The Diary of Edgar Barwick.

1938 to 1942.


By Geoff Barwick.

Some of the places and families mentioned throughout,....


The properties owned and run by Edgar, his father and mother Ernest and Susan, and his two brothers, Alan and Ron, were,


"Quondah". Dry Creek.  Earnest and Susans home. Farm 11 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Boolawa". Dry Creek. Where Ron and Dette ended up living. Now also called "Quondah" owned by Neville and Chris Moxem. Farm 12 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Belmont". On swinging Ridges road. Now called "Nioka" and owned by the Gillett family. Farm 8 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Levondale". Miller Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1924. Now owned by Cam McKellar. Farm 78 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.

"Booral". Millers Creek. Bought by the Barwicks in 1927. Now owned by Cam McKellar. Farm 79 of the Warrah 1912 subdivision.



Other families.

"Towarri". Owned by Les Barwick in 1930's. Les's Children were Barbara, Tony, Gwen, and Barry. Now owned by Lorraine Barwick. Farm 9 of Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Burnside". Owned by Lucy Brecht in 1930's. Lucy was Ernest Barwicks sister. Her husband, Ernest Brecht died in 1906! Incredible to imagine a single mum way back in the 1930s running a farm and raising a family! Her children were Marie and Ern.Today called "Blakes Reach" and owned by Ken Smith. Farm 28 in the Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Trillowee". Was Harold Barwicks property in the 1930's. Children, Arthur, Sheila, and Lucas. Today owned by Neville and Margaret Watts and called "Lumeah Park". Farm 36 in the Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Merrieton". Was owned by A.R. [Alfred] Barwick. Living there during the 1930's was his daughters Melba and Alma who never married. This property had the best swimming hole in the subdivision in Warrah Creek and it appears that the whole valley and more just congregated there on a hot summers day. Today owned by Ross Barwick. Farm 30 in the Warrah 1912 subdivision.


"Oakley". Was owned by Charles Barwick in the 1930's. Living there was his daughter Lila who married Brian Seymour, and Madge and Enid. Edgar often refered to them as "Charlies Lot" in his diarys. Today half of "Oakley" is owned by Tony and Mandy Seymour, and the other half by Craig and Shelley Devine. Farm 26 in the 1912 subdivision.


Uncle Ivans place is "Cedar Vale". Farm 35 of the 1912 subdivision.


"Duxford" Green Creek Timor. The family of Cyril Barwick.

George and Matilda Barwick. Children, Adela, Vic, Gladys, Veronica, Cyril, John, Leo, Eric, Sylvia and Marjorie.


John is always called "Jack" by most people and Edgar.

Matilda is Aunt Tillie.



Properties mentioned south of the Cedar Brush.


"Lemongrove", Kiernans Creek. Property of Cyril and May Ashford. Children Audrey, Esme, Verna and Noel.










Sun. 2nd Oct.

Gloryna went down and played tennis with me against Dad and Cyril Barwick. I also played Cyril in 3 sets.

Alan and Edna won mixed tournament in Quirindi. Hospital tourney.


Mon. 3rd Oct.

I didn't sleep much last night. Thinking too much!

Gents doubles and ladies doubles in Quirindi. Hospital tournament. Tom Hall. Ron, Alan and I entered and played on no. 1 court. Alan got bilious attack after 2 sets and went home. Gelling played remaining 4 sets. Gloryne went up later with Dad and Mum.


Wed. 5th Oct.

We commenced dipping at 5.30am. Dipped the 450 new X-bred ewes which we bought from Mr Ford. Also dipped all "Boolawa" X-bred ewes and their lambs.

Late afternoon Gloryna and I walked to shearing shed and looked at my orchard.


Thur. 6th Oct.

During morning I cut firewood. Afternoon Gloryna and I rode to "Belmont". Looked at windmill and troughs. Rode to old shack. Wonderfull happening! Told Gloryna all about it! I proposed and she accepted.



Fri. 7th Oct.

45 points rain last night. Dad, Alan, Ron and I went to"Belmont". Yarded ewes and lambs and cleaned them up.

Ping pong tournament, cards and dancing at Warrah Hall. I took Gloryna and Ron. We ran the ping pong.


Tues. 11th Oct.

We marked 42 more lambs in ewe paddock. Went through all ewes and lambs and cleaned them.

Gloryna and I attended our first Ball in Quirindi. C.W.A. Ball. Had marvellous time. Also took Arthur.


Wed. 12th Oct.

Morrisseys Jacks Creek country offered for sale at Quirindi. Comprised of 3 blocks including "Rathcown". [Today "Tallawanta"] From £5 to £5''5 offered but passed in.

I had a swim in Quirindi baths. Left my old suit at Rountrees to be dry cleaned.


Sun. 16th Oct.

Dad and I drove to "Booral". Caught 'Jack' and took agistment cattle to recreation reserve.

Played first cricket match this season. Warrah Creek played at Jacks Creek. Warrah, 57. Jacks Creek 191. I took 5 wickets.

Ron and Dette drove to Deepwater for Beryl and Jims wedding.


Mon. 17th Oct.

Beryl Keinan and Jim Meredith married at Deepwater. Ron and Dette attended wedding.

I mustered ewe paddock and we cleaned up and marked more lambs. Alan yarded "Belmont" ewes and lambs and cleaned up.

Gloryna and I went down to Post Office for wireless battery. Second time my battery has needed to be charged.


Thur. 20th Oct.

Dad, Ron and I drove to Quirindi and attended stud Hereford sale by Hall, Kennedy. Dad purchased young hereford bull. 20 months, at £6''16''6. He left bull up there to be brought out next week.

Auntie Em went home after spending a few days with us.


Sat. 22nd Oct.

Great news! Received word from Mr Hastie of Goldsbough Mort that Niall Bros would sell that portion of land, 722 acres next to "Yarran" at £7''10 per acre.

[This is property "Yarrabah"]

I took the 100 odd ewes and lambs out to back paddock. Gloryna and I rode to "Belmont" to look at mill.


Tues. 25th Oct.

10 points more rain. I fumigated a rabbit warren in house paddock with cyanogas. Ron brought our new bull up from Brechts. Chap brought him out from Quirindi yesterday and left him at Brechts.

Cyril down for ping pong. I had games with Cyril and Gloryna.


Sun. 30th Oct.

Dad, Alan, Jack and I [Jack Barwick rode over from "Duxford"] drove to "Yarran". Jack saw their cattle. Inspected part of our new property. ["Yarrabah"]. Saw mill and two cement tanks. Had game of tennis late arvo.

Gloryna and I went down to "Burnside". Saw Heather and Tom Wilson.


Wed. 2nd Nov.

I removed 'Peters' shoes. Also shaped set of new shoes for him. Dad and Ron drove in utility to Willow Tree and took our 224 suckers to trucking yards. Mum also went in. Dad received cheque for £71 from Mead and Hopkins for agistment.

Glorine and I went for moonlight walk.


Fri. 4th Nov.

Dad, Ron and I went round to "Belmont". Looked through all ewes and lambs. A few fly blown. Lambs great condition and size. One weighed 100 lb!. Ron took our cattle out to back paddock. Bonga is in with young calf.

Gloryna and I went to P and C dance at Warrah with Arthur, Joan Walton and Ivy Palmer.


Mon. 7th Nov.

I rode to "Yarran". Left Snip. We all drove to "Booral". Drafted off 242 lambsand brought them in to "Yarran" paddock.

Arthur, Len and Vic left in Arthurs old T model ford for Bouke.


Wed. 16th Nov.

19 points rain late yesterday.

Received very nice message from Gloryna's mother and sister Joy. Congratulations! Welcome. Mum, Alan, Ron and I drove to Quirindi. Late tennis with Dr Cooper. Other players were Mr Gelling, Malcolm Rouse and Chas Gardner. 100 farm suckers averaged 19/2.


Sat. 19th Nov.

Dad took heather and Joan in to catch train for Sydney.[Heather Berman and Joan Wilson. They had come and stayed for a bit].

All of us went to "Levondale". Cleaned sheep! bad.

Cyril came down. Had few sets tennis. Glor and I played Alan and Cyril. Ping pong at night.


Sun. 20th Nov.

Glor and I went for a ride after dinner. We rode out to top of mountain on "Quondah". Great view! Rode down to Dry Creek. Had afternoon tea beside Rocky Bend. Arthur up for afternoon and stayed for tea.


Mon. 28th Nov.

Dad and I drove to Quirindi. I signed contract for transference of block. 722 acres from Kenneth Mansfield Niall to Edgar Frederick John Barwick. Dad paid deposit of £542.

40 points rain in storm. I planted out bit more kikuyu grass.


Sun. 4th Dec.

Glor and I went down to "Oakley" to see litter of pups. Glor chose a little black pup with white on chest and white hind feet.

Wallace, Rene and baby, and Ted and Ethel came for a while during afternoon.

Mum and Glor went up to uncle Ivans after tea. Saw Len, Betty and Pam. Also called at "Merrieton" and saw aunt Tilly.


Fri. 9th Dec.

We drafted 114 "Belmont" suckers for trucking. Ron took them to Perkins yard.

Dance in Warrah Station shearers dining hall in aid of hospital. Ron, Dette, Glor and I went. Jolly dance but didn't like a few of the people there.


Sat. 10th Dec.

Dad and Ron drove in utility to Willow Tree. Trucked 114 suckers. Arthur went to Sydney on stock train.

Heather [Berman] and Fred Goddard announced engagement.

Wallace, Rene and baby over to see Ron and Dette. Glor and I played Alan and Cyril five sets of tennis.


Fri. 16th Dec.

Dad, Ron and I drove over to "Yarran" early at 5am. Mustered "Yarran" plain. Drafted off 114 suckers and Ron took the 330 suckers and 100 aged ewes to Willow Tree reserve.

Christmas tree in Hall for Warrah kiddies! Mum, Glor and I went from here. Also Cyril. Home early. Santas whiskers came unanchored!


Sat. 24th Dec.

I delivered our first mob of ewes to my new property "Yarrabah".  590 X-bred ewes. Started at 6am in utility and took the 590 from recreation reserve. Arrived "Yarrowick" at 10am. Took ewes down to big cement tanks. Called at out cottage.


Sun. 25th Dec.

Glor gave me a marvellous Brownie camera for Xmas. A real beauty! I gave her pair of blue slippers. Christmas party out on our back lawn. Scrumptous feed. Plenty soft drinks, ice cream. All Harolds lot, All Alfreds lot, Betty and Bob Mitchell, auntie Lu, Bill, Marie and Rosemary.


Wed. 28th Dec.

Woke Glor at 5am. Left at 5am. Breakfast Tamworth. 8am had swim in Tamworth baths. Left 10.40am. Arived Armidale for lunch 1.15pm. Left for Bundy [Bundarra]. Hit Bundy 4.15pm. Drunk a beer or two. Got some more to take home. Arrived "Strathmore" 5 o'Clock after great trip. Met Dad, Mum, Bervie, Joy first time. Had a swim. Distance to "Strathmore" 185 miles.

[Its possible the "beer" Edgar mentioned is "Ginger beer"? He often calls ginger beer just beer? He's never mentioned having an alcoholic beer before? But there could also be a first time for everything?]


Thur. 29th Dec.

Glor, Joy and I went to Inverell in time for lunch. Most important thing so far. Took my Glor to jewelers. Gorgeous ring! Called in at Hugh's on way home. Met Leo and Jean. Had a great swim. Called at house for a few minutes. Took first snap with my new camera.


Sat. 31st Dec.

Took Glor in car out to see Elwin, Vere and children. Robert and Valine at cottage on Clerkness Station. Rained all the way out. Elwin showed me round pumping plant, lucerne flat, hay sheds etc. Elwin, Glor and I inspected shearing shed, dip. All drove to "Strathmore". All members of Ferris family in 2 cars. Had swell dance.




[1939 was another dry year with 19 inches falling at Yarrabah, and amazingly just 13 and a half inches at Quondah. It was especially notable for how hot it was in January though! Gunnedah saw 11 days straight hotter than 42 degrees celcius with a 47 degrees, or 116 degrees fahrenheit one day. Sydney had a 45 degree celcius, or 113 degrees fahrenheit day.]



Mon. 2nd Jan.

Glor and I started early for days picnic down the river. Pulled up in "Mile Swamp". Spent lovely lazy day sunbaking on tent fly spread out on bank of Gwydir River. Tinkered with car then had lunch. Had swim before we left. Clackparty took place at "Strathmore". Three hens. Packed swags ready for home.


Tues. 3rd. Jan.

Homeward bound from "Strathmore". Glor and I left in "Baby Betty" at 8.20am. Arrived Armidale 10.15am. Morning tea. Left 11am. Drinks and fruit at Thunder Bolts rock. Fuel in car at Bendemeer. Arrived Tamworth at 2pm. Lunch at Blue Rooms. Lovely trip up scenic highway. We took 4 snaps on top. Left Tamworth 4.30pm. Home at 6.30pm. Distance for whole trip 480 miles. Car took 14 gallons.


Wed. 11th Jan.

Important event! Glor sent the announcement of our engagement to the Armidale paper, Quirindi advocate and The Sydney morning herald.

Temperature to 111! We all spent most of afternoon under the sprinkler on our lawn. Same before bed time.


Fri. 13th Jan.

Telegram of congratulations from Edna Boland, Audrey and Esme and Verna from Sydney. They won semi-final at country week v Newcastle.

I cut some firewood during morning. Heat terrific again. 106 on verandah.


Sat. 14th Jan.

Announcement of Glors and my engagement came out in the papers!

Terrific heat! All records smashed here. 108 on our middle verandah. 113.6 in Sydney.

I took load in the utility to the Quirindi Baths. Glor, Addie, Veronica, Alan, Arthur, Cyril, Jack, Eric and I. We had tea at Baths and another swim after.   

Sydney Morning Herald report of 14th Jan 1939. This was 45.3 degrees celcius in Sydney. 79 deaths reported in Sydney alone that day from the heat.


Mon. 16th Jan.

Very hot this morning but turned cool late afternoon. Ron and I drove to "Levondale". Drafted off 84 old farm ewes from "Levondale" plain paddock. Brought ewes to farm paddock. Called and saw Norman Redman at "Yarrabah" well. Down 11 feet in 5 days.


Thur. 19th Jan.

Dad, Alan, and I drove over to "Yarrabah". Watched Norman Redman and Oscar Saunders deepening the well in house paddock. Well was 36 feet deep. They have it to 52 feet and still no fresh stream. Slabbing with iron bark. Our 84 old ewes sold for 13/6 in Willow Tree. Aunt Alice and Jack Logan came by train to spend holiday here.


Sun. 22nd Jan.

Norman Redman has struck some water in "Yarrabah" well. Struck stream at 57 feet. We told him to cease sinking. There is ten feet of water in well.


Thur. 26th Jan.

212 points rain. Glorious rain started with light shower. Then very heavy storm and soaking rain. All plus Jack went out to "Yarran" in the truck.

Cyril and Jack here for ping pong at night.


Sun. 29th Jan.

