The Diary of Edgar Barwick

Edgar left these pieces of wood in the fork of an Apple box tree in the 1950's.

1925 to 1931

By Geoff Barwick.

Edgar was my grand father.




Selected diary notes of Edgar Barwick. Where brackets, "[ ... ]" are used, the words in them are additions by Geoff Barwick.


Edgar was born 11th May, 1909. So he was 16 years old when he was given his first diary for his sixteenth birthday and wrote his first note in it in 1925. He only recorded in his diary for 12 months from May 1925, but then started again in April 1930 and from then on recorded every day without fail.


Obviously, its a big enough job to just translate certain random days as I've done. There is no way I'd try to translate every day! It would just be too big and boring. Im just doing the odd day.


During week days, Edgars diary is just full of notes about everyday farm life. Crutching, sheering, mustering, cleaning maggots from sheep, cattle, weeds, rabbits, fencing, ploughing, drawing firewood, as in hauling firewood, etc, etc. Every weekend is also full of activity. The snipets I include hopefully give an idea of how they lived all those years ago up Warrah Creek.


Some of the places and families mentioned throughout,....


The properties owned and run by Edgar, his father and mother Ernest and Susan, and his two brothers, Alan and Ron, were,


"Quondah". Dry Creek.  Earnest and Susans home. Farm 11 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Boolawa". Dry Creek. Where Ron and Dette ended up living. Now also called "Quondah" owned by Neville and Chris Moxem. Farm 12 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Belmont". On swinging Ridges road. Now called "Nioka" and owned by the Gillett family. Farm 8 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Levondale". Miller Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1924. Now owned by Cam McKellar. Farm 78 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Booral". Millers Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1927. Now owned by Cam McKellar. Farm 79 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.



Other families.

"Towarri". Owned by Les Barwick in 1930's. Les's Children were Barbara, Tony, Gwen, and Barry. Now owned by Lorraine Barwick. Farm 9 of Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Burnside". Owned by Lucy Brecht in 1930's. Lucy was Ernest Barwicks sister. Edgar calls her Auntie Lu. Her husband, Ernest Brecht died in 1906! Incredible to imagine a single mum way back in the 1930s running a farm and raising a family! Her children were Marie and Ern.Today called "Blakes Reach" and owned by Ken Smith. Farm 28 in the Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Trillowee". Was Harold Barwicks property in the 1930's. The property wasn't called "Trillowee" though till much later. Harold's wife was Viola. Edgar calls her Auntie Vi. Children, Arthur, Sheila, and Lucas. Today owned by Neville and Margaret Watts and called "Lumeah Park". Farm 36 in the Warrah 1912 subdivision. Harold also owned land over the Range at Sparkes Creek. "Elmsford" in these ealier years.


"Merrieton". Was owned by A.R. [Alfred] Barwick. Living there during the 1930's was his daughters Melba and Alma who never married. This property had the best swimming hole in the subdivision in Warrah Creek and it appears that the whole valley and more just congregated there on a hot summers day. Today owned by Ross Barwick. Farm 30 in the Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Oakley". Was owned by Charles Barwick in the 1930's. Living there was his daughter Lila who married Brian Seymour, and Madge and Enid. Edgar often refered to them as "Charlies Lot" in his diarys. Today half of "Oakley" is owned by Tony and Mandy Seymour, and the other half by Craig and Shelley Devine. Farm 26 in the 1912 subdivision.


Uncle Ivans place is "Cedar Vale". Farm 35 of the 1912 subdivision.


"Duxford" Green Creek Timor. The family of Cyril Barwick.

George and Matilda Barwick. Children, Adela, Vic, Gladys, Veronica, Cyril, John, Eric, Sylvia and Marjorie.


John is always called "Jack" by most people and Edgar.

Matilda is Aunt Tillie.



Properties mentioned south of the Cedar Brush.


"Lemongrove", Kiernans Creek. Property of Cyril and May Ashford. Children Audrey, Esme, Verna and Noel.





Also, they passed over the Range to Sparkes Creek and Kiernans Creek constantly. The main track to Sparkes Creek was via the Cedar Brush. When Edgar says they went via Scotts Mountain, it was a track about 3 ks west of the Cedar Brush and went up what is today Arrundels property and came out above Kiernan's Creek. 



[1925 was an extremely dry year. There was just 14.3 inches. No decent rain all year till two and a half inches in December.]



Mon. 11th May.

Received this diary today as a birthday present from M. E. and L. A. Barwick. Also a watch from mum, dad and Alan. Met Ron at station in car, coming from Newcastle.


Tues. 19th May.

Crutched Charlies sheep. And a few of Uncle Alf's. Dad, Mum and Alan went to J.C.H. to play cards.


Sat. 23rd May.

Got cheque for £6-1-10 from Goldsborgh Mort for 264 rabbit skins.


Fri. 29th May.

All went up to Fitzpatricks for five hundred tournament.


Fri. 5th June.

Mum went away to Sparkes Creek in car with Uncle Harold and family. I drove car home from the post office.


Sat. 6th June.

Tennis match at Ern Halls. Cecil Carter brought timber for shed from Willow Tree.


Fri. 12th June.

Dad and I came round to "Burnside" by car. Got to Scone for dinner. Sold 27 and a half pound of rabbit skins to Jacob for £6.3.4

[This is Brecht's property "Burnside" at Scone. In 1929 they moved to Warrah Creek and called the block they bought "Burnside". Today "Blakes Reach"].


Mon. 15th June.

I went with Ern [Brecht] out to back of place before dinner to set traps. Got 11 rabbits after supper.


Tues. 16th June.

Got 14 rabbits this morning. Got 15 rabbits after supper.


Wed. 17th June.

Went round traps again with Ern. Got 8 rabbits. Went to Oakley. 17 rabbits.


Thur. 18th June.

20 rabbits this morning. Ern took traps home. Ern yolked six bullocks to dray and we bought charf from Ripley.


Sat. 20th June.

Went down to Drews at 11 and had tooth pulled. Went to pictures with Uncle Alf and auntie Gertie. [Alfred Samual Barwick and Gertrude Barwick]


Wed. 24th June.

Dad drove us out past the old place, nearly at Belltrees.


Tues. 28th July.

Left off trapping in uncle Harolds. [Harold Barwick. "Trillowee", now "Lumeah Park"]

Total rabbits, 654.

Total skins, 584.


Fri. 31st July.

Dad and Mum left here at 7 oclock and drove round to service at Spark's Creek.


Sat. 1st August.

Dad and Mum came home and brought auntie Gertie with them.


Thur. 6th Aug.

Us and Charlies lot went out to "Levondale" for day. Tailed 339 lambs out there. Went to dance.


Fri. 7th Aug.

Mum and auntie Gertie had day up Warrah Creek. I had to drive car. Tailed 70 lambs.


Sat. 8th Aug.

Took auntie Gertie in to catch the train. I put 20 pounds in the savings bank. 


Wed. 12th Aug.

Tennis match at Dry Creek playing Stars. Dry Creek won by 22 games.


Fri. 21st Aug.

Eucre party and dance Warrah Hall in aid of Molly Murphy. Popular girl. I won eucre. Won 4 handkerchiefs.


Fri. 28th Aug.

Dad, Mum and I went to "Merrieton" for supper. Ron rode to dance at Warrah hall.


Mon. 31st Aug.

Went to big sports day in Willow Tree. Ivy Benham won popular lady competition.


Sat. 12th Sept.

Dad and I drove to Warrah yards at share farms to look at merino rams. Ron brought home.


Sun. 13th Sept.

Got cheque from uncle Harold for rabbits killed. 8 pounds.


Mon. 14th Sept.

Dad, Ron and I went in car to "Levondale" and put sheep in house paddock ready to bring home.


Tues. 15th Sept.

Ron and I, plus Ruby, Lion, Tiger and Dodger brought "Levondale" sheep over for shearing


Wed. 16th Sept.

Started shearing. Aub Saunders and Charlie shearers.


Sat. 26th Sept.

Lloyd Ashford came here for the holidays.


Wed. 30th Sept.

Got Charlie Vine out to fix engine. Took him out to fix mill at "Levondale"


Sat. 3rd Oct. 

Took Lloyd to station to catch train. I drove from McCluands store to Post Office. Went to grasshopper meeting at Jacks Creek. 


