The Diary of Edgar Barwick

1950 to 1952


By Geoff Barwick


The properties owned and run by Edgar and Gloryna Barwick.


"Yarran". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1935. Farm 37 of the 1935 subdivision.

"Yarrabah". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1938. Farm 14 of the 1914 subdivision.




[1950 was one of the wettest ever years recorded at "Yarrabah". 40 inches fell. 7 inches fell in April and nearly 6 inches in November. There is plenty about cars getting bogged, flyblown sheep, floods, etc.]


Sun. 1st Jan.

102 points of rain during afternoon. Glor, the 3 boys and I drove to Warrah creek late arvo. Called on Arthur and Audrey. On to "Cedar Vale" for supper. Very rough storm, wind, rain. Drove home via Binghams.


Wed. 4th Jan.

Up at 3.30am. Had cuppa and drove to "Quondah" for dipping. Ron, Cyril and Jack arrived at 5am. Commenced dipping at 5.10am. Finished the mob at 8.10am. Had breakfast with Mum and Alan. Greased Betsy. Started mob home at 11am. 856 ewes and lambs and 18 rams. Home with sheep at 6.30pm. Glor and kids helped me draft off farm ewes and lambs.

Ron landed new Morris Oxford car per Carringtons.


Sun. 8th Jan.

Busy morning with odd jobs. Erected two new blinds in kitchen. Filled tractor with kero. Greased water pump. Filled grease caps of pump jack.

Arthur, Audrey and little Joycelyne came along this arvo. They stayed and had tea. Mum and Alan came later.


Mon. 9th Jan.

Alan Bridge arrived here per mail truck to stay for three weeks to help me build a new skillion on the side of the truck shed and with other work. We started putting in the blocks at 11am. Erected 11 blocks on east side of garage.


Thur. 19th Jan.

Very heavy rain during night. 292 points all told. Alan Bridge, Glor and I painted Betsy this morning. Did the job with Dulux. Cut a few burrs and brought sheep out of stubble paddock to the yards.

Ordered offset disk harrows. 8 foot, 20 disk. Price £105-4-0. Freight £5-0-0. Machinery manager Mr Newcombe


Fri. 20th Jan.

Alan  Bridge and I crutched 98 new X-bred ewes in the "Yarran" cottage. Afternoon we cut burrs in "Yarrabah". did some in the timber. We killed a lamb for rations.

I took the tractor to the creek and pulled out Jim Murphy's truck who was bogged. Towed truck to here. Jim and Eileen stayed here for the night. Creek still running deep.

[Jims truck may have got filled with water? Edgar doesn't say, but it had to be "fixed" the next day by mechanics?]


Sun. 22nd Jan.

Alan Bridge and I finished second coat of paint on Betsy. Glor went to church. New curate preaching. All of us and Alan Bridge drove to "Quondah" for the afternoon.  Glor did 5th lot of preserved peaches.


Thur. 26th Jan.

Sold by Rezzonico, our "Yarrabah" sucker brought highest price we have ever obtained. 98 shorn suckers sold to 60/8 and averaged 58/5. 19 wooly labs averaged 60/2.

Alan Bridge and I had day burr cutting in farm paddock. Finished cutting up there at 5pm. We then did over the new dulux paint on Betsy with cutting compound. Glor preserved 6 more jars of pears.


Sat. 28th Jan.

Before breakfast I filled the tractor with kero and petrol. Pumped up more power kero. Drew my new Mackay Suntyne combine over to paddock.

We all drove to "Quondah" to pick up Alans camping outfit. Changed oil in Betsy. Called at Binghams. Commenced work with the combine in the new paddock at 3.40pm.


Sun. 29th Jan.

Up at 5am. Did 2 hours combine work before breakfast. 3 hours before lunch. Rest of day after lunch and Glor did one and a half hours. Finished the paddock. Neil mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs to yard. I looked through them for flies. Killed a lamb for rations.


Tues. 31st Jan.

Up at 4.45am. All had light snack and finished packing Betsy. Left home at 6.45am. [Alan and Joyce Bridge and little Adrian have come to stay at "Yarrabah" to look after things.]  Tamworth for breakfast. 6 gallons petrol at Armidale. On to Guyra for lunch. Called on Mr Fakes for a while. Through Glen Innes. Out to Uncle Andy Ferris' at Wellingrove at 4pm. We got showed over the farm and stayed the night there. Met Uncle Andy and Bob Ferris for the first time. Travelled 203 miles today.


Wed. 1st Feb.

Up early at Uncle Andys and Aunt Florries. Had early breakfast. Away at 7am. 108 miles to Grafton. Down 7 mile hill. all steep and winding road. 5 gallons petrol and pint oil. Very slow for 60 miles to Grafton. Beautiful bitumen road all the way from Grafton to Woodburn. Lunch at Woodburn 2.50pm. Out to Evans Head camping area at 3.15pm. All erected tent, 15 foot by 15 foot marquee belonging to Alan. Beaut camp site at 10/ per week includes electric light and the use of hot showers.


Thur. 2nd Feb.

Had breakfast at 9am in our tent. Did some more fixing up around camp. Got more bage for floor and rented three packing cases at 1/-each. Bought pole at 1/- and fixed up verandah out of tarpulin to use for eating under. All had swim in surf before dinner. Down to the lake late afternoon where the children had a great time.


Fri. 3rd Feb.

Had breakfast at 8.30am. Neil, Rogie , Timmy and I drove over town. Rented ice chest at 5/- week and got blocks of ice for it. Cleaned up Betsy. The children and I had surf morning and afternoon. Game of cricket. Posted letters to home.

[They stayed at Evans Head for 3 weeks. Pop Ferris wired them that there was 3 inches rain at home one day. Edgar claims that it is the best surf beach they have ever been to]


Fri. 10th Feb.

Neil and his new mate Ross Kennedy went fishing before breakfast. Neil got 2 bream. Glor went down alone for a short surf before lunch. I wrote letter to Ron and we drove down to PO. and posted one to Grandma that Glor wrote. All went to surf beach this arvo. All of us went to Goldwyns Circus near the Post Office. Left Timmy in the truck but he woke up and I had to stay with him.


Mon. 13th Feb.

Sent telegram to Mr McIntyre. Request for reference so as I can cash a cheque at kiosk.

All of us loaded into Betsy and drove via Woodburn, Coraki to Lismore. Great trip. Very nice country. Dairying, sugar cane and bananas. Very densely populated. Had nice day in Lismore. Lunch at Meeca cafe. Inspected a Holden car. Drove home via Ballina. Beautiful scenic road. Did 90 miles today.


Sun. 19th Feb.

Weather broke for a while so we started to pack up. Heavy rain at times all morning but Mr Goldsmith helped us pack and pull tent down. Got everything into Betsy and left Evans Head at 11.40am. Had lunch at Coraki. Weather fined up and sun came out. Through Casino. Hit the mountain road but very good surface and road not near as narrow as we expected. Through Tenterfield and we stayed at Deepwater.


Mon. 20th Feb.

We all left Commercial Hotel in Deepwater at 6.30am. Cool, cloudy morning. Drove to Glen Innes. Put 10 gallons petrol in Betsy. 180 miles from Evans Head. On to Inverell and landed at McHughs at 8.45am. Had breakfast with Mac and Jean. Left Inverell and drove to Bundarra and then out to Elwins place. [Elwin Ferris]. Landed there at Midday. Stayed night with Elwin and Vere, Valma and Marina.


Tues. 21st Feb.

Left "Bellevue Hill" at 7.30am. 5 gallons of petrol at Bundarra. Sent telegram to "Quondah". Arrived Tamworth. Called on manager at Treloars regarding disk harrows. Arrived home at 6.30pm. Exactly 950 miles done. A glorious trouble free trip. Everything wild with grass and rubbish. Found 'Stumpys' calf down with three day sickness. Bought case of apples on way home at £1 from H H Gordon's "Hillcrest" orchard.


Sun. 26th Feb.

Bervie and Nell's daughter born! Harvest festival  at St Cuthberts. The usual small crowd attendance but a good supply of produce which realised £6. Neil and I sewed 6 acres of oats.


Tues. 28th Feb.

Commenced combine work again. Sowed oats. Glor came and told me that there was a wheat grader at Chads. Glor and I dashed up to shack and loaded on 16 bags of wheat. 8 bags of Febweb and 8 bags of Koala. Easey and two other men graded and dusted the wheat at 1/6 per bag.

We all drove to Willow Tree stock sale. Purchased 68 shorn lambs at 40/.


Mon. 6th March.

Cutting burrs again all day. Finished the cultivation paddocks. Killed a lamb for rations.

Our lambs brought up to 64/4 and averaged 62/1 at Sydney.


Thur. 9th March.

Engaged Albert Roser to help me and Pop cut burrs for£2 per day. Cut big patch today at the front of "Yarrabah". Waited nearly all day for cattle to arrive from Quirindi. They came by truck via Reg Clark. He let them out in George Rowarth's lane. All drove up and brought the ten young cattle down here.


Wed. 15th March.

Albert Roser and I finished the uncrutched "Yarrabah" sheep. Rex Wood brought my second load of hay, 9 tonnes. Rex, Albert and I unloaded the hay into Covers big shed. Jim Meredith brought over the 30 cows and calves that we purchased for £18-10-. Albert and I finished the burrs in bottom farm. Brought the Ferris ewes and lambs down and crutched them.


Thur. 16th March.

Killen's clearance sale out at "Thurles". Col Logan sold "Thurles" and has the sale of machinery and furniture etc. today. We drove out in Patsy and took Nanna and Aunt Joy. Steel posts sold at £21-0-0 for 100. Number ten gal wire sold at £11 for two roles. Rabbit netting at £10 roll. I purchased a grindstone at 10/. Plough at £1-0-0.

Albert and I crutched 150 farm paddock sheep.


Sat. 25th March.

We all went to Quirindi for the day at the Show. Had our lunch at the car. Had supper at Pops place. Glor and I attended the Great Levante Show. Stayed the night at Pops.


Sun. 26th March.

All stayed the night at "Myanbah". Stayed on for lunch. Home this arvo and found the farm paddock tank empty due to no wind.


Wed. 29th March.

Glor and I rose at 4am. Had cuppa and left here in Patsy at 5am heading to Newcastle. Arrived at Wool Stores at 10.30am. Had a cuppa. Mr Abbot took us to store to inspect our ten bales. Did spot of shopping. Met up with Dot and Barbara Barwick, also Ethel. Had lunch and Glor bought a frock and hat at Winnes.

I attended wool sales at 3.20pm. Watched the sale of our ten bales. AAAXBE @ 77. AAXBE @ 62. AXBE @ 53.


Sun. 2nd April.

Neil, Rogie and I went up to farm mill to pump water with our tractor due to lack of wind. Found pump not working and couldn't get it going. Glor and Timmy came up in Patsy and brought our lunch. Found a dead jersey steer of Pops. Drove home in Patsy and left the tractor there.


Tues. 4th April.

321 points rain up to 9am. Rained all day. Creeks flooded. Gullies also full and held up traffic. Neil and the other school children were picked up by Ron Symonds and taken home to their place. Later returned here. I did work around house. I fixed castor on our lounge. Put stops on doors.


Thur. 6th April.

Bill, Max and Ray Callaghan came out at 8am to farm paddock mill. They pulled up piping and found the plunger had come unscrewed from pump rod. Put in new pump bucket and finished at midday. I started the major tractor and pumper water till 5.30pm. Rain set in again this arvo.


Mon. 10th April.

We all drove to Quirindi to see the finals of Easter tennis tournament there. Audrey and Verna won the finals of the ladies doubles. Verna lost the singles final to Ruth Kennedy. She won first set 6-4 and was leading second 5-4. We had lunch at the Blue Rose cafe.

I paid deposit of £25-0-0 on new Humber Hawk.


Wed. 12th April.

Helped Ron shear 63 ewes and lambs from plain paddock. They were flyblown and struck on the body. Alan dressed sheep with bucket spray. I mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs. Found 10 of them badly blown. Took them to old cottage and shore them and cleaned.


Thur. 20th April.

57 lambs sold by Rezzonico, top to 77/6, averaged 76/9.

Started tractor at 8.15am. Ploughing with Hectors GL 90 12 disk plough. Finished the 30 acres. Brought plough to house and did the 1 1/2 acres. Also part of lucerne paddock. Took plough home to Hectors. Commenced sowing oats with combine.


Wed. 26th April.

We all rose at 5am. Had a light breakfast and set out in Patsy at 6.50am. Picked up Pop and Nanna at Quirindi. Left Rogie and Timmy at Werris Creek with Joyce. Drove to Tamworth and landed there about 9am. Pop and I inspected 50 poddies out of Tamworth at £4-15-. No good. Purchased tilting bench at £23-0-0. Also rubber tired mower at J W Collins at £8-10-0. Glor and Nanna did some shopping this arvo. We called at Auntie Grace and Doris. Had afternoon tea there. Supper with Joyce and Kids at Werris Creek.


Fri. 28th April.

I spent another day up on fence on farm paddock. Alan and Ron came over and we helped Don May finish the new fence right off. Pulled old netting off old road fence and did the gullies.

Attended Electric Light meeting in Jacks Creek hall. Vic Heyman brought Mr P G Pryor and an Electrical engineer out to hear our argument.


Sun. 30th April.

Cleaned a few lambs in old oat paddock. Found a few fly blown. We all drove to Quirnindi after dinner. Nanna is ill again with gall trouble. Brought Robbie Ferris home with us to stay for a while.


Tues. 2nd May.

Drove major tractor up to Bill Clays and brought Symonds scarifier down. Rob and I did 4 hours work in lower end of new 30 acre paddock. Didn't finish.

Picked Neil up in Willow Tree and we all drove to Scone in Patsy. Attended Uncle Frank Ashfords funeral. Large funeral. Home at 6.30pm. I did another 2 hours scarifying. Finished paddock.


Thur. 4th May.

My new cattle arrived from Quirindi per Reg Clarkes truck. 3 hereford X cows, about 18 months with calves at £15-18-6. 9 hereford X steers, about 18 months at £10-10-0.

Rob helped me set up my new tilting bench this morning. Tractor not running well so we cleaned all plugs. Did three hours sawing wood and sawed up the 4 ton heap.


Wed. 10th May.

Fog and mist this morning. All of us drove down to Arthur Ingalls and inspected Jack Smiths new offset disk harrows. Jack not working today. Called at Barney Greers and got load of sand out of his pine scrub.

After dinner, Neil, Rogie and I went on tractor to old fence on "Yarran" plain. Pulled out 4 strains of barb wire and strained it on new cultivation fence.


Thur. 11th May.

Letter from Bervie to Gloryna. He is interested in sale of McMullins place, "Sterling".

Phil Doyle inspected 6 cows and calves but didn't buy. Neil and I drove tractor to "Yarran" again. Collected more barb wire and strained it up on new 30 acre paddock. Stapled bottom strain.

Mum and Alan came over for supper to celebrate my birthday. Set off a heap of fire crackers. Great night for the children. Rogie went home with Mum and Alan for holiday.


Thur. 18th May.

Pop and I took tractor down "Yarrabah". Drew 2 loads of gravel in "Rathcown" to cement trough. 3rd load was disasterous! Smashed trailer and had to unload. Left trailer down paddock. Then the rotten tractor played up and refused to start. Left it at cement tanks and walked home.


Sat. 20th May.

Glor, Neil, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi for the day. Auction sale of A McMullens "Sterling". Offered £15-10-0 per acre for it but passed in. Arthur Saunders was the last bidder. All had lunch at "Myanbah" [Pop and Nanna Ferris' place in Quirindi]. Elwin, Vera, Rob and Marina there. Also Alan, Joyce, Marie and Adrian. We all there for lunch. Elwin arrived from Sydney in a 49 Plymouth.


Wed. 24th May.

114 points rain to 9am. Glor and Rogie drove to Willow Tree to Empire Day celebrations at school. Vera and Marina Ferris came out with Glor to stay till Sunday. Piano tuner turned up. Tuned Jacks Creek piano. New felt under keyboard. I kept Timmy here for the day.

Drove Mr Matheson over to Warrah Creek hall. Went on up to "Quondah". Then to Arthurs to get cement mixer. Got stuck in creek at Warrah reserve and Rafe Howard pulled me out. Home at 8.30pm.


Thur. 25th May.

