The Diary of Edgar Barwick

1953 and 1954.


By Geoff Barwick


The properties owned and run by Edgar and Gloryna Barwick.


"Yarran". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1935. Farm 37 of the 1935 subdivision.

"Yarrabah". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1938. Farm 14 of the 1914 subdivision.

Neil. Sue [Sue Shumaker] Susan, Roger and Tim.
Neil, Tim, Susan and Roger



[1953 was a fairly dry year with a bit over 19 inches falling. The first half was OK and the last half very dry.]


Thur. 1st Jan.

Have a wonderfully set up camp with our luxury caravan and annex. I fixed up our wireless with aerial and earth wire. Arvo we drove to Curl Curl Beach and watched a surf carnival. Called in to see Keith and Joyce Sedgewick in their new home. Lot 27, Blandford street Colloroy.


Sat. 3rd Jan.

Cloudy and showery all day. Drove into North Narrabeen and did some shopping. Posted a letter to Mum. Afternoon we all went to Sole Brothers Circus.


Wed. 7th Jan.

Afternoon we all drove in to Manly. Spent a bit of time at the beach. Looked through the fun parlour. Had a bit of tea on the tables overlooking the beach. Went to 5pm session in theatre. Saw “Prisoner Of Zenda”.


Fri. 9th Jan.

3rd Cricket Test commenced against South Africa. Glor, the kids and I spent the day at Sydney Cricket Ground watching the cricket test. South Africa all out for 172 runs. Very interesting days cricket.


Thur. 15th Jan.

All drove via Roseville, Epping road, Ryde to Western Highway to Flemmington. saw our 123 shorn lambs sold by Stan Rezzonico. Averaged 58/-. Rezzonico also sold our truck of cattle. Three vealers at £24-17, Thirteen at £22-7. One steer at £24-16 and a bull at £11-16. Pop came down with train and had 13 steers sold by Country Producers. Pop came back to Narabeen with us to stay a couple of nights.


Sat. 17th Jan.

All of us and Pop drove to Tuggerah Lakes for the day. Lunch and tea with Alan, Joyce and family [Alan Bridge] and Nanna. They are staying at cottage. Home at 9.30pm.


Mon. 19th Jan.

All drove to Collaroy Beach and tried the surf there. Had a very good swim and sunbake. After lunch we drove to McGrath Motors. Saw Mr Gee and they had a look at the Humber Snipe. Did 200 miles with the Humber Snipe and she only did 14 miles to the gallon. All had look at Luna Park but it was not in action.


Tues. 20th Jan.

Pulled down the annex. Packed caravan and car and left Lake Park at 9am. Milage 3,712. Drove into Luxury Caravans and had rood resealed. Had cuppa there. Left there at 11.30am. Drove to Orange Tree Inn at Gosford and had lunch. Met Clarrie Hannaford there. Pulled in for the night at Singleton and camped in caravan park near the baths.


Wed. 21st Jan.

Left Singleton at 8am and drove to Muswellbrook and did some shopping there. Called at Scone for a short time. Landed at home at 12.30pm. Maurice Seymour had already left after caretaking for us while we were away. All cleaned the Humber and caravan of goods and camping gear. Ronnie Seymour helped me wash and put everything away. Neil went with Maurice and Ronnie to the pictures.


Sat. 24th Jan.

I drove to Quirindi. Pop, Bervie and I drove out with Mr Ryder to Gaspard. Inspected 20 hereford steers, 18 months old, running on Crokers property. Purchased them at £16-10-0.


Mon. 26th Jan.

Sports day at Warrah Creek in aid of Hall funds. Horse events for allcomers. Maurice rode my chestnut Gelding 'Flame' in flag and bending races and other novelty events. Brechts had our pony 'Dimple' in the kiddies events. Glor helped ladies with luncheon. Bill Meredith and I ran the chocolate wheel and made £11-0-0.


Tues. 27th Jan.

Ern and Tom resumed building operations after a months break.

We all drove to Tamworth to take Neil to Presbyterian Boys Hostel for his entry into high school. Called at high school and met the head master, Mr James Barwick. Took Neil to Hostel about 5pm and left him with the principles Mr and Mrs Turnbull.

Did some shopping this morning at Thibaults. I purchased 1216 ft of one inch gal pipe. Also material for 5000 gal tank with earth ring. Brought Pop home from Quirindi with us.


Thur. 29th Jan.

Ern and Tom finished lining and ceiling on the lounge room.

I got a new young red and tan pup from Ron.

I drove the Austin to Quirindi with my Nuffield on the back. Pop and Ronnie Seymour helped me load the tractor on over at the creek. John Coombs is going to service tractor. Grind valves, new oil seal and fix the wiring. Brought our new Koertz Selector wool press home. Cost £140. Freight was £7.

Sold 130 cull Xbred ewes at 42/6 to Mr Simpson. Ron and I mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs to yards ready for crutching.


Fri. 6th Feb.

Ronnie and I finished building framework under the tank stand this morning. Afternoon I concreted a floor under the tank ready for Ern and Tom to build a meat house. Tom Wilcox built doors on cupboards all day. Bunty Hall brought the pump jack back.


Tues. 10th Feb.

Ern and Tom finished up the cupboards in the kitchen, drawers etc. John Bearman and young Peter Morley arrived here today with new Auto panel for the electric lighting plant. They worked on it until dark testing and experimenting. Bearman brought with him fro Sydney two 200 gallon tanks for fire fighting. They are tanks off an aircraft. Cost £7-10 each.


Fri. 13th Feb.

No builders here today.

The auto panel conked out again on the electric lighting plant. Was too good to be true.

Ian Tourle came along to spend the weekend with Rogie.


Fri. 20th Feb.

Left Timmy with Nanna. Glor, Rogie and I went to Tamworth by Austin truck. Took Brian Seymour up with us to get his iron and fibro. Got 45 sheets of 24 guage corrogated iron. 35 x 10ft and 2 x 9ft. 6 x 8ft. from Thibaults. Also fibro and a fire grate.

Saw Neil at the Hostel. He is going well.


Mon. 23rd Feb.

Ern and Tom resumed building. Erected meat room under the high tank. Finished door on Glor's sewing room. Ronnie Seymour came back here to work. We repaired the mower blade and sharpened it ready for mowing lucerne.


Thur. 26th Feb.

[Written by Gloryna]

Builders still working on cupboards in bedroom. Maurice helped Ronnie and John crutch "Yarran" ewes and lambs. Maurice crutched 450 and John did 300 or so. I drove to Binghams and got bag of sugar and other groceries. Maunders gave me some eggs.


Fri. 27th Feb.

[Written by Gloryna]

Ronnie and John finished crutching "Yarran" lambs. Took Nuffield over and hooked onto pump jack. Pumped approx 4000 gallons by 7pm.

We all went to Harvest Festival at Warrah Creek. We bought £2-9-0 worth of goods. They made £17. We met 10pm train at Willow Tree and collected Neil home from high school! Lovely! He looks so well. Had cuppa when we got home.


Mon. 2nd March.

[Written by Gloryna]

We all rose at 5.30am. I got breakfast for Neil and John. They left at 7am in truck for Tamworth. John took truck to be fitted up with a Brinkworth bale loader. Builders put extra cupboards in our bedroom, spare bedroom. Peter Marshall and Percy Gardiner arrived to finish electric installations.


Thur. 5th March.

[Written by Gloryna]

Builders finished attaching doors to our cupboard and spare room. That completed the work on the house after 16 weeks here. They commenced work on the hay shed. Ronnie Seymour and John spent morning in "Yarran" getting tall post for electricity extension to house windmill. Erected post at rear of old laundry. Electricians wired garage and woolshed for lights and power. John attended tennis and hall meeting at night.


Wed. 11th March.

Ern Finch and Tom Wilcox completed whole of building operations today. They finished walling in the ends of new hay shed. I paid them at £21-18-6 each.

Ronnie and I baled up 50 bales of lucerne this morning. We worked on asembling the elevator to the Brinkworth loader. Tries it out on the 50 bales. Looks to be a success.


Mon. 16th March.

Bervie and Nell have a son born at Shirley at 10am this morning. Ian Steward Alan.

Ronnie and I cut burrs on frontage of "Yarrabah" most of the day. Late afternoon we crutched the 68 sgorn lambs on the lucerne paddock. I killed a lamb for rations.


Wed. 18th March.

Up early and left here per Snipe and caravan at 7.30am for Tamworth show. Arrived at the Hostel at 9.30am in time for the ceremony. Unveiling of the portrait of Reverend. Picked up Neil and drove to caravan park and left van there. All went to the show ground. Spent day there and had tea. Watched ring events at night. Girls marching bands and trots. All had cuppa at caravan and took Neil back at 10pm. Had good night in our Luxury caravan.


Sat. 28th March.

Tennis tourney and dance at Jacks Creek tennis club. Fair crowd for tennis, meals and dance. Ladies provided lunch, afternoon tea, 6 Oclock tea and supper at dance. £48 taken.


Thur. 2nd April.

Ronnie and I crutched 252 ewes and 5 rams from farm paddock. Turned 104 strong wooled ewes from plain paddock into farm. Cutting burrs rest of day.

Met north west mail in Willow Tree and got Neil, he is home from Tamworth high school for Easter. Also picked up Valma, who is here for a short stay.


Sat. 4th April.

All of us and Valma went up Warrah Creek to visit Enid and children. Luke is away.


Mon. 6th April.

Took Valma up to Quirindi to have the night with Nanna.

We all had lunch at the tennis and watched the finals of the Easter Tournament. Verna won the mixed doubles final with Jim Curley. Verna won the final of the ladies doubles with Jill Walters. Bob Gustard won the mens singles, and he also won the mens doubles with some chap from Newcastle.


Tues. 7th April.

Mustered "Yarrabah" and drafted out all remaining lambs and returned 60 to lucerne paddock. Made up truck of 119 lambs. About 20 wooly, rest shorn, and sent to Willow Tree per Bernards truck. Ronnie Seymour helped us fix four bull calves and earmarked two heifers. Drove Pop out to look at his cattle at Mitchells.


Thur. 9th April.

