[1945 was an average year for rain with 25 inches falling. It was basically well spaced with a wet May and June.]

Monday. 1st Jan

Sold to Riverstone buyer 170 Quondah, Boolawa and Belmont lambs at 18/-. 120 old ewes at 14/- for tops. I finished cutting early burrs in Yarran courses. Watered most of Glors shrubs. Milked Chad's cow.

Tues. 2nd Jan.

Finished watering the shrubs, roses etc. Watered all the tomatoes. Split up some firewood. Shot a hare for Chads dogs. All drove in betsy over to Yarran cottage to get a tank of water. 

Wed. 3rd Jan.

Rode around Chads paddock and looked at his sheep. Plenty of water. Fed fowls, dogs etc. Gave Neil a good ride on Kewpie. We collected 2 doz beer bottles to take up to Tinsons. Geo McKensie took Prince Donald back from Quondah to Quirindi.

Thur. 4th Jan. 

I mustered Yarrabah and Yarran plain ewes and lambs to yards. Dad, mum and Ron came over. We drafted off 129 lambs and 49 ewes in Yarrabah, and 49 lambs and 50 old XB ewes from plain paddock. Ron took them to Pinnacle. 

Fri. 5th Jan.

All the 77 agistment bullocks shifted today. 60 from Quondah and 17 from Yarrabah. I drove our 174 suckers and 129 ewes from Pinnacle reserve to Willow Tree. 
Roger weighs 13 lb 13 oz at Newcombes.

Sat. 6th Jan.

Glor, the 2 kiddies and I drove to Quirindi for the afternoon. Has 2 fillings in teeth. Took Roger to Dr Cooper. He is doing splendidly, but we are changing to lactogen. Bought chestnut mare and foal off Geo McKensie at £10.

Sun. 7th Jan.

Breakfast in bed. Watered tomato plants and bed of sweet potatoes. 
Luke, Vic, and Eric called in here on their push bikes.

Mon. 8th Jan. 

Our 174 lambs averaged 21/10 from Yarrabah and Yarran plain and farm. 67 Yarrabah lambs averaged 24/4. 
126 old ewes avg 19/8. 
I rode into Schofields and brought home the chestnut mare and foal. Shot ten parrots in the orchard.

Tues. 9th Jan.

Shot three more parrots in the nectarine tree. Spent most of the day rebuilding fence round trough over at house paddock mill. 
Over to Chads in morning to attend to fowls and dogs. Got a chook to kill for dinner. 

Wed. 10th Jan.

We drove to Brechts for lunch. Marie and Rosemary and Anne there. On to H J B's for afternoon. Saw Arthur and Audrey. Went to Quondah for tea and stayed a while. Got half a lamb for rations.

Thur. 11th Jan.

Storm of 57 points during afternoon. Neil accompanied me in Betsy down to the willow trees. Cleaned out trough and fixed ball tap. Also drove up to farm paddock and dug out rabbit burrows. 

Fri. 12th Jan.

Glor, Neil, and baby had the day with me digging out rabbit burrows in Yarran. We dug out 2 warrens in farm paddock on west side. Also dug out warren in plain paddock. Lunch at the shack. Another 8 points rain.

Sat. 13th Jan.

Turned Glors 3 ewes out into the big paddock. Watered 2 peach trees and the sweet potatoes. Mustered Yarrabah sheep and got 3 killers for rations. All family walked over to Chads to the dogs and do the chores.

Sun. 14th Jan.

35 points rain. storm during day. Col Chad home from Newcastle. Left family there. Brought us a feed of fish. Mowed and trimmed lawn.

Mon. 15th Jan.

Dad and Ron drove over and brought Bill and Marie Anderson and their children Rosemary and Anne. 
Had look through Yarrabah ewes and lambs. Drafted out 12 of our calves to take to Quirindi sale. 

Tues. 16th Jan.

Afternoon, Arthur and Audrey drove over to stay the night with us. Had a great old yarn after tea. 
Shifted old tank stand and lifted onto blocks. Showered most of the afternoon but only got 5 points.

Wed. 17th Jan. 

Arthur and Audrey here most of day. Looked round garden. drove about the place. Killed a lamb for rations. They went home after supper. Neil is sick.
Changed Roger onto lactogen. He weighed 13lbs 13.

Thur. 18th Jan.

Neil is much better today. I drove to Levondale this morning, then headed for Quirindi. Dad and Mum came in as far as Willow Tree. Ron, Dette, Alan and I drove to Quirindi. Consulted Dr Cooper regarding seeing Sydney specialist. Then we attended stock sale.

