders paddock. I drove on to Quirindi and had piece of bone taken out of gum.


Fri. 24th Jan.

Up early this morning and drove to Willow Tree trucking yards. Took the 604 sheep and 15 cattle from camping paddock to be trucked to Deepwater. Alan and Ron in at 9am and we finished loading our 7 trucks sheep and one truck of cattle at 10.30am. Helped George Dellar load 6 trucks of sheep. Ron went on the stock train to Deepwater. Fed farm ewes on corn. Lopped some trees.


Sun. 26th Jan.

Up in good time. Rode down "Yarrabah" and got Firefly and Flame, Bluebell and Chatter and her foal. Drove them to "Rathcown". Joined by Mr Marden and miss Mary Marden. Took the ponies to the pine scrub paddock on agistment. All drove to "Quondah" this arvo.


Tues. 28th Jan.

Jack and Mavis came over in their truck to take up residence for 3 weeks. Jack went round paddocks with me in Betsy. Fed "Yarran" farm ewes and lambs on corn. Lopped curragongs for cattle. Looked at all the mills. Watered everything in the garden. Cleaned up Betsy and pumped up tires ready for our trip to Port Macquarie tomorrow.


Wed. 29th Jan.

All out of bed at 3.30am. Loaded Betsy and drove to "Quondah". Had breakfast and packed Ron Dette and Sue in. Left "Quondah" at 6.30am. Picked up Elizabeth. Stopped at Moonbi for morning tea. Called at Walcha for 6 gallons of petrol and water in the radiator. Came to a small village for lunch at 2.30pm. Last 50 odd miles very winding road and very slow. Arrived McPhillips cottage at 7.10pm. Unpacked and had tea. All to bed at 10.30pm. Truck registered 238 miles from "Quondah".


Thur. 30th Jan.

Miss McPhillips cottage Port Macquarie. Drove in to Port Macquarie for supplies. Spent all morning shopping. Back to our cottage and had lunch. Glor, Neil and Roger and I went down to the beach, Ron, Sue and Elizabeth came later. All had a dip in the surf. Kids all had a marvelous time in the surf and sand. Even Odgie loved the waves. Got 6 gallons of petrol and 2 qrts oil in Betsy.


Fri. 31st Jan.

Stormy in the morning and rained nearly all day and we didnt go to the beach at all. All of us drove into town and did some shopping and got meat. Left 21 meat coupons at Andersons and 23 meat coupons at East End butchers. Got 2 dozen bottles of cordials at Marshells. Glor and I went to the movies. Saw "State Fair" and "Strange Conquest".


Tues. 4th Feb.

No surfing today. We didn't go to the beach at all. Cloudy and unsettled all day with showers. Ron, Glor and all the kids drove out the road looking for Kennedy's Pinapple Farm. Found it after a bit of travelling around but they had no pineapples. After lunch we all played cricket. All drove into Port and got 5 lb of sausages. Saw Floyds zoo. Glor and I went to the movies. Saw "The Gay Sisters".


Wed. 5th Feb.

Showers last night. The day broke fine and sunny. Ron, the kids and I drove to the pineapple farm. Got 2 doz pineapples at 3/ per dozen. Very small but nice and sweet. Got a dozen bananas from Middleton kiosk at 1/6. I took Neil, Roger and Elizabeth for a surf after dinner. Ron and Sue came down later. Glor, the 3 bigger kids and I had a while in the surf later this arvo. Played cricket on the sand. Ron and Dette went to the movies.


Thur. 6th Feb.

Nice fine day. Very warm. Glor and I went down to the beach. Had about 2 hours sunbaking and surfing. Ron, Dette and the children drove into town shopping. Got another rolled roast. Fish and chips for dinner. Afterwards we all drove to 'Tacking Point" Lighthouse. Great view of seven mile beach. Had a picnic. Drinks and cake. Glor and I took miss McPhillips to the pictures.


Fri. 14th Feb.

Great news this morning! Got a telegram to say we had three and a half inches of rain at "Yarrabah"! "Woopee!".

Ron and children and I drove in for supplies. Got 6lb roast and 5lb sausages. Cost 12/-. Looks like fining up? All drove about 12 miles along Kempsey road to Telegraph Point. Nice run through forest country. Ron and Dette went to the pictures.


Mon. 17th Feb.

Beautiful warm sunny day. All had a good morning on the beach. Surf extra good! Took snapshots of Sue.

Afternoon Glor, Neil and I drove to Bob Reckless Boatshed and hired a boat. Rowed up the channel right around island and down river 3 miles. Called on Frank Doyles. Ron and Dette went to the pictures.

A photo of Bob Reckless Boat Shed.

Wed. 19th Feb.

All of us rose at 4am at cottage. Finished packing our ports. Cup of tea. Piled everything and everyone into Betsy and left Miss McPhillips cottage at 6.40am. I drove first part over most of the mountain. Did about 50 miles and had breakfast. On road again at 9.30am. Ron got car sick. Odgie told us Glors bag had fallen out! Went back and picked up. Ron drove to Walcha. 126 miles. 1pm. Had lunch there. Light rain set in. Drove to Bendemeer and met Jim and Beryle Meredith where they took Elizabeth. Tamworth at 4.30pm. Cuppa tea there. Arrived "Quondah" at 7pm. Tea there then home.


Tues. 25th Feb.

First crop sowed on our farm on "Yarrabah"! Col and Alex Chad came over and sowed oats into our 3 acres with tractor and combine. Got this bag of oats off Alex Symonds, clean

Tues. 4th March.

I drove to “Quondah” for the day. Helped the team of woodcutters. Cyril and I drew in 8 loads fire wood. Max Saunders, Alan, Eric and Jack were working on the bench and tree felling saw.

Glor made 17 lb of grape jam and preserved 12 jars of grapes.


Thur. 6Th March.

Glor, 2 kiddies and I drove to “Quondah”. Picked up load of lucerne hay and took in to Willow Tree. Dad went in with us. Ron arrived back by truck from deepwater. Our 700 odd ewes arrived at 6pm. All had tea in there. Helped unload sheep. Gave them hay in School Reserve.


Fri. 7th March.

Breakfast early and I drove to “Quondah”. Picked up Max Saunders at corner. Max, Alan, Eric and Cyril cut wood all day on “Boolawa” using tree felling saw and tractor and saw bench. I drew in 4 loads firewood with Max's truck. Max brought one load home for me. About ten ton of wood sawn for me today.


Tues. 11th March.

I had the day in Quirindi. Joined Dad, Mum and Alan at Binghams and went up in back of their truck. Purchased a cyclone gate at £2-17-6. Ordered a truck load of ironbark posts from Bradshaw of Premer at £12 per 100. 2 pairs of navy shorts at 13/6 from Reillys.


Thur. 13Th March.

Drove to “Quondah” for start of shearing. Helped Alan, Ron and Jack crutch about 70 lambs. Dick Winnett and Jack started shearing after first smoko. They shore 153 x-bred ewes today. Dad is not fit to do any shed work. Drove home via Binghams.


Sat. 22nd March.

Up to Quirindi show. Great programme of events. Neil spent most of the day with Malcolm. Rode on merry-go-round. Nice cool cloudy day but very dusty. Brought Nancy Symonds and baby home.


Wed. 26th March.

Dick and Jack shore 204 ewes today. Wool is not so good as it was the “Quondah” ewes. Load of 27 bales went away today. Eric Green has taken over the carrying from Max Saunders.


Tues. 1st April.

I took load of 12 new ironbark posts up to east end of farm paddock. Alex and Ron Symonds and the new bride drove down in their Blitz wagon and transported 7 posts and 3 struts up to top end. I measured lane and put in sight posts. Glor and Odgie attended ladies meeting to arrange catering for our sports day on 19th April.


Fri. 4th April.

Glor was very sick all day from morning sickness. Neil and I drove to Willow Tree at 8.15am. Our 600 ewes and lambs returned from Deepwater by train today. Ron came down with them. No losses on train. Called at “Quondah” on the way home.


Sat. 5th April.

Easter tennis tournament on at Quirindi. Alan, Cyril, Jack, Arthur, Aud, Verna and Noel all playing.

Neil and I rode up to farm paddock cutting burrs. Finished all gullies there. Neil is getting on very well on 'Bluebell'.


Mon. 7th April.

Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove up to Quirindi to watch finals of Easter tennis tournament. We saw some good tennis. Audrey and Verna won the ladies doubles. Verna beaten by Miss Joyce Martin in singles final. Verna and Noel beaten in mixed doubles final. Dad and Mum up there too.


Tues. 8th April.

Glor is not well today. She had a nasty fainting turn this morning. Rang Dr. Cooper and he said she should be OK. She spent most of day in bed. Got the boys tea and put them to bed.

Received urgent call. Dad has had heart attack. Drove straight over to “Quondah”. Got there at 9.30pm. Dr. Cooper there. Says there is no hope for poor old Dad.


Wed. 9th April.

I stayed with Mum, Alan and Ron at dads bedside till 2.30am. Drove home then to bed. Phone call at 7am. Dad is still lingering but failing. Glor, the kiddies and I drove over at 9.30am. Dad knew us all and spoke and smiled at Glor, Neil and Roger, but began to sink soon after.

Poor old Dad passed away at 12 noon. Sister Noelene Fitzpatrick was there right through. We all stayed for the day.

[Ernest was 71 years old.]


Thur. 10Th April.

We drove to Warrah Creek church to attend Dad's funeral service at 10am. Our three vehicles followed hearse to Willow Tree. 34 cars followed poor Dads remains. 15 more cars in at cemetary. Arthur, Eric Wood, Ron and Myself were pall bearers. We drove to “Quondah” for lunch and stayed for the rest of the day.


Mon. 14th April.

I met the 3.20am paper train at Willow tree and brought Nanna out to stay for a few weeks. Glor is still not well. Drove to “Quondah” for the day. Our autumn shearing is still in progress. Cyril and Jack shore 144 ewes.


Tues. 15th April.

I drove to “Quondah” for the day. Jack and Cyril shore 160 ewes. Jack had to go home at 4.30pm as Mavis was seriously ill. Ambulance took her to Quirindi. Mr and Mrs Sedgewick left “Quondah” and went to Quirindi to be with Mavis. Mavis had serious operation for an internal haemorrhage and she lost their infant.


Fri. 18th April.

Drove into Binghams and joined Mum, Alan and Ron. Picked up auntie Em. Drove to Quirindi and had days shopping. Our family went to our lawyer, Ken Thomas and he read Dads will. Alan and Ron are the executors.


Sat. 19th April.

Neils cough has improved and he got up after breakfast. I rode down all “Yarrabah” gullies and cut burrs. Some big burrs in seed so I burnt them.

Luke and Enid came over for the evening. Luke has a 1933 B model Ford single seater with dickie seat.


Sat. 26th April.

Finished our shearing today. Jack and Cyril shore 130 ewes. We got 51 bales all up. All of us and Nanna drove to “Quondah” for the day.


Tues. 29th April.

I drove over to “Quondah” after breakfast. Helped Alan, Ron, Cyril and Jack dip the ewes. We finished dipping at about 10.30am. We pressed 4 bales of wool before dinner.

We received word that poor old Uncle Alf had passed away.


Wed. 30th April.

I drove down to Scone with Mum, Dette, and Ron in the car. We all attended Uncle Alf's funeral. Service at Scone church at 3pm. Moved out to Thornthwaite church. Service there at 4pm and burial service at the cemetary. All had tea in Scone before coming home. Saw Uncle Arthur who is fairly ill. Auntie Lu is still in Murrurundi hospital.

[Uncle Alf Barwick was 75 years old. He was married to Gertie and they had no children. Alf was Ernests brother, and Lucy Brechts and auntie Vi's brother.]


Fri. 2nd May.

We all drove to Quirindi for the day. Took Nanna who had her hair permed. We all had our lunch at Victory tea rooms. Neil and I drove with Ron, Leon Saunders and Col Logan to Werris Creek and out to Mr Falke's place. Inspected 570 X-bred ewes. We bought 411 at £2-0-0 per head.


Sat. 10th May.

Annual Rodeo in at Willow Tree. We took Nanna in for the day. Ron Symonds and I ran the spinning wheel. Made £26.


Wed. 14th May.

We packed our bags this morning and loaded everything into Betsy. Nanna also packed up ready to leave. We drove over to “Quondah” and left Nanna there. Had cuppa and left “Quondah” at Midday. Drove down to Scone and had lunch. Drove out on the Kars Springs, Bunnan Road. Called at the Thornthwaite cemetary and I looked around the graves of all our ancestors. Arrived at “Lemongrove” at 5pm. Walter Ashford is also staying there.


Thur. 15Th May.

Had a good old yarn with Walter Ashford who is staying at Cyrils. Cyril and Noel [Ashford] rounded up 10 bullocks and yolked them up. Noel hooked the team up to a springtooth cultivator. He cultivated a little paddock at the house. Also started another paddock at top of hill on eastern side. Walter drove home this afternoon.

The "Lemongrove" bullock team.
Another photo of the bullock team at "Lemongrove".

Fri. 16th May.

Noel finished cultivating another small paddock with them team of ten bullocks. I rode with Cyril and mustered a paddock of young sheep. After dinner I helped Noel and Cyril crutch about 180 wethers and ewes.


Sat. 17th May.

Afternoon we all drove with Cyril, May, Vernie and Noel up Kars Springs to Stan Schytrumphs place. I played 4 sets of tennis with the party. Stan, Beryle, Vernon and Everard. Met Olive and their baby Laurel. Cyril, Verna and Noel also played tennis. Had afternoon tea there.


Sun. 18th May.

May, Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove to “Summer Hill” and saw Eva, Ina and Joe. Had lazy afternoon. Arthur and Audrey arrived here for the night. Noel returned home, bringing his girl, Sis Goodworth.


Mon. 19th May.

Neil and I were up early this morning and had breakfast with Cyril and Arthur. Neil and I drove Cyril down to the farm. Uncle Alf's old farm. Helped Cyril round up two mobs of sheep. Cleaned up a few fly blown ones. Rode out with Cyril at “Lemon Grove” and mustered two small paddocks.


Tues. 20th May.

Having a lovely time at “Lemon Grove”. May and Vernie play a lot with our two little boys. Audrey is also staying here. After lunch we drove over to Sparkes Creek and called in to see Luke and Enid. Neil and I walked up to Mt Kent and saw Cyril and Noel. They were crutching wethers. Called back and saw Luke and Arthur who were poisoning briars.


Wed. 21st May.

We spent our last night at “Lemon Grove”. We packed our ports this morning and loaded up Betsy. Left Cyrils at 2pm. We called at “Summer Hill” and Eva and Ina showed us through the big house. Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove up the Kars Springs road, over the Gap, and down through Kars Springs. Drove around through Bunnan. First time I had been that way. Arrived at “Wattle Glen” at 5pm. Very nice welcome. Mabel came along and we played euchre at night.


Thur. 22Nd May.

At “Wattle Glen”. Glor, Neil, Roger and I drove down after breakfast to see Albert, Bonnie and their three children. [Albert Pike and Averil Ruth Ashford].Back to Walter Ashfords for dinner. Home to Oswalds for tea.


Fri. 23rd May.

Spent the second night with Millie, Oswald and Ivy at “Wattle Glen”. We packed all our luggage in Betsy and left there at 10.20am. Drove into Scone in time for the cattle sale. Very big yarding. Our top yard of lambs sold at 39/4. 140 old ewes sold for 21/4. We did a bit of shopping. Arrived home before dark. 

Wed. 28th May.

Neil went to school today. Glor and I drove to Quirindi for the day. Left Roger at “Quondah” with Grandma. Took Betsy to Carrington's garage. Had new king pins and bushes put in. Also new brake linings in the front. 43,300 miles. Glor got a very good report from Dr. Cooper. Everything is OK.


Thur. 5Th June.

35 points of rain this morning. Making 81 points since yesterday. Glor, Roger and I drove to “Quondah” for the day. Greased Betsy. Brought back half a lamb for rations.


Fri. 6th June.

I yarded our 105 X-bred ewes from my 3 acre oats paddock. Loaded them onto E Greens truck at 7am. Drove to Willow Tree with Ron, then to Scone with Col Logan, Ern Brecht, Phil Doyle and Les Barwick. Good market. 95 lambs at 39/7. Ten ram lambs at 32/6. One wooly ewe at 45/6.

Got 6 privot plants at 5/ from Scone school. Found Odgies teddy bear that he left behind.


Sat. 7th June.

Glor and I laid down lino on our back veranda. We bought it at Rimbers sale at Caroona.

Spent afternoon at Jacks Creek tennis courts. Helped Hector, Wallace and Col Chad remeasure the southern court and marked it out.


Tues. 10th June.

Took Odgie with me and drove to “Quondah”. Brought home 130 lbs of beef from the bally calf we slaughtered yesterday. Started up the Electrolux and put the meat in.

Helped Glor plant out two rows of hedge plants in the borders of the front path. Neil helped me take up a load of 11 split posts to top of “Yarran”.


Wed. 11th June.

Up early this morning. Drove to top end of “Yarran” farm to start new fence. Laneing off the road with netting fence to cut off Duncombs rabbits. Alan, Ron and Jack came over for the day. We erected all the straining posts. Strutted the strainers. Erected two tall posts for the gateway.

[They spent the next 10 days working on the new fence.]


Mon. 16th June.

Willow Tree Red Cross day held at Warrah Creek. Glor and Grandma had the fancy stall. £13-4-8 taken. Ron Symonds and I ran the spinning wheel. Cleared £20. Takings for the whole day £75.


Sat. 21st June.

Spent day working on the Jacks Creek tennis courts. Hector, Col and Alex Chad and I watered and top dressed the southern court. Bill Clay came along and we rolled both courts and lined them. Then Bill and Thel Bingham came along and we played a few hours of tennis.


Mon. 23rd June.

Helped Glor put through the washing. Odgie and I drew in a load of apple box wood for the open fire. Split up stove wood and refilled the wood shed. Cut up piece of linoleum ready for laying down in the bathroom.


Wed. 25th June.

Drove to Quirindi for the day. Left Betsy at Carringtons. Had new asbestos brake linings. New connections on steering tie rod. Left the two Goodyear tires at Carringtons for retreads. Tires have done 9000 miles. We left Roger with Grandma for the day.


Sat. 28th June.

Tennis tourney on our Jacks Creek courts in aid of Warrah Subdivision Red Cross. About £35 taken. 52 players on the two courts.

Jack and Mavis came along for the evening. Had tea with us.


Sun. 29th June.

Jacks Creek verses McDonalds Creek tennis. 3 ladies and 3 gents. We won 7 sets to 5.


Tues. 1st July.

Finished the job of swinging new 14 foot gate out of house paddock. Adjusted the overhead wire. Strained up 3 strains of fence. Chopped off big limb from box tree. Rode down and chased ewes to the water.

Arthur and Audrey came over for the evening. They told us the 'good news'!


Mon. 7th July.

Neil and Malcolm are now in 2nd class.

Trimmed up some ironbark posts ready for erecting new line of fence to divide sheep yard. Dug four holes and erected posts. Yarded 21 sheep and lambs belonging to the people of the district. Ron Symonds collected them for the 'Food for Britain Appeal'.


Fri. 11th July.

Put in a good day on sheep yards. Finished tying on top pole of second panel. Completed whole of the third panel and swung the gate at south end of fence. That completes the job except for putting fasteners on the gates.

Roger spends most of the day with me playing about. He says a lot of funny things. Like “OK Daddy Barwick”.


Mon. 14th July.

Went up the “Cooroga” shed to help with Wallace's shearing. Wallace and Hector are shearing and Ted and I are doing the shed work. It is very good wool. I do all the picking up and Ted and I skirt the fleeces and pick the pieces.


Fri. 18th July.

Eric Green brought me two loads of gravel from Tollbar and put on our road into house.

I finished shed work at “Carooga” after dark. Ted and I only pressed 6 bales for Wallace. Left about ten bales in the shed. Wallace paid me in full £6 for 4 days work. They supplied me with dinner and teas up there.


Sat. 19th July.

All day tourney on Jacks Creek tennis court. In aid of our hall fund. Takings were £30. Glor worked all day and brought kids home after tea. I helped run the tennis and stayed till finish of the dance. Played the drums for Dot at piano.


Tues. 22nd July.

7 points rain this morning. We drove to “Quondah” this morning and got our beef from the heifer calf we killed yesterday. Nearly half the calf. Later, went up to Arthurs for lunch. I drove Arthur up the mountain to his sawmill. Brought down a load of battens. Stayed for tea with Arthur and Aud.


Wed. 23rd July.

I drove over to have day helping Arthur with first part of frame work of his new house. Campbell Sharp and Jack are helping Arthur erect his new house. We erected framework of lounge room and 1st bedroom.

Glor and Roger had the day with Ern and Lucy. We met Dean Handsaker and his wife and children. Neil at school.


Wed. 30th July.

Shifted ten more ewes and lambs into “Yarran”. Fed the remainder 300 ewes on “Yarrabah” on corn.

Glor and I drove to Quirindi for the afternoon. Glor saw the doctor. Everything OK. Got the two new retreads. £2-8-6 on front tires. Did spot of shopping. We stayed up for the pictures. Saw “Bitter Sweet” with Janette McDonald and Nelson Eddy.


Sat. 2nd Aug.

Played tennis at “Currugundi”. They beat our team 8 sets to 4 sets. We took Bess Potts with us. Our team was Bess Potts, Madge Dellar, Mrs Tourle, Keith Tourle, Alex Chad and myself.


Fri. 8th Aug.

I planted out a small peach tree. Its an Elberta that Pop Ferris grafted. Sprayed all the grape vines and fruit trees with bordeax mixture. Found white ants in the small peach tree.

Neil and Odgie had the afternoon at Malcolms birthday party.


Thur. 14Th Aug.

Glor, Neil, Odgie and I drove to “Quondah” for the days shearing. Vic and Cyril are shearing the X-bred ewes that we bought recently. They did 131 today. I shore a few. A rotten cold wind all day.


Sat. 16th Aug.

Afternoon tennis tourney in aid of Jacks Creek tennis club. About 40 players. I won the gents prize with 17 games. Mrs. A Sevil won the ladies. Took £9-15 for the afternoon.


Sun. 17th Aug.

All day tennis tourney at Murrurundi. Jacks Creek 8 sets to Murra 8 sets. I went down with Hector and family. Glor and the boys spent the day with Renee. A family of Gypsys arrived at Jacks Creek hall and camped there. A man and his wife and 5 children.


Thur. 21St Aug.

Odgies 3rd birthday. He had a great day. Mummy gave him a party at tea time. We gave him a set of blocks. Grandma sent him a parcel, also Uncle Alan.

I met Ron in at Binghams. Drove to Quirindi to stock sale. Milking cows and heifers. Ron bought a cow at £14.


Sat. 30th Aug.

All day tennis tourney in aid of Jacks Creek club. 56 players. Mrs. Harvey Sevil won the ladies. I won the gents with 30 games. I M.C'd the dance at night. Played the drums with Dot on piano.

Glor took Neil to stay with Arthur and Aud. They went to a picnic at “Strathleigh”.


Sat. 5th Sept.

Glor, Roger and I drove to Quirindi for the day. Glor paid her regular visit to Dr. Cooper. She is doing great. Lunch at Victory Tea Rooms. We saw six bands of marching girls, one lot from New Zealand. I purchased 6 iron gates. Two at 11 foot for £3-9-6 each. Two at 8 foot for £2-15 each. Two at 5 foot for 55/the pair. Ordered roofing iron from Co-Op Society.


Mon. 8th Sept.

Glor, Odgie and I drove to “Quondah” for the day to finish our shearing. Jack is in one stand and Ron and I took turns in the other. We shore 127 new X-bred ewes and a few ration sheep. Also crutched over 100 young lambs.


Tues. 9th Sept.

We drove over to Arthurs for lunch. I spent rest of the day with Arthur and Campbell who are building cement blocks for the fireplaces. All framework of Arthurs new home is up. We picked up Neil from Arthurs and Auds after his holiday there. I killed a ration sheep.


Sat. 13th Sept.

Noel Cover shod 'Mischief' with new shoes. I rode her up to Dellar's for Madge to ride to school. Glor drove up and picked me up. Working bee on Jacks Creek tennis courts. Chipped round both courts, watered and rolled them. We put a bit more ant bed on south end court.


Sun. 14th Sept.

Keith Saunders with his rotary hoe cultivated a bit more of our garden.

Our tennis team played Binghams no. 1 team at Jacks Creek. Jacks won 6 sets, 45 games to Binghams 3 sets 36 games.


Wed. 17th Sept.

Drove in and joined Ron and went up to Quirindi with him to attend stock sale. Dave York's. We purchased 174 corriedale ewe hoggets at 37/2 per head.

I interviewed Mr. Grant re building our new veranda and also application for timber and iron.

Ron Sevils farewell party. Great crowd in hall. I helped play drums. Nance Symonds stayed with Glor.


Sun. 21st Sept.

I went over and got Jethro Palmer. He branded our pony colt 'Dimple'. Glor took him home.

Played all day match verses “Curragundi”. We won 16 sets to 10 sets.


Thur 25th Sept.

Up at 5am. Took farm paddock ewes and lambs from my yards to Hectors shed for crutching. Back home for breakfast. Milked cows, etc. Helped Alan, Ron and Jack crutch 270 ewes and lambs. We then shore 20 X-bred hoggets. Finished at 3pm.

Keith and Joyce Sedgwick and two children and Mum were here for the afternoon.


Wed. 1st Oct.

Rained most of the day. We drove to Quirindi and Pop Ferris caught the flyer to Tamworth after spending a few days here. Glor had a good report from Dr. Cooper. I consulted him about my bad hip. He said it is an attack of rheumation. Gave me medicine and advised massage and hot water bottles and baths.

Glor purchased a kerosene heater for £3-9-0 at Roundtrees. I bought ten sets of louvers at £2-1-6.


Wed. 8th Oct.

Rented “Yarran” cottage to telephone linesman at 12/6 per month. Starting 7th October.

Glor, Rogie and I drove to “Quondah” for the day. Picked up Foster Carter. He's coming to help. We dipped 500 ewes and 300 lambs. Cructched the 300 lambs before dipping them. Took load of firewood home.


Sat. 11th Oct.

Childrens annual athletic sports in Willow Tree. I took Neil in. I had charge of the high jumps.

Arthur and Aud came for tea. Wallace, Renee and children called after tea.


Thur. 16Th Oct.

Glor, Roger and I met Ron at Binghams. He had Jim and Beryle in car too. We drove to Tamworth for the day. We inspected mob of ewes and lambs at 56/6 per head but ewes too old. Inspected 300 X-bred ewe hoggets owned by Everingham. Bought 200 of the fine wooled ewes at 46/- per head. Neil stayed at Chads until we arrived.


Sat. 18th Oct.

Sports day on our “Yarrabah” ground in aid of Jacks Creek hall. Very successful function. £75 cleared. Great crowd at sports and at the dance. Neil rode 'Bluebell' in best childs pony and got second prize. Neil also tied for best boy rider under 8 years old.


