Cyril Barwicks photos.

6th April 1947 was on back of photo. Looks like Gladys? Cyrils sister?

George and Tilly Barwick and their family.

Top. Auntie Glad, Margaret, Auntie Alma, Jean, Heather. Bottom, Kay, Sylvia, Grandma [Tillie I suppose?] and Gwen.

Adela Barwick. Became Addie Winnet.

Alma, Veronica, Kay, Percy, Dick, Heather and Jean at "Burnley"

At "Ashcroft" front gate. Returning from the Cedar Brush. 1949.

Auntie Bessie and Pam.

Bob and Marj Meers. [Marj Barwick, Cyrils sister.

Cattle at "Duxford", Green Creek, Timor.

Evelyn Gleesone and Addie Barwick at Palm Beach.

Green Creek School.

Gwen and Gail. ???

[A photo from 4th Nov, 1934, at "Elmsford", Sparkes Creek. L-R. Alan, Edgar, Arthur, Sheila, Auntie Lu. Ron, Lucas. Ern Brecht, Lucy Lloyd-Owen, Harold, and Addie. Since Auntie Vi is the only one not in photo it's safe to say she was the photographer.

Jack Barwick at "Cedar vale".

Victor and Alan Barwick shooting. 1949.

L-R. Kevin Porter, Nev Ryman, George Shaw, Max Kensell, Kevin Bryant

L-R. ?Vine, E Ashford, Sid Barwick, Alan Barwick, A Dike, Perce Barwick, A Pring, A Newling and three council men. Thornthwaite, 1950.

Lindsay Sedgewick at "Cedar Vale.

Marjory and Sylvia.


The Murphies. The Barwicks neighbours at Green Creek.

On top of The Warrior. 1949.

About to head up to The Warrior. 1949.

Ron Barwick

Sheep on "Cedar Vale".

4th June 1949. Snow at "Cedar Vale".

Sylvia Barwick is the baby with Tillie.

Cylvia, Cyril, Marj, Veronica and Gladys.

Tennis at "Curragundi". 1949.

Victor in suit. Bert Saunders, Auntie Flo, Auntie Alma.

Cyril as a baby.

A collection of photos of Cyril Barwicks. Some were captioned and some weren't.

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