Fri. 19th Jan.

Glor is sick with summer complaints. Cutting burrs all day. Glor stayed in bed. She was better by night.

Sat. 20th Jan.

First of our own Blackburn peaches preserved today. Peeled and cut up 2 lots. 16 jars. Glor is feeling much better today. 

Sun, 21st Jan.

Breakfast in bed. Quite a busy day. Picked elberta peaches and preserved them in 8 jars. [no. 31s]. Used our new fowler sterilizer. After tea we went up to Cedar vale. H J Barwick and everyone there too. Very hot.

Mon. 22nd Jan.

Piping layed on into kitchen and wash house from our new 2250 gallon tank. Bill Calaghan did the job.
Helped Glor with washing. we also preserved 8 jars of peaches. Did them in halves with their peel on. Very hot. 104 degrees.

Tues. 23rd Jan.

Glor preserved another 8 jars [no. 36s] of elberta peaches. We sliced all the peaches. Have preserved 40 jars.
Helped Bill Callaghan erecting new 12 foot comet mill at Yarran. 106 degrees.

Wed. 24th Jan.

Dad Ferris arrived on Brisbane mail at 5.45 am. Glor and I went in and met him. 
Bill and Max Callaghan and Brian Sattler finished erecting new comet mill at Yarran plain paddock. Dad Ferris and I spent all day there. 106 degrees. 

Thur. 25th Jan. 

Dad Ferris staying with us. Terrific heat again. 110 degrees!!!
Callaghans pulled up pipes at my bore at cement tanks. Put in new pump buckets.
We took Pop over to see Harold. Had supper at Quondah.

Fri. 26th Jan. 

Temperature 111 degrees today!!!
We took Pop Ferris up to Quirindi after supper. He caught the Tamworth passenger for home. Glor had her hair cut. 
12 points in a storm.

Sat 27th Jan.

Heat wave condition continue. We have plenty of our own tomatoes, sweet potatoes and oranges. One orange tree is dead. Split some firewood. Straightened gates in back garden fence and fixed gate so as to fasten better.

Sun 28th Jan.

A little cooler today. Southerly wind all day. Storms worked up during arvo against southerly. Very severe lightening. We had evening with Chads. 

Mon. 29th Jan. 

79 points in storm over night. 223 points at Quondah. Cutting burrs. I made Neil 2 buckets for seaside trip out of galvinised iron. Glor made him a wooden spade.

Tues. 30th Jan.

We preserved in fowler outfit 8 jars of our home grown tomatoes. [6 jars 20s one 27 and one 36]. I pulled down old netting pen. Mowed lawn. Cut burrs.

Wed. 31st Jan.

Cool change but lots of dust today. 50 points of rain during night. Cutting burrs most of the day. I painted Neils two buckets to take to The Entrance.

Thurs. 1st Feb.

Glor did washing. Used new taps in wash house for the first time. Fixed safety catch on the stroller and put washes on the axles. Nailed up and fixed the hole in the shed. Cut some burrs. Burned grass in little paddock. Dad and mum came out in afternoon.

Fri. 2nd Feb.

Neil is not very well today. I rode around all of our plains country. Sheep are doing alright. Nice crop of weeds coming up on Yarrabah. Yarran plain pretty bare but beautiful shoot in grass in farm paddock. I put some netting around the grapes to keep the birds away. 

Sat. 3rd Feb.

I covered 17 bunches of grapes with paper bags. Watered grape vines, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. Mowed lawn and trimmed edges. 
Glor and I packing ports ready for our trip to The Entrance. Moved to "Quondah" for the night. 

Sun. 4th Feb.

Arrived at The Entrance at 12.30pm for fortnight. 
Dad and Alan drove Glor, Neil, Roger and I, and Ron, Dette and Elizabeth Meredith to catch the Brisbane Mail at 5.10am. Arrived at Gosford 11.30am. Boarded bus for The Entrance and settles into Nana Glen. Nice cottages. 

Mon. 5th Feb.

Roger weighs 14 lbs 12 ozs.
Had late breakfast. Glor, Ron and the kids had surf before dinner and another during afternoon. I wrote note to Arthur and rang Audrey. Glor and I went to the pictures. 

Tues 6th Feb.

Roger is sitting up quite strongly now. Neil seems a lot better and is eating better now. Rater cool today. Didnt go in the surf. The others all had a surf about 12pm. Glor, Neil, Roger and I went to town. Dette and Ron went to the pictures at night.

Wed 7th Feb. 

