The Apple Box tree.

By Geoff Barwick.


For nearly 100 years kids have climbed up the Warrah Creek hall apple box tree. I'd spent a lot of time up that tree, with all my mates way back then. And it was no different at the centenary. There seemed to always be some kids up the tree getting a good view of events, and I didn't see any parents or grandparents or anyone else for that matter tell any kid to get down from that tree, as they'd probably all been up the tree themselves all those years ago. It's almost like it was a "right of passage".

So, it was all a bit embarrasing for me when I decided to climb that apple tree during the speeches and official events to get a better photo. I told a few kids that were already up there to, "move over a bit, as I am coming up". Hell, I'd been up it hundreds of times before, even if not for 30 years. Nope, I couldn't get up it. I even slipped down the rough bark and took some skin off my belly. The kids up the tree were all laughing at me, as were a few adults on the ground. I snuck away.


One day when no one is around and looking and laughing and I'm by myself, I'll climb up that tree again just for old times sake. But I'll probably bring a ladder.

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Helen Copeland | Reply 25.10.2012 14:52

Funny how our agility decreases as we age !!! Good on you for trying!!

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