The Diary of Edgar Barwick.

1955 and 1956.


By Geoff Barwick


The properties owned and run by Edgar and Gloryna Barwick.


"Yarran". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1935. Farm 37 of the 1935 subdivision.

"Yarrabah". Jacks Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1938. Farm 14 of the 1914 subdivision.



[1955 was the wettest ever year recorded at "Yarrabah". Over 41 inches fell. January was a bit wetter than average, and then February received over fifteen inches. This caused some of the worst flooding in Australia's history and 25 lives were lost in the Hunter region, where Maitland was the worst town effected. October was also very wet.]




Sat. 1st Jan.

At Narrabeen. Got letter from Ronnie Seymour. I wrote one back. Beautiful warm sunny day. We spent part of the morning and all afternoon at the beach. Very nice spot on the beach, near the baths. The children use the entrance to Narrabeen lake for swimming.


Tues. 4th Jan.

We all went in to the city on the bus from Narrabeen. Did some window shopping but didn't buy anything. Went to the Palladium Theatre at 2.30pm and saw "Cinderella On Ice". Very nice show with quite a lot of variety.


Wed. 5th Jan.

Cooler this morning so we all drove to Manly for the day. Walked around to Shelley Beach and had lunch. Spent some time in the Fun Palour. Had rides on Dodge-em-cars. At night went to the pictures. Saw "The Princess and The Pirate".


Sat. 8th Jan.

Very hot again today. We all spent the morning at the beach. Had a great surf and used the surf-O-plane. Glor, Rogie and Timmy had swim in the lake.

Neil and I drove in to Manly. Saw finals of the Manly Championships. Rosewall beat Anderson. Caudy and Worthington beat Rosewall and May. Mrs Hawton and Miss Penrose beat Esme and Miss Hatersley.

[ Esme is Esme Ashford! Playing in same tourament as Ken Rosewall. Esme was one of the best women tennis players in Australia around this time.]


Sun. 9th Jan.

Had early lunch and drove in via Spit Bridge to Luna Park. Saw all the things, fun palour etc. Then we drove out to Lane Cove to Goddards. Spent some time with Heather and Fred and Lynton.


Tues. 11th Jan.

Glor and Neil caught early bus in to the city. Glor had a hair cut and perm at "Elizabeth French". She then went to the Red Cross building and gave some blood. Neil purchased parts for crystal radio set at Levensons Radio Pty Ltd, 226 Pitt St. Rogie and Timmy stayed with me. We all went to movies in Narrabeen. Saw Shirley Temple in "Round The Corner" and another picture ??????


Thur. 13th Jan.

Caught the bus to Wynyard, then electric train to Flemmington. Arrived sale yards at 12 O'clock. Had lunch in Stan Rezzonico's office. Followed sheep sale. Aged sheep selling very poorly. Extra prime lambs sold to 86/-. Met Pop Ferris. Watched his sale of 8 red bullocks at £49-16-0.


Sat. 15th Jan.

We packed up this morning and left Narabeen at 10.30am. Drove through to Gosford and then out to Toowoon Bay camping area. Set up camp there right next to Ron and Dette and Sue and Peter. Had a swim at the beach this afternoon.


Sun. 16th Jan.

All drove to The Entrance and had a surf there. Found Jim and Ruth Sevil and their two children, and also Joyce [Salter] and her five children on the beach. Had lunch with Jim and Ruth. Down to the lake and the boys hired canoes for a few hours. Called in on Bess Potts and looked through her new home. Extra nice!


Mon. 17th Jan.

Nice hot fine day. All of us and Ron's family, Jim and Ruth's family, Joyce Salter and her family met on the beach and we all spent all morning there. Saw Ron Symonds and his two boys down there. Called on Ron and Peggy Symonds at their cottage on the Long Jetty side. We are going home tomorrow.


Wed. 26th Jan.

Took the 114 lambs to Hectors ramp to be loaded onto Howards truck.

Ronnie is now in charge of 4 burr cutters. Pat Hughes, Col Mason, Tom Tanner and ??? Heffernan. They are cutting now in the cleaner country below farm paddock and up in the timber. I'm going to spray the bad areas.

Removed Jewels front shoes. Neil and I cut burrs after lunch.

Wallace, Renee and their two boys called in late for a yarn.


Fri. 28th Jan.

Neil and I spraying burrs with the boom spray. Sprayed out two 44 gallon drums of estex 40 on burrs down in "Yarran" this morning. Boom sprayed 3 drums this afternoon. Neil helped all day and we did a terrific thick patch of burrs down in the silt patch on "Yarran".


Tues. 1st Feb.

We all drove to Tamworth for the day. Took Neil back to the Boys Hostel for 1st term of 3rd year. Lila cam over and looked after Mum today.

Callaghans came out and pulled up piping at cement tanks. Renewed leathers and fixed pump. Ronnie mowed the lucerne paddock and chopped up the burrs and rubbish.


Fri. 4th Feb.

Col Mason and I finished crutching the 306 merino wethers from the top paddock. I took the wethers back. Ronnie and the 4 men cut burrs in timber of plains paddock where burrs aren't too bad. I sprayed out three 44 gallon drums of estex 40 in "Yarran" silt patch.


Mon. 7th Feb.

I sprayed 6 more 44 gallon drums on burrs in big water course in "Yarran" plain. Using estex 40 and estex 80 with very good success. Pop called in and inspected his steers on the millet.

Late, I drove to Quirindi and took Pop back home. Visited Mum in hospital.

[Edgar spends all week, all weekend and into next week trying to get on top of the burrs. Ronnie and 4 men cutting and Edgar on boom spray]


Wed. 16th Feb.

160 points rain over night. Burr cutters went home. Drove Pop to Willow Tree early. Helped load our two trucks and Pops truck, and two trucks of Mitchells cattle. Pop went down with the cattle to Flemmington. Glor, Rogie, Timmy, Nanna and I drove to Tamworth for the day. I spoke to Frank and Harry at Bill Cornish re Howard rotary hoe. Also Graham Hoene chissel plough. Saw Neil for a while at the Hostel. Called at Quirindi hospital and saw Mum.


Tues. 22nd Feb.

I drove the Austin and boom spray to timber in corner of "Yarran" plain and sprayed more burrs with estex 40. Did another patch of burrs up near road in "Yarran" out from Jack Sparrow mill. Ronnie was mowing the lucerne paddock when he wasn't cutting burrs with the three men.

I drove to Quirindi in evening and saw Mum in hospital. Heavy rain started overnight.


Wed. 23rd Feb.

115 points rain overnight. More rain all day. I paid off the burr cutters, Pat Hughes, Vince Heffernan, and Fred Head and took them to Willow Tree to catch the train.

Ronnie did half a days work building a new mailbox. I spent most of the morning pulling three trucks and other cars through the creek crossing with the Nuffield.

Brought some of the school children back across creek when they found they couldn't get across Miller Creek. We kept Ian and Keith Tourle here for the night when they couldn't get home.

Terrific rain set in overnight!


Thur. 24th Feb.

571 points rain overnight to 9am. At 5am the water was a foot deep under our house. Terrific flood rains all over the North West and Hunter. Jacks Creek broke its banks numerous times. Approach to Warrah Bridge at Binghams washed away.

Rain ceased for a while and flood receded. Rain came on again and flood water came round the house again. Water went through all the sheds.


Fri. 25th Feb.

Another 132 points rain overnight. Heavy rain set in again this morning and the creek came down and broke its banks. Water under the house again at 11am. Like a fool I cleaned out the garage again! Pulled some trucks through the creek when water receded late arvo. Rain again on dark. Another flood around the house at 10pm.


Sat. 26th Feb.

282 points rain to 9am. Only showers during the day. I took the tractor up to George Rowarths gully. In with Jim Sevil to Binghams. Got our bread and groceries, also Hectors and Chads. Transported Ray Howard and three school children plus load of bread and parcels over the creek on the Nuffield. Later I took nine men into Binghams on the truck.


Sun. 27th Feb.

157 points rain to 9am. Creek came over its banks again last night. Glor and I drove to Binghams. Frank Goodman took us to Quirindi. Saw Pop and Nanna who had water flood through their house. Called on Mum in hospital. Got taxi back to Binghams Bridge and then home.

Warrah creek bridge approach washed out. Feb 1955.
Warrah creek in flood. Feb 1955.
From Binghams store looking East to Warrah Creek. Not sure if this is 55 flood though?

Tues. 8th March.

Ronnie ploughed round all the fire breaks with the disk cultivator.

I drove up to Jack Hams and found Norm Greentree working on dozer job in Hectors creek. Booked him up to do bank in front of our house. He turned up and did about two hours.

I mustered "Yarran" farm paddock. Rogie and Timmy helped me draft off the 570 "Yarrabah" ewes from the farm wethers. I brought the wethers back home.

Glor drove to Quirindi and she and Joyce helped to relay the lino in Pop's house after the flood went through.


Wed. 9th March.

Norm Greentree did about eight and a half hours work today with his Oliver tractor and dozer building a flood bank to stop floods from coming under our house.

I sprayed all the "Yarrabah" ewes with grazcos jetting plant. Used aldrin mixed at 200 to 1.

Ronnie mowed lucerne paddock. Mowed some plains grass where some burrs were.


Sat. 12th March.

Norm Greentree finished the bank. Total cost £54-0-0.

I finished mouthing the "Yarran" plain ewes. 106 broken mouth ewes. Drove truck into Willow Tree and helped clean up the flood rack from in front of the school. Afternoon Glor, Rogie and Timmy and I drove to Willow tree to flower show at hall. Children exhibited school work. Rogie got second for a painting. Later we all went to Quirindi to the pictures.


Tues. 15th March.

Ronnie and I commenced repairs to hingejoint fence at top end of new 70 acre paddock. About 200 yards washed away.

Agents for 'Graeme Hoeme' chissel plow called here from Bill Cornish Tamworth. Frank Knowles and two men demonstrated the 5 foot direct coupled plow. I drove my Nuffield and tried it in thick plains grass. Did quite a good job when the grass was burnt. I ordered the chisel plow with sweeps for £207-0-0.

Raphie Howard, stuck in Warrah Creek in mail car after 1955 flood when the bridge approaches were washed away.

Mon. 21st March.