Got water in the sump of Betsy from creek yesterday. Emptied sump and flushed out. Refilled with fresh oil. Cleaned everything from under seat and pulled out so it can dry. Pulled out old rubber from floor and recovered with lino. Changed oil in the Prefect. Filled battery with water.


Sat. 27th May.

Took Vera riding on old 'Peter Pan'. Rode round "Yarrabah" and inspected cattle and ewes and lambs. Found Rogies young cow dead. She has big steer calf. Glor, Timmy, Vera Marin and I drove over to "Quondah" for a short visit. Then called in to see Arthur and Audrey.


Tues. 30th May.

Pop and Glor drove our 4 trucks of cattle and 110 lambs in to Willow Tree trucking yards. Landed there at 3pm. I took Rogie and Timmy in Betsy. Clutch is slipping. Fred Homer towed us over Pinnacle and then Tollbar. Left Betsy in garage to have new clutch plates.


Thur. 1st June.

Sent letter with cheque for £27-17-0 to E J Eggins Pty Ltd Lismore. Ordered 8 coils hinge joint.

Our 110 lambs sold to 81/10. Averaged 79/2. Glors 11 gersey steers averaged £18-8-0. My two bally steers £20-1-0. The 12 tigers sold to £22-0-0.

Mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs. Found 4 ewes badly fly struck. Seven more blown in the crutch.

Sun. 4th June.

Finished sowing Koala wheat in 30 acre paddock. Afternoon all of us and Renee, Milton, and Johnny drove to "Myanbah". Pop and I had settlement of agistment. Bervie, Nell and baby Annette arrive tomorrow for 11 day stay.


Sun. 11th June.

We all plus Bervie, Nell and baby drove in Patsy to Quirindi for the day. Left Bert, Nell and baby at "Myanbah". Glor played in ladies doubles with Ruth Sevil. I played with Hector.


Mon. 12th June.

Annual Red X carnival at Warrah Creek. £129 taken during day. Glor, the children and I drove over in Betsy. Bervie, Nell and baby Annette came later in the Prefect. Fair crowd of people at the tennis tourney and on the ground. Mr McIntyre, Eric Barwick and I took £15-6-0 on the chocolate wheel.


Tues. 20th June.

All of us except Neil drove to Quirindi for the day. Alan, Ron and I held conference with Mr Gelling and Ken Thomas. Finalised arrangements for taking over our share  of country. £500 to be paid to me at final division of partnership to square up.

Bought toy trailer for Timmy and dominoes for Rogie. Timber from Clarrie Warfield. Saw Bert and Nell.


Thur. 22nd June.

Weather has turned dog again. More southerly showers. Rounded up ewes and lambs. More fly blown.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I boarded the major tractor and drove up to Wallace's. Very wet and slippery from road down. Interviewed Ernie Finch and Tom Mullens about shifting "Yarran" cottage for shearing shed.


Thur. 29th June.

Heavy frost. Only third this winter. Too much wet cloudy weather.

Vic came over here and helped me put up sheets hardboard in new sleepout. Weather has fined up. First dry sunny day in a long time.


Fri. 30th June.

Vic stayed with us last night. We erected a bit more hardboard on walls of sleepout but didn't finish. We cut and put up all the masonite on the ceiling.

Glor drove in Patsy to Quirindi and played in tournament with "Moe Mell" people.


Wed. 5th July.

Les Howard brought my 160 lambs from Quirindi. Pop and I mustered farm paddock to yards. We marked 139 lambs and fixed up all the flyblown. Drafted off 100 of best lambs for oats paddock. Turned 60 into "Yarrabah".

Glor and I attended P and C meeting in Willow Tree. 

Thur. 6th July.

Pop and I marked 266 lambs from "Yarrabah" ewes. Most were really too big for marking. Job delayed during the last wet month.

I attended special meeting of Willow Tree Fire Brigade. Ranvil Schofield captain, Alex Symonds Sec. R Symonds, Wallace and Hector, Chris Kenny.


Sat. 8th July.

Pop and I spent morning baling up old crutchings and lambs wool etc in "Yarran" cottage. Took 3 packs of the wool in Betsy to "Quondah" and pressed it up. Had afternoon tea with Mum and Aunt Annie. Greased truck on Alans new ramp.

Pop and I drove to North West corner of "Yarrabah" and strained up some wires.


Sun. 9th July.

All drove in Patsy to Quirindi. Took Pop and Nanna home. Glor and I took tennis team to "Moe Mell". Bunty Hall, Ruth Sevil, Jim Sevil, Cyril, Hector, Glor and I beat the "Moe Mell" team.


Sun. 16th July.

All of us drove in Patsy to "Quondah" and had dinner with Mum, Alan and aunt Annie. Glor and I had game of tennis with Alan, Ron, Arthur and Audrey. I greased Patsy. Tightened engine bolts. Aunt Annie came home with us to stay for a while. [Annie Bell]


Tues. 18th July.

More showers overnight and again today. Lopped one pepper tree and cleaned up the loppings. Filled all Kerosene drums with lighting kero. Also pumped up the 4 gallon drum of benzine. Spent arvo cleaning plugs of the prefect. Emptied and refilled air cleaner with new oil. Had look at new oat paddock. Oats and clover two foot high but ground just slush and too wet for stock.

We keep fire going in Dining room all day for Aunt Annie to sit by.


Mon. 25th July.

Alan and Mum have landed a new Wolseley 4/50 saloon. They have sold the old 1937 V8.

Drove with Hector in his truck to Willow Tree. Helped him with 6 loads gravel from Toll Bar hill. Took gravel to Willow Tree School grounds. Ranville Schofield and Bill Callaghan also carrying with their trucks. Carted 17 loads. The Main Roads Board front end loader, Fordson Deisel is loading the trucks.

Glor and kids took Aunt Annie back to "Quondah". she had 9 days with us.


Wed. 26th July.

We all drove to Quirindi for the day. I watched stock sale until lunch time. Glor had her hair permed at Patsy Martins. I took Neil to Dentist Alcock where he had 2 top teeth out. Glor, Rogie and Timmy had afternoon with Nanna. I took Pop up to hospital secretary and we gave £5-0-0 each for hospital equipment fund.


Tues. 1st Aug.

Rain set in this morning. 72 points fell before dark. I mustered all cattle on "Yarrabah". Drafted off 11 gersey steers and 3 bally vealers. Ran cattle up to Hectors ramp and loaded them onto Bernards truck. Also drafted off ten reds and bally steers and turned into new oats paddock. Creek came up pretty high at about 3pm. Milton and Johnny stayed the night as they couldn't get home.


Tues. 8th Aug.

I helped muster "Yarran" plain ewes and lambs to yards for lamb marking. Alan, Ron, Terry Fitz and Amos Pascoe marked 580 lambs there. I mustered up the farm paddock ewes and lambs. Cleaned a few. Some flyblown.


Fri. 11th Aug.

All of us left in patsy at 8.20am and drove to Tamworth via New England Highway. I had lunch with Bernie and Les Howard. We collected hardwood timber at Armstrongs. Mr Hayes. Down to Treloars and picked up my new offset disk cultivator. Up to warehouse in Lower Street. Collected 100 sheets iron, 8 foot sheets. Called at Thibaults and got two 10 foot gates and two 12 foot gates. We called at Alan Bridges at Werris Creek and stayed for tea.


Mon. 14th Aug.

Rogie and I drove to "Quondah" for shearing. I helped Alan and Ron with shed work. Vic and Jack are shearing today in the "Quondah" wethers. They have 900 weathers on "Quondah".


Tues. 15th Aug.

Rogie and I went to "Quondah" again shearing. Merino weathers. Jack is shearing and Ron is in the other stand until Cyril arrives. Cyril is bringing ewes and lambs to "Glen-Oak" which he has just purchased. I did some shearing in second stand until Cyril arrived. Weathers are cutting a bit over 3 bales to the 100. Very nice wool in good condition.


Mon. 21st Aug.

Rogies 6th birthday. We had a little tea party tonight.

Ern Finch, Tom Mullins and Tom Wilcox commenced work moving "Yarran" cottage over to my yards to build a shearing shed. They measured out the site and put up some of the blocks. I drew all the ironbark blocks and pine posts to the site.


Wed. 23rd Aug.

I rode out to Charlie Mitchells to look at Pops steers. Carl rode round the cattle with me. We found all the steers except 7 that are on Miller Creek reserve. They look OK but are not prime. Country very wet and bogged up.

After lunch, Rogie and I went to see how men are getting on with demolition work. Ernie Finch and his men have cut the 34 by 12 foot building in half. The men started jacking up the back part of the building.

We all drove to concert of local artists in Willow Tree.


Fri. 25th Aug.

Bernie, Ken and Les Howard came out in semi-trailer. Bernie backed trailer under the south half of the cottage. I had to pull him part way over the flat with the major. Ground is so wet and boggy. Pulled truck all the way and helped Bernie back in between the blocks again.

We all drove to Warrah Creek hall to birthday party in honour of Gloria Saunders and Percy Gardiner's 21st birthdays.


Sun. 27th Aug.

Up early. Ernie Finch came out. Arthur gave us a hand to jack up 2nd half of cottage. Rafe, Ken and Les Howard came in semi-trailer and transported half cottage in one piece over to site. Ernie jacked it off trailer and left it on 44 gallon drums.


Mon. 28th Aug.

Ernie Finch, Tom Mullins and Tom Wilcox spent nearly all day lowering the two halves of the cottage down onto the blocks. They had to put in the centre blocks.


Wed. 30th Aug.

All drove to Quirindi today. Nanna had successful operation for gall stones at 8.30am.

Ken Harrison advised me to expect delivery of our new Humber Hawk before end of September.

Callaghans started putting in pipes and new trough to my 30 acre cultivation paddock.


Thur. 31st Aug.

Max and Ray Callaghan finished laying 1" piping from "Yarran" tank to end of my 30 acre cultivation. They finished the 18 foot length of trough and turned the water on.

Elwin, Vere and Marina, and Pop Ferris drove out in 1949 Plymouth. Inspected their bullocks in "Yarran" and I took Elwin round "Yarrabah". Saw most of our cattle and also Pops steers.


Sun. 3rd Sept.

Glor, Rogie and Timmy drove to Quirindi. Rogie went into hospital for tonsils and adnoids out.

Col Logan called in. I showed him around my crops and fat lambs and steers. I started cultivating orchard with rotary hoe. Uncle Harold and Amy called in this afternoon.


Mon. 4th Sept.

Rogie was operated on for tonsils and adnoids in Qdi hospital. Glor and Timmy are staying at "Myanbah". Nanna is also in hospital. She is doing extra well after operation for gall stones.

Neil and I drove up and had dinner with our family.


Thur. 7th Sept.

Neil and I are batching. Neil cooks breakfast and washes up. We took the tractor over to Jacksparrow Mill. Brought three pine logs back for building the ramp into shearing shed.

Ernie and Tom are nearly finished walling shed with old boards. Put down grating in the outside pen. Built the second letting go schute. Alan came over and looked over the new building. Arthur did too and picked up the rotary hoe. I cleaned up the farm ewes and lambs.


Wed. 13th Sept.

Neil cooked an omelett this morning and made meat fritters for tea. I fixed shearing plant into place this morning. Bolted the top gear into position and tightened up the bolts.

Tom Mullins had to leave the job today as his mother is very ill. Ern will finish the job on his own.


Fri. 15th Sept.

Ern Finch finished our shearing shed today. He finished the wool bins, finished the guttering and soldered up nail holes in the roof. I paid him cheque for £71-11-10 making total cost of £162-10-0 for cost of labour. Included in this was bonus of £20 for completion before end of September.

I christened shed by crutching flyblown ewes and lambs in afternoon.


Mon. 18th Sept.

Rogies first day at school today. Bus to Willow Tree.

Big day with cattle. Pop brought his 21 steers from Mitchells. I mustered "Yarrabah" cattle. Drafted off Pops 12 ballies and two black steers. We got my 12 steers from the 30 acres. Also 11 of Elwins bullocks from "Yarran" and put them in bottom farm paddock.


Wed. 20th Sept.

Pop and I drove to Willow Tree. Pop went to Sydney with the 5 trucks of steers.

Glor, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi. Glor played in ladies match with "Me Mell". I attended stock sale. Purchased 106 X-bred ewes, two and four tooth at £5-2-10 per head. Vic Laurance brought them out on semi trailer.


Sun. 24th Sept.

Up at daylight. Milked cows. Started crutching at 6.30am. Did more after breakfast. All went to church this morning. Finished the sheep in afternoon. All drove to "Quondah" and collected the new wool table that Alan made for me.


Mon. 25th Sept.

Light rain set in this morning. Glor, Timmy and I drove in to Binghams. Picked up Alan Bridge. He is coming here for a fortnight to help with finishing shearing shed and shearing our sheep. Drove up to Brechts and got Erns wool press. Saw Brechts new Peugeot car. Got bucket of oranges. Alan Bridge and I cut and fitted down about half the floor in new shearing shed.


Sat. 30th Sept.

We cut down two dead trees. Hauled in with the Major. Spent afternoon sawing with the bench. Had to re join belt with clips. Fixed the bolts leading down spindle.


Mon. 2nd Oct.

48 points rain last night. Our general shearing started in our brand new shed. Alan Bridge and Cyril shearing today. They shore 188 farm paddock ewes. Pop is helping me in the shed. It rained all day and things got in a hell of a state! Sheep got muddy and damp getting them out from under shed. 71 points for the day.


Sat. 7th Oct.

We all drove to Quirindi and took Pop back home. Lunch at "Myanbah". Then drove down to Scone for funeral of Uncle Arthur, aged 78.

[Arthur Frederick Barwick. He was Ernest brother, and Lucy Brechts brother].


Sun. 8th Oct.

We all drove to "Quondah" to see Grandma and Alan. Saw all their new electrical fittings, hot water system, iron, jug, radiator and lawn mower. Greased the prefect. 7,700 miles.

Glor took me into town to catch the train for Sydney.


[Unfortunately, Edgar doesn't mention it, but in Arthur Barwick Memoirs he says that Warrah Creek was connected to the electricity grid in November, in one months time. So this was Quondahs new electrical stuff ready for power for first time.]

Arthur Barwick,.....

"Electricity was connected to us in November, 1950, by the Quirindi Municipal Council, and what a wonderful boon this was. It is hard to imagine what it was like without the use of so many appliances that we now take for granted, as well as lighting. I had two pump-up pressure lamps which were far better than the old wick type kerosene lamps, but these were poor compared to what we are now accustomed."


Mon. 9th Oct.

Landed at Central at 10am. Ken Harrison joined me at Newcastle and from Central we took a taxi to McGrath Motors to pick up new Humber Hawk saloon. Got all papers fixed up and left show rooms at Midday with our beautiful glade green Humber Hawk. Landed at Quirindi and "Myanbah" at 11.30pm and found Glor, Rogie and Timmy there. Neil broke his leg at school and is in hospital!


Tues. 10th Oct.

All morning in Quirindi registering and insuring new Humber Hawk. Registration £6-3-0. Comprehensive policy £14-0-2. At Harrisons having number plates fixed and also light switch in roof.

Picked up Alan Bridge and brought him out for the shearing.

Neil with the Humber Hawk

Wed. 11th Oct.

Alan Bridge and Cyril commenced shearing at 7.30am. Found a number of ewes with body strike. Alan shore 117 and Cyril 86. Pop Ferris there for the day and helped in the shed. Pop and I pressed 5 more bales.


Sat. 14th Oct.

We all drove to Quirindi. Got Neil from hospital. His broken leg is in plaster. All called at Willow Tree rodeo. Pop landed 40 steers in "Yarrabah" and 33 in farm paddock. Uncle Harrold and Amy came over for a visit.


Mon. 16th Oct.

Bernards truck took our first consignment of wool. 21 bales from our new shearing shed. I shore 7 border leicester rams and 12 other ewes and hoggets and cleaned up last of our shearing.

19 of Pops steers and 8 split ear steers mustered from farm paddock and Pop took them to Pinnacle Reserve. Drafted off 30 farm suckers for sale tomorrow.

Mr and Mrs McClean purchased our 1948 Prefect at £525. Milage, 7,748. We purchased her for £520.


Mon. 23rd Oct.