Glor and Timmy went with Ronnie and myself today to farm paddock fumigating rabbits and ripping burrows. Ronnie put Larvicide in burrows. I drove tractor and ripped the burrows in top and bottom paddocks. First time I had used the new, second hand ripper which I bought at McKensies sale for £25. 19 points of rain late.

Bunty Hall and Jim Sevil took the netting off the old Jacks Creek school tennis courts and brought it down the the hall tennis courts.


Mon. 13th April.

Pop brought his 14 steers in from Mitchells. Pop, Ronnie and I mustered his steers in "Yarran" plain. Drafted out 21 to truck. We drafted out of "Yarrabah" 4 steers and one heifer. Ended up with 42 head. 35 of Pops and 7 of ours to truck. Ronnie will take in tomorrow and Pop will go on stock train.


Fri. 17th April.

Drove in to Quirindi taking Nanna home. Rogie had 6 small fillings done by Mr Alcock. I also got some fillings and an imprint for a false tooth on top. Purchased paint for living room and kitchen.


Sat. 18th April.

All drove to Willow Tree for days tennis tourney. 2TM tourney. Glor and I played tennis and all had lunch and afternoon tea there. Saw Mum on here way down to Scone for holiday with Uncle Harold and Amy.


Mon. 20th April.

Interviewed Stan Richardson regarding reclaiming of my portion of the creek. He agreed to sell me about 3 acres of land to make suitable crossing. Minimum price £20 per acre!

I did 2 fox burrows down "Yarrabah" with larvicide. Covered them in with the rabbit ripper. Ronnie finished painting first coat on all new fibro and commenced second coat.


Fri. 24th April.

Stan Richardson and I measured the west boundary fence to bottom end with chain measure. [Stan Richardson owns "Rathcown" or today called "Tallawanta"] Full distance is 2 miles, 8 chains. Ronnie and I laid the steel posts on line. Brought 100 posts from the heap over on timber of "Yarran" plain.


Fri. 1st May.

Lambs coming well in "Yarrabah". Ronnie Seymour and I pulled out wires from 3 strains of fence of boundary between "Yarrabah" and "Rathcown". Pulled up all posts and cleared the line with the Nuffield and hydraulic hoist. Also did the trech ready for the netting with the rabbit ripper.

All drove to Willow Tree to get Neil. Home from Tamworth. Also Joyce, Marie, Adrian and Vivian for the weekend.


Sun. 3rd May.

Over 2 inches rain last few days. A few light showers during day. Neil had a couple of rides on 'Firefly'. Marie and I rode down paddock again. I took Joyce, Adrian, Roger and Timmy down to cement tanks on the tractor.


Fri. 8th May.

Ronnie and I commenced building work bench in north end of garage.

At 3.30pm Max Barker called in. His car is stuck in Jacks Creek. I drove over in the Nuffield and pulled his and four other cars across the creek to the other side. Light rain fell nearly all day. Late afternoon Neil and I drove Nuffield to Hectors. Creek rose 6 inches while we were away.


Mon. 11th May.

We all drove in Humber Snipe to Tamworth to take Neil back to high school. Also took Mum up for the day with May Barwick out in Phillip St, West Tamworth. Had Humber serviced and greased all round and engine tuned up at Ken Turners. They didn't finish the car till 7pm. Had tea at Golden Bell cafe.

Ronnie went through the plain paddock ewes while I was away and cleaned up the flyblown ones.


Wed. 13th May.

Showers set in, in the morning, so instead of working on boundary fence, spent the day in the shearing shed putting in the Koertz Wool Press. Brian came over for the day. Cut out a post and stayed up with two beams. Cut two holes in the floor to let the press down.


Mon. 18th May.

Borrowed Symonds big plough for trenching the netting on new boundary fence. Pulled down one strain of fence and trenched with the plough. Did an extra good job.

Alan Brideg landed here at midday to help. He expects to be here until boundary fence is finished. Signed on for £3-0-0 per day.


Sat. 23rd May.

I erected the temporary strut at end of the new section of fence. Trimmed the posts. Alan finished driving the steels. Alan Bridge commenced working the 30 acre paddock with disk cultivator. He did 5 hours work.

Comp tennis match V Warrah Creek at Jacks Creek. We won 5 set to 4 sets. Our team was Glor, Ruth Sevil, Bunty Hall, Jim Sevil, Bill Clay and Myself. Bill Clay and Myself beat Leon and Reg Dowling 6-5 in last set.


Tues. 2nd June.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd today.

Annual Red Cross tennis tourney and carnival at Warrah Creek. Beautiful sunny day and very good crowd. I helped run the chocolate wheel.


Wed. 3rd June.

Mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs to shearing shed. Crutched the ewes. Total 455 ewes. 2 weathers and 2 hoggets. Alan Bridge crutched most and Ronnie and I did some and penned up.

Ronnie and I marked 312 lambs from "Yarrabah. Roger helped by dressing the last 100 lambs. Alan and I finished last of crutching after tea by electric light.


Fri. 5th Jun.

We completed the strain of fence we started yesterday. Ran a role and a half of netting and tied it on. Filled in the trech and Brian Seymour finished filling in the strains we did last week. Finished up the day by running the barb on the 1250 yards fence that we've completed. Brother Ron and Alan Bridge helped me kill a steer vealer for rations.

Glor met train and got Neil and Phillip Hatten home from Tamworth high school.


Mon. 8th June.

Up at 5.30am. Glor, Neil, Timmy, Phillip Hatten and I set off in the Austin for Tamworth at 6.50am. Landed Neil and Phillip at Hostel at 8.35am.

Picked up a load of cement trough lengths from Humes Limited. 9 x 8ft lengths. 3 covers. 6 end pedestals, 6 centre pedestals. Full price £58-14-3. Alan Bridge, Brian and Ronnie pulled down 2 sections of boundary fence.


Sat. 13th June.

Drove to Quirindi this morning. Bert and Nells baby Ian was christened. Brakes on the Snipe seized and I had them fixed at Orties. Missed the christening as a result.

We played in comp match verses Waratahs. They won 6 sets to our 3.


Mon. 15th June.

Up at 5.45am. Left here at 6.30am in the Austin. Drove up to Werris Creek. Breakfast with Alan and Joyce Bridge. I went to Werris Creek coal mine and picked up 160 yards of steel rope. Alan came home with me.

Started work on creek crossing across creek between us and "Rathcown". Pulled the cable across creek. Started on holes for strainer posts.


Sat. 20th June.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and Alan Bridge went in truck to Quirindi this morning. Alan, Pop and I drove out to Alan Dunbars. Cut 6 big pine posts, 15 ft long and brought into "Myanbah".

Glor and I played in comp tennis match verses Kookas. We only won one set.


Mon. 22nd June.

Ronnie and I sawed firewood all day with Nuffield and saw bench. We finished sawing all the old posts and battons into stove lengths. Drew some applebox tree and cut it up for the open fire. Terribly cold day with sleety showers.


Wed. 24th June.

Glor, Timmy and I drove down to Scone and out to Thornthwaite to attend the funeral service of Fred Barwick, aged 85. He was taken down to Muswellbrook to be buried.

Called at Willow Tree and had letter of credit sent to head bank in Sydney. Ronnie drew load of gravel from creek. Also drew a heap of old posts and battons for firewood.


Sat. 27th June.

Greased and changed oil of Humber Snipe. 5,910 miles. Drove to "Quondah" to visit Mum. Loaned the Austin truck to Brian for Ronnie and Maurice to draw water to their new cottage.


Sun. 28th June.

Church service this morning. Nanna came out with Vicar Doyle. She is looking after the boys while Glor and I drive to Sydney.


Mon. 29th June.

Glor and I left home at 6.10am in Humber Snipe headed for Sydney. Picked up auntie Lu at Binghams. Reached Newcastle at 10.30am. Left Aunti Lu at Andersons. Had rattle in wheel looked at, at garage in Newcastle. Filled Snipe with petrol and found she did 144 miles at 22 miles per gallon. Lunch at Orange Trees. Arrived 151 Ernest St at 4.30pm. Left car there at Esme's place. On into city via bus. Booked for two nights at Arcadia Hotel.


Tues. 30th June.

Breakfast at Arcadia Hotel. Spent morning looking for carpet for our lounge room. Called at 'Nock and Kirbys', 'Beard Watson's' and another place. Got a few mecano parts for Rogie and Timmy. Glor and I went to 5pm session of the Esquire Theatre. Saw "Elizabeth is Queen".


Tues. 7th July.

Ronnie and I mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs. Drafted out 108 old lambs and loaded them onto Bernards truck to be railed to Sydney.

John Bearman installed a brand new automatic panel in lighting plant. Panel worked quite successfully. Took Bearman to Willow Tree and he caught the train back to Sydney.

The four of us and Ronnie picked up Mum at Binghams. Drove to Quirindi to see screening of "A Queen is crowned" and also "Beaver Valley".


Mon. 13th July.

Clarrie Warfield came for the day and set in the new 36 inch Metters Grate in lounge room. Did the hearth with small coloured tiles. He also built the hearth for the Wonderheat in our living room. I helped Clarrie most of the day.


Tues. 14th July.

Glor, Timmy and I drove to Tamworth for the day. Picked up Nanna at Quirindi. We bought paint for the lounge room. Ivory for the ceiling and mixture ivory and deep orchard for walls. Also 3 lengths fibro cement piping for the flu of the Wonderheat. Picked up Neil at the Hostel and took him down town. Had tea at a restaurant.

There was a new model Humber Snipe at Ken Turners. All had a ride in the new Snipe. Very nice.


Wed. 15th July.

Painter Ron Frost commenced painting lounge room. I drove over to Lukes and got Ron for a few days work.

Clarrie Warfield had another days work. He pulled out the old Dover stove and installed the new 'Canberra'. He also set in the Wonderheat on brick and cement foundation.

I killed a 6 tooth weather and sold the carcase to Clarrie for £2-10-0.


Sat. 18th July.

Ron Frost did 9 hours painting today. Ronnie Seymour also painted all day.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi for the official opening of the Church of England Parish hall. Opened by Liew General Gordon Bennett and dedicated by Bishop Moyes.


Wed. 29th July.

Ronnie and I mustered the cows and calves to yards. Pop did the marking. We did 16 calves. Fixed up the gully crossing and put the steers onto "Yarran" plain again.

