Horse racing at Merediths

Taken at a race day on Meridith's property, "Roscrea".


                                               By Ronald E. Barwick

 In the early 1920’s following the building of the Warrah Creek Hall, several sports days were held on the flat beside the creek on the property “Roscrea” of Mr G W Meredith (Farm39), to raise funds to pay for the Hall.  Horse sports with scrubbers races, 14.2 hands pony races, flag races and saddle your nag race.  Other sports included 120 yard handicap, 75 yard handicap and races for children.  Throwing at the wicket, stepping the distance, ladies nail-driving, thread the needle & kicking the football were also organised.  A working bee before the day would erect a structure of poles over which several tarpaulins would be stretched to provide a canopy where the women could work on tables and benches with seating on planks.  Outside, a ‘galley’ was erected on which was swung several boilers of the sort used at that time to boil clothes.  Over a fire these were used to cook huge quantities of vegetables and onions, served with beef, mutton & pork cooked previously at the various homes.  Another ‘galley’ contained several 4 gallon kerosene tins to boil the water.  During the morning, cups of tea, sandwiches and cakes @ 6 pence per head were served to patrons who in many cases had travelled long distances per buggy, sulky or riding.  At midday, a sit-down meal @ 2 shillings each would be served, and during the afternoon tea again @ 6 pence.   A social then would be held at night in the Hall.  Some very interesting snapshots were taken to show scenes of these gatherings.

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06.01 | 15:43

Which farm did "Pop Mackelvane" have, I was there during the last part of the second war.

21.11 | 15:34

We had a property, "Werribon" on the road that intersected with the road where Binghams store (name?) was to go to St. Josephs in Quirindi on Rafie's bus.

21.11 | 15:28

I remember the excitement of Rafie getting the "cab-over" bus and used to ride up front with him. We had a property, Werribon, just down the road (name??) from

16.11 | 21:09

I found this a very interesting page, even though I am from WA all the old farm practices were practically the same.
Rita Stinson

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