Wed. 7th Oct.

Charlies lot and all of us drove out to "Windy" and had a look at shearing.


Tues. 13th Oct.

Dad and Alan took car to Quirindi to get valves ground. Got 3 new goodyear tires. About 60 points of rain fell.


Fri. 6th Nov.

Dad and uncle Harold took a car load to Aberdeen. Had a look over meatworks. Saw our lambs killed.


Sat. 7th Nov.

Boys cricket match at Warrah Creek hall. Warrah 73, beat Warrah Station 43. Dad, Mum and Alan went to Mr Kents presentation.


Sat. 21st Nov.

Dad and Alan took car to Green Creek and bought aunti Tilly, Addie, Eric and Silvia back here


Sun 22nd Nov.

Charlie took Ron and I to cricket match at Ardglen. Ron made 41 runs. I made 0. I bowled 2. Warrah won.


Wed. 25th Nov.

Ron brought Hill's sheep from Willow Tree to reserve for first night. Big M.U.I.O.O.F. Ball at Warrah Creek hall. Took Addie in to it.


Sat. 28th Nov.

Combined team from Warrah and Ardglen played Quirindi. Dad took a load up from here. Warrah got beaten.


Sun. 29th Nov.

Cricket at Warrah. Warrah against Stars. Stars won.


Tues. 8th Dec.

Alan took auntie Tilly and others home. I went too, to stay a while.


Fri. 25th Dec.

Went to church 9.30 am. Had dinner at Charlies. Had supper at "Merrieton". Went up with Charlies lot.


Sat. 26th Dec.

Alan drove Toms car, with Tom and three others around to "Thornthwaite" for the funeral. [John Barwicks funeral]




[1926 was a good year for rain with nearly 27 inches falling. There was no real dry period and ending with 7 inches in December]


Fri. 1st Jan.

We went to the picnic in the Brush. Jack Barwick and family staying at "Merrieton". Us 3 boys and Charlies lot went up after tea and heard gramaphone.


Sat. 6th March.

Mum got Dengue fever.


Mon. 22nd March

I got Dengue fever. 5 inches rain fell. Drought broken.


Wed. 26th May.

Got Cecil Carter to take lorry to Wallabadah to Mcdougals and get piano.


Shearing 1926.

Started 19th August. Finished 30th Sept. Charlie and boys shore.

We got 59 bales off 2194 sheep.


Sat. 23rd Oct.

Played cricket. Warrah against Willow Tree at Warrah Creek. WT, 109 runs. Warrah 58.

I got 6 runs, 1 wicket, 2 catches.


Sat. 6th Nov.

Cricket at Willow Tree against WT. Warrah Creek, 42 runs. WT 41 runs.

I got 5 runs, 5 wickets.

Dad and Mum came back from Sydney after seeing wool sold. Bought new echo mouth organs.


Sat. 13th Nov.

Cricket against Murrurundi, at Murrurundi. We lost, 130 runs to 98.

I got 2 runs, 3 wickets. 

Wool leaving "Quondah"
Sheep on "Quondah"



[1930 was fairly dry. There was just under 19 inches, with 5 inches falling in July.]



 Mon. 21st April.

Sports at Warrah Creek. I won 10/- for best hack with 'Duke'. Divided with two others in guessing weight of the sheep. Dance at night. Mabel here. Went to sports and dance.


Tues. 22nd April.

Alan, Ron, Mabel and I went by car to Kiernans Creek. We stayed at Cyrils. [Ashford]. Everard was there. Had game of tennis. Dance in shed at night.


Wed. 23rd April.

Played tennis on Cyril's court in morning. Afternoon, Charlie Ashford junior brought Uncle Charlie Ashford and family to Cyrils. Lionel played tennis. Cyril, Vernon and Stan Schytrumpt, Alan, Ron and I played.


Thur. 24th April. 

Party of 13 started for the Brush to look for the big tree. Cyril, Audrey, Esme, Verna, Mabel, Bonnie, Everard, Ivy B, Arthur and Harry Pring, Alan, Ron and I in party. All got wet when it started raining and turned back. Dance in shed.


Fri. 25th April.

Same party started again for Kiernans Creek Brush. Had lunch. Found big tree. White gum, 28 foot round truck. We all cut initials on trunk. Everard, Ron and I left party and went on to train rocks. Rolled numerous large rocks. Home at Dark. Dance again in the shed.


Sat. 3rd May.

Played Bush's team in tennis at Murrurundi. Drop of rain delayed things. Ron and I went to ping pong party at Kulls. Took Marie and Ern. Dad and Alan played bridge at "Towarri".


Mon. 5th May.

Crutched Brecht's sheep. 

Alan and I went to Quirindi. Purchased this diary. Bought no. 31 Topnotcher accordian at Forrests Music Room but returned later for a Bushman accordian.


Mon. 8th May. Ron and I crutched Boolawa ewes. 322. Finished 2.45pm.

Alan went to Armidale with uncle Harold and Ern. Arthur returning from TAS for holidays. They left here 7.30am. Arrived noon. Left 3pm. Home 8.20pm.


Wed. 10th May.

Dad drove down to uncle Frank Ashfords to get Mum. Dad stayed night. Marie Brecht and Dotte came up and had game of tennis.

Meeting in hall to hear results of sports, and dance after.


Tues. 13th May.

Mustered back paddock before breakfast. Picked out 188 comeback wethers for trucking. Crutched 177 back paddock sheep. Engine broke down. Cylinder trouble. Dance in hall in aid of C of E car fund.


Wed. 14th May.

Ron took wethers in to be trucked at 11 O'clock. Dad, Authur and I went to Quirindi. Arthur came back here to stay a couple of nights.

188 wethers averaged 15/9.


Thur. 15th May.

Marie Brecht and Dotte up for tennis practice. Uncle Harolds family, uncle Ivan, and auntie Em up here for supper. Birthday party for me. Had some music and ping pong.


Sat. 17th May.

Dad and Mum went to Quirindi to get new glasses. Les got trolley to draw some fire wood. Alan and Ron played bridge at "Towarri".

We played Bush's team down on our courts. Beat them 5 sets 44 games to 4 sets 30 games. Miss Haydon, Mrs Best, Dr Middleton, Messrs Nichols, Finley and McAlpine.


Thur. 22nd May.

Dad and I burnt more timber in ewe paddock. Ron and alan played bridge at "Towarri".

Saw an aeroplane heading south. Aunt Betsy, Melba and Alma up for dinner.


Tues. 27th May.

Cut some tree's down for firewood and for burning up later. Ron and I started straightening fence dividing back paddock and Avards. Ern started trapping in back paddock. 28 rabbits.


Sun. 1st June.

Authur and I rode over to Sparkes creek with Ern. Brush very slippery. Had dinner at “Daffodil”. Saw Charlie. 104 points of rain in night.


Mon. 2nd June.

Stayed at Uncle Harolds again today. Arthur, Sheila, Lucas and I rode down to "Burnside" to get bread. Played game of Crib.


Tues. 3rd June.

Went in with Uncle Harol, Arthur and Lucas to catch 5.55am morning train. Arthur going away to school after holidays. Leni came out with Uncle Harold. 

Alan, Ron and I went to Gordons Pictures at hall and saw "Wings".

"Wings" A 1927 silent film.



Thur. 12th June.

Alan, Ron and I up to Toms for early tea. Saw Toms new dip.

After tea went down to Meridiths for game of cards. Mr Grady and Ern Brecht there. Ern got 42 rabbits in back paddock.


Sat. 14th June.

Played tennis at Jacks Creek. Beat them 8 sets to one.


Fri. 20th June.

All Walter Barwicks and Wallace over for afternoon. Billy and Wallace played tennis.


Sun. 22nd June.

Dad, Alan and Ron drove to "Levondale" and put all sheep from "Booral" into plains paddock. Got bogged and had Bill Barwick pull us out of mud.


Thur. 26th June.

Alan and I pulled iron off roof of old buggy shed and cow bails and veranda of dairy. Ron and I straightened 3 strains of fence up creek. Len and Bert Smith caught 167 rabbits on “Belmont” in two nights.


Fri. 27th June.

Alan drew fire wood for Les. Dick Winnett drilling wheat for Les with tractor.

Tennis practice.


Sun. 12th July.