I did 4 hours work with the Fordson Major making tracks for the stock. Pulled pieces of flat iron up to "Yarran shack. Then to gateway to farm and down to "Yarrabah". After dinner we all drove to Quirindi. Took our new Humber Hawk to Harrisons. Changed oil at 510 miles. Got new rubber boots. Had tea at "Myanbah". All of us except Timmy went to the Quirindi Younger Set Revue. Also took Nanna.


Fri. 27th Oct.

We all loaded into the Humber and picked up Pop Ferris in Willow Tree. Drove to Scone sales. Cattle prices very high. Bullocks to £42. Vealers £34. Our heafers sold at £21-16-0.

Ron mustered "Yarran" ewes and lambs to my shed for shearing. Scores of them flyblown.


Sat. 28th Oct.

Ron and Tony Barwick came over for shearing at "Yarrabah" shed. Claude Saunders and Foster Carter shearers. They shore about 190 ewes, about half of them flyblown. Ron was away mustering more sheep. Tony did wool rolling. I pressed 5 more bales.


Sat. 4th Nov.

All of us drove in Humber Hawk to childrens sports athletics in at Willow Tree. Poor little Neilie is still on crutches and can't take part. Drove to Arthurs after the sports day.


Tues. 7th Nov.

All drove to Quirindi this morning. Ken Harrison did first service on the Humber Hawk.

[Obviously Edger hasn't named this car yet? But it's a female.]

He greased her and tightened up some of the chassis bolts. All went to "Myanbah" for lunch. Glor, the three boys and Nanna went to "Me Nell" for a garden party in aid of charity. I picked them up later.


Sat. 11th Nov.

Mum is pretty sick and Dr Cooper came out to see her at "Quondah". We all drove over for a while to see Mum. I had first game of cricket at Warrah Creek for about 12 years. Just a practice game with all the other team members.


Mon. 13th Nov.

I did 7 hours on Fordson major. Ploughed fire breaks with the new off set disk cultivator. Did 3 times down western and northern boundary of "Yarrabah". Two runs along east boundary and across to mill. Also two up centre of paddock and down to oat paddock fence.

Fire out in Wallace's paddock. I drove with Ron Symonds but out when we arrived.


Sat. 18th Nov.

All drove to Quirindi in the morning. Lunch at "Myanbah".

Played my first game cricket in comp with Warrah Creek team. Drove to Ardglen and picked up the whole Jim Sevil family at Willow Tree. Ardglen beat us by 3 runs. Warrah, 64. Ardglen 67.

Mum, Alan and Aunt Annie came over for supper with us.


Thur. 22nd Nov.

Plenty of rain during night. Again this morning. I pulled Wallace's truck through creek with the Major.

Spent most of morning securing Ford Prefect for Bervie at Tamworth. J T Fossey. Price £635-0-0. Took our 6 dogs to "Quondah" as we are going on a trip tomorrow to Bathurst. All drove to Quirindi to leave Timmy with Nanna. Glor had front tooth fixed at McGreggors. Also had hair done at Patsy Martins. I took Neil to Dr Coopers. He said Neil leg is doing OK. Got case of Coopers dip from Caddels.


Fri. 24th Nov.

We have decided to cancel our trip to Bathurst via Mudgee. All roads are flooded.

Helped pull Noel Cover through Jacks Creek with Major. He had a truck load of cattle. I rode up to Hectors and brought Glors jersey cow and calf back home. There is still flood rains over the whole state. Drove to Willow Tree to P and C meeting. Arranged school picnic on Thurs 14th Dec. Neil went in with me. Also Bill Bingham.


Mon. 27th Nov.

Found flies in the ewes and hoggets again! Sheep only shorn about 6 weeks ago. Got "Yarran" paddock in. Dressed 24 ewes there. Did the 100 ewes. About 16 blown. Mustered "Yarrabah" late afternoon. Glor helped me dress with bucket spray.


Tues. 28th Nov.

Up at 4.20am. Milked cows. Glor helped me dress about 30 flyblown ewes before breakfast. Packed the ports and loaded the Humber up for trip. Left home at 10am. Drove to Quirindi and left Timmy with Pop and Nanna. Had cuppa there and left at 11.40am. Glor, Neil and Rogie fit very comfortable into our Humber Hawk. All the luggage in the boot. Drove to Merriwa. Stayed at the Fitzroy Hotel.


Wed. 29th Nov.

Left Merriwa at 9am. 4 gallons petrol. Drove via Cassilis to Mudgee. Road very bad. Watercourses all full of water. Lunch at Mudgee. 76 miles. Glor drove from there through Hargreaves to Hill End. Road very steep and winding, some second gear, all gravel surface. I drove from Hill End to Bathurst, 96 miles. Still gravel all the way. Arrived Bathurst at 5.30pm. Booked in at Tourist Hotel. Mrs Fardell.


Thur. 30th Nov.

Spent full day in Bathurst. Morning we drove to McPhillamy Park and up the Panoramic Highway to the peak. Beautiful view of Bathurst and district. Took some snaps. Lunch in the park. Looked through the museum. Drove out to Edgells Cannery. About 350 people employed. Drove on to Orange. 34 miles. Booked in at Great Western Hotel. Have a family room. Car filled with petrol. 12 gallons for 308 miles since leaving home.


Fri. 1st Dec.

Full day spent at Orange. Drove through the main shopping centre. Looked through the Great Western Stores. After lunch I took the Humber to the Humber Hellman garage. Had car greased at 1,300 miles. Checked oil in sump, tyres and water in battery. All OK.

Drove out to Cannobolas Lake. Had cuppa. Feed of cherries at an orchard. Back to Great Western Hotel.


Sat. 2nd Dec.

Breakfast at Great Western Hotel. Packed up and spent two hours in park. Glorious flowers and parklands. Drove 21 miles to Molong. Good road. Lunch there. 42 miles to Wellington by excellent road. Inspected caves there. Had drinks. Ice cream. 31 miles to Dubbo. Court House Hotel.


Sun. 3rd Dec.

Left Dubbo after breakfast. Drove round to look at park and baths. Signs of recent big floods in Dubbo and in different places on way to Gunnedah. Arrived Gunnedah. 166 miles at about 4pm. Booked in at Court House Hotel. Had tea and phoned Pop at Qdi. Brian and Lila called. [Brian and Lila Seymour] We four drove out to see the family after. All 5 boys at home.


Mon. 4th Dec.

Left Gunnedah about 11am. Drove the 48 miles in one hour 20 minutes. Called at Thibaults re my order for steel posts. Not there yet. Lunch at Rackham and Pauls. Glor did some shopping. Bought a rain coat for Neil. Drove on to Werris Creek and stayed night with the Bridges. Very nice welcome.


Tues. 5th Dec.

Left Alan Bridges place at about 10.30am. Drove on to Quirindi. Called at "Myanbah" for lunch. Picked up Timmy. We travelled 740 miles in total. Trouble free motoring.


Sat. 9th Dec.

Split a bit of fire wood. Milked the new jersey heifer. The last of the 6 Willow Tree heifers. Glor, Rogie and Timmy came with me to a cricket match at Warrah Creek. We beat the Wallabies 165 to 40. I got 4 wickets for 8 runs, and made 8 runs retired.


Thur. 14th Dec.

My jersey steers sold by Country Producers sold at £23-1-0. Black steers sold at £30-0-0. Glor, Neil, Timmy and I took Nanna to Quirindi. All had lunch at "Myanbah". Glor took Neil to the Dr. His leg is still in plaster. I took the Humber to Jeff Harrison. Full service. Changed oil, sump, diff, gearbox. All called at Willow Tree school. Picnic for children. Games, races. Grand afternoon.


Sun. 17th Dec.

We all drove to Warrah Creek for game of cricket. Timor beat us 85 to 80. I made 4 runs. Got 4 wickets. We drove up to "Quondah" for tea. Aunt Annie is still there. Glor got a kerosene bucket full of apricots from Swains.


Tues. 19th Dec.

Glor prepared apricots for preserving. She did 36 jars with the fowler outfit.

Jack Holt rode down here. He helped take 17 cattle and his steer to Hectors ramp. Loaded them onto Howards semi trailer. We all drove down to Scone sales in the Humber. Picked up Col Logan in Willow Tree and Malcolm Chad also came.

Our cattle sold in Scone. One black bally steer, £25-13-6. Five gersey steers at £21-11-0. Seven heifers at £16-3-6.


Wed. 20th Dec.

All drove to Quirindi for the day. Neil had new plaster put on his leg. Also had another X-ray. All had dinner at "Myanmah". Pop and I attended sale in Qdi yards. Pop bought 25 steers. I got 3 steers, mixed colours at £14-7-0. We all had tea at Corrigans before coming home.


Fri. 22nd Dec.

Drover, Ted Edmed, landed here from Quirindi with my 3 steers. Also Pops 25.

Mustered "Yarrabah" at daylight. Glor helped me draft off about 50 dirty ewes and lambs. Also drafted off 94 aged dry ewes and 6 hoggets. Turned the 100 sheep into the 30 acres cultivation. Crutched the dirty sheep with machine. The three boys and I drove to "Quondah". Got a chook for Xmas.


Mon 25th Dec.

Kids awoke early. Great jubilation on opening their pillow slips to find what Samta had brought them. Neil got a fountain pen and table tennis set. Rogie a train set, "Silver Chief". Timmy got a metal tip truck. Glor gave me a spot lamp. Mum and Alan came here for dinner. Great feast. Went for a look around farm after. We all drove to "Quondah" for usual Xmas tea.


Thur. 28th Dec.

I drove Betsy up to Hectors at 7am. Started up the major with side delivery rake and raked up Hectors 18 acres lucerne paddock in 5 hours. Hector had 4 hours baling hay with pick up baler. He did 560 bales.

I went with Wallace in his truck to Tamworth. Took my 3 dogs and had them immunised against distemper. Wallace took 4 of his dogs too.

Painters Keith Tonks, and John Donnolly commenced painting our house.


Sat. 30th Dec.

Ron Symonds came over and he and Wallace drew last load of "Coorooga" hay to my stack at "Yarrabah". Hector finished baling "Coorooga" hay last night and his hay this morning.

We all drove to Warrah Creek for cricket. Warrah Creek beat the ABC team 161 runs to 67 runs. I got 5 wickets for 13 runs.


Sun. 31st Dec.

Up early this morning. Spent most of day building roof over new stack of baled hay. About 15 ton. Glor helped me put iron on and we tied on posts for weight. Neil is staying at "Quondah" for a short time. 

If you click on photos they become bigger and clearer.



[1951 was reasonably dry. A bit less than 18 inches falling]


Wed. 3rd Jan.

Keith Tonks and John Donnelly have finished the second coat of paint on the whole of the house. They worked from 5am to 7pm today.

I employed Keith Bernard and his truck and two other men to draw in the rest of Hectors baled hay. Ron Symonds also helped. We finished stacking the three loads in shed at 11.30am. Cleaned the plugs of the Major and filled battery with water.


Fri. 5th Jan.

Keith and John finished our house at 11am and left here at 11.30. I paid them £47-12 each for 8 days painting. Took Keith up to our church. He quoted £50 to paint church including paint.

I did 5 hours ploughing today. Did about 8 acres.

We drove to Willow Tree. Attended send off and presentation to Mr and Mrs Bob Hughes.


Sun. 7th Jan.

We all drove in Humber to "Duxford". Picked up Uncle George and he came with us to Timor. Warrah Creek verses Timor. We made 64 runs, Timor 103. I took 6 wickets for 21 runs.


Wed. 10th Jan.

Started our mob of ewes and lambs and rams to "Quondah" at 9am. Glor, Neil and Timmy followed in the truck. Rogie rode a lot of the way on his trike. Got the mob to the "Quondah" yards by 5pm. We all stayed at "Quondah" for the night.


Thur. 11th Jan.

Up at 4.30am. Ron, Vic, Cyril and Eric Hines helped me dip our 856 sheep. Started at 5.15am and finished at 8am. Started our mob home at 11am. Had lunch in Warrah Creek reserve.

Shell Co. landed petrol and Kero for me. Five times 44 gallon Power Kero. One 44 gallon Pennant. One 44 gallon petrol.


Sun. 14th Jan.

We all drove to Quirindi for all day Association match verses Werris Creek. WC made 51. We got 106. Arty Lawrence was captain. I got 3 wickets for 5 runs.


Sat. 20th Jan.

Filled the Humber with petrol. 2,345 miles. Tied 6 more posts onto new hay stack to keep roof down.

We all drove to Quirindi for cricket match. Our team beat the RSL, 59 runs to 130 runs. I made 29 runs and took two wickets.

Saw the wedding party arrive at St Albans for marriage of Campbell Sevil and Betty Barnett.


Sat. 27th Jan.

Pop and I finished the thick patch of burrs at east side of timber this morning. Got a young ram out of "Rathcown".

We all drove to Warrah Creek to cricket match. Ardglen beat us 142 to 97. I captained the team and made 19 runs but didn't get a wicket.


Mon. 29th Jan.

We all, plus Pop and Nanna drove in Humber Hawk to Scone. Then on to Thornthwaite cricket ground. Commenced match verses ABC team at 11am. They made 91. We got 59. All had second knock. Everyone bowled in second innings. I made zero runs and got 5 wickets for 30 runs. Our team was Ron Palmer, captain. Wallace, Hector, Tony, Jack Smith, Goff Knee, Athol McDonald, Tom Davis and myself. We drove over to cemetary before coming home.


Thur. 1st Feb.

Glor and I picked up Renee, Arthur and Audrey and drove the Humber to Newcastle to see wool sales. Marvellous prices! Left the Humber at caravan place at Mayfield to have tow bar fixed. All had lunch at Scotts. Purchased gease gun at £3-6-0. Left for home at 5.30pm. Tea at Muswellbrook. Home at 10.30pm. Nanna and Grandma looked after all the children.

Our 17 bales wool sold by Nenco. Three AAXBE at 208. Five AAAXBE at 194. Two LBS at 162. two HXB at 182. One BLS at 115.


Tues. 6th Feb.

Mustered farm paddock ewes and lambs this morning. Keith Saunders came down after lunch and crutched most of the mob. 168 ewes and 46 lambs. I drenched with tetrachloride the 46 lambs.


Thur. 8th Feb.

I'm cutting burrs with the team of four other men. Howard Fuller, Max Dellar, Jack Williams and Vic McDonald. We finished the lower end of "Yarrabah" on the western side. Did 9 hours today.


Mon. 12th Feb.

Alan, Mum and Ron drove to Sydney this morning. Alan is having another operation for his cancer.

Vic McDonald helped me get two loads of fire wood on trailer. We sawed up about three and a half tons. Cutting burrs rest of day.


Mon. 19th Feb.

Up early. All loaded last of our travelling gear into the Humber. We have Charles Barwicks trailer. Connected up trailer and left home at 7.15am. Drove to Scone and joined Auther, Audrey and Joycelyne. Drove to Mayfield. Had lunch at Marie Andersons. Arthur and I took our cars into Mayfield and picked up our Hunter Junior caravans. Back to Marie's and loaded goods from trailer into caravan. Drove from there to camp about 15 miles from Wyong. 160 miles total.


Tues. 20th Feb.

Left first camp and drove via Gosford to Toowoon Bay. Lunch there. Saw and talked to Wilfred and Edie Barwick and Jessie. Had a look at a few blocks of land at Toowoon Bay. Prices range from £700 on sea front to £325 just back a bit. Mr Watkins showed us a block 53 ft by 120 ft at £325.

Left Toowoon Bay and drove on to camp night at Kuringai Chase. Arthur drove Audrey and Glor into St Leonards. They called on Alan in Royal North Shore Hospital. Mum at Crows Nest Hotel. I stayed and looked after children. Alan had quite a big operation. Also radium treatment.


Wed. 21st Feb.

Keft Kuringai and drove through Hornsby, then through outskirts of city for about 30 miles. Arthur and Audrey knew the way very well. Lunch at Southerland. Rained nearly all day. Heavy fog around the mountains. Down into coast again. Drove into Kiama and camped night on headland near the lighthouse. Had a look at blowhole and took a few snaps.

The Humber Hawk is doing a great job and pulls the caravan at 30 to 35 miles per hour!


Thur. 22nd Feb.

Left Kiama and continued south. Still raining but looks to be fining up. Through Berry, Milton, and Nowra. Beautiful country at Nowra. Dairying and heavy grass country. Over Ferry to Batemans Bay. Drove over very bad road to Batehaven. Tried Denhams camp but no good. We all settled into our caravans for one night at Pacific ???