Pop Ferris, Ronnie, Bill Oxford and I commenced cutting burrs in top farm paddock.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Quirindi after tea. Glor and the boys saw film of the Redex Trial in the Parish hall. I left mower parts and part of draw bar at Ray Fletchers.


Tues. 22nd March.

Ronnie, Bill Oxford, and I cutting burrs in top 50 acre paddock. Alan Armstrong arrived at midday with two more burr cutters, old Fred Head, and Oscar Griffiths. We all finished the 50 acre and cut out think patch below the fence.

Rogie went to school again after having mumps.


Sat. 26th March.

We all drove up to Quirindi show. Lunch at "Myanbah" with Nanna and Pop. Picked up Nanna and Pop and Joyce and her 3 children and the ten of us drove to the show. All went back to "Myanbah" and Joyce and children caught the bus. We attended pictures at night. "Desert Song". Good show.


Tues. 5th April.

Yarded the lambs from millet paddock and cleaned up a few dirth ones.

Ronnie took us the Willow Tree in the Snipe. Glor, Neil, Rogie and I caught the flyer to Sydney. [Timmy is staying with Nanna Ferris] Pop and Joyce also travelled to Sydney with us.


Wed. 6th April.

We all took a taxi to the show ground. We looked through all of the cattle stands. Also the district exhibits. All of us and Pop and Joyce had tea at the Corrination stand and watch ring events till closing time.


Thur. 7th April.

Breakfast at the Biltmore Hotel. Caught a train to the show ground getting off at Williams Street Paddington. At the show but very miserable at it rained all day. Went home early.


Sat, 9th April.

Out to the show ground again today. 232,000 people there today. We watched the ring events and went home early. Tea at a restaurant and took taxi out to the Tivoli Theatre. Good show.


Mon. 11th April.

Saw Stan Rezzonico for a bit today. Went out to the show. Looked through all the pavillions. Late arvo we went in to watch ring everts. Saw the tree felling contest. Also the police horse parade and the rodeo.


Tues. 12th April.

Left Biltmore Hotel at 7am. Caught train to Central Station and boarded the Northern Tablelands express. Had good trip to Willow Tree. Left Central at 7.50am. Arrived Willow Tree at 3.45pm. Ronnie came in the Snipe to meet us.


Sat. 16th April.

We all drove to Quirindi and picked up Pop. Via Wallabadah to Tamworth. Picked up Neil at Hostel and on to sheep sale at Bendemeer. Purchased 611 wethers. Two and four tooth at 70/-.


Sun. 17th April.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Arthurs in the Austin to bring back his Fordson tractor and rotary hoe. Had lunch with them.


Sat. 23rd April.

Loaded Arthurs Fordson tractor and rotary hoe onto my Austin truck and delivered it back home. Glor, the boys and I drove to Quirindi and attended sale at "Eurabah". Didn't buy anything. Drove on up to Werris Creek. Picked up Joyce and children and Pat Smith, Alans neice. Up to Currabubula and saw Gordon, the drover with my 611 wethers.


Tues. 26th April.

Started my 11 steers in to Willow Tree. Ted Sevil met steers and also 22 steers of Stan Richardson and delivered them to Willow Tree. Sold my 11 steers to Daws Riverstone meats at £37-10-0.

Drove to Quirindi and took delivery of 609 merino wethers from Gordon at Quirindi saleyards. Two died. Ronnie had the whole day ploughing 40 acre millet paddock.


Wed. 27th April.

Glor and I drove in Austin truck to Quirindi to get the new 609 wethers. Arrived Quirindi saleyards at 8.45am. Pop helped me out of the yards and through town along the stock route. Glor drove the truck and I walked the weathers all the way to Willow Tree Toll Bar reserve.

Ronnie finished ploughing the 40 acres. Then he cut burrs.


Thur. 12th May.

Old Ted Barwick is very Ill and is not expected to live.

Finished sowing the 40 acres with oats. Sowed at 40 lbs per acre. Glor, Rogie and Timmy drove to Tamworth in the Snipe this morning. They brought Neil home from the Hostel.


Mon. 16th May.

Glor, Pop and I drove into Willow Tree to Ted Barwicks funeral. Ted was 81 years old.

[Edwin Alfred Barwick. Coorooga. Married to Ethil McCrossin from Uralla. Children, Bruce, Jean, Wallace, Hector, Nance and Ross.]

Afternoon Pop, Neil, Rogie and I repaired the flood netting in the big gully from farm paddock to Silsoe. Also fixed the gully down in plain paddock.


Tues. 17th May.

Removed 'Jewels' front shoe. Mustered "Yarrabah" ewes into front paddock ready to be drenched. Leo Turner brought load of lucerne hay to my armco shed for Pop Ferris.

Glor, the three boys and I drove to Quirindi to dentist Clark. Neil had a couple of fillings. I had one filled.


Fri. 20th May.

Took the Humber into Coombs for a full service. Neil mustered the lambs and old ewes out of the cultivation paddock. Sold them to Joe Toohey. 187 Xbred lambs at 82/- and 33 aged Xbred ewes at 47/6. Neil helped me muster the cows and calves to yard. Pop, Neil and I marked 15 calves.

Big cracker night! Good crowd of parents and children here. Big bon fire and we all let off crackers. All had supper here after.


Sat. 21st May.

Pop went home with us to Quirindi. Glor and I played in comp match V Magpies. Finished when too dark at 4 sets each. We had tea at "Mayanbah" and we all went to the pictures at night.


Sun. 22nd May.

Neil and I drove to "Quondah" to see Mum. Found her in bed with the mumps.


Fri. 27th May.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Tamworth today. Charlie Ashford drove us out through Somerton and through Bective country to inspect some 15 and 18 month old steers. Glor bought 36 steers at £15-15-0 from Bill Dennis.


Sat. 28th May.

we drove to Spring Ridge for comp match. I played but Glor didn't. We, The Wrens won 7 sets to 2 sets. Rogie and Timmy stayed in Quirindi and went to the matinee movie. Glor and I took Nanna to the pictures at night.

Laurie Seymour married at Gunnedah today.


Fri. 3rd June.

Light rain set in last night. 34 points to 9am. Mustered the ten milking cows to yards. Mr Carter came and tested them for reaction to TB. Found one with TB symtoms.

Fixed the wire at top of gateway near sheep yards. Afternoon I tried to burn the grass with the flame thrower but no success. Burned some heaped up patches of burrs.


Wed. 8th June.

Maurice and Ronnie Seymour came over and we crutched wethers all day. Crutched wigged and ringed nearly 400 wethers for the day. These are the wethers from Bendemeer and we found them very slow as they are well wooled and wooly eyed.


Sat. 11th June.

I rode up to the top paddock and waited for Athol Hamilton to come out for the two fillies but he didn't turn up.

Glor and iIdrove to Quirindi for afternoons tennis. I played in comp match V Kookas. We beat them 6 sets to 3 sets.


Mon. 13th June.

Washed the humber this morning. All of us and Pop and Nanna drove to the annual Red Cross day and tennis tourney at Warrah Creek hall. Glor and Renee had the fancy stall. I helped run the chocolate wheel. Wood chopping and cross cut sawing competitions also held on the grounds.


Sat. 18th June.

We all drove to Quirindi this morning. Glor and I played in comp match V Murrurundi No. 1. They beat us 6 sets to 3 sets. Rogie and Timmy went to the matinee while we were playing tennis. We all went to the pictures at night. Saw Elwin, Vere and Marina on way home from Sydney. 45 points of rain late.


Thur. 23rd June.

48 points rain this morning. I got out of bed feeling pretty crook. Too muddy to do anything so Glor and I drove to "Quondah" to have the day with Mum. Called on Ron and Dette. Had a look at their new building. Ron is having his house enlarged. two new bedrooms and an office built on front. Lunch and most of afternoon with Mum.


Fri. 1st July.

Mr Godley is judging in breeding ewe comp. I entered young corriedale and border X ewes. 2 and 4 tooth. Started at 9am and crutched 174 wethers from farm paddock. Wethers are in splendid condition. Found two flyblown. Neil is very sick today. Has reovered from mumps but now has terrible headache. He is home from school.


Sat. 2nd July.

I took the 174 wethers back to the farm paddock. Burnt some more grass in plain paddock.

Glor and I drove to Murrurundi and played in comp match V Mdi No. 2 side. We won 8 sets to one.


Sun. 3rd July.

All drove to Quirindi. Glor and I played in ladies and gents double tourney. Glor played with Mrs Doolan and I played with Harry McInerney.


Mon. 4th July.

Pop and Nanna here for a few days. Pop and I rounded up all the cattle in "Yarran". Counted 63 steers in farm paddock. 107 cattle in "Yarran" plain. 25 my steers, one hereford poll bull, one jersey bull. 68 share hereford steers with Pop. 12 steers Jack Ryder.

Glor joined the Willow Tree CWA. Attended meeting.


Mon. 11th July.

The five of us drove to Tamworth by 8.45am. Landed Neil back to the Hostel in time for school. Did a bit of shopping and then drove on to Walcha arriving at 12.45pm. Lunch there and met Dick and Doris Ferris and their two girls Barbara and Marie. Brought Aunt Maud Ferris back to "Quondah" as companion for Mum. All had tea with Mum. Had puncture in rear back wheel on way home. Ruined both tire and tube.


Wed. 20th July.

Glor and I drove to Geo Gardiners hut at millers creek and collected 6 bags of graded seed wheat at £2-2-0 per bag. We drove down to botton of "Yarrabah" and burned plains grass. Used the flame thrower. Repaired gully flood netting at top end of the 70 acre cultivation.


Thur. 21st July.

Spent the morning getting tractor and combine ready for sewing wheat in bottom lucerne paddock. Sowed 3 acres oats and lucerne in top end of 23 acre paddock. Started then on the wheat. Sowing 43 lb wheat and 2lb lucerne per acre.


Sat. 23rd July.

16 points rain overnight. All drove to Quirindi this morning. Lunch with Nanna and Pop. Glor and I played comp match with Wrens Verses Warrah. We won 6 sets to 3 sets. Went to the pictures at night. Saw "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". First screening of cinemascope. Very good.


Fri. 29th July.

Ronnie Seymour and I continued work on the division fence of lucerne paddock. Erected all the steel posts.