Pop and I drove to "Quondah" and helped Ron slaughter a vealer.

Glor drove to Werris Creek and played tennis with Joyce.


Sun. 2nd Aug.

All day match at Blandford. Our tem won by 4 sets. We comprised of Glor and me, Jim and Ruth Sevil, Leonie Sevil, Bunty Hall and Bill Clay.


Tues. 4th Aug.

Tony Barwick here all day for crutching. He did 430 "Yarran" plain ewes. Ronnie and I helping and we also crutched 160. Total of 590 done.


Fri. 7th Aug.

We spent morning putting down red rubber floor covering in the kitchen. I drove Humber Snipe to "Quondah" and greased it and changed the oil. milage 7,103.

Electric light engine lost nearly all its oil through a leak through oil filter.


Mon. 10th Aug.

Marked 193 lambs in farm paddock. Used the new Elastrator rubber rings for the first time.

Ronnie and I did more fencing fro the rest of the day.


Thur. 13th Aug.

Paid Wilf Knowles £153 for 450 split ironbark posts and 30 struts at 12/- each.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Tamworth. Took Pop and Nanna. We watched a demonstration at Farrer school of fruit tree pruning by Mr Connors. Took the Humber Snipe to Ken Turners for a tune up. Had a drive of the latest model Snipe. Picked up Neil and we all had afternoon in the park.


Tues. 18th Aug.

I spent the day with Nuffield helping clear timber off the surveyed line for electric light line to run. Hector, Jim Sevil and I cleared line from Jack Hams to Sam Saunder's boundary. Hector and jim worked their mobile saws and I dragged timber off the line with the tractor. Ronnie took loads of firewood away. One for Jim Sevil and one for us.

Went to P and C meeting and presentation to Mrs Gore. I drove in with Ruth Sevil.


Thur. 20th Aug.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove in and met Tamworth passenger and got Neil. He has finished second term at Tamworth High School.

I pruned more fruit trees. Have only 3 big peach trees to go. Arvo we drove down to cement tanks. Ronnie and I finished the new cement water trough.


Tues. 25th Aug.

Mustered "Yarran" plain and drafted out 33 suckers. Neil drove the truck up to shack and we loaded the suckers and brought them to home. Yarded "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs and drafted out 93 new season suckers. Loaded the 126 suckers onto Bernards truck.


Wed. 26th Aug.

Went up to Covers paddock this morning and helped Hector, Jim Sevil and Jack Ham clearing the line for electric power. Took the Nuffield up after lunch to help Jack with his tractor. It took two tractors to pull some of the big green box trees.

Glor and the three boys attended a childrens tennis tournament at Warrah Creek.


Thur. 27th Aug.

First of new season suckers sold by Rezzonico. 126 averaged 101/8.

Mustered all cattle on "Yarran" plain. Drafted off 40 of the best steers. Sold the 40 steers to Jack Ryder for buyer from Culcairn named Rowe. Price £24-0-0.


Sat. 5th Sept.

Tennis tourney and dance in aid of St Cuthberts church. Glor did all the organising and was in charge of food arrangements. I ran the tennis. 28 players. Gross takings £70-0-0.


Mon. 7th Sept.

We all drove to Tamworth taking Neil back to school. Mum came with us and spent the day at Woods. Went to Ken Turners and drove the new 1953 model Humber Snipe. All had photos taken at Paramounts.

Timmy had his first day at Willow Tree school.


Tues. 8th Sept.

Commenced shearing at "Yarrabah". Brian and Maurice Seymour shore 153 ewes today. Maurice did 94 and Brian did 59. Using new type of Coopers branding oil for first time. Lila is coming over every day.


Fri. 10th Sept.

Total ewes shorn, 455, plus 4 hoggets and one weather. Ronnie and I finished pressing up all "Yarrabah" wool. Now have 15 bales including one POOL and one CRXB which we pressed before shearing commenced.

I later helped Gordon Hottes. Hector, and Jack Ham prepare the Jacks Creek tennis courts for tourney tomorrow. I attended Agriculture Bureau meeting at Warrah Creek. Drove in and met North West Mail and got Neil.


Sat. 12th Sept.

All day tourney in aid of Jacks Creek hall funds. Only 20 players. I won gents and Jenny Saunders the ladies. Dance at night. £43 cleared for the whole day.


Sun. 13th Sept.

Had nice sleep in till Jean Hottes called in and asked if we could make up team for them to play Asseffs? Glor and I played with Gordon and Jean Hottes, Hector, and Jack Ham. We won 5 sets to 4.


Thur. 17th  Sept.

Maurice Seymour and Claude Saunders shore 271 plain paddock ewes today. Claude did 150 and Maurice 121. Brian is helping with the wool rolling and Ronnie pressed 5 bales. The Koertz press is doing a good job. Col Logan called into the shed this arvo for a yarn.


Sat. 19th Sept.

24 points rain during the day. All drove to Quirindi for the day. Attended sale at markets. Our surplus furniture sold. Wardrobe £11-0-0. Kitchen cabinet £7-10-0. Ovel table £4-0-0. Old stove £2-0-0. Bought an electric toaster at 15/-. Leather punch at 18/-.


Sun. 20th Sept.

Tennis at Quirindi. Played Asseffs. They beat us 6 sets to 3 sets.


Mon. 21st Sept.

Finished General shearing shis afternoon. Did 133 ewes. Total ewes in farm paddock now 192. Total ewes shorn 1246. Rams 29. Hoggets 5, wethers 3.

Total no. bales 37.


Thur. 24th Sept.

233 sucker lambs from "Yarran" plain sold for  average 87/5 by Sparke and Co newcastle.

Brian came over and we had a big day crutching all lambs. We crutched 393 all told. Left "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs in the front paddock ready for trucking.


Sat. 26th Sept.

Annual childrens Willow Tree Interschool athletic sports day. Great crowd and good competition. I had usual job of sending race results and times back to the office. Roger was in the march past for the first time. Terribly cold day.


Thur. 1st Oct.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Tamworth for the day. Made final arrangements with Ken Turner for purchase of latest model Humber Snipe. Glor and I had another sitting at Paramount for photos. Attended gymnastic display at Presby Boys Hostel at night. Neil took part in the display. We brought Neil and Laurie Fishpool home for the long weekend.


Fri. 9th Oct.

Ronnie and I did the concrete path out to the back gate today. Reinforced with hingejoint. Did the full strip with mix of 4 to one. Topped the path off with sand and cement mixture, two and a half in one. Coloured the top one inch think with red oxide.


Sat. 10th Oct.

Tennis tourney in aid of R.C. building fund at Jacks Creek courts. They took £131 including donations. I won the gents tennis with 31 games. Wentt o the dance after but Glor and the boys went home early.


Wed. 14th Oct.

Pop came out for the day. We marked 8 young bulls in the weaner mob from Scone. Ear marked 17 steers. Did the job up in Covers yards. Drove Pop out to Mitchells to look at his steers. Also showed him the 23 steers in oats paddock and the cows and calves in lower lucerne paddock. Marked one bull and 2 heifers in "Yarrabah" mob.


Sat. 17th Oct.

Washed the humber Snipe for last time this morning. Drove to Willow Tree after lunch. Glor took a load of ladies to Wallabadah for flower show. She took Mum, Nanna, Alma Barwick, Joyce, Marie and Vivian. At the rodeo I helped run the chocolate wheel. Cleared £18-0-0. Ronnie entered 'Flame' in the flag races.


Tues. 19th Oct.

Mixed more cement with the mixer. Ronnie and I concreted small angle piece of path near the laundry. Ronnie did second coat of cream paint on the new rail on front fence.

Glor and I drove to Willow Tree to Dick Graham's funeral. Large following.


Wed. 21st Oct.

54 points rain this morning. Glor and I drove in our 52 model Snipe to Tamworth for the last time. Took delivery of brand new 1953 model, saphire blue Humber Snipe at Ken Turners. Price £1950-4-9. Complete with extras. Includes £18 for delivery, £60-0-0 for new duco, £8-0-0 for tow bar. Extras also included a heater and demister. Picked up Neil from the hostel and he came with us to Turners.



Dad tells me that the 1952 Humber Snipe had forward opening doors. Probably looked like this?
1953 model Humber Snipe.

Fri. 23rd Oct.

Yarded "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs and went through them. Picked out 10 lambs of correct weight. average 75 lbs to enter in export lamb competition to be held at Warrah Hall next Wednesday.

Ronnie painted some more of the outer coat of green on the house. I did the rail of front fence with white paint.


Sat. 24th Oct.

Drove Austin truck to Quirindi. Had the new steel stock crate fitted on. Made by Ray Fletcher for £85-0-0. Glor and the boys went to the pictures this afternoon. I went out to Geoff Carters with Pop and inspected steers.


Wed. 28th Oct.

At 6am I drove truck out to Geo Gardiners. Les Barwick at Millers Creek. Picked up 20 lambs and took them to Warrah Creek for entry in Fat Lamb Competition.

I took our 10 lambs over to Hall. There were 15 entries all told. Brother Ron won 1st prize of cup for his 10 suckers from "Belmont".

Fat Lamb competition at Warrah Hall. Not 1953 though. This photo is from the 60's. Looks like Les Barwick in photo so probably very early 1960's as Les passed away in 1962?

Sat. 31st Oct.

I brought my young poll hereford bull home from "Rathcown". Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi after lunch. Church of England fete in Pavillion in aid of parochial funds. Good crowd of people. Jacks Creek, Warrah Creek and Willow Tree had a combined stall.


Mon. 2nd Nov.

Ronnie and I helped Hector and Lewin Snape dip about 900 of Hectors sheep this morning.

Glor and I drove the Austin to Windy Station and purchased 7 border leicester rams, 2 tooth at £12-0-0 per head. Brought 33 farm paddock suckers down in the truck ready for trucking to Flemmington.


Thur. 5th Nov.

Had a great sale of steers and lambs today! One steer made £45-7-0. Ten hereford steers sold at £42-3-0. I bought these steers off Pop Ferris just 9 weeks ago for £27 per head. Our 120 suckers sold average 77/-.

Ronnie ploughed the 3 acres lucerne with disk cultivator. I rode around all the cattle. Ronnie and I commenced building a set of pigeon holes in garage to hold nails and bolts etc.