Played Vigers tennis team out here. Beat them 5 sets, 44 games to 4 sets, 38 games.

Marie, Dette and Bill Meredith and Eileen Keirnan here for evening. Had game of five hundred.


Sun. 13th July.

Church in afternoon. Then I watched football match between Warrah Creek and Quirindi 2nds. 16 points all. Others went up Harolds after church.


Mon. 14th July.

Ron took 10 head of our cattle to Millers Creek, some in little house paddock, and others in "Booral".

I drew in 3 loads of fire wood.

Ron and I went to dance in Willow Tree with Merediths and Beryl and Eileen Keirnan.


Sun. 20th July.

Played Stephens team on park courts in Quirindi. Barwicks won 7 sets, 50 games to Stephens 2 sets, 34 games.


Sun. 27th July.

Church in morning. Vic came back here for dinner. 

Alan, Ron, Vic and I went to Willow Tree to football matches. 7 teams playing knockout comp. Murrurundi and Werris Creek played draw in final.


Fri. 1st Aug.

Ron took 309 ewes with 220 lambs out to Booral. 22 ewes and lambs left in paddock. Dad, Madge Ashford and I followed out in car. Had dinner at Jacks creek hall. Took 6 lambs that were knocked up most in car.


Sun. 3rd Aug.

Played Vigers team in Quirindi. Beat them 4 sets 22 games to 5 sets 39 games. Took 4 extras up to Quirindi, Madge and Charlie Ashford, Ern Brecht and Jim Meredith.


Thur. 7th Aug.

On way to Sparkes creek. Charlie Ashford and Ern took aunt Fanny and Madge home from here. Alan Ron and I attended a wireless demonstration at Harolds. Ern supposed to ride home from Ashfords. Uncle Harold and Ron rode over and found he hadn't left. Home at 3am.


Fri. 8th Aug.

Showers in morning. Alan and I sawed a few logs. Shearing started yesterday at uncle Harolds sheep. Alan, Ron and I played bridge at “Towarri”.


Sat. 9th Aug.

Levelled and rolled our cricket pitch.Showers during day. Alan, Ron and I went up to uncle Harolds after tea and heard wireless. Three songs boy Ray Beatty. Tom Annie and Ern Brecht there also.


Fri. 15th Aug.

Dug round all my grape vines at trellis. Les, dad, Alan and Ron had game of tennis. Catholic dance in hall. Ron and I took Aileen, Marie and Ern, and Madge Barwick.


Sat. 16th Aug.

Commenced shearing. Ron and Alan shore 72 ewes from Levondale plain paddock.

Aileen played tennis with Warrah creek side. First team at “Margewar”.


Wed. 20th Aug.

Dad and Alan shore 70 ewes. 36 "levondale" and 34 springers from "Boolawa". I took 301 shown ewes back to "Levondale" plain paddock. Ron brought rest of ewes, 233 from plain paddock over to here.


Fri. 22nd. Aug.

Alan shore 50, Ron 51. Finished ewes with lambs.

Got case of apples at 5/- from railway station from up country.


Wed, 27th Aug.

Mustered back paddock. Drafted out 100 x-bred hoggets for shearing. Took 546 back to paddock, including 52 x-bred ewe hoggets bought from Brian. Boys shore 58 x-bred hoggets. Ron, Aileen and I went to CWA ball in Willow Tree. Also took Marie Merredith.


Thur. 28th Aug.

Boys shore 130 x-bred hoggets. 2 bales pressed.


Sun. 31st Aug.

Ted Barwick and family from Jacks Creek here at tennis court. Wallace, Jean and Hector played Marie Brecht and Kath Waddell. Merrieton car with aunti Tillie, Gladys and Eric at courts too. Eric Palmer brought Eileen P back here.


Mon. 1st Sept.

120 ewes today. I shore 5 in 50 minutes in part of run after dinner. Cyrils family and Clyde, Alma, Marie and Mr Chapman here for tennis. Ron and Eileen at Tom's shed for skating.


Sun. 7th Sept.

I rode up to Arthurs. Arthur home from TAS on holidays. Arthur had Mick Fitzpatricks skates. Skated most of afternoon. Learned to skate quite well. Only second attempt. Marie Brecht, up for game of tennis.


Wed. 10th Sept.

Big nights skating in I. J. Barwicks shearing shed. 5 boys and one girl skaters with their own skates from Willow Tree. Also brought 6 pairs skates out. Flo Jacobson, Sheila and Eric Wood rode up here in afternoon.


Fri. 12th Sept.

Shore 122 Boolawa ewes. 3 bales pressed.

Marie borrowed old Katty to take Flo Jakobson and Eric Wood to Cedar Brush. Alan, Ron, Aileen and I went to Percy's Pictures in Warrah creek hall. Picked up Marie Brecht and Dotte


Sun. 21st Sept.

We five and Mr Meredith, Marie, Dette, Aileen Palmer, little Bill and miss Daly all had lunch at the Blue hole. Then onto tennis. Played tennis at “Curragundi” and won by 11 sets to one. Also Nolene Fitzpatrick with us.


Mon. 22nd Sept.

Finished our shearing. 72 back paddock. Cut out at 2.30pm. 495 sheep. 5 bales 1st CBEWH. 3 bales AAPCSCBEWH.

Alan, Ron and I drove down and watched Les and Leon shearing Tom Barwick's sheep. Brian rolling.


Sat. 27th Sept.

Alan and I went down for practice cricket. Dad and Ron went to sale in Willow Tree. Bought 93 wooly x-bred hoggets for 7/4 per head. Cricket meeting at hall. Decided to join Quirindi A grade comp.


Sun. 28th Sept.

Rode down to church. From there then down to game of cricket at Hall. Dad and Mum drove up to Brechts in afternoon after church. Mrs Arthur Borman and Roger and Trixie staying at Brechts.


Sat. 4th Oct.

Rode from here, 5.40am. Arrived Charlie Ashfords for breakfast. Went with Charlie and family to cricket match at “Thornthwaite”. ABC 76. Scone 5 wickets 169.


Sun. 5th Oct.

Came home from Ashfords after breakfast in 2 hours. Alan and I taking Ern, Bill Meredith and Bert Smith to play Willow Tree. Warrah Creek 206. Ron Palmer 91. I made 26. two wickets for 5. Willow Trees total 32.


Fri. 10th Oct.

Marked 243 Levondale lambs. 96 Booral lambs. Ron road out. Les out with us and helped us mark lambs. Les rode to Teds and brought his steers from there and put on "Booral". Cleaned lot of ewes and hoggets in both paddocks. Some fly blown. Wallace and Hector rode to Levondale with Les.


Sat. 11th Oct.

209 points of rain. Big flood in creek. 


Sat. 18th Oct. 

First competition match against Willow Tree at Warrah creek. 2 day match. 1St days play Warrah 205. Willow Tree 25 for 0. R Palmer 84. L Barwick 31. A Hall 20. I got 4 runs no wickets. After supper all down to “Burnside”. 


Wed. 22nd Oct. 

Dad, Alan and uncle Harold attended shire meeting in Murrurundi to apply for removal of Carters gates. Also took Gladys to Murrurundi on way home from “Merrieton” where she has been staying for last 4 months. Mum, Ron and I took Marie, Ern and Jean Donahue to the dance at Warrah Hall. 


Sat. 25th Oct. 

Finished two day cricket match with WT. Willow Tree second days play, 76. 2nd innings 34. Warrah Creek won by innings and 95 runs. I got 2 wickets for 17 runs 1st innings and 3 wickets for 11 runs second innings. 


Thur. 30th Oct. 

Dad, Ron and I cut track through thistles on “Belmont” from gate into Halls down to gully. Also cut track though top and shed paddocks on “Boolawa”down to creek. Ron and I rode to "Levondale" after supper and camped the night. 


Sat. 1st Nov. 

First days play against Colts. Warrah Creek first innings 55. Colts 66. Warrah Creek second innings 3 for 3. A Hall 3-14. B Smith 3-14. I got 4-12. Wallace Hector and Ern went up with Alan and I. Went to Willow Tree concert at night.


Sun.2nd Nov. 

Warrah Creek played Blandford at Warrah. Warrah 78. Blandford 108. 


Tues. 4th Nov.