Glor and I drove to Quirindi. I had injection at Dr Cowlishaws. Sold 220 lb crutchings to Os Bryant. Picked up hardwood timber at Reg Sevils. 4x4s and 5x2s.


Tues. 2nd Aug.

Ern Finch and Tom Wilcox are walling in the skillion of shearing shed at south end. They finished nailing down the grating on the floor. Also built me three new wool bins. Ronnie and I helping all day in shearing shed.


Sat. 6th Aug.

Drove truck to Willow Tree for the day. Working bee at the school. Hector, Jim Sevil, Ron Symonds, Ranville Schofield, Jim Phillips, Roy Ison, Jack Kelly and myself. We erected aerial posts and new flag pole. Set up new wireless and amplifiers in the three school rooms.

Glor played comp match in Murrurundi playing with the Wrens, V Murrurundi No. 1 team.


Mon. 8th Aug.

Commenced "Yarrabah" shearing today. Brian and Maurice Seymour are shearing and Arthur is helping with the wool classing, pressing and other shed work.


Thur. 11th Aug.

Finished the 460 big merino wethers from plain paddock. Men did 106 today and finished at 4pm after it started raining. Brother Ron came over here and brought Mum and Aunt Maud Ferris to have a look at the shearing. Pop Ferris here helping too after he landed here last night.

Bales of wool from this flock, 1.AHAW, 3.AAW, 3.AW, 3.AAABKNW, 2.PCSW, 1.POOL.


Sat. 13th Aug.

We all had full day at Tamworth to watch football carnival. 1400 boys competing from 96 teams. Neil played in two matches with the 8 stone 7lb team. They beat Armidale in Semi-final but lost to DeLaSal in the final. Tamworth High won the open final.


Thur. 18th Aug.

Max Callaghan and Don Campbell came out and erected a new 18 foot angle iron frame and galvanised iron trough. Put the new trough in the new 70 acre paddock.

Glor went in to Willow Tree this morning to help at the school tuck shop. She took Dot in. I went in with Hector this arvo and we inspected the childrens work and art etc. Saw a school play and they did some folk dancing. We all drove to Quirindi late.


Sat. 20th Aug.

I rode round "Yarrabah". Lambs still coming fast. Drafted off 7 cows and vealers and 5 other young cattle and turned them into the oats.

Rogie, Timmy and I went to Quirindi. Boys went to the matinee movies. I played with the Wrens in semi final of tennis comp. We beat Willow Tree 5 sets to 4 sets. Went home and we all had tea at Jacks Creek hall. R.C. Tennis tourney and dance.


Sun. 21st Aug.

Rogies birthday. He is eleven. Took him for a ride this morning. Mummy gave Rogie a birthday party. Bryce Sevil and the four Tourle boys were here this afternoon. We gave Rogie a Daisy air rifle for his birthday.


Sat. 27th Aug.

Neil sprayed all the fruit trees and grape vines with harola.

All drove to Quirindi this arvo. I played with the Wrens Verses Murrurundi 1 team in the final of the competition. We won 6 sets to 3 sets. Pop came home with us tonight.


Mon. 29th Aug.

Resumed "Yarrabah" shearing again today. Doing ewes. Brian and Maurice shore 166 ewes. Wool in very good order but a lot of bathurst burr in it.


Fri. 2nd Sept.

Brian and Maurice shore 171 wethers today. They continued until 6pm and finished the farm paddock mob. Neil and Ronnie mustered the plain paddock and we drafted off all the young wethers. Shedded about 150 wooly wethers and 15 border leicester rams.


Sun. 4th Sept.

We slept in this morning. At midday we drove to "Quondah" for the afternoon. Had afternoon tea with Mum and Aunt Maud. Mrs Sedgewick and Mavis up there too. I drove to Quirindi to Parochial Council meeting. Brought Pop and Timmy and Adrian Bridge home.


Thur. 8th Sept.

Brian and Maurice finished the shearing today. They shore 133 young wethers and cut out at 5.25pm. Cracked a couple of bottles of beer! Full number shorn, 1692. 50 bales of wool.

Rain set in as we finished and it rained all night.


Sun. 11th Sept.

Glor and I played in mixed doubles championships in Quirindi. Os Bryant and Mrs Finch beat us 6-3, 4-6, 6-4.


Thur. 15th Sept.

Glor and I to Quirindi in the Austin. Sold 90 lb BKNW wool at 45, and 160 lbs BLS at 27 to Bryant and Swain.

We attended auction sale in the Pavillion of Colly Creek Station. 22,000 acres. Top price 635 acres at £30-10-0 per acre. It was cut into eleven blocks but only six sold at auction.

Ronnie dressed about half of the marked lambs this morning and then mustered the rest of "Yarrabah" into the yards.


Sun. 18th Sept.

All drove to Quirindi this morning. Glor played with Nola Corbould in doubles championship. I played with Cliff Garske V Bruce Slacksmith and Os Bryant. They beat us 2-6, 6-4, 6-1. We stayed and watched other matches in the championships all afternoon.


Wed. 21st Sept.

Ronnie and I took the truck and tractor down to the north east corner of "Yarran" and commenced erection of a new boundary fence between "Yarran" and "Silsoe". Ron Symonds has Paddy Lumley helping him on the fence. We pulled down ten chains and erected one full strain of new fence. Using 16 split posts and 51 steels and two rolls of cyclone in each strain.


Sat. 24th Sept.

Neil helped me run barb on front boundary fence. We also planted the elm trees at front entrance to "Yarrabah".

We all drove in to Willow Tree to gift evening to Tony Barwick and Niaree Avard.

Thur. 29th Sept.

We all and Nanna drove to Tamworth for the day. Attended physical culture display by the Presbyterian Boys Hostel. Neil took part in all  the movements. Also prise giving. Neil received cup for most successful student.

Neil and I attended cattle sale. I bought 49 hereford weaners. Mixed sex. 12 steers at £17-0-0. 17 at £13-7-0. 20 at £11-4-0. Delivered by semi trailer.


Fri. 7th Oct.

Drove the Humber in to Coomb's at 7.30am. He gave the car a full service and also new plugs, Champion N7's.

Drove in to Quirindi and up to see Pop in hospital. He is very crook today. I saw Dr Cowlishaw regarding trouble with my piles. Finished my course of injections.

Glor and I attended Knee's "Chesney Oaks" clearance sale. Bought a poll hereford heifer at £20. Also three steers at £16-13-0.


Sat. 8th Oct.

Primary Schools sports day at Willow Tree. Willow Tree was runner up in the march past but didn't do real well in anything else. I was a time steward.


Mon. 10th Oct.

Glor and I drove the Austin truck up to tamworth with the Nuffield tractor on the back. To Northern Engineering works and had a 7 foot blade fitted. Price of blade and fitting was £130-0-0.

We picked up Neil and we all had lunch at the "Golden Bell".


Tues. 11th Oct.

Jimmy Wratten and Peter Probist brought our new HMV 10 cub ft refrigerator out. Price £225-0-0. I got £65-0-0 for the old electrolux kerosene refrigerator.

Unloaded the Nuffield with dozer blade and tried it out in some thistles. Dozed some tracks over to the 30 acre and cleared some more thistles in the paddock.


Fri. 14th Oct.

Started across paddock with the Nuffield. Nuffield wireing shorted out and set the tractor alight! Managed to put out the flames but the tractor is out of action. Ordered new electrical wireing harness for the tractor from Carringtons. Drove down "Yarrabah" and burned some more grass with the flame thrower.

Glor, the two boys and I drove to Warrah Creek hall at night. Send off to Lorna Knee and family. Also kitchen tea to Gwen Gardiner and Bill Press.


Wed. 19th Oct.

I drafted out the 11 steers from the oat paddock and brought them up ready for sending in to Willow Tree tomorrow.

Glor and I attended the Colly Creek sales. Sale of cows and calves and heifers. Terrific prices. Also sale of Colly Creek bullocks and steers. [The bull sale was yesterday]. I bought 20 black baldy poll steers at £27-10-0 and also 14 hereford cross steers at £28-14-0 for Pop Ferris.


Sun. 23rd Oct.

177 points rain to 9am. Very hot and sultry. More showers during the day. Terrific storm this afternoon. Creek well over the banks. Big flood down through the paddocks. Levie bank held flood water away from our house and buildings. Another 285 points in the storm.


Tues. 25th Oct.

100 points rain to 9am this morning. [On top of 125 points yesterday]

45 bales sold by Nenco avg fair price. We didn't go to Newcastle to see sale as too much rain. 

All this wool bale stuff looks like Chinese to me. I'd rather take a photo than try to write it all down!

Sun. 30th Oct.

Early morning phone call from Woods at Tamworth. Mum has taken Ill up there. [Susan was staying there for a while]. Glor and I drove up leaving Rogie and Timmy at Nanna's. Ron and Dette also drove up. Quirindi ambulance brought Mum down to Quirindi hospital. Pop came home with us.


Mon. 31st Oct.

Alan Bridge came down to help with general work and to cut lucerne hay. Pop, Alan and I drafted out steers ready for trucking to Sydney. Got six steers from farm paddock, 23 poll hereford steers, share profit with Pop, from "Yarran" plain. Also six of my steers from the oat paddock.

I mustered the wethers from plain paddock. Found a number flyblown.


Thur. 3rd Nov.

Sold at Flemmington six of my fat steers at £36-12-0. Poll hereford share steers with Pop sold at £39-1-0.

Brian, Maurice and Ronnie Seymour, Hector, Alan Bridge and I dipped the 500 ewes, 160 lambs and 396 wethers.


Sat. 5th Nov.

All drove to Colly Creek clearance sale. I purchased 4 tyres for the Austin truck, 700x20 - 10 ply at £21-0-0 each. Saddle at £21-0-0. Alan Bridge commenced sowing top lucerne paddock today.


Sun. 6th Nov.

I drove to "Quondah" in Austin truck and brought the rotary hoe home. Had afternoon tea with Mum, Aunt Maud, Uncle Jack and Aunt Corrie Tindall. Pop and Nanna turned up and came out for a visit.

Alan raked up the lucerne hay today.


Thur. 10th Nov.

Alf Hannaford and Doug Hague came out here and over hauled the McCormick baler. Doug found the timing wrong and also there was a part bent which affected the needles. Baled 300 bales today after the baler was repaired.