Dad, Mum, Glor and I drove over to "Yarrabah". Had our first good look over the property. Inspected the well. 25 feet of water. Drove down to cement tanks. Called at our cricket ground. Match in progress. Ern and auntie Lu came up home this morning. Ern collected ropes and endless chain to lower his cement down his well.

The "Yarrabah" house around about 1938.

 Sun 12th Feb.

Mum, Glor and I went to church. Took Cyril.

Tennis during afternoon up here. Edna came out and stayed for tea. Glor and I had 4 sets of tennis. Wrote letter to Audrey regarding Glor and my visit to "Lemongrove".


Sat. 18th Feb.

We awoke at 6am. Left at 7.40am. Headed to Keirnans Creek. Garaged utility at "Ashcroft". Hiked over Scotts mountain. Glor thought she'd slip off the other side! Arrived "Lemongrove" 11am. Glor met Cyril, [Ashford] May, Noel and her 3 new sisters. Had few sets of tennis in afternoon.


Tues. 21st Feb.

Ern came up and we had day deepening "Quondah" well. Put it down another 3 feet. Well is now 30 feet 6 inches. Ron and I cut down green box tree in cow paddock. Cut off some 8 foot posts. I erected the new posts in 4ft, 3in holes at gateway to shearing shed.

Dad and Ron drove to "Yarran". Sold uncle Georges 19 cattle to Tom McCluand for £50. Vic came up on motorbike.


Sat. 25th Feb.

Glor and I played some tennis in afternoon. Also playing were Alan, Ron, Cyril, Dette, and Gwen Giovanelli. Gwen arrived at Rons last night for a weeks holiday. I finished straining up wires in cow paddock fence. Dad made a new gate for opening. Arthur came up after tea. Cyril came down. Played ping pong.


Wed. 1st March.

Ron and I left here at 7am. I mustered "Yarrabah" and Ron mustered "Yarran to yards. We crutched with blades 143 ewes. Put 99 lambs from "Yarrabah" into "Yarran". Ern came up and started putting new slabes in "Quondah" well.

Quirindi hospital and Ambulance dance in Warrah Hall. Big crowd. £22''10 taken at door.


Sat. 11th March.

303 points of rain! Alan, Ron, Jack and I spent a lot of this afternoon helping Eric Swain get Bolands V8 delivery out of a bog.


Thur. 16th March.

Jack and I drove up the creek and spent the day timber getting. We sawed down big box tree. Cut off two logs. Each 6 feet 9 inches. Split the smaller log into 6. Beaut post for fence around "Yarrabah" cottage.

To harvest festival at church at night. 


Sat. 18th March.

Ron and I shore 86 more "Belmont" ewes. Ron and I rode to "Belmont". Took "Boolawa" ewes over and brought the 238 "Belmont" ones here.

[They started autumn shearing two weeks ago]

Glor had tennis with me, Alan, Cyril and Jack. Arthur came up later. First load of 20 bales wool left today.


Sat. 25th March.

Quirindi Show! Glor and I spent the whole day together at Quirindi show. We looked through both pavilions. Saw all the exibits. Inspected all the sheep. Some splendid Border Leicesters. Sat in three different makes of cars. Had ride on the horse-O-plane.


Sat. 1st April.

36 ewes shorn today. Jack shore most of the run in Rons stand as Ron has a stiff back. Alan, Ron, Jack and I drove out to Tom Halls for afternoon tennis. Earl Hall also played.

Dette went to Red Cross fair in Willow Tree..


Sun. 2nd April.

Glor and I drove out and had our first good look through the "Yarrabah" cottage. We found everything very nice. Planned a 10ft by 5ft bathroom on veranda. Planted flower garden and a bit of kykuyu. Had nice lunch under the big apple tree. Home via "Yarran" and Macs.

[Macs is the Old Warrah store. McCluands now own it. Bought from Chads]


Fri. 7th April.

The Prime Minister of Australia died today. Joseph Lyons.

[He died suddenly of a heart attack at 59 years old. First PM to die in office!]

Alan, Ron, Jack and I walked all over "Booral" cutting burrs. Played tennis tonight in preparation for Quirindi tournament.


Sat. 8th April.

Annual A.I.F. tournament in Quirindi. Glor and I played together for the first time in a tourney. We were beaten 9-7 by Pattie Haydon and Lee. I beat D Upcroft in 2 sets. I beat Farmer 6-1, 6-3. Alan and I beat Chas Gardner and Cliff Spencer 3-6, 6-1, 6-2. Glor lost 7-9 to miss Haydon.


Sun. 9th April.

Tennis again Quirindi. Glor just watching today. Edna came too. Alan and I beaten 6-1, 6-2 by Guy Williams and Dick Spencer in Champs. Earl Hall beat me 6-0, 6-2. Alan and I beat Thomas and Goward.


Mon. 10th April.

Tennis Quirindi. Final day of championships. Glor played with Mrs Ron Sevil and won a handicap match but were beaten by miss Windeyer and Miss Holloway. Special doubles, Alan and I beat A Sylvester and E Hall 6-3, 6-4. Dette and Edna beaten in final by Mrs Land and Miss Jurd. Jack won singles handicap.

Annual Warrah Hall dance. Every dance but two with my Glor! Great dance, a perfect night.


Mon. 1st May.

Drew load of firewood in the utility. Cleaned out all weeds from around my grapevines. We crutched a few ewes. Mr Athol Head called in and stayed the night. He snores pretty bad. Alan at "Levondale" boring posts again.


Tues. 2nd May.

Glor and I went to C. of E. Ball in Quirindi. Had absolutely wonderful time. Sheila made her debut. Got home at 3.45am. I cut up a heap of firewood. Cleaned out some of the cathead from the new orchard.


Sat. 6th May.

Glor went with Dette to Jacks Creek to play in tournament there. Draw for partner. Opening of new courts there.

We help Ern dip their 700 ewes this morning. I drew load of fire wood. Brought down my 14 split posts in two loads.


Tues. 9th May.

Dad sold our 13 surplus cattle to Tom McCluand. 7 steers at £4 per head, 4 heifers at £3 per head. 1 steer at £2. 1 bull calf at £1''10. I took in 44 ram lambs from "Belmont" to Perkins yards. Ron took in 168 X-bred lambs from "Yarran" to Schofields yards. [they got trucked the next day]

Arthur came up here for supper. We had 6 handed game of crib. Girls played the boys.


Sat. 13th May.

Aunt Annie Bell, Glor and me are having great time keeping house while rest of family away. [Ernest, Susan and Alan are at Moree. Staying at Victoria Hotel and going to bore baths].

Aunt Annie, Glor and I drove to "Yarrabah" for afternoon. We burnt sulphur in the 3 bedrooms. Glor dug up a flower bed and measured more beds. I dug six plots for grape vines.


Sun. 14th May.

Glor, aunt Annie and I drove to church in the utility. Also took all "Towarri" family too in the back.

I watered all the garden. Chopped some wood. Ron and Dette have Mrs Power and her grandson Phillip staying with them.


Fri. 19th May.

Ron and I mustered back paddock and ewe paddock ewes and cleaned a few. Cyril sleeping here for a bit while Weakleys are at "Towarri"

Annual C.W.A.Ball in Willow Tree. Glor and I went in with Ron and Dette. Car got a puncture. Had a great time. Wonderful supper.


Sun. 21st May.

Glor and I paid our first visit to Wallace and Rene up Little Jacks Creek. Aunt Annie came with us. Arrived at 12 noon. Had lunch. Vaughan and Jean Jackson and 2 kids, Pat and Peter there. We had a marvelous day with the young couple and baby Milton. Stayed for supper. Home at 10pm.


Mon. 29th May.

Wireless battery fully charged at "Thomas' Garage". Alan and I had day cleaning sheep at "Levondale". Cleaned up 160 ewes in plain paddock. Dad musterd "Booral". Ran them through, cleaned some. Ron brought the 578 ewes from "Yarrabah" for crutching.


Tues. 30th May.

Col Logan and aunt Alice drove round here. Col visiting. We crutched the 578 ewes and 6 rams from "Yarrabah". Ewes shorn in March but many dirty and some flyblown. I jabbed machine into my leg. Ron took ewes down to recreation reserve.


Sat. 3rd June.

Glor and I had afternoon at "Yarrabah". Took over 5 posts for garden fence. Glor planted nice lot of flowers along front veranda. We'll soon have a beautiful garden. I let all water from tank at back verandah. Dug up plots for five trees on west side of house. We crutched 186 "Boolawa" ewes in early morn.


Sun. 4th June.

Mum and auntie very crook with colds. Glor and I went down to Hall for Sat tennis with Alan and Cyril. Ron and Dette came a bit later. We played all the afternoon. Vic came up on motorbike from uncle Ivans.


Fri. 9th June.

We completed our half of western boundary fence at "Belmont", Today we drew timber for top gully. Fixed bank. Straightened old trough iron and fence in the two gullies.

Glor had her first Red Cross lesson at Warrah Hall. Ill soon have a first class nurse!


Sun 2nd July.

Meeting of our church. Decided to paint the church navy grey, with darker grey trimming. Afternoon Glor and I went down and had 3 sets of tennis with Alan, Ron, Dette and Cyril. Vic came up as well. Vic has purchased an old 1926 overland but hasn't taken delivery.


Wed. 12th July.

Glor attended first aid exam in Willow Tree. Passed with honors. Start made on painting church. Tom, Arthur, Alan and I had all day. Uncle Harold and Len half day. Mr Uren came up after school. We finished all first coat except western end.


Sat. 15th July.

I finished prunning my 16 fruit trees up in orchard at shearing shed. Also prunned peach tree and grape vines down in "Quondah" garden. Glor and I played tennis with Alan, Ron, Dette and Cyril. Vic and Addie came up in Vics overland. Ern and Lucy also up for evening.


Sun. 16th July.

Glor and I had a lovely day at "Yarrabah". Had our first meal in our dining room. Glor and I took measurements of all rooms for curtains. Planted some more kikuyu and geraniums. I dug up plots for planting grape vines.


Mon. 17th July.

Bathroom started at "Yarrabah". Dad, Alan and I commenced building this morning. We nailed up the false plates and erected some of the studs. Dad left early. He went home to help Ern and uncle Harold butcher a bullock.

[They spent all week building bathroom]


Sun. 23rd July.

I took Glor, Mum, aunt Annie and Cyril to church. Jack and Florrie and Audrey Miller and Aub Haiyse came out for aunt Annie. Auntie had 3 months with us. Wallace, Rene and Milton came over for afternoon. I gave Wallace 5 rooted grape vines and 6 lots of cuttings.


Wed. 26th July.

Glor and I left home at 7.25am in car to drive to Mayfield, Newcastle. Breakfast in Scone 9am. 3 gallons shell at Singleton. Drove right through to Mayfield for lunch. Arrived at 12.10. Round to Andersons at 1.30pm. Billie has measles. Glor and I went shopping at Winns and Scotts. Bought beautiful stuff for her wedding dress. Got a dressing gown and travelling rug.


[Edgar and Gloryna spent the next 4 days at Newcastle, staying with the Bill Anderson and Marie. Mainly shopping for everything. Furniture, Beds, etc. Went to the "Talkies" a few times. ]


Sun. 30th July.

I left Mayfield at 11.20am. Picked up Glor at Geo Handsakers where she stayed. Lunch in Singleton. Called at Scone at 3pm. Afternoon tea with uncle Alf and auntie Gertie. Home at 6.30pm. Drove 358 miles on 11 galons in the Ford ten.


Sun. 6th Aug.

Feneral of Mr Bill Smith yesterday at Warrah.

I planted out 13 fruit trees at "Yarrabah". 7 peaches, 2 apricots, 1 mulberry, 1 nectarine. Glor planted some more flowers. Arthur and Vic came over for a look. Alan, Glor and I had evening at Harolds.


Thur. 10th Aug.

Glor went home to "Strathmore" this morning to prepare for our big day. Took her in to catch the Glen Innes mail at 5.25am. Had the day at "Yarrabah". Cleaning everything. Painting.


Mon. 28th Aug.

Spring shearing started today. We shore 140 ewes. Ron and Jack shore each part time in stand together. [Rons back is not quite right.]


Fri. 1st Sept.

Hellish war news came through that Herr Hitler has bombed 4 Polish cities. Nearly certain to be world war.

We shore 154 "Belmont" ewes. I shore 80 in 7 and a half hours.

Another lovely letter arrived from Glor.

[Edgar gets and sends letters to Glor every second day. I won't mention it again!]


Sat. 2nd Sept.

Ron and I shore 74 more ewes. Total of 704 sheep now shorn. First load of 14 wool bales left today per Saunders lorry.

This afternoon I went out to "Yarrabah" and supervised the installation of new bath and basin. Helped Callaghans fit pipes and taps in bath room.


Mon. 4th Sept.

War declared on Germany by England and France. British liner torpedoed by German submarine.

We finished shearing "Belmont" ewes. Shore 134. Marked 19 more lambs.


Fri. 8th Sept.

I drove utility to "Strathmore". Left "Quondah" at 9am. Called at Quirindi and tried on my new suit coat. Purchased felt hat. Arrived Armidale at 3.15pm. Saw Mr Ferris at hospital. Took Mrs Ferris out home to "Strathmore". Wonderful welcome from Glor.


Sun. 10th Sept.

Glors gift afternoon at "Strathmore" tennis courts. Just Glors very best friends came along and we had a very enjoyable afternoon of tennis. Got some lovely gifts.

Bervie and I had a shot out of Berts 303 rifle this morning.


Mon. 11th Sept.

I left "Strathmore" at 10am with load of Glors belongings including two pet lambs, Jenny and Sally. Mrs Ferris went with me to Armidale. 48 miles. I went to hospital and had talk with Mr Ferris. He is going home tomorrow. I left Armidale at 2pm. Home at 6.15 pm. Glor gave me a beaut photo of her. I hung photo on my wall.


Wed. 13th Sept.

Spring shearing finished except for leicester rams. we shore 97 ewes today. Total number of ewes shorn 1445. We crutched 150 autumn shorn ewes from back paddock. Jack went home tonight.


Sun. 17th Sept.

Yesterday I got my new suit from A. McKenzie of Quirindi. £7''10. Callaghans came out and fixed "Quandah" wind mill.

All uncle Harolds family and Vic came up for evening. Arthur gave Glor and me a beautiful glass jug and set of glasses for wedding present.


Sun. 24th Sept.

I spent the whole day at "Yarrabah". Took out load of firewood that Id cut up. Cleaned out stove and painted inside fireplace. Cleaned rubbish out of rooms after work we've been doing. Tinkered with hinges of new wardrobe. Watered Glors garden and flowers. Watered fruit trees and grape vines.


Wed. 27th Sept.


I left "Quondah" with Dad, Mum and Alan to travel up to Inverell to be married to Glor tomorrow. Left home at 9.10am. Arrived at "Strathmore" at 3.45pm. Afternoon and supper with ferris family. Inverell at 10.30pm. Glor gave me lovely wrist watch.


Thur. 28th Sept.

Our wedding day!!!

