Billy and George Maunder.

Billy and George Maunder's father was William John Maunder, born 1851 in Stockwell, Surrey, England. His family moved to Australia in the 1860's, and his numerous brothers and sisters took residence in the Tamworth and immediate areas, with some working for the A.A.Co at Goonoo Goonoo.


Billy Maunder was born 10th of March 1891 in Tamworth. He married Bridget Roser and they had 10 children. They were Arthur, Douglas, Neville, Sally, George, Tiny, Linda, Austie, Libby, and Gwen.

Billy and Bridget Maunder on their wedding day.



The older 7 children all attended the school at Warrah Station, and Austie, Libby and Gwen later went to Willow Tree school when a bus run started.


Libby married Jetse Mollema, and later, Geoff Rohr. Gwen married Dallas Cone and they still live at "Old Warrah".


Billy spent most of his life working and share farming for the A.A.Co's Warrah station, and plus contracting for numerous other people around the area. He spent his very early years living at Big Jacks creek in a house where Geoff Symonds property "Silso" now sits. This was when it was still owned by the A.A.Co. and obviously before it was subdivided for closer settlement in 1935. He later moved to "Old Warrah" to live and his house was where his daughter Gwen Cone's house is now at.

Billy and his son, Neville Maunder.

The above photo is of Billy Maunder and his son, Neville Maunder, harvesting wheat at Big Jacks Creek in the late 1930's on the property "Alroy". They were using a team of horses, some belonging to Clyde and Sam Saunders, and some belonging to Billy. Photo by Angus Spence, one of the first photographers from 'THE LAND' newspaper. It's a famous sunshine header, Australian made, and manufactured at the sunshine harvester works, Sunshine, Victoria.



In a later photo, it has George Maunder, also driving a horse pulled header.

George Maunder.

This header is not a sunshine. It's a Gaston lite draught header, Australian made in Kensington, Victoria. This photo was at a later date than the first, and it would be safe to assume this header was a bit bigger and had more capacity than the sunshine. This Gaston header some years later had a PTO drive added, and tractors were then used instead of horses which would have greatly increased harvest efficiency.

Libby, Gwen, and Austin Maunder, outside their house at "Old Warrah".

Billy Maunder was a tea-totaller. He never drank. But George loved a drink. A well known and humerous incident happened once when George was doing some ploughing on Warrah Station. He'd had a fair bit of rum, and managed to fall off the back of the old McCormack tractor. The scarifier and harrows also went over the top of him. He ended up with some bruises and scratches.


George died in 1974, and it was apparently not caused in any way by his tractor mishap. Billy died in 1978.

Libby Maunder, early 1950's, outside their family home at "Old Warrah". To the left in background is Billys sunshine header.
Billy Maunder, about to give away his daughter Gwen, when she married Dallas Cone. Quirindi, 1963.
Billy's daughter Libby Mollema. Libby later married Geoff Rohr. Libby has passed away, as has Libby's first husband, Jetse Mollema. Geoff Rohr is still alive.

Gwen and Dallas Cone, and other relatives of Billy Maunder were well represented at the centenary. Photo above, with Billy's sunshine header, and photo below, planting a tree on the Sunday.

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Jean Todkill | Reply 06.08.2020 09:03

Thanks Geoff will try.

Jean Todkill | Reply 02.08.2020 18:28

I am a granddaughter of George Maunder, Williams brother would like to be kept informed didn’t know there was a centenary, came upon info by accident.

Geoff Barwick 04.08.2020 16:17

Jean, not sure if you are on facebook or not? If so ask to join "Willow Tree now and then". There is more stuff on there. Do a search for "Maunder".

Robyn Seaniger | Reply 02.04.2019 21:13

Allen Maunder I am a part of your Maunder family tree, I have The Growing Flock and your next book. Is this family related to us? Robyn Seaniger (née Maunder)

Hazel Hutley Parker | Reply 20.07.2017 20:06

I found this very interesting, especially as a 'Duri girl' and part of the Maunder flock. Thanks for putting this compilation together.

debbie | Reply 19.06.2012 18:33

austin died march 1990.survived by 2 daughters,debbie and vicki and 5 grandkids

Allen Maunder 15.12.2012 15:58

Debbie - Your aunts were very helpful when I was compiling the Maunder family book. Will you help me update the family details?

Alison Mollema | Reply 19.06.2012 14:54

Geoff is still alive and has re-married

Allen Maunder 15.12.2012 15:52

Alison - Will you help me by bringing your part of the Maunder family up-to-date? Your late mother was very helpful.

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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work

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I am Jack Kelaher and I am proud of my pop, dad and ancestors.

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