Mum became Ill again. Ron and Dette drove her up to hospital in Qdi.


Fri. 11th Nov.

Glor and I picked up Pop and Nanna at Quirindi and all drove out past Pine Ridge to Bill Hardies at Bundella. Looked at his 240 hereford steers and also lucerne and oat and wheat crops. Mrs Hardy gave us afternoon tea. Home via Tamarang and Spring Ridge.

Saw Mum in hospital.

Alan and Maurice drew in 342 bales hay from ten acres of the lucerne paddock.


Wed. 16th Nov.

We baled more hay and finished the paddock. 891 bales of wheaten and lucerne hay from the bottom paddock off 12 acres. Ronnie and I drew hay into the armco shed.

We all drove to Qdi after tea. Glor and boys went to the pictures. I saw Mum in the hospital. Played night tennis with the Vipers. We beat the Wallabadah team quite easily.


Thur. 17th Nov.

Heard about Elwins serious accident with tractor! Glor and I drove to Quirindi intending to go on to Inverell. More news from Vera that Elwin is out of danger so we did not go on up.

Alan mowed the 8 acre patch of lucerne and wheat left in the bottom paddock. I finished the orchard with the rotary hoe.


Wed. 23rd Nov.

The technicians installed our new automatic phone today. Dialled our first calls direct to Quirindi at 2pm. Big dinner in Jacks Creek hall to celebrate the opening of the automatic exchange. About 40 people in attendance and was compared by Chris Kenny.

Ronnie and I drew in two more loads of hay to finish the 20 acres of lucerne and wheat mixed. Total bales off 20 acres is 1566.


Fri. 25th Nov.

Sold 210 bales hay to Ted Clappin of Millers Creek Station at £10-0-0 per ton. Ronnie and I drew in more hay. Alan helped later. I drove to sale in at Willow Tree. Bought 24 young springing cows, mostly hereford, three calves at foot.

We all attended childrens fance dress dance in Willow Tree. Roger was a pirate, Timmy an Indian.


Fri. 2nd Dec.

We all and Pop drove to Tamworth to bring Neil home for Xmas. He has finished the intermediate exams. We did some Xmas shopping.

Pop and I attended sheep sale by Dalgety and Co. I purchased 420 Haddon Rig ewes, two years, at 84/. Also 90 merino ewes, two years at 60/6. Got them home by floats per Lloyd Newcombe. Alan and Ronnie Seymour dressed ewes and lambs. 390 Xbred ewes and 275 lambs. Used AHP drench.


Sat. 3rd Dec.

Alan made 306 bales lucerne hay at lower end of the lucerne paddock. Neil drove the truck and I loaded on three loads. We finished up at dark. Extremely cold night and a frost in the morning.


Thur. 8th Dec.

We completed the last of the baling this morning. Baled 301 on the ten acre patch, second cut. Beautiful prime lucerne and they are very heavy bales. Neil, Alan and I drawing lucerne in.

Had to shoot another bally heifer. She couldn't calve.

Glor and I drove to Willow Tree. Funeral of Clarie Saunders. Aged 56.


Fri. 9th Dec.

Alan, Neil and I finished drawing in the last of the lucerne hay. We stacked 301 more bales in armco shed and topped up the bay in the north east corner.

Neil and I erected marquee tent in Willow Tree for concert. We all attended concert and prize giving to school children.


Thur. 15th Dec.

Our 110 sucker lambs averaged 81/6. Three steers sold at £30-19-0. Three calves at £24-11-0. One cow at £23-18-0. Pops steers sold today. 28 poll hereford steers and 11 hereford steers sold at £42-0-0 and £36-17-0. Alan and I crutched about 400 young merino ewes today. I age marked Xbred ewes. Turned 59 young ewes down bottom end of "Yarrabah" 53 older ewes into lucerne paddock.


Sun. 18th Dec.

We all drove to "Quondah" and had lunch wiyh Mum. Spent all afternoon there. Called at Ron and Dettes. I greased the Humber on the "Quondah" ramp.


Mon. 19th Dec.

Neil and I cultivated firebreaks again on "Yarrabah". We did twice around with the cultivator and up the centre track. Heavy shower this afternoon and it rained for the rest of the day.

Knight sent out an 8 valve Philips Radiogram on trial, but we decided to keep the 5 valve Phillips at £157-10-0. We all drove to Quirindi when it started raining and did some Xmas shopping.


Sun. 25th Dec.

Beaut Xmas morning! Mummy and all the kids round the Xmas tree in the lounge room and I handing out the presents. I got a lovely pen from Glor, a Watermans. All went to Warrah Creek church to the service at 11am. Afternoon we drove to Bridge's at Werris Creek. Joined the Bridge family and Bert and Nell. Had great meal there and home at 11.30pm.

Wed. 28th Dec.

Put 9 gallons in tank today. We all left home in Humber Snipe and the caravan on start of trip to Melbourne. Millage at start, 20,318. Left home at 8am. Lunch at Maitland at midday. Heavy rain at Newcastle. Arrived at Kurringai at 6pm. Camped there for the night. Hot showers, poer points. Did 230 miles.


Thur. 29th Dec.

Eight and a half gallons of petrol this morning. Left Kurringai at 7.30am. Turned off Pacific Highway at Hornsby. Drove through Liverpool, followed Hume highway to Goulburn. Lunch there. Federal highway and drove to Canberra to the tourist camp. Distance 203 miles.


Fri. 30th Dec.

Drove around the Federal Capital City. Had a look through the War Memorial. Took snapshots. Drove to the USA war memorial. 26o feet high! Had a swim in the new olympic baths.


Sat. 31st Dec.

Six and a half gallons of petrol this morning. Left at 6.40am without the caravan. Drove to Cooma, 73 miles. Very rough gravel road all the way. To Jindabyne, bitumin for 26 miles. Lunch at Jindabyne. Climbed 5000 feet to half a mile from Kosciosko. Walked from car to summit. Height 7313 feet. Walked over ice and snow to the very top. Took snapshots. Back via Guthega Dam and Mungang Power Station to Island Bend. Drove back to Cooma via Jindabyne.




[1956 was a great year for rain. There was 31 inches. Another  big flood in Feb but this one was more localised and mainly just a cloud burst up in the range. There was no real dry period]


Mon. 2nd Jan.

11 gallons of petrol this morning. We packed up our camp at Canberra tourist park and left at 8.30pm. Drove to Yass and joined the Hume Highway. Pulled in to see the 'Dog on the Tuckerbox' five miles from Gundagai. Had lunch there at the brand new kiosk that was only opened this week. Arrived Albury Show Ground Camp. We travelled 222 miles today. Rained all afternoon.


Tues. 3rd Jan.

I drove down to main part of Albury. Found the Roots Group Garage. Had the Humber Snipe serviced, oil changed, Diff gearbox and steering topped up. New oil seal put in rear back wheel. Milage on Humber at service, 21,370. Picked up a parcel from home containing my field glasses and Timmys sandals. Sent by Joyce to Albury PO.

After lunch we all drove on round trip to the Hume Weir on the Murray River. After tea we drove in to Hoytz Plaza Theatre. Saw "Davy Crocket".


Wed 4th Jan.

18 gals petrol. Left Albury at 8.15am. Drove across Victorian border and headed south west along Hume Highway. Lunch at Seymour after doing 140 miles. Showers set in and we arrived at the Coberg Camp on outskirts of Melbourne. Weather has turned very cold and wet.


Thur. 5th Jan.

After late breakfast we drove in to Melbourne via Elizabeth st. Left car near the big General Hospital. Took tram on into city and looked through some of the shops. Lunch in the city. Afternoon we looked through the melbourne museum. Tram back to the car and we drove to the Hoytz Picture Theatre. Saw "Living Desert" and "Captain Light Foot".


Fri. 6th Jan.

Drove to Melbourne Zoo all day.


Sat. 7th Jan.

9 gals petrol. Drove right through the centre of Melbourne and out along the eastern shore of the bay. Had lunch at Mordialloc. Hundreds of cars and thousands of people all out in the Bay swimming and sunbaking. We called at Port Melbourne, Seamans mission. Spent couple of hours with Mrs Eldridge-Doyle and their little girl.


Sun. 8th Jan.

10 gals petrol. We travelled 216 miles from Coburg camp to Lakes Entrance. Beautiful road. Left at 7.30am this morning, lunch at Sale, arrived at 4pm.


Mon. 9th Jan.

We all walked over the long bridge to the surf beach. Had a surf and sunbaked all morning. Went to the lake after lunch. Stayed there until 3pm. Storms drove us back to the caravan. Neil made friends with a boy, Ian Robinson from Farrer. Neil and Ian went to the Pictures by themselves in Lakes Entrance.


Tues. 10th Jan.

We left camping area at Lakes Entrance at 7.30am. Good bitumin road for 60 miles. Then gravel surface for 100 miles. Had lunch at Genoa. From there to Eden the road was terrible. Steep grades, sharp bends, narrow gravel surfaced and full of pot holes and corrigates. Eden to Bega was mostly bitumin. Camped the night a mile out of Bega. 210 miles travelled today.


Wed 11th Jan.

Left camp at 7.40am and drove through Bega. Bit of gravel but mostly good bitumin road to the Princess Highway to Woolongong. Though Milton, Nowra, Batemans Bay , Kiama. Stopped at Kiama for a bit. Some heavy rain today. Arrived at Stuart Camping area at 6pm. Just out of Woolongong.


Thur. 12th Jan.

I drove in to the Post Office in Woolongong and phoned Allen Bridge at home. He and family are looking after "Yarrabah". No rain there. First news from home since we left two weeks ago. Too cool to swim in surf so we went to the baths.


Sat. 14th Jan.

At Stuart Park, Woolongong. Very hot this morning and weather has fined up. I drove from our camp into Woolongong and left the battery at the Humber garage. Phoned Rezzonico's to book seats for the Water Follies. We all surfed at Woolongong beach. Good surf. Afternoon we all saw the surf carnival on beach. Also briefly watched a cricket match on the Sports Ground.


Thur. 19th Jan.

Eight and a half gallons of petrol. We left Woolongong at 7.45am. Drove via Picton road to top of Bulli and then via Western Highway to Flemmington. Stayed at saleyards till 2.15pm. Pop brought 36 steers down for the sales. Set out for Narrabeen. Landed at Lake Park at 4.30pm and set up camp.