Glorina and I were married at 11.45am at St Augustines Church Inverell. Lovely ceremony. Married by Rev Stammer. Very nice reception after. 24 at reception. Glor and I had photos. Also Glor, Joy and Valma. My wife and I boarded bus to Glen Innes. Stayed at Club Hotel. It's wonderful being married to the sweetest girl in the world!


Fri. 29th Sept.

[This was written by Gloryna]

Stayed at the Club Hotel, Gen Innes. Caught Brisbane mail at Glen Innes early. Breakfast at Wallangara 8.30am. Changed trains. Warrick at 12 noon. Some beautiful plains, mostly farmed. Toowomba. Arrived Brisbane at 6.45pm. Took taxi to Adelaide house, Adelaide street. Had tea at Astoria cafe. Hot bath. Off to bed.


Tues. 3rd Oct.

Cashed cheque for £5 at Commercial Bank in Queen St. Caught train out to Museum and art gallery out on Kedron, Windsor line. Had sandwitches, fruit in park. Spent about 3 hours looking through museum. Went to Majestias Theatre. Saw "Captain Fury" and "Second Fiddle" with Sonia Henie and Tyron Power.


Thur. 5th Oct.

Glor and I having wonderful time at Adelaide house, Brisbane. We left North Quay at 9am in launch "Mirabel" for 100 mile cruise. Down Brisbane river, out of the heads. Lunch at 12.30pm at Amity. Very nice lunch. Called for half hour at Karrangarra. Saw fruit farms. Had fruit salad. Bought 2 dozen bananas for 6' and peanuts. Took some snaps. Back at wharf at 6.30pm. Great trip. 


Sat. 7th Oct. 

Glor and I packed ports and walked down Queen st. Purchased a paper weight and crib board of Queensland wood as a souvenir of Brisbane. We left Adelaide House. Taxi to South Brisbane. Railway train left at 1pm. Arrived Coolangatta at 3.45pm. St Leonards boarding house. Booked for week. Full board £2'10 each. Ping pong after tea.


[They spent the next week on the Gold Coast but I'm unsure of what they did as the ink that Edgar used just smudged terribly and the writing was unreadable. He must have run out of the usual black ink he used and got some blue ink? They arrived home at Willow Tree Sunday, 15th October]  

This was some of the more readable writing. Yeah, OK, you can read that if you try really hard, but that's the best bit!

Wed. 25th Oct.

[This is written by Gloryna]

Bervie operated on in Armidale hospital for appendicitus.

One of the loveliest days I've ever had with Edgar. Drove to the wheat paddocks with Edgar.

[the family had sheep on agistment on McCluands place, a wheat paddock. It would be part of Badgery's "Tallawanta" today.]

We watered the sheep and had a lovely picnic lunch. I thoughly enjoyed my feeble attemp at driving. Drove around to Barney Greers. Asked about telephone poles. Very successful. Had drinks at Macs. [Warrah Store] Ernest and Ron trucked lambs. Arthur and Ern back from Sydney. [Arthur and Ern went on the stock train to Sydney]


Sat. 28th Oct.

Glor and I purchased all our groceries at McCluands Store. [Old Warrah Store] We had exactly 100 items at total cost of £5''13''9. We took groceries and utensils out to "Yarrabah" and Glor unpacked them into canisters and cupboards. I erected two line posts and watered grape vines. We went up to Harolds for evening. They gave us large pottery vase. Played 500.


Sat. 4th Sept.

Arthur and Cyril Barwick left for military camp.

Dad and Ron came out this morning and brought out some of my dog kennels. I went with them to "levondale". Mustered plain paddock ewes. I brought the ewes and lambs in to "Yarran". Glor drove along and brought me home. In afternoon we went over to Jacks Creek tennis courts. Red Cross tournament. Met Mr and Mrs Noel Hall.


Thur. 9th Nov.

580 of our suckers sold at Flemmington for average of 21/5. Ron and Jack went down with them.

Glor and I went out to "Levondale" for the day. I mustered. Alan went out to yards. We cleaned up a few. Glor drove utility home. Called at Macs. [This is McCluands store at Old Warrah. From now on, "Macs" is Warrah Store.] I rode 'Snip' home to "Yarrabah".


Sat. 25th Nov.

I made another door for the second cupboard in the kitchen. Glor helped me water all the vegetable seeds and the tomato plants. We went for a run to Mac's. Got groceries, ice creams and drinks. I milked Mitchells cow this morning.


Wed. 29th Nov.

I walked across to Edwards lucerne. Had yarn with Noel Hall. [Noel was manageing "Rathcowan", or called today "Tallawanta"] Fred Benham was hauling logs off paddock with tractor. [From a flood a week ago].

Ron and Dette came out after supper. Had a very enjoyable evening.


Fri. 8th Dec.

I mustered "Yarrabah" and took the 217 aged ewes to "Yarran" yards. Glor, Sheila and I drove out and mustered all "Booral ewes into yard. We had lunch out there. Chopped some wood and brought in.

Glor, Sheila and I went to Warrah Hall for kiddies X-mas tree. Concert and dance later. Lovely time.


Tues. 12th Dec.

572 lambs sold to Barney Perkins for 15/-. I started at 6.25am. Took 138 from "Yarran" and "Belmont". Ron took the 572 lambs round to "Warrah Park".


Thur. 14th Dec.

Last night Vic and Arthur came out for supper with us. Game 500 until 11.30pm.

We placed ewes and lambs not to be fed in their paddocks at "Yarran". Glor and I took 123 ewes out to "Booral".

X-mas tree in Jacks Creek Hall for kids.


Sat. 23rd Dec.

Fed "Yarran" ewes corn this morning. Glor and I drove to "Yarran" and got an old ewe for the dogs. We drove into McCluands store for groceries.


Sun. 24th Dec.

Glor and I went to church at Jacks Creek. Battery in truck went flat so drove to Willow Tree and got a service battery from Thomas' Garage. Went to Toms late arvo. Had supper with Tom and Annie.


Mon 25th Dec.

[This written by Gloryna]

Good old Santa brought me the loveliest fountain pen. Just what I wanted!

Had lunch at "Quondah". Auntie Em, Ron and Dette there. Also all uncle Harolds lot. All uncle Ivans household up for tea. Had whopping feed. Plenty ice cream. Got jug from Sheila. Perfume from Dette.




[1940 was extremely dry with less than 16 inches falling at Yarrabah and only 13 and a half inches at Quondah. April received 3 inches and December 4 inches. The rest of year very dry.]



Thur. 11th Jan.

Glor and I had early breakfast. 6.30am. I mustered "Yarrabah" ewes to "Yarran" yards. Hacket from Merriwa inspected aged ewes. 210 sold at 12/-. Also old X-bred ewes at 12/-.

Glor and I few "Yarran" sheep.

Rene came along with baby Milton for the day. Wallace called about 10pm for family.


Wed. 17th Jan.

Glor came with me this morning and helped feed "Yarran" and "Levondale" sheep. Afternoon I finished building a shade over the kitchen window. We went over to Chads and phoned "Quondah"

[Chads did own the Old Warrah store. They sold and moved to property that is today "Sandstone". The Jacks creek phone exchange was at "Sandstone".]


Thur 25th Jan.

Thermometer to 113!. Heat absolutely terrific! Hurricane from the west blowing in from hell. I fed "Yarran". Old ram died. Brought back for the dogs. Glor went to "Levondale" to feed sheep. Both of us crook tonight from heat.


Sat. 3rd Feb.

I fed "Yarran" and "Levondale" sheep. Brought in load of firewood from "Levondale". Skinned old dead ewe for the dogs. Glor, Mrs Ferris and I drove over to "Quondah" for the afternoon. [Gloryna's mother is staying with them] Stayed for supper.


Sun. 4th Feb.

Glor and her mum came with me to feed the sheep today. Finished at 11.40am.

All drove to uncle Harolds for afternoon. Stayed for supper. I went up to Arthurs garden with Arthur and Lucas. I drove Harolds new V8 sedan for about half a mile.


Mon. 19th Feb.

Glor and nanna [Mrs Ferris, Gloryna's mum] helped me feed the sheep at "Yarran". Picked up Jim Mitchell and his poddy calf and took them to Nialls paddock. Fed "Levondale" sheep. I watered the grape vines.

Southerly hurricane sprang up at dark. Dust storm. Blew terrible lot of dust into houses.


Tues. 20th Feb.

Glor got her drivers licence in Quirindi. I had two top front teeth filled at Storey's. Called on Dr Cooper. Everything OK. Got block of ice. Made 11 bottles of ginger beer.


Sat. 24th Feb.

Drove to "Yarran" at 6am. Joined Alan and Ron and we cleaned "Yarrabah" sheep until 10.30. I few "Yarran" and "Levondale" before dinner. Started lopping apple trees for sheep at "Levondale".

Glor, Nanna and I drove to "Quondah" for afternoon. Stayed for supper. Played Crib. Alan went to "Duxford" with Vic.


Sun. 3rd March.

Chads pony died last night. It ate too much wheat. Fed all sheep here and At "Levondale". Terribly dusty and windy. I put tonic mixture and rock salt in troughs at "Levondale" and "Booral". Went up to "Rathcown" [Today "Tallawanta"] at 5pm to see Noel Hall. We were invited to stay for tea. Very enjoyable. Gus Sevil came along later.


Thur. 14th March.

Fed "Yarran", "Levondale" and "Booral sheep on corn. Glor did the washing today. Afternoon we went to "Quondah" to see the Ashford girls play tennis. All Cyrils [Ashford] family drove round in car for days tennis. They stayed for supper and went home later. I took along a racket and shoes but didn't play. Didn't get a chance!


Fri. 15th March.

I went alone to feed all the sheep. Lopped some apple tree bushed for sheep.

Glor drove to Willow Tree to Red Cross meeting and first aid lecture. She took Polly Hull. Brought back load of tonic for sheep.


Sat. 16th March.

Put 4 bags tonic in one trough and one in the other at "Yarran". Took 5 bags tonic out to "Levondale" and "Booral". Fed all sheep.

Kids cricket match on our cricket ground.

We attended Red Cross fete at Mrs McCluands. Played in eucre party.


Tues. 19th March.

197 points rain yesterday and last night. Best rain sice we moved here four and a half months ago. Fed all sheep. Had to put chains on the truck. Ground very wet.


Mon. 25th March.

Usual sheep feeding this morning.

[Easter Monday] Glor went with Rene to play in tournament at Warrah Creek. Only 29 players and they had 10 sets each. I arrived at courts at 4pm. Nica afternoon tea. We went to "Quondah" for supper. Heard "Dave and Mabel" on wireless.

Annual dance at the hall. Forrests orchestra. Great turnout.


Mon. 1st April.

Finished telephone post hole. Fed all sheep on corn again. Took 5 bags out from "Yarran".

Received word that uncle Len died in Quirindi hospital. Funeral at ten O'clock tomorrow morning.

[Len was Cecil Leonard Barwick. His brothers were Harold, George and Ivan. Sisters, Susan, Emily, Alice, and Ella, so he was related to everyone]


Tues. 2nd April.

Poor uncle Len buried in Quirindi at 10am. I drove to Willow Tree. Went from there in "Quandah" car. Big funeral. A lot of relatives and local people. Alan, Ron, Vic, Cyril, Arthur and I were Pall Bearers.

I left truck at "Orties" [Owen Thomas. Garage]. Leak in engine lead. Glor and I started at 6am feeding.


Sat. 6th April.

Usual sheep feeding. Afternoon Glor and I took "Betsy" [Nick name for the V8 ford utility] in to Thomas' Garage. Ortie put new gasket in cylinder head. New oil. Cleaned air filter. We had afetrnoon tea with auntie Em. Arthur brought Dulcie Delander and Doris Wood over for the evening.


Thur. 11th April.

Fed sheep. Drove part way across "Yarran and got bogged. Round road to shack. Dug hole for the telephone post. We went to Gift Evening for Joyce Hall, in Jacks Creek hall.

Old uncle Alf in hospital. Very crook.


Sat. 13th April.

Rained all day and well into the night. 194 points. [Plus about an inch a few days earlier] Creeks came down. No feeding today. I made a beaut toasting fork.


Sun. 14th April.

215 points at "Levondale" yesterday. Glor and I drove out and fed ewes on "Booral". Put the chains on the truck. Ground very boggy.

[When Edgar says 'truck', its his utility, 'Betsy']

Afternoon we drove to "Quondah". Stayed for supper. Uncle George there. Glor and I went up to Harolds for evening.


Mon. 15th April.

Uncle Alf, age 88 died last night. [Alfred Barwick. Merrieton] He was the last of that generation of Barwicks.

Glor and I fed "Yarran" for the last time. Feed coming away good. I rode around "Yarran". Plain terribly boggy. Put up all flood poles.


Tues. 16th April.

[Written by Gloryna] Up at cocks-crow and fed "Levondale" sheep before breakfast. Ron brought over ewes and lambs from "Booral" and "Quondah" and put in here. Also brought old Prince.

We attended Uncle Alfs funeral in Willow Tree at 10 o'clock. Huge attendance. Buried at Willow Tree. Conducted by Canon John.

I washed and scrubbed in afternoon.


Wed. 24th April.

Glor and I drove into Macs and waited for Dad and Ron to come along in 'Betsy' with 10 leicester rams from Schofields. Glor and I took the rams out to "Yarrabah". We watered all our little flower and vege plants. Shot rabbits for dogs.


Sun. 28th April.

At "Quondah". I had 3 sets of tennis with Alan, Ron and Jack. First game of tennis I've had since we were married. Cleaned up some ewes after dinner. Vic came up for supper. Col Logan came along after supper.


Mon. 6th May.

[They have been doing the autumn shearing now for weeks. Glor and Edgar often staying at "Quondah".] At "Quondah". Started shearing "Levondale" ewes. In great condition. Not much dirt in them. 157 today!

Cyril left for 3 months camp training with the militia at Rutherford.


Fri. 10th May.

Finished shearing yesterday. Glor and I left "Quondah" at 9.30am in 'Bestsy' and drove to Green Creek. Did some shopping in Murrurundi. Arrived at "Duxford" 12.15pm. Afternoon uncle George, Eric and I drew in 2 loads firewood with 'Betsy'. Glor, Veronica, Sylvia, Marj, went in back of utility. Game 500 at night.


Sat. 11th May.

Amy Sevil married today. Glor gave me a lovely tie for my birthday. Only uncle George, aunt Tillie, Veronica, Eric, Sylvia and Marjorie at "Duxford". Had a quite morning. Afternoon Glor and I walked with family to top of hill. Great view. Visiters after supper. Tom Tinsey and wife, and Mrs Mitchell came round. Played 500.


Mon. 13th May.

Glor and I left "Duxford" in Betsy at 10.45am. Took Veronic and Eric round to "Merrieton". Called at Willow Tree and Macs. "Quandah" for dinner. Greased Betsy. 25590 miles. Packed up things at "Quondah". Removed everything back home. Unpacked everything by dark.


Thur. 16th May.

The Narzies have done frightful damage in Belgium and Holland. Killing thousands of women and children. The Dutch have surrendered!