Tues. 21st Oct.

83 points of rain during night. [This is on top of three inches in last few weeks.]

Terry Fitz landed here with 52 “Strathmore” steers. [From Pop Ferris in Bundarra]

Steers are in fair condition. 22 black polls, remainder reds, roans, ballies.

Ron arrived here on sheep float with 190 two tooth X-bred ewes that we bought in Tamworth. Turned then into “Yarrabah”.


Thur. 23Rd Oct.

We drove to “Quondah” in the morning. Had dinner there. Changed new tire onto back of Betsy. Jack and Alan are building new kitchen at Rons.

Glor, Roger and I drove up to Sam Saunders place to find Nita Saunders. Glor engaged her to come here on Sunday to have a few weeks helping in the house. Wage 25/-.


Sat. 25th Oct.

Ron Symonds cut tracks through the thistles on “Yarran plain with his tractor and disk plough. He did a great job. Tracks across from timber to the mill, up old fence to the shack, down to cross track and to the north west corner. Also bad barley grass everywhere but it's not dry yet.

After dinner, Ron and I drafted off 2 trucks of lambs from plain and farm paddocks. Lanbs very good.


Sun. 2nd Nov.

All drove over to Arthurs. Saw new house. He has roof on and most of the walls. Then up to “Quondah” where we had a big day of tennis.


Tues. 4th Nov.

I drove across farm paddock to “Silsoe”. Helped the Symonds brothers stook some wheaten hay. We stooked the hay round three side of the big paddock joining farm paddock. Had lunch with them.


Wed. 5th Nov.

Up at 4.30am. Rode down “Yarrabah” and mustered ewes and lambs to my yards before breakfast. Terrific body of feed. Nita helped me draft off the fly blown. I spent most of the remainder of the day cleaning up the fly blown ewes and lambs. Some of the young ewes were blown over the back. Some badly. Mowed the lawn. Neil mowed a bit too.


Thur. 13Th Nov.

Peter Martin took 'Jewel' and 'Dimple' away to break them in.

Col Logans 24 steers arrived at “Yarrabah”. I mustered farm paddock to “Yarran” yards before breakfast. Glor and Rogie went up with me and helped me draft off the flyblown. 6 ewes very bad, had to shear 3 of them, one died. Rotten job. We drove to “Quondah” for lunch. Got 3, one gallon drums of the fly dressing. Alan, Ron and Jack crutched the “Yarrabah” mob.


Mon. 17th Nov.

Our baby boy, Timothy, Peter born at 11.15am. I drove Glor to Quirindi at 9am. Rang at 12 noon and heard the good news. Saw Glor and baby at 2pm. Both are doing splendid. Up again at 7pm. Staying at the Terminus Hotel.


Tues. 18th Nov.

Saw Glor again in Shirley this morn. She had a very bad night. Severe pains. Baby Timmothy is doing fine. Up again after lunch. Took Glor a feed of fish and chips. Also fruit and buscuits. Did some shopping. Drove to “Quondah” and picked up Neil and Odgie at Willow Tree.


Sun. 23rd Nov.

Drove to “Quondah” and left Neil there. Took Audrey to Quirindi and we saw Glor and Timmy. Drove back to Arthurs and had tea there.


Thur. 27Th Nov.

Drove to “Quondah” and picked up Odgie. We went to Quirindi to pick up Glor and Timmy. Both look fine and we left Shirley at 3pm. I registered Timmy for birth certificate. We met the flyer and Dawn Seymour who is coming as companion help for a couple of months.


[Its been a wet few months and it's about to get wetter. They get 7 more inches by years end!]


Fri. 5th Dec.

Drove into Willow Tree, taking Dawn, and picked up Ron and Barry Barwick. Went with Col Logan to Scone sales. Great market! Our 132 suckers averaged 43/1. Highest prices we have ever received. 67 old ewes averaged 35/4. Saw Mum who in staying at Uncle Arthurs.


Sun. 7th Dec.

We drove to Arthurs for the afternoon. He has finished the fireplaces. Dawn spent the afternoon at Uncle Harolds.


Tues. 9th Dec.

Ron, Rogie and I drove in Betsy to Scone. Went to Campbells and collected our new 2 stand M.V. Shearing plant. £106. Salesman Jack Marshall came up here and installed the plant in the “Yarran” cottage on the verandah. Ron and I shore 18 ewes with the new M.V. Plant. Heavy rain here.


Thur. 11Th Dec.

Ron and Vic drove over here to shear the “Yarran” fly blown ewes. I started up the new shearing plant and we shore 90 ewes and hoggets on the verandah. Also cleaned about 10 more fly blown ewes and lambs. Rained all day. 73 points. I got Betsy bogged in “Yarran” paddock.

[Col Chad pulled Betsy out of the bog late the next day with his tractor.]


[They are all pretty much flat out trying to save all their sheep from getting flyblown. Thats all they do, every day.]


Mon. 15th Dec.

Alan and his party, Jack, Mavis, and Cyril returned home from Port Macquarie.

I drove to “Quondah” to shear the flyblown ewes myself. Ron is sick with the flu, but Alan turned up and helped me. This is the worst time for fly blown sheep in the history of Warrah closer settlement!


A photo taken of Mavis, Alan and Cyril from their camping trip to Port Macquarie.

Thur. 18Th Dec.

Mustered the 72 old ewes and 24 lambs from farm paddock and took to Noel Covers yards. Rafe Howard took them down to Scone.

I got the “Yarrabah” sheep in. Found 51 of them fly blown. Vic came over and we shore 35 of them after 2.45pm. More rain during afternoon.


Sat. 20th Dec.

I mustered “Yarrabah” again this morning early. Drafted out all the wooly ewes, 114 and turned them into “Yarran”.

Helped put up the christmas tree in the hall and decorate it. Xmas tree and dance at night. As president of P.and C. I made presentation to Madge Dellar. Gave out prizes. Neil got cup and two books and was dux again.


Thur. 25th Dec. 

85 points of rain during the night and this morning. Neil and Odgie awoke early. Great excitement opening their Xmas stockings. Glor and I had a sleep in the afternoon. Glor gave me a beaut “Biro” fountain pen. It has the ball up inside instead of old type. Late arfternoon we drove to “Quondah”. Large party there for Xmas tea. 


Sun. 28th Dec. 

Had Timothy christened in St Cuthberts. Mum and Alan came over too. 


Mon. 29th Dec. 

Mustered 'Yarran” before breakfast. Cleaned up the flyblown ewes. Drove up to Covers to help Alex Symonds sew wheat bags. Had to return home as Pop Ferris arrived at 3pm. Pop and I had a look at his 51 head of steers. Inspected our shorn wool in “Yarran” cottage. He valued it at 28 per pound. 




[1948 was an OK year for rain. 22 inches fell, evenly spaced through the year.]


Mon. 5th Jan. 

Continued our 'Autumn' shearing today. Jack and Cyril came up to “Quondah” after lunch. Commenced shearing ewes from “Yarran”. I drove to “Quondah” this morning and Alan and ron and I crutched 160 lambs and some cull ewes. 

[I don't know much about sheep, but I'm guessing the reason the sheep are being shorn now is its the only way to contain them getting flyblown after the last few months of constant rain. Thankfully the weather returns now to a more normal dryer system. They had 30 inches for 1947, but most of that was in the last part of the year.] 


Thur. 8Th Jan. 

Shearing continued at “Quondah”. We are shearing now as flies are striking them on the body. We get 20 to 50 blown ewes every day. Cyril and Jack are shearing. 

Ron spent day getting old ewes and suckers ready for Scone sale. Sending per motor truck. 


Fri. 9th Jan. 

I drove to Willow Tree. Joined Col Logan. Drove to Scone. Gus Sevil, Arnold Martin, Les and Tony also in truck. Excellent sale for sheep and cattle. Bullocks to £23. 15 suckers at 41/10. I saw auntie Gertie during afternoon.  

Ron, Dette and Susan left to spend fortnight at Port Stephens.


Mon. 12th Jan. 

53 points rain during the night. More rain this morning. Dawn and I drove to “Quondah” for the day. Cyril and Jack finished our general shearing today. Alan and I did the shed work. Wool is in rotten condition. Plenty of ewes fly blown on the body. 


Sat. 17th Jan. 

We all drove to “Quondah” and had lunch with Alan and Mum. Went up to “Cedar Vale” to get Sylvia who is coming to look after Timothy for a few days while Glor travels up to Bundarra.  

Went with Arthur Greenham up to Hectors. He bought 12 bags of wheat off Hector at 15/- per bag.


Sun. 25th Jan.

Glor took the three boys to church. Bob Stafford, builder, rode over fron Sparkes Creek. Looked at Yarran cottage and gave me quote of £120 to move the cottage over to my yards for a shearing shed. Bob had lunch with us and started home about 3pm.

Keith Saunders came over to discuss our trip to The Entrance. We offered him accommodation with us and he accepted.


Fri. 30th Jan.

Glor and Dawn cut up and preserved three Fowler Outfits of our elberta peaches. They have now done 37 jars of peaches, 8 jars of pears and 16 jars of apricots.

Ron came over and we ran "Yarrabah" ewes through the yards. Culled 51 aged ewes out and took them to the farm paddock. I mustered Yarran plain and we looked through them and the 50 woolen ewes as well.


Mon. 2nd Feb.

Big day! Up at 4.10am. Packed Betsy with our holiday luggage. Dawn Seymour and Sylvia also helped. Keith Saunders landed here at 5am to travel with us. Left home at 6.15am for The Entrance. Singleton at 9.30. Light refreshments at Newcastle. Landed at The Entrance at 2pm. Settled into "Yamba Cottage" after having dinner. Neil, Odgie and Timmy were marvellous.


Tues. 3rd Feb.

All well settles at Yamba Cottage, at The Entrance. Surf is no good, too much sea weed for surfing. All went to the baths before lunch and had a dip. Down to the channel after lunch, Keith, Neil and Roger. Had a swim. Great spot for the children. Sent telegram to say we arrived safely. Beautiful sunny day.


Thur. 5th Feb.

Weather was rather unsettled this morning but fined up later. Drove down town and did a spot of shopping and home for lunch. Drove down again this arvo and hired a surf ski for an hours fun. Water warm and had great fun.

Glor and I went to the pictures and saw "Bulldog Drumond hits back".


Fri. 6th Feb.

Beautiful hot sunny day. Fed Timmy at 6.30am and all went in for our first surf of this holiday. Very good but too many rocks in surf. At 11am we all drove Betsy to Long-Jetty. Had lunch near lake. Sunbaked in sand. Then hired three paddle boats for Glor, Neil and I. Keith got one each for himself and Sylvia and we all went together. Keith and Sylvi went to the flicks tonight.


Tues. 17th Feb.

Good rain during the night. Received telegram from Alan. Audrey had baby daughter yesterday. Also a letter from Mum and Alan.

All had a lazy morning. Neil and I went down town and got a rolled roast for dinner. Also beans and a pumpkin. Jack and Mavis called here on their way home from Sydney. We all drove to Toowoon Bay for the afternoon. Keith and Sylvia went in a boat fishing. They attended the dance tonight.


Thur. 19th Feb.

Received letter from Ron, and I posted one to Alan. After late breakfast we packed some lunch and drove round to North Entrance over the bridge. Had lunch. Walked over the sand hill to the beach. All had some lovely surfing. Tried out Alan's "Surfoplane". Good breakers. Drove home. Keith and Sylvia went to the flicks while we drove out to Les Manuals at Blue Bay. Had nice evening with the family.


Mon. 23rd Feb.

Rose early and finished packing up. Keith and I finished loading Betsy with our goods and chattels. Had breakfast at 7am. Left The Entrance at 8am. Drove through Newcastle at 10am. Stopped at Maitland for lunch. Heavy rain there. Left at 1pm. Reached Scone at 3pm. Went and visited Audrey at Brancaster hospital. Saw her new daughter Joycelyne. On home. Called at Binghams. 6 gallons of petrol making total of 28 gallons used for 540 miles. Home at 6pm. Mum and Ron had house clean and fire made.


Sat. 28th Feb.

Col Chad came over with his tractor and cultivator and tore up my 3 acre oats paddock. Athol helped me cut and cleasr off all the melon vines. Col also had a go at cultivating a one and a half acre portion between the windmill and creek but too much rubbish and didn't finish. Killed a 38 lb shorn lamb for rations.


Sun. 29th Feb.

Up at daylight and cut up the ration sheep. Milked cows. Then it commenced raining at 9am. Rained all day. Very heavy by late. measured 296 points.


Thur. 11th March.

[Written by Gloryna] Up in good time and dashed into Quirindi to inspect house for Mum and Dad. Very satisfactory at price £995. Rang Pearsons from agents. Lunch at Victory. Called at Binghams. Bought 3 gallons petrol. Bought cream paint for painting house at 42/6 per gallon. Rang Joy regarding contacting Dad about house.


Mon. 15th March.

Ron purchased 470 corriedale ewes, 4 to 6 tooth at Kings Plains, out from Glen Innes. Ewes are dry shorn Sept. Price 57/6 per head. Will cost us another 2/6 per head to land them here.


Tues 16th March.

My cough is still worrying me quite a bit. Glor and Rogie still have coughs which have hung around for about five weeks.

Got held up a lot today through phone calls regarding agistment for more of Pop Ferris's cattle. Secured Harvey Sevils country for 100 head of young cattle at 9 per week if Pop wants it? Glor picked a tub of peaches at "Yarran" Cut up 20 lb for jam. Killed lamb for rations.


Sun. 21st March.