Fri. 20th Jan.

Weather is cold and showery this morning so we didn't go to the beach. All drove in the Humber to Manly. Left car near the wharf and caught ferry to the Quay. Saw Hilda Tourle and John on the ferry. They are staying at Manly. All went to the pictures at the state theatre and saw "Doctor at Sea". Caught ferry back to Manly. Saw Agnes Rose on the ferry. They are living at Parks and Bud Rose is Headmaster to 26 teachers.

Sat. 21st Jan.

Beautiful warm sunny day. All had great time at the beach. Sunbaking and swimming in the channel. Had snack and caught bus to Manly. Ferry to the Quay. Bus to Kings Cross and we walked to White City. We saw the "Water Follies". Beaut show! Back to Narrabeen by bus and ferry. Saw Hilda Tourle and her three oldest boys.

[There's not much on the net about the "Water Follies"! All I can gather is that it was "Sam Snyders Water Follies", an international display of swimming and diving, possibly in a lead up to the Melbourne Olympics to be held later in the year. They had crowds of up to ten thousand! They performed at stadiums all around the world in giant portable pools. Held at White City Sydney.]


Mon. 23rd Jan.

Up at 5.45am. Got everything loaded into car and caravan and left Lake Park at 7.30am. Lunch at Belmont. Glor drove all the way home from Maitland as I felt a bit crook. Arrived home at 5.45pm and found everything OK. Bridge family have looked after the place well.


Tues. 31st Jan.

All of us set off for Tamworth early. Got Neil back to the Hostel at 8.50am. Paid the Hostel fees and left £11-0-0 as Neils allowance for the first term. Glor and I interviewed the Head, Mr Hornibrook. Neil got a splendid pass in the Intermediate exams.

Called at Quirindi for tea at "Myanbah". Glor played in night comp while I saw the picutre, "Calamity Jane".


Mon. 6th Feb.

Used flame thrower and burnt about 100 acres plains grass in lower part of "Yarrabah".

Allen Bridge took the truck and boom spray and sprayed some burrs in the 70 acre. Pop came out this afternoon.

Glor did sixteen, 31" jars of Elberta peaches.


Thur. 9th Feb.

Still raining today. Rezzonico sold 5 little hereford heifers at £22-17-0. Also two mungrel bulls at £19-16-0 and £13-6-0.

Glor and I drove to Werris Creek after lunch. I attended store cattle sale by Slacksmith and O'Neil. Good yarding of hereford steers and heifers.

We had to stay the night at Allen Bridges as road was cut off at Quipolly by flood waters. Terrific rain at Werris Creek.


Wed. 15th Feb.

Drove truck up to the farm paddock and sprayed burrs in two of the gullies. Then I burnt out all the plains grass between the two gullies in the top paddock. Glor and I drove to Willow Tree in the Austin with stock crate and brought out the 5 new steers that we purchased in Scone yesterday.

All drove to Quirindi after tea. I played in night comp with the Vipers V Caroona. We won by 17 games. Glor and the boys went to the pictures.


Sat. 18th Feb.

Another 29 points rain overnight. I trimmed the hedge on east side of house but too wet to do much else.

Rogie, Timmy and I drove out to machinery sale on Miller Creek Plains block. Neil McPherson who share farms there has sold up all his farming plant. Steady rain set in again late.


Sun. 19th Feb.

Roger and Timmy brought us in a cuppa in bed this morning. Weather fined up for a while but then we got another huge storm this afternoon. Jacks Creek came down a banker. Biggest flood on record in Warrah Creek. Flood went into Arthurs sheds and Brechts home and the church.


[Ron Barwick said of this flood,.....]

"On 19th February 1956 a frightful cloud burst at the head of Warrah Ck caused the highest flood in the creek. The flood entered the sheds and flooded all around Arthur Barwicks house and went through Ern Brecht (Burnside) and Leon Saunders homes. Very lucky that Jim and Beryl had moved."

[In June of 1955, after the February floods earlier in the year, Jim and Beryl Meredith, having decided to move their home from flood danger, had purchased forty acres from the Carter family, east of the Warrah Ck road. The home "Beaumont" was moved whole to the new site. Had it been in it's original spot, it too would have had flood water go through it!]


Tues. 21st Feb.

Up early and I fogged the 650 ewes with aldrin mixed at 250 to 1. Glor and I drove to Quirindi and attended sheep and cattle sale. Clearance sale of Emu Holes stock. Cattle sold this afternoon. Very dear prices!

I bought 19 head steers at £26-1-0. Also 17 black polls.

Meeting tonight to reform the Jacks Creek Tennis Club.

[Well That explains why they have been playing tennis at Quirindi all the time recently?]


Fri. 24th Feb.

I finished crutching the 168 lambs and 11 old ewes and turned them back into lower lucerne paddock. Burned a heap more grass. Alan sprayed burrs with boom spray down lower paddock of "Yarrabah" in the silted parts where very thick.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I went to Quirindi. I played in night comp V Kangaroos. They won by 4 games. Glor and the boys went to the flicks.

Thur. 1st March.

Working Bee to burn grass on Jacks Creek tennis courts and draw gravel and sand. Allen and I drove the Austin to Ron Symonds and Hector took his truck. Hector, Jim Sevil, Bill Daly and Pat Kenny also loading trucks.

Afternoon Allen and I sprayed 2 drums of estex on burrs in "Yarran" near "Silsoe" fence.


Sat. 3rd March.

Glor had full day in at Willow Tree helping at stall in aid of P.and C. Assoc. The ladies made £44-0-0. State elections today in booths at Willow Tree and Jacks Creek hall. I mowed the lawns and rotary hoed the orchard.


Mon. 5th March.

Glor and I drove to Willow Tree and picked up Roger and Timmy. On up to Quirindi for days annual schools swimming carnival. Country kids verses town kids. Ian Tourle won the boys championship and Glenda Dodds the girls.

Allen started about midday to cultivate paddock at end of the lane. Finished there and started on the burrs in 40 acre.


Tues. 6th March.

Mustered the ewes in "Yarrabah" and found about 100 flyblown. Allen and I spent most of the day scrutching and dressing ewes. We did 203 ewes and 7 rams. Allen did a few hours work in the 40 acres with the disk cultivator. Cecil Ham finished cutting burrs in "Yarrabah" and commenced in "Yarran" plain at the mill.


Mon. 12th March.

The four of us drove to Walcha this morning. Met Aunt Maud and Doris Ferris at Walcha and picked up Aunt Maud. Left Walcha at 1pm and drove back to Tamworth. Picked up Neil at the Hostel and went down town and had a cuppa and went shopping. Took Neil back to Hostel. Left for home via Werris Creek and called in and saw Alex Mason re building at "Yarrabah". Dropped Aunt Maud at "Quondah" with Mum.


Mon. 19th March.

I had a full day with the disk cultivator in the 40 acre paddock. Very slow ploughing as the burrs are so big that they are clogging up the disks. Light drizzle set in late this arvo and weather is quite cold.

Phoned Qdi hospital and found that Mum is to have an operation on her elbow.


Thur. 22nd March.

Glor and I had a trip to Werris Creek this morning. Ordered Wunderlich ceiling for our three bedrooms and the hall from Edwards Store. Had lunch with Joyce and family. Back to Quirindi and we called to see Mum in the public ward.

Attended meeting at Graziers called to discuss the shearers strike.


Fri. 23rd March.

Took the side delivery rake down to the 40 acre and raked up the burrs into rows. After lunch Mick Boyle came with his Berriman Loader. He commenced loading gravel in Hectors creek at 2pm. Got stuck on first load and I pulled him out with tractor. He got two loads for my road today. Also brought out one load of gravel from Heymans creek for concrete work.

I mustered all the "Yarrabah" ewes in the evening ready to go through in the morning for flies.


Thur. 29th March.

Glor and I drove to Tamworth today in the truck. I loaded on pine timber for our additions to house. Also some hardwood slabs at Armstrong's. Brought Neil home from Hostel for Easter. Called at Werris Creek. Called to see Alex Mason re the building job.

Glor bought a beaut new costume from Treloars.

Our 111 Xbred lambs sold to £5-18-0 at Flemmington.


Fri. 30th March.

The boys helped me unload and stack the sawn timber from Armstrongs. Then they helped me burn the racked up burrs in the 40 acre paddock. Terrific lot of burrs that I ploughed up and raked into rows and they are now dry enough to burn.


Sun. 1st April.

Glor, our three boys and I drove to "Quondah" this morning. Picked up Mum and Aunt Maud. Onto Willow tree and attended Easter service. Brought Mum and Aunt Maud out here for dinner. All went for a drive around the place and looked at the country and stock.


Mon. 2nd April.

All five of us drove to Quipolly this morning to their sports day in aid of church funds. Had lunch there and saw some of the events. Returned to Quirindi and watch the finals of the Qdi Easter tennis tourney. Junior players representing Slazenger, Dunlop, and Spalding were competing.

Had tea at "Myanbah" and all went to the pictures at night, taking Nanna with us.


Tues. 10th April.

Tony and Maurice are shearing my "Yarrabah" ewes. Brian is working on the table. We started on my young merino ewes. They are cutting very nice wool and quite good fleece for only 7 months wool. Roger worked in the shed all day today. He picked up fleeces and swept floor.

Cecil Ham worked all day on tractor with the Harvey cultivator in the 40 acre cultivation paddock.


Thur. 12th April.

We finished the autumn shearing today. Maurice and Tony each shore 327 ewes and with the 8 that I shore that were flyblown, makes total of 662 ewes. 512 merinos and 150 Xbred.

Cecil Ham finished the 40 acre with the cultivator.


Sun. 15th April.

The boys brought us in a cuppa this morning and we stayed in bed till late.

After lunch we picked up Mum and Aunt Maud and went out to Wallabadah road to "Weston". Tom Uppertons place. Service and the "Blessing of the Plough". Large gathering. Afternoon tea afterwards. Back to "Quondah" for tea.


Thur. 19th April.

Glor and I attended Agricultural Bureau Field Day held at Warrah Station and Warrah hall. We inspected the merino studs, polled and horned. The shorthorn stud cows and bulls. Also the santa gertrudis bull joined to herd of polled shorthorn cows. Lunch and then a number of lectures at Warrah Creek hall.


