Tims bucksparty, and the Warrah dunny.

Story by Neil Barwick.

About his brother Tims bucksparty at the hall. Timothy was the third son of Edgar and Gloryna Barwick. Tim was a vietnam veteran, 1 field squadron, born 17/11/1947, and died 29/7 1983 from a bee sting whilst driveing a bulldozer.

The leaning dunny of Warrah Creek. The original was burnt down. This one came from the Jacks Creek hall, and is no longer used having been replaced with flush loos inside.

In late 1971 I helped organise a buck’s party at Warrah Creek hall for my late brother Tim.  The party kicked off a bit before dark when we opened the keg and commenced to consume the contents and eat the ‘goodies’ on offer.

A couple of hours later, there was a roar and a rattle and a car load of half-full gate-crashers from Quirindi turned up.  They were known to us so we (foolishly) invited them to stay and have a few beers.

Later on in the night, they got together at the old outside dunny and after some heaving and pushing, over it went and folded up like a pack of cards!  They then rolled it over into the bonfire we had going and soon nothing was left but a shovel full of charcoal.

Needless to say we weren’t at all pleased at the result and insisted they ‘buzz off’ back to town. They left at ‘100 MPH’ in a cloud of dust, but only went about 3 kms when they failed to take a sharp left hand bend off Warrah Creek bridge and went straight through the fence up-side-down  into John Swain’s paddock.   An ambulance was called to transport one of the villains to hospital with a broken neck; not sure how the others got back to town.  The injured gate-crasher eventually made a full recovery as did the members at the bucks-party.  Being one of the organisers, I was left with the job of replacing the ‘outhouse’ lest I be banned forever by the elders of the community!

The outhouse was replaced by one from the Big Jacks Creek hall, since that hall was no longer used and was in disrepair.

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10.05 | 15:31

Takes me back to wonderful childhood days visiting "Merrieton" and "Towarri". At about age 12, I thought Tony (aged about 24) was the most handsome chap around

06.01 | 15:43

Which farm did "Pop Mackelvane" have, I was there during the last part of the second war.

21.11 | 15:34

We had a property, "Werribon" on the road that intersected with the road where Binghams store (name?) was to go to St. Josephs in Quirindi on Rafie's bus.

21.11 | 15:28

I remember the excitement of Rafie getting the "cab-over" bus and used to ride up front with him. We had a property, Werribon, just down the road (name??) from

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