After the rain. By Sue Schumaker.

By Sue Schumaker.


It had rained, the grass was short and I had sheep to truck. Davis truck was ordered and the sheep were in Neil Martins yard ready to go. Truck dually arrived with Ian driving.


Disaster......The truck would not pull up the hill to the loading ramp. What to do.....Remembered I had seen Carters tractor at his house...... Answer maybe? Ian went to pick up other sheep who were shareing the truck.


I raced down to Miltons to seek his help. "Sorry, no can do" said Milton, "as I took the filters out yesterday".


The look on my face would have been a sorry sight.


"BUT" said Milton "the header will do the job".....and that's what we did with a little help from Ross Barwick, Wally and Josh Martin and some good dogs.

Milton to the rescue.
Milton and the mighty John Deere pulling out the truck.

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29.09 | 13:04

Is that a bag loader invented by Nicholas Brogan from the Coonabarabran area operated by the power lift off of the truck. he was my grandfather. It certainly lo

06.09 | 20:23

Hi there. just wondering what that horwood bagshaw combine model is. I have one i would like to restore but have no info on it. Thanks Josh

04.08 | 19:28

My Great grand father were Frank Carter and he had a child name Fanned Carter and she married William Neloms

01.05 | 13:51

I'm in the photo.

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