Sun. 22nd April.

Service this morning at Jacks Creek.

Afternoon Glor played in Murrurundi tennis comp with Jacks Creek verses Warrah Creek. Warrah Creek won 7 sets to 2 sets.


Tues. 24th April.

Sent mixed truck load of sheep to Willow Tree per Bernards for Flemmington. Consisted of 52 Xbred lambs, 14 aged ewes and 30 cull merino wethers. I mustered the plain paddock wethers and Glor helped me draft out the wrinkly culls. Brought the 52 lambs and 14 old ewes out of the lucerne paddock. Found ten wethers badly flystruck with body strike.


Thur. 26th April.

Truck of sheep sold at Flemmington. 52 lambs at £5-10-1. 31 wethers at 71/-. 13 aged Xbred ewes at 66/-.

Glor and I drove to Tamworth for the day. Purchased 20 young jersey heifers, about 15 to 18 months old, at £18-10-0 per head. Owner is Tom McKnight. Agent EE Upjohn.

Saw Neil for a while after school and we had a cuppa down at Kenny's.


Fri. 27th April.

I rode round farm paddock this morning. Counted the wethers and found them all there and none fly blown. Cut burrs up near the road. Burnt some more grass in top paddock near the road. Found some mint weed down in lower part of "Yarrabah" and I cleaned it up with the flame thrower.

Burnie Howard landed here the 20 young jersey heifers from Tamworth.

We all attended card party in Willow Tree in aid of Lorraine Hall, the CWA Queen.


Fri. 4th May.

Cecil Ham came out for work today. We drew in a few big loads of firewood on the Austin truck. Cecil and I spent a few hours cutting wood with saw bench before lunch. Had three hours cutting after lunch and also cut up some old posts.


Sat. 5th May.

Roger, Timmy and I marked the Jacks Creek tennis court this morning.

After lunch we drove to Quirindi. Kids went to the flicks and I played comp tennis match with Kookas V Magpies. They won 8 sets to 1 set.


Sun. 6th May.

Working bee at Schofields getting firewood for the school. I took truck in and got load of sawn wood and took it into the school. Hector also took load in.

Glor and I played with Jacks Creek V Murrurundi Macs in comp match.

I drove to "Quondah" after tea for a while with Mum and Aunt Maud.


Tues. 8th May.

I drove my truck with Jim Sevil, Jack Ham and Pat Kenny round to Ron Symonds and collected two loads of red sand. Brought the 2 loads up to the lower end of the Jacks Creek tennis court and we spread it over the salt that the chaps had put on the court a few days ago.


Tues. 15th May.

I rode up to the 50 acre paddock and helped Joe Shoobert get the 36 steers away for Willow Tree trucking yards. I rounded up the 300 farm paddock wethers and cleaned and dressed two wethers for body fly strike.

Neil, Roger and Timmy and I drove to Willow Tree. We put Neil on the flyer for Tamworth. He is staying the night with Eric Woods and then catching bus at 6am tomorrow for trip to Queensland with his football team.

Attended stock sale in Willow Tree but didn't buy anything. Cecil Ham lopped the four pepper trees on west side of the house.


Sun. 20th May.

Glor, Roger and I drove to Werris Creek for all day tennis match V Werris Creek. We played 8 gents and 6 ladies. Our team won fairly comfortably.

All drove to Wallace's after tea for a bon-fire and cracker night.


Tues. 22nd May.

Cecil Ham finished the big gully crossing ain south west corner of 50 acre paddock along the road boundary. I took the tractor up and cleared the next crossing of old timber. He and I completed this with heavy netting. After lunch we commenced hanging netting on the last gully along the road boundary.

Phoned Neil tonight and heard all about his trip to Brisbane with the touring school football players. Neil played a match on Thursday and Saturday.

Pop Ferris purchased 24 acres lucerne flats joining "Myanbah" from Faint at £1400.


Fri. 25th May.

I mustered "Yarran" plain wethers to the shed. Found 9 more wethers badly flyblown. Shore blown patches and dressed them. Burnt a couple of patches of old grass in the plain paddock.

I attended public meeting in Willow Tree hall. Protest meeting against cancelling of Howards free High School bus.


Fri. 1st June.

Left home at 9.30am in the Snipe with Glor, Neil and Neils mate, Bruce Clark. Left Rogie and Timmy at home with Nanna and Mrs McCaw. Stopped for lunch at Mayfield. Rain set in at Singleton and it rained all the rest of the way. Had lunch at Mayfield. Round into Elizabeth street and left Neil and Bruce Clark at Ritz Hotel. The Humber was parked in Grimes Garage in George St.


Sat. 2nd June.

Breakfast at the Criterion Hotel. Caught tram out to Sports Ground in Centenial Park. Neil is captain of the Tamworth No.1 under 16s hockey team. They won three matches today. They beat Taree 1-0. Newcastle No.3, 6-0. Then beat the Sydney No. 1 team 1-0. Neil had dinner with us tonight and Neil and Glor went to the Tivoli at night.


Sun. 3rd June.

Glor and I caught a taxi out to Centenial Park to watch hockey matches. Saw Neil's No.1 team win another match. They beat Bathurst. Back to Hotel with the Tamworth team in their bus. Joined their bus load of hockey players again at 2pm and had a look over the Flagship Aircraft carrier 'Melbourne'. Very interesting. Graham Preston is the boys coach and manager.


Mon. 4th June.

Staying at Criterion Hotel in Pitt Street. Tarrif for bed and breakfast 27/6 per day. Took taxi out to Wentworth Park to watch hockey. Neil's No.1 Tamworth team played Newcastle No.1 and lost by 0-1. A very hard fand evenly fought match. In the final Newcastle No.1 team beat Bathurst.

Glor and I went to St James Theatre at night.


Thur. 7th June.

Drove to Quirindi and took Nanna home. Back to Willow Tree and witnessed laying of foundation stone by the Governer, Sir John Northcott. Had lunch at Willow Tree tennis courts, supplied by sports queen supporters. 

I mustered wethers in plain paddock and found them OK. Cecil Ham finished sowing oats in the 40 acre paddock. We sowed at rate of 40 lbs per acre.


Sat. 9th June.

We all drove to Quirindi for comp tennis. Magpies beat us 5 sets to 4 sets. Roger and Timmy went to the matinee.

I sold two bags of pumpkins, 20 to a bag, at 28/- per bag to Mr Notaris of the Busy Bee cafe.


Fri. 15th June.

Not feeling too good today. I did a few jobs around the house this morning. Fixed a rod for hanging clothes in the cupboard in Glors Sewing room. Afternoon I greased the truck.

At night we attended CWA Younger Set Ball in Willow Tree. Enjoyed it very much

[Edgars been having some troubles with piles the last few months which I've not really bothered to mention. However it's getting a bit worse now and he gets an injection from Dr Cowlishshaw. His piles end up as an Abscess.

Gloryna writes the diary now for a bit till Edgar takes over again.]


Fri. 22nd June.

[Glorina] John is so uncomfortable and suffering so much pain that we went back up to see Dr Cowlishaw again, who appeared quite philosophical about it and gave him a supply of goo to use. Quite futile and my poor darling had another very bad night.


Mon. 25th June.

[Glorina] John is no better today. Something will have to be done soon. He stayed in bed all day. Kiddies are marvelous and have taken over looking after the dogs, the wood and they milked the cows this morning. A slow process for all concerned. Measured 116 points of rain for last 24 hours.


Tues.26th June.

[Gloryna]. John had a very bad night and is suffering a great deal of pain and is vomiting all his food up. I took him up to Dr Cowlishaw again this morning, who put him into the hospital immediately. Intermediate ward. I bought a pair of flannelette jamas for him at Reilly's at 46/-. Had a bit of lunch with Mum and went back to the hospital at 2pm. It's such a relief to have him under skilled care. My efforts are definately elementary and mostly quite futile.


Wed. 27th June.

[Gloryna]. People rang from everywhere offering assistance. Wallace rode down and looked round the ewes. All well. I drove to Quirindi after lunch and found my honey very poorly. A severe bout of pain and his vomiting again after lunch left him very flat. My poor darling. Ron and grandma visited. Very bleak and cold day. Rang Neil to tell him of Dads illness.


Sat. 30th July

[Edgar writing now] Had the best and soundest sleep I've had for a fortnight. Pain has nearly disappeared now and I can even walk about. Still taking penicillan. Treatment includes 2 or 3 baths a day. My sweetheat and the two boys called in today. Roger and Timmy went to the matinee movie this afternoon. Glor stayed and Dave, Maria and Jack Ham called in for a while. Also Maurice Seymour called in for a yarn after tea.

Nurses, Sisters and Matrons at Quirindi hospital. I suppose Edgar is bored?

Tues. 3rd July.

The pain came back again today. Walked to X-ray room where Sister Burraston gave me chest X-ray. Down to office and rang home at 4.15pm but only got Rogie. Pleased to be back into bed as abscess is stirred up again.

Allen Bridge called in this afternoon. Also brother Ron came for a big yarn after tea. Gee its marvellous how many people have been helping keeping in touch with me in hospital.


Fri. 6th July.

Lew Hoad beat Ken Rosewall in four sets in the final at Wimbledon.

I had a needle this morning that made me very drowsey. About 10am Dr Cooper and Dr Cowlishaw came along and had an inspection. Both of them had a go at the abscess and declared that they had cleaned it up pretty good.

After lunch Jim Sevil called for a yarn. Also Arthur Barwick. Pop came up and we played cribbage for a good few hours. Great way of putting in time. After tea Mum and Ron turned up and had a great old yarn.


Mon. 9th July.

Clive Sharrock near me in No. 2 bed had operation for hernia. He had an injection instead of chloroform and wasn't sick at all after the operation!

I had a bad morning. Abscess stired up and Dr Cowlishaw probed it. Hell!!!.

Glor came to see me for all of the afternoon. We had a great afternoon and heaps of laughs. Maurice Seymour called and arranged that he would get all the lambs marked as soon as possible. Great news. Harold Golland and Mick Makum called to see Clive Sharrock and I had yarns with them.


Thur. 12th July.

Very cold showery day. Stayed in bed most of the day. I find Clive Sharrock, my room mate a very good company.