Roger, Timmy and Joy, on the Ferry.
Another photo on the ferry. It was a big ferry!

Fri. 23rd Feb.

Left our camp at Batehaven at 11am. Drove into Batemans Bay and got some provisions. Turned back north again as road was impassable any further south. Had lunch 40 miles north of Batemans Bay. We travelled about 90 miles to Gerringong and then out two and a half miles bitumen road to Gerroa, then to camping ground at Seven Mile Beach. Weather has fined up. Parked our caravans in position to stay for a fortnight.

Their camp site at Seven Mile Beach. Edgar has made sure Heather the Humber is under cover.
This is from the same caravan trip. Not sure if its at Seven Mile Beach though? Looks like Joy and Roger poking out the door of Arthur and Aud's caravan?

Sat. 24th Feb.

Beautiful fine sunny day at Seven Mile Beach. Glor helped me pitch our new tarpuline, 20 ft by 15 ft, stretched over rope between two trees. Makes beaut Verandah to have meals under and park the Humber under. All had surf before dinner and children revelling in sand. All went down to beach again in the afternoon. I drove into Gerroa for shopping.


Mon. 26th Feb.

I drove the Humber into Gerringong Service Station. Left her there to have towing bar re welded. Came back to camp with Arthur and Audrey. I phoned Alan at Hospital.

Glor and the three kids drove back into Gerringong and brought the Humber back. Couldn't get the tow bar fixed.

A photo from the beach.

 Tues. 27th Feb.

We all and Arthurs lot drove round to Werri Beach. All had dip in the surf. Very good. Wind snapped handle of our beach umbrella. Arthur and a small man hotly persued the brolly across beach. Arthur caught it just at edge of lake.


Wed. 28th Feb.

Arthur, Audrey and Joycelyn drove to Sydney for the day.

Got letter from Alan. Also letter from Mum. We drove to Gerroa P.O. and posted letters. Also did shopping. Afternoon we again drove down to Werri Beach. Lovely spot for kiddies in a big pool. Neil and I had a surf.


Thur. 1st March.

All having a grand time here at Seven Mile Beach. I find the caravan very comfortable. The children play around the camp and camps next door to us. Iceman calls three times a week.


Sat. 3rd March.

Glor, Neil, Rogie and I in Humber. Left Timmy with Arthur and Aud. Drove at 8.30am to Sydney. Took two snaps at top of Bulli Lookout. Had lunch with Heather and Fred. Met Pixie. Drove in to Royal North Shore hospital and found Mum there with Alan. Stayed there until 4.30pm. Drove Mum to Crows Nest Hotel, Afternoon tea. On to Rushcutter Bay. Found Bert and Nell. Tea with Bert and Nell. Home to camp at 12.15am.


Mon. 5th March.

Audrey had incident with their Vauxhall. Passenger accidently pushed lever out of low gear. Car ran down hill, over bank and into the river. Lucky for low tide. Tractor pulled their car out and no damage done.

All had surf in the morning. All went in again in the afternoon.


Tues. 6th March.

Very hot today. I drove over to Gerroa. No mail. I took Rogie, Timmy, Arthur and Joycelyn. Did a spot of shopping. All down for a surf and sunbake. Children enjoyed the surf and sand. Neil is swimming very well.

Took Heather to Garage. Left her there to get the tow hitch welded. Arthur brought me home.

[Looks like The Humber Hawks Nicname is Heather?]


Fri. 9th March.

[Written by Gloryna]

Nice bright day. Left Gerroa at 8.15am with caravans. We took wrong turn at Bulli. Got stopped behind trailer on steep part of Bulli Pass. Couldn't start off! Held up for an hour waiting for tow truck to tow us to the top. Had lunch and met up with Arthur and Aud again. On to Gymea at 3pm. Kemps Cara Park. Plenty of facilities but no bathing or surfing. John, kiddies and I caught electric train at Gymea and went to St Leonards visiting Alan. Two hours to get there. Ron, Dette and Ma there. Had cuppa and home at 11.30pm. Alan is going home tomorrow.


Sat. 10th March.

[Written by Gloryna]

Nasty, cold wet day. Arthur went into city early. Rest of us went into Hurstville. Did some shopping. John went into Kogarah and got some cash. Back to Gymea to find Bervie, Nell and Annette waiting. Had lunch, and went for a drive to Cronulla. Supper at a restaurant and back to camp.


Mon. 12th March.

[Written By Gloryna].

Arose at crack of dawn. Scubbed up the caravans. John and Arthur took the caravans back to Carapark. Got the trailer from Maries. Set off for Sydney at 10.15am. Audrey, all the kids and I hired canoes. Sent telegrams. Swam in lake in afternoon. Neil, Aud and I had game of Euchre after tea. Men arrived back at 9.30pm with Arthurs new two berth caravan. Timmy and Roger slept in the trailer. Neil in our car, John and I in the Vauxhall and Arthur, Aud and Joycelyn in the new caravan.


Tues. 13th March.

[Written by Gloryna]

Up in good time. Packed the trailer and both lots set off for Newcastle. We inspected a 3 berth caravan at Stockton. Bought it and towed into Newcastle. Fixed up registration. Loaded belongings into caravan. Took trailer down to railway station. Set out for Maitland in wake of Arthur and Aud. Camped in a side street in Maitland in caravan.


Wed. 14th March.

[Written by Gloryna]

Packed up. Left Maitland at 7.30am. Late breakfast at Muswellbrook while garage man changed the tire on Heather. He found two nails in tire. Arrived "Yarrabah" at 1pm. Found Nanna here and everything spotless. Country has dried out a lot. Unpacked all our goods and chattels.


Sat. 17th March.

Tinkered with the car this morning. Greased some of the front suspension.

Glor, Timmy and I drove to Ardglen to comp cricket. We made 140 for 8 wickets. Only got 6 Ardglen wickets. I got 2 wickets. Ardglen wins comp. Saw a bad truck and car smash at Heymans bridge.


Wed. 21st March.

Drove Pop to Willow Tree at 7am to catch stock train. He has truck of steers and also truck of 118 of our lambs to look after. I picked up Charlies trailer from the station that we took camping, and took home. Cost 28/3 from Newcastle freight. Finished ploughing the 30 acre paddock. Took 12 hours to do whole paddock.


Thur. 22nd March.

Our 118 lambs sold by Rezzonico. 88 lambs averaged 118/1. 30 suckers averaged 119/1. Rode over country below cement tanks cutting burrs. Second crop.


Mon. 26th March.

We all drove to Quirindi this morning. Had lunch at "Myanbah". I saw Mr Bradshaw and ordered 15 iron bark posts. Five at 22 ft and ten at 19 ft. Glor drove to Werris Creek and took Nanna, Auntie Vi and Mrs Betts.

Pop and I went round to watch the finals of the Easter Tournament. Ken Bendrich won the gents singles. Verna won the ladies singles and Audrey and Verna won the ladies doubles.


Thur. 29th March.

I finished cutting burrs this morning in the top 24 acre cultivation paddock. All "Yarrabah" has now been cut the second time. After dinner, Glor, Rogie and Timmy drove down the plain in Betsy. Found 2 patches of mint weed. Dug a deep hole and buried the weeds.


Sat. 7th April.

We all drove to Quirindi in the Humber. Neil had final Xray of his broken leg. All good. I called at Carringtons to look at a diesel Nuffield tractor.

Played cricket on the turf wicket. Final of the knockout comp. Crusaders got 134. Warrah Creek 40. Pop and Nanna came home with us.


Thur. 12th April.

Picked up Claude Saunders and his wife Alice. Drove to Quirindi. Left Alice there. Pop and Nanna joined us and we drove via Pine Ridge to "Windy Station", Pop, Claude and I cut 55 pine poles and 7 big 20 foot posts. Had lunch there. Finished at 5pm. Neil and Rogie are staying at Chads.


Tues. 17th April.

I went with Clyde, Claude and Alice Saunders to "Windy" in their utility for the day. We hired a man and his tractor to snig all my posts together. Helped Clyde and Claude cut some of their poles. They got about 50 poles and had them drawn into heaps.

Alan, Vic, Arthur and Ron Frost were also in the scrub with us getting timber.


Fri. 20th April.

Out to "Windy" again with Ron Symonds in his big truck. Helped Ron, and Clyde and Claude Saunders get load of pine poles. They helped me load Howards semi trailer with my 7 posts and 51 poles.


Mon. 23rd April.

Went out with Alan in "Gorgeous Gussie" to "Windy" for pine timber. Arthur also in his V8 Blitz and Luke in his Chev Blitz wagon came as well. Vic also came and the four of us loaded the two trucks with pine logs and poles. Home again after dark. Alan altered the gops of Betsy's plugs.

Glor and Timmy drove Bess Potts in the Humber to Murrurundi to see the doctor.


Tues. 24th April.

Took delivery of our new Nuffield DM4 tractor. Perkins diesel engine, 4 cylinder. Equiped with 14.00 by 30 tyres and 7.50 by 18 on front. Full price £1377. Drove the Nuffield home in two hours.

Glor consulted Dr Coulishaw about gallstones.


Wed. 25th April.

Anzac Day. We all drove in to the Anzac Day Celebrations at the Memorial Hall. Neil and Rogie marched in the procession up to the hall. Laying of wreaths on the tables.

Mustered "Yarrabah" ewes. They appear to be OK. Put about half the ewes in the 30 acre cultivation to eat some thistles. I barked a couple of the pine poles. Put more Coopers dip around the bags of oats in shearing shed.


Sat 28th April.

Spent day fixing up a couple of uprights to use for pulling a heavy pine pole up as a top plate of new skillion in shearing shed. Pulled it up and got it partly fixed in place before dark.

Federal elections. Menzies Government were re elected. But position is unclear in the senate.


Sun. 29th April.

Worked for couple of hours on new skillion of shearing shed. Finished putting pole up for top plate. Glor drove to Quirindi and brought out Pop and Nanna.

I drove to Warrah Creek. Played cricket match. Leo Wards "Beer Swillers" verses Warrah Creek. They won. Also had a few sets of tennis before dark.


Thur. 3rd May.

Started up the new Nuffield diesel. Started with the 9 ft combine to sow oats in 30 acre. The Nuffield pulls the combine in third gear quite easily. It is very easy to handle in every way. After ten hour work the Nuffield took only 7 gallons of Atlantiv Distillate to fill.

Yesterday I gave the Fordson Major a good clean up. Greased everything. Filled with Kero and petrol. I have sold the Major to Alan and Ron.


Sat. 5th May.

Started sowing oats at 6.45am. Total of 31 acres oats sown to oats. Used 14 bags. Started the Major and hauled Arthurs Sunshine header back to his place. three hour trip. Neil came with me. We had dinner with Arthur and Audrey. Delivered the Major to Alan and Ron. £620. Alan took us home.


Sun. 6th May.

Glor, Neil, Rogie and I drove to Quirindi for all day tennis match. Our team was Glor, Audrey, Dette, Gwen Gardiner, Cyril, Jack, Tony, Bunty Hall, John Swain and myself. We won the match.


Fri. 11th May.

Pop tied both ends of all the rafters of new skillion on wool shed with hoop iron. We cut and nailed up the five rows of battons. Nailed them on with 4 inch nails. We put on two sheets of 8 foot iron.

Mum and Alan came over and had supper with us to celebrate my birthday. Glor put on a very nice spread.


Sat. 12th May.

Neil helped me put on ten more sheets of iron on Skillion roof.

Glor, the children and I drove to Warrah Creek for first game in tennis competition. Our team was Glor, Audrey, Alan, Arthur, Rolly Avard and myself. We ties with Warratahs in games but they beat us in sets so they won.


Thur. 24th May.

Glor drove to Willow Tree to attend the Empire Day celebrations at school. Races and competitions for the children and lunch held at the hall. Rogie was at school. Neil, Timmy and I drove truck round to "Silso" and watch Ron Symonds work their new post hole digger. He and Alex are building a machinery shed. After dinner we went down again and helped them erect 12 posts.


Fri. 25th May.

Before daylight I mustered 55 lambs from the 50 acre oat paddock. Drafted out 44 very small poor lambs and sent to Scone per Bernards truck. The 44 lambs made £2-0-7 at Pitt son and Keen Scone.

Drove the Nuffield to Symonds. Helped Alex and Ron put up shed posts. We put up the four tie beams, made with 5 by 2 hardwood. Later I drove the Nuffield with iron skid around farm paddock to knock down thistles and safrons.


Mon. 28th May.

Neil did first day at school today after having chicken pox.

Ploughed corner of paddock next to the one acre oat paddock to test out the new disk cultivator. Did a great job cleaning up the horehound. The Nuffield pulled the cultivator in second gear. Glor helpe me do a few hours wood sawing with the saw bench and the Nuffield.


Sat. 2nd June.

Yarded about 330 ewes. All OK. Put 25 springing ewes in 24 acre oat paddock.

We all drove to Warrah Creek. Comp match V Warrah Creek number 1 team. We won match by 6 sets, 43 games, to 3 sets 29 games.

Merv Chandler and Norm Lewis came out fromQuirindi to paint shearing shed. Finished one coat in black. They are painting garage as well.


Thur. 7th June.

Ron and Mum took Alan up to the hospital today. He is having a very bad time with his leg. Sciatic nerve trouble and related to his cancer.

I took Timmy in to Binghams and he went up to Nanna's and Pops.

Light rain this arvo.


Fri. 8th June.

Glor and I drove I Qdi again and brought Timmy home from Nannas. I saw Alan in Hospital. Took Heather to Ken Harrison and had a service. Ken cleaned the plugs and advanced the spark. Car pulls a lot better and is more lively.

120 points rain has fallen last few days on mostly southerly.


Mon. 11th June.

Big Red Cross day at Warrah Creek. Tennis tourney and stalls. Afternoon tea. Chocolate wheel etc. very successful day. £135 taken for the day. Light rain spoilt the afternoon but only a few points fell.


Tues. 19th June.

Visited Alan in hospital yesterday. Had dinner with Pop and Nanna.

Claude Saunders started crutching at 7.30am. Finished the farm paddock ewes. 200, and the 17 rams, Did a few "Yarrabah" ewes before lunch. Light rain set in at midday. Delayed us while we shedded shop. Claude crutched 416 ewes and 17 rams. I also did 111 and did all the penning up.

Gift evening to Nita Saunders.


Sat. 23rd June.

Did a spot of cleaning up of wool in shearing shed. Started to press a bale of crutchings but not enough good stuff to make a bale. I shut the 2 cats in the shed to try to stop the mice from eating bags of corn.

Afternoon we all drove to Warrah Creek to comp tennis match verses Kookaburras. They won easily. Our team was Glor, Audrey, Leon Saunders, Arthur, John Swain, and Rolly Avard.


Sat. 30th June.

We all drove up to Quirindi for comp match verses Waratahs. We beat them 7 sets to 2 sets. 45 games to 28. Had dinner at "Myanbah". Glor and I attended pictures at night. Saw "Bitter Springs". Neil and Rogie went to the Matinee.


Sun. 1st July.

All day tennis match at Warrah Creek veses Wal Porters team. We won easily and only lost 6 sets in full days play.


Tues. 3rd July.

Drove the Nuffield to Quirindi this morning. Carrington connected up his 8 foot trailing Howard Hoe. I left Qdi at 12.20pm. Home at 2.30pm. Started using hoe in lower cultivation. Did 3 acres in two hours.

School doctor at Willow Tree today.


Thur. 5th July.

I finished rotary hoeing the 24 acres at lower end of cultivation paddock before lunch. Took approx 12 hours. "Banks Carrington" had a demonstarion of the rotary hoe in my cultivation. Also in some plains grass and in a stoney patch. A few others came to watch. Alan and Ron, Alex and Ron Symonds, Wallace and Hector, Jack Ham, Leeder, Bill Bingham and Arthur.


Sat. 7th July.

Finished sowing the 23 acres at north end with lucerne and cover crop of wheat. About 9 acres of Koala and 14 acres of FedWeb.

Attended funeral in Willow Tree of Jack Holt junior. 42 years old.

Glor went to Tennis match at Warrah Creek. Played Assefs. Assefs won. We all went to "Quondah" for tea and stayed a bit. Alan is very bad with effect of the cancer and his leg is now paralised.