The phone inspector, Mr Gibson called. We paid £10-17 to have "Yarrabah" phone line erected. I mustered "Yarran". Dad came over. Drafted off 255 lambs and left in farm paddock. Glor and I drove up to Saunders place. Gladys making dress for her.


Fri. 17th May.

Planted pepper tree at north west corner of house. Planted 15 beetroot plants. Ploughed up orchard with old Prince.


Sat. 25th May.

471 last season lambs sold to Barney Perkins at 15/- per head. I delivered the lambs to Berney at Little Jacks creek.

Glor and I watered all the flower plants this morning. Afternoon we went over to Jacks creek to watch comp match. Jacks creek lost to Willow Tree 3 to 5.


Sun. 26th May.

War in France is in a very critical state. Allies are being driven back by the Germans along North Coast.

Special prayers in Jacks Creek church. Tremendous congregation. 28 cars. Brechts, Marie and kiddies, and Rene down for afternoon tea.


Sun. 2nd June.

Very special welcome visit from Arthur this morning. Private A.C. obtained special leave from Rutherford Camp from Friday to Tuesday. He is brigade carpenter.

Planted out 2 rows of lettuce plants. Went to Harolds for supper. Chook. Tom, Annie and Vic there also.


Sat. 8th June.

Glor and I drove the truck into Macs and met Dad and Ron. They had taken another load of rams back to Schofields. Got first bit of super shell in Betsy, trying a mixture. Dug two holes and erected last two trellis posts. Madge called in late.


Mon. 10th June.

Italy declared war on the Allies. Germans have 2,000,000 troops in massed attack in France.

Glor's violin has arrived from "Strathmore". We went to Willow Tree Red Cross meeting. Had patch put on Betsys muffler. Parcel of baby clothes arrived from "Strathmore". I dug three of the telephone post holes. Noel Hall called in and we had a yarn.


Wed. 12th June

Big day erecting our telephone posts. Dad, Mum, Alan and Ron here for the day and we put up the 4 poles out to the road. Glor drove up to Covers for library books.


Mon. 17th June.

Kings birthday! All day tennis tournament at Warrah Creek in aid of Willow Tree Red Cross. £88 made during the day. Dance at night. Glor looked after the sweets stall with Mrs Bates. They made £3-3-6. Other stalls were Jumble, Fancy and white elephant. Hansie housie made £6. Chocolate wheel £14.  

Mon. 24th June.

Another terrific frost. There was still ice on the cement trough down the plain at 11am. Glor and I drove down to the cement tanks for the day. I dug four 3 foot holes ready to plant willow trees. Connected up the pull rod at top of mill. We had great old play together on violin and accordian. Yarrabah band!


Fri. 5th July.

I erected the last four posts in fence round the house. Shifted the back gateway from original position. Bored a few of the posts.

The British navy seized nearly all the French fleet. British fought a battle with French fleet and sank some ships. [of course this was after the French signed a treaty with the Germans and surrendered]


Sat. 6th July.

Joyce Ferris paid us a surprise visit down from "Strathmore" with Elwin and Vera, who are on their way to Sydney. Joy came out from Willow Tree on mail lorry. Glor, Joy and I drove up to Quirindi for the afternoon. Big carnival on show ground in aid of Patriotic fund. Dog show, Chocolate wheel, numerous stalls. £600 made for the day.


Sun. 7th July.

Doctor and Mrs Cooper and Ken Thomas out at "Quondah" for tennis. We had early lunch. Lovely chook that Nana sent down with Joy. We drove over to "Quondah" for afternoon. We stayed for supper.


Mon. 8th July.

Glor, Joyce and I went to the pictures at Warrah Hall. Great show. "Girl of the Golden West". I finished boring the posts around the house and trimmed up a couple of posts.


Thur. 11th July.

[They received word yesterday that Bert Ferris had gotten leave and was coming to stay for 4 days] Met Bervie in Willow Tree at 5.23am. He's come up on Glen Innes mail to have 4 days with us. Glor, Joy, Bervie and I went for a drive out to "Levondale". Drove out to the cattle lane. Cut a heap of fire wood.


Sat. 13th July.

We took Bervie and Joy over to "Quondah" for the afternoon. Dette, Alan, Bervie and I had 3 sets of tennis. Bervie, Joy, Glor and I had supper with Ron and Dette. Vic and Jack up for afternoon. Jack home from leave from Ingleburn training camp.


Sun. 14th July.

Late breakfast. The four of us walked over and had a look at the Jacks Creek hall and tennis courts. We took Bervie in to catch Brisbane mail at 9.52pm. Bert is leaving for "Strathmore" but going into A.I.F. camp at end of week.


Mon. 22nd July.

Our hereford bull died on the thistles on "Yarran". Ron came over and we skinned the bull and cut off his legs. We saved the legs for the dogs. I rode out to "Levondale" and brought in 270 ewes. Left them in "Yarran" yard.


Sat. 27th July.

Monster days races and sports day at Warrah Station homestead in aid of patriotic fund. About £500 made during day. Luncheon booth, Dad and Mum worked there. Soft drink stall, Bar, two chocolate wheels, housie housie and other stalls. Glor worked in the produce stall and I helped with housie housie.


Tues. 30th July.

Our telephone installed at long last. Mr Turner came at 3.30pm and put in the instrament. We have one of the good types of phones. Glor went into Quirindi with Dad and the boys and saw Dr. Cooper and she is quite OK.


Fri. 9th Aug.

At 3.30am I had a call from Col Chad. I went over with 'Betsy' and pulled his car out of shed with rope and started it. Col took Mrs Chad to Quirindi. Their baby son born at 6am.

Glor and I went with Dad and Ron to "Levondale". Marked 70 lambs over there. Shifted ewes with lambs out of "Yarrabah" into "Yarran".


Fri. 16th Aug.

Start of Spring shearing. Ron and I shore 108 "Belmont" ewes. Started shearing at 9.45am. Glor and I packed up a few things this morning and drove to "Quondah" to maybe stay a few days. Took the 4 dogs with us.


Wed. 21st Aug.

Glor and I packed up again and left "Quondah" this morning for home. Called at "Oakley" to see Enid Newman and her twin babies, Anthony and Annette. 8 months old. I filled truck battery with water, the far cell was dry. Mrs Chad came home from Shirley with baby son.


Tues. 27th Aug.

Shearing continues at "Quondah". Staying there for rest of the week. Commenced shearing at 8.30am. Ron and I shore 144 ewes from mountain paddock. Vic is helping in the shed in return for Alan helping them.


Wed. 28th Aug.

Ron and I shore 141 back paddock ewes today. My tally 73. Ewes nearly all dry and cut very well.

Glor took sick at about 10pm. I drove over to "Yarrabah" and back in about 40 minutes. Got suitcases of clothes. Took Glor up to Shirley hospital about 12pm. I went back to "Quondah" again.


Thur. 29th Aug.

Neil Johns Birthday! Weighed six and three quarter pounds. Our lovely baby boy born at 8 o'clock this morning. My beautiful Glor girl was all alone in Shirley hospital when our baby was born. I didn't know till I rang at 10am. I rang before at 7.30am. Made hot speed up to Quirindi and saw my bonny family. Glor and baby both doing famously. I shore 17 sheep before ringing up at 10am.


Sat. 31st Aug.

Went up to see Glor and baby boy again this afternoon. Took Grandpa and Grandma up this time. Glor looks lovely and is feeling splendid. Grandparents are thrilled with little grandson.

We shore until 12 noon. Did 70 ewes.


Sun. 1st Sept.

Spent lovely day with my Glor at Shirley hospital. Went in with Ron and Dette. Arrived at 11am. Stayed with Glor until 1.15pm. Ron and Dette called in also to see her and baby Neil. Went down town for lunch. Back at 2.30pm. Along to Bessies for supper. Back to see Glor again. Left at 8'45pm.


Fri. 6th Sept.

We shore 84 ewes today.

Ron, Dette, Gladys Saunders and I drove over to Jacks Creek Hall. Send off to Scott Mitchell who is on final leave. Presentations from Jacks and Millers creek and Patriotic Committee.


Sun. 8th Sept.

Had early dinner today and dashed up to Shirley hospital to see Glor and Neil. Had some refreshments with Glor in the afternoon. Stayed in Quirindi for supper. Went back to see my family afterwards.

Horrific air raid on London last night. Hundreds of people killed and injured.


Wed. 11th Sept.

Brought Glor and Neil home from Shirley hospital this afternoon. Nana Ferris and I drove up to Quirindi after lunch. Picked up Glor and Neil at 4pm. Went to the church and had Neil Christened. Home to "Yarrabah" at 5.30pm. Best night for a fortnight.


Thur. 12th Sept.

Got gersey cow and calf from Tom Avard. Met Alan Avard opposite Schofields and brought cow home. Cow and calf cost £8. Called her Alma for old times sake! Sold 90 aged X-bred ewes average 15/ at Newcastle. 90 ditto averaged 14/4 at Flemmington.


Wed. 25th Sept.

Spent the day erecting two overhead posts into cow yard. Gate post in  the ground 3ft 9in. Glor and Nana Ferris took Neil over to Chads for visit. I went over and carried Neil home. Gave Chads lettuce and some beetroot. Send off to Joe Bradley and Allan Carter.


Thur. 26th Sept.

Up at 5.30am this morn. Nana and Glor and Neil and I drove over to "Quondah" after breakfast. Glor and Nana took Neil up to "Towarri" for afternoon. Stayed there for supper.

Spring Shearing finished. We shore 106 ewes today. Total sheep shorn 1600 ewes, 38 border leicester rams.


Sat. 28th Sept.

1st anniversary of our wedding day!. Glor and I drove to McCluands store and had a drink and ice cream to celebrate the big occasion. Left baby Neil with Nanna Ferris.

I fueled 'Betsy' right up full, ready for fuel rationing to start. I tested truck out for 450 miles. Used 22 gals super shell. 19.5 miles to the gallon.

I rode around "Yarran". Cleaned some ewes and lambs for fly blown. I wrote letter to Corporal Arthur C.B. at Rutherford.


Tues. 1st Oct.

Petrol Rationing started. 22 gallons per month for Betsy. Took Nana Ferris in to catch the Brisbane mail at 9.15pm. She had 3 weeks here.

I turned on the "Yarrabah" big mill and also watered the willow trees. Dad and Ron came over and we drove to "Levondale". Mustered "Booral" ewes and lambs. Cleaned some fly blown ewes. Marked 20 lambs.


Sun. 13th Oct.

I went to church this afternoon. Came home and got Glor and Neil and took them to the hall. Presentation to Mr and Mrs Frank Doyle from Jacks Creek church people. Afternoon tea there. After supper Glor and I took Neil to Chads. Col Chad has lost 30 ewes on the wheat since Friday night!


Sat. 19th Oct.

Glors pet merino "Sally" had a ewe lamb.

437 lambs marked on "Yarran" yesterday to today. I had early breakfast and mustered farm paddock. Dad, Alan and Ron came over. We marked 175 lambs.

Glor and I and Neil went over to Warrah Creek to tennis match. Jacks Creek won by 8 games.


Mon. 21st Oct.

Malcolm Beath Chad christened at Union church yesterday.

Neil weighed 8lb 3oz today. He's gained 10 oz in 10 days. We took Neil up to clinic again today. Changed his food. Took snaps of Glor and Neil. Left film at Newcombes. Got 8/6 for cow hide.


Tues. 29th Oct.

Italy started war on Greece. On land, sea and air!

450 suckers and 22 old ewes were running in "Yarrabah" last night. I started from here with the sheep at 7.30am. Lunch at Pinnacle reserve with Sam Saunders and Jim Sevil. Got to McCluands store at 2pm. Ron took the lambs and ewes from there to our camping paddock on the toll bar hill. Turned all "Yarran" ewes and lambs into "Yarrabah".


Sat. 2nd Nov.

Took two snaps of Neil. Fed "Levondale" and "Booral" ewes and lambs on corn again today. Tennis tournament at Jacks Creek in aid of P and C. We went over and had a game. Lois Sevil won ladies. Harvey Sevil gents. Very windy and dusty on court. I found 6 more ewes dead on "Yarrabah". Makes 13 that have died on thistles since last Tuesday.


Sun. 3rd Nov.

Glor and Neil went out with me today to feed "Levondale" and "Booral" ewes and lambs. Gave each paddock 4 tins of corn. Afternoon uncle George, aunt Tillie, Sylvia, and Sheila came out for the afternoon. Their first visit here.


Thur. 7th Nov.

"Prince" our old draught horse died on "Yarrabah" today. He was 23 years old. I rode out again and fed "Levondale" and "Booral" ewes and lambs. Lopped apple tree. Finished erecting fence around willows at cement tanks. Bud and Agnes came for game of 500.


Sat. 9th Nov.

3 cows, one heifer and a calf dead on thistles. Mums little red cow and her calf dead. Jim Mitchell helped me skin them.

We played in return match at Jacks Creek verses Warrah. We won. I rode out and fed sheep.


Sat. 23rd Nov.

All went out after breakfast and fed "Levondale" and "Booral" on wheaten hay. Cut some firewood. We drove into McCluands for groceries. Used last of months ration tickets. Watered plants.


Wed. 4th Dec.

All went over to see grandpa and grandma. Glor and Neil had afternoon with Ron and Dette. Had supper with them. Went over to "Quondah" after tea. Had Betsy greased and oiled. Mileage 27333. Fed "Levondale" and "Booral" on wheaten hay.


Tues. 10th Dec.

Glor bottled second lot of ginger beer. Got half a sheep off Chads. Saunders took a big load of wheaten hay to "Levondale". Also brought a smaller load to "Yarrabah". We stacked it in our house yard. Fed all sheep as usual.

We all attended X-mas tree at Jacks Creek Hall. Neil made his entrance into public life!


Wed. 18th Dec.

Gave "Yarrabah" sheep their first feed. Fed about half of them on wheaten hay. I shifted "Levondale" ewes, about 293, and 130 lambs onto "Kelverton". We have leased from Percy Benham at £5 per week. Fed "Booral" on corn. We visited Covers.


Thur. 19th Dec.

Shifted "Yarrabah" ewes and lambs over to "Quondah" for crutching. Dad and Ron found ajistment at Scone. 800 acres at £100 for three months. Also paddocks out Timor way. We expect to take all "Yarrabah", "Yarran" and "Booral" sheep away to Scone. Alan and Ron crutched 800 ewes and lambs.


Fri. 20th Dec.

Huge flood in Jacks Creek. "Yarrabah" gully had terrific flood in it. Washed away 3 lines of fence. Whole of "Yarrabah". "Yarran" plain flooded.


Sat. 21st Dec.

Employed Jim Mitchell to help in clean up after the flood. We drove to "Kelverton". Pulled 7 ewes out of silt beds. 7 more ewes had been washed down in Little Jacks Creek. Kitchen tea for Madge, whos about to marry Foster Carter.


Wed. 25th Dec.

[Written by Gloryna] Honey boy gave me the loveliest handbag for X-mas. We gave Neil a brush and comb to comb his hair with ??? Up at 6.30 and fed "Yarran" sheep. Went down along "Yarrabah" and "Yarran" fence and fixed holes made by the flood. Went to "Quondah" for lunch and up to uncle Harolds for tea. Great gathering there.