Well off for visitors again today. Arthur Barwick and Jack Ryder called for a yarn. Ruth Sevil popped in. After tea Bruce and Barbara Hughes paid me a visit.

I went and saw Bunty Hall in the other ward.

3rd Test commenced. At one stage England was 3 wickets down for 17 runs but ended up 4 for 204.


Sat 14th July.

3rd Test. England total 325. Australia 6 wickets for 81 runs.

Glor visited me all day today. She brought Rogie and Timmy up for a while. Ray Fletcher called for a while. Jack Barwick.

Went and saw Bunty Hall again and old Walter Barwick.


Mon. 16th July.

Glor rang the hospital and told me that brother Ron, Maurice, Ronnie and Brian Seymour, and Lew Snape had our lambs drafted off and ready to be marked. I phoned later at 2.30pm and they had finished marking 501 lambs from the 550 ewes.

Had a pretty good morning but Dr had big check up in the theatre. Used forceps and probes for 20 minutes and stirred things up pretty well. Very sore.

Good old Jack Ryder called again and brought me the late papers. Pop called for a yarn this arvo. Vicar Bagnall called in for a few minutes.


Tues. 17th July.

Dr Cowlishaw gave me clearance from hospital this morning. Phoned Glor and she drove up for me about midday. Bert, Nell, Annette and Ian called in to see me this morning.

We drove home and arrived in time for lunch. It's great to be home again. The country is absolutely water logged but plenty of feed about.


Tues. 24th July.

Frost again this morning but then the weather turned unsettled. Glor and I drove to Quirindi this morning. I called on Dr Cowlishaw and had a check up. He is not satisfied as there is still a lump where the abscess was. Dr Cowlishaw is making an appointment for me in Sydney with a specialist at an early date.

Called on Ken Thomas to have Glors Tax returns done. He also agreed to do my income Tax returns from this year.


Thur. 26th July.

Maurice Seymour spent the day here. He mustered up the plain paddock wethers. Total 803. I helped draft out about 130 dirty or wool blind wethers and Maurice cleaned them up.

Brother Ron came over and counted all our cattle. On "Yarrabah" we have 51 cows and heifers. Also 32 calves. "Yarran" we have 84 steers and Glor has 30 steers.


Fri. 27th July.

I took a load of Willow Tree school boys and Mr Kelly down to Murrurundi to play football. Our Willow Tree team won 17-3.


Wed. 1st Aug.

Glor, Rogie, Timmy and I drove to Tamworth after lunch. Picked up Neil and all his clothes, blankets etc and brought him home from the Hostel. Neil is going to take care of the place while Glor and I are in Sydney.


Fri. 3rd Aug.

After lunch Glor and I drove to "Quondah" for the afternoon. Spent a couple of hours with Mum. We went over to Rons for afternoon tea and had a yarn. They showed us through their new building. Everything very nice but not complete yet.


Mon. 6th Aug.

Have received the call to go to Sydney. I have to be in Sydney Royal North Shore on Wednesday morning.

Neil and I rounded up the eight cows and calves and took them to Bill Dalys yards to be floated to Willow Tree for Ryder and Wells.


Tues. 7th Aug.

 Glor and I completed our packing etc this morning. Bishop Moyes and Vicar Bagnall called to see us this morning. Received the Bishops blessings and best wishes which has given me an uplift in moral. Rogie went to Quirindi with his school to compete in interschool sports.

Glor, Neil, Timmy and I drove to Willow Tree train station. Picked up John Coombes. John drove the car back to Binghams and Neil drove the rest of way home.

Glor and I had a good trip on the flyer to Hornsby. Arrived at 8.10pm. Caught electric to St Leonards. Taxi from there to Crows Nest Hotel. Booked in there for the night.


Wed. 8th Aug.

Glor and I had breakfast at Crows Nest Hotel. Caught train to St Leonards. Walked from there to Royal North Shore Hospital. I was admitted to ward 5 in Wakehurst Wing. Glor helped me settle in and put clothes away. Dr Vines gave me a thorough overhaul and declared me to be sound as abell as far as heart and blood pressure etc. Later in afternoon Dr Lowenthal, the specialist came along and examined me. Told Glor and me that my trouble is definately a cancer in the lower bowel but has good hope that it is in early stage. My sweetheart stayed with me till 8pm.


Thur. 9th Aug.

Spent very good night in ward No.5 in Wakehurst Wing. Had bath and shower before breakfast. Glor came along from 10am to 12.15am. Also from 2pm to after 4pm. Glor brought along a friend from the hotel Mrs Stranach whose husband is also in hospital. They stayed until 7.45pm and then they both went to the pictures.

I wrote a letter to Mum this arvo. Glor phoned Ron last night and told him what's happening.

I hired a wireless radio from Huckell Radio Hire.


Mon. 13th Aug.

What Joy this morning when Glor brought me letters from all three of our beautiful boys! Great news from home. Everything is going along alright and our family are quite OK.

Rev Siddons very kindly came this morning and gave Glor and me Holy Communion. Glor as usual spent most of the day with me which keeps the days bright and cheerful. Auntie Corrie came along for the afternoon.


Tues. 14th Aug.

Well the big day is here at last!. Wakened at 4.45am and had an hour and quarter bowel wash. Had quite a good doze and later had a good wash in the tub.


[Gloryna does the diary now and does it for the next 4 weeks!]


[Gloryna]. Ron arrived at Hotel before breakfast. Oh heavens, so thankful to see anyone in my life! We went to the hospital at 9.30am and found my darling happy and brave as a lion. Left him at 10.15 as they took him into the theatre. We returned to the Hotel and waited anxiously. Visited hospital at 2.50pm. John was conscious but very sleepy and having a blood transfusion.


Wed. 15th Aug.

[Gloryna] Ron and I caught train at St Leonards and went out to Strathfield to call on Mrs Giovanelli and Gwen. Enjoyed our visit and had lunch. Called to see John in afternoon. He is quite satisfactory but uncomfortable. He is being fed intraveinously through his wrist. We called again at night for a while. Mrs Ken Saunders called to see me. Ron rang Dette. Everything OK at Willow Tree. Finished shearing wethers at "Yarrabah". Pressed 16 bales of wool from 557 wethers.


Fri. 17th Aug.

[Gloryna] Ron left for home at 2pm after visiting John. Very sorry to part with him and lonely after he had gone but when I went back to the hospital all is well when I'm with my honey. A step forward today. The tube has been removed from Johns nose, which is a great relief. Visited again at night. He also had tube from stomach removed. Rector Siddens called for a few minutes. Letter from Gran and long letters from Neil and Roger. Everything is fine at home.


Mon. 20th Aug.

[Gloryna] Visited hospital three times again today. A marked improvement in John today. Mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch and a cuppa for afternoon tea. Ron Crocker from Gaspard called in for a while. Also Ena McMaster and miss Hills. Auntie Corrie called in and collected Johns laundry. She is going to stand in for me while I go home for a few days. I did my packing etc and got to bed in good time ready for a flying start tomorrow.


Tues. 21st Aug.

[Gloryna] Rose at 6.30am. Had cuppa at 7am and set forth in taxi to station. Electric train to Hornsby. Flyer for home. Neil and Dette met me. Picked up the Snipe at Binghams. Everything marvellous at home and kiddies too good to be true! Neil went through all the accounts etc. Ron Dette, Garndma and Aunt Maud came over after tea. Neil and I nattered until after 1am.


Wed. 22nd Aug.

[Gloryna] Boys and I went to Quirindi right after breakfast. Did shopping. Home for lunch. Neil took us down the plain in the Austin. Feed is plenty. Ewes and lambs look extra well but a few ewes getting dirty so Ron is going to have them attended to. Packed Timmys port to go to Quirindi for holidays. Rogers to go to Queensland and mine to go back to Sydney. Went to the train with the Tourles. At station, Ian, Roger, Steve Benham, Hilton Ingal boarded train for trip to Barrier Reef. Y.A.L. tour. I caught North West Mail to Sydney.


Mon. 27th Aug.

[Gloryna] Made my usual three treks to ward 5. Changed library books for us both. Never have I seen a fellow read like John. Got a letter from Ron. Everything well at home. Also card from Bess Potts and letter from Vicor Bagnall.


Tues. 28th Aug.

[Gloryna] Kept up my visiting program. Just love going to the hospital and spending time with John. Got a call from Ron. He and Neil marked 20 more lambs. Put dry ewes in plain. Put black polls into the oats. Got a letter from Nanna. Timmy and Adrian are spending the holidays with her. Auntie Corrie and Uncle Jack had the afternoon with us at the hospital. I rang Heather Goddard.


Tues. 4th Sept.

[Gloryna] Three times again today. John is slowly improving. Tail is still very sore. Auntie Corrie rang saying a bundle of mail had arrived there for us. Roger arrived home at 5.30am from Y.A.L. tour to Queensland. He had a marvellous time.


Fri. 7th Sept.

[Gloryna] Another letter from Neil and an eleven page letter from Roger which we found intensely interesting. Busting to get home and find out the rest of the details about his trip. We put in quite a bit of time playing cards. Jack Ryder called with a Quirindi paper.


[Edgar writing again now]


Wed. 12th Sept.

Cuppa brought in by nurse Long at 5am as per usual. Had a bath. First bath for a month. Had a shave and wrote letter to Ron before breakfast. Breaky of porrage, 2 eggs and toast and tea. Glor came. Sister Stenning brought me a new colostomy belt and bag and fitted it. Dr Cumberland called on me to say goodbye. He stayed and had a yarn. He is a wonderful nice fellow.


Fri. 14th Sept.

Discharged from Royal North Shore Hospital this morning. Have paid £151 to hospital in full, for 37 days including extras, medicines, Tests, Xrays, operating theatre etc. I packed my bag. Got dressed by 9.30am. Paid the last account. Glor came for me with taxi at 10.15am. Was farewelled by four of the nurses and we left in the taxi and drove to Crows Nest. Glor packed up her luggage and we drove in taxi to 29 Hope Street, Balgowlah to stay with Uncle Jack and Aunt Corrie Tindall. Very nice welcome and felt at home straight away.


Fri. 21st Sept.

Neil mustered up cattle in the big oats paddock and also mustered all cattle in "Yarran" plain.

Glor drove to Quirindi and took Mrs McCaw home. She kept house for our boys for 6 weeks. I gave her £30-0-0.