Dipped Belmont ewes. 431. Cleaned some ewes and lambs that were flyblown. Dad and Ron took them back to paddock. I borrowed Les's creamy mare. Ron and I started "Levondale" ewes and lambs back at 5.30pm. Travelled all night and arrived "Levondale" at 2.40am.


Wed. 5th Nov. 

Ron and I arrived home from taking “levondale” ewes and lambs back at 4.30am! Slept till 12pm. Dad and boys lining and cleaning court. Alan watered it. Cyril Ashford and all his family arrived here by car at 6pm. We young people played cards after supper. 


Tues. 11th Nov. 

Altogether 14 sets played. I played 7 sets. Won 3 with Verna and 3 with Audrey. Verna and I beat Audrey and Ron 6-0. 


Wed. 12th Nov. 

Cyril and family left for home at 10am. 

Dad Ron and I drove to “Levondale”. Mustered “Booral” sheep. Cleaned a few flyblown. Called at Bunty Halls. Morrisons and Smiths collecting for Peppers sendoff. 


Sat. 15th Nov. 

Dipped Erns ewes. 

Played comp match at Wallabadah. Warrah 143. Wallabadah 74. I got 3 runs and 5 wickets. We took Wallace, Hector, Les, and Bert Smith. All of out family went to send off for Peppers in Willow Tree hall. 


Sun. 16th Nov. 

All day match at Warrah against Quipolly. Warrah first innings 146. Quipolly 63. Warrah second innings 100. Quipolly 79. I got 11, and 14 not out. Also 5 wickets. 


Wed. 19th Nov. 

Dad and Alan working on race at “Belmont”. Ron and I had full day at “Towarri” helping Jack and Les get in wheaten hay. Les and I loading and building stack. Ron and Jack working on wagon. 


Tues. 25th Nov. 

Ron and I drove Alans car down to Scone. Staying at uncle Alfs. Eric Seymours travelled down with us. I had hair cut at Ryans. Bought white shirt, detachable collar, spare collar and suspenders at Campbells. Auntie Eileen, Ron and I played 500. 

Mon. 1st Dec. 

Completed new trellis in “Boolawa” orchard and tied vines up. Dad and Ron mustered ewe paddock and cleaned some up. Dad, Mum, Ron and I went to Sloggets Magical show at Warrah Hall. Excellent show and fair crowd. 


Thur. 4th Dec.

Ron and I rode over to Uncle Sam's via Scotts Mountain. Two hours 40 mins. Alan arrived via car from Scone. 46 people at Uncle Sams in honour of Bonnies birthday. Dance and supper in shearing shed. 36 dances Played catcher with ball in the afternoon.


Fri. 5th Dec.

Everard, Derrick, Audrey, Esme, Verna, Bon and I played cards all morning. Alan left for home at 3pm, taking Everard and Derrick home. Cyril, 3 girls and rest of us played cards after dinner. Had a few dances after tea.


Sat. 6th Dec.

Ron and I rode home again via Scotts Mountain. Finished comp match V Quirindi. Qdi 1st innings 140. 2nd 136. Warrah Creek 1st innings 142, 2nd 75. Our last man out 4 minutes before time thereby losing chance of 6 points. 

Gordons talkie pictures on at Warrah Creek.


Sun. 7th Dec.

Played Rountree's team on M.U. ground. Warrah Creek 55. Rountree's 170. Tom Nolan made 111 runs against us. I drove Alans car up taking Ron, Ern Brecht, Walter Hall and Jack Smith. I made 2 runs and took 2 wickets.

Tues. 23rd Dec. 

Dad and Ron had “Boolawa”sheep in yard to see how they are going. I bought 6 tins of water from sheep dip to kill white ants in trellis posts. Kitchen tea to Lila and Brian [Lila Barwick and Brian Seymour] in hall. Marie Meredith played, assisted by Molly Murphy. Ern and I played accordian. 


Thur. 25th Dec. 

Arthur, Alan and I had swim up Warrah Creek. All “Merrieton” people here after tea. Shower of rain late evening. 


Wed. 31st Dec. 

Big dance in Warrah Creek hall in aid of Quirindi and Murrurundi hospitals. “Versatile four” playing. £36 taken for the night. Dance kept up till 3am.



[1931 was a great year for rain with nearly 31 inches falling. It was especially good from March onwards following the dry year before.]



Thur. 1st Jan.

Warrah Creek girls played cricket match against boys. Boys bowled, batted and fielded left handed. Girls made 168. Boys 130. 

Arthur, Alan, Lucas and I had a swim during morning. Arthur came up here for the night.


Sat. 3rd Jan.

Brian [Seymour] and Lila married at 7.30pm in our church. I was best man. Madge and Beryl bridesmaids. Refreshments at Charlies after ceremony. I drove bride and groom home afterwards. Also took Kathleen, Beryl and Enid over with us. Helped decorate church during the afternoon.


Tues. 6th Jan.

Ron and I took 220 lambs in for trucking. 118 merinos and 102 Xbreds. Took over through Belmont. Dad and Alan helped Les draft one truck lambs at Belmont yards. 

Dad took Walter and Emmileen, and Dorie Ashford out to "Levondale" in afternoon. 

Local dance in aid of cricket club. Cleared £2-19-6. Milton, Lyle and Jean Gorton at Dance, with Jean, Wallace and Hector.


Thur. 15th Jan.

I caught train to Murrurundi. Vic, Gladys and Cyril met me at train. Out with Vic and Cyril. Shot 4 rabbits with Vics 22 automatic rifle. Bought new hat at Dooleys while in town.


Fri. 16th Jan.

Staying at "Duxford". Uncle George working on the old "Elmsford" house and sheds. Addie at Rankins. Veronica, Marjorie and Jack at Warrah Creek. Vic, Cyril and I out in paddock north of house. I shot two rabbits. Out again in afternoon in Pinkertons. After tea went with Vic, Glad and Cyril to see Addie at Rankins and brought gramaphone home.


Sun. 18th Jan.

45 points rain at "Duxford" last night. Addie came home for day from Rankins. Had music and singing at night. 133 points rain during the day. Made the creek flood.


Fri. 23rd Jan.

Came home from "Duxford" in car with Vic, Addie, Gladys and Cyril. A while in Murrurundi. Had lunch at Borambil Creek. Battery dropped out of car. About an hour delay. Fixed with wire borrowed from Bakers. Addie staying at "Merrieton". Cyril Ashford and all family arrived in Ted Barwicks car. Ted went on to Toms to stay. 


Thur. 29th Jan.

All day picnic in the Cedar Brush. We five in our car. Les, Melba, Alma and Addie in Les's car. First time Addie had been to the Brush. Leon, Florrie, Gloria, Winnie and Terry Fitzpatrick there after lunch. Also Ern, Beryl, Arthur and Sheila rode up from Sparkes Creek. Brought home little cedar trees, Bell vines and Ferns for planting.

My daughter Tara, in the Cedar Brush, May 2017.

Sat. 31st Jan.

1st day of comp match against Stars. Stars first innings 65. 2nd innings 24 for 4 wickets. Warrah Creek 1st innings 69. I scored 20 runs not out. Got 5 wickets in Stars first innings.

After cricket Alan and I went up with Les and Dot to "Merrieton" and had swim and tea. Ted's family also there. Wallace, Hector and Jean had swim also. 

Got three poddy heifers from Morrisons for £1.


Thur. 5th Feb.

All started here at 5.45am and drove to Owens Gap for the day. Had breakfast at Yarrandi Reserve and arrived at Oswalds about 10am. Bonnie staying there. All had a look through Keiths house. Keith and Herb still working on house. Called at Walter Ashfords for a while. Arthur left here for "Burnside" this morning.


Sat. 7th Feb.

Finish of comp match against Stars. Stars second innings 96. Warrah Creek 48. I got 2 runs second innings and one wicket. 

Addie came up after cricket to stay a while. 


Tues. 10th Feb.

Dad and Ron attended stock sale in Quirindi. Bought from Whitten 375 comeback 4 and 6 tooth ewes at 6/- per head. 114 full mouth ewes at 4/6 per head. Mum and Alan drove up after dinner and brought Dad and Ron home as they left Dads car at garage. Addie went to Scone with Uncle Ivan. I spent day burning trees down in ewe paddock. 


Sat. 14th Feb.