Sat. 7th Nov.

Keith Saunders wedding. We all drove to Quirindi and saw Keith and Shirley married at 5pm. Glor and I went to the reception at parish hall. Grand show!


Thur. 12th Nov.

Vealers and weaners sold well. Vealers sold to £27-17-0.

Cleaned up fallen timber in the lane with tractor. Hector, Wallace and Jim Sevil cutting down with mobile saw to clear way for power line. Also cleared apple trees on bank of creek and oak trees in the creek. One oak tree fell on my creek cable. Pop, Ronnie and I spent rest of day fixing the cable.


Sun. 15th Nov.

Drove new Humber Snipe with family and Mum round to Bunnan. Attended service in church there. Communion Cruets and bread case presented in memory of Uncle Arthur and Aunt Alice. Lunch there. Drove home via Merriwa and Coulsons Creek. Called on Peter and Madge Martin. Had a great trip.


Sat. 21st Nov.

Up at 4am. Started dipping the "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs at 5am. Brian and Maurice Seymour, Hector and Lewin helped me dip. Finished the 436 ewes and the lambs and rams and cleaned out the dip.


Sun. 22nd Nov.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I left here at 9.45am. Picked up Stanley, Lila and Brian Seymour at Kankool. Brians car broke down. Drove to Yarrandi Reserve to big reunion of the clan. About 100 people there. The Don Barwicks from Tamworth. Also the Vincents and Keeches from Tamworth. Wilfred and Eric Seymour from Muswellbrook. Lunch and afternoon tea there.

A photo of all "The Clan" at "Yarrandi". If you click on the photo it should make it bigger.

[Ron Barwick described the day at "Yarrandi" in his diarys as,]


"Dette, Sue, Peter and I go to Murrurundi. Mum is unwell, and could not go. Very disappointed. Picked up Albert and Muriel Newling at 10.30 am and drove to "Yarrandi" to gathering of the clan. Almost 100 gathered. Albert Newling at 88 years was the oldest and Aunt Annie Bell 87 years. Four generations of Aunt Annies present. Don Barwick's 12 months old girl was the youngest. All May Barwick's from Tamworth there. All Wilfred's from Muswellbrook. Owen's Gap crowd. Stan and Beryl. Eric and Ena. Fred and Derek. The Edgar Barwicks. Seymours. Aunt Fanny and Hilton. Madge and Myrtle. About 20 kids had a swim. Most interesting day."

Back. L-R. Miss Alma Barwick. Mrs Adele Winnett. Brian Seymour. Mrs Fred Saunders. Mrs A Ashford. Eric Seymour. Mrs Eric Seymour. Mrs E Ibbertson is obscured. A A Ashford. Miss Mabel Ashford. Hunter Pinkerton. Mrs S T Schytrumpf. Mrs E McPhee. Allan Bell. Mrs K Newling. Adults sitting, Mrs Hunter Pinkerton. Mrs Wilfred Barwick. Mrs L O'Neil. Kids. Dianne Ashford. Jennifer O'Neil. Joy Seymour. William Hann. Margaret Ashford.
On Truck, Arthur Keech. Adults standing, L-R. Mrs A S Pring. Mrs C Hann. Mrs Stanley Barwick. Mrs W Cone. Stanley Barwick. Carl Hann. Mrs H R Barwick. Jack Miller. Walter Cone. Archie Bell. Mrs Jack Miller. Mrs Hayne. Adults sitting, Wilfred Barwick, Mrs F E Barwick, Mrs Joseph Bell. Kids, Caroline Barwick. Noel Barwick. Kelvin Barwick. Robert O'Neil. Fred Hayne. ????
Men Standing on truck, Alfred Vincent. Arthur Pring. H R Barwick. Ron Barwick. Stanley Seymour. Ronald Seymour. Eric Barwick. Les O'Neil. Adults standing in front of truck, L-R, Muriel Newling. Mrs Arthur Keech. Mrs Albert Barwick. Mrs Walter Ashford. Mrs Alfred Vincent. Miss Ivy Barwick. Mrs Ronald Barwick. Mrs Donald Barwick. Donald Barwick. Adults sitting, Mr Albert Newling. Oswald Barwick. Harold J Barwick. Kids, John Barwick. Richard Pring. Roger Barwick. Timothy Barwick. Suzanne Barwick. Marion Keech. Karen Barwick. Dennis Barwick. Noreen Barwick. Peter Barwick.
Adults standing, L-R, Mrs Edgar Barwick. Edgar Barwick. Half hidden James Barwick. Hilton Ashford. Mrs Robert Barwick. Mrs James Barwick. Mrs Stuartt Hayne. Robert Barwick. Stuart Hayne. Kids sitting. Lorainne Keech. Carolyn Barwick. Jennifer Keech. ???? Teddy Vincent. Beth Vincent. Albie Barwick. Noreen Barwick.

Fri. 27th Nov.

Hitched caravan to the Humber and drove to Tamworth for the weekend. Arrived at camping ground at 10.15am. Took car to Turners garage to have final service done. Jack Dumae installed the new heater and defroster. Took nearly all day to complete. New rubbers put on doors to dustproof. Picked up Neil from the Hostel. All went to pictures at The Regent.


Sat. 28th Nov.

Camped in caravan at Tamworth. Bought wheel brace for the caravan. Also new tyre guage. All had swim in the baths this afternoon. Drove out to Woods for a couple of hours. Back to caravan for tea. All went to show at The Regent.


Sun. 29th Nov.

Picked Neil up at Hostel at 9.30am. Collected all his baggage. We are bringing Neil home for the Xmas holidays. Early lunch and drove to baths. Had about 3 hours there. Headed for home at 4.45pm. Called at Quirindi and picked up Pop. He is staying and will go with cattle to Flemmington.


Fri. 4th Dec.

Started at 5.30am. Sawed all the drawn in heap of firewood with the bench. Did a couple of hours before breakfast and then finished the job by midday. Dressed newly marked lambs from the lucerne paddock. Ronnie serviced the Armstrong Siddley engine.

All drove to "Quondah" late arvo. I greased the Snipe. Milage 1780. Ronnie has left us for a two week holiday.


Tues. 8th Dec.

Neil had his tonsils removed this morning. Quite successfull. Glor spent last night at "Myanbah". I got Rogie and Timmy off to school this morning. Drove the truck to Quirindi and picked up the lounge suite and chest of drawers at the markets. Had lunch at "Myanbah". Glor and I went up to the hospital to see Neil in the intermediate ward. He is doing well.

Grasshopper have cleaned up the rest of the lucerne paddock.


Mon. 14th Dec.

I drove out to Mitchells. Pop rode 'Jewel' out there. Old Charlie and I drafted off ten of Pop's steers and he brought them in to the ten acre.

Mustered "Yarran" plain and Pop and I drafted off 32 suckers to send to Aberdeen on Wednesday.

Glor and I drove to Willow Tree to presentation to the send off of the Rattrays.


Tues. 15th Dec.

Pop and I took his ten steers, my 14 steers and 19 other calves and vealers up to Covers yards in three lots. We took them into Willow Tree trucking yards in 5 loads in the Austin. 7 steers to the load. Got 13 small vealers in one load. A stone from a car broke windscreen of the truck.

Feneral of Mrs Cover in Willow Tree at 11am today.


Tues. 22nd Dec.

Temp to 103! Ronnie returned from his holiday. Brian, Lila Seymour and Dulcie Wharton called in for a while. Ronnie and I dragged away most of the limbs off the big box tree in front of our house with the truck. After early tea we all drove down to "Rathcown" pine scrub and got a load of sand to fill the earth ring for our new tank at "Yarran".


Fri. 25th Dec.

We all drove in the Humber Snipe to Werris Creek. Picked up Mum at Binghams. Called at hospital to see Nanna for a while. All had a grand Christmas day at Bervies. His family and Pop, Alan, Joyce Bridge and family, and Stan and Mrs Grills and Tony there. Xmas dinner and tea there. Games on the lawn. Home at midnight.


Sat. 26th Dec.

All stayed in late this morning. Did a few jobs on the caravan. All drove to C.E.Bs at "Oakley" for the evening. [Charles Barwick]. 85 people there. Stayed till late again.


Tues. 29th Dec.

All had early breakfast. Finished packing the caravan. Left home at 8am and drove to Tamworth. Left the caravan at the camping area. Took the Humber Snipe to Ken Turners. They fitted a new back spring. Also changed oil and greased. We had tea at 6pm. Hitched to the caravan and drove over the Moonbis for 45 miles. Camped.


Wed. 30th Dec.

Continued on to Armidale. Called at Auntie Vi Milsons. Saw Mr and Mrs Milson and Lance, Joyce and their two children. From Armidale to Glen Innes. Called on Fakes family at 11.15am. Had lunch there and a good yarn. Drove on to Tenterfield. Gravel road now, pretty rough. Through Tenterfield and croassed the border at Wallangarra. Stanthorpe, Warrick. Both nice towns. Stopped for night on camping reserve.


Thur. 31st Dec.

Left Warrick at 7.15am. Drove trough the Darling Downs. Beautiful country but terribly dry and barren. Bitumin road all the way but some nearly worn out. Throught the Gap. Climbed for miles. Splendid surface. Snipe climbed the range in third gear. Started to green up on the coast side. Good green feed all the way to Ipswitch. Filled with petrol and had lunch at Southport. Landed at Tweed Heads at 3pm. Set up camp. Set up annex.



[1954 was a fantastic year for rain. 30 inches fell. It was a very wet Jan, Feb, Oct, Nov and Dec. A bit dry in the middle.]


Fri. 1st Jan.

Breakfast over and all went for a surf at Greenmount surf beach in Coolangatta. Found Milton and Wallace and Johnny at the beach. Very hot day and all got sunburnt. Had a rest this arvo. Had earlt tea and then we all walked round to no. two reserve and saw Wallace, Renee and the boys at their camp.


Sun. 3rd Jan.

Weather turned cloudy. Light showers. Neil, Rogie, Timmy and I went down to Wallace's tent. Then to the beach. After played cricket with Wallace, Milton and Johnny. Glor and I went to the pictures at night. Capitol in Coolangatta.