Mowed some of the lawn this morning. Afternoon we all drove to "Quondah" to see Mum and Alan. We drove on to Arthurs for tea. First time we had called on them since arrival of their baby daughter. Also saw their new home, which they moved into recently.


Tues. 23rd March.

Glor, Rogie and Timmy went with me to "Yarran" cottage. I cleaned up 25 "Yarran" ewes and lambs that were flyblown. After dinner I rode round "Yarrabah" ewes and brought them up here. Shut them and the 16 rams in the oats paddock for the night.

Started to cut a few burrs but the pony bucked and threw me. I fell on the hoe and hurt my left side. Found I have a cracked rib.


Thur. 25th March.

Col Chad cultivated the 3 acre oat paddock before lunch. Turned in a beautiful crop of self sown oats with his combine. Col Logan called to look at his 12 bullocks. I drove to Willow Tree and brought out Alex and Athol Chad. Did a spot of business at Binghams and Rountrees.

Rogie walked up to school today with Neil and did half a day there.


Fri. 26th March.

All of us packed into Betsy this morning. Drove to Willow Tree  to collect our new corriedale ewes from Glen Innes. Got them out of WT stock route. Ewes travelled extra well. Made Binghams by midday. Glor walked nearly all the way home. Neil and Odgie rode their dinkies a good way. Arrived home at 5pm. Turned the ewes onto "Yarrabah" with 19 rams. Timmy enjoyed the day and was a wonderful baby.


Sat. 3rd April.

All left here per Betsy at 7.30am. Picked up Arthur and Aud at Binghams. Glor drove to Tamworth and we arrived there at 9.15am. Eric Wood joined Arthur and me at tiber sale at Sanders clearance sale. I purchased two oregon boards at £1 each. 20 feet long. All went to Woods for lunch. We then all went to auntie Grace's. Glor, Aud, Odgie and Timmy stayed there for the afternoon. Arthur, Eric and I drove to Terry Friend's at Neminga and inspected Fordson 38 model on rubbers at £310. Didn't make a deal. Home at 8pm.


Wed. 7th April.

I drove up to the shack. Mustered farm paddock to "Yarran" yard. Ran them through and cleaned up all the dirty ones. About a dozen flyblown. Drafted out all old cull ewes and shorn ewe lambs and turned them back into "Yarrabah".

Glor preserved 7 jars of pineapples. I bought a case of pineapples at £1 including freight from Port Macquarie.


Sat. 10th April.

Left here in Betsy at 1.30pm. Called at "Quondah" on business. Discussed the possibility of purchasing a new Prefect 10 HP sedan? Decided to try for a permit?

Drove up Warrah Creek to Arthur's hut. Left Betsy there. Walked over Scott's mountain. The going was pretty tough. Arrived at "Lemongrove" before dark. Went with Cyril [Ashford], Verna, Noel, Sis, Bob and Ken Stafford eel bashing after tea.


Sun. 11th April.

Discussed with Bob Stafford the job of building a crutching shed and also a new car shed? He took contract job for £75. I left "Lemongrove" at 2pm. Walked to the top in an hour. Called at Arthurs for a while. Landed home before dark.


Tues. 13th April.

Drove to "Quondah" and helped dip ewes from "Belmont" and the new corriedales from Glen Innes. Finished before lunch. Had dinner with Alan and Mum.

Helped Glor and Bess Potts clean the hall. They got tables ready for the gift evening tonight.

Gift evening to Madge Dellar. Great crowd and plenty of gifts. Wallabadah orchestra. I was doorkeeped and made presentation. Went home at 11pm to watch the kids. Glor stayed a while longer.


Wed, 14th April.

Wally Martin brought 'Jewel' and 'Dimple' home after he and Peter Martin broke them in. Both are amazingly quiet and they are not three years old yet. Roger rode 'Bluebell' on his own for the first time today. Let him go in the clothes line paddock.


Fri. 16th April.

Our 84 lambs out of plain paddock sold at Scone saleyards. 50 lambs at 43/4. 34 lambs at 42/10. 16 aged ewes at 35/.

Ron purchased 85 merino/border leicester cross ewes, 4 tooth, at 56/7, in lamb, about 2 months.

Helped Glor paint the kitchen furniture with cream and blue enamal. Did some with a second coat on tables, chairs. Took Neil for his first ride on 'Dimple'. Our tiny black pony. Neil managed him quite well. 

Neil and 'Dimple'.

Tues. 20th April.

Rode round "Yarrabah" on 'Jewel'. Mustered all ewes to my yards. Ran them through the race and found a number flyblown in the crutch. Cleaned them with the blades and used B.K.B. fly dressing.

Pop and Nanna Ferris arrived at 7pm in big truck with all their furniture. They left "Strathmore" Bundarra at 2.30pm. Ron came over here and helped us unload furniture into the "Yarran" cottage.


Thur. 22nd April.

Glor, Roger, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi. Took Pop and Nanna Ferris with us. Inspected a new fibro house over near the polo ground that H Burraston found for us. House has dining room, Kitchen and one bedroom, plus bathroom and laundry equipped. Has good verandas. Pop and Nanna are keen about the house and think it will suit them. Price on it is £850.


Sat. 24th April.

Peter and Madge [Peter Martin and Madge Dellar] were married at 6pm. Glor and I attended wedding and reception afterwards at the Pavilion. Very nice wedding and grand feast at the breakfast after. About 100 guests and a nice lot of wedding gifts.

Pop went up with us and clinched the deal for the cottage. He purchased it for £800. They expect to move there in about three weeks.

A drover landed 40 cattle belonging to Alf Woods here to grass for the winter. I mustered up the Ferris bullocks for Pop to look at.


Sat. 1st May.

Pop and I dug holes and erected ten fence posts in new fence on eastern boundary of the 2 acre cultivation paddock. Also put in some struts. Very light rain nearly all afternoon. 10 points.

Greenhams, the bee keepers returned here. Brought with them a large caravan trailer. The wheel came off about 200 yards from our gate. Finished the journey on skids.


Tues. 4th May.

Mustered Pop Ferris's 51 bullocks and he and I cut out 24 of the best to send to Flemington. Left "Yarran" house paddock at 9am. Lunch at Binghams at 1pm. At trucking yards at 5.15pm. Home at 7.30pm. Pop went with the bullocks on the train.


Thur. 6th May.

Pop Ferris's 24 bullocks sold at Flemmington by Country Producers. Bullocks sold for £21-16. Steers to £19.

Freak market today for sheep. Very small yarding. Chads got 59/11. Wallace got 58/ per head for truck load of shorn lambs.

Drove to "Quondah" to help crutch sheep. Crutched 230 X-bred lambs and 450 fat ewes. Cyril and Jack did crutching, Alan, Ron and myself carried them out.


Sat. 8th May.

Noel Cover brought "Rathcown's" tractor and combine here and sowed 26 lb lucerne seed on my 3 acre paddock. Also sowed wheat on the new one and half acre cultivation paddock.

Glor and the kiddies and I attended working bee and meeting at the tennis courts. Filled up low end of the North court. Dug out the couch grass from the south court. Chris Kenny is our new secretary.


Sun. 9th May.

Mothers day. The boys and I gave mummy a silver hot water jug. Neil and I took breakfast in to Glor and Nanna. All drove to "Quondah" for the afternoon. I had a couple of sets of tennis. Neil rode 'Dimple' over to stay with Grandma for the holidays.


Sat. 15th May.

Neil is still holidaying at "Quondah". The rest of us, and Pop and Nanna Ferris drove up McDonalds Creek to Harvey Sevils place. Pop and I had a look over the property. Pop came to terms for agistment. 800 acres for 6 months at £2-10 per week for 110 head of cattle.

Arthur, Audrey and baby Joycelyn came over for tea with us.


Mon. 17th May.

Mustered "Yarrabah" to my yards. 15 ewes flystruck on the back. Pop and I cleared the verandah of his furniture and set up the shearing plant again. Shore the flystruck ewes before dinner. Also drafted off 100 springing ewes, some dirty. Crutched 40 ewes and turned them onto "Yarran". Glor and I drove out to Mitchells after tea.


Fri. 18th May.

Work on the tennis courts. Jack Daly came down. Watered and filled in holes. Dug out couch grass. Phil Doyle brought a load of sand in from "Rathcown".


Sat. 19th May.

Neil and I rode across "Yarran" plain and rounded up the ewes and young lambs. About 50 new season lambs. No flies in ewes.

All of our family and Nanna drove over to "Cedarvale" for the day. Met Veronica and husband Percy Harrison and their twin sons Ken and Brian for the first time. Lunch there and spent most of the afternoon. Harrison family came from Port Adelaide.


Fri. 28th May.

Received permit to purchase a new Prefect 10 HP ford.

Drove to Covers at 8.30am. Loaded 16 head of mixed cattle onto Howards truck. Left Betsy there and drove to Scone with Bernie Howard. Got to Scone at 10.55am. Market excellent! Our 88 woolly lambs made 44/10. 26 shorn lambs 45/10. Glor and I sold two bally heifers at £11-6. Three cattle from "Quondah", big steer at £19-6. Vealer at £14-11. Gersey cow at £9-.


Tues. 1st June.

I spent part of today measureing out place for the new garage. Pegged out the measurements. 26 ft 10" by 10 ft, and took all the levels for putting in the blocks.

Pop returned from trip to Bundarra and Inverell. He started his 109 cattle by walking them out to Harvey Sevils place.


Fri. 4th June.

Pop and I finished putting in the ironbark blocks for the garage. We cut and laid down half of the 4" by 3" ground plates. Nailed them down with 5" nails. Pop set 6 traps and caught 4 rabbits. Is going to sell the skins and give money to the boys.


Sun. 6th June.

Finished cutting and nailing down the ground plates. Marked out where the studs have to go. Removed 'Jewels' front shoes.

All our family and Pop and Nanna drove to uncle Harrolds for lunch. Uncle Harrold showed Pop his cattle, lucerne paddock etc. Called on Arthur and inspected his new home again. Called at "Quondah" on way home.


Tues. 8th June.

130 points rain up to 9am this morning. Betsy bogged in front of garage and had to use the chains.

Glor and I drove to Quirindi and took delivery of our new empire blue, Prefect Ford 10. Got her weighed, 18 cwt.

Registered for £4-12.

Price of the Prefect Ford 10 was £515-14.

Comprehensive policy, £14-2.

Left Betsy at Carringtons. Glor and I attended C. of E. Ball with Jim and Ruth Sevil. We had a grand time. Debs presented. 

Neil and Roger with the new car.

Fri. 11th June.

Alan and Jack came over for the day and gave us a hand building the new garage. They cut the rafters and a few other pieces. Pop and I finished cutting the studs. Afternoon we erected all the framework. Only temporarily stayed yet.


Sat. 12th June.

Light showers again this morning. 11 points. Pop and I nailed down all studs and top plates. Reinforced corners of the building. Cut and nailed up the 3 cross beams. Cut door posts.

Arthur and Audrey called in their new 12 HP Vauxhall Wyvern. Very nice little car.

A 1948, 12 HP Vauxhall Wyvern.

Fri. 18th June.

Alan and Jack over again. Continued with putting the roof on the new garage. Finished erecting the iron. 30 sheets. Jack also put the ridge capping on. Alan and Jack put the door hinges on and put in the window frames.

I spent the afternoon on tennis courts. Chris Kenny, Jack Daly and I rolled the courts and marked them out.


Sat. 19th June.

Tennis tourney and dance in aid of funds for Ambulance. Run by our tennis club. Good crowd, 38 players. Chris Kenny and I ran the tennis. Small crowd at the dance. About £20 cleared for the day and night.


Sat. 26th June.

Loaded up our new Prefect car with the whole family plus Pop and Nanna. Also suitcases and stroller. Drove to Quirindi. Pop and Nanna took Rogie and Timmy to show ground to see the rodeo run by the police boys club. Glor and I did a spot of shopping. We took Neilie to the pictures. Saw "The egg and I".

Carrington has finished fitting reconditioned engine into Betsy, but wants to keep for a day or two to check it out. Millage done 48,770 miles.


Sun. 27th June.

Took Nanna, Neilie and Odgie to morning service. Gave Mr. Killick £3-0-0 for funds for St Cuthberts. All drove to Warrah Creek for tennis match. Our two teams both won 6-3. Our team was Glor and myself, Jack Daly and Mrs Daly, Keith Saunders and Bill Clay.


Mon. 28th June.

Glor and I drove the Prefect to Quirindi this morning. Did a bit of shopping. Purchased second hand small saddle from Mr. Foster, the saddler at £4-10. Collected Betsy from Carringtons and brought home. Carringtons has installed reconditioned engine in Betsy at the cost of £55. Home after lunch. Pop and I drove to "Quondah" and helped kill a calf for rations. It weighed 420 lb dressed.


Sun. 4th July.

I shaved Pop with Gem razor. All drove in our little Prefect over to "Quondah" for dinner. Glor, Nanna and Pop stayed with Mum all afternoon. I had a few sets on Alan's tennis court. Arthur came over after tea and got 4 lengths of ridge capping. I took his 12 HP Vauxhall for a drive.


Mon. 5th July.

Pop and I drove down paddock and erected a strainer post at south east corner of new 46 acre paddock. I finished gravelling new garage. Pumped up Betsys tires. Put water in battery. I drove Pop in to catch the 12.45am train.


Sun. 11th July.

All our family and Nanna drove into "Marjewar". Took lunch with us. Played match verses Avards team. Avards beat us 8 sets to 4 sets. Glor and I won 6-5. Keith Saunders and Bill Clay won one set.

Clyde Saunders called and had a look at our sick cow. Gave her a dose of salts.