Afternoon Dad and Ron took Mum and Addie to Murrurundi. Vic, Cyril and Jack came and met them and took Mum and Addie to "Duxford". Mum is staying for a holiday.

Warrah Creek played Quirindi on show ground. Quirindi 146 for 8 wickets closed. Warrah Creek 136. Les Barwick got 60 runs. I got 17 runs and no wickets. Had a swim in baths.


Mon. 23rd Feb.

Tom and Annie brought two dogs up while they are going on holidays. Spent morning pumping water and gave grape vines a real good soaking. Oiled mill on "Boolawa". Grape vines have a disease on their leaves but grapes still quite healthy. 

Afternoon Dad, Ron and I mustered "Belmont" sheep. Cleaned a few. 


Sat. 28th Feb.

Dad shot a kangaroo in "Boolawa" and Alan got the skin for cricket bat bindings. Terry Fitz badly hurt when thrown from a pony on dry creek road. Dad and Ron met Uncle George and Aunt Tilly in Murrurundi and brought Mum home after her two week holiday at "Duxford". 

Comp match verses Colts at Warrah Creek. Warrah Creek 109, and 2nd innings 53. Colts 128. I got no runs first innings and not out 5 in second. 

Dance at Willow Tree hall to present Marjewar with shields.


Sun. 1st March.

Telephone still out of order after big storm on Friday. Dad and Mum down to Swains and took Marie Meredith to ring to inquire how little Terry Fitz is progressing in hospital after his accident yesterday. Afternoon I rode to Uncle Ivans to see Vic who is staying there while Uncle Ivan is in Sydney.


Mon. 9th March.

Picked 22 lb of grapes. Helped get grapes ready for jam. Also 4 lb of long variety of grapes which Mum cooked separately. Ron and I then went to Brechts and picked 18 lb of figs for jam. Ern started for Gunnedah to fetch heifers for Les. Borrowed my pack saddle. 


Sun. 15th March.

Vic rode up from Uncle Ivans. Charlie Ashford also rode up. He stayed last night at "Burnside". Both went down to cricket with us and came back for tea.

[Uncle Ivans is "Cedar Vale". It wasn't named Cedar Vale though till many years later].

Rountrees team, 96. Tom Nolan got 53. Warrah Creek 44, and 130 in second innings. I got 11 runs and 7 runs. 


Tues. 17th March.

Ron and I started drawing firewood with 'Peter'. Tried him in both trolley and slide but he jibbed in both. Dad brought bags of wheat up from Morrisons. Mum and Alan took some pumpkins, marrows and beans up to Merrieton for them to take to "Duxford".


Fri. 27th March.

Tom McCluand gave £5 for the heifer. Cyril and Esme [Ashford] took the 23 cows and 5 calves home from here, excepting the little bally, belonging to Verna. Dad, Ron and I rode a short distance up the creek with them. Cleaned ewe paddock sheep. Alan went at night to "Towarri" for bridge. Ron and I went to Gordons pictures at hall.


Sat. 28th March.

Warrah Creek defeated Murrurundi at Murrurundi. 

Mdi 100. Warrah 168. I got 21 runs and retired, and 4 wickets.

Ron and I had rackets restrung at Oldfields Ltd at 25/- each. Bought pair of tennis shoes at 8/6 at Dooleys. 


Tues. 7th April.

Constable Howard slept here last night after the dance at the hall.

Alan, Ron, Bonnie [Ashford] and I drove round to Cyrils. [Ashford]. Had lunch in Scone. Arrived at Cyrils at 4pm. Everard on bike and Derek on horseback already there. Walter, Emmileen and Dorrie Ashford and Ivy Barwick at Uncle Sams. Had 5 sets of tennis. Danced in shed at night. Bonnie has a new accordian.


Wed. 8th April. 

All Fred Ashfords family here for the day but had to leave early on account of Daphne in hospital with diptheria. Also took Ivy home. 17 sets of tennis played. Danced again at night. Cyril and Derek down to Sparkes Creek for business and then went to Scone to get supplies.


Thur. 9th April. 

Alan and I helped Walter cut up a lot of fire wood at "Sunnyvale". Agnes over for a while during afternoon. Kathaleen and Beryl came over for dance and stayed night at "Sunnyvale". Audrey and Esme rode to Kars Springs school doing morning for confirmation lessons.


Fri. 10th April.

Party of 17 topped "The Warrior". Started at 8.40am. Arrived at top 11.30am. Carried water from spring below rocks to top. In party was Cyril, Audrey, Esme, Verna, Bonnie, Walter, Dorrie, Ivy, Jim, Archie, Kathaleen, Beryle, Everard, Derek, Alan, Ron and I. Had lunch. Home before dark. Danced till 12pm.


["The Warrior" is a name sometimes used for "Mount Towarri". Maybe it's an older name? Or a name used by those on the southern side of the range as I'd never heard it called that till about 10 years ago? It is the highest peak of the Range between Kiernans Creek and Jacks Creek. It is 1142 metres above sea level. A heap of my friends and kids climbed "Mount Towarri" in Sept 2015].

Anthony Ashford gave me these two photos. Anthony currently lives at "Lemongrove". Its a photo of a bunch of Ashfords and Barwicks on top of Mt Towarri. No idea if it's from the climb in April 1931?
Anthony tells me that the top of Mt Towarri was cleared of trees during world war 2, to get a clearer view of the trig station. I'd think this photo was definitely before world war 2, going by the trees there?
Kids from Warrah Creek and Jacks Creek at the top of "Mount Towarri". Sept 2015.

Sat. 11th April.

5 sets tennis played before dinner. After dinner, Mabel and Bonnie in our car and Cyril and family watch cricket match at Thorthwaite between ABC and Murrurundi. ABC made 226. Fred 74, Everard 56. Murrurundi made 100. Everard and Derek went home from cricket with us. Had dance again till about 12. I shifted over to stay at Uncle Sams.


Sun. 12th April.

We went to church at Thornthwaite and 3pm. Took Mabel and Bonnie. Had look over the new church. After church, Mabel, Bonnie, Audrey, Esme and Verna and we three walked up and had a look at Cyrils weather shed. Bonnie played violin and Mabel accordian after tea.


Mon. 13th April.

During morning, Cyril's girls over and had game of cricket and then played five hundred till dinner time. Left about 4.15pm for Walter Ashfords. Took Mabel with us. Billie, Hazel and little Nola staying at Walters. Herb, Bertha and Mrs Barnes over after tea and had two sets of six handed eucha.


Sat. 18th April.

Cyril [Ashford] and family left here at 6.40am per car for Gravesend.

All day cricket match playing Murrurundi at Warrah Creek. Murrurundi 122. Warrah 114. 

Big political meeting in Warrah hall.


Fri. 24th April.

More showers during day. Big rains up head of creeks. Creek all half bankers.

Uncle Harold came up with dray and took away his wool press from "Boolawa" shed. Len and Ern rode up and we boys helped load press. Charlie Ashford and three of us played bridge at night.


Tues. 5th May.

Dad, Ron and I mustered back paddock ready for crutching. Drafted out 89 hoggets for sale. Dad cleaned those and 7 more with blades. We three boys crutched 262 "Quondah" ewes and last years hogget ewes from back paddock. I started a new pair of heavy trousers, 'Never-rip' for shearing and crutching.


Fri. 8th May.

Crutched 320 ewes from "Boolawa". Dad cleaned with blades 78 Xbred lambs and 15 hoggets. Ron and I had a few sets of tennis late. 

Marie, Dette, Jim, Bill Meredith and Eileen Kiernan here for game of cards. We gave them a lesson on bridge. Alan brought them up on account of their car being out of action.


Tues. 12th May.

Marked 'Biddie' and 'Sadies' calves. Dad, Alan and Ron attended stock sale in Quirindi, Kennedy and Co. Dad bought 9 hard steers at 49/- per head. I drove Mum up to see Auntie Em for the day. and went up again to bring her home. Called at Harold's. 

I transplanted the kurrajong seedlings to lower back corner of garden. Planted 26 kurrajong seeds in box.


Thur. 14th May.

162 points rain. Rained nearly all day. Ron travelled with Uncle Harold. Auntie Vi and Marie Brecht to Armidale and back. They brought Arthur home from T.A.S. where he has finished his schooling. They had to come home via Borambil Creek owing to Warrah Creek being flooded. Marie spent the night up here. I washed my saddle bridle and trappings and greased with Elliots Yellow Hydrocarbon.