Tues. 5th Jan.

Breakfast in good time. All of us and Renee packed into the Humber and drove to Brisbane about 70 miles. Car not running well so pulled up at garage and had the spark plugs cleaned. Arrived at Roma Steet railway at about 11.30am. Left car at Victoria Street Bridge. Had lunch and walked about the city looking at furniture stores. Found a very nice lounge suit and paid a deposit on it at Royal Art Furnishing in Queen Street. Had yarn to John Bearman. Left Brisbane at 6pm. Arrived at camp 8pm.


Thur. 7th Jan.

Great rain at home since we left. 275 points so far! Terrific winds during the night. And blowing a gale all day! Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove round Tweed Heads and Coolangatta today. Did some shopping, Booked seats at the cinema. Drove round Rainboy Bay camp area. Neil spent all day with Wallace, Milton and Johnny.


Sun. 10th Jan.

All of us and all Wallace's family drove to Burliegh Heads for the day. Beautiful beach and surf. Spent all day in the water. Had picnis lunch in the shade of trees near the beach.


Mon. 11th Jan.

Surf early. After lunch we all and all Wallace's lot drove south into banana and pinapple country. One chap gave us a couple of bunches of bananas. Also ordered two cases of pineapples each. Glor and Renee went to the pictures tonight. 


Tues. 12th Jan.

Drove down to Tweed Heads and did a bit of shopping. Went to dentist and had dressing put on lower tooth at left side. All had a surf in afternoon. Also Wallace and family. Later, Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I took Renee to Burleigh Heads and we found Neils and Johnny's sandals at the surf club that they left there!


Wed. 13th Jan.

Drove down into Tweed Heads and did a bit of shopping. Took the 12 volt battery to Tweed Motors for recharge. Back to camp and went in surf before lunch. Another surf and sunback after lunch. All attended pictures at Capitol Theatre. "Tarzan and the She Devil".


Fri. 15th Jan.

Weather turned cool and showery again and we didn't go for a surf. We all drove the Humber plus Wallace out to banana plantation and got a big supply of bananas. Three bunches and also a case full. The whole lot only cost one pound! Wallace also got 30 large pineapples from a farm beside the road. The Humber started missing again so I took her to Tweed Motors again. Had the sic champion spark plugs changed for six new KLG plugs. We all went down to the carnival after tea. Played mini golf and tried plenty of other games etc.



Milton on left. Johnny, Wallace, Renee, Roger, Timmy, Edgar and Neil.

Sat. 16th Jan.

I went down to Wallace's camp at 6am. Helped them pack up their camp, tent etc. Wallace and family left for home at 8am. Rain set in this morning and it rained all day. We stayed in caravan and read books and slept. All went to the pictures at night. Saw "Serpent Island" and "Bugles in the Afternoon".


Mon. 18th Jan.

Fine this morning. We all drove out to pinapple farm this morning. We bought three doz pineapples from people named Dobby. Drove on over the ferry to small town and had lunch. Back along coast road to Cudgeon and had a look at the school there that the Rattrays are going to. Had our last surf at Greenmount Beach for this holidays when we got back.


Tues. 19th Jan.

Very wet morning with heavy showers. We all rose at 5.30am and packed up. Pulled down the annex and folded it up wet in the rain. Got everything packed into caravan and car and left at 8.30am. Had lunch at Woodburn. Crossed Harwood Island and over the Clarence River by ferry. Did 210 miles today and pulled up at Coffs Harbour for the night. All had a shower and surf before dark.


Wed. 20th Jan.

Left Coffs Harbour at 8am and drove on down the coast road. Through Macksville, Kempsey and crossed Blackmans Point ferry over the Hastings River. Called at Port Macquarie for lunch. Down Pacific Highway to Taree. Left highway and drove 21 miles to Tuncurry. Arrived there at 4.30pm. Good camping area but no surf and the showers no good.


Thur. 21st Jan.

Left Tuncurry camping reserve at 7.30am. Crossed on the ferry at mouth of Wallace Lake. Had look around the camping reserve at Forster. Conveniances not real good. No luandry or hot showers. Next 44 miles took two hours to negotiate. Very steep, narrow, winding road. Rough, stoney surface and loose gravel in places. Worst road I've ever driven on! Snipe did a good job even with a couple of plugs out. Good road from Bulladelah to Booral. Pacific Highway perfect. Lunch at Maitland. Had plugs cleaned and tested. Left Maitland at 3.45pm. Home at 7.15pm.


Fri. 29th Jan.

Brian and Ronnie Seymour and I crutched 602 "Yarran" plain ewes. Brian did 320. Started the job at 7.40am and finished at 4pm. I paid Brian £26 for six and a half days fenceing while I was away.

Ron and Peggy Symonds came and got a ram that had been running here.


Sat. 30th Jan.

Washed the Humber this morning. Neil and I tried to fix the Aladdin two burner stove in the caravan. Cursed job as can't get the new parts to fit in!

All drove to see Arthur and Audrey for the afternoon. Had a drive of their new Vauxhall and also the landrover.


Tues. 2nd Feb.

Early breakfast this morning. Glor, Neil and I drove to Tamworth arriving at 8.45am. Neil has resumed at Tamworth High in class 2A. Neil has been promoted to captain of his class this year. Had another set of plugs, KLG, put in Snipe. Jack Gunn tuned up the Humber and improved it's running. Finalised the sale of the old Humber Snipe with Ken Turner. £1125-0-0. Called at Quirindi and picked up 3 gallons of gammexane for spraying grasshoppers.


Wed. 3rd Feb.

Ronnie and I drove over all "Yarran" plain paddock looking for grasshoppers. Found five bad swarms and sprayed them from 44 gallon drums with petrol pump.

We listened all morning to our Queen Elizabeth 2nd and Duke of Edinburgh landing at Sydney and the Royal progress through the city.


[Edgar, Gloryna, Roger and Timmy drove to Newcastle a few days ago to see the Queen. Took the caravan.]

Tues. 9th Feb.

All rose at 3.45am. Had snack and drove down to Civic Park in front of Town hall. Set up in our folding chairs for the four of us. Have basket full of sandwiches, Meat, Fruit, Buscuits, drinks etc. Light showers but we kept pretty dry.

Queen arrived at 1.15pm. We saw her for about 20 minutes. Many people presented to her and the duke at dias in front of Town Hall. After tea we drove down town and saw street lighting.


[There has been 5 inches of rain in the last 8 days. More to come.]


Tues. 16th Feb.

Spent the morning pulling trucks and cars through Big Jacks Creek. Ronnie came back this morning. He started painting the boys room. Only 26 points registered this morning. Heavy rain set in this afternoon! Creek came down over the banks. Hellish flood and went under the house again and through the sheds and garage. Washed six fences dwon including the road fence. Glor and I drove to Quirindi. Home at 6pm. Flood had subsided but a hell of a mess.


Mon. 22nd Feb.

We found 35 ewes in "Yarran" plain with body strike. Shore flyblown patches and dressed with K.F.M. Sprayed all ewes and lambs in plain with Flyexane.

Callaghans finished job at Jack Sparrow mill. Connected up new piping to new 7000 gallon tank and old trough. Also pulled up pipe and fixed pump rod.

I went in to Bus Committee meeting with Hector.


Mon. 1st March.

Went in on school bus this arvo to John Coombs garage, Brought Austin truck home after having new gasket and starter installed. Bought 7 new cyclone gates from Bill Bingham. I cut burrs down main gully in "Yarrabah" all rest of the day.

Ordered new Lister Electric two stand shearing plant and grinder off Bill Bingham.


Thur. 4th March.

Roy and Eric Didlick arrived with 170 head of large cattle and 39 calves. 39 cows and calves at 3/- per week. 131 steers and heifers at 2/- per week.

Pop and I mustered the 43 poll hereford steers in farm paddock. Took then to Covers yards and drafted off the 13 culls. Banged their tails and identified them as Pops. Leaves me with 30 very nice poll steers.

Ronnie racked up about 9 acres lucerne in the 25 acres. I killed a lamb for rations.


Mon. 8th March.

Glor and I took Neil to railway. Caught train back to Tamworth High.

Contractors have sunk holes in front of house and along road ready for electric light poles.

Started on another patch of lucerne to make hay. Ronnie cut about 8 acres with power power. I cleaned up more flood rubbish from lucerne. Drew off two more loads of rubbish. We loaded the 52 other bales of hay onto truck and brought them up to hay shed.


Sat. 13th March.

I drove the truck to Warrah Creek church to the funeral of Mrs J.B. Holmes at 9.30am. Ronnie drove the truck and towed the Humber Snipe from Warrah to Coombs garage after the Snipe broke down yesterday when I knocked the filter bowl off. John Coombs fixed the filter bowl and I drove it home.


Tues. 16th March.

Drove the Humber Snipe to Glen Innes and back today! Glor and I picked up Jean Hottes here, Pop Ferris at Quirindi and Joyce at Werris Creek. Had cuppa at Uralla at 11.15am. Drove to Glen Innes arriving at 1.15am. Lunch there. Attended funeral of Auntie Florrie Ferris at 3pm. Florrie died as a result of an accident in a utility truck. Met umpteen of Glor's relatives. Had cuppa at Pealies. Picked up Jean and left for home at 5.30pm. Got home at 12.15am.


Tues. 23rd March.

Commenced using Hormix burr spray on thinkest patches of burrs on "Yarran". Started down in silted ground on lower country where the big gully empties out. Have fixed up the Ajax pump with 30 foot of hose and a nozzle for spraying. Very good outfit but I don't know if the Hormix will kill the burrs or not?


Fri. 26th March.

Noel Cover and I sprayed burrs until mid day with new Hormix spray. Did couple of bad gullies in timber joining the 50 acre paddock. Ronnie cutting burrs in front paddock of "Yarrabah".

All of us and Nanna drove to Quirindi. Brother Ron and I had session at Ken Thomas's signing papers for transfer of our childrens legacies etc. Finalised Alan's legacies to our children and Cyril and Jack.

Pop and Nanna married for 46 years today.


Sat. 27th March.

Sale of "Caloola". 353 acres to Bill Daly at £36-15-0 per acre. Glor and I attended the sale. We all drove to Willow Tree this arvo to carnival and tennis tourney in aid of flood relief funds. £250 made. Pop is staying with us until tomorrow.


