Subdivision maps.

1908 subdivision map.

1912 subdivision map.

1912 subdivision map. Closeup.

1912, western portion closeup.

1912 eastern portion closeup.

The 1912 subdivision, before 1912.

1923 subdivision map.

1923 subdivision map. Closeup.

1967 subdivision map.

1967 subdivision auction notice and conditions.

A map of Warrah around about the time of the 1912 subdivision.

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10.05 | 15:31

Takes me back to wonderful childhood days visiting "Merrieton" and "Towarri". At about age 12, I thought Tony (aged about 24) was the most handsome chap around

06.01 | 15:43

Which farm did "Pop Mackelvane" have, I was there during the last part of the second war.

21.11 | 15:34

We had a property, "Werribon" on the road that intersected with the road where Binghams store (name?) was to go to St. Josephs in Quirindi on Rafie's bus.

21.11 | 15:28

I remember the excitement of Rafie getting the "cab-over" bus and used to ride up front with him. We had a property, Werribon, just down the road (name??) from

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