Sat. 16th May.

Stock sale in Willow Tree yards during afternoon. Dad bought young cow and calf for £4-10 from W.B. Hall. Dad, Mum and Marie Brecht in our car. Marie playing tennis with Willow Tree club. Alan went in with Les and Dot. Ron played tennis at Warrah Creek with Sevils team against Warrah Creek no. 1 team. 

All of us attended an Edwards play at Warrah Creek hall at night.


Sun. 17th May.

Mr and Mrs Chad Junior, and Alex, and Mr and Mrs Chad senior here on lorry for the afternoon. Had game of tennis. They stayed for supper. Mrs Chad played the piano and sang a couple of songs.


Sat. 30th May.

Took shot gun and pea rifle and walked over to "Belmont". Looked round sheep camp. No ewes down and no dead lambs. Shot two crows dead. Wounded a fox in "Towarri". 

Ron and I drove out to Gus Sevil's and played tennis with their team against Willow Tree in comp match. Sevil's team won 6-3. We also took out Marie Brecht who played for Willow Tree, and Eileen Kiernan and Dette. 


Wed. 3rd June.

Had full day crutching for J.B. Holmes. Crutched 424 in one mob and 32 of another lot. 

Ron and I drove in to big Church of England Ball in Willow Tree taking Marie Meredith and Marie Brecht, who stayed night in town. Brought Mary Holmes out from the dance. Les and Dot came down for supper.


Fri. 5th June.

Finished crutching Holmes sheep.

Chipped grass from under both trellis and from round all grape vines. Planted 16 grape cuttings in middle of trellis in orchard. Four of ladie finger  and three of long white. Six round firm white and three round purple. We all went up to Uncle Harold's for tea.


Sun. 14th June.

Defeated St Albans Quirindi team on our court. 8 sets 50 games to 1 set 35 games. St Albans team was Mr and Mrs Calvert, George and Miss Barnes, Channon and Dick Bowley. Our team was Marie Brecht, Dette, and we four.


Sat. 20th June.

Alan and I sawed fire wood with cross cut saw. Estimated 12 cwts of fire wood.

At night a send off party to Marie Brecht was held in the Hall. Mrs Grady made presentation of £3-9-0 to Marie who was asked to buy a nurses watch and travelling rug when she got to Newcastle. Presentation of silver buckle from CWA was made by Mrs Carter. Marie Meredith, Ron and I supplied the music.


Sun. 21st June.

Played all day tennis match at "Margewar". Played 17 sets. "Quondah" 13 sets 88 games. "Margewar" 4 sets 51 games. Dette, Marie Brecht and Dulcie Wharton were our ladies and we four made our team. Alan and I took Auntie Lu and Marie home and we stayed for tea. Harold's family also at "Burnside".


Mon. 22nd June.

Marie Brecht left by passenger train this morning for Newcastle to start her nursing career. Dad, Mum, Auntie Lu and Ron took her in to the train and continued on to Quirindi for the day. Had plates of new battery changed into old case as the case was cracked.

Alan and I chipped grass from most of garden at both sides of house. Sold 16 lb rabbit skins at 1/- lb. fox skins at 3/6 per skin to Dagg. Also 12 sheep skins for £1-0-0.


Fri. 26th June.

Took a stroll over to "Belmont" taking 'Dodger' and the shotgun. Shot a big dog fox in the gully. Walked round sheep camp and found two dead ewes. 20 odd day old lambs but found no dead ones. Drove in car down to get mail. To "Burnside" and brought all the library books for changong tomorrow.


Wed. 1st July.

Arthur rode home this morning. Ron and I rode over via Scotts Mountain to Kiernans Creek to Stay at Cyril Ashfords a couple of night. Played hockey during afternoon. Mabel, Audrey, Esme and Ron, played Cyril, Verna, Bonnie and me. We later had a couple of sets of tennis. Danced till midnight. Charlie Ashford over here.


Sat. 4th July.

Transplanted 2 peach seedlings at back of "Boolawa" sulky shed, which I got off Uncle Alf. Les, Dot and Barbara down for the afternoon. Les had a game of tennis with us. Alan and Ron went to "Towarri" for game of bridge.


Sat. 11th July.

Dad and Mum drove from Scone to "Sunny vale" to stay about a week. I rode out with Uncle Harold and Arthur and helped them straighten up two strains of fence at top of mountain. Light showers most of day. Arthur and I rode down to "Burnside" for supper. Alan and Ron there too. I received a nice letter from Marie Brecht.


Sat. 18th July.

Had ring from Dad to say they had arrived in Scone about 1pm from "Sunnyvale" Went out to Bunnan for two nights. 

Don McCluand brought timber out from Willow Tree. We went round with him also taking the two posts fro the gateway. Brought back iron, boards and the roof from the old sheds. Road very greasy. Mr Land left his Rover car in our shed.


Sun. 19th July.

Ron and I out early, waiting in crow huts with shotguns. Neither of us had a shot.

Alma, Melba and Aunt Betsy up here. Left Aunt Betsy here and the others walked to "Towarri". Alan, Ron and I at "Burnside" after tea. All Uncle Harolds there also.


Fri. 24th July.

Marked 353 lambs at "Belmont" yards. A few left in paddock as too young. Alan drove round taking Mum and Mabel. Dad and Mabel and Ron went down to Chads. Ron drove down and brought up Auntie Lu and Ern and Doss Wadell and Eileen Keating after tea. Harold's family also up.


Sat. 1st  Aug.

Afternoon Dad, Mum, Mabel, Ron and I drove to Quirindi. Went and saw little Nolene Fitz in hospital. Also Mrs Bill Smith and her new baby. Mabel, Ron and I watched tennis match on showground. I bought shoeing outfit at McIntosh's for 12/- the lot. Bought pair of riding trouses at 25/6 from Ryans.


Sun. 2nd Aug.

Ron and I played all day match with Sevils team against Goodmans in Murrurundi. We won 5 stes to 4. Then we played an extra 3 sets. Ron and I drove to Willow Tree and from there with Harvey. Mabel, Ron and I took Alan back to Harold's and we stayed there for tea and gramaphone music.


Wed. 5th Aug.

Ron took the 100 X-bred lambs from Mallon's yards to be trucked. Dad and I drove down to help him across first creek crossing. I soldered up holes in old iron and Dad and I put it on the shed. Lent 'Duke' to Miss Nichols to help Les with sheep.


Sat. 8th Aug.

Brought Uncle Harold's single furrow plough up with his drought horse mare 'Blossom' in spring cart. Alan and I ploughed little paddock at "Boolawa" with 'Blossem' and 'Prince'. Arthur came up with me in the cart and spent the night here. Ron brought 232 ewes from "Levondale" to Recreation reserve.


Thur. 13th Aug.

Shearing at "Quondah". 124 ewes shorn today. One bale out. Alan and Ron shearing. Dad drives engine and presses and pens up. I wool role and help press up and shear a few at beginning and end. I shore about 7 today. Making three classes of wool. 1st CBE. ACB. BCB. 


Mon. 17th Aug.

Sheep wet. No shearing. I removed 'Dukes' off hind shoe. Mustered back paddock. Kept in ewes for shearing. Tom McCluand up and bought all our wethers at 12/3 and two X-bred hoggets at 9/-. 

Nita Nicholls borrowed 'Duke' to ride up to Toms to go fishing. Charlie Ashford over to take cattle home from "Burnside" He stayed the night.


Tues. 18th Aug.

Three bales. ACBE. BCB. LKSCB. Cut out ewe paddock. Total 329. 123 shorn today. I shore 13 altogether. I met McCluand with the 89 sheep he purchased yesterday. 

Ron mustered Cyril Ashfords cattle at "Belmont" for Russel to take away. Cyril's cattle sold to McCluand, six cows and calves at £7-6-0. Six cows at £5. Steers at £5. Dad bought big bullock at £4-10-0, and Uncle Sam's cow and calf at £7-0-0.


Fri. 21st Aug.

Two bales. ACBE, APCSCBE. 108 shorn. Finished flock making total of 321 now running in ewe paddock to lamb. 17 of killing mob and 21 "Boolawa" ewes. I shore 18.

Ron, Nita Nicholls, Aileen and I went to euchre party and dance in Warrah hall in aid of RC funds.