I gave Glorina a beaut suit case for X-mas.


Thur. 26th Dec.

[Written by Gloryna] Up early again and had breakfast. Edgar fed "Yarran" sheep on his own. I drove truck load of hay to "Yarran" gate. Mrs Cover, Bess and I went to Warrah Creek to see Madge and Foster Carter married. Church filled. Nice wedding. Sheila bridesmaid.


Fri. 27th Dec.

I drove over to "Quondah" today at 6am to help crutch 1264 ewes and lambs. Mick Fitzpatrick helping us. Started at 7am. Finished at 5.45pm. Very hot.


Sun 29th Dec.

We stayed the night at "Quondah". With Ron, Dette, Marjorie Barwick we took 2000 ewes and lambs over the Cedar Brush. Lunch at Double gullies. Down to wire paddock reserve at 2pm. Stayed night at "Elmsford".


Mon. 30th Dec.

Left the reserve at 6.30am with the 1290 ewes and 712 lambs. Made Redgate reserve at 1pm. Found uncle Alf there and had dinner with him. I rode back up Sparkes Creek with Charlie Ashford. Stayed night with Charlie and Isobel and junior.

Beryl and Jims baby daughter arrived. [Beryl and Jim Meredith. Elizabeth Gallagher]


Thur. 31st Dec.

Stayed last night at Charlie Ashfords. Rained this morning so I didn't leave until midday. Arrived "Quondah" at 3pm. Lovely welcome from Glor and Neil. Settled down for two more nights at "Quondah".




[1941 was a great year for rain. 29 inches fell with January getting over 11 inches and a big flood. Rest of season was good with no dry period.] 



Wed. 1st Jan.

[Written by Gloryna]. 143 points lovely soaking rain. We sat about all day at "Quondah". Granddad and Ron returned at 8pm from Scone where they have taken the sheep on agistment. 222 points rain at "Yarrabah".


Thur. 2nd Jan.

[Written by Gloryna] We packed goods, chattels, dogs, Cats, toys and Neil and came home to "Yarrabah". Edgar road horse and I drove Betsy. Called at Macs. Feed coming beautifully here. Cow paddock looks like a wheat field. Planted row of beans and sweet potatoes.


Tues. 7th Jan.

110 points this morning. Creek came down half a banker. Glor and I did work to our house. We pulled out a lot of rolley polley in garden. Steady rain set in again at 5pm. Continued till 10pm.


Wed. 8th Jan.

490 points rain fell in 24 hours commencing 5pm yesterday! Biggest flood ever seen in these parts. Overflow of Jacks Creek came through Chads place, covered our flat and ran under our house.


Thur. 9th Jan.

Total rainfall for month 994 points so far!

Flood waters have receded. Nice clear stream in Jacks Creek. Much silt about. Drove Betsy to Quirindi. Took Arnold and Jenny Martin and baby Derek. Derek is sick and Martins car stuck in Little Jacks Creek. New pair of rubber boots at 19/11 from Rountrees.


Sat. 18th Jan.

Drew load of firewood from "Yarrabah" timber. Covered bore at cement tanks. Cut some firewood. We drove over to "Quondah" for the afternoon. Had supper there. Went up to see Tom and Annie after supper. Groceries at Macs. 4 gallons of Plume. Shell benzine has finished.


Thur. 23rd Jan.

Up at 4am. Rode a few miles down Cattle Lane and met a feller with 16 Windy border leicester rams. I left 10 rams at "Levondale". Brought 6 rams to house paddock.

Wallace, Rene and Milton came along after supper. Hot sultry day.


Sat. 25th Jan.

Drove to Willow Tree and met Corporal B.A. Ferris and his girl friend Nell Gay. They are staying with us over the weekend. Bervie came fron Sydney and Nell from Narrabri. Dad and Ron arrived from "Belmont" with lambs and ewes from out Timor way.


Sun. 26th Jan.

Very quiet day today. Bert and Nell spent all morning on front veranda. Glor and I went to church at 3pm and left Neil with Bert to mind. Had some viloin and accordian music after supper.

Nell Gay with Neil. January 28th 1941.

Fri. 31st Jan.

New set brake linings in 'Betsy' by O.R.Thomas. Also benzine pump cleaned out.

I went to Tamworth stock sale with Dad, Alan and Ron. Also Eric Barwick with us. Made no purchase of sheep. Looked at Military camp on Manilla road. Saw Cyril Barwick and Everard Ashford.


Wed. 12th Feb.

Glor, Neil and I drove to "Strathmore", Bundarra for fortnight holiday. Left home at 6.10am. Breakfast Tamworth. Armidale at 130 miles at 11am. Did shopping. Lunch with aunt Hollie and uncle Jack. Left Armidale at 2.30pm. "Strathmore" at 4.30pm. 188 miles.


Sat. 15th Feb.

Glor, Neil and I drove up Clerks Creek to stay night with Elwin, Vere and children. Arrived in time for lunch. Back to Bundarra with Elwin. Met some local people. I drove Elwins car back to his place via different road over Maclean bridge.


Sun. 16th Feb.

We stayed night with Elwin and Vere up Clerks Creek. Walked with Elwin and Robbie down to garden. Elwin started engine and showed me the pump working. After lunch we all drove over to Georges Creek. Called on Mr and Mrs Dawson and Sam. Back to "Starthmore" for supper.


Mon. 17th Feb.

Afternoon we left Neil with Nanna and Glor and I went for a ride down to the mile swamp. Picked some figs. Rode down to "Blairgowrie", looked at shearing shed and old cottage. Watched "Popeye" cutting oats with binder and tractor.


Tues. 18th Feb.

Had full day helping Grandpop get in some oaten hay. Young fella named Ron Kennedy also helping. We drew in 5 dray loads of hay. Pop loaded all the hay. Ron on the dray. I raked up and built stack in the shed. Glor and I had supper at McHughs. Played 500.


Wed. 19th Feb.

Great gathering of the clan. Afternoon Mr and Mrs Parsons and Merle and Bertha and McHugh family came along. Played tennis during afternoon. Great game. Elwin and family and Alan Bridge here for supper. 18 here for supper. Marvellous banquet. Toasts and played cards.

Neil and Edgar at "Strathmore" Bundarra. February 1941.
Gloryna and Neil at "Strathmore" Bundarra, February 1941.

Sat. 22nd Feb.

Helped Grandpop load 5 loads of fire wood onto motor lorry. Jim McHugh's lorry from Bundarra. Afternoon Glor, Neil and I drove into Bundarra. Grandpop and Nana also went in. Glor met a lot of old friends. I rang Dad. Had swim in the river.


Mon. 24th Feb.

Took Grandpop in to Bundarra with a poisoned foot. Dr Adams lanced the foot and he stayed in at the hospital. The 3 ladies and Neil and I drove to Parsons for the day. Played 5 sets of tennis. Stayed for supper. Played 500. Home 12pm. Winding bush road.


Fri. 28th Feb.

Glor and I had lovely swim in the Gwydir River. Beautiful hole. Helped Grandfather cut a heap of fire wood with circular saw and steam engine. Glor and I packed goods and chattels this afternoon. Game of Cribbage after supper.


Sat. 1st March.

Left "Strathmore" for home at 8am. We've brought grandfather Bob home with us. Called at Laura Station. Saw Mrs Bridge. Armidale 9.50am. Purchased cutlery for Joy. Tamworth for dinner. Home at 6.20pm.


Sun. 2nd March.

Showed Grandfather Ferris round our homestead today. Had pretty quiet day. Glor planted out some shrubs and flower plants.

Dad and Ron drove down to Scone to bring 2000 ewes and lambs home.


Wed. 5th March.

I rode over to "Quondah". Glor, Neil and Grandpa Ferris drove over for dinner. Afternoon all went to uncle Harolds. Uncle Harold showed Grandpa Ferris around corn paddock, cattle, etc. They went home late afternoon.

I rode on over Cedar Brush to Sparkes Creek. Camped night with Dad and Ron at "Elmsford".


Thur. 6th March.

Ron and I left "Elsmford" at 7.30am with our 2000 ewes and lambs. Lunch at double gullies. I left Ron with sheep at 'Camp Tree' and rode on home. Called at Brechts. Saw Erns new shearing shed. Had supper with auntie Lu. Home to Glor at 9.15pm.


Sun. 16th March.

Neil cut his first tooth today at 6 and a half months.

Cyril Barwick came over to see us with Vic, aunt Tillie, Eric and Sylvia. Took the boys down to the cement tanks to see willow trees. Cyril is on final leave.


Mon, 17th March.

Joyces baby born. Marie, Joycelyn, Virginia. [Joyce Bridge. Gloryna's sister. Married to Alan Bridge]

Glor and I met Bervie at Willow Tree. [Bert Ferris. Gloryna's brother]

Cyril Barwicks final leave party held in Warrah Hall. Gifts from Patrotic Fund, friends, Warrah Hall, and Red Cross. We called at Cyrils party after picking up Bervie. Bert spent one day of his final leave with us.

Cyril Barwick, and Cyrils brother Jack, before going to war.

Sun. 23rd March.

Glor, Neil and I had nice day with Wallace, Rene and Milton. Judy and Sammy Sevil staying with them. Saw Wallace's new hay shed and shearing plant. Home in time for supper.


Mon. 24th March.

Up at 5.45am. Milked cows, cut some wood. Had breakfast at 7,10am. Drove over to "Quondah". Commenced our autumn shearing today. Started at 10am. Ron and I shore 104 'Avard' ewes.


Sat. 5th April.

Young Ross Barwick, aged 19 years died this morning. He had bronchitis and then developed pneumonia. [Ross was Edwin and Ethel Barwicks youngest son. So he was Jean, Wallace, Hector and Nanceys brother. Also Alfred and Betsy's of "Merriton" grandson]

We shore 78 ewes this morning. Glor, Neil and I drove to Willow Tree. Had afternoon with Nita Kelaher. Got brakes tightened while there.


Sun. 6th April.

Ross Barwicks funeral in Willow Tree. Buried in C. of E. cemetery. Wallace, Vaughan Jackson, Les, Alan, Arthur and I pall bearers. Tremendous number at funeral. Very cold day.

Letter from Bervie [Ferris] saying he was ready to sail.


Sun. 13th April.

At "Quondah". [they have been there all week due to shearing] Had a nice lazy morning. Glor and I had game of tennis in afternoon. Arthur brought Jack, Vic, Eric and Luke up for a game. Ron and Dette came along later. Glor and I had 3 good sets together.

Neil and Ernest. "Quondah" April 1941.

Mon. 14th April.

Glor went down to the tournament at Warrah Hall. Dette won ladies prize. Glor and I attended dance at night. Buttons Orchestra. Very good turnout.

We got 580 lambs ready today for trucking. 270 from "Yarrabah".


Thur. 17th April.

Nazis driving Allies out of Greece.

Our 580 X-bred lanbs averaged 16/9. Poor price for fat lambs. Export market flat due to war. Glor, Neil and I drove over to "Yarrabah" [they are still living at "Quondah" due to shearing] Did more work on fence round front verandah. Finished putting up the battons. Glor watered all the plants.


Tues. 22nd April.

Shearing "Cutout". Ron and I shore 66 ewes this morning and finished our autumn shearing. Afternoon went up and pressed 5 bales wool. Total 39 bales.


Sat. 3rd May.

Afternoon tennis match at Warrah Hall. Jacks Creek 81 games. Warrah Creek 60 games. Glor and I played with Jacks Creek. Played with Bess Potts, the two Saunders girls, Ron Symonds, Phil Doyle and Carl Mitchell.

I did some more work on fence around front verandah.


Sun. 4th May.

[Written by Gloryna] Had a lay in. Edgar planted lettuce plants and parsnips and beetroots. Mr and Mrs Chad and Malcolm came over in the afternoon. Neil is crawling all over the house now and pulls himself up in the cot.


Sat 17th May.

Addie [Adela Barwick, Cyrils sister] became Mrs Dick Winnett today. They were married in Murrurundi at 4 o'clock this afternoon. We all went to the wedding. This morning Glor and I met Cynthia Fakes of Glen Innes. She came up from Sydney. Did some shopping in Willow Tree and got our groceries from Macs.


Sun. 26th May.

We had breakfast in bed this morning. I went over to Jacks Creek tennis courts and helped Bud Rose, Alec Symonds and Phill Mitchell roll and line courts. Afternoon Glor and I got ready for church but found Betsy had a flat tire. Planted out more lettuce plants.

"Bismark". German 35,000 ton warship sank the "Hood". Britains largest battle cruiser. "Hood" was 42,000 ton. Launched 1920.


Thur. 29th May.

Gur John Barwick home on final leave. Send off party held at Warrah Creek Hall. Glor and I went with Col Chad. Great crowd. Also presentation to Les Barwick.

I dug up more ground in front garden. Went to card party at Symonds with Chad family.


Wed. 4th June.

We sold 720 X-bred lambs in the paddock to Riverstone. 15/ per head. Market is terrible now but fair price considering situation.


Sat. 14th June.

Glor cooked all day preparing for the Red Cross carnival at Warrah Creek Hall on Monday.

I sawed up firewood. Dug up garden beds in front garden for vegetables. We went to Chads for game of 500. Home at 1am.


Mon. 16th June.

Red Cross carnival at Warrah Creek Hall. Great day. About £150 gross taken. Chocolate wheel cleared £30. Housie-housie and numerous stalls. Luncheon booth made £10/16. I helped Bud [Rose] run childrens events.


Sat. 21st June.

Very cold day. Prunned all my grape vines. Trained three runners to top of trellis. Some I cut short. I rode around "Yarran" About 30 new lambs in each paddock. Cut three posts. Glor, Neil and I drove to Macs for groceries. 3 gallons of plume. One gallon to be collected.


Sat. 28th June.

Received our 2nd air mail letter from Bervie [Bert Ferris]. He posted it in Palestine on 8th June. He has not been in action yet.

Glor and I played in mixed match V Warrah Creek. Our team won easily. We went with Bud and Agnes Rose to pictures in Quirindi. Splendid programme.


Thur. 10th July.

Uncle Ivan died this morning aged 74 years. he had been in Quirindi hospital since Monday. Dad and Mum took him up there. He had just had a fortnight at "Quondah".

74 points rain since early morning. Light rain fell nearly all day.


Fri. 11th July.

Uncle Ivan buried in Willow Tree cemetery at 11am. I took Col Chad in. Large funeral.

Col killed another lamb. I went over and helped him. We owe him one half a lamb now.


Fri. 18th July.

Glor, Neil, Joyce, baby Marie and I drove over to "Quondah" for the day. Took along the front quarter of beef, 109 lbs that I got from Jim Mitchell. Dad cut up the meat and we brought part home. Stayed for tea and we played chinese checkers.


Tues. 22nd July.

[Written by Gloryna] Frightfully cold and sleety day. Edgar took the 4 hereford bullocks belonging to Bradley into Willow Tree to be trucked. Ern had left them in "Yarran" overnight.

