1912 subdivision statistics

1936. Max Saunders, 1936 oldsmobile, Clarrie Saunders, 1929 chevrolet, carting wool from "Stirling" Big Jacks Creek.


By Neil Barwick.


Of the 84 Farms balloted for, 4 Farms were never taken up/settled by the ballotter and were sold very soon afterwards.

Another 6 Farms were sold within a few years indicating either non-profitable occupation or realising of capital gain.

The average size of the 84 Farms was 543 acres.

The largest sized farm was 1194 acres-Farm 72 drawn by T P Kelaher

The smallest was 240 acres-Farm 22 drawn by B J L Carter



 7 families who drew Farms in the ballot of 1912 still retain ownership after 100 years.

1. The Fitzpatrick family have a 5th generation family member, Scott who has lived and worked on Farm 31 called “Glenore”, originally drawn by Michael Fitzpatrick (Snr).

2. Meredith family 4th generation member Patrick Gallagher, great grandson of G W (Bill) Meredith is still working on Farm 39 called “Roscrae”, originally drawn by his great-grandfather.

3. The Carter family still have a 3rd generation member, Milton living and working on Farm 27 called “Iona”.  This Farm was drawn in the 1912 ballot by his grandfather, R R (Robert) Carter.

4. The Doyle family also have a 4th generation family member living and working on Farm 62 called “Mildura”.  Peter Doyle (Jnr) is the great grandson of Frank Doyle who drew this Farm in the 1912 ballot.

5. Ross Barwick is living and working on Farm 30 which was drawn in the ballot by his great grandfather A R (Alfred) Barwick.

6. T P Kelaher drew Farm 72 in the ballot and is still retained by his descendants.  Great grandson Ken Kelaher still works on this farm called “Wonderland”.

7. Miss M.M.Bush drew Farm 25 and retained possession until her younger brother E.R. (Mick) Bush became 'of age' when it was transferred to him.  The Farm then passed to Mick's daughter, Marie McCulloch, and is still being worked by her sons, Michael & Terry McCulloch.





Harold Barwick, Harry Barwick, Luke Barwick, and Arthur Barwick baling hay, 1946.

Barwick family members drew 8 of the original Farms in the 1912 ballot.

Saunders and Hall family members drew 5 Farms each of the original Farms in the ballot.

Sevil, Holmes and Clark family members drew 3 Farms each in the original ballot.


8 Barwick family members drew Farms in the original ballot of 1912.

A further 20 Barwick family members bought Farms in the subdivision at some time in the following 100 years and retained ownership of these Farms for various periods.

Another 10 Barwick family members married an owner of a subdivision Farm in the following 100 years.

4 Barwicks still own a subdivision Farm or portion of a Farm; Geoff, Roger, Lorraine, Ross.


5 Saunders family members drew Farms in the original ballot.

Another 8 Saunders family members bought Farms during the next 100 years.

2 Saunders family members still own Farms or portions of Farms; Noel Saunders, Stephen Saunders.

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Helen Copeland | Reply 15.09.2013 11:47

Very interesting stats., Neil. Where was Alroy school noted on Concert program. Cheers. Helen Copeland

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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work

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I am Jack Kelaher and I am proud of my pop, dad and ancestors.

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