Mon. 19th July.

Planted out 5 young pepper trees in my sheep yards. Includes one in corner of calf pen. Built some guards around the trees. Painted cut ends of the pruned fruit trees.


Thur. 22nd July.

Heard some dreadful news this morning. Mrs Chris Kenny, [May Smith] died last night. She was quite well at 2pm but had a severe haemorhage.

I erected a new pole on fence in V yard. Mustered "Yarrabah". Ron came over and we drafted off 103 lambs and 7 old ewes and 2 border leicester rams. Loaded them onto Greens truck for Scone. 36 points of rain late.


Mon. 26th July.

Pop Ferris, Wallace, Alex Symonds and I finished pulling down the old "Gore" cottage up at Doyles. Demolished the frame work today and pulled up all the flooring and blocks etc. Wallace is taking one end room, Alex the centre one, and I got the south end room.


Thur. 29th July.

Wallace's shearing started today. Pop and I got the job helping Ted with the shed work. Pop and I do most of the skirting and piece picking. I do the picking up. Ted does the classing and we help him with the pressing. Wallace and Hector are doing the shearing.


Tues. 3rd Aug.

Up at 5.30am and mustered Pops cattle. We drafted out 12 steers and Pop took them to Willow Tree trucking yards.

I drove up to "Coorooga" shed. Helped in shed wool rolling, pressing, etc. Norman Redman also there taking turns shearing.

Ted and Wallace were connected to telephone today.


Sat. 7th Aug.

All over to Warrah Creek for the Red Cross tennis day. I played tennis in the tourney. 71 players! Glor and Mum ran the fancy stall. I helped Ron Symonds run the spinning wheel.


Sun. 8th Aug.

Our 1 and 2 teams played Binghams 1 and 2. We were beaten 5 sets to 4 on Jacks Creek courts. Glor won both her mixed sets and I won all 3 of my sets.


Thur. 12th Aug.

Alan and Ron came over to "Yarran" cottage. We crutched 154 more ewes and lambs, and 12 X-bred hoggets. Used the portable M.V. Plant set up on the verandah. Ron took the stray pup away and gave to Campbell Sharp.


Tues. 17th Aug.

Wallace, Pop and I worked on the new cultivation fence from 9am to 5.30 today. Finished all but 7 of the split posts. Also erected the big strut at North East corner and the two tall gate posts at lower end.

Rogie spent the whole day with us. He is not too well and stayed in the truck a lot of the time.


Thur. 18th Aug.

Hector also joined us today and the four of us at fencing. Pop and Wallace finished the 7 split posts.  I rammed the two gate posts. Put on the cable at top of posts and erected two temporary struts. Hector brought his tractor and started unrolling and straining up the hinge joint fence. He strained the 14 chain length and also the 34 chain length. Did each line in one go. I stapled the top end. Wallace and Pop did all the boring. 5 holes in each post.


Sun. 22nd Aug.

Glor and I drove to Binghams. Went with Ron and Dette to Scone to attend the funeral of old Aunt Alice. Then out to Thornthwaite cemetary.


Tues. 24th Aug.

Very cold again today with misty showers on the ranges. I rode to Warrah Creek Post Office. Met Ron and brought his old draft mare 'Bonny' over here. Pop and I ploughed our orchard with horse and sigle furrow plough. Very dry and cloddy.


Wed. 25th Aug.

Glor and I drove to Quirindi for the day. Glor had hair done at Patsy Martins. Took our Prefect car to Bousteads for first servicing. Had hand brake tightened, front seat adjusted, tail light fixed. Had oil change. 930 miles.

Mr Allcock filled three teeth.

We purchased a 3 foot bedstead at £10-11 at Rountrees.


Sat 28th Aug.

Birthday party for Neil and Odgie. Milton, Johnny and Malcolm were here.


Sun. 29th Aug.

Afternoon we drove in Patsy to Warrah Creek for tennis match. Our no. 1 team beat Warrah Creek no. 1 team by 6 sets to 3 sets. Our team comprised of Glor, Bess Potts, Jack Daly, Bill Clay, Keith Saunders and myself.


Wed. 1st Sept.

Glor took Pop and Nanna to train. They left for Inverell. First stop on trip round to see their family. Joyce, Alan and kiddie at Guyra. Elwin, Vere and family at Bundarra etc. Glor took Neil to "Quondah" for part of the school holidays.

I rode over and took the mob of 107 dry ewes and 12 rams to Warrah Creek. Met Ron there and brought home 115 ewes and about 140 lambs from "Quondah". Frightfully cold day. Misty showers at night.


Fri. 3rd Sept.

Rex Wood brought 7 tons lucerne hay down here from Tamworth. Rex has a big army truck, semi trailer. 207 bales at £3-10 per ton. Rex charged 30/- per ton freight. He also took another 7 ton load to Arthur.


Sat. 4th Sept.

Neilie is staying with Grandma and uncle Alan during school holidays. Glor, the two kids and I drove to Warrah Creek for the day. Tennis tourney in aid of P. and C. funds. Good crowd of people there. I won the gents prize with 20 games. Won a box of hankies. We had lunch and tea there.


Thur. 9th Sept.

Rode up to farm paddock and shifted 37 ewes and lambs into plain paddock. Finished straining fence and tying netting.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to "Quondah" for the afternoon. Glor played in ladies match in Audreys team verses Binghams. Aud's team was Glor, Dette, Aud, Sylvia, Mavis and Sheila. Our girls won 9 sets to 3 sets.

Alan fixed rubber flaps on back and guard of Patsy.


Fri. 10th Sept.

Alan and Ron came over with the cement mixer and we cemented the floor of our garage. Concrete is 4 inches deep. Used 5 gravel to one cement. Also did path through new gate and patch in front of double doors. We used 8 bags of cement for the job.


Sat. 11th Sept.

Packed Patsy the Prefect with luggage. Glor, Neil, Rogie and I left here at 8.30am. Drove via Quirindi, Gunnedah, Narrabri to Moree. Called and had cuppa with Brian Seymore at Gunnedah. Had lunch at Boggabri and called at Glor's uncle Jack and Aunt Corrie Tindall. Great stock feed all the way, clover a foot high! Arrived at Post Office Hotel Moree at 5.30pm. Mrs. Fardell is proprietess. Very nice place to stay.


Mon. 13th Sept.

[Written by Gloryna] Wrote letters to home. Rang Ted Barwick at Gravesend regarding calling  in next day. Received warm invitation to stay the night. Had a few sets of tennis after lunch. Had a another swin in artesian baths. Packed our ports ready for off. 


Tues. 14th Sept.

Left Post Office Hotel after breakfast. The three nights cost us £6-9-0 at rate of 15/- per day and half price for the kids. Drove to Gravesend and out to Ted Barwicks for lunch. Good road all the way. Beautiful country and splendid feed all the way. Very nice welcome from the family. Melville, Nita and family also there. Played tennis all afternoon.


Wed. 15th Sept.

Spent the night at Ted Barwicks. Glor, Neilie, Rogie and I drove with Ted in his Studebaker out to Melvilles place. All went in jeep to look round their linseed crop. 110 acres. Looks very nice. Glor and I both had a drive of Teds car. I drove Ted down to far end of place to wheat country on the river. Country looks very good down there but very hard generally round Gravesend. After dinner, Melville, Nita and their 3 children came along again and we played tennis. Gladys, Bruce and baby April living there. Also Alma, and her two boys Barry and Jeffrey have their part of the house.


Thur. 16th Sept.

Up early and had breakfast with Ted Barwick and family. Left Gravesend at 7.30am. Turned off Warrialda road at Kelly's Gully. Through Bingara. Called for a few minutes at "Strathmore" after negotiating the Keera Gap. Patsy is pulling marvelously. Through Bundarra and up Georges Creek to Elwins. Had dinner and afternoon tea with family. Elwin and Vera's new house partly built. Looked round place. Left there at 4.30pm and drove to McHughs at Inverell.


Sat. 18th Sept.

Left McHughs Inverell at 10am. Drove to Glen Innes via Wellingrove road. Callled at Uncle Andy Ferris's house. Headed for home at 11.45am. Drove to Guyra and had lunch. 1.15pm. Very cold. Through Armidale to Tamworth. 5 gallons of petrol at Wallabadah. Home at 8pm. Surprise for Pop, Nanna and Timmy.


Thur. 23rd Sept.

Four more children commenced school last Monday. Peter Doyle, Janet and Peter Hottes and Gwen Saunders. All of us except Neil drove to "Quondah" for the day. I greased The Prefect. 1740 miles. Jack and Bill Dellar are sawing wood on "Boolawa". I got Jack to use the tree felling machine to fall and cut off 9 posts, ten foot long to build tank stand for our new 2,000 gal tank.


Wed. 29th Sept.

Glor, the kids and Nanna drove in Betsy to Quirindi. They purchased linoleum for two rooms and had it laid in Pops cottage. Pop and I loaded the furniture onto Bernie Howards truck. Landed it in Quirindi at Pops house at 2.15pm. We unloaded furniture.

I had a double tooth filled at dentist Allcock. Purchased new chrome bedstead, 3 foot, at £10-11.

Had Betsy tuned and new spark plugs put in at Carringtons. Milage 49,260. Dellar brought the 9 posts over here for building the new tank stand.


Sat. 9th Oct.

We all drove in the Prefect to Willow Tree to the childrens annual sports day. Neil took part in the athletics events. I acted as steward in the high jump events. Pop and Nanna came down by train from their new home in Quirindi and spent the day with us.


Fri. 15th Oct.

Up early. At 5am I helped Eric Gree load our 56 "Yarrabah" suckers onto his truck for Scone. Suckers averaged 39/10. Neil and I took our 4 steers up to Covers to go in with a mixed load to Scone. 2 guernseys at £17-11. 2 gerseys at £13-11. Helped Max Callaghan and Tom Wilcox erect trough. 3 lengths and 6 lengths piping down in corner of new paddock. Children and I drove down after and put cover on the ball tap.


Sat. 16th Oct.

Annual Willow Tree rodeo in aid of sports ground and ambulance. We all drove in, in Patsy. Had lunch there at the booth. Ron Symonds and I ran the chocolate wheel. Took £14-12. Big crowd, hundreds of cars.


Mon. 18th Oct.

Hector came down with tractor and mower and mowed the 3 acre paddock. Most of it is barley grass. Pop and I drove down to the new 45 acre paddock and dressed the 15 lambs there. None fly blown. Cut and stacked fallen timber.


Thur. 21st Oct.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove Pop to Quirindi in Betsy this morning. Had dinner with Pop and Nanna in their new home. Brought Aunt Cissie Newberry and Aunt Florrie Ferris from the train station. They are staying for a few days with Pop and Nanna. Collected 8 pieces of hardwood timber, five inch by two and a half inch, ten feet long, from Warfield. Glor took Timmy to the doctor to see about hives on his arms.


Mon. 25th Oct.

Field day at Warrah Hall run by the Warrah Agriculture Bureau. Huge crowd.

I planted out tomato plants and watered the garden. Did more work on the blocks for new tank stand. Covered the hay stack with old iron.


Fri. 29th Oct.

110 "Yarran" suckers averaged 30/- in Scone saleyards. Market has slumped and 6/-. Our lambs weighed from 75 to 95 lbs live weight.

Rode with Claude Saunders up into Hectors paddock to try to shift a devon bull, but he was too stubborn and savage! Left him there.

Glor and I spent the afternoon at Jacks Creek courts. Glor, Bess Potts cleaned the hall and washed up the crockery. Hector, Ron Symonds, Gordon Hottes and I watered, rolled and lined the courts.


Sat. 30th Oct.

Tennis tourney and Dance in aid of hall funds. Commenced at 2pm. Played 3 rounds of tennis, 8 games to the set. Change partners at 4 games. 32 players. Guessing weight of sheep and auctioning the same sheep brought in £5-0-0. Ladies served afternoon tea and tea. Dance at night. Most stayed. Gardiners orchestra. £3-5 for two players. I was M.C. Pop was door keeper. About £27 cleared.


Mon. 1st Nov.

Timothy started crawling today! I resumed work on new tank stand for 2000 gallon tank. Squared out the sholders at top of the block. Fitted up the bearers, 6" by 4". Neil and Malcolm rode out with me and we brought Pops 19 steers and black pole heifer back to "Yarrabah".


Fri. 5th Nov.

Max and Ray Callaghan spent the day here. They erected our new 2000 gal squat tank on the high stand. Connected up the piping into the kitchen and bathroom. Also altered the down piping and connected all the main roof into the new tank.


Thur. 11th Nov.

Pop and I drove up to top farm paddock again today. Digging in and fumigating burrows. Ron came along and joined with three more dogs. We killed 78 rabbits today, making total of 136 in two days.

Ron and I mustered plain paddock and inspected lambs. Decided to send another truck load of suckers.


Sat. 13th Nov.

Pop left for home on mail this morning. Glor, the three kids and I drove out in Patsy to Cattle Creek to big sports day. At "Fig Tree Flat". Had a very enjoyable day.


Wed. 17th Nov.

Timmys first birthday. He is one year old. He is crawling very well now and shows signs of getting up on his feet. He is still a wonderful, contented baby. We gave Timmy a silver mug for his birthday. Grandma and uncle Alan gave him 10/-.

Light rain fell nearly all day but only 42 points. We all drove over the proposed bus route to measure the distance. Total 16 miles return, from corner at ten mile post.


Thur. 18th Nov.

Afternoon Dette and Ron threw a party for Suzanne's 3rd birthday. We also took over Timmy's cake from yesterday and set it up with one small candle. Quite a gathering of all the clan!