Wed. 31st March.

Mrs Frank Doyle died yesterday and was buried this morning. Mum and I went in to the funeral.

Ronnie cut burrs in "Yarran" plain near the mill this morning. Arvo we rode horses up to timber and cut burrs there. Found they are too think to get all.


Sat. 3rd April.

All had early lunch and drove to the Quirindi show. Not a bad turnout. Spent all afternoon at the show. Saw a few trots. Looked round the cars and machinery. After we got home Glor found she has a bad rash. She is very sick and must have the German Measles?


Wed. 7th April.

Glor is a little better today. She was up for most of the day. Letter from Neil today.

Finished filling the 7000 gallon tank with the tractor and pump jack. 6000 gallons pumped in about 14 hours. Ronnie and I cut burrs along track up to the shack and a thick patch in gully out to the main road.


Sun. 11th April.

I drove the Austin to Alex Symonds and got his big plough. Down to "Silsoe" taking Gordon Hottes and Jack Ham. We carted a load of red gravel and tipped it on both Jacks Creek tennis courts.

Glor, kiddies and I drove to Quirindi and watched the final of the cricket comp. Crusaders Verses Werris Creek. Werris Creek won.


Fri. 16th April.

Brian and Ronnie came over this morning and we drew in the 52 bales of hay and stacked it on top of the second bay in the hay shed. This makes 159 bales stacked for this baling. We took the Brinkworth loader off the truck.

Glor, Nanna and all the kids drove down the lucerne paddock and helped me get a lamb. Killed the lamb for rations. Glor, the three boys and I baled 22 more bales hay starting at 5.30pm.


Sat. 17th April.

Drove up to Sevils for a chook. Ruth gave us a Rooster and some eggs. Neil helped me wash the Humber. Afternoon Neil and I drove to Quirindi and watched the Eastern tennis tourney. Picked up Pop from train after he came home from the Sydney show.


Thur. 22nd April.

Wally Williams and his three men Jeff Godley, Alf, and Brian commenced setting out the steel framework for the Armco hayshed, machinery shed and double garage. They marked out the hayshed and I dug holes with the post hole digger. Also dug the twelve holes for the machinery shed. Ronnie and I carted three more loads of gravel from the creek.


Sat. 24th April.

Builders finished bolting most of the framework of the two buildings to the ground. They erected all columns, girts and purlins of the machinery shed. Ronnie, Brian and I carted three more loads of stones from farm paddock and filled the foundations for the new garage.


Tues. 27th April.

Rogie went down with a bad attack of the measles.

The men completed the framework for the hayshed this morning. After lunch they commenced pouring concrete for the floor of the 30x20 garage. I helped Alf mix the gravel and cement in the powew mixer. Wally wheeled all concrete to Jeff who was leveling the floor. Glor and I raced to Willow Tree to Rountrees and got 30 more bags of cement. Used 52 bags cement for the floor and about 12 yards of gravel. Finished at 8pm.

Ronnie was cultivating all day.


Fri. 30th April.

Jeff and Alf put the gutter brackets on machinery shed this morning. Jeff soldered the gutters as they put it up. They then started the roof on the machinery shed and finished bolting all the 8 foot iron on both sides.

Ronnie and I finished classing up the ewes in farm paddock. 43 faulty mouths. Turned all the 34 rams back into farm paddock.

Glor and I drove to Willow Tree to the funeral of Frank Doyle. He was 76 years old.

Poor Tom Avard was accidentally shot dead tonight!

[Tom was married to Doris. The four children were Niaree, who married Tony Barwick. Joan, who married Don Carr-Brown, Bill, and Warrick.

Toms brothers were Frank, Charlie, Jack, and Allan. His sisters were Alma {Upton} and Jean {Calcott}.

Toms Mum and Dad were Tom and Margaret.]

Tom and Margaret Avard sitting and their family. Tom and Margaret are my Great Grandparents. With Bob and Lilian Ferris moving from Bundarra to Quirindi to live, as an interesting bit of trivia, I happen to have all eight of my Great Grandparents buried at the Willow Tree Anglican cemetary! Tom who got shot is in back row, 4th from left.

Mon. 3rd May.

Glor and I attended the funeral of Tom Avard in Willow Tree. Very large number of people in attendance.

Ronnie and I drew load of gravel from the creek for building ramp into the new garage. Afternoon we set the stones in place for the ramp. Men commenced roof and walls of double garage.


Sat. 8th May.

Tennis tourney and dance at Jacks Creek hall in aid of our church funds. Takings were £76-0-0. We should clear £67-0-0.

Wally Williams and his men completed the 3 armco steel buildings and he and his men left this morning.


Sun. 9th May.

We all drove to Willow Tree and witnessed the opening of the new R.C. Church by Bishop Doody. About £2500 subscribed by the R.C. people at opening ceremony.


Wed. 12th May.

Judging of breeding ewes. Twelve teams were judged. I left Humber Snipe at Coombs for a service. Drove round with Ron and Geo Gardiner and saw all the flocks of ewes judged at the Hall. Glor and I drove back to Warrah Creek hall at night. Saw presentation of cup and trophie to Col Chad who won the ewe competition with 30 ewes.

Alf Hannaford showed slides of pictures he took overseas and told us all about his trip. Late tea was served.


Sun. 15th May.

Spent the morning at tennis courts. Bunty Hall and I watered and rolled and lined the  courts. Our first comp match in B grade. We beat Willow Tree No 2 6 sets to 3 sets.

Gift evening and send off to Bess Potts. £50-0-0 raised. Very large crowd.

[Bess Potts lived at "Caloola" with the Covers. Bess had a failed marriage to a Mr Potts, and she was Noel Covers Sister and daughter of Bill and Lucy Cover. The Covers took up "Caloola", farm 46 of the 1912 Warrah subdivision.

Bess was a great friend of Glorina's. Noel was a world war 1 veteran and a bit of a heavy drinker, but after being in world war 1 perhaps he had his reasons?

The whole Cover family were involved in an horrific incident at "Glen Moan Station" at Yarramanbah Creek in 1911. A man by the name of Lawrence Lawless attempted to rape Bess's mother Lucy, and he shot Bess's 17 year old sister Una in the back of the head, dead. Also shot Lucy in the eye however she survived. Lawless was sentenced to death for the murder.

All this is documented and can be found by googleing "Lawrence Lawless Cover Murder Trove". Also my father Neil did a story on the Covers right here on this website, in the "People and Families" section.

Besse retired to the Central Coast; Noel, William and Lucy Cover are all buried in Willow Tree cemetery. ]


Sat. 22nd May.

Rolled and watered both courts. Neil, Barbara and Rossie helped mark lines. Grand Tennis tourney and dance. Carpenters Orchestra! In aid of Jacks Creek hall. Cleared £80. Bus from Quirindi and Murrurundi. Mrs Sullings won the ladies and Luke Barwick the gents.


Mon. 24th May.

All drove to Tamworth to take Neil back to the Hostel. Paid the £42-0-0 for next term plus  £6-0-0 for Neils allowance for pocket money. Neil and I attended sheep sale at Tamworth yards. I bought 50 ewe lambs. 1st border merino x. at 32/1 per head through Archie Hall.

Pop took ten of his poll hereford steers from "Yarrabah" to Mitchells.


Thur. 27th May.

Had all day at Jacks Creek hall. Commenced the job of painting hall with a few others. Hector, Albert Saunders, Jack Ham, Ronnie Seymour and I cleaned down the whole of the hall with steel brushes and sandpaper. We painted first coat on the eastern side. Supper room.

Glor and I drove to Arthurs after tea. Borrowed Arthurs paint sparay gun.


Sat. 29th May.

Hector and I finished spray painting first coat on Jacks Creek hall. Using Hectors air compressor.

Our team played B grade comp match V Borambil Ramblers. We won 8 sets to one set.

Federal elections. Liberal Country Party remained in power.


Sun. 6th June.

I played in Sunday comp match with Jacks Creek V Murrurundi Railway 2 side. We won 9-0. Our team was Joyce Salter, Elsie Holt, Jim Sevil, Hector, Bunty Hall and me.


Mon. 14th June.

Up early and rode around "Yarrabah" sheep. About 50 lambs, and both ewes and lambs look well. After breakfast I rode around "Yarran" plain ewes and lambs. Quite a few young lambs there.

I drove truck and took the chocolate wheel to our marquee tent at Warrah Creek for annual Red X Carnival and tennis tourney and stalls. Had lunch and afternoon tea there. Made £15-0-0 on wheel. Jim Phillips, Ern Brecht and I ran the wheel.


Thur. 17th June.

Took delivery of Poll Shorthorn bull. 20 months old at 50 Guineas from AACo Warrah.

Got two tons coal from Preston Coal Co. at Werris Creek for £3-0-0 per ton.

Sold ten more cattle to Stan Webster per Jack Kelaher. Six vealers at £25-0-0. Also sold Glors steer vealer at £28-14-0. Rode in with Stan Richardson and took delivery of two Poll Shorthorn bulls. We had one each.


Sat. 19th June.

Glor, the two boys and I drove to Quirindi for a bit of shopping. I bought new sports coat and trousers at Reillys. Coat at £13-10-0. Trousers at £5-14-0. Picked up Pop and Nanna and drove out to Caroona. Played comp match. We beat Caroona Eagles 8 sets to one.


Sun. 27th June.

Church at St Cuthberts this morning. Afternoon Glor played comp match V Murrurundi Reegans. Mdi won. I had four sets practice tennis with others on the second court.


Mon. 28th June.

Glor and I drove the Austin to Tamworth. Saw Neil for about an hour after school. Purchased new chrome and red laminex extension table at £30-12-6. Chrome bed and mattress at £30-0-0 for Timmy from Rollings and Rollings. I bought 350 concrete 6 foot posts at £35 per one hundred from Cliff Tait, Armidale road. Brought 50 home.


Thur. 1st July.

Up at 5.30am. Ronnie and I drove the truck to Quirindi and out to back of "Tregantle". Tony and Barry Barwick took the Mobilco Power Saw up in their utility. We all had a big day cutting strainer posts. Loaded 18 big posts onto truck and brought them home. Home at 7pm.