Glor made 12 bottles of melon and pineapple jam. From melon that Pop Ferris had sent down.


Sun. 27th July.

Tom and Annie came over in the morning and had lunch with us. They took us to church in afternoon. All uncle Harolds family and Mum over here for church. All came over and had afternoon tea with us.


Sat. 2nd Aug.

Afternoon tennis tournament at Jacks Creek in aid of Warrah Subdivision. Red Cross stall run by Agnes Rose. Jack Sevil won gents. Edna Saunders the ladies. Glor won 21 games, one less than winner.


Sun. 3rd Aug.

[Written by Gloryna] Went to Tom and Annies place for the day. Called at Macs for groceries. Marie weighs 11 lb, 1 oz. [Marie Bridge, Joyces daughter] Neil weighs 22 lbs. Vic, aunt Tillie and Alma came along in the afternoon. Went to Harolds at 5pm. Stayed for tea.


Sat. 9th Aug.

Bud and Agnes came down last night. Had game of chinese checkers.

Cut up sheep this morning. Gave Chads some. Did some more ploughing with "Jolly" [Draught horse Edgar borrowed from Noel Hall, "Rathcown", today "Tallawanta"] Made a good job of it. Took the draught horse home to "Rathcown".


Mon. 18th Aug.

Took Joyce and baby Marie to catch 3.30pm train to Armidale. They had 7 weeks here. Sawed some firewood and burned a few heaps of rolly polly.


Fri. 22nd Aug.

Marked 109 more lambs in "Levondale" and "Booral". Dad, Mum and Ron came out. Mum had day with Glor and Neil. I killed another lamb.


Fri. 29th Aug.

Baby Neils first birthday. Glor made him a lovely birthday cake with one candle. Also gave our boy a box of blocks and I gave him a big coloured ball. Glor did the washing today. I dug up some ground in vegetable garden.

Neil and some pet lambs. "Yarrabah"
Edgar and Neil.

Sat. 30th Aug.

Red Cross carnival at Jacks Creek Hall. Tennis tourney, housie housie, chocolate wheel, numerous stalls. Over £100 cleared. We attended and Glor and I played in tourney and went to dance at night. Sylvia stayed night with us. Luke came for supper also.


Tues. 2nd Sept.

Up early this morning. Breakfast at 7am. I took our 88 fat old X-bred ewes from garden yard to top of Pinnacle hill. Ron took them from there.

Glor and I packed all goods and chattels. Glor, Neil and I shifted over to "Quondah" for the shearing. I rode and drove old jersey cow over.


Mon. 8th Sept.

Shearing. We shore 120 ewes. Finished the "Belmont" ewes and started "Boolawa". Vic came up to work in the shed. He shears a few to give us a spell. Sent a letter to Cyril with Alans air-mail letter.


Wed. 10th Sept.

Cut out the "Boolawa" ewes today. We shore 106 and finished at afternoon tea.

Dad, Mum, aunt Tillie, auntie Lu, Alma and Ern went round to aunt Mercy Ashfords funeral at Thornthwaite.


Fri. 12th Sept.

Uncle George [Cyril Barwicks father] and I shore 151 "Yarran" farm paddock ewes. I shore 75 in 6 hours. Heavy frost this morning. Poor little Neil still has a bad cold.


Sat. 13th Sept.

Glor drove to tennis tournament at Warrah Creek. In aid of P.and C. I looked after Neil. Dance at night. Glor and I, and Ron and Dette attended dance. Uncle George and I shore 90 ewes this morning.


Fri. 19th Sept.

Uncle George and I shore 166 ewes today from mountain paddock. Rotten shearing! Comeback ewes and they don't shear too well!

Poor old Russel McCluand died this morning. He had been ill for 15 years.


Sat. 20th Sept.

Russel McCluand was cremated at "Beresfield". Dad, Alan, Ron, uncle George and I started down after lunch. Harold Gardiner, driving Russels car got hit with lorry. We picked up passengers and took down to "Beresfield". Ron, Harold and I took train to Willowe Tree coming home.

[I don't really know but I'm thinking "Beresfield" is not the one in Newcastle because they got home that night not very late?]


Mon. 22nd Sept.

Alan went down with the mumps today.

Finished the general shearing. Ron and I shore 57 ewes before dinner. Leon Saunders came up and helped me shear the 50 border leicester rams.

Glor and I drove to Wirths Circus. Took Bud and Agnes Rose. Left Neil with Grandma. Marvelous performance!

[Wirths circus was a huge event! They went all over Australia. Google it! Id love to know if it was at Warrah Hall but Edgar didn't say. I guess we will never know?]


Sat. 27th Sept.

Carnival and race meeting at "Warrah Station" in aid of Patriotic funds and Quirindi hospital. All our family there. Glor and I had the soft drink stall. We took £12''10 for drinks and ice creams. Sold 300 buckets of ice cream! Joan Mitchell looked after Neil.


Sat. 4th Oct.

I mustered "Yarran" ewes and lambs. Dad and Ron went through them for flies. I started uncle Alfs sheep over to be shorn at "Quondah".

Glor, Neil and I drove to Quirindi late afternoon. Did some shopping. Had tea up there. We had baby Neil immunised for diptheria by Dr Cooper. I had injection to prevent tetinus. Dr Cooper looked at my dog bite.


Fri. 24th Oct.

Bill Callaghan and two other men came out and attended to both mills on "Yarrabah". Found holes in pipes down the bore. Soldered them up. Put ne leathers in pump down well. Also put a few more foot pipe down well. Cleaned out cement trough.


Sat. 25th Oct.

[Written by Glorina] Tennis tourney and dance at Jacks Creek Hall. Edgar won the gents. Lois Sevil the ladies. We attended dance at night. Small attendance. I won a X-mas cake. Approx £8 clear to Hall fund.


Tues. 28th Oct.

Killed a lamb yesterday. Up at 4.30am and cut up the hogget. Weighed 54 lbs. Chopped some firewood. Dug ground in garden. Transplanted 10 more tomato plants. Erected fence over runner beans. Neil did a lot of walking today.


Thur. 30th Oct.

Baby Neil is 14 months old yesterday. Glor, Neil and I drove over to Brechts to see Heather and Fred Goddard. Saw Erns shearing plant working.

We bought nice iron cot from Garners at £1.


Sat. 1st Nov.

Glor, Neil and I drove down to cement tanks for part afternoon. Had lovely time and took hose down and watered willow trees. I rode up to farm paddock. Dad and Ron came over and we looked at lambs. 160 fat to truck nest week. Wrote letter to Cyril Barwick in Palestine.

Bess Colman married in Sydney. Is now Mrs Lord.


Sat. 8th Nov.

Glor, Neil and Nanna Ferris drove me to Willow Tree in afternoon to go to Sydney with our 3 trucks of suckers. Dad and Ron took lambs in from our toll bar paddock to trucking yards. I left Willow Tree on stock train at 10.45pm. Had supper at Alvin Halls tea rooms.


Sun. 9th Nov.

Travelled all night on stock train. Arrived at Flemmington at 2.30pm. Had to wait one and a half hours for lambs to be unloaded. Caught train to Wynyard. Went out to Lane Cove. Spent evening with aunt Mabel and Jean. .


Mon. 10th Nov.

Caught train to Flemmington. Saw our 340 sucker lambs sold. Averaged 20/6. Bought Singer sewing machine for Glor at £1'10. Spent the night with George and Mrs Lethbridge. [Edgar went home the next day on Armidale express]


Tues. 25th Nov.

Mr Frazer from Gosford came to inspect "Levondale". Winchcombe Carson man Mr Boyle came with Frazer. Alan came out here in truck. Took us out to "Levondale". We drove to Harolds to pick up nanna Ferris. Had supper there.


Wed. 26th Nov.

Mustered "Yarran" plain and farm paddock. Cleaned up a lot of lambs.

Watched Hector and Squasher Maunder harvesting wheat on "Kelverton". Ten bag crop. I burnt barley grass in a few spots. Very hot today.


Thur. 27th Nov.

Rode out to "Levondale" before breakfast. Shifted the 31 agistment bullocks over to "Booral". I had rest of day at "Kelverton" sewing wheat bags with Ted and Wallace Barwick and Ted Sevil. Hector and Maunders harvesting wheat. Very hot again.


Sat. 29th Nov.

Early breakfast and drove over and helped Alan and Ron dip 600 young X-bred ewes. Back home for dinner.

Glor, Neil, Nanna Ferris, and Peg and Jennifer Saunders drove to Quirindi for the afternoon. Did some shopping. All went to the baths. Had refreshments there.


Tues. 2nd Dec.

We took Peggie and Jennifer Saunders back home. They had three weeks here while Florrie was away with new baby. Glor, Neil, Nanna and I drove over to "Quondah" for a while. Saw Cyril Ashford and May who are holidaying at Rons.


Sat. 6th Dec.

Afternoon Glor, Nanna, Neil and I drove over to Warrah Creek. Called at "Quondah" to get Alan to fix Nannas glasses. Drove up to "Cedar Vale" for afternoon. Had supper with Gladys, Vic, Eric and Sylvia. Home at 11.15pm.


Fri. 12th Dec.

Neils first Xmas tree at Jacks Creek Hall. He got a drum set and sticks. I rode to Warrah Creek reserve and met Ron and brought 20 agistment steers to "Levondale". Afternoon Dad, Ron and Dette drove out. Nanna Glor and Neil and I went with them to "Windy Station". Purchased 15 border leicester rams. Had look through shearing shed.  


Wed. 17th Dec.

I took 10 leicester rams from "Yarran" out to "Levondale". 3 in plain paddock and 7 in "Booral". Glor and Neil came out in 'Betsy'. Had a picnic over in "Booral". Beer and cake. I fixed pump rod on old "Levondale" mill. Brought home load of firewood.

Letter from Cyril L.G.B. from Syria.


Thur. 25th Dec.

Glor gave me a nice pair of sandles for Xmas. Glor, Neil and I drove to "Quondah" for Xmas. Had dinner and a lazy afternoon. Planty of icecream. 2 gallon keg! Crowd came to "Quondah" for supper. All Harolds lot, Auntie Lu, Billy and Rosemary Anderson, Vic, Glad, Veronic, Eric and Sylvia. Tom and Annie. Great spread. Games after in moonlight.


Fri. 26th Dec.

We had another night at "Quondah". Scortching hot day! Stayed another night. Dance at Warrah Hall.

Neil Barwick and Mum Gloryna. At "Yarrabah".



[1942 was an average year for rain with 24 inches falling. The start of the year was dry followed by a wet winter. 5 and a half inches falling in July.]



Fri. 2nd Jan.

Very hot dry and dusty. No rain for about 2 months. I re-covered the old water bag cooler with new canvas. Dad and Ron came out to "Levondale". Sold 450 old X-bred ewes to Ron Heath, Riverstone buyer, at 12/3 per head.


Sat. 3rd Jan.

Heat terrific today. 110 in the shade. Glor made 15 bottles of ginger beer. Got germ from Mrs Chad. I straightened some more posts in old stock yards. Poor little Neil felt the heat today. We went down to cement tanks at 6pm. Took hose and sprinkler and had supper down there.


Sun. 4th Jan.

Frightfully hot day today! Thermometer to 111 in the shade! Got up at ordinary hour and milked cows. Took old cow 'Alma' up to "Carooga". Rode on out to "Levondale". Both tanks getting low. Turned "Booral" mill on full. Home for dinner at 3.30pm. Game of chinese checkers at night.


Sat. 10th Jan.

We attended party at Schofields in aid of Edna Boland, Queen candidate. Played in euchre party. Glor won ladies prize, bottle of scent. I won 10 bob on spinning wheel.

Morning I pulled 500 yards of wire out of old fence down at cement tanks.


Mon. 12th Jan.

Jack Smith came over at 8am to start work on our well at the house. Rigged up the windless and started sinking. Well was 56 ft deep when Jack commenced. He went down 2 ft 6in today. Found the air at bottom no good. I am going to borrow Steve McDonalds wind tube. Jack is working at rate of 25/- per day.


Wed. 14th Jan.

Enrolled for military training today in Quirindi. Glor and I drove up and picked up Ern Brecht at Warrah. Left Neil with Dad and Mum. Had medical exam at Quirindi pavilion. Took from 9.20 to 12.40. Glor and I had swim in baths. Alan helped Jack with the well today.


Fri. 16th Jan.

Went down another 3 feet. Struck better water. Jack and I bailed out about 300 gallons water this morning and decided well deep enough. Alan, Ron and Laurie Hilton and Maurice Seymour came out in truck. Alan went down well and screwed pipe off and brought tool up. Jack went home.


Sat. 17th Jan.

Alan and I connected up 11 feet more piping down the house well. Makes 66 feet 6 ins piping down well. Well is now 67 feet deep. Mill pumped 500 gallons water today and then pumped well dry!

Alan, Glor, Neil and I drove to "Levondale". Alan had dinner with us.

Japs are bombing New Guinea day and night! Ready for an invasion!


Tues. 20th Jan.

Glor, Neil and I drove to Scone for a holiday. Staying with uncle Alf and auntie Gertie. In morning we packed up things, left home at 3.30pm. Called at "Quondah" and left the 4 dogs. Left at 4.40pm. Arrived uncle Alfs at 6.35pm.


Thur. 22nd Jan.

I went with uncle Alf in the sulky out to his farm, past Yarrandi. Drove on out to Max Newlings. Had yarn. Lunch at Dampton. Called Arthur Newlings. Home at 5.45pm. Glor and Neil and auntie Gertie visited Prissy Newling. Game of 500 after tea.


Fri. 23rd Jan.

Afternoon we went for a drive up the Middlebrook road. Glor drove and auntie Gertie and Neil in the front. Uncle Alf and I in the back. Drove up to the "Washpool", about 15 miles. Took some snaps and home for tea. All went to the pictures and took Glady Saunders. "Men of Boys Down". Good show.


Sat. 24th Jan.

Packed our goods and chattels again this morning. Left uncle Alfs at mid day and did a spot of shopping. Put 6 gallons in Betsy. We went out to "Lemongrove" in time for late dinner. Good welcome from girls and especially for Neil. Arthur is at "Lemongrove" for the weekend!


Mon. 26th Jan.

[Written by Gloryna] Cyril and Arthur left on horseback for Mt Kent where they are building a small shearing shed. Edgar did some soldering for Cyril. Esme and I rode down to mail box and got block of ice in there and took it up to Cyril and co. at Sparkes creek. Came home over mountain. Afternoon played tennis. Nice cool day. Played euchre after tea.


Wed. 28th Jan.

Glor, Neil and I left "Lemongrove" at 10.30am. Audrey went with us to Sparkes Creek. Called on Charlie and had morning tea. Had lunch at "Hawthorns". Saw Kathleens baby Richard, 8 weeks. Drove into Scone. Called uncle Alfs. Had feed of grapes. Left 4pm. Called at "Quondah" and picked up dogs. Had yarn and home at 8pm.


Tues. 3rd Feb.

Glor caught midnight train to Sydney. I took Glor in to Willow Tree and she got in a sleeper with her Dad and Mum. Popeye very ill. Going down for operation for gall stones. Glor, Neil and I drove to "Quondah" for supper. Dad and Mum are taking care of Neil while Glor is away.