Painted the new tank stand. with ex army paint, dark green. Put Coopers dip at base of tank blocks. Carted away excess dirt from around the stand.


Mon. 22nd Nov.

Mustered "Yarran" plain and farm paddocks. Ron came over and we drafted off all the ewes. Mouthed all of them in both paddocks. Got about 120 broken mouth ewes. 73 dry ewes ready to truck to Scone.

I drove up to interview Ton Green re extension of school bus from Old Warrah.

Attended meeting of P.and C. in the school. I called the meeting to discuss information regarding extension of bus to pick up school children. All unanimously in favour of school bus.


Fri. 26th Nov.

We sold 241 suckers and 73 old wooly ewes in Scone sale. 73 ewes 42/10. suckers at 39/10.

We all drove to Quirindi for the day. Timmy had his second injection for diptheria and wooping cough. I called auntie Em at Mrs Hamiltons. Got pair of hinges. Pad lock and bolt. We had lunch and supper with Pop and Nanna. Collected new ration cards for Tea and butter. Glor, Nanna, Neil and I went to the pictures. "Son of Flicker".


Tues. 30th Nov.

More bag sewing at Hectors. Started at 10.30am and sewed 60 bags. They are paying me 50/- per 100 bags. Norman Redman and Llewellyn Snape are the regular bag sewers there.


Wed. 8th Dec.

Drove up to "Elsley Park" for days hay pressing. Alex and Ron, and Claude Saunders helping too. Pop and I stacked hay during morning. After dinner Max Saunders came out with truck and carted loads of bales into shed. Pop fed the sheaves into the baler and I fixed the wires.


Thur.9th Dec.

Pop and I had another day helping press hay at Symonds. Finished the whole job at 12 O'clock. Had dinner at Symonds and Pop caught Tom Green's mail for home.

I mustered "Yarrabah" and drafted out 116 sucker lambs for trucking tomorrow.

Madge and Foster Carter have a new son. Ten and a half lbs.


Sun. 12th Dec.

[Written by Gloryna].

Up in good time. Attended church at Warrah Creek. Up to "Quondah" for lunch and afternoon tea. Up to Arthur's for tea. Heavy storm. Creeks down so had to spend the night at "Oakhaven".


Mon. 13th Dec.

[Written by Gloryna]

We all drove home from Arthur and Audrey's before breakfast after being stuck there. Fixed up the old toy trucks for the boys. Late arvo I set 24 traps along creek and in the lucerne paddock. 20 rabbits for the night.


Thur. 16th Dec.

[Written by Gloryna]

The kiddies and I drove to Quirindi in Patsy. I did a spot of shopping. Timmy had third injections. I had perm at Patsy Martins. Terrific rain in Quirindi! Power cut off so I had to come home with a wet set. Mum kept the kiddies while I was at hairdresser. Edgar at "Quondah" shearing.


Fri. 17th Dec.

Neilie, Roger and I went to "Quondah" for a half day of shearing. Cyril and Jack shore 78 "Yarran" ewes. Finished that mob.

Over to the hall and helped get a Xmas tree for the childrens turnout tonight. All attended Xmas tree and dance at night. Santa Claus brought Neil a steam engine, Rogie a tool set and Timmy a bucket and spade.


Thur. 23rd Dec.

I mustered "Yarrabah" before breakfast. Yarded the ewes and lambs from "Boolawa". Neil and I drove the "Boolawa" ewes and lambs to Warrah Creek reserve. Met Ron there and had lunch. Brought the 429 "Yarrabah" ewes and their lambs back to paddock.


Fri. 24th Dec.

We all drove to Quirindi in Betsy for a spot of Xmas shopping. Loaded our 58 sheets fibro at the Ferris cottage onto Eric Greens truck. We had lunch with Pop and Nanna. Brought them home with us for a few days. Home at 4.20pm. I unloaded the fibro. Most of it in the "Yarran" cottage.


Sat. 25th Dec.

A grand day exchanging gifts and celebrating. Glor and the boys gave me a beaut folding canvas chair and also a green sports shirt. We gave neil, Rogie and Timmy a no. 20 Cyclops trike. Santa visited the kiddies. Mum, Alan and Auntie Em came over for Xmas dinner. Had a great spread. First time Mum has had Xmas dinner away from "Quondah". We all drove to "Quondah" for the usual Xmas gathering at tea time.


Mon. 27th Dec.

Pop and I erected more fibro on end of new garage. Put up 2 by 3 sheets on end of workroom part. Had to cut short stud under window and generally readjust window frame.

All of us and Pop and Nanna drove to a party at Charlie Barwicks at "Oakley" About 80 people there. Tea on lawn and lots of games played.




[1949 was a great year for rain. Over 30 inches fell, with a wet February, September and October.]


Sun. 2nd Jan.

Hectic day getting ready to go on holidays. Up early and chipped round all the vegeatbles after the 2 inches of rain a few days ago. Erected netting over row of young beans. Mowed all the lawns. Neil and I took Gypsie and calf up to farm paddock. Looked at ewes and lambs. Drove down to cement tanks and cleaned out the trough. Dug drain away from the tanks. Swept out Betsy and pumped up tires. Mum, Alan and Ron drove over for a while and took Patsy back. Alan helped me cover the 3 elberta peach trees with camoflage nets. Tied paper on the trees. Glor packed up hers and kiddies ports and also helped me pack.


Mon. 3rd Jan.

Rose at 4am. Glor and I finished packing ports and loaded them into Betsy. Woke children, had cuppa. Left home at 6.30am and set out for 3 week holiday. Made Muswellbrook at 8.40am and had breakfast. Turned Nor-east at East Maitland. Through Raymond Terrace and landed at Shoal Bay. Lunch and unpacked and settled into McKensie cottages. Paid for 3 weeks in Shoal Bay at £4 per week. Also 15/- for use of electric jug.


Tues. 4th Jan.

All drove in after breakfast to Nelsons Bay to telephone "Quondah". Home to the cottage to take call. Got call through to Mum at 1.10pm. We forgot to bring the cakes that Glor cooked. Glor and the 3 kids spent the day on the beach opposite cottage. Got ice for the box. Down on beach after lunch. All had a dip. Joined other holiday people in game of rounders.


Thur. 6th Jan.

Beautiful sunny day at Shoal Bay. Drove in to Nelsons Bay before breakfast, taking Neil, Rogie and Timmy. Got two blocks of ice. Rented a small 'Kriesler' radio at 6/- per week. We all had lovely morning on the beach swimming and sun baking. Timmy loves the sand and water.


Sat. 8th Jan.

Nice sunny morning so we packed our lunch and drove across to the ocean side at Anna Bay. Very rough sandy road and had job finding a good place to leave Betsy. Glor, Neil, Rogie and I had a great dip, and Timmy played in the sand. Drove home in a very heavy storm. Glor went to the pictures on bus with 5 girls from cottages next door.


Sat. 15th Jan.

Nice fine sunny day but we were late going down for a swim. Had a nice swim and sunbake down at the jetty. Ern Brecht and family and Sylvia arrived at 2pm and moved into no. 4 cottage. All walked down to the jetty late in the arfternoon.


Tues. 18th Jan.

Received letters from Ron and Alan. Drove in Betsy to Newcastle via Williamstown and over the Stockton ferry. We all arrived at Newcastle beach at 11.30am. Very high seas at all beaches. Waves breaking over the baths and Esplanade. Lunch in the city. Drove round to Bar Beach and Merewether. Took snaps. Walked down Hunter Street and did a bit of shopping. Roman strap sandals at 10/-. Lovely day and home at 7pm.


Wed. 19th Jan.

We drove all Brechts crowd to Jetty in Nelsons Bay and caught the launch at 10.45am over to Tea Gardens. Very nice trip over, a good swell on. Lunch at Tea Gardens. Back on the launch again at 3pm and back to Nelson Bay. About 80 people on board. Cyril Laurence and his wife and mother took Glor and me to the pictures. Saw "Hoppalong Cassidy".


Thur. 20th Jan.

Warm sunny day. Got ice from Nelsons Bay. Cashed a £3 cheque at Blanche's. All of us and Brecht's and Laurence's drove down road and over to the surf beach. Sea fairly rough but all had asurf and sunbake. About 3pm I took old Mac's boat out for a row. Stayed out for about an hour. Glor and kiddies stayed on beach but later had a go too. Ern, Sylvia and I took the boat out again and tried a bit of fishing. Ern got 7 and I got one. Letter from Ron. 

Neil and Roger.


Sun. 23rd Jan.

Glor and I spent all morning packing our ports. Cleaned out the cottage ready for leaving. Afternoon we took the boys to the childrens playground. Ern and Cyril Laurence went out in fishing boat.


Mon. 24th Jan.

Up early. Packed Betsy. Did some final cleaning of the cottage. Left Shoal Bay at 9.30am. Called at West Maitland. Bought some vegies. Met Ron and Dette and children, and Beryl and Elizabeth at Singleton who are on their way to Shoal Bay. Had lunch with them there. Home at 5.30pm. Mum and Alan here to welcome us.


Wed. 26th Jan.

Neil helped me run ewes and lambs through the yards. Found a couple lambs flyblown. Glor preserved another 8 jars of elberta peaches. Glor, the kiddies and I drove to "Quondah" to collect our dogs. Changed oil in Betsy. 50,020 miles. Rode down "Yarrabah" for one of Pop's steers. Killed a sheep for rations.

P.and C. meeting regarding bus for school. Ces Carter has tendered for the job at £20 per week.


Thur. 27th Jan.

Up at 4.30am. Cut up sheep. Made copper fire. Glor did a tremendous wash. Mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs and Neil hepled me draft. Alan and Cyril came to "Yarran" cottage. Cyril and I crutched 360 lambs. Glor preserved another lot of peaches.


Sat. 29th Jan.

Picked and preserved last of our peaches. Made 36 jars. Pop landed his 106 steers from Harvey Sevils. We drafted 19 into "Yarrabah" and 14 to farm paddock.

Wrote letter to Ron and Dette at Shoal Bay.


Tues. 1st Feb.

Chris Kenny came over this morning. We phoned Mr. Bucknell, Education Department. 15 minutes talk at 14/11. He gave no definate information. Spent till 1pm writing letters and maps etc. Chris took them to the post. Drove to "Quondah" and helped Alan crutch 94 new ewes and lambs. Greased Betsy. 50,040 miles. Auther, Aud and Joycelyn came over here for tea in the evening.


Sat. 5th Feb.

Took Neil riding on 'Dimple'. Rode down to cement tanks and turned full on. Brought our spotted cow in to the house paddock. Neil and I rode over to "Yarran" mill. Oiled and greased it. Shod 'Jewel's' front with new shoes. Jim and Ruth Sevil and little Gail came for the evening.


Tues. 8th Feb.

At 6.30 am I drove in Fred Hall's taxi with Bob Hughes out to Millers Creek boundary to measure proposed school bus route. Full run equals 17.2 miles. Bob is sending map of route and full report of scheme for school bus to Mr. Howard.

Brought in our 6 cows and Ron's heifer. The vetinary expert and Claude Saunders came at 10am. Gave cows injections for TB. Temp to 104 today! Too hot!


Sun. 13th Feb.

Up at 5am. Breakfast here and into Pops at 7.15am. All piled into Betsy. 65 miles to Hanging Rock. Picked loads of blackberrys. Picnic lunch. Lots of other people there doing the same. Tea at Pop's. Home at 9pm. Lovely day.


Mon. 14th Feb.

[Written by Gloryna]

Preserved 31 bottles of blackberries we picked at Hanging Rock. Mum made 8 bottles of jam. Gave Chads and Dette some. Kept a good lot for stewing. Drove to "Quondah". Ma and Alan all ready to leave for annual holiday. Ma to Scone and Alan and brood to Tuncurry. Edgar finished fibro on garage and put set of louvres in northern end.


Wed. 16th Feb.

Mustered up Wood's' 9 Heifers and 3 calves again. Put them in Cover's yards. Eric Wood came from Tamworth with truck and shifted Heifers and calves. They were here for over 9 months. Glor did all the washing.

Wallace called in, in his new dodge truck. We all drove with him to Quirindi. Called on Pop and Nanna. Joyce, Marie and Adrian staying there. Alan Bridge is in Syney Ill.

Purchased a dozen new fowler jars.


Mon. 21st Feb.

Showers again today making total of 305 points since yesterday morning. Glor and I spent most of day mending one of our fireside chairs. Restuffed it and put fresh support on bottom of chair.


Wed. 23rd Feb.

Turned 300 ewes and lambs into my 3 acre lucerne paddock to eat it out. Also put 400 into new 47 acre paddock to clean up the cat head and yellow vine.

After dinner we all drove to Quirindi and called on Nanna and Pop. Joyce, Marie and Adrian are still there.

Pop and I saw the last of the stock sale. Market is up. We stayed for dinner and went to the pictures. Took Joyce and Marie and saw "Forever Amber" in Tecnicolour!


Sat. 26th Feb.

Posted letter to Alan at Port Macquarie. Interviewed old C Edwards about dealing with the rabbits under Jacks Creek Hall. They are getting very, very bad. Also spoke about new fence and netting on our boundary. I put window in east wall of new garage. Creek down again from the 73 points yesterday.


Thur. 3rd March.

I drove to Chads and picked up drum kerosene and took it down to the cultivation paddock. Brought up 9 bags of oats seed from the "Yarran" shack. Col Chad pulled into the 47 acre paddock about 3pm. Sowing the top part of the paddock. 45 lbs seed to the acre.

Neil and I mustered "Yarran" plain. Ron came ovewr and we drafted out 62 lambs. Also drafted 50 lambs from "Yarrabah" flock.