Sat. 3rd July.

Bunty Hall and I rolled and watered and lined the No one tennis court. B grade comp. We beat Willow Tree No One team 8 sets to one set. Our team was Glor, Joyce and Jim Salter, Bunty Hall, Jack Ham and myself.


Tues. 6th July.

Glor and I drove to Scone and attended the stock sale. Prime cattle sold well but cealers and calves were cheap. Saw 110 Corredale 2 tooth ewes sold for £4-16-0. Ronnie finished barking the stariner posts. Tony and Barry borrowed the Austin and drove a load of wheat to Qdi to have it graded.


Fri. 16th July.

Ron and I marked 343 lambs in "Yarran" plain. Ewes are beginning to look pretty rough. Losing condition fast. Heavy storm this afternoon. 40 points in 20 minutes.

Glor, Rogie and Timmy went out with Jim and Ruth Sevil to their place.


Sat. 17th July.

Brought the old jersey 'Bluebell' in with the jersey bull calf.

Played comp match at "Marjewar' V Willow Tree No 2. We won 7 sets to 2. Our team was Bunty Hall, Jim and Ruth Sevil, Joyce Salter, Hector and myself. Rogie and I went in with Hector.

Glor and Timmy went to a childrens party at Dave Hams. Took Dot and their three children.


Mon. 19th July.

Glor and I drove to Quirindi. Picked up Ruth Sevil. Attended funeral of Godfrey Knee who died yesterday.

Purchased tyres and helpers for the combine. Also ordered parts for the lucerne seed box from Ewen Pollock. Ronnie cleaned up some of the timber in front of the house.


Wed. 21st July.

Ronnie and I spent morning sawing wood with tractor and saw bench. I sawed a heap of apple tree, Box and oak the the wonder heat and the copper. Marked 42 lambs in farm paddock. I commenced ploughing fire breaks in "Yarran" plain. Did two rounds with the disk cultivator. Ronnie greased the truck and finished carting in wood.


Sat. 24th July.

Ronnie and I erected a swing with new chains on the old tree at front of the house.

I rolled and lined the tennis court. We played B grade comp match V Caroona Royals. We won 6 sets to 3 sets.


Mon. 26th July.

John Coombes commenced installation of new electric shearing plant. Lister top gear and motors, and a lister grinder. John Coombes finished building angle iron frame work and set up the one HP motor and grinder. We got the heavy plank up and one of the motors and top gear fixed.

Ronnie and I mustered "Yarrabah" and "Yarran" plain ewes and lambs and fed them some wheaten hay. Gave each paddock ten bales.


Wed. 28th July.

John Coombes finished installing Lister electric shearing plant. Made a very good job of it. Also left the old M.V. plant there so that it can be used in an emergency. Cost £16 for labour and £5 for materials.

We mustered both paddocks and fed the ewes and lambs on wheaten hay. Ronnie started putting netting on the gully of new cross fence.


Sat. 31st July.

I helped a number of others move Bessie Potts furniture out of house, ready for sale. Erected tent for stall in aid of Hall funds. Jacks Creek ladies made £14-6-0 for afternoon tea. Rogie, Timmy and I attended sale. Glor played comp match at Borambil. Jacks Creek won 5 to 4. All attended pictures in Quirindi. Saw " Water Birds".


Wed. 4th Aug.

Sheep feeding continued. Ronnie did most of it. I finished the job of building shelf for holding grinder clamp for new Lister electric shearing gear. Also built a new bench in the engine room of the shearing shed.

Glor and I paid a visit to Ron and Dette and Mum after tea.


Sat. 7th Aug.

48 points rain this afternoon and night.

Rogie drove the truck around while I threw hay out to all the ewes.

All drove to Quipolly to play comp match. Rain stopped play after 4 sets. It was two sets each. We all went to the pictures at Quirindi.


Tues. 10th Aug.

Fed both paddocks as per usual. Mustered some of the corriedale ewes and hoggets to the shed. Ronnie and I tried out the new Lister electric shearing plant for the first time. Shore 25 young ewes in a bit of a test run. Glor, the children and I went in truck with me to get 3 ton of Nandewar Sheep Nuts from the railway.


Fri. 13th Aug.

Finished shearing the corriedale x hogget ewes this morning. Ronnie and I shore 24 more. We fed the usual sheep.

Glor and I drove to Quirindi the arvo. I had a tooth filled by Mr Clark. Ronnie rode 'Flame' to dry creek to have new shoes fitted.


Wed. 18th Aug.

I prepared receipts, cheque book, pass book, stock numbers ets for tax purposes to take to Gelling.

Bill Bingham and Mr Kite, Dangar-Gedye Representative, came along to check on the new Lister shearing plant. Took one of the Ace handpieces away to be altered.

Glor had day in Willow Tree to help at childrens 'Play and Education Week' displays at the school. I drove into the school for a while and then went on to Quirindi to do some business. Parochial Council meeting at Parish hall.

Glor took Rogie to hospital at 10pm. He has abscess in his ear.


Thur. 19th Aug.

Geo Marshall of Scone and his son Peter and another chap finished the last of our electrical installations today. 5 power points and two more lights installed. Had three power points installed in the shearing shed for the stands and grinder. They wired the new armco garage with two lights and power points. Also aditional power point in kitchen for refrigerator. Ronnie fed all the sheep. He sprayed all the fruit trees and grape vines.


Sat. 21st Aug.

The three boys helped me feed all the sheep this morning. 12 bales of hay and sheep nuts.

I played in B grade comp match V Caroona Eagles. We won 8 sets to one set.


Sun. 22nd Aug.

Celebrated Mums 80th birthday with party at "Quondah". Glor and Dette provided all the food and decorations. Wonderful spread. About 32 guests. Very successful surprise party.

Church at St Cuthberts. We had Rev Heiner for the first time.


Wed. 25th Aug.

Commenced general shearing on "Yarrabah" ewes this morning. Brian and Maurice Seymour are shearing and Arthur helping us do shed work. Total 178 shorn. Maurice 111, Brian 67. Wool is in rather nice order but is lighter than usual. The AAAXBE 3 bales is very good.


Sat. 28th Aug.

Cold sleety showers this morning. Ronnie helped me muster paddocks for feeding. Neil drove truck round while I threw the feed out.

Big R.C. tennis tourney and dance at Jacks Creek. £110 taken. Neil played in the R.C. tourney.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Caroona for comp match. We beat the Hawks 6 sets to 3 sets.


Sun. 29th Aug.

Glor and I played comp match V Avards team at Jacks Creek. We won the sets 5 to 4 but Avards won the match with more games won.


Tues. 7th Sept.

I mustered "Yarrabah" ewes and Neil helped me and Ronnie feed them.

Drove to Willow Tree with Hector in his truck. Helped him and Jack Daly and Barney Greer load tables and chairs and stools on to take to Jacks Creek hall for Thursday night.

Mustered the wooly ewes ready for shearing tomorrow.


Thur. 9th Sept.

Shearing today. Brian and Maurice shore about 180 ewes today. Ronnie took them and their lambs back to the paddock. Ronnie and Neil mustered dry ewes, rams and ewe hoggets from farm paddock to the ten acre.

Glor and I attended the big dinner with shire councillers in Jacks Creek hall and the switching on ceremony. Grand function! 80 people there!


Sat 11th Sept.

Neil and I loaded the truck with 2 bags of sheep nuts and 28 bales of hay. I mustered both paddocks and Neil helped me feed them.

All drove to Quipolly for B grade comp match. I went with Jim and Ruth. We won 7 sets to 2 sets in knockout comp. We all stayed on in Quirindi for movie matinee.


Fri. 17th Sept.

Howards two semi trailers came early this morning and we loaded 205 bales on one and 230 bales on the other. I sold the stack of lucerne hay in corner of the clothes line paddock. 10 tons 13 cwts. Sold the hay at £25-0-0 per ton to Jack Sheaffe of "Kicherbell".


Sun 19th Sept.

Fed lambs and ewes on hay and nuts.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Willow Tree and we played B grade knockout comp match. We won 7 sets to two sets.


Tues. 21st Sept. Up early this morning. Ronnie mustered "Yarrabah" before breakfast and we fed them ten bales of hay and bag of nuts. Fed "Yarran" plain after breakfast on the same ration.

I went to Willow Tree with Hector and Jim Sevil. Had the day helping get the recreation ground ready for childrens sports. Ronnie too the Austin truck to Coombs for a service.

We mustered "Yarran" plain ewes and lambs and put in the shed overnight. Terribly cold. Loaded the last of our wool, 17 bales onto the Austin to take into Willow Tree tomorrow.


Sat. 25th Sept.

Annual primary schools sports held at Willow Tree. Very successful and Willow Tree children did very well and won a number of cups. Glor helped in the luncheaon booth and I was a time steward. Timmy had a fall and cut the back of his head. We took him to Dr Cooper and he got one stitch.


Wed. 29th Sept.

Council Electricity switched on at "Yarrabah" this morning! Yesterday was the last time we will use the Armstrong superior electric light plant!

Fed all the ewes and lambs. Fan belt broke on the tractor and couldn't get the new one on. Up to Hectors and filled the dip with water and mixed eight packets of Coopers quick acting Dip. Mustered all the sheep and took the lot up to Hectors dip late afternoon.


Thur. 30th Sept.

Dipped ewes and lambs at Hectors. Hector, Jim Sevil and Cecil Ham helped us. Dipped 610 ewes, 370 lambs and 23 rams. Ronnie and I drafted off the dry ewes and hoggets and rams and Ronnie took them back to farm paddock.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Tamworth and attended gymnastics display at the Boys Hostel and prize giving. Neil received 3 cups. Bets all round behaviour, Scholar and gym.


Mon. 4th Oct.

All drove to Quirindi this morning and attended Carnival. Final day of the Queen Competition in aid of the Civic Centre. The floats were very well done and were very interesting. Met Uncle Jack and Aunt Holly. Jack was playing at the bowls carnival. Neil returned to school at Tamworth with the Lanes.


Thur. 7th Oct.

Helped Wallace dip his sheep this morning. Ronnie and I were at Hectors dip at 6am. Wallace, Hector, Milton, Ronnie and I dipped 800 ewes for Wallace and 400 hogget ewes for Hector by 8am. Fed both paddocks of sheep.