Sat. 29th Aug.

33 "Boolawa" ewes shorn. Had only one run.

We all went in to Willow Tree to watch final of tennis comp between Warrah no. 1 and Marjewar. Marjewar won 7 sets to 2. We took Aileen to club courts


 Thur. 10th Sept.

111 comeback lambs shorn. Alan shore 60. I shore 51. My first full days shearing! All wether lambs shorn, 129. Also 8 ewe lambs. 

Ron took ewes and lambs from recreation reserve to "Booral". Nita Nicholls accompanied him out on 'Duke'. Uncle Ivan drove up to see the shearing. Arthur up at shed during arvo. He has been rouseabout at Steve Mac's this week. Ern and Les shearing Gradies sheep up at "Towarri". Heavy hail and wind storm in arvo.


Sun. 13th Sept.

We all went to Murrurundi playing in the mixed doubles handicap. Dad played with Marie Meredith on Doolies court, winning 27 games and 5 sets. Alan played with Bertha Sevil on Bush's court winning 26 games out of 5 sets. Ron with Dette won 28 games out of 5 sets. I played with Mrs Gus Sevil and we won 25 games in 4 sets.


Sun. 20th Sept.

I drove Aileen Palmer home after nearly 6 weeks work here.

All of us at Murrurundi for singles championships tournament. Ron won three matches and got into the semi final. Dad, Alan and I knocked out in our first matches. I played Joe Lonergan on Bushe's court and lost 7-5 and 6-2


Fri. 25th Sept.

Finished shearing Ern Brecht's X-bred ewes here at "Quondah". Six bales fleece XBE. One bale PCS and BLS. One bale LKS. Alvin Hall took away last of wool. 23 bales. Four bales of LKS left. 

Ron, Nita Nicholls and I went to the dance at Warrah hall in aid of tennis club. Shields presented to Marjewar team for tennis.


Mon. 28th Sept.

Received letter from Marie Brecht who is now working at Convalescent home in Newcastle.

All our family and Auntie Lu went to Quirindi in Alans car. Left back tire at retreading works to have patch volcanised after puncture in Willow Tree. I purchased two bottles of black Indian Ink which I started to use here. Also black bow tie for dress wear and tube of Palmolive shaving cream. 

Mabel and Ivy stayed here the night on way to Gravesend with Ted Barwick.


Wed. 7th Oct.

Before breakfast, Dad, Alan, Ron and I dipped the 404 ewes and 400 lambs from "Booral". Ron took them down to Recreation Reserve and Dad on 'Duke' helped. I cut wood for rest of day.

Dette came up late and we all had 4 sets of tennis.


Thur. 8th Oct.

Ron and I started the 404 ewes and 400 lambs back to "Booral" from Recreation Reserve at 7am. Ron left us at Jacks Creek and went ahead and mustered "Levondale" to dress lambs. Got sheep there at 12.30pm. 

Dad, Mum, Alan, Auntie Tilly, Sylvia and Marjorie drove out. Tom, Annie, Meryle, Auntie Lu and Beryl also came out and we all had lunch at "Levondale" at creek. Later, our car load with Beryl went up to Brians. Tom's lot went to Walter Barwicks and Alan went with them.


Sun. 11th Oct.

We all, and Marie Meredith and Dette finished mixed and singles tournament. Ron won the singles championships beating Mr Goodman 7-5, 6-2 in the final. Ron beat Lindsay Hamilton 6-1, 6-1 in semi. In mixed, Mrs Gus Sevil and I won, but were then beaten 6-3 in semi final by Ron and Dette.


Mon. 12th Oct.

I drove Aunt Tilly and girls up to spend the day at "Merrieton". I helped Uncle Alf bail up a young cow. Brought a "Booral" ewe and lamb home in car from lane that Ron left there yesterday. Alma, Uncle Alf, Aunt Betsy brought Aunt Tilly and the girls back. 

Mustered the back paddock for dipping. Clair Nicholls, Miss Cromack and Barbara down for bread.


Sat. 17th Oct.

Ron and Dette won the final in mixed doubles championships in Murrurundi. They beat Ern Hall and Dora Maclean 6-5, 6-5. Our car, with Ron, Marie and Dette, Ern and I stayed for the dance and presentation of cups and trophies held at night. 


Sun. 18th Oct.

Dad, Ron and I drove out to "Levondale" in car, and Uncle Harold and family and Auntie Lu anlso came. Uncle Harold had a look at our vealers.

Jacks Creek played our team at Warrah Creek. We won by 121 to 35. Wallace Barwick, who has been shearing in Queensland since February is home and came to the match.


Tues. 20th Oct.

I started at 6.30am and rode over the Cedar Brush to Sparkes Creek. I caught Arthur at "Daffodil" who was helping the drover Cook take 120 head of cattle over. Saw the finish of Uncle Henry's shearing. Derrick was shed hand. Arthur and I had dinner at "Caroona" with Cyril Ashford and family. Had supper at Uncle Harolds and stayed the night.


Wed. 21st Oct.

Left Uncle Harolds at 4.45am. White frost here and at Warrah Creek. Got to Tom's for dipping. Alan and Ron up in car and with Tom and Horrace Chapman made a good team for dipping. 


Sat. 24th Oct.

First comp match against Werris Creek at Warrah. Werris Creek 166 for 4 wickets. Weissel 97 n.o. Warrah Creek 94 runs. R Palmer 45 runs. I got 9 runs and 2 wickets.


Sun 1st Nov.

Brian, Lila and little Lawence over in sulky for day with us. Stayed till about 5pm. Les, Dot and Barbara and Clair Nicholls and Miss Cromack here during afternoon and stayed for tea. We played a few sets of tennis.


Sat. 7th Nov.

Warrah Creek played Blandford at Warrah Creek. Scores Warrah, 89. R Palmer 40. Blandford 54. I got 7 runs and 3 wickets.

Benhams tennis team out and played our team. 5 sets 40 games tous. 4 sets 36 games to Benhams. Jack, George, and Joyce Benham, Miss Jones and Joe Lonergan in their team.


Sun. 8th Nov.

Arthur and I rode over to Sparkes Creek during afternoon to stay the night. Called at "Hawthorns" for a while. Rode up to see Charlie who arrived at "Elmsford" about 2pm with our cattle. Went to church there. Rained nearly all night at Sparkes Creek. 


Mon. 9th Nov.

Arthur and I got up at 5am and mustered the 99 cattle into the "Elsmford" house paddock. Rain came on and continued till 11am. Arthur and I played bobs. Charlie came down after dinner and we played bobs and then we rode around Oakey gully and mustered sheep. Mac rode down and the four of us had a practice game of cricket. Had supper at "Hawthorns" with Fred and Agnes.


Tues. 10th Nov.

At "Elsmford". Arthur and I rose at 5am. Had breakfast and started the 97 cattle at 6.30am. Left two heifers at Uncle Harolds at Elsmford. Had dinner at the old camp tree. Arrived at top at 1.30pm. Uncle Ivan met us above Jethro Plamers and we drafted his 22 steers at his gate. Left ours in "Retreat" paddock. Stayed the night at Harolds.


Fri. 13th Nov.

Ron started out early and brought the ten young leicester rams from Frank Doyles. £3-3-0 per head. Ron also bought 4 for Les. Alan and I drove up and had a swim with Arthur. I got a black and tan pup, 6 weeks old from Ern Brecht. Auntie Vi, Sheila and Lucas came home from holiday in Newcastle.

Some weekends there was cricket both Saturday and Sunday!

Thur. 19th Nov.

Up at 4.45am and dipped the 270 ewes and lambs from "Levondale" plain paddock. At 12 noon Uncle Frank, Madge and Myrtle arrived by car to take Aunt Fanny home. They left about 4pm. Ron and I took "Levondale" sheep to Recreation Reserve. Dot home with baby Anthony.


Sat. 21st Nov.

Ron removed front shoes on 'Jock'. I dug round grape vines. Cut non bearing runners from some of the grape vines at old trellis. 

Comp match against Colts at Warrah Creek. Warrah Creek 118. I got 29 runs. Colts 168. I got 3 wickets. 

Alan took Miss Cromack in to the train. She left "Towarri" to be married next Wednesday. Dette up for a game of tennis late.