Tues. 8th March.

Neil and I walked up into the road paddock cutting burrs this morning. Dogs got 4 rabbits. After dinner, Rogie and I drove up to top end of road paddock. Finished burrs and then dug in rabbit burrows. Did 6 warrens with smoko gas. Glor did Covers washing and Ironing today.


Thur. 10th March.

Pop, Neil and I drove up to top end farm paddock for the day fumigating rabbits. We dug in all the burrows opened up after Symonds ploughed them in a week ago. Gogs got 12 rabbits and chased the rest into burrows. We used about 4 dozen "Smoko gas" and finished all the burrows. Light showers late arvo. Glor, Rogie and Timmy visited Mrs. Leeder this afternoon.


Tues. 15th March.

Neil and I drove to "Quondah" to start shearing. Jack is crook so Ron and I took turns in his stand. Cyril did the three rams. We shore 115 corriedale X ewes.

Attended P. and C. meeting in Jacks Creek hall. Representatives from Willow Tree and Warrah there too. Discussion on school bus transport.


Thur. 17th March.

Took Rogie with me to "Quondah" for more shearing. Cyril and Jack did 174 ewes today. Heavy storm this afternoon. 101 points at "Quondah" and 89 points at home. Rogie and Sue spent most of the day in the shearing shed.


Tues. 22nd March.

Hector phoned last night. His father [Edwin, or Ted Barwick] has taken a bad turn and is unconscious after his operation on Friday. I am milking Hectors three cows and feeding pigs and four dogs. Shearing continues at "Quondah".


Thur. 24th March.

Glor and the kids drove to "Quondah" in Betsy today. Cyril and Jack finished our shearing before dinner. We then commenced crutching. Roly Avards flock to finish tomorrow.

Neil, Rogie and I started the 217 old farm ewes and 7 rams back home. Glor and Timmy came along later in Betsy.


Sat. 26th March.

We all drove to Quirindi. Dentist Alcock finished one tooth that was started before. Also pulled lower tooth with amalgum. Consulted Dr. Cooper. Found I have a hernia and will probably need an operation.

We attended Mrs. Stories sale. Purchased extension table at £8. Also an ironing board. Had dinner with Pop.


Fri. 1st April.

All loaded into Betsy and drove to Quirindi for the two day show. Had lunch with Pop and Nanna and took them with us. Big crowd. Looked through pavillions and at cars etc. All of us and Pop and Nanna went to Bullens Circus. The first circus the children have been to.


Sat. 2nd April.

All spent the night with Pop and Nanna. Over to the show ground after lunch. Tremendous crowd today. Spent two hours watching the shearing competition. Glor and the children went to the sideshows.

Mr R.B. Nott told me our school bus application has been granted.


Sun. 3rd April.

Milton and Johnny spent the day here. Wallace and Renee drove to Newcastle to see Ted who is getting better.


Wed. 6th April.

I drafted out 10 steers from the lot that Claude Saunders brought from Quipolly for Pop. Spent the afternoon in top farm paddock chasing burrs. Cut all top gullies.

We all drove to Warrah Creek hall to gift evening for Sylvia and Alan Avard. Big crowd and some nice gifts.


Sat. 9th April.

Neil helped me cut burrs all morning up in farm paddock. Nearly finished in bottom paddock. After dinner we all drove to "Quondah" to see Mum. We all played tennis.


Tues 12th April.

Loaded our 15 mixed cattle onto Rafe Howards truck and went to Scone to attend stock sale. 3 vealers averaged £13-18-6. Bull steer £14-1. 2 gersey steers £12-13-6. Bullock at £23. Vealers at £12-6-0.

Nanna came out to stay over Easter.


Fri. 15th April.

Drove in at 6am to Willow Tree to meet Bervie and Nell. [Bervie Ferris, Glorina's brother]. Out home for breakfast. Afternoon we drove up Warrah Creek to Captains Creek and had a picnic teas on banks of the creek. Called at "Quondah" for short time. Mum gave us two fowls for the table.

Carl Mitchell came and took 25 steers of Pop's out on agistment.


Mon. 18th April.

All of us plus Bervie, Nell and Nanna drove to Quirindi to see Quirindi Easter tennis tourney. Saw some great tennis. Audrey and Verna won the ladies doubles final. Cyril Barwick won the Special singles. Ruth Kenneday won the ladies singles. Bert and Nell stayed with Nanna to catch 10pm train. We left Rogie with Nanna.


Sat. 23rd April.

Spent morning at tennis courts. Bill Tourle, Gordon Hottes. B Clay and I spread gravel on south court. Afternoon, Hector, Alex Symonds and I put netting round the hall to keep rabbits in.


Thur. 28th April.

I drove to "Quondah" at 8am. Helped dip 800 ewes from there. Cyril and Foster Carter there helping with the job. Branded some calves. I called at "Silso" and got 6 bags of graded wheat. Col Chad commenced sowing 23 acre paddock.


Sat. 30th April.

Col Chad finished sowing wheat paddock.

We all drove in Betsy to Quirindi for the day. Dr Cooper declared me fit for my operation on Tuesday. Took Nanna and Mrs Howard to O'Briens sale. Just more rubbish. I purchased 6 sheets of iron for new verandah.


Mon. 2nd May.

[Written by Gloryna]

Col Chad finished scratching up the lucerne paddock. Had a busy morning packing up. Neil rode 'Dimple' to "Quondah". We called at "Quondah" at 2pm. Picked up Neil. Edgar went into hospital at 4pm. Neil had skin test for diphtheria.


Tues. 3rd May.

[Written by Gloryna]

Edgar had his operation at 7.30am for rupture in lower right side of stomach. Alan, Ma and I called at 10am but he was still under. Called at 2pm. He was dreadfully sleepy but fairly comfortable.


[Edgar spent the next 16 days in hospital]


Wed. 11th May.

Rogie had Croop for first time last night and Glor got no sleep.

Pop came up to see me this morning. Everything OK ast home. I had rotten night! Vile attack of vomiting. Dr Cooper started me on a course of penicilan injections. Out on verandah for lunch. Nice and sunny. Glor and kids, and Mum and Alan here for the afternoon. Had stitches taken out.


Wed. 18th May.

Left hospital this morning. Paid hospital bill. 16/ per day for 17 days. Plus £1-13-6 for theatre. 9/- penicilan. £2-8-0 for infra ray treatment. Glor and Rogie came up in Patsy and took me over to Pops for dinner. Afternoon Glor went up to C of E court for game of tennis. I had to go to Newcolmes for an athletic support as I got very uncomfortable. Glor and Nanna went to the pictures.


Sat. 21st May.

Light showers rain during night. Neil rode 'Dimple' home from "Quondah". Children drove with me down to cement tanks. Looked at oats and wheat. We attended tennis tourney at Jacks Creek in aid of the tennis club. We stayed for tea but not for the dance.


Mon. 23rd May.

Neil had first day at Willow Tree school. He went in on the new school bus. Ces Carter is driving a new Fargo truck with canopy top.

Ron, Cyril and Jack came over to "Yarran" crutching plant. Ron drafted off 80 late lambs and about 120 ewes. Crutched them and also the 115 lambs in the 2 acre oat paddock.


Tues. 24th May.

We drove in before lunch to Willow Tree school to attend Empire Day celebrations. We all helped dole out ice creams and apples to about 100 children. I helped Wallace and Fred Benham pick winners and hand out prizes to children in their foot races etc. Neil and Rogie had a great day.


Sun. 29th May.

All drove to Warrah Creek to tennis match. Glor played with Ruth and Bunty Hall, Jack Daly, Keith Saunders and Bill Clay. Jacks Creek won by 8 sets to 2 sets.


Sat. 4th June.

Very heavy snow fall here! Commenced at 7.15am. Thick flakes continued until 9.30am. Terrific fall further up the creeks, up to 6 inches. About 2 inches of snow here. Still snowing up in the hills at dark. Neil went up to stay with Wallace and Renee. Left Rogie and Timmy with Nanna while we spend 4 days in Sydney.


Sun. 5th June.

Glor and I rose very early and left truck at garage. Boarded Brisbane express at 3am. Landed Hornsby at 12.50pm. Electric train to St Leonards. Taronga Park tram to Cremorne. Got off at Winnie St. Found our way to Sedgwicks at 10 Gerard St. Spent the afternoon with the family. Tea then bed.


[Edgar and Gloryna spent the next 3 days in Sydney. Staying with the Sedgwicks. Mavis Sedgwicks parents. Mavis is married to Jack Barwick. They attended the wool sales at the wool exchange and saw their wool being sold. Went to pictures. Went shopping, bought stuff for their house and for Pop and Nanna Ferris' house. Met up with Bervie Ferris and Nell. Home very late on Wednesday.]


Mon. 13th June.

We all drove in Patsy over to Warrah Creek to the annual Red X day. Tennis tourney, stalls, etc. Glor and Mum ran the fancy stall. Made £12-0-10. Vic Heyman, Ern Brecht and I took £23-18-0 on the chocolate wheel.


Tues. 14th June.

I dug up hard water pipe at back of kitchen. Drafted out 117 of the best lambs from here and put them back in the oats. Leaves 88 lambs and 327 ewes in "Yarrabah".

Ron came over and we discussed the idea of Glor and I leaving the partnership and going on our own.


Tues. 21st June.

Alan and Jack came over and we resumed work on the new laundry. We screwed the roof on this morning. Glor and I drove to the "Yarran" cottage and got more sheets of fibro. Alan, Jack and I erected fibro on the western end wall.

Tony Barwick took Pops 14 steers to Mitchells.


Sun. 26th June.

Service in our church this morning.

I drove into Willow Tree and brought out Ken Fuller. We inspected "Yarran" cottage and agreed to convert it into a shearing shed. Will cost approx £100 for work.


Fri. 1st July.

Alan and Jack came over again to put in some more concrete blocks for our new western verandah. They did 14 blocks today. Only 6 more to be put in. I drove over to "Yarran" cottage and got some more old kerosene tins for moulds.


Tues. 5th July.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove into Willow Tree to the stock sale. I purchased 65 little X-bred shorn lambs at 26/10. Stan Teges. Alex Symonds brought them out for me on his new austin truck, single deck. I returned to Willow Tree with Alex, when he took in another load of lambs for Phil Doyle. Glor drove Betsy home.


Sat. 9th July.

Having a continuous run of frosts. 15 in a row so far! Timmy is still very sick. He is right off his food. His 2nd eye tooth hasn't come right through yet. We all drove in Patsy to "Quondah" this arvo. Had the afternoon with Mum and Alan. Called at Arthurs on way home and borrowed his Stanley combination plane.


Wed. 13th July.

The coal strike is still raging in all parts of Australia. Nearly all electricity cut off. Very few trains running.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi for the day to get more timber, nails etc. Got 10 rafters 4 by 2 hardwood. 32 ft 3 by 2 pine from Grant. Bolts, nails, screws and hinges from Co-Op. Jack and Alan got verandah posts and plates up. Also a few studs. Pop came home with us.


Thur. 28th July.

More work on verandah roof. Alan and Jack erected last of the battens. Nearly finished the iron on the roof, including the hip foof at the north end.

Timmy seems to be much better. He is beginning to eat his meals again.


Fri. 29th July.

I mustered "Yarrabah: ewes and lambs to my yards before breakfast. Ron came over and we marked 369 lambs. This is the first time we've marked our own lambs using our own mark since we left the partnership. Also marked 163 more of the partnerships lambs in the plain paddock. Alan and Jack worked all day on our verandah. Finished roof and cut doorway into bathroom.


Tues. 2nd Aug.

Jack and Alan had their last day here working on our new verandah. They finished the two new doors into our bedroom and spare room. Paid Jack for 13 and a half days, £21-17-6.


Sun. 7th Aug.

I lined the tennis court. Our no.1 team played Warrah no.1 team and we won 6 sets, 48 games to 3 sets 37 games.


Thur. 11th Aug.

Alan and Ron helped me mark 38 more lambs here. Drafted off all the springers and dry ewes. Total of 75. I turned them into oat and wheat paddock. Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I picked up Neil at Willow Tree school and drove to Quirindi. Mr Jim Moore took me and Pop out to Wal Porters. Purchased 110 corriedale ewes, 2 and 4 tooth at 45/- off shears. 35 lambs at foot.


Tues. 16th Aug.

Mr A Bradshaw and Son brought third load of fence posts. Total of 500. Also 50 shed blocks. Plus ten strainers. Costs all up £93.

I finished laying down floor on new verandah, sleepout and nailed it down.


Sat. 20th Aug.

I ploughed the orchard with old 'Bonnie'. Took a few hours but made a good job of it. Did a heap of prunning.

Glor played tennis match at Warrah Creek. Jacks Creek lost.


Sun 21st Aug.

I drove to Muswellbrook with Billy Maunder, Ron Symonds and Russel Parkins. Inspected farmall tractor. Parkins bought a fordsom major tractor. Glor and the kids at tennis again. At "Mae Nell". Rogie had his birthday party there. He is 5 today. 


Tues. 23rd Aug. 

Spent all morning working on the Prefect. Gave her a much needed wash and clean up generally. Changed the spare tire onto the back. That tire slightly damaged.  

Glor took Grandma up to see Reree. I caught school bus, with Neil and we went out with Cecil to Wallace's. Came back in the car. 


Wed. 24th Aug.

Marked Jacks Creek tennis courts. All "Mae Nell" folk, also Bruce, Gladys and baby April Pike, and Alma and two boys here. Also Tom and Annie came out for the afternoon. We played tennis all arvo. Afternoon tea in the hall.

