Derry's Solution.

By Neil Barwick. 


I attended a buck’s party at Warrah Creek hall in the 60’s.  Among the invited guests were two young stockmen from a local branch of a national wool firm/stock & station agents.  They rocked up in a new company ute.  About every 20 minutes after the ‘party’ got under way, they would start the engine of the ute and rev it to valve bounce for a couple of minutes then switch it off.  This started to get tiresome after a few times so my mate Derry said he could fix the problem.


The next time the boys started the engine, Derry quickly opened the bonnet, whipped off the top of the air-cleaner and commenced to pour the contents of a quart bottle of icy cold beer straight down the throat of the carburettor.  By the time most of the contents had disappeared, the engine had snuffed it never to be restarted again that night!  Derry said, “Problem solved!”

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01.05 | 13:51

I'm in the photo.

11.04 | 21:11

I found your website on google and I found it very useful and informative for our business and I also shared your website with my other friends also.

02.04 | 20:38

Family past. Didn't know about the Warrah Station Bell.
Love the History.

28.03 | 16:21

Edward married Anne in Philadelphia came to Aust in 1877 died May1897
Anne died Sep 1940 they had the licence for the hotel in 1914

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