Fri. 6th Feb.

Had phone call from my sweetheart  in Sydney. Glor is staying with her Mum, care of Mrs Pearce, 43 Brown street Camperdown. Pop Ferris had X-ray and has to have operation early next week.

I rode to "Levondale" for full day burr cutting. Finished "Levondale" and top paddock in "Booral". Home 6.45. Cooked soup and rice and stewed peaches.


Sat. 7th Feb.

Batching is alright except for two things. It's too lonely, especially at night, and there is too many darned things to do! Cooked lamb chops and gravy this morning. Rode to Covers to get Bess to post my letter to Glor. Cut burrs in farm paddock. Watered Glors shrubs and plants.


Tues. 10th Feb.

Up at 4.45am. Milked cow. Caught Snip by moonlight. Had breakfast and away by 6.45am. Took our 248 X-bred ewes and 124 suckers into Willow Tree school reserve. 3 ewes knocked up. Left one at Schofields. Rode back to "Quondah" for the night. Arrived at 9.10pm. Great welcome from baby Neil. Gave him ice cream.


Wed. 11th Feb.

Pop Ferris had serious operation for gall stones in "Gloucester House", Sydney. Dr Poate was surgeon. Received telegram from Glor late afternoon. Burr cutting all day.


Sat. 14th Feb.

68 points of rain this morning. Packed up my suitcase, put the dogs in Betsy and drove to "Quondah". Had couple of hours playing with Neil. Drove to Willow Tree. Left Betsy at garage. Boarded stock train bound for Sydney. Good trip down and arrived at 11.15am. Sunday.


Sun. 15th Feb.

[Written by Gloryna]. Ain't life Grand? Went to church at Newtown. Came out and found my darling waiting outside! Had lunch at 43 Brown Street. Caught electric train at Central and went out to Eastwood and had afternoon tea with uncle Darcey, aunt Mary, Marie and Elizabeth. Visited Gloucester House in the evening. Daddy feeling very fit again.


Mon. 16th Feb.

[Written by Gloryna] Had my darling Edgar with me again. Edgar and I went shopping in the city. Honey not feeling too well. Went to St James to see "Billy the Kid".


Tues. 17th Feb.

[Written by Gloryna] Edgar not too good. Called on Dr again. Saw doctor Laidley, 139 Macquarie Street who told Edgar to go into "Gloucester House" tomorrow.

[Edgar ended up going straight to Gloucester House in some pain.]


Wed. 18th Feb.

Had cup of tea at 4.30am. Up and had a bath. Wardsman came in and relieved me. Dr Laidley came in and told me he would operate for bladder trouble. My sweetheart Glor came to see me at 2pm. Got very crook and had lot of pain till 11pm.

[Edgar ended up being operated on for a blockage of the bladder at 9am the next day. He came out of chloroform at 1pm. He was dreadfully sick. He had tube in bladder. He was in much pain and had trouble sleeping. He spent the next two weeks in hospital]


Tues. 24th Feb.

Gloucester House. 3rd floor, 301A. Had a great day. Dr took catheter out and I feel 100% better. Sweetheart Glor and Nanna came along at 1.45pm. Glor stayed with me and had a yarn.


Fri. 27th Feb.

Up for first time since my operation. Sat in chair for 2 hours this morning. Got dressed and went with Glor up to see Pop Ferris. Nell Gay also there to see him.


Mon. 2nd March.

I stayed in bed nearly all morning. Up just before dinner. Dr Laidley called in on me for last time. Said I could leave today. Glor came at 2pm and packed my things. Left hospital and shifted to flat 43, Brown Street Camperdown.


Wed. 4th March.

Staying with Heather and Fred Goddard. Fred left home at 7am for the aerodrome. Heather working in office and left at 9am. Glor and I spent nice quiet day reading and listening to wireless. After tea we visited Reg and Ruby Goddard and little Raymond, next door to Freds.


Fri. 6th March.

Sydney. Glor, Nanna and I caught tram to the Quay. Nell Gay joined us there. Caught ferry to Manly. Glor and Nell had a swim in the pool. I did some paddleing but Im not supposed to swim. Dulcie Wells joined us. Had hambergers for lunch. Had lemonaid and cakes. Went back on ferry.

Poppy Ferris has taken a bad turn.


Sat. 7th March.

Dr. Poate saw Poppy Ferris this morning. Glor was going to go home this morning but decided to stay till I go home. Sat about all day and read and slept. Saw Pop in hospital at 7pm. He is better.


Tues. 10th March.

Glor and I had part of day in the city. Went to see Dr. Laidley at his surgery at 139 Macquarie Street. Paid him. Fee was 25 guinees. Glor and I walked through the botanical gardens. Had lunch there. Saw Pop again. Packed up ready for home.


Wed. 11th March.

Glor and I left Camperdown in a taxi at 7.20am. Caught Armidale express at Central at 8.12am. Lunch at 1.15 on train. Had great trip. Only two others in compartment. Dad, Mum and Neil met us at Willow Tree. Great welcome from baby Neil. Out to "Quondah" for the night.


Thur. 12th March.

Glor packed things at "Quondah". I got Betsy going with a struggle. Glor, Neil and I drove home in early afternoon. Called at McCluands for groceries. Arrived home and found things in fair order. Terribly dry. No rain since I left three and a half weeks ago.


Wed. 18th March.

Glor, Neil and I met the Armidale express and brought Pop and Mum Ferris out home. Pop recuperating after 6 weeks in Sydney. They are staying 10 days with us.


Mon. 23rd March.

Cable received from Pvte Cyril Barwick. He has arrived at Sydney from Syria.

Glor, Neil, Pop, Nanna and I drove to "Quondah" for the day. After dinner we went up to see the boys shearing. Vic is helping us with shearing and shed work. Home for supper.


Wed. 25th March.

Gnr Jack Barwick cabled to Vic that he has arrived in Australia from Palestine.

Light rain during night. 26 points, very disappointing. Plenty rain up Tamworth way and north. Dad Ferris and I played Crib for a couple of hours. Ron brought 'Kewpie', the grey pony over. She now belongs to Glor and is 17 years old. All walked over to Chads in the afternoon.


Fri. 10th April.

Alan, Ron and Vic shore 125 X-bred ewes. I mustered ewe paddock.

Car load of us, Glor, Neil and I included, drove over to Harolds after tea. Arthur home on two day leave from Militia camp. Audrey Ashford up here too on holiday.


Sat. 11th April.

General Mainwarings USA army defeated on the Bataan Peninsula.

I mustered the 600 odd young ewes in "Boolawa" and took them to "Belmont". Ron brought old ewes back. Glor, Neil and I walked up to "Towarri" for afternoon. Took Dots pram back.

Earl Hall and Lois Sevil married today in St Albans, Quirindi.


Thur. 16th April.

Autumn shearing finished today. Total ewes shorn 2212. 60 bales of wool. We pressed up all the wool when finished.

Delle Fitz brought visitors to the shed. Mrs Frost, Mrs Wilson, baby John and miss Frost. They are evacuees from the coast.

[Miss Frost was actually Enid Frost. She ended up marrying Luke Barwick in December 1945. No doubt we will hear more about Enid and Luke? See Enid Barwicks story in the "People and Families" section.] 


Sat. 18th April.

Mum went to Bunnan for a fortnight holiday. She went from Willow Tree with Col Logan.

Trapped 25 rabbits in "Boolawa" this morning. Makes 45 for the night.

USA planes bomb Japan for the first time.


Fri. 24th April.

I sold 133 rabbit skins to Piper and Co Quirindi. 18 and a half pound skins at 6/- per lb. Cheque for £5''11. Later I sold two and a half pound more rabbit skins at 6/- lb. Fox skin at 2/- for 7 night trapping. I got 201 skins. They brought £9''1.


Sat. 25th April.

Glor, Neil, Alan, Dette and Judith Zuttlebeg and I drove up to "Merriton" for an afternoon Picnic organised to welcome  war evacuee families from the coast. Good crowd turned up. Games and supper on bank of creek. All up to "Merriton" house after for games and cards.


Sun. 26th April.

I joined up with the voluntary defence corps at Werris Creek. Drove to Schofields. In to Willow Tree. From there to Werris Creek in Birds bus. We had some drills in no. 3 platoon. Field work. Camoflageing. Rifle drills. Loading and firing.

A big air raid of Japs on Darwin again. 24 bombers and fighters. 11 planes shot down.


Mon. 27th April.

Private Cyril Barwick arrived home on leave tonight. Has not been long home from Syria and Middle East.

Glor and I packed up at "Quondah" this morning. Returned home to "Yarrabah" after dinner. I rode Snip and brought the 3 dogs. Sold two and a half pounds of rabbit skins at 6/- per pound.


Wed. 29th April.

All of us up early this morning. Breakfast at 6.45am and drove to "Quondah" by 8 o'clock. Ern helped us dip 853 ewes. Finished by 11am.

In afternoon, All "Cedar Vale" came here for supper. Vic, Glad, Eric and Sylvia brought Cyril of the A.I.F. up for supper. Heard accounts of his trip to the Middle East.


Thur. 7th May.

We sold 500 late X-bred lambs for 12/- to J. A. Heyman and Sons. Alan went to Tamworth for a fortnight in a training school with the V.D.C.

Dad and Mum came out this afternoon. I went to "Levondale" with Dad and we brought in 10 bales of hay. I erected 3 more posts in my sheep yard.


Sun. 10th May.

Took load in utility to V.D.C's at Willow Tree. [Voluntry Defence Corps] Went by bus to Werris Creek. Marched out 4 miles. Practiced defence measures at old dam. Home at 9pm and found Glor snoring.


Tues. 12th May.

[Written by Gloryna] Edgar has a nasty cold. Went to "Greenhills" in 'Betsy'. Thence to "Staplegrove" with Rinaldi to inspect some oaten hay Pratten has for sale. Ordered ten ton. Brought in load of hay from "Levondale". 


Sun 17th May.

Attended parade in V.D.C. in Werris Creek. Went to Macs store with Sam Saunders, To Willow Tree with George Copeland. Bus to Werris Creek. Had some squad drill. Rifle drill and fixing bayonetts. Drill in signalling with flags. Home at 7pm.


Mon. 18th May.

Glor, Neil and I drove out to "Levondale". Stacked old hay ready for new lot. Bernards brought lorry to bring four ton oaten hay. Stacked the 140 bales in the shed at "Levondale". Jim Davis brought 50 bags of corn to "Levondale" and about 80 bags to "Yarran". Received bag of pumpkins and melons from "Strathmore".


Tues. 19th May.

We had days shopping in Quirindi. Most of the stores closed before midday. They are only allowed to sell a certain quota of goods every day. Glor purchased tea towels, linen, some towels.


Sun. 24th May.

V.D.C. parade at Werris Creek. I took load in 'Betsy' to Willow Tree. Sam and Keith Saunders, Wallace, Ron, Alan, Luke, Les, Charlie, and George Copeland. Also Vic Heyman. Making load of eleven. Spent day on rifle range. Had six rounds with .31. Also shooting out of Vickers mackine gun. Saw Bren guns in action.


Thur. 28th May.

Received letter from Jack Barwick from somewhere in Northern Australia.

A few lambs coming in "Yarran" plain paddock. Neil came with me in 'Betsy' to feed the two paddocks of ewes. He took a little billy can and helped put out some corn.

Glor gave her first lecture and demonstration of first aid to a dozen of us at Jacks Creek Hall. Very successful.

Mrs Dick Graham died after a very long illness.

[They all attended her funeral on the Saturday.]


Sun. 31st May.

First parade of the mounted V.D.C. held at Warrah Station. I went down with Hector, Wallace, Sam and Keith. Mr Guy Haydon is our commanding officer and instructor and George Copeland the troop leader.

Glor and Neil helped me feed "Yarran" ewes on hay this morning. Mice getting bad. Dogs caught heaps while we were feeding sheep.


Thur. 4th June.

Held the First Aid class here at "Yarrabah". 19 people here plus ourselves. Glor lectured on Hemorrhages. We also did some bandageing for fratures.

Glor and Neil drove up and helped me feed the "Yarran" ewes.


Sat. 6th June.

Big carnival and tennis tourney at Warrah Creek hall in aid of Willow Tree and district Red Cross funds. We drove over in 'Betsy' and took all Chad family. Had lunch there. Glor won housie twice.

I fed "Yarran" ewes on corn today.


Thur. 11th June.

Mr. William Power died. To be buried tomorrow in Willow Tree.

Send off and presentation to Private Bud Rose. Glor and I attended and went to the dance which ended at 2am. Glor helped Bess Potts get the Hall ready for the evening.

Fed all the sheep as usual.


Sun. 14th June.

Received our ration books of coupons yesterday.

[In Ron Barwicks diary notes, he says that on the 15-6-1942 clothing and food ration tickets were issued and became necessary before a person could obtain either clothing or food. This lasted till the end of the war]

Glor, Neil and I fed all the "Yarran" ewes this morning. Gave plain paddock 9 tins and farm paddock 3 tins corn.

Glor and Neil went with me to V.D.C. parade at "Warrah Station". Also took Sam and Keith Saunders and Wallace and Hector. I had a go at Troop leading for a while, then had a go on right flank as winger.


Wed. 17th June.

Dad and Mum celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary today. Glor, Neil and I drove over this afternoon and had supper at "Quondah". Ron and Dette there and all the "Towarri" people. Lucas also came. Had a real banquet and home at 10pm.

Glor and I fed all the sheep as per usual. 

An unused clothing ration card of Edgars.
June. 1942. Terry Fitz, Ron Frost, Ron Smith and Enid Frost. The Frosts were from the North Coast of NSW and were staying in Fitzpatricks house. They were escaping the threat of Japanese invasion. Enid would end up marrying Luke Barwick who was living next door.
Neil, Edgar and "Sir Galahad". June 1942.

Sun. 5th July.

First mounted parade of the V.D.C. at Warrah. 31 men on parade. Very successful day and all horses and men went exceptionally well. I rode 'Snip' in and Sam and Kieth Saunders and Stan Hull rode in with me. We formed third section in parade. Dismissed at 3.30.


Fri. 10th July.

257 points rain up to 9am today! Rained nearly all day for another 107 points! Creek came down! Just wonderful.


Sun. 12th July.

474 points rain since Wednesday.

Glor, Neil and I drove to "Quondah" for dinner. Alan and Ron helped me feed "Yarran" plain on way over. Glor, Neil and I drove up to Harolds in afternoon. Saw Pte Arthur and Audrey who is staying there.


Sun. 19th July.

Travelled to Willow Tree with Arnold Martin. To Tamworth in Bird's bus. I got my full issue of Military clothes from V.D.C. Store in Tamworth. Got uniform, Overcoat, Hat, boots, and shirt. Home at 7.30pm.

Glor and Neil drove up to Agnes this afternoon.


Sun. 26th July.