Sun. 23rd Sept.

I stayed in bed all morning. Still very sore. Neil went with Milton to Warrah Creek for cricket.

We all drove to church this afternoon and met all the local folk.


Wed. 26th Sept.

Shearing resumed after a six weeks delay. Very lucky to secure Tony and Barry Barwick as shearers. Also Arthur, Milton and Neil in the shed. Ron came over and gave a great bit of help at pressing etc. They pressed six bales today. Tony shore 102 wethers and Barry 41 in a half day afternoon. Milton shore 22 this morning.

Brian Sattler and Rex Condron came this evening to commence job of setting up the Buzzacott spray dip.


Sat. 29th Sept.

We all drove out to McDonalds Creek this afternoon to sports day in Nelson Sevils paddock.


Mon. 1st Oct.

Tony and Barry resumed shearing on the "Yarran" farm weathers. Tony shore 122 and Barry 96. Tony did 37 in one run. Brian Seymour and Milton doing wool rolling and Neil the penning up, branding and helping with the pressing. They pressed 5 bales today. Wallace came along this arvo and helped press a couple of bales. Jack Ryder called in to say hello.


Fri. 5th Oct.

Brian Sattler and Rex Conron finished erecting the Buzzacott spray dip and I paid them off. £62-14-0 cost of erection of dip plus cost of reinforcing with steel mesh at £18-0-0. plus gravel, sand and 31 bags of cement.


Sat. 6th Oct.

R.C. tennis tourney at Jacks Creek hall. We went along for the afternoon and stayed for supper. Vicar and Mrs Bagnall called out here to see me and they came to the tennis courts for a while.


Sun. 7th Oct.

We all drove to Warrah Creek and watched Warrah Creek beat a Murrurundi team at cricket. Neil has joined the Warrah Creek cricket team.


Tues. 9th Oct.

Norman Kensell of H Kensell and Co called today. I purchased latest model Land Rover at £1094-0-0. Traded in the old Nash bomb.

Neil drafted out more cattle and turned them into the 80 acre cultivation. Neil did some of the fire breaks and thistles round the cement tanks with tractor and dozer.

Glor attended all day CWA meeting and party at Willow Tree hall.


Thur. 18th Oct.

All got up early this morning and drove to Tamworth. Took the Humber Snipe to Johm McGrath Motors for general overhaul. Had plugs and carburettor cleaned and tested. Braked adjusted and hand brake cable shortened. Some new rubber on bottom of doors. They took the rattle out of the steering column.

I took delivery of new Land Rover from Harold Kensell and Co. Roger and Timmy came with me when I drove it home. Neil stayed up at the Hostel to have a couple of night there.

The landrover, in a huge patch of variegated thistles.

Sat. 20th Oct. 

We all drove to Tamworth after early lunch and attended Fete at Presbyterian Hostel. Neil took part in gymnastics display during afternoon and also at night. Neil received Hockey Cup. We brought Wallace home at night. 


Sun. 21st Oct. 

Neil played his first cricket match with Warrah Creek Club. He made 25 runs including a six. He also took two wickets for two runs. Warrah Creek got an 8 pointer from Wallabadah.  

Glor, the boys and I drove the Land Rover down to the big cultivation paddock and inspected our fat steers. Beautiful feed. 


Fri. 26th Oct. 

We set in our motor ramp in front entrance. Brian had another days work here, and he and Neil and I pulled the ramp into position with tractor onto the concrete walls. Neil and Brian drew three loads gravel from the creek and built the approach on road side. I pushed a big heap of gravel into position on this side with the tractor and dozer blade. Light showers today. 


Sun. 28th Oct. 

Service in St Cuthberts this afternoon. Garden party at "Yarrabah" after church. A nice crowd came down and had afternoon tea on our lawn. 

Neil played cricket match at Warrah Creek Verses Scone. 


Sat. 3rd Nov. 

All drove to annual C. of E. Fete and Flower Show held in the Pavillion. Glor and Renee looked after the stall for Jacks and Warrah Creek. They made £34-0-0. A great success. About £300 made altogether. Pop and Nanna came out home to stay for a few days. 


Sun. 4th Nov. 

Glor, Roger, Timmy, Pop and Nanna and I attended car sports in Warrah paddock. Mostly visiting cars competing. Very good entertainment. I had a long yarn with Hilton Ashford.  

We all drove up to Wallace's to birthday party for Milton. 


Wed. 7th Nov.

We all and Pop and Nanna drove to Warrah Creek to the annual field day. We picked out 14 lambs and took over for entry in fat lamb comp. "Towarri" won the lamb comp with Dorset Horns. Ron won the sheep dog trial with his red bitch 'Tiny'. Neil and I brought Col Chads lambs back for him.


Fri. 9th Nov.

Neil and I finished the spray dip ready for use. Filled up the sump with 400 gallons water from the soft water tank at armco shed. We are using emusol, aldrin dip at rate of one gallon to 800 gallons of water. Glor helped us run the first of the "Yarran" plain wethers through. Finished the 800 wethers and 14 rams and also 56 Xbred dry ewes in early afternoon. Turned the 56 dry ewes into the 30 acre cultivation.

The spray dip in action at "Yarrabah". Behind is the shearing shed and sheep yards.

Fri. 16th Nov.

Insurance valuer revalued our house at £5,000. 

Mustered and drafted "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs again this morning. Les Hicks from Neville Greenwoods agency bought Murray Tyrell out and he bought 116 sucker lambs at 80/- per head. Tyrell also bought 13 black poll hereford steers. Price £36-0-0.

We all drove to Willow Tree to crowning of Queen in new Memroial hall. Mary Prisk won with over £1,000 collected. Helen Long was second and Lorraine Hall third. About  £2,900 collected all told.


Sat 17th Nov.

Neil and Tony Barwick drafted off the 13 black poll steers and also 3 vealers and took them up to Bill Dalys yards. Reg Nowlands truck took the cattle to Willow Tree. Neil and Tony went on and played cricket in Quirindi.

Glor gave a small party for Timmys birthday. The Ron Symonds came down. 


Thur. 22nd Nov.

Tony and Barry Barwick shore our 227 ewe lambs today. Neil and I did the shed work and pressed one bale. These are the first border leicester, merino ewe lambs from my 500 merino ewes. We skirted the lamb pieces and will have two bales fleece and one bale skirtings. 

Jim Relman inspected and bought my poll shorthorn bull at £78-15-0 for Ingall bros at Walhollow.


Wed. 28th Nov.

Glor played her first night tennis match in Quirindi for the season. She is playing with the Kookas, Shirley Saunders team. They lost by one game. 

I had about two hours with tractor and blade and cultivator. Ploughed up firebreak round the hay sheds and shearing shed.


Sat. 1st Dec.

We all drove to Quirindi this arvo. Neil played cricket with Warrah Creek V The Wanderers. Glor, Roger, Timmy and I visited Mum in hospital. She is getting on real well. We drove on up to Werris Creek to see the Bridge's. Had tea there and went to the pictures. Saw "A Town like Alice".


Sun. 2nd Dec.

Poor old Bunty Hall died in Quirindi hospital after being Ill for about 12 months. 

Glor and I drove up to Quirindi and saw Mum in hospital.

[They attended Bunty Halls funeral at St Albans, Quirindi the next day]


Fri. 7th Dec.

Neil mustered ewes and lambs to the shed. We drafted off all flyblown and dirty ewes and lambs. Total 160. Ronnie Seymour came over and we crutched them today. Neil did some crutching and is getting on quite well with it. Bert came down and looked at his steers.

Bill and Ray Callaghan and two other men came out and serviced Jack Sparrow mill. Had three lengths of new piping. 

Childrens concert in Willow Tree. We drove in to it in the land rover.


Sun. 9th Dec.

Glor, Roger, Timmy and I drove with Vic Killick up Jacks Creek canvassing for the 'Budget and Pledge Scheme'. Saw Bill and Valma Saunders, Brenda Stanley, old Sam Saunders and Col and Bill Daly. 

Neil played comp criket match with Warrah Creek V Wallabadah. Warrah won and got 6 points. We all drove to Wallabadah and watch the match.


Sat. 15th Dec.

Neil mowing thistles down. I drove to Quirindi and saw Dr Cooper this morning. Visited Mum in hospital. Glor and Neil helped with Xmas tree in our hall. 

All attended Xmas tree and dance at night at Jacks Creek. Reg Sevil was Santa Claus tonight.


Sun. 16th Dec.

We all drove to Wingen. Neil played all day cricket match with Warrah Creek. Neil made 30 runs. Maurice Seymour made 58. Hilton Ashford had lunch with us and we had quite a good yarn.


Sat. 22nd Dec.

Neil, Roger, Timmy and I drove to Willow Tree in the Landrover and brought home a bale of wool packs. After lunch, Roger, Timmy and I drove to "Quondah" and saw Mum and Aunt Maud for a while. Got two dressed chooks from Lila. Neil had a game of cricket at Warrah Creek.


Sun. 23rd Dec.

Afternoon service in our church. Special service of carol singing. Very large congregation. Tony and Niaree had their baby daughter Christened during the service.


Tues. 25th Dec.

We all rose at 5am. Had a cuppa and drove to Quirindi. Attended 6.30am communion service in St Albans.

Neil drove to "Quondah" and brought Mum and Aunt Maud over for Xmas day. The Bridge family arrived at "Yarrabah" this morning. Then Bervie and family with Pop and Nanna arrived. Had a great day with feeds of ham, poultry, salads, fruit salad and ice cream. Plenty of cold drinks.


Fri. 28th Dec.

We finished packing the caravan and got ready to leave for Narrabeen at 9am. Maitland for lunch at 1pm. Had extra good run all the way down. The Humber Snipe is running perfectly since John Coombs ground the valves. Car doing good milage. 9 gallons put in after doing 188 miles. Arrived at Lake Park at 7.15pm and erected our annex and set up camp in quick time.


Mon. 31st Dec.

All down to the beach at Narrabeen and had a surf this morning. We all caught a bus into Manly this afternoon to see some of the celebrations on New Years Eve. Walked around and had tea at a restaurant. Went to the Paladium Theatre and watched a film.








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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work

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I am Jack Kelaher and I am proud of my pop, dad and ancestors.

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