Fri. 13th July.

Started tractor and rotary hoe again after breakfast and did about two hours. Broke some bolts in the Howard hoe and had to pull out before finishing the paddock. It's not really suitable.

After dinner I drove Pop and the 3 children to Willow Tree and met Glor on the flyer coming back from Sydney. Pop went home.


Sat. 14th July.

Left here at 7.30am with Nufield and the rotary hoe. Drove to Quirindi. Delivered the Howard trailing rotary hoe back to Carrington. Paid £913-18-6 to A Hannaford for a new pick up baler. Brought the new baler home with the Nufield. Met Glor up at farm paddock and left the tractor there.

We drove to "Marjewar" and played comp tennis match. We lost 43 games to 36.


Fri. 20th July.

Terrific cold today with westerly wind. Snow on the ranges. I rode around farm paddock ewes. About 160 lambs up there. Ewes are pretty boney but lambs fair. Afternoon drove down "Yarrabah" plain. Used Alans 'Bestburner' and burnt about 30 acres of the thickest plains grass in north west corner.


Sat. 21st July.

Did some work on the car and new caravan this morning.

We drove to Warrah Creek and played comp tennis match verses Warrah Creek 1 team. We won 42 games to their 37.


Wed. 25th July.

Glor, Timmy and I drove to Warrah Creek for the whole day. Left Glor and Timmy at "Quondah" and I drove to Arthurs. Helped Arthur and Luke handle heavy logs at their saw bench. They sawed up 10 pine logs for me. I got new hay shed timber all cut up. Arthur brought them over here on his truck and he stayed for a bit and had tea here.


Thur. 26th July.

Drove to Arthurs at 8.30am. Went with Arthur and Luke up the mountain to "Ashcroft". They took both their trucks. Helped fell a number of trees. Stingybark and yellow box with the cross cut saw. We logged them off and loaded 7 big logs onto Arthurs blitz and 4 logs onto Lukes. Left top of ridge at 6.20pm. I got home at 9pm.


Sun. 29th July.

Up early and we all packed in Heather the Humber. Drove via Quirindi, picked up Pop and Nanna and drove to Nundle. Played all day tennis match. Nundle won. Travelled 115 miles. Our team was Glor, Aud, Ruth [Sevil], Lorna Knee, John Swain, Cyril, Arthur, Jim Sevil, Bunty Hall and Myself.


Mon. 30th July.

I did 5 hours work with the combine today. Sowed about 7 acres more in half of the 25 acre paddock. Sowed 'Algerian" oats and used third gear on the Nuffield. Used the number 20 cog in combine.

Ron and Dette and Mum took poor Alan to Sydney again this morning.


Thur. 2nd Aug.

Glor and I drove to Quirindi again after early lunch. Picked up Bess Potts and she and Glor went to the Court House to listen to the inquest of the death of Mrs Tom Flemming. T L Flemming is charged with the murder of his wife Betty Flemming.

Bought about 30 lb of sheet lead at 50/- from Mr Waddy.

Newspaper article from the case. It appears that Mrs Flemming was poisoned from Cyanogas put in minties.

Mon. 6th Aug.

Old Mr Clay died at a great age. Over 90 years old. Garnet Graham also died and buried today, 7/8/51.

Pop helped me bring in load of firewood. Took the Nuffield and old trailer over to "Yarran". Brought the earth ring and a heap of gravel over to my shearing shed. We set the earth ring into the ground and filled it up with gravel to put the 600 gallon tank on.

Killed a hogget for rations.


Sat. 11th Aug.

This morning Ron Symonds brought his RJM post hole digger to here. Tried to dig the 15 holes two and a half feet deep for the new hay shed but the ground is too dry and hard and will have to return at another time to try again.

We loaded up the caravan with beds etc and we all drove to Quirindi for the weekend. Played our last comp match against Kooka's. We won the match by 8 games. Neil went with the school sports team to Gunnedah.


Sun. 12th Aug.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I slept night in caravan. Played comp tennis match against Asseffs. We won easily. Drove home just on dark and unloaded everything.


Thur. 16th Aug.

Glor, Timmy and I drove to "Quondah" for the day. I prunned Alans peach trees up at the house. Alan had a frightful day today. He has attacks of the cramps and legs, and is very very sick.

"Quondah" shearing is in progress. Cyril and Jack are shearing weathers.


Sun. 19th Aug.

All drove to Warrah Creek. All day tennis match verses Nundle. They beat us 13 sets to our 12 sets. Out team Glor and myself, Aud and Arthur, Ron and Dette, Lorna Knee, Leon Saunders and Jack.


Tues. 21st Aug.

Drove to Willow Tree. Took Betsy in to the garage. Ted Upton took the starter to pieces and found it to be OK. Fitted a new earth wire to the battery and that fixed the starting problem.

Attended stock sale in WT. Purchased 13 roan and spotted steers for Glor at £10-10 per head.

Rogies 7th birthday. He attended school today and Mummy gave him a little party at supper time.


Sat. 25th Aug.

All drove to Quirindi for the day. Did some shopping in the morning. Afternoon we played Waratahs in Semi-finals knock out tennis comp. We won 6 sets, 49 games to 3 sets, 28 games.

Nanna returned from Sydney after seeing eye specialist. She didn't get a very good report about her eyes.

Alan is in a very dreadful way with pains in his legs. He suffers agony most of the time. There doesn't seem to be anything to relieve him. Tried to contact Mr's Herb Green regarding coming and staying as a special nurse for Alan but no success.


Mon. 27th Aug.

Mustered farm paddock to "Yarran" yards. Marked lambs there. Glor and the boys helped me draft. Ron was over and helped me. Late arvo Ron Symonds came over and finished the holes for my new hay shed.

Alan was taken to Quirindi hospital by ambulance this afternoon. I took Mum up to see him after supper.


Sat. 1st Sept.

We all drove to Quirindi for afternoon game tennis. Commenced finals of knockout comp. 6 sets played against "Marjewar" and they were leading but rain washed us out. 3 mixed sets to be played. We drove home via Warrah Creek. Had tea at the hall and stayed for the dance. Home at midnight.


Wed. 5th Sept.

Received message that Alan has taken a very bad turn. Found out that he was much worse yesterday. We all drove to Quirindi and we went straight to the hospital. Found Mum, Ron and Dette there. Alan is in a most dreadfully bad way, mostly unconscious. We all stayed at his bedside until 11pm. Glor and I took Mum down to Nannas then we got a room at the Terminus Hotel.


Fri. 7th Sept.

Glor and I had breakfast at "Myanbah". Went home to check that everything is OK. Drove back to Quirindi again. Ron was at hospital all day and Alan had been unconscious all day. Alan passed away quite peacefully at 7.30pm. We took Mum up for a while then all went away to Hotel.


[Alan Maxwell Vincent Barwick was just 48 years old.]

A photo of Alan Barwick on left, with Audrey and Arthur Barwick.

Sat. 8th Sept.

Dreadfully sad day. All spent morning in Quirindi making arrangements for poor Alans funeral. After lunch we all returned home and Pop and Nanna came with us.


Sun. 9th Sept.

All of us and Pop and Nanna drove in to Willow Tree at 11am to attend Alan's funeral. Tremendous numbers of cars and people. One of the largest funerals ever in Willow Tree.


Tues. 11th Sept.

Ron Symonds landed here with his truck to erect the iron bark shed posts. We loaded the 15 posts onto truck and then tipped them into the holes. Pop and I rammed the posts.

Ron, Vic, Cyril, Jack, and Albert Roser here for the day. They shore 192 X-breds in my shed. 5 bales of wool.


Wed. 12th Sept.

Glor, Nanna, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi for the day. Met Ron at Thomas and Hagues at 2pm. He and I went into Ken Thomas' and heard Alan's will read. Found he had left everything to Ron and me, except £25 each to his nephews and £50 each to Cyril and Jack.

Glor went to dentist Alcock. Had front tooth drilled and filling put in.


Mon. 24th Sept.

40 points rain overnight. Claude Saunders came down and shore my 16 border rams this morning. I pressed the wool and also other srap wool into one bale.

We all drove to Quirindi after tea. Picked up Nanna and went to Wirths circus. Slendid show.


Tues. 25th Sept.

36 points more rain overnight. Ordered Marshall battery, 6 volt at £5-0-3. Wrote to director of posts and telephones regarding site for 40 ft by 40 ft automatic telephone exchange. I rode round "Yarran" plain and checked stock. Neil helped me put the new RJM posthole digger together. Attached it to the Nuffield.


Sun. 30th Sept.

Neil, Rogie and Malcolm drove down to bottom "Yarrabah" and burnt some plains grass along eastern fence.

We all drove in Betsy to Arthurs. Got load of pine scantling from Arthurs saw mill. Up to "Quondah" to farewell Mum. She is going to Lukes with Arthur. She is staying with Luke and Enid and Rodney.


Mon. 8th Oct.

Albert Roser came here for a weeks work. I drove him to "Quondah" to bring 'Jem' the blue filly over here. Greased Heather. Albert helped me mark the shorn ewes with lambs. Put our ear mark on 176 ewes. Also 140 lambs. Albert finished cutting thistles in the 23 acre wheat paddock. I ploughed tracks for the stock in "Yarrabah" with cultivator.

Glor, Neil, Rogie and I, also Nanna attended pictures in Quirindi. "Annie get your Gun".


Wed. 10th Oct.

"Yarrabah" general shearing commenced. Claude Saunders shore 113 "Yarrabah" ewes. Albert Saunders helping with shed work. Pop and Nanna came this afternoon to help too.


Fri. 12th Oct.

Trevor Saunders also came today with Claude. Claude 129 ewes, Trevor 82. They shore 148 "Yarrabah" and 63 "Yarran" ewes. Albert and Pop mustered "Yarran" today and drafted off 63 full wool ewes. Boys shore them and Albert took them back to paddock. Paid Albert £17-10-0 for a weeks work.


Sun. 14th Oct.

Pop, Neil and I pressed bale B.K.N. Neil branded 5 bales. Neil rode 'Firefly' with me to farm paddock. Brought down the half wool ewes and lambs into the 30 acre oats. Pop, Rogie and Timmy and I drove to "Silso" to get 4 ewes and lambs that were in there.


Wed. 17th Oct.

Final day of our 1951 shearing. Claude did 119 ewes today on his own. Total number shorn in our shed was 927 ewes and 16 rams. I pressed up 7 bales of wool today while Pop picked up and rolled the wool. The 186 half wooled ewes only cut 3 bales of wool. Total bales of wool for this season is 30.


Sat. 20th Oct.

Glor, the three boys and I drove to Willow Tree. Watched rodeo for an hour. We left Neil and Rogie at rodeo and we three drove to Scone. Visited Mum in hospital. A number of others in there to see her.

[Susan has been in hospital for a week at least. She got sick while staying with Luke and Enid but Edgar hasn't said what the problem is.]


Mon. 22nd Oct.

Ernie Finch commenced building new hay shed. 50 ft by 30 ft. The 15 posts were already up. Ern has Harry ??????, a Polish immigrant helping with the shed. Contract price is £90 including guttering and wall on three sides.


Wed. 24th Oct.

Drove to Quirindi this morning. I attended Court of Petty Sessions as a Juryman. The case was remanded to a later date.

Came home for lunch. Went to "Silso" to attend field day by Agriculture Bureau. Had my Nuffield tractor there and McCormick auto baler in action. Symonds had power mower, side delivery rake, rotary hoe, and post hole digger. Banks Carrington had another Nuffield tractor and a hydraulic ripper, gradre, plough, and small mower for garden work.


Thur. 25th Oct.

Drove to "Quondah" and brought Mum over here for a holiday. She's not doing well without Alan. Ernie Finch has finished putting up all the tie beams and has the six by four rafters nearly finished. Terribly cold day.

I mowed lucerne in the 3 acre paddock with new power mower. Did fair job but not quite right.


Sun. 28th Oct.

I baled the lucerne paddock. About 80 bales hay in one and a quarter hours. All of us and Grandma attended service at Warrah Creek. Bishop Moyes took service. Lunch served.


Fri. 2nd Nov.

Alan Bridge came this morning to help through with the work. I started the new rake in the 23 acres but broke chain. Put new chain on the Mackay rake and started raking wheat for hay. Alan Bridge finished the raking. We connected Nuffield to the McCormick Baler and did about 80 bales, but machine not tying properly.


Sat. 3rd Nov.

Alan Bridge and I baling wheaten hay early. Continued all day. Noel Cover watered our "Yarran" ewes and lambs again today. [The "Yarran" plain paddock tanks ran dry a few days ago from worn pump buckets. The pump has been fixed but obviously still no water yet?]

Glor and the children drove to Willow Tree for the day. Inter Schools Athletic Sports meet.


Mon. 5th Nov.

Ernie Finch completed my new Hay shed. Contract price £90-0-0.

Mum returned home after spending ten days with us.

Doug Hague came out to service pick up baler. He worked on the knotter all morning and until 2pm. A little improvement but its still missing some. Keith Bernard, Ron Fuller, Cyril Barwick, and Alan Bridge drew hay into my new shed all day. Pop Ferris came out with Doug Hague. Pop drove Bernards truck around the paddock while the boys loaded.


Tues. 6th Nov.

Pop and I started hay baling at 4.30am. We continued till 12.30 when hay got too dry. Bernards truck out again to help draw hay. Had Albert Roser, Les Pringle to help. The two of them, and Alan and I erected all posts around hay shed after lunch.


Thur. 8th Nov.

Alan Bridge and Pop finished baling wheaten hay in the 23 acre paddock. About 1,800 bales all told. Alan mowed down another 6 acres in the top 25 acres.

Glor took Pop to Quirindi to have two teeth out.

I did some more work on the new fence around the hay shed.


Thur. 15th Nov.

Sold truck of suckers Rezzonico. Averaged 65/-. Picked the two boys up at school and drove to Quirindi. Took the needles from hay baler to Hannafords. Had medical examination at Dr Coopers regarding AMP life insurance policy. Saw Ken Thomas regarding insurance of new hay shed. £500. Also the hay now in it £400.

Glor, Neil, Nanna and I attended pictures. "Scarlet Pimpernel".


Mon. 19th Nov.

I drove to "Quondah" before breakfast and got new pump jack. Southern Cross. Max Callaghan here at 7am to fix "Jack Sparrow" mill. Pulled up the pipes again and put in new 3 inch pump. Changed length of pipe at the top. I helped Max to install everything. Got the Nuffield onto the mill at about dark and had it working for about 3 hours.


Thur. 22nd Nov.

Finished off the fence around the new hay shed. I put the 2 iron gates on the hinges. Netted the gates in with hinge joint and stayed the gates with a twitched cross wire. Very hot day! 101.

We all drove to "Quondah" to have tea with Grandma. I greased and changed the oil in the Humber. We drove up to Knee's after dinner. Glor had some frocks fitted up.


Fri. 30th Nov.

Connected the Humber to our caravan, loaded up with camp gear and all of us set off for Tamworth. Picked up Mum at Binghams. Arrived at caravan park at 12.30pm. Lunch there and unhooked caravan. All drove into city for Xmas shopping. Took Mum out to Auntie Grace's to stay for the weekend. [Grace Barwick, and Alf Wood. Grace was Ernests Brother]


Sat. 1st Dec.

Stayed in caravan park Tamworth. Went back into the city for more shopping. Had yarn with Charlie Ashford. He is in Stock and Station agency with Lowcock and King. After dinner we drove to the park. Children enjoyed the swings etc. Went to the cricket oval. Tamworth South playing Tamworth East.


Sun. 2nd Dec.

Lovely morning. Had late breaky. All drove to the baths and had swim. Had lunch at baths. Out to Eric Wood's at 3pm. He showed us over his farm. Afternoon tea with Minnie. Called at Alf Woods to pick up Mum. Away at 5pm. Picked up caravan. Home at 8pm.


Mon. 10th Dec.

66 points rain overnight. Arthur came over here. Saw his new Vauxhall Velox for the first time. Showed Arthur the new lights in the caravan.

Afternoon Timmy and I drove up to Hectors and helped Wallace and Hector dip 700 ewes and lambs. Went to a special P and C meeting in Willow Tree with Wallace and Hector.


Wed. 12th Dec.

