Enid and Luke Barwick.

This is another great story sent to me by Julie Jones. Julie is Luke and Enid Barwicks daughter, and while she was born at Scone and lived just over the Cedar Brush at "Daffodil" for the first year of her life, they then moved to Warrah creek to the property "Trillowee", or now "Lumeah Park" which is now owned by Neville and Margaret Watts.


Luke and Enid were married for just over 60 years.  Luke died on 17 June, 2006 and Enid now resides in the nursing home at Moonbi House, Kootingal.

Enid Annie Barwick [nee Frost] and Lucas Harold Barwick

Excepts from history written by Enid Barwick 1993.


Enid’s family lived at Warrell Creek on the North Coast. 


………  The war was serious. Lots of friends had gone away.  The local school teacher was Mr Giovanelli and he told Father of a place near Willow Tree where they had friends.  Phone calls later, and Father had found a place, vacant, where we could go and live ………….  We went out into the country, the like of which we had never seen before.  That would have been early 1942.  The house was owned by the Fitzpatricks of Warrah Creek.  We stayed there for a few months.  Our neighbours were very kind.  Other folk from the coast had also come into the area.  We could see 3 houses from where we were.  Mum made a home for us and a vegie garden.  Father stay home and worked and worried about his family……..


During our stay at Warrah Creek I’d made some nice friends.  We learned to catch rabbits and to skin and carcase them.  A chap in a truck came daily, I think, and bought the rabbits.  This was quite a profitable side line for the farmers. There were lots of rabbits in those days, but later the myxo killed most of the rabbits out.  There was hardly a rabbit about when we went back to live there many years later.


June 1942. Terry Fitz, Enid Barwick, Ron Frost & Ron Smith.


It was during this time in my life that I met Luke, who lived next door to the Fitzpatricks and to whom I was to make a life long commitment ……..


During those years since we’d been at Willow Tree, Luke and I had been good friends. Letters and phone calls. We visited each other’s homes when time and work allowed and we announced our engagement on my 21st birthday, 9 June 1944, with a party at home and a dance at the Warrell Creek hall afterwards. Luke and I were married 8 December 1945. Because of the coupon restrictions I borrowed a lovely wedding frock from Phyllis Burns and a veil from a friend I’d made whilst working in Sydney. We were married in the church at Warrell Creek. Mum had worked so hard to give us a reception in the Warrell Creek hall. Luke’s brother Arthur was our best man. Luke’s father had saved up petrol tickets, which were still rationed, to come over. Arthur was home from the army so Harold, Sheila, Luke, Audrey and Verna Ashford came over in their lovely black car, which was also used to take me to the church.


Prior to our wedding Luke, Arthur and their dad had formed a company, Harold James Barwick and sons, and were in the process of purchasing a property named "Daffodil" at Sparkes Creek in the Scone district, only about 8 miles to ride over the range.  

Luke and Enid. 8th December, 1945.

After our wedding we went back to stay at Warrah Creek. Arthur and Audrey were there too as they were building a small house on "Oakhaven" and Harold was going to marry Amy Davidson soon. They were married in Willow Tree about 6 months later. Sheila and Jack Goodworth were married in the Warrah Creek church the next year.


My move to "Daffodil" was a complete change to anything I had ever experienced. No phone, no electric lights, no car, no vehicle except a bike each. Arthur gave Luke the loan of a Model T Ford that he had up on blocks during the war. It was wonderful. We were 18 miles from Scone, had a 6 day a week mail service, 2 neighbours within sight and I couldn’t ride a horse. I could sit on one. I never did become a good rider even though we did a lot of riding about the place and over the range to Warrah Creek to go to dances etc. Luke soon got me a cattle pup which was a great comfort to me. During our years at "Daffodil” we had 3 children. Our first daughter Lynette was born in Scone 1 September, 1947, stillborn and is buried in Scone. Then along came Rhodney 13 June 1949 and then Julie 19 December 1951. Luke had a serious illness, starting June 1951. He was in hospital for 5 months ………. was able to leave hospital a week before Julie was born.


After Luke's recovery, Harold and Amy decided to leave Warrah Creek so we hoped to be able to buy his property. We bought "Trillowee" and moved there for shearing in July 1952. Luke employed a workman for "Daffodil" and kept it for a number of years.


This is how Luke listed the purchases and sales of properties.

1945 Purchased "Daffodil" and "Oakey Gully", Sparkes Creek

1952 Sold "Elmsford" and "Oakey Gully", Sparkes Creek

1952 Purchased "Trillowee", Warrah Creek

1958 Sold "Daffodil", Sparkes Creek

1964/65 Purchased "Elmsford" and "Oakey Gully", Sparkes Creek

1972 Sold "Elmsford" and "Oakey Gully", Sparkes Creek

1976 Sold "Trillowee" Warrah Creek.



We had a wonderful life at ‘Trillowee’ making big improvement on the property and to the home and my lovely garden. The children went to the Warrah Creek school then Willow Tree, when the school closed about Easter 1957.


………….. Luke and I stayed and worked at ‘Trillowee’ until 1976 when we sold and moved to Calala. Luke obtained work at the Base Hospital till he retired in 1987.

Back L to R Lila Seymour (Barwick) Victor Barwick, Ron Barwick, Arthur Barwick, Luke Barwick, Madge Carter (Barwick) front Sheila Goodworth (Barwick) Olive Logan (Barwick), Addie Winnett (Barwick)

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Judy Anderson Wilcox | Reply 12.06.2022 20:33

What a wonderful story, enjoyed it very much.

Joy Maunder | Reply 02.08.2012 13:36

Olive Logan (daughter of Arthur and Alice Barwick)

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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work

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I am Jack Kelaher and I am proud of my pop, dad and ancestors.

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