[Written by Gloryna]. Up at 6.30am. Breakfast at 7.30am. Rode into "Warrah Station" with Sam Saunders and Noel Hall. About 20 there. Rest gone to Tamworth to get their Military clothes and equipment. Mounted drill before lunch. Afterwards rifle drill and lectures on recognition of target. Mr. Hulls and Mr McDonald instructors.


Wed. 5th Aug.

Glor's Birthday! I gave her a frame for wedding photos. We drove to "Quondah" for the day. Helped Alan and Lucas cut heap of fire wood with circular saw. Took load of wood over and had it cut up.

Ron drove in sulky to Goonoo Goonoo to attend Guerrilla Training school.


Sun. 9th Aug.

Squadron Parade at a place 8 miles east of Goonoo Goonoo. Went to Willow Tree with Noel Hall. 15 men on Bill Callaghans truck. Vic Heyman, Ern, Charlie Green and Tom Carter rode there and took horses there. Squadron drill and manoevres in timber country. Home late. Lucy and auntie Lu brought Heather over to stay for a while.


Thur. 13th Aug.

Gnr Jack Barwick is at Warrah on leave.

Rode up to "Carooga" and borrowed draught horse. Saw Wallace and Hector shearing their ewes. Spent the afternoon ploughing the orchard round our fruit trees. Horse is very fat and a bit collicky. Ground is wet and sticky.


Sat. 15th Aug.

[Written by Gloryna] More heavy frosts this week. Edgar and Heather [Goddard, nee Berman] went to "Quondah" after lunch. I sent over two puddings and a cake for tea. Gnr Jack Barwick is at "Quondah". Also Vic, Ron, Dette and Judith. Edgar got home at 11.45pm.

Gnr John [Jack] Barwick is on leave from Darwin. Took him 17 days to get home.


Sun. 23rd Aug.

Mounted V.D.C. Parade at "Warrah Station" Our troop rode out to the old share farms for some drills. Mr Guy Haydon came and gave us some squadron drills. 4 formations. Squadron Line, Squadron Column, Troop Column and Column of route.


Wed. 26th Aug.

[Written by Gloryna] We went to "Levondale" and loaded 30 bags of corn into Bernards lorry. Also picked up another 11 at "Yarran" shack. Pop sold the corn to chappie at Aberdeen at 17/-bag. Ron brought over ewes from "Belmont". Edgar cleaned up 57 soiled ewes.

Mrs Giovanelli came to "Boolawa" for a holiday.


Sun. 30th Aug.

V.D.C. Parade today. We were all issued withy .22 winchester repeater rifles. Rode to Warrah with Sam Saunders. Had shot on local range. 10 shots wth .22s. I got 20 points in 5 shots. 17 points in 5 shots rapid at 100 yards. At 200 yards with 310 I scored 12 points.


Wed. 2nd Sept.

We have moved to "Quondah". Commenced spring shearing. Ron and I shore 100 ewes. Started in ewes running in "Boolawa". Very sticky shearing but wool is in nice condition. Vic is helping us through the afternoon. Glor brought Neil up to the shed.


Tues. 8th Sept.

I packed some clothes in suitcase. Victor called for me in old overland. Went to "Duxford" with Vic, Veronica, and Eric to help shear their sheep. Started shearing "Duxford" wethers in the afternoon. Uncle George and Vic shore 32. I shore a few for each of them. Had game of ping pong.


Wed. 9th Sept.

Shearing at "Duxford". Uncle George, Vic and I shore 91 wethers in a 7 hour day. Eric is doing the wool rolling. Wethers are big, rough and woolley. Takes me about a quarter hour to do some of them. Vic, Sylvia and Marj went in and brought Veronica out from the train.


Sat. 12th Sept.

Rained at "Duxford". Came back to "Quondah" in Vics old Overland. Great welcome from Glor and Neil. Viv, Sylvia and Eric came back too.


Sun. 13th Sept.

Big day at Tamworth with the V.D.C. Went to Willow Tree in truck with Alan and Ron. 17 of us mounted men and some "beatle crushers" went to Tamworth in the bus. Had instruction on Owen sub machine gun and trench mortar. Issued with water bottle, belt and dixie.


Sat. 19th Sept.

I went with our V.D.C. troop to Tamworth to guard the aerodrome at the weekend. Ron, Ern and I went with Gus Sevil, and Tom Hall in Gus' car. Others went with George Copeland in Warrah truck. 14 of us guarded 3 lots of planes to night from 6pm to 6.30am. We had 4 shifts of 3 men to a shift. I had shift from 6pm to 9.15pm.


Sun. 20th Sept.

Slept in tent with 4 others last night. Had some cocoa with Ron and Ern when we came off guard at 9.30pm. Over to town in truck with others in morning. Afternoon twelve of us had shoot with .303 rifles on 25 yard range. I scored 80 out of possible 100.


Mon. 21st Sept.

I slept in guards tent at Tamworth Aerodrome. Ron Ern and I had the last shift from 3.30am to 6.30am. I guarded no. 1 lot of aeroplanes. Wirraway. no. 2 lot drome oxfords. no. 3 lot drome avro avian. Light rain and we were fitted up with rubber boots and oilskins. All left for home at 8.30am. Arrived home at 12 midday.


Sun. 27th Sept.

Clocks put forward one hour.

I rode with Ron and his mare Jenny to V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. In the morning we had rifle drill. Loading and fireing positions. Lecture on reconaisance patrol. Recognition of targets. Afternoon, all the troop of 18 met Mr Haydon at old share farms. Had squadron drill and dismount for action.


Fri. 2nd Oct.

Shearing at "Quondah". Ron and I shore 150 ewes. Started at 8.30am. Finished at 5.30pm. Vic came and helped.

Send off to sergent Foster Carter at Warrah. Glor stayed with Neil at "Quondah". I took accordian and helped play for the dance. Sylvia and Marjorie played violin and steel guitar.


Sun. 4th Oct.

Dismounted Parade at Warrah. Ron, Luke, and I went down with Ern in his car. Only 11 men on parade. Had 5 rounds each on range with .310s. Had some rifle drills. Lecture on attack. Very hot day.


Wed. 7th Oct.

Finished spring shearing before dinner. We shore 77 ewes and 2 rams and crutched 40 ewes. Marked lambs. Alan went over to "Duxford" with Vic to help finish their shearing.

Ron brought Gwen Giovanelli out from the train in the sulky. Kath Waddell up here for supper.


Sat. 10th Oct.

Received letter from Bervie, written 24th August from Egypt. He is in action against Rommel.

Glor Neil and I shifted back home today. Hurrah! Packed and then unpacked. Straightened things out. Did a spot of watering in the garden. Beans, peas, lettuce, pupkins, rock-melons seeds are up.


Fri. 23rd Oct.

A frost this morning and cut out row of beans. I trimmed up a post and erected it for the race. Glor, Neil and I drove to auntie Vi's for house party in aid of Red Cross. Good crowd. Dancing, cards etc. Glor and I played a few tunes.


Sat. 24th Oct.

Got a half sheep from Col Chad. I did some more fiddling of the new sheep yards. Morticed some posts and fitted up a rail. Neil spent most of the day with me.


Sun. 25th Oct.

Attended V.D.C Parade at Tamworth. 17 of our troop went up on Bill Callaghans truck. All the different troops from "F" squadron were there. We marched with Tamworth company out to rifle range. Had a few lectures. Some instruction on Trench mortar.


Thur. 29th Oct.

Glor, and Neil came with me in 'Betsy' knocking down thistles to make track to water in "Yarran". I rigged up a slide with steel post attached to cut thistles off. I rode to top of hill and met Ron and brought "Belmont" ewes over to "Yarran" farm paddock.


Sat. 31st Oct.

First aid get together here on our lawn this afternoon. All the first aid pupils brought surprise afternoon tea. They presented Glor and Bess Potts with small vases in appreciation of their effort as instructors. Neil and I drove in truck and sliced off some more thistles.


Sun. 1st Nov.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. Mounted parade scrapped. We started on infantry drill. All the Goonoo Goonoo troop including Captain Smidt and Leiutenent Penguilly came down in 2 trucks. Penguilly instructed us on infantry drill. Also had instruction on Hotchkiss machine gun and grenade throwing.

I mustered "Yarran" on way home. 

Neil and Gloryna at "Yarrabah", with 'Betsy'.

Sat. 7th Nov.

228 points of rain registered since night before last. Bit of a flood in creek. I mowed some grass on west side of house. Planted out some more kikuyu grass at back of house. Cold southerly wind.

Received letter from Cyril from Northern Territory.


Tues. 10th Nov.

Letter from Bervie in Egypt.

Let "Yarrabah" mob of ewes and lambs out into house paddock. Had three more goes at mustering, still about 20 ewes in thistles somewhere that I can't find. Mustered 110 ewes that were in "Yarran" farm and left in our little creek paddock. Took 350 ewes with their lambs up to "Kelverton" shed.


Sun. 15th Nov.

V.D.C. Parade at Warrah. Have cut out the horses and are learning infantry drill. Lecture on care and cleaning of rifles. Instruction by Leiw and Copeland on the Owen sub machine gun. Learned how to dismantle and assemble the gun. I went in car with Sam Saunders. Glor and Neil had the day with Agnes Rose.


Sun. 22nd Nov.

Brigadier England inspected all V.D.C. troops in Tamworth district. 12 of us from Warrah troop went to Goonoo Goonoo and paraded there. Instruction on bayonet charging, sight fixing and Hotchkiss machine gun. Also manoeuvre and lecture on field craft. We went up on Birds bus.


Tues. 24th Nov.

Up at 4am and I took our 329 sucker lambs from "Yarran" yard to Willow Tree. Got them away from yard at 5.40am. Very cool morning. Breakfast at Pinnacle reserve and away at 9.30am. Dinner at 1pm on top of long slope. In to trucking yards at 6pm. Storm in Willow Tree and I got damp. Took big young doge 'Spark' and "Scamp' and they worked well.


Wed. 25th Nov.

Had day at home for a change. Cool day again. Chopped some firewood. Planted out 2 doz sweet potato plants. Chipped around grape vines. Dug up some more ground. Watered lawn and plants. Neil did a bit of watering for daddy. Alan went to Sydney with our three trucks of lambs.


Thur. 26th Nov.

100 suckers averaged 25/9 at Winchcombe Carson. 100 suckers averaged 24/- sold by Goldsbrough Mort. 129 farm paddock averaged 21/4 sold by J Bolton and Co.

I swung the big entrance gate on my new sheep yard.

Bervie sent a very interesting parcel from Egypt. Towel and scarf to Glor for Xmas. Also an automatic pistol with 7 cartridges.


Sat. 28th Nov.

Garden party at Warrah Station homestead in aid of Red Cross's 'Ugly Man Competition'. [Not sure if Edgar is joking here?] Glor, Neil and I drove in for the day. Glor and I played in the tennis tourney and won the mixed doubles. Spinning wheel and plenty of raffles, soft drinks, ice cream etc. Only a small crowd but about £26 taken for the day.


Sat. 5th Dec.

Had day hay carting for Col Chad. Max Saunders' two lorrys on the job. Col and Alex Chad, Max and Jim Davis, McClaren the school teacher and Max Dellar. Max, Alex and myself were unloading and stack building. Drew in about 7 loads of wheaten and oaten hay to Cols shed.


Sun. 6th Dec.

35 points rain overnight. Too wet for V.D.C. Parade today. Glor and I had a lovely sleep in. Breakfast in bed. Wrote letter to Gur A.C.B. this afternoon. At 2 years and 3 months Neil can feed lambs with a bottle and can say just about anything!


Wed. 16th Dec.

Had a day working on the sheep yards. Morticed two posts and erected them. Glor watered most of the vegetables. Packed our ports ready for the holiday.

Attended farewell party at McCluands to Ron Symonds, Phil Mitchell and Nev Maunder.


Thur. 17th Dec.

I drove over to "Quondah" and helped the boys with some crutching. Crutched the new X-bred ewes from Macintosh. Went back home. Finished packing and Glor and Neil shifted over to "Quondah" for the night ready to leave for holiday at "Strathmore". Joan Mitchell is looking after our vegetables and flowers.


Fri. 18th Dec.

Up early this morning. Glor and I helped Alan and Ron and Dette dip 580 new X-bred ewes. Finished dipping at 8am. Gave Dad and Mum a framed photo of Neil.

Glor, Neil and I started on our holiday at "Strathmore". Caught Armidale exprees to Uralla. Stayed night at Imperial Hotel. Room with a double and sigle bed.


Sat. 19th Dec.

Breakfast at Hotel. Glor, Neil and I caught mail car at 8.20am and went to Bundarra. Arrived at 12 oclock. Car took us out to "Strathmore". I went back in to Bundy with Pop and Joyce. Did a bit of shopping. Glor and Neil stayed with Nanna. Neil was a perfect little boy the whole trip.


Mon. 21st Dec.

Trimmed up the rubber soles on Pops boots. Went down about 10.30am to the farm. Helped Pop and Leo McHugh get in some oaten and wheaten hay. We got 8 loads into the shed.


Wed. 23rd Dec.

Weather turned very hot today. Walked over to McHughs and had a yarn. Went with Leo to sheep yards. Saw some of their Romneys. Glor and I had a swim in the Gwydir River before dinner. Great hole of water and had a lovely swim. Glor rode down for Pop at sundown and had another swim.


Thur. 24th Dec.

Up a bit earlier this morning and milked the cow. Helped Nanna catch and kill a couple of chooks. Glor, Joyce and I had a swim in the river. Girls got a bit sun burnt.

All went into Bundarra after dinner. Had a few drinks and ice creams. Nanna, Glor and I stayed in for the pictures. Home with the McHugh family.


Fri. 25th Dec.

First Xmas that I've spent away from home. Mr and Mrs Parsons came for the day. Had a great spread for dinner. Poultry, ham, lamb and salads. Fruit salad and pudding and plenty of soft drink and a bottle of wine. Merle Parsons and her bloke Norman McGowen came for supper. Jean and Leo McHugh over for cards and checkers after tea.


Sat. 26th Dec.

Pop did more ploughing down at the farm this morning. Leo, Joan and Mrs McHugh came over this afternoon. Glor, Joyce, Jean, Leo, Neil and Marie and I had a swim in the river. Kiddies enjoyed the swim.


Wed. 30th Dec.

Still at "Strathmore". Received letter from Mum. Sat about all day again. Finished reading the book "Broken Wings". Heavy showers of rain during the day. Pop came home early from ploughing when got too wet. Glor and I went to McHughs for tea. Game of 500 with Jean and Leo. Home at 1am.


Thur. 31st Dec.

Rained at "Strathmore" all day. Played games of crib with Pop Ferris and Glor, Pop and I played euchre. Wrote letter to Mum and Glor and I wrote letters to Bervie.



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Helen Copeland | Reply 25.07.2017 16:27

These are wonderful diaries, Geoff. Thanks for sharing them. Life very busy for men and women, distances no worry to anyone. VDC descriptions very interesting.

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25.09 | 09:36

Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
Thank you Prof. A.

23.09 | 22:23

Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

09.09 | 17:58

Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work

06.09 | 14:33

I am Jack Kelaher and I am proud of my pop, dad and ancestors.

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