Up at 4.30am. Milked cows and did other jobs. Up to Hectors again and helped them dip another mob of ewes and lambs. Then over to his mill to help him and Lewin Snape fix up the pump jack.

We all drove into Willow Tree to the school concert and prize giving. Kids put on a great show. Neil came top of fifth class.


Fri. 14th Dec.

Commenced dipping at 5.30am at Hector and Wallace's new dip. Wallace, Hector, Albert Roser and Les Pringle helping me dip. We dipped 517 ewes and 238 lambs and 12 rams from "Yarrabah". Albert mustered farm paddock and we dipped them. 204 ewes and 56 lambs and 6 rams. Albert mustered "Yarran" plain and we took them to the yards.

Xmas tree and dance at Jacks Creek hall.


Sat. 15th Dec.

Started dipping at 5.30am. Albert Roser, Les Pringle, Hector, and Lewin Snape helping today. We dipped 675 ewes and 150 lambs and 14 rams. Took the "Yarran" ewes and lambs back to paddock. Loaded 63 farm, lambs and 41 old "Yarrabah" ewes onto Bernards truck.


Wed. 19th Dec.

[Written by Gloryna]

Ron Symonds finished stripping oats off the 25 acres. 82 bags all told. Neil and John sewed them up.

Afternoon, Neil, Rogie and John went into Willow Tree. Took 'Myrtle' into see if Orty can do anything about the wiring. Orty rose to the occasion.

['Myrtle' is Gloryna's nic name for the caravan. Orty is Owen Thomas I think?]

Tradgedy tonight! Found poor old 'Scamp' dead at the dog kennels. 'Sandy' had killed him.


Fri. 21st Dec.

[Written by Gloryna]

Children and John put 'Myrtle' back into her snuggery. I washed and scrubbed. Callaghans came out at noon with new 12 foot Comet mill for "Yarrabah" plain. Kids and John went down on the Nuffield. John spent afternoon shovelling slosh out of the first tank. He killed a lamb for rations at 10.30pm. I was the guiding light.


Tues. 25th dec.

Drove to "Quondah" and brought Mum and Auntie Em over here for Xmas dinner. Had poultry, ham, roast lamb and salads. Fruit salad, plum pudding, jelly, custard and ice cream. Ginger beer and cordials. We all loaded into the Humber and drove to "Quondah" for supper. Ron, Dette and children and Auntie Lu, and Ern and Lucy and children there too.



[1952 was an average year for rainfall. Twenty four and a half inches of nicely spaced rainfall.]


Tues. 1st Jan.

Glor had a very busy day preparing for our holiday trip to Narrabeen. I made a plug for the caravan water tank. Drove up to check Hectors water. It was OK. Children came with me and checked around the farm, tanks, water etc. Pumped up Humbers and caravans tires. Filled batteries. Fixed side mirrow on the Humber. Pulled the caravan out to the front and filled it with our holiday gear.


Wed. 2nd Jan.

I drove to Willow Tree in Betsy. Left pass book at bank. Collected battery at garage. Paid premium to Ocean Accident Insurance to Col Logan for fences on our farm. Picked up Rolie Crane from Schofields and took him home to look after our place for three weeks. Called in to see Mum.

Left "Yarrabah" at 1.45pm with our Humber and caravan. Joined by Arthur and Audrey and Joycelyn. Drove to Scone and collected ice there. Tea at Antiene. Drove on for another 100 miles. Stopped for the night.


Thur. 3rd Jan.

Breakfast at 7am. Started off at 8am. Neil travelled all day in Arthurs car. Had lunch a few miles south of Gosford. Arrived at Lake Camp, Narrabeen at 4pm. Parked our two caravans close together on south west side of camping area. Glor, Neil and I erected tarp on north side of caravan. Children were down at lake.


Fri. 4th Jan.

We all spent morning at the surf beach. Good crowd there and very nice surf. Afternoon Glor, Rogie and Timmy spent some time on the sand near the lake. Neil went fishing but had no luck. Set up wireless aerial and got our wireless going. Arthur and family spent the day in the city.


Sat. 5th Jan.

Weather unsettled and a few sprinkles of rain. Esme, Verna and Jim Curley called in to see Arthur and Aud this afternoon. I went with Arthur for a drive when he took them back to Esme's flats at 151 Ernest St, Crowsnest.

All went for a walk after an early tea up to top of cliff overlooking baths.


Mon. 7th Jan.

We all caught a bus to Wynyard. Took train to Pitt Street then out to the museum. Looked through the bridge pylon. Had lunch in cafe in top of pylon. Down to the Quay and caught ferry to Manly. Had a while at manly, and then caught bus home to Lake Park.


Thur. 10th Jan.

All had swim in the surf this morning. Glor got well sunburned. Audrey and Arthur went with me in the Humber to Narrabeen for a bit of shopping. I got a rolled roast, one lb of cooked corn beef and three lbs of butter. Arthur Aud and I joined the others at beach and we all had a surf. Glor, the children and I went to the beach again after dinner.


Fri. 11th Jan.

Arthur and Audrey are at Country Week tennis today. We all drove in Humber to Manly at 10am. Neil and I had dip in surf. Talked to Mrs Gus Sevil there. Had sandwiches and cakes at table on the Promenade. After lunch we all had stroll down to Manly wharf. Went in to an amusement place. Did some shopping. Tea in snack bar. All at pictures at 5pm. Saw "Showboat" in tecnicolour.


Thur. 17th Jan.

Beautiful warm sunny day. First thing this morning, Glor took all our linen to the laundrette. 20 lb washing for 7/6. All went to our beach for a surf this morning. After lunch all drove via Frenches Forest rd, Roseville, Fullers rd, across Epping, to Western highway via Strathfield to Flemmington. Saw the sheep and cattle sales. Very high market. Drove back to Lane Cove and saw Heather and Fred. Left there at 8.30pm. Arthur, Audrey and Joy left Lake Park this morning.


Sat. 19th Jan.

All went to the bathes and had a dip. At 11.15 we drove into Manly to cash a cheque but too late for the bank. Had lunch there. Drove to Rushcutters bay for game of tennis with Bervie and his crowd. On out to Bondi. 12 Moore St and had tea with Bervie and Nell.


Tues. 22nd Jan.

Very lazy morning. Arthur, Audrey, Joy and Luke came out to Lake Park for the day. Had lunch under our canvas. Arthur and Luke drove back to Crows Nest early afternoon. We hired a boat for the afternoon. Audrey, Joy, Glor, Neil, Rogie, Timmy and I rowed away up the lake. Pulled in at Little Beach on the main road. Had a snack there. All had tea and we drove Audrey and Joy to Crows Nest via the new road. Had late tea with Esme in her new home at 151 Ernest Street.


Wed. 23rd Jan.

We all spent the morning packing up camp. Pulled down the tarp and packed everything into the caravan. Glor and I had a yarn to a couple, who were the owners of a Humber Hawk and a Hunter 4 berth caravan. Pulled out of North Narrabeen at 2.20pm. Drove via French Forest to Roseville. Pacific Highway to Gosford. Out to Toowoon Bay at 5.30pm. Camped in a beautiful shady spot.


Fri. 25th Jan.

Terrific heat at Toowoon Bay this morning. All drove down to The Entrance after breakfast. The children swam in the channel and the surf. Glor, Neil and I all had a great surf. Drove back to our camp. We had an early tea and drove back to The Entrance to go to the pictures at 6.15pm. Saw, "The Dancing Years", and also "I'll Make You a Champ".


Sat. 26th Jan.

Rose at 5.40am. Packed up. Left Toowoon Bay at 8.15am. Drove to Belmont and was stopped by a kind chap who let us know that wheel of caravan was loose. Had wheel welded at garage by the owner mechanic. Lunch at Belmont but we lost two and a half hours. Left Belmont at 1pm. Stopped at Muswellbrook. Very hot travelling and had to put water in the radiator. Home at 7pm. Roley Crane had everything in good order.


Fri. 1st Feb.

Glor, Timmy and I drove to Warrah Creek church at 9am. Funeral service for Auntie Helen. On to Willow Tree to burial service. Picked up Neil and Rogie from school and drove to Quirindi for dinner with Pop and Nanna. Left Timmy with Pop and all the rest of us went to pictures in the Royal Theatre. Saw "Never Fear" and also "Fathers Little Dividend".

["Auntie Helen" had me stumped! While there were two Helen Barwicks in the Barwick book, and one Helen Ashford, non of them was this one. I called in at the cemetary to see if there were any Helens there? It was Helen Elizabeth, Charles Barwicks second wife. Or C.E.B. as Edgar always called Charles. She is in the Barwick book as Ellen. Also, she must have been very quiet! I didn't see Edgar ever even mention her. ]

Sun. 3rd Feb.

All drove to Quirindi for cricket. All day comp match verses Police Boys. Warrah Creek won by 8 runs. I made 35 not out and got a wicket.


Wed, 6th Feb.

Temp to 105 degrees! I drove Heather up to harrisons Garage this morning. Left there there to have valves ground and other general maintainence done.

Ken Thomas revised my will and made a number of changes. Saw Dr Cooper and arranged for X-rays on Wednesday week.


Thur. 7th Feb.

Temp to 109 today. Too hot to do anything!


Sun. 10th Feb.

All drove to Quirindi. Comp cricket match at the Showgrounds verses RSL team. RSL got 316 runs. Jeff McKensie 130. Warrah Creek only got 100. I was 36 not out. Got 4 wickets. All had swim at baths and tea at "Busy Bee".


Tues. 12th Feb.

Mustered "Yarran" ewes and lambs to our yards. Drafted off 120 lambs and 31 old ewes for trucking. Bernards truck picked up the 2 trucks of sheep. Ended up with 165 lambs and 60 ewes. Pop brought 20 steers from Quirindi to Charlie Mitchells.


Thur. 14th Feb.

Glor, the children and I set off for Tamworth at 8.30am. I went to the Austin agents, Carters Garage. Talked to Mr Davis and Mr Ball. They persuaded me to take the 2-3 ton Austin truck. Body just completed. Paid them £1269. Registration £32-2-0. Comprehensive insurance £25-12-6.

Glor and the boys had a swim at the baths. I drove the new truck to Armstrongs and loaded 200 battons, 2 planks and 200 running ft battons at three by one inch. Called at the caravan place and priced a Camp Master caravan. £725. All called at Bridge's for tea. I drove truck home, Glor and kids in Humber.


Wed. 20th Feb.

I drove up in Betsy to Quirindi to have X-ray at the hospital on my stomach.


Thur. 21st Feb.

Meeting at the hall this morning. Working bee to clean up the mess where the roof blew off the supper room. Wallace, Hector, Ron Symonds, Phil Doyle and I tied down the rafters and twitched wires across the supper room. 20 sheets of iron are damaged beyond repair.

Took our new truck and Glor and Timmy came with me over to the old shed at "Yarran". Glor and I loaded 54 bales hay on the Austin and brought them over to our new hay shed.


Fri. 22nd Feb.

Sold Betsy. The old 1936 model V8 utility to Ian Logan for £360-0-0. Truck has done 56480 miles. Col came out from Willow Tree and took old Betsy away.

I rode up to the farm paddock and brought Pops old mare down. He has sold her to a chap named Weiss. Timmy and I brought the last of the old hay down from the old shed. Left a lot of it there as the weather had gotten into it.


Sun. 24th Feb.

Played in Quirindi District team against Armidale District. We made 105 runs. Armidale were 71 runs for 4 wickets when rain stopped play.

Glor attended Harvest Festival in our church. Takings were £10-14. Cannon Doyle took first service in our church.


Wed. 27th Feb.

Jeff Knight came from Quirindi. Brought a Mr Chisolm. Agent for Moffat Virtue products. They quoted price for home lighting and electric plant. 32 volt. 1500 watt, 3 HP petrol engine. Full price including batterys and house wiring, £540. They took a plan of our house and where power points are needed.

I did a few hours ploughing but it was really too wet.


Sat. 1st March.

Finished sowing oats and lucerne.

We all drove to Willow Tree in our new Austin truck. Big working Bee to clean up the cemetary. Good crowd there. Afterwards, Mum, Ron, Jack, Mavis, Vic, Cyril and us lot had tea at Auntie Ems cottage with her.

[Emily Evelyn Barwick. Of "Evelyn Barwicks Diarys"]


Sun. 2nd March.

All drove to Quirindi for the final day of comp match verses RSL. RSL got 316. Warrah Creek, 1st innings 136. I got 41. Second innings 97. I got 24.


Thur. 6th March.

Disk cultivating all day today.

Bill Bingham brought Mr Allwood, the Dangar Gedye agent ou here. Gave quote for "Start-o-matic" home lighting plant. 240 volt, 2,500 watt. Six HP diesel Lister engine. Price £775. Not including house wiring, instalation and power points. Extra £121-0-0.


Sat. 8th March.

Drove in the Austin truck to Willow Tree for the day. Working Bee. Large crowd of men. Lopped large trees, and cleaned up timber. I drew a number of loads of wood for sawing up. Hector and Reg Sevil also had trucks there. Hector and Ranville Schofield had new mobile saws and cut trees down. I brought out four drums of Atlantic Distillate from Bernards.


Tues. 11th March.

Claude Saunders had days crutching in our new shed. We crutched 500 ewes and lambs and 14 rams. I did 154 ewes and did all the penning up. Total crutched was 630 ewes, 25 lambs, 3 weathers and 14 rams.

Millie Barwick died in Scone today and will be buried at 11am on Thursday at Thornthwaite.


Fri. 14th March.

We all packed into the Humber and left here at 8.30am. Picked up Nanna and drove to Tamworth. Cuppa there, then onto Uralla for lunch. On to Bundarra and out to "Strathmore" for a few minutes. Arrived at Elwins at 5pm. Saw Elwin's Armstrong Superior Electric Lighting Plant. 24p volt. Got full particulars from Elwin about it. Stayed the night.


Sat. 15th March.

Had drive of both Elwins motor vehicles. The Plymouth, and the Holden utility. Elwin showed me around his cultivation paddock and we also looked at his hereford bulls. Afternoon we looked through his shearing shed and shearers cottage. We all had a grand old sing song at piano. Valma plays very well.


Mon. 24th March.

I drove to "Quondah" this morning and greased the Humber. Called at "Oakley" and saw Lila and asked how Charlie is progressing after his big operation. Spoke to Brian about maybe young Stanley taking on job here as a permanent hand?

All of us and Mum drove down to Scone and out to Thornthwaite cemetary. Funeral of old Arthur Newling, aged 86.


Fri. 28th March.

I spent full day with Nuffield tractor and combine. Finished the 26 acres of oats. Sowing at the rate of 40 lb oats to the acre. Using the second smallest cog. Timmy spent most of the day with me.

Mum went down to Scone with Ron and Dette. To funeral of Dora Pring. She was 60 years old.


Thur. 3rd April.

Glor drove to Quirindi at 6.30am. Cleaned up the house for Nanna who returned from Bundarra today.

I picked up Wallace and took Timmy with me and drove the Austin truck to Quirindi. Picked up Glor. We drove to Gunnedah via Breeza. Had lunch at Breeza. Drove out to Gunnedah Sawmilling Co. at 1pm. Wallace and I loaded the truck with 1275 super ft cypris of mine, and about 700 super ft of cypris belonging to Wallace and Hector. Left Gunnedah at 5.15pm and drove home via Werris Creek. Picked up the lucerne seed at Bridges's.


Fri. 4th April.

Took Wallace and Hector's timber up to Hector's hay shed. Timmy went with me. Picked up the oats seed.

Lila, Maurice and Stanley Seymour drove over here this arvo. I took Maurice riding over "Yarran" to show him the country, stock, and mills, etc. Mustered "Yarran" plain to my shed and yards and drafted out the lambs and turned them into the 23 acre lucerne paddock.


Sun. 6th April.

Neil helped me wash and polish the car today. Glor had busy day preparing for our trip to Sydney to the Show.

The oats are up nicely in the 30 acre paddock.


[Edgar and Gloryna attended the Sydney Show. Edgar must have forgotten to take his diarys with him, because for the first time since 1930 there are days not written in. There is 8 days not filled in.]


Wed. 16th April.

Got 2 Hardie tires, 6 ply, 600 by 15 from O R Thomas. Glor and I unpacked all our gear after our trip the the Sydney Show. Brought in the electric washing machine and Electrolux vacuum cleaner purchased at the show. Maurice Seymour looked after the place while we were away. He called in not realising we were home, so left again.