Mum is staying with us. I took her over to Warrah Creek hall to Clare Smiths gift evening. Also drove Mum home after supper. Mr Relf, Underwritting Insurance Co.


Mon. 29th Aug.

Neil is 9 years old today. Glor made him a birthday cake and we had a little party. Just our family at tea time. Birthday call for Neil came over 2 A.D. radio.

Neil and I rode down and looked at our cattle. I turned Gypsy and her steer vealer into the big paddock. After dinner I nailed up some more noggins in the sleepoutwalls and ceilings.

Our 29 bales March shorn wool sold today. Highest price we've ever got. AACBE 65. AAACBE 63. BKNCBE 43. Average price per pound 43. Price per bale £55-0-0.


Fri. 2nd Sept.

Drove in Symonds Austin truck with my first load sheep to Scone. Sold 61 shorn lambs at 33/1. 19 dry ewes at 40/4. 9 wooly lambs at 44/7. Six of the wooly lambs belong to Mum, Alan and Ron.

Neil went down to Scone with us and had a great time. He came back with Bill Perkins in their car and played with John and Michael. Alex bought 134 shorn weathers for Ken.


Fri. 16th Sept.

Max and Ray Callaghan came out for afternoon of work. Max erected all guttering to new building work. Ray connected pipe work into and out of the sink.

I dressed all the new marked lambs in oat paddock. Crutched the 20 odd Porter lambs. Turned all ewes and lambs out. Killed a lamb for rations.


Sun. 18th Sept.

We all drove to Binghams and played with Bunty Halls team. We won.


Tues. 20th Sept.

All up very early and left here in Patsy for Tamworth. Took Nanna with us. Walked round the shops. Had two sittings of our boys at Paramount Studios. Timothy alone and then the three together. I called at PP Board office regarding my brand and earmark registration.


Wed. 21st Sept.

All of us except Neil drove to Quirindi for the day. Had Betsy's lights fixed. Also tail light and petrol guage.

Ordered new Fordson Major tractor from Bousteads at £684 complete with 13.00 by 26 tires. The bigger tires cost £9 extra.


Sat. 24th Sept.

Neil rode with Pop out to Charlie Mitchells with 25 head steers. Put them on agistment at 9 per head. Cut thistles for 2 hours this morning. Pop and I cut some more thistles in wheat in arvo. I rolled tennis court.

Arthur, Audrey and baby Joycelyn came to visit and stayed for tea.


Tues. 27th Sept.

Pop and I drove up to "Elsley Park". Rogie came with us. We dipped my ewes and lambs in Symonds dip. Pop went home to Quirindi with Alex and Mrs Symonds. Rogie and I brought the sheep home. I drafted out 24 dry ewes for farm paddock. Marked 5 more lambs.


Sun. 2nd Oct.

Glor and I played match at Jacks Creek V Willow Tree. Our team won. Our team was Glor, Ruth and Jim Sevil, Bunty Hall, Bill Clay and Myself.


Wed. 5th Oct.

Rain set in during night. 47 points to 9am. More light rain today. I rode to Binghams and met Terry Fitzpatrick. Drafted off my 9 steers and brought them to "Yarrabah". Earmarked poddies with spur in tip of both ears.

Wallaces Truck got bogged and stopped in creek. Couldn't pull him out with Betsy. Took Wallace and family home.


Sat. 8th Oct.

Turned 11 ewes and 13 new marked lambs out of lucerne paddock. Marked all the lambs that came from the Porter ewes. After dinner, we all drove to "Quondah" and watched tennis match. "Quondah" verses Murrurundi team. Murra won 5 sets to 4.


Tues. 11th Oct.

I took our roan steer vealer, 'Gypsy', up to Covers and loaded him with 14 other calves, onto Bernie Howards truck, to Dalgety and Co.

Rogie and I drove for day at Warrah Creek hall for an agriculture bureau meeting. Lectures by Mr Hockley about sheep and wool. Mr Boyle about crops. Lunch and afternoon tea served.


Sat. 15th Oct.

Glor, the children and I drove to Willow Tree for the annual athletics sports day. Joyce Bridge and Marie with us. Rained torrents. Unrelenting! Took Joyce and Marie back to Quirindi. Came home to find everything flooded! Jacks Creek broke its banks and washed under our house a foot deep. Fences down everywhere. Biggest flood in Jacks Creek ever recorded.


[Ron Barwick in his diary notes described this flood,.....]

"....15-10-1949 The biggest flood in the history of the district occurred Shocking flood in all creeks. The Willow Tree Catholic church, on the bank of Borambil Ck near Hams Bridge, was washed off its blocks and moved to the roadside, being held by electric power lines unbelievably little damage was done to the church, (pictures still on the wall)...."



Sun. 16th Oct.

I spent the whole day repairing fences washed down.


["Yarrabah" recorded five and a half inches for October 1949. This was on top of nearly 5 inches for the month of September. Edgar and everyone else spent the next week fixing flood damage.]


Sat. 22nd Oct.

We all drove to Quirindi at 8am. Put three gallons of petrol in car. Shopping. Trousers for £2-11 at Reillys. Sold 431 lb crutchings at 7 lb. Some fleeces of mine brought £3-16-6. I purchased a 9 foot 6" Massey Harris tyne combine at £120 from W Pollock and Son.

Glor did Nannas washing. Neil, Rogie and I caught the flyer from Quirindi to Willow Tree and went to the rodeo. Quite good afternoon. Nanna came out with Glor and she picked us up.


Thur. 27th Oct.

Mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs. Some job too! Plains grass and thistles very thick over 300 acres of lower end of paddock. Took 3 hours to find and muster. Glor helped me draft out 157 "Yarrabah" suckers for Scone sales. I also mustered farm paddock and the boys helped me draft 59 suckers and brought them down here. Glor helped me clean up a number flyblown in farm paddock.


Fri. 28th Oct.

Sent the 216 suckers to Scone per Bernard's lorries. Nanna, Glor and three boys and I drove to Scone in the prefect. Saw lambs sold. Great price. 106 at 44/7. rest at 41/7.

I bought 9 bally and red steers at £10-14-0.


Mon. 31st Oct.

Spent the day using the rotary hoe in our orchard. Finished all the orchard in four and a half hours. Used about 1 and 1/2 gals petrol. Glor and Nanna painted the spare room with cream paint.


Mon. 7th Nov.

Cyril and Jack commenced shearing "Yarrabah" ewes today. Ron and Vic helping me in the shed. Jack had to leave at lunch time and Vic and I carried on the shearing. Cyril shore 83, and the rest of us shore 80.


Fri. 11th Nov.

Shearing continued at "Yarran" cottage.

Alan had big operation in Royal North Shore Hospital. He has cancer in the bowel.


Sat. 12th Nov.

Rained all day. 76 points. All drove to Willow Tree. Got ten gallons of petrol. Commencement of petrol rationing again. I got 28 gallon petrol ticket to do till the end of January.


Thur. 17th Nov.

Drove to "Quondah". Took Rogie in truck. Transported but of wool to shearing shed. Made up bale of crutchings and pressed in "Quondah" press.

Ron returned from Sydney. Alan is progressing well in Royal North Shore Hospital in Wakehurst wing.

Drove to Hectors shed. Pressed up last bale of wool. 20 bales all told. Glor branded them.


Fri. 18th Nov.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi for the day. Glor bought a handbag at Colemans. Brought Nanna home to look after the children while we go to Sydney to visit Alan.

Took delivery of Forson Major tractor 4:3 standard, from Boustead at £644-19-0. Left Quirindi 1pm.


Sat. 19th Nov.

Cuppa at midnight. Drove to Willow Tree. Glen Innes mail to Hornsby. St Leonards. Found Mum at Crows Nest Hotel. Visited Alan on floor 4D, Wakehurst Wing. Found him doing very well after his operation over a week ago. Lunch at Hotel. Took Mum out to Rushcutter Bay and saw NSW tennis championships. Esme and Verna playing. Glor and I saw Alan again. Fred and Heather took us to Lane Cove. Supper, and home to Hotel.


Sun. 20th Nov.

Glor and I went to the hospital and saw Alan. We took Mum per taxi. Caught bus to Rozelle. Lunch with Bert and Nell. On showboat for harbour cruise. Very nice. We all saw Alan again at night.


Mon. 21st Nov.

Glor and I had room 22 on top floor of Crows Nest Hotel. Visited Alan for an hour. Back to Hotel and said goodbye to Mum. Lunch at little cafe nearbye. Spot of shopping at Woolworths. Bus to St Leonards. Electric train to Hornsby. To Willow Tree at 9.30pm. Home to Nanna and the boys.


Thur. 24th Nov.

280 points rain last few days. Rode down paddock. Stock appear to be OK. Marvellous crop of tar vine coming. Barley grass all in seed. Straightned the fence dividing oats and wheat.

Took our new tractor down and hauled limbs of big gum tree out of oat paddock after flood. Glor helped me saw off limbs. Brought the timber home for firewood.


Tues. 29th Nov.

We set up Wallace's saw bench that I've borrowed before breakfast. Started up the Fordson Major on the belt pulley and sawed up all wood in heap at back of house. Also another Betsy load. About 5 hours work all told. Tractor did a grand job.

Nanna took ill overnight. Terrific pains. Glor took her and Pop to Qdi to Dr at 2.30am.


Fri. 2nd Dec.

Neil and I are batching for a few days. [While Glorina, Roger and Tim are in Quirindi with Nanna Ferris] Cooked great feed for dinner. Roast leg of lamb, potatoe, beans and pumpkin, jelly junket and peaches. Neil and I cleaned up all west side of garden. Cut low limbs of pepper trees. Watered all vegetables and did weeding.


Sat. 3rd Dec.

Neil and I drove to Quirindi and joined Glor and kids. Lunch with them. Nanna still in bed ill. We drove to sale at Box Hill. Bought cart at 5/. Brands 2/. Primus at 17/6. Hedge shears and other sundries at 10/. Drove round to Werris Creek and called on Joy and Alan Bridge. Back to Pops then home with family.


Tues. 6th Dec.

Up at 4.15am. Cut up sheep. Did the other jobs. Started at 7.15am and drove my new Fordson Major to Arthurs to pull his header. Did 6 hours header work today. We took off 72 bags of wheat in their 8 acre paddock. Didn't quite finish the paddock as a shower of rain held us up.


Wed. 7th Dec.

Mustered "Yarran" plain before breakfast. Helped Ron shear 6 flyblown ewes.

Glor drove me to Arthurs after dinner. Started up the Major and Arthur and I finished stripping their 8 acre paddock. Started home with tractor and header at 4.10pm. Held up at reserve gate but managed to squeeze through. Got home in 3 and 1/2 hours.


Thur. 8th Dec.

Did my first bit of harvesting of my own crop! Arthur came over here and we commenced the oat paddock at 10am. Broke elevator belt on the Sunshine header. Dashed home and mended it. Took off 36 bags after 9 rounds. Storm at 3pm and stopped us harvesting. Changed engine oil in the Forson major at 28 hours.


Fri. 9th Dec.

Fined up this morning but still a strong southerly blowing and cool day. I sewed 17 bags of oats this morning. Day warmed up and after lunch, Arthur and Audrey came over. Arthur and I had two and a half hour on tractor and header. Took off another 30 bags of oats.

Chiffleys Labor government put out after 8 years in office.


Sun. 11th Dec.

Carl Mitchell on header. We harvested 60 bags oats in 7 hours. Finished the 24 acres.


Mon. 12th Dec.

Arthur came over at 8am. We started harvesting wheat at 8.40am. He on his McKay Sunshine header and I on the Fordson Major. Took off 36 bags of wheat in three and a half hours before dinner. Lost an hour in afternoon with small belt slipping. Glor drove tractor at 5 pm. Neil and I sewed 18 bags of wheat.


Tues. 13th Dec.

Arthur and I started harvesting wheat again at 8.40am. Good run for 3 hours and took off 41 bags. Broke cog that drives chain and spirals. Got cog and sprocket out of Hectors header. Started again at 3pm and went to 6pm. Glor drove later and finished the paddock. Total bags of wheat unsown was 147.

Ron drove to Sydney and brought Mum and Alan home. Alan is recovering after serious operation.


Thur. 22nd Dec.

[Written by Gloryna]

The kiddies and I fumigated "Yarran" shack with Smoko Gas. Cleaned out all the oats. Knocked a heap of mice. Perkins from Murrurundi called and inspected stray bullock on "Yarrabah". Afternoon Neil and I met Ron on church hill and brought shorn ewes back to plain paddock. Gave house garden and lawn a cleanup.


Fri. 23rd Dec.

[Written by Gloryna]

Neil and I went to Silso per Uncle Major and brought their GL90 International disk plough home. Ploughed a firebreak along north west "Yarran" boundary. Got drum of petrol from Binghams. Kiddies and I measured out new cultivation paddock on "Yarran" fence, 28 chains by 11 chains.


Sun. 25th Dec.

All had grand Xmas day. Mum and Alan came over for dinner with us. We all drove to "Quondah" for tea. Usual gathering of the clan.


Wed. 28th Dec.

Up at 4am. Started ploughing at 5am. Pop did some too. Heatwave, 103 degrees in the shade. Gor and the children had swim in the creek.


Thur. 29th Dec.

Cattle sold by Country Producers. My vealer at £19-4-0. Four tigers at £18-6-0. Pop got £27-0-0 for bullocks. £18-6-0 for heifers.

We all drove to "Windy" and collected 5 border leicester rams. Also 3 rams for Mick Fitz. 43 1/2 miles via Harrisons plains. Neil, Rogie and I took the rams to Fitzpatricks.

Cleaned out the dip at "Quondah". 4 packets of Coopers dip.


























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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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