Wed. 25th Nov.

Dad and Ron down to Warrah Creek hall. Big public meeting trying to have rents reduced on Warrah Settlement area. 

Auntie Lu came home from Newcastle where she has been having treatment. After tea, Claire Nicholls and I rode down to the Post Office and then up to Merrieton and brought two trout home. I rode taffy mare for the first time.


Sat. 28th Nov.

Dad and Ron had day in Quirindi. Dad got two new Rapson tires for front of car. Alan went to Murrurundi with harvey Sevil and played with him in gents doubles. They won on Berths court. 

I rode up for afternoon with Arthur. Had swim. Walter, Bill and Les Barwick were over fishing. Had a while with them after tea.


Thur. 3rd Dec.

Dad, Mum and I started on big touring trip. Uncle Ivan and George in the Buick joined us at the church at 11am. Had lunch at Quirindi. Curlewis 65 miles. Gunnedah 76 miles. Had afternoon tea with Hunts. Called on the D.A. Martins. Pitched camp a few miles out on Boggabri road 81 miles from home.


Fri. 4th Dec.

Light rain during night. We stayed at camp duing morning to let tents dry. Drove a few miles out Boggabri Road but roads too bad and went back to Gunnedah. Out through Carrol. Somerton. Camped 2 miles out of Manilla. 140 miles done. 


Sat. 5th Dec.

Rain fell all night and continued into the day. Rain started to come in through Uncle Ivans big tarpaulin and they had to pitch another tent to sleep in. Dad, Uncle Ivan and I drove in to Manilla for supplies. I bought a pair of tan riding boots for 23/6.


Sun. 6th Dec.

Still at camp 2 miles out of Manilla. Dad, Uncle George and I had a game of cricket. Went to leave camp after dinner but found Uncle Ivans battery flat. We got him a new one to put in. Through Barraba, 176 miles. Cobbadah 187 miles. Camped on creek 197 miles from home. 


Mon. 7th Dec.

Left camp at 7.45am. Chain of Ponds Creek. Through Bingara. Mighty bridge Gwydir River. Beautiful black soil country around Delungara. Inverell 263 miles. Took 3 snaps. Very hilly to Glen Innes. 388 miles. Roads very rough. Got supplies. Spring shackle fixed. Camped 6 miles from Glen innes. 315 miles. Rained all afternoon.


Tues. 8th Dec.

Rain fell during night. Continued most of day. Stayed at same camp beside Beardy River 6 miles from Glen innes. In afternoon, Dad, Mum and I drove to Deep Water. Bought food and fruit. Back to camp. 


Wed. 9th Dec.

Rain during night again. Eased enough to have breakfast out of the tent. Had bacon and eggs. Cleared up for a while during afternoon but came on again and we stayed all day at camp. I strolled around with my pea rifle and shot some rabbits.


Thur. 10th Dec.

Struck camp and travelled 121 miles. Dundee, Deep Water, Sandy Flat. Bungulla. Had lunch at Tenterfield 409 miles. Very winding hilly road. Clarence River Bridge. Tabulum. Road very rough. Only 3 miles tarred. Mallanganee big saw mill. Steep climb to top of Richmond Range. Pitched camp. 477 miles. Heavy showers as puting camp up. Soldier ants!


Fri. 11th Dec.

Left at 10am and travelled 74 miles today. Showery. Mummulgum. Incompleted railway line to Casino. Richmond River Bridge. Left Casino. Bitumin road! Extensive dairying district to Lismore. Had lunch. Supplies. Took 3 snaps. New film. Bexhill saw stock sale. Clunes. Bangalow. Tarred road from Lismore ended. First sight of ocean. 545 miles. Byron Bay. Camped close to beach. All had a bath.

Sat. 12th Dec.

Travelled 86 miles today. Supplies and 3 snaps at Byron Bay. Back to bangalow. Bitumin road for two and a half miles. Ferry over Ritchmond River. Banana farms. Broad Water. Woodburn. Ferry across Clarence River. Serpantine Channel. Bananas and sugar. Cane farms right through Harwood. Ferry again across Clarence. Camped at Maclean. 637 miles.


Sun. 13th Dec.

82 miles travelled today and I drove all the way. Coldsteam Bridge. Ulmarra. Two and a half miles of concrete road. Took snap of banana farm. Concrete road for another 3 miles. Woolgoolga 702 miles. Great timber and hilly from Grafton to Coffs Harbour. To camp on reserve at beach. All spent most of afternoon in the surf. Camp 719 miles.


Mon. 14th Dec.

Uncle Ivan and I swam in surf before breakfast. To Coffs Harbour township. Point Bellinger. We got bogged going round culvert. Deep Creek. Nambucca 763 miles. Took snap of new bridge over Nambucca River. Macksville. Warrel. Kempsey 800 miles. Telegraph Point. Ferry over Hastings River. Port Macquarie 835 miles. Camp 837 miles.


Tues. 15th Dec.

Travelled 131 miles. Wonderfull timber. Tall stumps cut 15 to 20 feet up. Herons Creek saw mill. Had look through the mill. Tallow wood, Red Mahogany, Black butt. Swing bridge at Camden Haven. Passionfruit and citrus orchards. Cooper Nook, Dairying and Corn. Cundle. Lunch at Taree. Ferry Manning River. Gloucester. Camped at top of range 968 miles. Very hard road last 50 miles.


Wed. 16th Dec.

170 miles today. Williams River. Dungog 978 miles. Water supply pipe from Dungog right through to Maitland. Great timber and crops of corn and lucerne. Clarence Town. Morpeth Bridge. Maitland 1014 miles. Branxton. Singleton for lunch. Home.


Sat. 19th Dec.

I rode up Warrah creek. Had dinner at "Burnside". Afternoon at Harold's. Arthur and I had about two and a half hours in the creek. 

Federal Election day. I rode down and voted on my way home. Alan went to Murrurundi with Harvet Sevil and won semi final and then were beaten in final of gents tennis tourney.


Mon. 21st Dec.

Dad and Ron went out to Windy Station with Donald McCluand and brought back 19 leicester ewes, full mouth, on lorry. Got the ewes from A.A.Co. for £1-1-0 per head. Also one stud ram for £3-3-0.

Ern shod 'Dukes' two hinds with new shoes and fitted front shoes for me to put on. Erik and Rex Wood at "Burnside". Ern, the two boys and I fished after tea. I caught my first trout. 

[Very interesting that there were trout in Warrah Creek in 1931?]


Thur. 24th Dec.

Dad, Ron and I mustered back paddock into top yards and cleaned up a few fly blown. Uncle Alf from Scone, came by afternoon train to stay over the Xmas holidays. Les and Dot took Claire Nicholls in to catch the afternoon train for home after she spent 11 weeks at "Towarri". 

Alan completed his low boy for his room which he built in "Boolawa" house. 


Fri. 25th Dec.

All of us and Uncle Alf went to church this morning. Mr Tracey preacher. All Beatie Barwicks family at church from Tom's. 

All our family, and Uncle Alf, and all Brecht's family, at Uncle Harolds for Xmas supper. Had our meals out on the grass.


Sat. 26th Dec.

I played in Quirindi district team against Tamworth 1st grade team at Quirindi. Tamworth 132. Quirindi 117. Gordon Elsley 23. Team was Tas McKensie [Capt], J McKensie, Radcliffe, G Elsley, G Barnes, Nolan, Carter, Penguilly, Lancaster, Ayres and myself. Alan came to watch. 


Tues. 29th Dec.

Tom Carter and Miriam Holmes married yesterday in our church. Mum, Alan, Ron and myself went.

Shore all long hair off 'Dusty' and dipped him with dip. Washed his house out with boiling water and dip and shifted him to his old house. 

Ron helped Les with sheep all morning. We all went up to Harolds creek for tea and did some fishing. Alan caught one.


Thur. 31st Dec.

Dipped 'Dusty' in tub with coopers powder mixed in water. Greased my saddle and trappings with hydrocarbon. Went to cricket practice with Les. Dad and Ron at hall in car and gave it a clean up. Brought wheat home from Morrisons.

M.U. Dance at Warrah Hall.



[To continue Edgars diarys into 1932 and onwards, go to "Edgars diary 1932-35" in stories section]

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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work

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I am Jack Kelaher and I am proud of my pop, dad and ancestors.

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