We sawed up a heap of firewood with saw bench. I shod 'Jewels' fronts with new shoes. Ronnie and I drove with brother Ron to Muswellbrook to a meeting of the Agricultural Bereau.


Sat. 9th Oct.

130 points of rain yesterday. We managed to drive the truck across the plain and fed the sheep. Bogged getting home. Pulled the truck home with the tractor.

Glor, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi and helped Pop weigh his sucker lambs.

We attended gift evening at Warrah Creek to Barbara Barwick and Bruce Hughes.


Mon. 11th Oct.

Commenced using the 5th bay of hay in hay shed. This is all lucerne hay I made and some old hay from Covers shed. Started to fix the grass seed box onto combine. Drove to Quirindi and purchased 256 lbs Jap Millet. Also tumes for seed box.

Mclean and son Ewen arrived here to commence boundary fence. Two and a half miles new fence along road boundary at £160 per mile. Concrete and steel posts and all new wire but using old netting.

Went in to bus committee meeting with Hector.


Thur. 14th Oct.Up at 4.30am and had a cuppa. Ronnie and I drove up to Hectors dip and commenced dipping "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs at 5.30am. Hector, Wallace and Milton helped us dip sheep. Finished at 7.30am. Brought the sheep home and fed them 19 bales of hay and nuts.

Took Nuffield over to road fence. Lifted strainer posts into holes for McLeans. Also lifted in the gate posts.

Ronnie and I sprayed grasshoppers up in farm paddock.


Mon. 18th Oct.

51 points rain to 9am. Rain continued all day. Very heavy rain this arvo. 125 points total during the day. [This is on top of 2 inches last few days]. Creek came down half a flood but no damage


Wed. 20th Oct.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I had a great trip to newcastle to see our wool sold. Wool brought good price all round. Wool sold by Nenco. 3AAAXBE 84. 3AAXBE 80. 4AXBE 87. 5XBE 66. 3AABKNXBE 67. Arrived at wool stores at 11am. Inspected wool and all had lunch at Nenco's expense. I got to wool exchange at 2.30pm. Left at 5.15pm. Also saw Rons "Quondah" wool sold. We had tea and left for home at 6.30pm. Home at 10.45pm.


Fri. 22nd Oct.

Neil is in Tamworth hospital with measles. Jean McHugh arrived here from Sydney yesterday to stay for a while.

Glor and Jean McHugh went with me in the Austin truck out to Mr Gordon Roberts via Parraweena, Blackville, and Yarraman. Took delivery of the 314 merino weathers, 2 and 4 tooth. Bernards 2 trucks loaded on 142 each truck and brought them in. I took 30 on the Austin. Ronnie and I mustered all the ewes, rams and hogget ewes from farm paddock to "Yarran" plain.


Thur. 28th Oct.

133 points rain to 9am. [Thats over 6 inches now for the month!]

The three McLeans left for home on account of the wet and bog. I gave them an advance payment of £120-0-0. Ronnie and I tied netting on two of the gullies along the boundary road fence.


Tues. 2nd Nov.

Bill Callaghan and his two men, Don Campbell and Rodney Pengilley came out to erect new 4000 gallon tank. They assembled the earth ring  and we filled it with three lorry loads gravel from the creek and one load of sand from the pine scrub in "Rathcown". Callaghan assembled my 17 foot high tank stand. Ronnie and I dug the holes for concrete base with post hole digger.


Thur. 4th Nov.

Ronnie and I loaded the Austin with 7 foot cement strainer posts and three struts, also 4 coils no. ten wire and took all up to top end of the road boundary for the McLeans. Drove to Binghams and got 2 ten foot cyclone gates and erected them at new gateway at top mill.

Glor left by Flyer with Jean McHugh for Armidale and then Inverell by bus. She is just going for a few days.


Mon. 8th Nov.

Brian and Maurice came over and shore 209 "Yarran" plain lambs. I shore a few for Brian. We ear marked 54 more lambs. Used elastrator on the ram lambs. Ronnie and I took the last load of cement posts up along the road boundary. McLeans have only about 30 chain of fence to finish.


Tues. 9th Nov.

Heavy rain started this morning. Creek came down. School bus couldn't cross Jacks Creek in afternoon so we have the three Tourle boys for the night. I just did odd jobs.


Thur. 11th Nov.

The McLeans finished the two and a half miles of fence today. 20 days work. I paid them up.

Glor and I drove to Quirindi, picked up Pop and Nanna and drove to the opening of Werris Creek sale yards. Big yarding of merion weathers and ewes. I bought 250 weathers, two and a half years old, shorn August, at 65/-. Pop returned with us to help tomorrow.


Sat. 13th Nov.

All day at the C of E fair in the pavilion at Quirindi. We helped with the combined stall of Jacks Creek, Warrah, and Willow Tree. Takings were £37-3-6. I was the cashier.


Sat. 20th Nov.

Ronnie and I finished ramming up the split posts in the new fence and laid out the hingejoint. Rain started at lunch and then a terrific wind and hail storm at 6pm. Blew trees down everywhere and the hail damaged the lucerne.

Mr and Mrs Stan Hartigan from Loomberah called in. He bought the Armstrong Superior electric lighting plant for £650.


Tues. 23rd Nov.

Fitted new knife in the power mower and Ronnie commenced mowing the 25 acre lucerne paddock at 11.30am. He did 5 hours mowing. I mustered the "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs into front paddock. A few dirty and flyblown. I drew two loads of gravel from the creek. Only did because the shire crawler tractor and shovel was there to load me.


Wed. 24th Nov.

Field day at Warrah Hall. Main attraction is the sheep dog trials. Eleven entries. Mick Fitz's dog came first with 63 points. Rons red bitch was second with 62 points. My old dog 'Sandy' came third with 61 points. I donated the silver cup for first place.

This morning I was mowing lucerne.


Mon. 29th Nov.

Brian came over and with Ronnie, Pop and myself we carted in 4 loads of baled lucerne hay. Total stacked in shed now 420 bales. We finished the corner bay and started on the next one. Brinkworth bale loader is working well.

Bus committee meeting in at Willow Tree. Bill Tourle picked me and Hector up.


Tues. 30th Nov.

Mr Stan Hartigan of Loomberah came with two other men and loaded the electric lighting plant onto his own truck and took it away.

Ronnie commenced mowing the bottom 23 acre paddock. He did 8 hours. Pop and I baled the remainder of centre of 25 acre paddock after tea.


Sun. 5th Dec.

65 points rain overnight. Terrific heavy rain from 9am to 11.30am. 224 points. Creek came down a banker. Rain continued tonight.


Wed. 8th Dec.

Glor and I drove to Quirindi and had back tube of tractor vulcanised at Carringtons. Left spare tire there to be retreaded. Bought new goodyear tire.

Demonstration of new burr spraying and blowfly control methods by Ian Johnson and Mr Loder. Held here at "Yarrabah". Had a few locals come along too. I ordered a pump, with hoses and spray nozzles plus a boom spray.

Baled lucerne hay in the 23 acre paddock at night.


Thur. 9th Dec.

Finished baling hay on the lower lucerne paddock. Baled until 11am and got a total of 500 bales off the paddock. Alan Bridge and Ronnie drew hay all day. I helped after lunch. We finished carting all the hay.


Mon. 13th Dec.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi. Bought spare parts for the power mower at Hannafords. Bought old Nash ute, 'Beetle Bomb' for £50-0-0 at Sam Goodyers. Up to Tamworth after lunch and brought Neil home from the Hostel. Got angle iron and U bolts for the new boom spray. Home via Quirindi and I drove the Nash ute home at night on borrowed number plates.

Alan finished raking Hectors 20 acres lucerne.


Sun. 19th Dec.

Finished fitting up the boom spray today. Late afternoon Alan and I tried out the boom spray and hand lance on burrs in "Yarran".


Wed. 22nd Dec.

Glor, the 3 boys and I drove into Quirindi. Did some Xmas shopping. Had tooth filled and denture fixed at Mr Clarks.

Neil and I drafted 8 more of my steers and 12 of the poll hereford steers and Pops two balck polls into the millet.

Alan and Ronnie spraying burrs all day with the boom spray. Using grazcos ester hormone.

Took Alan Bridge in to train tonight. Paid him £70-0-0 for 14 days work crutching, hay work, and burr spraying.


Sat. 25th Dec.

We had Mum over for Xmas day dinner abd she stayed until 3pm. Finished packing the caravan and left home with all on board at 5.30pm. Drove down to nearly Singleton. Camped the night.


Sun. 26th Dec.

Up at 4.30am. Left at 5.30am and drove right through to Narrabeen with only a few short stops. Set up camp at Lake Park in V block, No. 8.


Tues. 28th Dec.

Caught bus in to Winyard and from then from Hunter street to White City Tennis Courts to see Davis Cup. Saw the doubles played today. Seixas and Trabert, USA beat Hoad and Rosewell. Three sets to one set.


Wed. 29th Dec.

Neil and I went in to Rushcutters Bay to see the final of Davis Cup being played. Ken Rosewall beat Tony Trabert 4-7, 7-5, 6-3. Rex Hartwig beat Vic Seixas 4-6, 6-4, 6-2, 6-3.

In our row of seats were sitting Jim and Ruth Sevil, Neil and Myself, Cyril Barwick, Mary Prisk, Marie Schofield, and Ron and Dette.


Fri. 31st Dec.

All drove into South Narabeen and did some shopping. I phoned Jacks Creek 9 and had a yarn to Ronnie.

After lunch we caught the bus to Manly Wharf. Then the ferry to the Quay. Then by train to Liberty Theatre in Pitt Street and we all saw "Gone With The Wind". Very good show and we all enjoyed it.

Great celebration at Lake Park camp for new years eve. Still loud party in progress at 3am!

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What a wonderful story, enjoyed it very much.

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What great history that now seems to be forgotton. ⚓🦉🐉🦂💙👑

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Takes me back to wonderful childhood days visiting "Merrieton" and "Towarri". At about age 12, I thought Tony (aged about 24) was the most handsome chap around

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Which farm did "Pop Mackelvane" have, I was there during the last part of the second war.

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