Glor and I picked up Neil at "Quondah" and Rogie and Timmy at "Myanbah". Did a spot of shopping and had tea with Pop and Nanna before returning home.

Ordered a 45 gallon Rheem hot water system at Bill Callaghans.


Fri. 18th April.

Maurice Seymour came over from Charlies to help build new engine shed. We pegged out site and took levels this morning. Put in the blocks. Maurice dug all the holes and rammed the blocks. I went up th Wallace's to get my pulley for the RJM post hole digger.

We went to the Jacks Creek Hall at 4.30pm and erected my tarp on the roof over the supper room.

All of us and Maurice attended dance and card night at Hall in aid of hall funds. Cleared £4-0-0.


Wed. 23rd April.

John Coombes came along for the day to give our new Nuffield tractor final service. I watched him most of the day and learned about what he was doing. Changed oil in engine and cleaned filter element in the oil filter. Tested all injectors and found No. 1 blocked up. Adjusted all injectors and valves. Found wires shorting in switch box. Rats had chewed them.

Maurice finished cutting the studs and corner posts for the engine shed and fitted them ready for erecting. We erected all studs and top plates this afternoon.


Fri. 25th April.

Neil and I drove to Willow Tree and attended ANZAC service at Memorial Hall. Neil marched with the other sholl children. Mr Mundy took the service. Home for lunch.

Maurice came over and continued work on engine shed. Nailed down the top plates and started to cut the stag battons for the sides.


Wed. 30th April.

Big Agricultural Bureau field day at Warrah Creek. Inspection of Hereford stud at Colly Creek during morning. Lunch and supper at Warrah Hall. Listened to the lectures during arvo of USA Consul to Australia. Gave talk on the stock and agricultural policies of the USA. Mr Green and Mr Boyle also spoke on the fodder and stock issues in Australia.

Pictures at Warrah Creek Hall. Glor, Neil and Rogie went. I wrote letter to Elwin.


Mon. 5th May.

Maurice Seymour and I left here in Austin truck at 6.45am. Picked up Vic at Binghams and drove to Werris Creek. Spent day at the big bulkhead paddock cutting and loading strainer posts. Vic used the mobile saw and cut up about 30 posts. Picked them up and the posts already cut. I brought one load of posts home and returned for more. Loaded more posts and the saw and returned home at 8.30pm.


Tues. 6th May.

Our new Armstrong Siddeley engine and generator arrived today via Ken Howard. Done in large case weighing 1,400 lbs. Hector and Lewin helped me unload plant.

Maurice and I continued building Engine shed. We finished erecting fibro. Neil dug up the orchard with the rotary hoe.


Sat. 10th May.

Nice rain during the night. 66 points. We all drove to Quirindi for the day. Did a spot of shopping. Saw Driscoll about the 45 gallon Rheem hot water system. Had lunch with Pop and Nanna at "Myanbah". Picked up Timmy and brought him home. Called on John Coombes and persuaded him to take on job of installing our new Armstrong Superior Generating set.


Sun. 11th May.

Mothers day and also my birthday. Glor and the boys gave me a lovely pair of slippers. All drove over and had lunch with Mum. Stanley Seymour is staying most days and nights with Mum helping out.


Wed. 14th May.

Maurice, Timmy and I drove in the Austin truck to Heymans paddock on Main Road for load of gravel. We dug a load of clean gravel out of Chilcots Creek and brought home for the cement block for the electric light engine in the new shed. Afternoon we dug out the hole for the block. Excavation 6 ft by 3 ft. Mr Marshall and son Peter came and took particulars of our house to qive quote on house wiring and fittings. Total lights for house is 17. Total power points is 14. Lights at £3-5 each, power points at £3-10 each.


Sun  18th May.

John Coombes had day here supervising concrete work. Building of concrete block for the engine. Maurice and i mixed nine and a half bags of concrete at 4 to 1 mixture and filled the hole dug out. We took the Armstrong Siddeley out of it's case and moved it near the shed.


Thur. 22nd May.

15 cattle from "Yarrabah" sold by Rezonnico. Market is excellent. Maurice and I drove to "Silsoe". Loaded the concrete pipes and brought home for our well. Keith Wadwell and Will Knowles landed here to start on the well. Puting the pipes in at £1 per foot.


Tues. 27th May.

Maurice helped Knowles all day with work on concreting the house well. They pulled mill pipes out again. Joined pump rods and pump jack ready to start at 1pm. Decided to leave pumping till morning. Will start the Nuffield pumping at 5.30am.

Glor, the boys and I drove to Quirindi after school. Rogie had his first fillings in teeth. I saw Dr Cooper and got ointment for rash on my legs and back.


Thur. 29th May.

Keith Wadwell and Will Knowles finished the job on the well at the house. They put in more concrete pipes making total of 18 pipes. Well is now 68 feet deep. They filled the sides of well with three Austin truck loads of gravel. Put mill together and lowered pipes with 57 feet of new pipes and pump rods and new three inch pump and foot valve. I paid them £72 contract price for doing the well.


Mon. 2nd June.

Glor, Timmy and I went to Tamworth. Took Mum from "Quondah" and Nanna from Qdi. Glor and I purchased electrical fittings. 17 light bulbs and shades. Hecla Kettle. Hecla radiator. Hotpoint electric iron. We spent £45 on the globes and electric appliances.

Mr Coombes came and finished installing the generator. Checked the switch board. I killed a lamb.


Wed. 4th June.

Peter Marshall and Percy Gardiner worked all day on wiring our house. Percy went home for the night but Peter stayes here with us. He ran a temporary light inside and worked on some of the fittings after tea.

Our plant is not quite working perfectly. Engine will start on automatic but will not stop when lights turned off. I phoned Mr McMichael and told him. He is sending his traveller Mr Peacock up this week to fix.


Thur. 5th June.

Glor, Timmy and I drove the Austin truck to Quirindi. Purchased new electric Baby Belling Stovette from council chambers at £26-9-0. Also new electric Mix Master from Knights at £27-10-0. Brought home new Bangor door fittings and new Pedestal wall basin from Rountrees. Nanna came home with us to stay a few days. Peter and Percy worked again all day wiring house. Peter did some work up in the roof after tea. Had the lighting plant working for five hours this evening.


Mon. 9th June.

Big Red Cross Carnival and tennis tourney at Warrah Creek. All of us and Nanna drove over for the day. Neil and I played in tennis tourney. Glor helped Mum and Auntie Lu to run the fancy stall. They made £32-12-0. Cleared for the day £120.


Fri. 13th June.

24 points rain. Moved 107 Xbred lambs from 30 acre oats to the 23 acre lucerne paddock. Loaded 2 bales wool on the Austin and took to Willow Tree. Consigned to Nenco. Also returned 6 empty drums to Bernards. Brought out two 44 gallons of Atlantic distillate and one 44 gallon of 20 SAE Essolube. Glor, Timmy and I took Nanna and Pop back to Quirindi. I took delivery of our new Rheen 45 gallon hot water system from Driscoll at £46-17-6.


Sat. 14th June.

20 points rain. Spent morning unloading Rheem 45 gallon hot water system. Glor, Neil and Rogie helped me get it out of the crate. Also unloaded the drums of distilate onto the new bench in the engine room.

Glor, Neil, Rogie and I drove to Warrah Creek. Comp match verses Kookaburras. Kookas won 6 sets to 3 sets. Our team Dette, Gwen, Bunty Hall, John Swain, Tony and myself. Afterwards we all attended Presentation to Delle Fitz and Regas Murphy.


Sun. 15th June.

Neil made cuppa with electric kettle and brought it in, in the morning. We stayed in bed. Arthur, Audrey and Joycelyn came over for afternoon and inspected our new electric plant. General rain set in this arvo.


Tues. 17th June.

Heavy rain yesterday and into the night. 137 points last few days.

Glor and I drove to Willow Tree and attended Auntie Em's funeral at 2.30pm. Very cold wet day.


[Auntie Em was Emily Evelyn Barwick, born 20th September 1869. So she was nearly 83 years old. She is known for keeping a detailed diary of her daily life in the 1880's and 1890's at Sparkes Creek, out of Scone. Ron Barwick kept her diarys safe and Heather Ashford later translated them into a book.  Auntie Em was sister to Susan, Ernests wife. She was also Ivans and George's sister, plus plenty of others. She never married and was childless.]

Sat. 21st June.

I sent 104 lambs to be trucked per Bernards lorry.

Rogie and I drove to Warrah Creek courts and helped line and roll courts. Glor and I played tennis in comp match verses Quipolly. We won 5 sets to 4 sets.

I took Ron Symonds to Warrah Creek hall to meeting regarding fox destruction. Decided to continue.


Mon. 23rd June.

104 lambs sold by Rezzonico averaged 67/1. Worst sale we've had this season. Down 10/ to 15/ on last week. Maurice and I erected new fence from house paddock mill to creek fence. Split post, three steel post, hingejoint, with wire and barb above. Killed lamb for rations.


Wed. 25th June.

Maurice and I took Nuffield up to top paddock and finished ploughing out rabbit burrows. Dogs got a heap too. We had about 3 hours shooting with spot light and got 27 rabbits. I removed 'Jewels' front shoes. We finished up the line fence dividing the 3 acres lucerne from the little oat paddock.


Sun. 29th June.

All day tennis match v Nundle. They beat us by 8 sets.


Mon. 30th June.

I joined 13 other shooters up at Jim Sevils. Phil Doyle took us in truck to Stott's place. We started there and walked to Covers. Total of 8 foxes shot. I got one with my single barrel shot gun. We started again at top of our farm paddock and all 15 of us walked across plain to "Rathcown" west boundary. Only 2 more foxes shot.


Thur. 3rd July.

Up early and Pop cut up the heifer that we slaughtered yesterday. Pop had the hind quarter, we had the front quarter and Ron took half. For themselves and "Oakley".

Glor, Timmy, Pop and Nanna and I drove to Gunnedah to attend cattle sale by Winchcombe Carson. I bought 29 hereford weaners at £10-11 per head. Am getting the weaners home by drover with Max Barkers cattle.

John Coombes called with York Motors rep. Tried to sell me a Morris 8. Mr Peacock of JR Read and Sons called with new auto panel for the electric generator plant.


Sun. 6th July.

Glor, the 3 boys and I drove to Quirindi for tennis match against Asseffs team. We won 5 sets to 4 sets. Our team was Ron and Dette, Glor and I, Maurice and Nev Maunder.


Sat. 12th July.

It's grand having electric light and power! Glor put through a big wash in two and a half hours with the electric Trayway.

Maurice and Neil rode out to "Greenhills" and met drover from Gunnedah. Brought my new 29 hereford weaners purchased at Gunnedah home. Rogie and I drove the Austin to Thomas' Garage. Les Crane repaired the starter motor. He also tuned engine and strengthened mixture.


Wed. 16th July.

I drove to Binghams and left the car there. Went in Charlie Barwicks Singer car, with Charlie, Lila, Maurice, Stanley and Mum to Quirindi. I had tooth attended to by Mr Alcock. Bought a bootlast at Rountrees at 15/6.

Afternoon Maurice and I set up the Nuffield with the new power tool attached to the drill and drilled out 80 battons. Worked in hay shed when it started raining.

[Crikey! A drill powered by a tractor sounds a bit dangerous?]


Fri. 18th July.

Maurice and I had full day working on new fence. Bored all posts this morning with power tool attached to the Nuffield. Arvo strained top wire right through. Tied all battons on top and most of the posts.

Killed a lamb for rations.


Sun. 20th July.

All day tennis match at Nundle. Called in and picked up Mum for the day. Nundle beat us by 6 sets.


Wed. 23rd July.

Washed and polished Heather the Humber. Filled engine on electric plant. Got ready to go to hospital.

 John, Maurice and Timmy and I went up to Quirindi in afternoon. Picked up Neil and Roger from school. Maurice went to dentist. Ron and John did spot of business at solicitors. John had tea with Dad then went up to the hospital at 7.15pm.

[Edgar spends the next 13 days in Quirindi hospital. He has an operation, something to do with his sinus? Decides to get his tonsils removed as well]


Thur. 24th July.

[Written by Gloryna]

A bitterly cold morning. Maurice is tieing wire onto the new fence. My sweetheart had operation for sinus trouble, local anesthetic. I went up after lunch and found John to be very well. He decided to stay in and have his tonsils removed. Timmy went down the paddock with Maurice.

Mr Ratray rang at lunch time to say Rogie is not very well. Called at school and found him very poorly with ear ache. Gave aspro and he came home on the bus.


Thur. 31st July.

[written by Gloryna]

15 points rain overnight. So lamb marking is off. Maurice spent day boring battens ready for the 30 acre fence. Timmy and I went to Quirindi and had a while with John. Poor old man has a very sore throat but is OK. Called at Mums for a while. Susan is staying there for a bit.


Fri. 1st Aug.

[Written by Gloryna]

22 points rain last night. Ron and Brian Seymour turned up to help Maurice mark lambs. Went up to "Yarran" yards and drafted lambs off. It started raining again so after lunch they went home. Maurice returned to "Oakley". Went up to the hospital again to see John.


Sat. 2nd Aug.

[Written by Gloryna]

Neil and I were up at 6am. Got him ready to go to Tamworth on the bus to play football. They had two matches. Won the first game 15-0. Lost the next one 6-3. He arrived home at 7.30pm. Maurice came over and milked cows and did some other jobs.


Thur. 7th Aug.

19 points rain overnight. Maurice had half day here. Maurice milked the cows. Then we cut a piece of one and a half inch pipe and connected up the new silencer to the Armstrong Engine. It quietened the engine a little bit.

I went and checked our 14 bullocks in the 30 acre oats.


Sat. 9th Aug.

Up early and at 6.45, I took Neil into Binghams. He caught bus to Gunnedah for sports. Neil competing in relay race.

I drove to "Oakley" in truck and got a hindquarter from Charlie at £3-0-0. Cut up the meat when I got home.

We all drove in Humber to Warrah Creek. Glor played in comp match verses Hydon. Warrah Creek won 7 sets to 2 sets. I drove up to "Quondah" and greased car. 14,370 miles. Had cuppa and chat with Mum.


Mon. 11th Aug.

Ron, Brian and Maurice came over this morning at 8am and helped me mark lambs. Ron and Maurice mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs to yards. Drafted off all lambs and marked 288 before dinner. Finished marking after dinner. 388 total.


Thur. 14th Aug.

Terrific wind last night. 4 points rain in sleety showers. 177 points total last few days. I shifted Glors wash tubs today. Moved them forward and put the electric Trayway further back. Maurice and I made a gate this morning and painted two others that we made before.

Brian, Lila, Madge and Charlie came along for the evening. Played 500 until 10.30pm. Maurice went home to "Oakley with his folks.


Sun. 17th Aug.

Glor and I stayed in bed till late this morning. Neil helped me wash and polish the Humber. All went to Quirindi for service at St Albans at 7pm. Neil was confirmed by Bishop Moyes. 43 candidates.


Sat. 23rd Aug.

Raining this morning. 37 points. Fined up at midday. Maurice stayed last night. Milked cows this morning. Filled up the engine on generator.

Sent telegram to Mum for her birthday. She is staying at Uncle Harold's new home at Satur. Mum is 78 today.


Sun. 24th Aug.

All feeling a little seedy with the flu. Bert, Nell and Annette drove here from Werris Creek and brought Pop and Nanna out to stay. They all had tea here and Bert took away two boxes of stuff and junk that we have kept here for him.


Wed. 27th Aug.

Glor, Neil, Rogie and I took Pop into Willow Tree in the truck. Pop went on stock train with our 3 trucks of his and our steers.

Maurice and I helped Wallace and Hector dip sheep this morning. Afternoon we both built a panel of fence in my sheep yards.


Thur. 28th Aug.

Our 13 steers sold by Rezzonico. One red steer @ £37-0-0. Twelve jerseys @ £30-5-0.

Maurice and I helped dip the rest of Hectors sheep and some of Wallace's this morning. Afternoon, Glor, Nanna, Maurice and I had afternoon at the Jacks Creek Hall and tennis courts. We cleaned up the hall and men carted gravel loads in to fill patches outside the courts and road in. Jack Ham and Col Chad turned up and we marked the courts.


Sat. 30th Aug.