Glor and I had the day in Sydney. Caught the bus at 7.30am. Flyer return to central. Met Audrey who spent the day with Glor. I had appointment with Dr Heath Johnson, nose and throat specialist. Ron and Dette had Neil and Roger.

Thur 8th Feb.

No surfing today. Early lunch and we all caught tourist bus to Terrigal. Spent very nice afternoon seeing the sights. Walked up to look over marina cottage. Left Terrigal at 4.30pm.

Fri 9th Feb.

All went down for a surf before breakfast. Did more surfing during the day. Ron and Dette went to the pictures tonight. 
Roger weighed 15lbs 2ozs.

Sat 10th Feb.

Ron, Dette and I had a swim before breakfast. After breakfast, all except Roger and Dette surfed at at the main surfing beach. Afternoon all walked down town. All had a go on the 'Merry go round'. Glor and I saw "Cassanova Brown" and Kansas City Kitty".

Sun 11th Feb.

Stayed in bed last this morning and lazed around. Afternoon, Ron, Elizabeth, Neil and I had games on the beach. Had look at riding school on the way home. 


Mon 12th Feb.

I got a crook back today. Ron, Dette, Elizabeth and Neil and I spent the morning down town. Ron rang Warrah Creek and found out everything is OK at home. Dette and the kiddies had afternoon on the sand. Ron and I had a surf. Booked Yarrawonga for a week from 18th to 25th Feb at  £5-0-0. Glor and I went to pics and saw 'Take it or leave it'. 


Tues 13th Feb.

Ron and I surfed before breakfast. Children played in sand. Roger fell out of stroller this morning. Afternoon all went down to boat shed. Hired boat for two hours. All took turns in boat. Glor and I saw 'Rats of Tobruk' and 'Three little sisters'. 


Wed 14th Feb. 

My back is still very sore when I bend down. Ron and I surfed and kids played in sand before breaky. Our party joined Jim, Daisy and Lex Jennison and walked to Long Jetty. Hired canoes. Children had great fun. Neil could paddle himself just fine. 


Thur 15th Feb.

Received hald a case of beautiful Yarrabah grapes, sent by Col Chad. Ron and I surfed before breakfast. Also Dette and Neil and Elizabeth. 11.45 all our party joined Jennison's and Mr and Mrs Keenan and walked to Toowoon Bay. Had a swim in the Bay. Neil and Elizabeth had great fun on the slides and swings etc.

Fri 16th Feb.

Ron and I surfed before breakfast. Neil and Elizabeth played in the sand. Packed up food etc and all walked round lake to Long Jetty. Jennison's, another couple, and Mr and Mrs Keenan also with us. Hired 7 canoes and paddled on the lake. Glor and I went to the movies. 'Impatient Years' and 'Long in the saddle'. 


Sat 17th feb.

Weather a bit overcast and cool. Warmed up during the morning. Glor, Ron and I had a surf. Good breakers today and we used the surfoplanes. Afternoon all went down to the merry-go-rounds and had a few rides. Ron and Dette went to the pictures. 


Sun 18th Feb. 

Glor and I shifted all our clothing and gear into the next cottage to "Nana Glen". Ron, Dette and Elizabeth left for home on the one O'clock bus. Bervie and Nell arrived here on 11.30am bus and spent the day with us. They left here on the 6.30pm bus after and early tea. Heavy storm this evening. Roger weighs 15lbs 4ozs. 


Mon 19th Feb. 

Rained all night and still wet and cloudy this morning. No surfing for us. I walked into town and booked seat on bus and train for Sydney. All walked down town this afternoon. Neil had a ride on the merry-go-round. 


Tues 20th Feb.

I left my little family at The Entrance. 7.30am caught Sergant's bus to Wyong. Caught Flyer fast train to Sydney. Central at 10.10am. 
Appointment at Dr Little's at 1.45pm. Swabbing of nose and throat. Went to Bennett and Wood regarding Dominion refridgerator.


Wed 21st Feb.

Baby Roger is 6 months old today. Bought him a pair of shoes today. Price 7/9. Stayed in bed late. Neil and I walked down town in morning. We all had afternoon on main beach. Glor and I had a surf. Storm came and we went home. 


Thur 22nd Feb.

Fed Roger at 6.30am. Stayed in bed to read till 8.30am. Neil and I had couple of hours at the surfing beach. Very choppy. Life savers were out a few times. Beach again in afternoon and another storm came. 

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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work

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I am Jack Kelaher and I am proud of my pop, dad and ancestors.

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