Big tennis tourney at Jacks Creek courts in aid of our queen, Marie Schofield. Glor did most of the organising. Huge success. £130 cleared for day and night, including £20 donation from Mr Niall. 46 tennis players. I was in charge of the tennis assisted by Jim Sevil and Dave Ham. Mr Killick was our treasurer and he did a good job.


Mon. 8th Sept.

Maurice and I repaired old fence around the ten acre paddock. Made it sheep proof ready for shearing . Afternoon Maurice put another gate on hinges at shearing shed and then helped Glor clean up the garden. I took Nuffield and cultivator and dragged tracks through the thistles to "Yarran" mill. Over to sheep yards at the shack. From yards to farm paddock gate and then down the plain past the timber. Rogie came with me all the way on the tractor.


Wed. 10th Sept.

We commenced "Yarrabah" shearing. Maurice is learning to shear and he did 67 ewes today. I did all the shed work, wool rolling, penning up etc.


Thur. 11th Sept.

Maurice shore 68 ewes today. The "Yarrabah" ewes are cutting very big fleeces and the wool is in splendid condition. Pressed a bale of AAA fleece. Only 50 fleeces in the bale. Also a bale of AA fleece, 42 fleeces.


Mon. 15th Sept.

Claude Saunders started shearing here today. He did 124 "Yarrabah" ewes. He keeps Maurice and me quite busy with all the jobs. I have 6 bales done now with two more ready to be pressed. Maurice mustered the "Yarrabah" cattle into house paddock for trucking tomorrow.


Wed. 17th Sept.

Claude shore 129 ewes today and finished the mob. Maurice and I pressed up most of the wool. Glor went to Quirindi and brought Nanna down here to look after the children. Maurice took Glor and I to Willow Tree to catch the 1pm Glen Innes mail train to Sydney.


Thur. 18th Sept.

Arrived Central at 9am. Walked over to George st and got a room at the Sherwood. Caught a taxi out to Artarmon, to Luxury Caravans on the Pacific Highway. We purchased a 14 ft Luxury caravan at £685 and will be completed for us about end of November. Back to Wynyard by train. Had lunch. Spent afternoon at John McGrath Motors and ordered a new Humber Super Snipe, immediate delivery at £1778. They offered £878 for our old Humber Hawk. Glor and I went to the Lyceum theatre.


Sat. 20th Sept.

Up early at the Sherwood Hotel and caught the Flyer at 7.55am at Central. Breakfast and lunch on train and had excellent trip home. Found our Humber Hawk at Col Logans where Maurice had left it. Drove out to see Mum. Washed and cleaned up Heather the Humber ready for trip back to Sydney in the morning.


Sun. 21st Sept.

Left home at 9am. Called at "Quondah" and left Rogie and Timmy with Mum. Drove Nanna home to Quirindi. Glor, Neil and I left Quirindi at 10.50am for Sydney. Lunch at Singleton. Arrived at Sherwood Hotel at 7pm. Tea at a small restaurant in George Street.


Mon. 22nd Sept.

Drove our Humber Hawk along George Steet at 8.30am. Turned at Park Street and up Pitt Street to John Danks. Picked up a role of laminex, then drove through Liverpool Street to Elizabeth Street and there to John McGraths Motors. Glor and Neil went off and did some shopping. Chap from John McGrath drove me in Heather out to the show rooms at Paddington. Took delivery of our new satin bronze Humber Super Snipe. AGC 493, at £1778. Traded in the Hawk at £878. Fixed up registration, Insurance etc. and drove back to Elizabeth street. Picked up Glor and Neil and left show rooms at 11.25am. Lunch at Hornsby. Trouble with the cars gear change lever at Muswellbrook, but an NRMA man fixed it. Home at 11.30pm.


Thur. 25th Sept.

Brian and Maurice came over to shear the farm paddock ewes. Maurice shore 73 and Brian 45. I was kept busy wool rolling and doing all other shed work. Pressed up a bale after tea. Ken Howard took away 13 bales of our wool, first consignment to Ninco for this season.


Sat. 27th Sept.

Annual Childrens Interschool Sports day today at Willow Tree. We all drove our new Humber Snipe there for the day. Glor worked all day in the luncheon booth. I had the job of recording times of races.


Thur. 2nd Oct.

Put Tony Barwick on to help Claude Saunders with our shearing. Claude shore 128 and Tony shore 111 today. Maurice and I rolled wool until about 11am. Brian arrived then and helped me on the table. Maurice rode to muster "Yarran" plain.


Fri. 3rd Oct.

Claude and Tony here again shearing. Claude did 131 today, Tony did 105. They shore 75 one run!, Claude 40 and Tony 35. Tube broke in the short gut on Tony's stand at end of first run. I drove to Merediths and borrowed the whole tube. Tony only did 10 sheep that run. Finished all but 22 of the "Yarran" plain and Tony is going to finish those himself tomorrow. Brian helped wool roll and Maurice did all the pressing.


Sat. 4th Oct.

Tony finished the last 22 ewes this morning.

Glor, the children and I drove to Willow Tree for the day. Tennis tourney and stalls in aid of Marie Schofield, our Queen Candidate. Cold damp day. I played tennis, got 43 games. Bill Prisk won the gents with 47 games. Glor went over and met the train and we picked up Dawn Seymour. She is coming out to stay for the weekend.

Called at Brechts on way home and saw auntie Lu and Lucy. Also Luke, Enid and their two children were there.


Wed. 8th Oct.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi this afternoon. We put Timmy in hospital to have his tonsils removed. Adrian Bridge also went in at same time. Glor took them both up at 4pm.

Maurice drove our Autin truck to Quirindi to get special licence for driving a truck. Glor stayed night in town to be there in morning for Timmy.


Fri. 10th Oct.

Glor, Neil, Rogie and I drove our new Humber Snipe to Tamworth via Werris Creek. Road is very rough but the new car handles the rough road beautifully. Had the final service done at 750 miles at Ken Turners garage. Did a bit of shopping. Got a present for Dawn.

We interviewed Mr and Mrs Turnbull at the Presbyterian Boys Hostel.

Brought Jim Meredith home from Tamworth.

Maurice took the pony 'Dimple' over to Brechts for the children to ride. He also had 'Flame' shod while there.


Sun. 12th Oct.

We drove over to Warrah Creek church for service. It was a special service to dedicate table to Dad and Alan's memory. We drove on up to Quirindi after and had tea with Pop and Nanna.


Tues. 14th Oct.

My 11 steers and one of Glors driven to Willow Tree by Maurice. Pop has 3 trucks, 37 steers, and two of Elsie Holts. [Cubby Howard]

Pop helped me burn barley grass in "Yarran" plain paddock.


Fri. 17th Oct.

Glor went to Quirindi and brought Timmy home from hospital. He and Adrian are both full of beans. She called at "Quondah" and brought Mum over here to stay for a while.

Doug Hague came out and fixed knotter on hay baler. Tried it out in mixed hay in the 3 acre lucerne paddock. We baled 130 bales this morning.

Maurice and I crutched all small lambs in "Yarrabah". I crutched 80 lambs and did most of penning and Maurice crutched 142 and shore a couple.

Neely of ACF Co bought 158 "Yarrabah" suckers and 70 farm paddock suckers at 62/6 per head.


Tues. 21st Oct.

Maurice and I helped Wallace and Lewin dip mob of young ewes before breakfast. Hector lent me his pick up loader and his truck and we drew in 262 bales to our shed. Brian Seymour and Lewin Snape Helped us get hay in. Lent the Nuffield to Hector for a night of hay baling. Maurice mustered farm paddock ewes and lambs and brought them down here.


Wed. 22nd Oct.

We crutched all small lambs in the farm paddock lot. Did nearly 100. Maurice shore 15 and I shore 11 very small ones.

Col Logan came out and we drafted up the "Yarrabah" and farm paddock suckers. Landed them onto Bernards two trucks. 228 of them.

We took "Yarrabah" and farm paddock ewes up to Hectors dip ready for dipping in the morning. We left 130 of the best "Yarrabah" suckers undipped.


Thur. 23rd Oct.

Light showers over night. Brian Seymour, Maurice, Lewin Snape and I dipped the ewes and lambs. Also dipped 26 rams. We dipped 930 in about two and a half hours. Brought them all home before lunch. In afternoon, Maurice and I took a ten foot gate down and swung it on eastern end of new fence.

All of us, and Mum and Maurice drove to Quirindi to the "Younger Set Review". Grand show.


Fri. 31st Oct.

Sold 360 suckers at 60/- per head to Neely of ACF Co Aberdeen. Col Logan brought him around. He inspected 330 "Yarran" plain lambs. Also some "Yarrabah" suckers to make up the three trucks.

Maurice found 11 more flyblown suckers in "Yarran" plain and shore them. Makes total of 186 shorn there now. Got "Yarrabah" in and shore 5 flyblown lambs. Maurice commenced raking up the last of the oats that we cut.


Sat. 1st Nov.

Queen competition in aid of Parish Hall Funds finalised today. Monster fete in Quirindi pavillion. Janice Benham won. Marie Schofield was second and Joan Wheeler third. £4,338 cleared in the Queen competition. We all had the day there and stayed till 11pm.

This morning I finished raking oats.


Wed. 5th Nov.

Baled hay again this morning until about 11am. Brian came over and helped us cart hay. We did three truck loads and filled the hay shed today. About 750 bales of the new hay in shed. Lewin Snape also helped to load hay.

All of us and Nanna and Maurice drove to Warrah Creek hall to the pictures tonight.


Sun. 9th Nov.

All of us and Nanna drove down to Antiene to see the Eric Seymours. Eric showed me over his property. All played tennis during afternoon. Stayed for tea and home at 9.45pm.


Mon. 10th Nov.

Ernie Finch and Tom Wilcox commenced building additions to back of our house. They put in the blokes to extend verandah to 16 foot width.

Alex Symonds and Bill Clay came in Alex's truck to pick up baled hay out of the 25 acre paddock. I sold them 20 tons oaten hay for £100-0-0. They took three loads today.


Thur. 13th Nov.

Ern Finch and Tom Wilcox on 4th day building. They put new floor down and started framework for the bathroom. Maurice shore 67 lambs and I did 37. Makes total of 131 lambs shorn. Leaves 77 wooly lambs to be trucked.

I got a little black and white pup from Cecil Palmer. 'Digger'.


Mon. 17th Nov.

Glor, Maurice and I drove up to Chris Kenny's to cull out old ewes from the mob I bought from him. We mouthed all the one thousand ewes and found 49 faulty mouth ones. Had lunch in Kenny's shed and home late afternoon.

Max Callaghan and John Carter came here and connected the hot water pipes to our new bathroom.

Our 120 sucker lambs sold at Maitland by E W Spark. Sixty @ 68/1, and sixty @ 63/1.


Fri. 21st Nov.

Drove truck up to Chris Kenny's and took delivery of 953 ewes with 704 lambs at foot. Gave Chris £4-10-0 per head for the X-bred ewes with the lambs given in. Ewes are about 50% 4 and 6 tooth. Balance 4 years. Maurice rode up and we brought the ewes home by 3pm. Drafted off the 304 lambs and kept in 30 acres oats ready for trucking in the morning.

Big fire on part of Warrah Station, not far from the homestead. I drove my Austin with Hectors fire fighter and engine and tank. Arrived too late to do anything.


Sat. 22nd Nov.

Got 304 'Kenny' lambs and 39 from our ewes ready this morning. Sent them to Willow Tree per Bernards truck to rail to Maitland.

Mr McMichale and John Bearman from J R Read and Son came from Sydney and installed new Auto panel in electric light plant.

Dance in Jacks Creek hall in aid of hall funds.


Sat. 29th Nov.

Glor and I drove down to Scone to Dawn Seymours wedding to Bill Baker of Anteine. We took Brian and Lila down with us. Very nice wedding and grand breakfast after. Stayed for dances and home at 11.30pm.

I mowed rest of the rubbish on the 23 acre lucerne paddock. Neil and Rogie did some painting.


Thur. 4th Dec.

Brian Seymour and I shearing the small lambs again from the Kenny ewes. Brian did 109 and I did 84 all told. Lila came over and spent the day with Glor.


Sat. 6th Dec.

Spent morning and part of afternoon soldering piping together. Fitted piping together and ran across top of the new room into the high tank.

Luke and Enid and kids Rodney and Julie came along late afternoon. I showed Luke around the place. All had tea on the lawn.


Tues. 9th Dec.

Started ploughing the 23 acre lucerne paddock with the disk cultivator. Going over it to break up the old thistles and to cultivate the old lucerne.

Afternoon I drove to Quirindi. Had dressing put on top tooth by Mr Alcock. Took marquee tent to the Willow Tree hall. Neil, Malcome and Johnny helped me erect the tent for childrens concert tonight.

All drove to childrens concert and prize giving in Willow Tree. Neil was dux of school and won three books.


Fri. 12th Dec.

Up early and had cuppa. Drove truck to Hectors to start dipping the 950 'Kenny' ewes and lambs. Brian and Lawrie Seymour came over and Lewin Snape also helped dip the sheep. Commenced dipping at 5.45am and finished at 9.15am. Ewes very stubborn but I have seen worse. Dipped 950 ewes and about 190 shorn and 80 wooly lambs. Used ten packets of Coopers dip. Brian and Lawrie cleaned out the dip. Neil helped me take the sheep home. We drafted out 223 dry ewes and took up to farm paddock. 730 ewes and 270 lambs back to "Yarran" plain.


Sat. 13th Dec.

Loaded the Humber Snipe and all of us set out at 6.45am for Belmont. Breakfast at Muswellbrook at 8.45am. Drove to Newcastle, Called at Carapark and purchased new rear vision mirror for outside of car at 30/. Arrived at Belmont Camping ground and took delivery of new 4 berth Luxury caravan from Mr Newton. Full price for caravan £690. Insurance £22. Registration £8-19-0. Annex £38-0-0. Stayed the night at Belmont Camping Reserve and had a very comfortable night.


Mon. 15th Dec.

We left Belmont at 8.30am with our new caravan. Did some shopping in Maitland and then on home, arriving at 7.30pm.

Ern and Tom worked here today. They are building me an office and Glor a sewing room.


Fri. 19th Dec.

Ploughed the fire breaks round "Yarrabah" today. Did three widths down western fence and across north end. 2 widths everywhere else.

Ern and Tom finished most of the sewing room and office today. They have done all they will be doing now till next year.

Childrens Xmas tree and dance in aid of tennis club at Jacks Creek hall.


Mon. 22nd Dec.

Max Callaghan and John Carter came out and finished all the plumbing in bath room and kitchen. Max connected the hot and cold water pipes in bath and shower. Also reconnected the tap at the stove.

Ron Seymour and I put the post hole digger on tractor and dup 8 holes for trough down near cement tanks. We erected the 8 posts and Max callaghan put in the six lengths of one inch piping after we dug the trench. Didn't finish job.


Thur. 25th Dec.

Xmas day at home. Maurice brough Mum over here at 9am and she had Xmas dinner and tea here. Plenty of chook, ham, lamb, and salads. Neil has german measles and he got out of bed this morning and seems much better. Glor, Rogie and Timmy took Mum home at 8pm.


Mon. 29th Dec.

I paid Ern and Tom today £27-12 each for their last work. They did more lining and trimming of living room. Maurice came this morning and he and I loaded fire brigad tank onto the Austin truck and also engine and hoses in case of bushfire.

Glor, the children and I packed the caravan. Went to Quirindi for a bit of shopping. Took Rogie to Dr Cowlishaw. He has a poisoned knee.


Tues. 30th Dec.

Exactly 100 points rain overnight. This morning I arose at 5am and milked the cows. Rode down to lucerne paddock and strained up some wires. Shifted the 130 shorn lambs up to the top lucerne paddock.

We left in the Humber Snipe and caravan at 11am. Called at Willow Tree for ice. Got 6 gallons petrol at garage. Ran into heavy rain at Muswellbrook and it rained all the way to Belmont. Pulled in at Belmont at the camping reserve for the night.


Wed. 31st Dec.

We left Belmont at 8.30am. Light rain falling and it got heavier as we went. Arrived at Luxury Caravans at Artarmon at midday. Had some adjustments made to the new caravan. Exchanged the stove for a Coleman. Had lunch at Crows Nest and dropped in to see Heather and Fred at Lane Cove. Drove to Lake Park camp and set up with annex.

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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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